Representative Jim Jordan Discusses IG Report…

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) appears on Fox News to discuss the IG report and the upcoming appearance of Michael Horowitz to the Judiciary and Oversight committee coming this Tuesday June 19th.

On Monday June 18th both Horowitz and FBI Director Chris Wray will be appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee (Chairman Grassley).  Then on Tuesday Horowitz will appear before the House Joint Judiciary/Oversight Committee.

We need Jim Jordan to ask some basic questions [SEE HERE] and gain clarity from Horowitz.  Tuesday is likely the best hope for answers because we have Jim Jordan, John Ratcliffe, Ron DeSantis, Louie Gohmert, Andy Biggs, Matt Gaetz, Steve King, possibly Mark Meadows and Chairman Goodlatte asking the questions:

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379 Responses to Representative Jim Jordan Discusses IG Report…

  1. Echo says:

    Doesn’t matter what Congressional Oversight Committees say or find…. nothing happens. Because the DoJ / FBI refuse to prosecute the elite perps. Wray and Sessions just told you that, quite clearly.

    The most curious inexplicable circumstance now is that President Trump can fix this in 5 minutes but refuses to. Sack Sessions, his replacement replaces Wray, Rosie and whomever else, prosecutions then flow.
    In a cunning twist to crush the media, leave Mueller where he is doing what he’s doing, that way no real way the MSM can complain. The new AG, Joe diGenova, will marginalise Mueller gradually and effortlessly.

    Problems solved.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      How does the new AG get confirmed??

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    • phoenixRising says:

      Huber prosecutes… Period. Reports to Sessions. Period.

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      • Echo says:

        Sessions just told you, he agrees with Wray, nothing to see here that can’t be fixed internally….getting it yet?

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        • Ray Runge says:

          Until Huber’s efforts result in an indictment and an adversarial conversation in a court room, then he remains a promising shiny object. Time for the process of legal court room confrontation to begin.

          IG report documents wide spread FBI acceptance of bribes—“social outings” —-as a conducive atmosphere to frame the imagined plot of a legal hatchet job. Crickets so far.


          • Echo says:

            “he remains a promising shiny object.”

            After the non “devastating” Nunes report and the “just some internal procedural problems” summary by Sessions of IG Horowitz’s report, Huber would appear to be the last game in town.
            The problem isn’t a few token prosecutions for “leaking”, it’s that the systemic paradigm will ensure the elites walk. Don’t believe me? Watch.


            • EternalVigilanc3 says:

              You seem to be a shiny object in the tree house. Cheers mate hope you’re getting paid for posting. It’s Saturday night and you keep responding to peeps. Sad life it seems. BRB gonna do a cheers with my mates


      • maiingankwe says:

        Everyone or most at least seem to completely forget about John Huber and the power he holds. It’s either that or they simply have no confidence in how AG Sessions has set this up, which I thought was genius by the way.

        It’s not been easy, but I am still going to wait this out. I have faith in our President Trump and his promises will continue to be kept to the people who voted for him. It’s just going to take more time is all. Well, more time than most of us expected anyways.

        But who knows what our President knows and their inner circle? I think if we knew what they did we might just be a bit more relaxed in these swampers going down.

        Lastly, our Sundance and many here have been doing a fabulous job in finding inconsistencies, new truths and so forth in the IG Report. Me? I’m still in the early 200’s and have been skipping around. I will get it done though. It just takes some of us longer is all.

        Anyways, I just wanted to let you know Phoenix Rising, I stand with you and have not forgotten John Huber, but actually look forward to what he will do.

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        • phoenixRising says:

          me too maiingankwe…
          lots of impatient people.
          I’m glad Trump is POTUS and not some of these who think they know what’s what

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        • scarlettbr says:

          Do we all agree Mueller and his 13 angry democrats is an attempt at taking down a sitting, US President? After 2 years and nothing, it is obvious? right?
          What if President Trump is using this as leverage?


    • Jan says:

      If you sack Sessions, “Rosie” becomes Acting Attorney General–which he is right now. The Dimms in the Senate are blocking all confirmations. McConnell/Graham/McCain have warned Pres. Trump NOT to fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller. McConnell has NOT allowed a recess since Day 1 of the Trump Administration–they call the Senate to order for 30 seconds even when they are in recess, which keeps Pres. Trump from replacing Sessions with someone else already confirmed by the Senate–like Pruitt (he’s almost gone) or Zinke to replace AG Sessions. Sessions is carrying out other aspects of his job: he is adding as many immigration judges as he can at the border, redefining asylum, zero tolerance on some things; going after sex trafficking on-line, at the border and everywhere else, war on opioids, drug trafficking at the border. It’s just the Mueller investigation with no controls from Rosie that would never happen if Sessions did not recuse himself that is so far out of whack that someone like Dershowitz, a life-long Dimm & liberal appeals attorney, says YO, stop Mueller now before he destroys the justice system.

      Did we stop the progressives soon enough? I just don’t know. I keep wanting to believe Sessions is going to show us he knew what he was doing when he referred some things to IG Horowitz and appointed John Huber to work with Horowitz and do the grand jury thing. But why does Sessions keep complimenting/support Rosie after Rosie sent Mueller out on a counterintelligence search when Rosie could only send Mueller out to pursue criminal acts as specified in his appointment???

      #Release the unredacted/un-rewritten Summary&Conclusions & the IG Report.

      I trust my President and Rep. Nunes and maybe Rep. Jim Jordan. All others must pay cash!

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      • Echo says:

        Your implication that McC will never replace a sacked Sessions with anyone but a Democrat Deep stater is silly. For example, they hate Pompeo more than they like Sessions.
        I believe any already approved Cabinet Sec can move into the AG position? Leaving a minor vacancy somewhere that the Senate would look ridiculous opposing.
        Better try….Sessions is going to let the lot walk.

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    • Leane Kamari says: days to sunday, remember that? Mueller keeps his show going which in turn keeps him, Rosenstein and others from being investigated and prosecuted for Uranium 1 and possibly other things. Stay tuned……….


      • Perot Conservative says:

        Investigation underway.

        Victoria Toesing and Joe diGenova represent the prime whistleblower who wore a wire, kept copious notes for over 7 years, and received an award from the FBI. … Then they claimed he was after money and had a drinking problem?


  2. phoenixRising says:

    Sundance has another THREAD

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    • evergreen says:

      There’s de-duplication of Stage 2 emails within that set alone. Then there’s de-duplication of net Stage 2 emails vs. Stage 1 emails previously waived off as in-consequential.


      • evergreen says:

        Don’t get me wrong. I think 60K emails in under 60 days is pushing it from a content screening standpoint. Don’t forget, there’s context in them thar words that only a set of human eyes can divine meaning from. So, this business of rapid-clearing emails is hooey in the first degree.


        • Jan says:

          I’d agree with you, but I do know that if you have the right set of document viewers who have been on the hunt since day 1, you can get it done with computer software. I would point to Judicial Watch as the top of the class in document review, comparisons to previous FOIA docs, etc. They itemized 5 Hillary docs as classified in their FOIA recovery of the Weiner laptop docs almost immediately after the received the docs from the Courts.

          The FBI didn’t want to recover any docs from Weiner’s laptop that would support or further implicate Hillary breaking espionage laws. With only 3 people in the examination of docs from Weiner’s laptop who do not want to implicate Hillary and take her out of the race, you will get only one answer: nothing there…whether they actually reviewed anything or not.

          That’s the problem with the IG report on the handling of Hillary’s email server investigation: no finding of bias—He (or RR) stuck his head in the sand rather than call people out for being biased and acting on their bias by not investigating Hillary at all.


  3. jmclever says:

    This is the question I want answered.

    Given that the whole exoneration hinged on HRC’s lack of intent, how is it that investigators stated that HRC’s statement that she did not know what “C” meant and that she had no idea that things she was sending were classified “strained credulity” (p. 137), yet they never checked to see if she had completed the same training that we little people with mere ” secret” clearances must successfully complete at regular intervals? Why did they take, at face vaule, the statements of a known “dishonest and unethical” lawyer ( ) who is also known to have been less than forthcoming in the Benghazi hearings?

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    • kroesus61 says:

      the Hag was an originating agent….she is REQUIRED to not only know what a classified marking is but when it is classified by its very content w/o said marking…..for her smartest girl in the room spiel they are sure letting her slide easy with the incompetence claim…..she knows what classification are from BEFORE the 900 FBI files in the WH residence

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      • cdquarles says:

        Don’t forget that the Hildebeest showed her true colors very early in her ‘career’. Remember that she was one of a number of Nixon-hating Alinskyite staff lawyers when the House and Senate created committees to investigate the break-in at the Watergate Hotel and Convention center (they added condos later), where the DNC had offices. I’d say if there was anyone who thought themselves capable of ‘getting away with it’, she’s one of them. Indeed, history, to date, has shown that to be true; since the only thing that happened to her was getting fired. [Hmm, I wonder if she has ever had Bar Association complaints made against her, and if so, what did those investigations show? /rhetorical]


  4. jstanley01 says:

    Here’s a tidbit I never heard before about Mueller’s upcoming report on possible obstruction by the President. According to WaPo reporters:

    “Rosenstein will have near-total control over how the probe concludes and what the public learns about the findings. It will fall to Rosenstein to decide whether Mueller’s report contains findings about Trump that warrant some remedy or punishment by Congress.”

    No wonder the guy is throwing his weight around.

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  5. uptothere says:

    This entire affair of all the illegal activities spread across multiple agencies and personnel has finally resulted in what? More hearings, studies and subpoenas. Can somebody please go to jail for something?


  6. g.w says:

    I ask myself this question every time I see a reference to WaPO. How seriously can I take any report from WaPo…then I ignore.

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  7. Non=combative. says:

    What this all comes down to is John Huber. Sessions recusal only covered Russia collusion. Rosenstein should have recused himself as he is a primary witness in any attempt of obstruction in the firing of Comey. He also apparently signed one of the FISA warrants so would be a witness in the Russia probe. Only reason Mueller is still active is because of the political ramifications of Trump shutting him down. So if anything legit is to come of all this corruption/DOJ/FBI collusion/Clinton crimes it will be up to Huber.


  8. Cavuto’s even more disdainful than Wallace the Lesser.

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  9. Ventura Highway says:

    Libs keep saying that Strzok and Cometose cost Hilldog the election.

    They have kept her out of prison so far. You can’t tell me out of 600,000 messages there isn’t 10 lifetimes worth of crimes in them.


  10. andyocoregon says:

    Just consider ourselves fortunate we aren’t stuck with this blithering idiot in our party:

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  11. scarlettbr says:

    “If I go down, I’m taking half of DC with me”, Hillary Clinton. Seems obvious to me, if they really want to rid the US of this menace, they would bring in Hillary.


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