President Trump Participates in Bilateral Meeting With Prime Minister Theresa May….

Earlier today British Prime Minister Theresa May held a bilateral meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump to discuss issues of importance to both nations. Topics included military cooperation, ongoing anti-terrorism efforts and a possible bilateral trade deal.

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23 Responses to President Trump Participates in Bilateral Meeting With Prime Minister Theresa May….

  1. smiley says:

    she always seems to wear that same outfit.


    • Mrs.E says:

      Does she really? I find that refreshing. There is no need for wives or women leaders to purchase a new outfit for every event. I applaud Theresa May if she is wearing something she has worn before.


      • SW Richmond says:

        yes but what in the hell does she have on her feet?

        (peak pettiness, I am practicing the examples presented by the left)

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        • Esperanza says:

          Kitten heels she’s famous for wearing kitten heels.

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          • Cuppa Covfefe says:

            But… But… But… it’s not Caturday 🙂

            I never looked at her shoes before, but they do look as if they’re about ready to up and run away… Hill-the-BEAST has some experience with that.

            There’s a pantone chart of “100 shades of Merkel” (OK, even one is too much) which has Merkel in the same outfit in almost 100 colors. Whatever “suits” one, I suppose. I don’t think May looks bad; she’s not in Melania’s league and she knows it. And at least she’s not trying to match her. And, best of all, she’s not wearing a shrink-wrapped sausage casing like Freeland insists on doing…

            (Talk about bubble and squeak, Freeland’s outfit probably squeaks when she walks – begging for mercy)…

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        • Carrie2 says:

          SW Richmond, I was thinking the same thing but maybe because she is taller than her spouse? Ugly in any case.


      • KittyKat says:



  2. magatrump says:

    May is such a globalist just like Macron, Merkle,Trudeau, Pope Francis. They all thought that Hillary would win so these countries make sure they got elected Obama clones. Too bad for them and excellent for us WE elected a real American President ! God bless President Trump.

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  3. Rhoda R says:

    Bi-lateral trade deal? No way. Not under her current plan for the non-‘Brexit’. She’s setting the UK up to have the same relationship with the US that Canada had under NAFTA

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    • dallasdan says:

      Yep. May is in a deep hole. Her non-Brexit efforts, if successful, will significantly hurt the UK economy by losing trade with the USA. The President made this point very clearly, again revealing the “big stick” of American economic power.

      Moreover, if she continues her globalist crusade, she will likely be tossed from office, with Johnson and Farage leading the angry mob.

      These are dark times for Ms. May.

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  4. parteagirl says:

    Whoo boy, did he leverage his secret “suggestion” about how to get of the EU at that press conference! And all with a gracious smile. Pressure’s on, Theresa.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Our President tells her and the rest of them the truth whether they want to hear it or not! PM May truly is a POS and the UK 🇬🇧 is sliding deeper and deeper into a hole they will never be able to get out of.

      In life you reap what you sow! Citizens of the UK 🇬🇧 didn’t ask for any of this. Yet it seems their Policians do the bidding of their Masters at the expense of their people!

      That must sicken our President because he is the total opposite! He does what is best for us and that is what drives him day in and day out.

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  5. David says:

    some weird-azz bi-lat trade deal with the current public understanding of how Brexit will function (soft Brexit) will cost a huge amount to try and enforce, and in practicality, not really be enforceable.

    hopefully Trump has provided/offered enough to get the UK to handle Brexit with a ‘clean, hard Brexit’ break, and allow fair trade to prosper between the two countries.

    we shall see

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    • dallasdan says:

      The President is making an offer that May can’t refuse. He clearly offered her the choice of making a “soft” non-Brexit, or making trade agreements with the USA. The world increasingly understands the the President means what he says.

      May can either continue her globalist, EU-centric stance on Brexit and commit political suicide, or accept the President’s ultimatum and both serve the best interests of the UK and, perhaps, save her political life.


  6. No matter where he is on the planet…PDJT completely owns the stage.

    It felt like May was the visitor on a trip to ‘The Castle’ in DC.

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  7. 4sure says:

    He always finds a way to expose the charlatans. Here and abroad.

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  8. GB Bari says:

    President Trump has gamed this out with his trade team in advance. He and his team know all the moves and counter moves before they happen. No deals will be struck that put either party in a losing position.

    PDJT goes for the win but he is more interested that the win be reciprocal and balanced. He knows that any deal that is unfair and unbalanced for either the US or the UK will not withstand scrutiny and weaken the relationship. Winning for the US means that both countries agreements are sustainable and viable. May likely knows this as well. Let’s see if they can work something out.

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    • Cheri Lawrence says:

      Yes well said! Balanced and sustainable a win/win is always the best to support long term viability and partnership based on mutual respect and prosperity. Such a refreshing paradigm change of peace through strength and free market resources. POTUS knows this, noone has to win at the expense of another. That is the old divide and conquer strategy that only assured mutual suffering, mediocrity and survival. I feel that this is an era of a world that thrives and our Lion is leading the way by example for other great leaders to step up and serve the world in their respective countries! He walks the talk and for that alone he deserves my great admiration!! He is not a killer at heart, just the king of the jungle hahaha!!

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  9. Besides of everything great our president does on this trip, I want him to help us to free Tommy Robinson.Please, Mr President!

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  10. KittyKat says:

    Imo, at the press conference at Chequers he saved May’s political bacon and she will have till August 2019 to deliver.

    I wondered what Farage and the people who recently quit their jobs in Parliament felt when the president talked about how great she was.


  11. Ausonius says:

    CBS “instant analysis” insisted that President Trump had “criticized” Theresa May in his interview (“I have the audio transcript”) and was now blatantly lying when he claimed that he had NOT criticized her.

    They refused to see his distinction (“She’s very professional…”) between criticizing her as a person and criticizing her policies.

    But we do not expect CBS or any other member of the MSM to be subtle or to view things positively in reference to President Trump.


    • Diana Fox says:

      I’m afraid the Brits are like this – BBC has told listeners all day and this evening that he lies ,speaks “mistruths” ,and lines along mental health innuendo – the usual. I want to know what the British government knew about MI6 , Christopher Steele and his business partner ( also ex MI6) ,their “former” Russian contacts , the money DNC and FBI paid to them. Are ex spies ever really ex ? Google what Mrs. May and Boris said about Trump as a candidate – more bias than Strzok.


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