President Trump Delivers Remarks at the National Federation of Independent Business…

Earlier today President Donald Trump delivered remarks to the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business).

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73 Responses to President Trump Delivers Remarks at the National Federation of Independent Business…

  1. Everywhereguy says:

    Everyone’s focused on the Congressional hearings 🙂

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  2. Gil says:

    No more foreign aid to any country with illegals here. And that country has to pay for the incarceration of their citizens here before they pay for the citizens to be repatriated. No more. You want prison reform? Start emptyi g all illegals from the country and see how much the cost, the space, the use of local leo declines and gets directed towards consistent citizen oriented peace keeping.

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    • rudy1876 says:

      Brilliant! I was just thinking this morning why doesn’t Mexico or the embassies for the country of citizenship take care of these children. Why do we act as if other countries have no systems for their citizens. Take care of your own! Brilliant move on the foreign aid lever. Use it Mr. President!

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  3. graciegram says:

    I watched POTUS speak and he was awesome ! The crowd loved him. He spoke at length about the border/kids stuff, immigration and tax reform. He also announced new group insurance now available for businesses or groups that will greatly reduce costs. Small businesses can form a group across state lines and purchase plans across state lines. Effective today. The plan was put together by the Dept. of Labor head.

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    • talker2u says:

      That is BIG!

      Thanks for the heads-up, gg.

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    • GB Bari says:

      The new insurance plan put forth by the Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta is a YUUGE win for American small and independent businesses. This on top of the tax cuts enacted 6 months ago. Our POTUS is absolutely keeping his promises made during his campaign!
      The American middle class will rise again!

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      • graciegram says:

        Yes GB. Today watching and listening to our wonderful POTUS gave me a huge rush of gratitude and love for this man that gave up so much to help us MAGA.

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    • Kate says:

      Graciegram, wow I am glad to hear this news regarding insurance, it is something which needed doing for years and now with a great business man for President good thing are happening.

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    • This is Great! Think of all the small businesses that can associate together to get a reasonable “group” coverage rate, like all the plumbers, all the hairstylists, all the auto mechanic shops. This is REAL NEWS!

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  4. Brent Hull says:

    It would have been interesting if the IG took the Weiner computer and let the DOD and other crack non DOJ/CIA teams analyze the computer and grade the FBI/Strzok “wizardry” like the IG did with Page and Strzok’s cell phones. I wonder if the IG did that or of not why not.

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  5. fleporeblog says:


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    • thedoc00 says:

      I saw Charles give this same interview on Varney this morning. He left his tweet the amount of foreign currency reserve the Chinese Government has used up to float their economy, I believe he mentioned a figure of 35-45% and that their government debt is nearly 400% vs their GDP.

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    • Dutchman says:

      ? for those of you who understand economics, cause i don’t;

      WHERES the inflation?
      As the job market tightens, wages rise.

      So, prices should rise too, right? Except we’re not seeing much, so far.

      Is this cause the corporate tax rates drop, from tax bill, is offsetting?

      Is this in any eay confirmation of theory that inflation is really a hidden tax?
      Thanx for any replies.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Remember as SD has told us, all Economist studied under a K Street/Wall St. model. They have no awareness when policy is driven for Main St. Their models are screwed. Low unemployment should lead to higher wages and inflation ticking up. The wages are beginning to rise but inflation has not caught up. Don’t think of the past models. We are living in MAGANomics!

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      • Ironclaw 601 says:

        Inflation is there. It isn’t because of Trump but rather Bush and Obama. It has been masked in various ways but it’s there. Time will tell if we get a handle on it or not…

        – Big Jake

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        • iwasthere says:

          Well the best way to combat inflation is by wealth creation. That said, get your dollars into hard assets or TIPS, and get the best paying job you can find. IMHO, if Trump gets the economy hitting on all 8, we are still at 6 IMHO, there will be a price to be paid for all the QE -infinity money printing done under Bush and Obama – that price will be inflation – probably a burst – at some point.


  6. thedoc00 says:

    One thing not one of the ant-tariff folks have answered is, “what is the approach if the Chinese and our so-called allies turn every negotiation into a “Trade War”.

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  7. KBR says:

    This is the better thread than the Congressional hearing thread.

    Love hearing from PDJT.

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    • graciegram says:

      KBR, PDJT was informative, relaxed, funny and made my day. LOVE him.

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      • Ackman420 says:

        It is sublime. I needed a pick me up this afternoon and decided WTH, I’ll eat lunch and listen. No shock here, cuz I thought it would work. It’s amazing how listening to this one man speak for less than an hour can boost the spirits. I’m no sycophant and have been around the block, but this man speaks to me.

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    • GB Bari says:

      He boosted my spirits and energy with that speech. He was high energy, loaded for bear. He left no issue untouched and was very reassuring to his supporters, and especially to the independent business crowd in front of him.
      He again confirmed that he hasn’t wavered one bit from his pledges.
      God Bless our VSGPDJT!

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  8. Cooper45 says:

    I never thought a major Canadian Dairy Producer would publicly and strongly support the USA in its Dairy tariff debate and proclaim it was time to end the Canadian Supply Management System or Marketing Board as it was originally called. I was wrong. Read link. Saputo Inc. has caused a stir.

    “Canadian dairy Saputo criticizes supply management system, siding with U.S. in ongoing dispute”

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  9. rudy1876 says:

    This was a great speech. PT is so great when he speaks off the cuff. Love it. The Congressional hearings….I don’t know how or why anyone would watch them. You couldn’t pay me to sit through that idiot liar session. No good guys. Not one.

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    • Cooper45 says:

      rudy—I fully agree with you that Trump is a great speech maker and I also agree with your quote:
      “The Congressional hearings….I don’t know how or why anyone would watch them. You couldn’t pay me to sit through that idiot liar session.”

      Before I read your comments, I linked to C Span to watch the hearing from the beginning so I could fast forward through all the Dem hysteria and other waste’s of time but the full replay was not available and it was still live I think.

      At that moment, Dem. Rep Bonnie Watson Coleman was politically ranting and raving against Trump and his cruel immigration policies that house little children in cages and are similar to the days of slavery and how the HHS Secretary Nielsen is arrogant, heartless and dismissive to the cruelty and the USA has become enemies to friends and friends to dictators.. I was a tad stunned at the genuine depravity of her presentation and her subversion of what the Committee was supposedly there for.

      Horowitz sat listening to the lunacy in captivated silence. I then shut off the depravity that fully backs up your quote.

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    • Serena says:

      I tried to watch it and lasted maybe 3 minutes. Makes my blood pressure rise.


      • quintrillion says:

        You’re braver than I…no interest in the fake hearings with the fake congress…I’m having none of it.
        OTOH, President Trump’s speech was value packed & wonderful, again!

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        • Serena says:

          Yes I agree Quintrillion. I can’t stand the phony hearings. It’s all a sham and nothing ever comes of them. I wish we had a person that would simply tell the truth and say this is what happened.People that are guilty skate every time. I did love President Trump’s speech. The man is awesome!!!


  10. Elizabeth Carter says:

    President Trump hugged the American Flag at the end of the speech and created an uproar.

    We have had to watch them burn our flag, pee on it, shit on it and dishonor it in every way they can think up and now they are hysterical because we have a President who is bringing honor back to our country.

    They are just ridiculous now. I giggle when I watch them expose themselves
    .Thank God for President Trump
    God Bless America

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    • GB Bari says:

      The picture is great! As should be expected, Twitter comments under that article are worse than atrocious and come from obviously extreme delusional morons.

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    • Phil Free says:

      I just saw this posted on a different site — that, just like the flags seen at the North Korean meet *that did not have a gold frill*, the flag seen there also has no gold frill.

      The read-in being the contention that the gold fringe adorning the flag conferred Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction.. so no gold fringe, no “maritime-only” law.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        ” so no gold fringe, no “maritime-only” law.”

        The gold fringe on the Admiralty flag is no big deal. I was set straight about that after posting something on Disqus without fully investigating it beforehand and emailing a bunch of people.

        I cannot go through thousands of my old emails to find the link from a year or two ago (I don’t delete like HRC).


        • Randy says:

          There is some USC code as to what the gold fringe or a ball versus and eagle at the top of the pole and the ratio of dimension and what jurisdiction each signifies. If the flag is for example 4×6 in ratio as most souvenir flags that get burned, it is not the official flag of the US of A. The Attorney General used to be found in the blue section of the phone book under Military. The gold fringe is precisely a symbol of infringing and signifies the flag as a Military banner.

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  11. 335blues says:

    Every day I am more convinced that GOD himself arranged
    for Donald Trump to be President of America.
    “….Your will is done in America, as it is in Heaven.”

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    • Cisco says:

      Election night I never prayed so hard, and I felt kinda guilty thinking, here I am asking God to intervene in a election, but I felt it was so important I had to ask.
      I believe that America stood at the very abyss of Godless darkness.
      “In God we trust ”
      We did.

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      • Serena says:

        I remember hearing MN. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann talking about how it looked as though Hillary would win early on election night and how millions of Christians started praying all over the world for divine intervention to give Trump the Presidency. Right after that the numbers started changing. Also Rev. Franklin Graham talked about this,too.I will always believe that God saw this country going under and He intervened to give us one last chance.

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        • G. Combs says:

          I am an agnostic and I prayed hard for our country. I have done more praying in the last couple of years than I have done in the last four decades together. I won’t ask for anything for myself but I will ask for help for my country.

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      • Mia C says:

        There were major prayer circles, including Franklin Graham and others. I prayed with them. I fully believe our prayers were answered by God. Dems cheat. Yet God helped us overcome the cheating as well. This was America’s last chance and God gave it to us. So it’s up to us to keep working hard to keep it going. God bless you and your family.


  12. G says:

    BEST Speech EVER, in my opinion. Makes me very proud that I voted for Him.
    I must say, I have always been very proud that I voted for President Trump, and will be proud to vote for Him again in 2020.
    What He is doing for OUR Country is better than awesome, if that is possible.

    I would like to express my gratitude to Sundance and ALL Treepers for teaching me and allowing me to learn about the important issues in our Country. It is good to learn from good people for a change

    GOD Bless you all, and GOD Bless our Country.

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  13. rudy1876 says:

    Go to the 45 minute mark. WOW! No mention of this anywhere! My insurance agent (I live in California of course) Don’t know nuthin’ about anything changing in health insurance. WTF? Thank you PT!

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  14. Alison says:

    My Hub just got home and told me he heard an AWESOME speech by President Trump today. He couldn’t stop raving about how great it was.

    My Hub is one of those folks who voted for Trump because he knew the alternative was way worse, but couldn’t stand to hear Trump talk ‘cuz “he’s an egomaniac full of bluster”.

    Now he’s raving about hearing President Trump’s speech that he listened to BY CHOICE.

    We are winning, folks 😊😊🤪

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      During the campaign, I was where your hubby was but by the time the RNC rolled around I had stepped on board The Train. Once I got my bearings and looked around, I realized the view from The Train was mighty fine.

      Every single day since then I have appreciated Donald Trump more to where now I can honestly say I love the man and think he is the best President in the modern era. I never thought I would say something like that.

      If I get on board The Train any further I’m going to be elbowing my way into the engine and shoving aside the conductor.

      Folks who are or have been put off by PDJT’s style can be reached. If they look around them and start to see the accomplishments they will realize substance matters a lot more than style.

      Choo choo, baby, and I’m really happy about your hubby!

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  15. Serena says:

    Listening to President Trump always boosts my spirit. He is a calming reassuring voice in an ocean of screaming rabid,unhinged leftists. Although I am close to his age to me he is like a father figure speaking so positive and truthful about all the problems we face and how he is going to take care of them. He makes me feel safe and protected and I sleep better after hearing him. He is so uplifting! God please bless and protect our amazing President and thank you Lord for blessing our country with him.

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    • listingstarboard says:

      Hearing his resolve and determination is so uplifting! some days my heart breaks for the utter injustices the media, political ruling class, Hollywood and global elites throw at him constantly. Am going thru chemo –but feel its nothing compared to what our POTUS has to endure.

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      • Serena says:

        Yes it makes me feel so bad for him and his family. God bless you listingstarboard. I helped my sister get through this twice and it is certainly no picnic. You are in my prayers.


    • Serena says:

      You are welcome Mia. Every rally or speech he makes is better than the last one. He just gets better and better.


  16. peace says:

    Here’s some more good news: Starbucks reportedly is closing 150 stores due to increased competition. I personally would not mind seeing Starbucks go bellyup and a new fair-minded America loving company replace this anti-America establishment.

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  17. Cooper45 says:

    PDJT was not exaggerating at all of course about the low level “smuggling” across the Canadian border. CBSA routinely fines Canadians for not declaring items and they only check a few of the many thousands that cross every day. Occasionally, there are large trucks caught with smuggled goods but the cumulative smuggling by individuals is huge.

    In addition, flocks of Canadians near the border drive across to legally buy numerous items from the U.S. with gasoline for vehicles being at the top of the list and even milk has been one of the major draws. Depending on the comparative dollar value, Canadians often swarm across to the nearest border town and empty pallets of various goods in stores. The price differences are significant so even when the Canadian dollar is worth 75 cents to a USD, it’s still worth crossing over for many Canadians to buy gas, food and other goods.


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “it’s still worth crossing over for many Canadians to buy gas, food and other goods.”

      There has been a LOT of that going on here in WNY for years -across the Peace Bridge between Ft. Erie & Buffalo and the Lewiston (NY) – Queenston Bridge, a little south of Niagara Falls


  18. zephyrbreeze says:

    “And that’s ready as of when?”


    That’s called making the boss look Great!!!!


  19. zephyrbreeze says:

    How much talent is there in this administration? In this country? There is no reason we can’t solve ALL our problems. And this is within the first 2 years of this administration.


  20. zephyrbreeze says:

    Ok, I was weeping by the end of this. This is the greatest time in the history of the greatest country on earth. I offer prayers of gratitude for all who made this possible. God Bless America.


  21. zephyrbreeze says:

    Trump at 33 discussing real estate with Tom Broken.


  22. Mia C says:

    Breitbart is reporting Trump won’t sign the amnesty bills because they don’t live up to his promises to us. God bless and protect the Magnificent Donaldus Magnus.

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  23. Peter Rabbit says:

    Have loved PDJT since he came down the escalator in Trump Tower. Had never seen his reality shows but know he was a winner. All other Republicans were more of the same. At first debate he stole the show and punched back at the press.

    Despite the crooked poll results, common sense told me the tireless energy, huge crowds for him and the fact that Hillary lost votes every time she opened her mouth, gave me confidence Trump would win. Plus I knew if she did that it was the end of America as we know it. My faith told me that God had not given up on us and that He would not permit it to happen.

    What a time to be alive and watch history unfold in dramatic fashion in a good way at Trump Speed.

    Thank you to Sundance and all you extraordinary Treepers. May God keep POTUS safe. Keep your prayers coming for America and the World. Things are getting better and people who had lost hope are changing their minds.

    Trump is the most common sense President and leader of action that most of us have ever seen. What a blessing to have this bold leader and great team around him.

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  24. Pyrthroes says:

    Trump is nonpariel. We’re not in a shooting war, but something far more dangerous and subtle– by implication, strategic failure here would be a civilizational catastrophe comparable not to 1453 but to 13th century Mongol razzias driving beyond the Adriatic, prevented only by Ogedai Khan’s death in AD 1241.

    Either this country –and that means almost solely Trump– gets its economic act together, duct-tapes its daemonically self-destructive educational system, leverages free-market, entrepreneurial risk/reward to benign power-political ends (emphatically including annihilation of Muslumps’ metastasizing fifth column), or Churchill’s “new Dark Age” will fall upon us.

    Make no mistake: November 8, 2016 was a political Pearl Harbor. To ‘ell with oozing PCBS cant! “Take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them.”


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