Reports: Justin From Canada Calls President Trump to Talk Tariffs and NAFTA…

Interesting how two different articles (Reuters HERE) and (CBC HERE) hit on the same issue; a call between Prime Minister Justin from Canada and U.S. President Trump.  According to both reports Justin from Canada reached out prior to the listing of the counter tariffs to the U.S. Steel and Aluminum duties.

BEDMINSTER, N.J./OTTAWA (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau late on Friday to discuss trade and other economic issues, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Saturday.

During the call, Trudeau told Trump that Canada had no choice but to announce reciprocal countermeasures to the steel and aluminum tariffs, according to a separate statement issued by Canada late on Friday. The two leaders agreed to stay in close touch on a way forward, the statement added.

Separately, Trudeau also spoke with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Friday to discuss the Mexican elections on July 1. The two leaders also discussed the North American Free Trade (NAFTA) negotiations and agreed to continue working toward a mutually beneficial outcome.  (read more)

Note anything missing?

There’s no mention of any response, in any way, not even inferred, from President Trump.  The report is uni-directional….  Justin is doing all the talking…. Meaning POTUS Trump is going silent and deep; which is his exact historic pattern.  Not good news for Justin and Chrystia from Canada.

Portends a seismic hammer-blow on the next phase…. auto-tariffs.

Here’s the CBC version:

(Via CBC) Two days before Canada’s retaliatory tariffs against U.S. steel, aluminum and some consumer goods are set to take effect, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with U.S. President Donald Trump by phone explaining Canada had no choice but to act.

According to a readout of the call provided by the Prime Minister’s Office, Trudeau began the conversation by expressing his condolences for the victims of the mass shooting at an Annapolis, Maryland, newspaper before going on to talk about trade.

“As he has said in past conversations and in public,” the readout said. “The Prime Minister conveyed that Canada has had no choice but to announce reciprocal countermeasures to the steel and aluminum tariffs that the United States imposed on June 1, 2018.”

Trudeau also spoke by phone with President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico. Trudeau updated the president on Canada’s tariffs on U.S. imports, according to the readout, which also said the two leaders discussed “the North American Free Trade negotiations and agreed to continue working toward a mutually beneficial outcome.”  (read more)

Same/Same…. only worse… note the absence of something like ‘President Trump thanked the Prime Minister for’; or “the two leaders plan to”… etc. blah, blah, blah.



What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear a word you’re saying.

Paris Treaty discussions… same/same.


TPP discussions…. same/same.


Now NAFTA… same/same.


The absence of words in Trump-speak-strategy is a much more predictive indicator than a policy outline or interview.  If Trump is talking, you’ve got a chance for a deal.  When Trump stops talking, it’s over.  Trump doesn’t bluff.  Further words become annoying.  Wastes time.  POTUS Trump lets people read into the absence of words.  When Donald Trump goes silent, POTUS Trump already knows what he is going to do, the rest is just timing of it….

Silence is deadly in negotiations with Trump.  You would think people would catch on to that by now; however, thankfully they never do.

The Art of the Deal:  Dishonesty.  The fatal flaw.

Take trust out of the deal, and no deal.

Now, take the worst case scenario you could ever fathom for Justin from Canada; and the Canadian economy….

Double it….

Double it again….

You still haven’t scratched the surface of how apex predators relish delivering consequences…. and how ‘killers’ is not just a campaign adjective; it’s also a policy verb.

Consider your business affairs accordingly.

Trump doesn’t bluff.  Deal, or no deal; there’s no room to care about feelings.

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346 Responses to Reports: Justin From Canada Calls President Trump to Talk Tariffs and NAFTA…

  1. Gil says:

    To paraphrase:
    “It’s not trade friends, it’s trade BUSINESS.”

    Justin should have stopped shopping for socks and eyebrows with the girls and started maniacally studying Art of The Deal. It’s too take to turn back now, but maybe he can figure out for himself with some research why he’s such a screw up.

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  2. RobInPA says:

    The ‘charm’ and metro-sexualness of Justin from Canada’s stylish socks are not having the voodoo effect on President Trump that Justin from Canada tbought they would have.

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  3. sammyhains says:

    The plagues President Trump is about to unleash on Canada will be biblical.

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  4. TexasRanchQueen says:

    What struck me odd about the picture at the top of the Trump’s and the Justins in Canada was that President Trump and FLOTUS were standing in middle on the red carpet and Justin #1 and Mrs. Justin #2 were standing off the red carpet on the sides. Usually the two leaders are in the middle with wives on the side. Also Melania wearing a power business suit and not a dress to me is quite telling.

    I never thought the day would come when I would say Bruce J. looks better in a woman’s bathing suit then Justin in Canada.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      “Melania wearing a power business suit and not a dress to me is quite telling.”

      Yes! I thought so too, at the time.
      Very telling.

      If memory serves…that pinstripe suit is similar to the one she wore, with a skirt, when she was snubbed up in Canada.
      It was when she went up there to meet with Prince Harry, for some sports thing.

      Anyway, the messaging of her pinstripe power-suit is subtle…but clear.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        It was the Invictus Games.

        I was wrong about the skirt, though…she wore culottes pants.

        The Canadian press was really mean to her.

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        • MelH says:

          Harry is giving the Free Mason’s hand signal. And FLOTUS is surprisingly not attractive in that odd suit. neither looks like they relished this meeting, that’s for sure. Maybe Harry knew he wasn’t gong to invite the Trumps to his wedding?

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          • wildsailor2018 says:

            Really? It does not look anything Masonic to me. Looks more Napoleaonic to me. You don’t have anything against Masons do you?


            • Deb says:

              Most Masons are good people, and they have no idea about the nefarious history and hidden “teachings” their organization espouses. They think it’s just a social club for networking. And that’s because the Masonic orgs want it that way.

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            • MelH says:

              I don’t have anything against Masons, don’t know much about them but the hand signal, because I have a grand-nephew who just became one about 5 months ago. And by the way, I don’t appreciate your notion that I have something against them just because I know their hand signal.


          • Deb says:

            There’s no way he would invite the Trump’s to his wedding, or any other President. That would be a break from royal protocol.


        • farmhand1927 says:

          Prince Harry acted like a little jerk. His momma taught him better. His new bride is very anti Trump. It was a gift he even got to meet our spectacular FLOTUS.

          Mrs. Trump is a pro at these uncomfortable events, such as Barbara Bush’s funeral and getting stuck next to Obama. Worse, having to sit close to Michelle who lied about the gift from Melania on Inauguration Day. Political women can be such shrews and hags. Some are like bossy old cows. Thank God the Trump’s aren’t political people, never will be.

          So glad Mrs. Trump had the audacity and humor to wear that “I don’t really care, do you?” jacket after an annoying week filled with Fake News and personal attacks and threats. I love and admire her attitude.

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      • Amy2 says:

        ‘hope Chrystia is taking notes on power dressing.

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      • farmhand1927 says:

        And when Melania rocks one of her business suits, she walks with one hand in a trousers’ pocket. Style, class, sophistication, power. Mrs. Trump is the greatest ambassador for the strong, confident, successful American woman this country has ever had. Ever will have.

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      • corimari2013 says:

        Caption for the photo of the two couples:
        “Classy power couple meets Gidget and Moondoggie”

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    • free2313 says:

      Her suit and loose tie states, you people are Casual Friday and then the President and I are off to party… Nice to meet you, Au revoir!

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    • rayvandune says:

      “Prom King and Prom Queen meet the President and First Lady of the United States”

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    • FrankieZ says:

      Melania looks AWESOME with her business suit. She is sending a message to these fools that the Trumpster means business and look at Trump with his thumb up saying to us all: That he has this one in the bag.

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    Our President at the rally in North Dakota stated that automobiles was the end game in this tariff WAR!

    When he places the 232 tariff on cars, trucks and parts, the automobile corporations will announce one right after the other that they decided they either are expanding and/or building a new plant in the US so that they don’t have to face a single tariff.

    The GARBAGE you are hearing from GM is complete BS! No one is leaving the USA 🇺🇸 to build their plants in other countries so that the cars and trucks are tariffed 25%. It is so comical that they are telling Americans this crap 💩 on TV and on the radio. Americans will purchase cars made in America because you won’t have the negative effect of tariffs driving up the price.

    Keep in mind that $192 Billion is imported each year into the USA 🇺🇸. $96 Billion From NAFTA alone. Once those corporations come back, they will never leave again.

    That is EXACTLY what is going to happen!

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    • wheatietoo says:

      GM is probably still under the control of the Obamanistas that were installed after the Bailout.
      And yeah…what they’re saying is complete bullsh-t.

      But now, Fle…you keep saying:
      “Once those corporations come back, they will never leave again.”
      I wish this was true, but it’s not.

      If the Dems get back in control again, they will try to undo everything that Pres Trump is doing for us.
      They will raise taxes and issue job-killing regulations again.
      They will kill the protective trade measures.
      And those corporations will flee from it…just like they have done before…taking all those Jobs with them.

      We will have to fight, to keep this from happening. Again.
      But the threat of it will always be there.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Your right but my belief is that TRUMPISM will be around for the next 50+ years. Democrats are about to see their party dissolve. You cannot have moderates and extreme leftist and think you will ever win another national election. The Progressive part of the party will destroy them. They need to break away and build it up again if they ever think they will run the country.

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        • BobBoxBody says:

          This exactly. The DNC is being forced to double down on the identity politics and they are now turning on each other as people become increasingly alienated from the party. Trump is reforming the GOP into an honest party with a platform most people can adhere to with partly or entirely. Even if the ones that leave don’t vote for Trump, they won’t be voting for the Democrats.

          With the RINOs and neocons being evicted from the GOP, you are seeing the destruction of the political monopoly within our government–the Uniparty is being dismantled before our very eyes.

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        • wheatietoo says:

          We’ll have to be vigilant…from now on.

          Evil never sleeps.
          It never gives up and it is relentless.

          The Progs started their takeover a long time ago.
          They demonized ole Joe McCarthy…and then they have systematically gone about doing the Exact Same Thing that they demonized McCarthy about!

          The Progs have taken over our schools and our media, and have gone about a systematic mass-indoctrination of our population.

          They removed the class lessons on Socialism and Communism…so that our kids would become good little proggies and ignorant about the Truth.

          The way to prolong Trumpism…is to restore our Schools to being centers of Learning again, instead of Progressive Indoctrination Centers.

          Our President is doing all he can, but we have to help him.
          He cannot do it all by himself.

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        • Tracy says:

          I completely agree. I keep telling my husband that President Trump is educating so many across generations and “party” lines. Never before has the populous truly been awakened to trade deals and tariffs. In tandem, educating, while implementing, truly conservative fiscal policy in regard to removing unnecessary regulations and steam-lining government agencies to eliminate redundancy and waste. Experiencing conservative tax policy is a mighty force. Living with it for a 2x potential President is a windfall. President Trump is setting the bar high for decades to come. All the while showing the co-opted left media that they can no longer bury someone with negative press and they will roll over. A very important lesson as the next generations of public figures will have their entire lives lived on social media with every event photographed. Our “imperfections” are our chances to grow and future leaders need not cower if the media focuses on optics.

          I have faith that all the corrupt negativity will be exposed. That said, negative to positive requires patience. Sometimes it’s a short game and sometimes a long game. To me, things are happening at the speed of light and it’s all good. 🙂

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      • Wheatie- don’t remind us!

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        • wheatietoo says:

          Sorry, Seneca.

          I don’t mean to be a Debbie-downer…but we shouldn’t think that what our President is doing for us, cannot be undone later if the Dems get back in control.

          I wish there was a way to make it permanent.
          But I don’t see how.

          The Dems seduce people with ‘free candy’.
          Pres Trump is reminding us all that that is why our country is so sick.

          Our President is teaching us that we have to eat our vegetables and have a balanced diet to be strong again.
          We also have to lock our doors and protect ourselves from predators.
          In other words…good ole common sense.

          But the promise of ‘free candy’ will always be seductive.

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  6. Just Fair says:

    Assuming that NAFTA will be a foregone conclusion, it will be interesting to see how Canada and Mexico trade deals will proceed without an US land route in between. The US should levy a heavy tax for any goods transported between these two worthless neighbors just to teach them a lesson of how trades would work in a real world. Of course, there will be always Cargo airlines willing to fly over both oceans outside of the US with a hefty fee to carry Chinese goods to these neighbors, but what would these neighbors do with the Chinese goods after they have assembled the supposed products without anybody buying it? It is something these idiots have to figure out for themselves.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Even more disruptive, the US could institute a 100% inspection for drugs and illegals on every truck load transshipping the US.

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      • Maquis says:

        And force each vehicle to pay for an escort until it clears our territory. Though I’d prefer to close the Southern Border entirely. Let Mexico rediscover its Southern Neighbors and embrace its self-imposed Zombie Chavez Hell.

        Let Canada justin grow up.

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    • Guffman says:

      I think about the same thing. If NAFTA dies, then how will the US control transport trucks coming from Mexico bound for Canada, and vice versa? I would imagine fees/levies will have to be applied as there’s NO way Trump will allow the US to be used as a thruway back and forth for free.

      Justin and his ‘crack’ team and followers really have no foresight, nor any idea wtf they’re doing to themselves and to Canada, getting into this spat with Trump. Canadians are going to pay WAY more than they ever imagined (for years and years to come) for voting in this airhead Prime Minister. He’s actually dumber than Obama. Maybe not as evil, but definitely dumber.


  7. KBR says:

    I imagine the phone call something like this:

    Justin goes on and on saying (at least one of) those things he claimed he said to the press.
    But in a pleadingly whiney tone.

    PDJT said nothing at all.

    Justin stammered “Hello, hello, are you still there?”

    PDJT said, “Yes, I was waiting to see if you had finished with all that you had. Is that all you got?
    We’ll be in touch.”

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  8. lee says:

    Canuck here. Never could figure things out. Father was a liberal, but would not support Justin’s daddy in 1968. Dad told me the liberals are moving left and he’s not. Died 1970. I never voted as saw the system as sick. A real nutbar I am. Saw Obama and Justine as cons and globalists. Don’t worry about Canada. Heavy immigration from third world has altered demographic, but Canada is still a small version of USA. Canada will dump Trudeau in next election. If Trump dumps auto pact, it will hurt Ontario the most. Trudeau will try to inflame population with anti-american crap to win next election, but will not succeed. Canadians are sick of the massive immigration. Many canadians like what Trump is doing. About time this happened. Canada cannot win a trade war with USA and will only receive hollow promises from China and EU. Most canadians know this. Anti american rhetoric that worked for Pierre will not work for Justine. We are sick of globalists traitors too. Justine will be history.

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    • sadsack says:

      As a Canadian, I hope you are right!
      A small group of us in my neighbourhood got together every week to pray for the american people and the election of Donald Trump. I know that some groups also did this in Ontario.
      I wish that Harper would come back because the current leader of the conservatives doesn’t look that much better than sparkle socks.

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  9. jjs says:

    These countries are going to find out they need us more than we need them. We prop up their government fake initiatives like saving the planet by getting rid of plastic straws while we dish out money so they can keep playing their games.

    A real leader of Canada would have put their conuntry on a serious path to a secure foundation and not let other countries like the US own them.

    The US is not owned by anyone at this point in our history. The last issue we have is securing the boarders so foreign invaders cannot take over any time soon. The leaches of the world need to step up and manage their own business. We are done enabling them.

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  10. Isa Tam says:

    Apologies upfront if not in line with topic, but I want to highlight this #WalkAway movement. Look at this! Wow!

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  11. lee says:

    A good trade war with Canada could cause Canada to break up. Ottawa will defend the two most populated regions, Ontario and Quebec. They benefit the most from present trade situations. The trade war will create hardships all across the country, with most provinces pitted against the two larger ones. The eastern and western provinces could see they are better off as states in the USA or going it alone. That is one hell of a gain for the USA. Lots of resources, good eastern port for navy, continuity to Alaska, etc. As a western canadian, with maritime roots, I see it as a win long term for both populations.

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    • Maquis says:

      I’ve been kinda hoping for that myself.


    • ATheoK says:

      Many Canadians like Americans, as visitors, not neighbors.

      Most of those rural Canadians you refer to are very patriotic, to Canada and the Queen. Making it difficult to believe they would seek or accept statehood in the United States.

      This is not to argue with the your logic, as joining America as new states would be very advantageous for all. Only, it is hard to believe Canada could reach such reduced circumstances, that they would seek Americanization.

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  12. ATheoK says:

    How odd!

    It’s as if Trudeau is pretending to call the USA; then tells reporters he called Trump.

    Justin Trudeau’s twitter:
    Nothing about Trudeau calling the USA.
    Plenty about Trudeau claiming he has worker’s backs and that unions support him

    If one searches Twitter for “Justin Trudeau”, Twitter posts come up with a surprising number of workers, including steel workers, upset with Trudeau.

    Meanwhile, at Trump’s Twitter:
    There’s not a word about Trudeau calling.

    Sundance again, nails events as they happen!

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  13. Doug Amos says:

    Trudeau is not smart enough to cross the street by himself on a “walk” signal. Everything he does is controlled by Soros/Axelrod. Freeland was a political appointee loaded with danger; no experience and no brains. The media portrays Justine as the brave defiant; standing up to a big bully, a portrait in courage. The fools are outraged but deep, deep down, under all the headlines and smirking and rhetoric is this stupid damn topic of the auto pact.

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  14. MaineCoon says:

    The deal is done. Canada just doesn’t know it. IMO the silence will become more and more deafening.

    POTUS has moved on to bigger more relevant events/news: upcoming Helsinki Summit with Putin; Iran; China trade; EU trade

    POTUS will wrap up North America trade announcement after the Putin Summit, imo. One day, the hammer will drop: NAFTA terminated, majors tarrifs on autos to bring back the auto industry to USA. The tariffs will be above and beyond any amount Canada can erase via reciprical tariffs. Same for Mexico. Justin and purple dress have played their cards all wrong in front of the whole world. At their expense not only will they/Canadians learn the hard way but so will EU and Mexico.

    I believe Putin will play ball. Not sure what POTUS has in mind, but he has a plan and Putin’s influence over Iran will come into play with gain to Russia’s economy, somehow, imo. Syria also. All ties together. Even NoKo. This is POTUS’ curent focus — not silly socks and purple dress dancing a two step together.

    Justin publicly stabbed POTUS in the back when he left G7. POTUS will bring him to his knees publicly in far worse retaliatory manner — and then Justin will leave the public stage as Canadian PM. Justin’s and purple dress are responsible for the hardships to come. I feel sorry for the good Canadians.

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  15. Justice Warrior says:



  16. Scarlet says:

    Could I love our President any more ? ❤️ 💕 💗. He’s amazing !!!

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  17. Alison says:

    Whatever tariffs Justine from Canada imposes that affect American businesses can be alleviated by President Trump using a smidgen of what’s being saved by terminating NAFTA. He will work with those businesses & smooth out the disruptions. In the end it’s still #AmericaFirst.


  18. franuche says:

    My cartoon bubble:

    Trump’s glorious (real) mane takes down Trudeau’s metrosexual (fake) eyebrows with a simple, direct throat-punch. Didn’t break a sweat; not a hair out of place.

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  19. Cheri Lawrence says:

    If these leaders weren’t part of the globalist agenda, this would be a no brainer. All could rise to mutual prosperity with us and retain their own cultures and rich diversity. POTUS is tough but full of heart. He can see the rape and pillage that’s been done worldwide. We are looking for mutually beneficial partnerships and cooperation here not dominance! These nations are going to have to dump their leaders like we did. The problem is the systems are so corrupt that no goodness can rise to the top like we are seeing in front of our very eyes in Mexico (hundreds of politicians murdered before the election). It’s not Canada I worry about (except the people) it’s Mexico which is led by violent cartels and corruption amidst extreme poverty and powerlessness. Build that wall!!

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  20. Mickturn says:

    Hello President Trump, I’m sorry. I got my mustache, er, eyebrow glued back on, I don’t know what came over me. Can we talk?

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  21. Gary Thomson says:

    Don’t worry Mr. Trudeau, that swooshing noise you hear is just Thor’s hammer rushing down towards your head. It’ll be over so fast you won’t even feel it.

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