Mitt Romney -vs- Mike Kennedy Primary Runoff This Week – Tuesday June 26th…

There’s a strategy behind national corporate media not discussing the Utah Senate Primary runoff this coming Tuesday. The avoidance strategy is designed to support the scheming, self-interested, manipulative lying-liar-who-lies, Mitt Romney, over Utah state lawmaker Mike Kennedy.  (Website Here)  Romney is destined to replace Bob Corker as a staunch anti-Trump Senator.  Romney supports all Decepticon causes.

Despite beating Romney in the Utah republican primary convention vote, Mike Kennedy is considered the underdog.  Mail-in and in-person early voting started earlier this month. Only registered Republicans may vote in the GOP primary.

SALT LAKE CITY — U.S. Senate candidate Mitt Romney has spent nearly $2 million on his Republican primary election campaign, about five times that of his opponent Mike Kennedy.

A state lawmaker from Alpine, Kennedy opened his wallet for the second time in the race, putting another $45,000 in his account on top of the $250,000 he previously loaned the campaign. (read more)

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262 Responses to Mitt Romney -vs- Mike Kennedy Primary Runoff This Week – Tuesday June 26th…

  1. The Defiant One says:

    Mitten “Destroyer of Toys’R’US” Romney… in a nutshell.


  2. moe ham head says:

    nobody wants you mittens you have been exposed


  3. davideisenstadt says:

    Mitt prefers his dog hot.


  4. melski says:

    I live in Utah (only to be with my children) and have already cast my ballot for Dr. Mike. The area I live in has many more Kennedy yard signs than Romney signs however my general feeling is the LDS population (the majority of people living in Utah) look at Romney as the 2nd coming of the Angel Moroni and he will, against better judgement, unfortunately win. I mean look at how many idiots voted for Egg McMuffin(21%) and Hillary (27.8%) Many non rational thinkers live here.

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    • zephyrbreeze says:

      Trump has been great for Utah. Romney is against Trump. so many people will put 2 & 2 together. 46% of Utahns voted for Trump after Romney’s screed, so maybe it will work out.


    • NannyG says:

      I live in Utah, also.
      My informal study of yard signs shows 23 for Kennedy and 1 for Romney.
      But my experience in the “caucus-vote” showed me that many of the old Mormons here are not afraid to cheat.
      I’m betting they are mostly in charge of counting the vote, too.


    • Clarioncaller says:

      Obviously, they get their news from the temple podium.


  5. Oldskool says:

    Here’s where we find out if the citizens of Utah are really as anti-Trump as projected and how much influence the Mormon cult really exerts. Great show. If Dr. Kennedy can overcome that then there will be the inevitable vote counting fraud. I donated to his campaign and I’m in NC…here’s to hoping, similar to buying a Powerball ticket.

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  6. Joe says:

    If Utah Republicans choose Kennedy over Romney I will regain all the optimism I have ever lost over the decades.
    If Utah Republicans want their Senator constantly bashing Trump then they should elect Romney. We’ll see if they’re smart enough to realize what’s going on here on Tuesday. Vote for Kennedy.

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    • De Oppresso Libre says:

      There’s a lot of obstacles for Kennedy to overcome…….like the corrupt republican establishment, the Mormon Church, unlimited money, the media, but perhaps the biggest being name recognition. I never thought I would actually see a “Kennedy” that I would want to vote for…. 😉

      I don’t live in Utah, but I sent Kennedy a donation because not only do I try to support candidates who will help President Trump, but I also despise that lying, corrupt, crooked Romney.


    • NannyG says:

      Mormons are the majority of the Republican party here.
      They are only globalists because their demographic is in constant need of new blood, different DNA from their original pioneer pool.
      One of the most striking things you notice when you come here to live is how many of the pregnant women are tall, slim blonds.
      That’s their main DNA base.
      Romney is a globalist.
      Kennedy is not.
      We’ll see which way the average Republican goes.

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  7. Lemmy says:

    Go away Willard.


  8. positron1352 says:

    Romney again? He proved how weak he was already. Come on, Utah.

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  9. PoxOnTheDNC says:

    I hope Mike Kennedy puts Romney in his place, “the dustbin of history”. ROmney will never stand up to the left he’s proven himself to be incapable of taking off the gloves and fighting for what’s right.

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  10. Mike diamond says:

    Never Romney ! Not even for dog catcher!!!


  11. Mark Matis says:

    I hope you understand that if Mr. Kennedy is able to defeat Mittens in the runoff, the RNC will throw their support behind the Democrat in the race, just as they did in Alabama. After all, the Democrats are also globalists, just like the Rove Republicans. The only difference is how quickly they want to get One World Government – the Democrats prefer sooner than the Rove Republicans – and whose cronies get to slop at the government trough along the way.

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  12. Any victory by Romney of less than 10 points means that he has been served notice to work with the President.


  13. Clarioncaller says:

    Will Willard invite his Cuban girlfriend to the debate?


  14. NannyG says:

    The Mormon front “newspaper” the Deseret News, published a “poll” that claimed, in a two-man race Romney had a 43 point lead over Kennedy among Republicans!
    Same pollster claimed Evan McMullin would win.


  15. kltk1 says:

    To my friends in Utah, please do what you can to get people to the polls to vote. Preferably for Kennedy. Mitt Romney is a real problem and needs to be defeated.

    It’s very interesting, I was looking for polling data on this race last week and had a very difficult time finding any data. Swamp rats must be defeated at every opportunity.


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