July 1st – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #528

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,041 Responses to July 1st – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #528

  1. I used to like Tim Robins in the movie Shaw-hank redemption! Now he comes out as a trump hater! Idiot!

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  2. This liberal opening a restaurant in Boston! Already does not want conservatives! Hope she closes faster than changing clothes!

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  3. CopperTop says:

    For those of you not scrolling and missed:

    AND For those of you following RR testimony and some FISA related discourse. Jeff at Marketswork.com has his latest update


    Significant within:

    “When Rosenstein issued his revised directive to Mueller, he would have been doing so based on his FISA Briefing by the DOJ Lawyers.

    We already know the Inspector General is investigating FISA Abuse. Now we know the IG is investigating the discrepancies noted by Rosenstein:

    I can tell you the information about that doesn’t match with my understanding of the one that I signed, but I think it’s appropriate to let the Inspector General complete that investigation. These are serious allegations.

    There are two huge missing puzzle pieces. The unredacted contents of Rosenstein’s August 2, 2017 Memo to Mueller. And the FISA Court’s Carter Page FISA Application.

    Much could be revealed from these two sets of documents”.

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  4. kinthenorthwest says:

    I was laughing so hard I could hardly post this article on twitter…Now I’m even laughing harder due to a friend’s comment. My friends comments was ” Trump has them eating their own!!”
    Maxine Waters burns Chuck Schumer down for calling her un-American: He’ll ‘do anything’ to keep his leadership spot

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  5. getfitnow says:

    Color me shocked. /s

    FTA – Stunning revelations from the IG report of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz (an Obama appointee) suggests that the 2016 tarmac meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton was coordinated — contradicting their claims that the meeting was accidental and coincidental.

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  6. CopperTop says:

    Additionally from the tail of the above

    “It’s possible Contreras denied an earlier June/July 2016 FISA Application – likely on Papadopoulos.”

    If you need to understand more of this consider: there is a piece of testimony from Glenn Simpson that discusses a person named in Steele Memos who had a court action (most likely a FISA warrant misheard by a court reporter). If it was a FISA by statute the process to begin the FISA needed resolution within 7 days ‘by procedure’ (not sure it was followed but there are many procedural questions by Congress at this point being put to witnesses). This would put the potential FISA no later than July 8, 2016 if Simpson’s testimony was truthful.

    If his testimony was untruthful this would be a very significant area to determine where he might have been testifying out of turn and caught himself acknowledging information on people FISA’d in the Steele memos that he should have ZERO knowledge about…since they are in fact secret.

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  7. dogsmaw says:

    Sen. John McCain in physical therapy, former staffer says https://azc.cc/2NcYisW via @azcentral

    Published 3:42 p.m. MT July 1, 2018

    McCain, 81, has been absent from the Senate since he was diagnosed with glioblastoma last July.

    Officials haven’t provided a formal update on McCain’s health since April, when he underwent surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix to treat an intestinal infection related to diverticulitis.

    He has been in Arizona since December, spending time at the family’s retreat near Sedona.

    It’s been a year for no name, come in for the vote or resign 😛

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  8. NK woke up susan rice the other commie!

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  9. sunnydaze says:

    Now THIS is how you counter protest! Would love to see more of this.

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    • MAGADJT says:

      LMAO! This is awesome! Liberal TDS on full display…that woman with the orange vest had me rolling. They are so pathetic.

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    • Marica says:

      Everybody! Sweet Caroline! BOM BOM BOM!

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    • Love the video! Colbeck for MI governor is the choice! The other possibilities are bad, dismal, and worse. Snyder was Granholm lite. Now we have local GOPE swamp dwellers and truly ethically challenged. Then there are the Dims ech!! Bad that PDJT endorsed Schuette. That makes Alabama look stellar. Say a prayer for MI.


  10. Gil says:

    Looks like Obrador won the election in Mexico.
    Militarize the border, build the wall now please!

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    • MAGADJT says:

      Now is the time to tax remittances to Mehiko. They have the same resources we do, but yet their country has been in chaos and very poor for hundreds of years. They need their people to send American cash back home to keep their economy stabilized. Cut it off and their people will demand better when they realize what a failure their government has been.

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      • nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

        Perhaps would be a “more inclusive” idea to add a “fee” to all foreign remittances equal to the fee charged to transfer the funds.

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    • benifranlkin says:

      only 1%of the vote counted dude


      • auscitizenmom says:

        I imagine this is Outcome Based Voting. You know, like a lot of Dem precincts do here.

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        • benifranlkin says:

          137 Mexican politicians murdered in the past 9 months…this guy won’t take office for another 6 months. I read he was going to pardon the drug lords for all their transgressions so he, too, doesn’t get blown away…and as SD said Obrador will encourage the Mexicans to flood across our border and rape our economy. President Trump will be walking softly with his big stick ready for this guy.

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          • auscitizenmom says:

            President Trump probably had a plan made up 6 months ago to take care of this. If only we could get that wall built. I think all his supporters would probably chip in some money to build it. I wonder if that would be legal somehow?


        • Gil says:

          Im inclined to believe he has won. Its not the US. We have seen over 150 candidates murdered. The man has said he won’t go after the cartels. The inclination to vote for free stuff is high. Exit polling yes but likely his win.

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    • rjcylon says:

      I wonder how President Trump will handle him. He’s been silent thus far. All the coverage of Obrador has basically been “he’s going take Trump on directly, Trump has finally met his match”.

      I’ve yet to see that happen with ANY world leader yet, and they ALL have claimed they would be the first leader to put Trump in his place, stop his agenda etc.

      Meanwhile, Mexico’s economy and therefore survival is completely dependent on the USA.

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    • dogsmaw says:

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    • At this point even the wall isn’t going to be enough, I feel. Mexico is already a gang ridden basketcase but with this guy in charge Mexico will be Venezuela in just a few short years. That means millions more migrants, and I’m sure that’s entirely deliberate.

      I personally believe the wall is only the publicly known strategy to deal with AMLO. The ‘real’ strategy is going to be full-on border militarization. Trump doesn’t have to do anything and isn’t – just let AMLO act belligerent and he’ll have pretext to classify Mexico as a hostile foreign threat (which it has been for decades, we just didn’t have our act together to respond appropriately). Then send the troops to the border. Hopefully with orders to seal the border fully along with finishing the wall.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “The ‘real’ strategy is going to be full-on border militarization.”

        I was calling for that before DJT announced his candidacy. It did not go over to well, I guess people thought it was “overkill” and “not necessary”.


      • Perot Conservative says:

        Starting the Wall. Trump keeps backtracking.

        A few weeks back he said only 800 miles of wall was needed.


  11. Like

  12. kinthenorthwest says:

    Had to share…

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  13. CopperTop says:

    PRIVILEGE …IT’s BAAAACK….Rod R testimony:

    “Rep. Gaetz: You won’t say to the committee whether or not you read the document you signed that authorized spying on people associated with the Trump campaign.
    Deputy AG Rosenstein: I dispute your characterization of what that FISA is about, sir.”

    There is documentation that the Cohen addition to the FISA was NOT about his trip to Prague and it is NOT in the FISA application—-MEANING something else IS related to Cohen & COHEN was listed as a reason to affirm the for FISA on Page. (see MINORITY MEMO in response to Nunes Majority memo). This has always interested me since the first time I noted that the Dems thought it very important to point this fact out in their memo.

    RR stated that an FBI personnel is the affiant who is sworn to tell the truth that all in the application is accurate.

    I wondered all along that there was most likely a denied FISA and it was most likely because a FISC judge who said ‘C’MON MAN THIS IS GOING TO TOUCH A CAMPAIGN’…(recall our GOP convention dates) and that the FBI was being pulled along by Brennan and GCHQ forces to get Trump (OR Help Hilary and Nail the Russians to control PUTIN in her admin.) They happen to get the election results wrong but their work produced pay dirt with Strzok/Page and we have the past year of drama and insurance planning.


    RR says characterization is disputed about was FISA is about. How is he so sure he can testify under oath and say that.

    How would he characterize the reason Cohen is in the application.

    That’s what I want to hear. Because it seems obvious the reason that this application was approved was due to the privilege held by Cohen and that he could not be merely interviewed about his ties since he had from time to time been an atty for Trump.

    What seems unsaid is significant if that’s true. Cohen is the only who couldn’t be interviewed and if that’s the test we can assume the other named players WERE already talking to the FBI. What they said didn’t warrant a FISA of course so they used Cohen’s atty client privilege with DJT to meet a very miminum threshold to get the hops and skips from Page to poke around as much as they desired.

    Again not bombshell…but not exactly nothin’ to recall that the Dems pointed out Cohen’s trip to Prauge did not make it into the application and RR being extremely forceful in his dispute over the characterization that the FISA was to ‘spy on the campaign’.

    Swampy enough to put RR in the clear. Stinks.

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    • paulwoll says:

      They are different Cohens I believe.


      • CopperTop says:

        …false cohen to prague…DJT cohen (THAT ONE) made it into the FISA…minority Dem memo makes the point that Cohen to Prague didn’t make into FISA …but says nothing about the Cohen who Simpson discusses in testimony being lefto off… because of some dealings he had with Russians…Simpson testimony reveals that it is the Cohen with taxi medallions which is trumps cohen who is in the Steele memo…he doesn’t tie it to the FISA the Dem memo does.

        Clear as mud?


        • CopperTop says:

          for reference Page 1 of rebuttal…

          FISA did not ‘otherwise rely on elements of Steele’s reporting’…

          That’s a denial that the cohen unmasking played a factor (so deems are saying…yes we know there was a false cohen but we also know that the unmasked people in the Steele Memo were not used in the application…)

          You’d have to go through Simpson testimony to understand why Siimpson inferred from public reports that Cohen did make it into the application for the Page FISA.


  14. JX says:

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  15. Trish in Southern Illinois says:

    HALLELUJAH!!! Henry Davis is going to the White House to meet President TRUMP!!!

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  16. Trish in Southern Illinois says:

    Henry Davis followed the previous tweet with this one:

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  18. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Why didn’t the Red Hen cross the road?


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  19. patrickhenrycensored says:

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