President Trump Participates in U.S. Coast Guard Change of Command…

Earlier today President Trump participated in a Coast Guard change of command ceremony.

[Transcript] 11:17 A.M. EDT – THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much, Secretary Nielsen. Great job you’re doing. That was a wonderful introduction and your leadership as the Coast Guard’s Service Secretary has been very much appreciated and respected. Thank you very much. Great job.

Thank you as well to our great Vice President, Mike Pence — please stand up, Mike — for joining us today. (Applause.) I’m thrilled to be here with the brave men and women of the United States Coast Guard. You are America’s first line of defense. The best of the best.

These are exciting times for America. We are being respected again. We’re being respected abroad, and we are restoring our wealth at home. It’s about time. (Applause.)

We have reached yet one more historic milestone, with 3.8 percent unemployment just announced, and another all-time record low — African-American unemployment, Hispanic unemployment at an all-time low in history. We’re very honored by that. And by the way, for the women out there — the lowest unemployment in 19 years. (Applause.) And I’ll be soon saying that will be in history also. Very soon. That won’t take much longer.

We are honored to be joined for today’s ceremony by Director Coats. Dan Coats. Where’s Dan? Thank you. Thank you, Dan. Director Alles; Commissioner McAleenan; Administrator Long; and Acting Director Homan, who has done a fantastic job; along with many of our senior military leaders. General Dunford, General Selva, Admiral Richardson, General Goldfein, and General Lengyel. Where is everybody? Stand up. These are serious, powerful, incredible people. Please stand up. (Applause.) Great people. Thank you. Incredible people.

We’re gathered together today for a truly special occasion. We are here to mark a change in command of the United States Coast Guard and celebrate the incredible career of its 25th Commandant, Admiral Paul Zukunft. (Applause.) Great job.

We’ve got his family here. They’re very proud. They should be. And, Paul, I have to tell you, on behalf of the American people, I thank you for a lifetime of noble service. Congratulations on everything you have achieved.

For nearly half a century –- 45 years -– Paul has proudly worn the Coast Guard uniform. That’s a long time. You don’t look that old. (Applause.) Really. (Laughs.) Forty-five years? Forty-five years? How good does he look? Forty-five years. Must be something awfully good happening in the Coast Guard. (Laughter.)

In that time, he has led every kind of mission, and he has never backed down ever, ever, ever. He’s never lost a challenge. For the past four years, Admiral Zukunft has led his brand and this brand of the United States Armed Forces as Commandant, and he has led with extraordinary skill, and devotion, and pride.

Today we also thank Paul’s wife, Fran, for her own service over the years, including as a devoted mentor and representative for military families. Fran, please stand up. Thank you, Fran. (Applause.) I hate to tell you this, Paul, but she got a bigger hand than all of us, including me. (Laughter.) I don’t know if I’m happy about this, Paul. (Laughter.) Thank you, Fran. And, Fran, we’re grateful for everything you’ve done to advance the Coast Guard mission. It’s been a lot.

We’re also joined by the Admiral’s mother, Marge; his brother, Eric; sister, Karen; son, Brett; daughter, Heidi; and granddaughters, Stella and Adelynn. That’s — stand up, family. Come on. (Applause.) Paul is very proud of you. Thank you for supporting him in his mission, and bringing so much joy into his life.

Throughout the Admiral’s tenure, he poured his heart and soul into the service of our nation. And he brought remarkable vision to the task of ensuring the Coast Guard’s rightful place at the forefront of American security and prosperity.

Everyone here today understands a crucial fact: America is safe because our Coast Guard is strong. (Applause.) And last season, during the hurricanes, I was in Texas; I was in Florida; I was in Puerto Rico. I saw the work that you did under the most adverse conditions. And I’ve said this to a lot of people, I don’t think any brand has gained more momentum or has gained more of anything than the brand of the United States Coast Guard. People have tremendous respect for the United States Coast Guard. (Applause.) It’s true. Right? I’ve told you that before.

You are the elite force that defends our borders, patrols our waters, protects our cities, and keeps our enemies at bay. Paul sharpened the Coast Guard’s focus on the Western Hemisphere, a crucial legacy that will long outlive Paul’s tenure. This includes greater emphasis on drug interdiction, and the formation of historic partnerships to stop this deadly poison — and that’s what it is, it’s poison — from reaching our shores and destroying our youth and others.

Paul also worked tirelessly to protect America’s interests in the Arctic. His leadership helped launch the Arctic Coast Guard Forum, and he made a top priority to ensure that the United States military can project American might all the way to the poles.

One of the first times I met the Admiral last year, I asked him, “What do you need?” He replied, “Sir, we need icebreakers and we need them badly.” Well, now you’re getting them. (Applause.) And to be specific, I’m pleased to report that the Coast Guard is now on course to receive its first new heavy icebreaker in more than forty years, and plenty other ships, and boats, and equipment, and everything you need.

Our new budget — 700 — just passed — $700 billion this year; $716 billion next year. You’re going to be very well taken care of. You’re going to have to split that with a few others, but that’s okay. (Applause.) I’m splitting up a little bit, but that’s a lot. Never been anything like it. Going to have the greatest equipment in the world, and we make the greatest equipment in the world right here in the United States.

We’re committed to a military and security budget that funds and recognizes the Coast Guard’s vital role. There is no better investment than giving you the tools you need to keep drugs, criminals, and terrorists out of our country. (Applause.)

Commandant Admiral Zukunft also spearheaded a new Coast Guard Cyber Strategy. So important. And he was at the forefront. He recognizes that we must harden our industry, ports, and waterways against cyber intrusion.

Paul’s stellar record of achievement is a testament to his talent and to his leadership. But it’s also a testament to the amazing talent of our Coast Guard men and women, who carry out their missions with excellence every single day.

You chase down our enemies, track down our adversaries, and face down our greatest threats. Nobody like you. You secure our borders against traffickers, smugglers, criminals — some of the worst people anywhere on Earth — and we feel secure. And through driving winds, and pounding rain, and thundering seas, the Coast Guard is always there, doing what it does best: saving lives.

In last year’s historic hurricane season, our Coast Guard — heroes they are — saved almost 12,000 American lives in that short period. It’s an unbelievable number when you think of it. It’s an unbelievable number. (Applause.) Twelve thousand.

And I got a little education. I asked the Admiral, “When that big monster is coming in” — in this case, to Texas. And it was coming in. They’ve never seen a water dump like that, I think, in history, in terms of water coming down. And it would come in, go out. Come in, go out. Three times, four times. There’s never been anything like it. And his guys and gals, they just followed that thing back and forth. And you were all over it.

I said, “How dangerous is it?” He said, “Sir, you don’t want to know.” (Laughter.) I said, “Can the boats ever go down?” You know, we have great equipment. “Can the boats ever go down?” And he said, “Yes, sir.” And that was when I decided I won’t be joining the Coast Guard. (Laughter.) But he said, “They go down.” No matter how good you build them, they can go down with those big, powerful waves. Can’t they? So, great job. That was an incredible job you did. Thank you. (Applause.)

Many servicemembers left their own homes and families to plunge out of helicopters, wade through perilous waters, care for the wounded, and rescue the stranded — of which there were many. Your selfless courage has earned the gratitude of our nation.

With this ceremony, we proudly pass the helm of the United States Coast Guard to the man who oversaw those emergency operations, Admiral Karl Schultz. (Applause.) Admiral. Stand up, Admiral. Stand up.

As Commander of the Coast Guard Atlantic Area, Admiral Schultz took responsibility for the Coast Guard response across the Gulf Coast, the Atlantic, and the Caribbean.

I have complete confidence that Karl will carry out his new mission with the same talent, strength, and devotion that have characterized his entire career. He has had an incredible — and very brave — but an incredible career. Karl, we congratulate you and we thank you for answering this call to service. (Applause.)

We also thank your entire family for undertaking this journey with you. We are glad to be joined today by the Admiral’s wife, Dawn; his mother, Elisabeth; daughters, Kelsey, Linsey, and Analeise; and sons, Eric and Zachary. Thank you very much. (Applause.) Stand up. Stand up.

As we observe this change in command, it is a great moment not just for the Coast Guard, but for our entire nation. The Coast Guard record is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. From the courage of your heroes who manned the landing craft in the South Pacific, to the legendary prowess of your pilots, to the astonishing feats of your rescue swimmers, your service makes all of America proud. We are very proud of the Coast Guard. More so today — I will tell you — more so today than ever before. (Applause.)

And for that reason, America knows that we can always count on the Coast Guard because the Coast Guard is always ready. (Applause).

Now, Admiral Zukunft, would you please step forward so we can formally recognize your accomplishments.


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57 Responses to President Trump Participates in U.S. Coast Guard Change of Command…

  1. FL_GUY says:

    President Trump is the first President in a long, long time to take his role as Commander in Chief seriously. Every day, he shows the personnel of our military the respect and dignity they deserve. President Trump is a true leader and an incredible role model.

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    • sansa2016 says:

      The energy of this wonderful man seems to be limitless!

      How does he do it?

      (Perhaps because he was called by God to do all this?)

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      • Hun Driver Widow says:

        President Trump was, indeed, sent to us by God to save this nation! Let’s all pray for him and his family 24/7. Let’s get out the vote in November to give this great American patriot a Congress that President Trump needs to get his agenda done!! Let’s Roll.

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      • Newt Love says:

        > “The energy of this wonderful man seems to be limitless!
        > How does he do it?
        > (Perhaps because he was called by God to do all this?)

        In olden days, the Jews had Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.

        Nowadays, we have Donald J Trump.

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        • Newt Love says:

          An Old Testament Prophet was more than a spiritual leader. They were JUDGES, convicting the sins of their national leaders.

          I believe that PDJT is a modern day Prophet / Judge of God. It’s not about the man in the role. (Ask Jonah!) It’s about how well the person in the role does not impede G-d shining and working through them. (We are all imperfect vessels.)

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    • Teagan says:

      FL GUY…I found myself nodding in agreement when I read your first sentence. One of the things I most admire about POTUS is his involvement in so many aspects of American lives and the very fabric that makes our nation truly exceptional. He brings into the zonal office so many from all walks of life…teachers, disability patients, CEOs, firemen, religious leaders, etc. And, then he goes out to participate in ceremonies like this one. He’s connecting with what makes America great…the ordinary people. And…he still spends countless hours managing current and planning for long-term issues. We are incredibly blessed to have Trump as our leader… no matter what the unhinged never-Trumpers rant about.

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      • Grandma Covfefe says:

        I credit President Trump’s positive attitude to the Christian church he attended with his parents as a young boy. The church? It is Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s church, the minister who wrote the book, “The Power of Positive Thinking”….the same book I read as a youngster and try to pattern my life after, too.

        Praise God! Thank You, Lord, for preparing President Trump for this job with a great and Godly foundation. Praise God.

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    • Pam says:

      Absolutely. You can definitely tell that they respect him because he cares about them.

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  2. calbear84 says:

    The only question remaining: should President Trump’s likeness be carved into Mt. Rushmore, or should he have his own mountain?

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  3. ristvan says:

    Hit it out of the park. Again.

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  4. BooKemDannO says:

    Proud Coastie dad here. Semper Paratus!

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    • Coldeadhands says:

      And the Coast Guard is getting much deserved recognition under this President. When was the last time this level of acknowledgement occurred?

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  5. Pat Frederick says:

    gosh you can feel the admiration he has for the military come through his speeches…truly a leader!

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  6. Lopeover says:

    I watched this ceremony, live streamed from the White House twitter feed. It was really wonderful to see the Coast Guard change in Command and have them acknowledged for the great service they provide! I was glad that they received the funding to get new ships and equipment that they need. Many of their ships are 70 years old. Also to learn a little about their history.

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  7. sobriquet4u says:

    This is why our military loves President Trump. Coming from a large military family this makes me so proud after watching 8 years of the Kenyan destroy our great military.

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    • calbear84 says:

      President “No Scandal” was the worst commander in chief imaginable. Thank god he’s gone. Now our brave warriors can get the job done with the best leader they could want!

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      • Teagan says:

        Ed Klein (whom I take with a grain of salt) writes that his sources say Obama is very depressed, stays home and plays video games, is far behind on the memoirs he’s supposedly writing, etc.
        I guess having your so-called ‘legacy “ completely erased and his duplicitous deeds unmasked (not to mention the possibility of indictment) are sinking in.
        Reminds me of my old pageant days several years ago and the young black contestant (interestingly from Chicago) who was dumb as a rock, but came every day dressed like a queen. She was totally shocked when she did not win any preliminary rounds, not to mention the Crown. I’ll never forget her honest bewilderment…”But, they told me I was going to win…they told me I was the best.”
        I think Obama had the same handlers as this young woman who fed him lies he honestly believed about how great he was.

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        • Hoosier says:

          I think Barry has seen PDJT’s magic wand he was making fun at. Not an euphemism. The man can literally turn crap into gold by just pointing at it. A modern day Midas. PDJT will go down in history majestically.


      • Newt Love says:

        > “… Now our brave warriors can get the job done with the best leader they could want!”

        Now our Brave Warriors have their first pay raise in over 8 years! (And new equipment, too!)

        Thank you, PDJT!

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    • Janie M. says:

      sobriquet4u, and President Trump acknowledges the families of both of the Admirals’ families. Their wives are an integral component, they keep the home fires burning, which is true of our Armed Forces in general.

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  8. tgmccoy says:

    Coast Guard song;

    worked for a retired Coastie CPO. Loved every minute of it…
    Hair raising sea stories too..

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  9. navysquid says:

    Bravo Zulu, Coasties!

    I also want to thank Sundance and all the others posters on here who load clips that otherwise may not be viewed by we the general public as the MSM does its best to NOT cover Pres Trump at his best…which is daily, actually. I’ve never seen a President who is SO BUSY every single day. Even past presidents I liked and admired they did not seem to be so active every single day. Amazing.

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    • I agree with you whole heartedly, navy. What was it said in National Treasure? “A full measure of devotion”, that is what I think of when Pres Trump interacts with our military and law enforcement officers. Our President LOVES our country and us.

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  10. Alleycats says:

    My sons and nephews tell me morale among the military men and women is higher under CINC President Trump than it has been in years. They love him.
    My youngest son has been in for 14 yrs and this is the first administration he believes truly supports their mission, heck, their very existence! They deeply appreciate that he keeps his promises to them.

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  11. emet says:

    40 years since the last icebreaker. Well, that’s an improvement. When the cutter 3rd class Hartley (commissioned 1875) got to be about 40, they repaired its cracked boiler by pouring concrete around it. Sat pretty low after that, and could only make 7 knots. The local paper called it a hazard to navigation.

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “40 years since the last icebreaker.
      > Well, that’s an improvement.
      > When the cutter 3rd class Hartley
      > (commissioned 1875) got to be about 40,
      > they repaired its cracked boiler
      > by pouring concrete around it. …”

      Old time military and Coastie saying:
      We have
      + done so much
      + with so little
      + for so long,
      that we are now qualified to
      + do anything
      + with nothing
      + for forever.

      Just hink what they can do with new equipment / vessels
      (and a raise in pay) ! ! ! !

      G0d bless our hard working service members!


  12. Pam says:

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  13. Critical Mass says:

    President Trump – an icebreaker for all time.

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  14. fractionalexponent says:

    USCG CWO4 (ret) 1995. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. 3 ships. 8 1/2 years sea duty. Ships bring out the best in people. Now we have Trump in command. Woohoo…! Make preparations for getting underway…all ahead full…standby to ram…prepare to board… 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

    • Newt Love says:

      > “USCG CWO4 (ret) 1995 …”

      I salute you, fractionalexponent !

      My dad was a “storied” WWII Marine, retired at the rank of Major, but he was most proud of his last active duty rank of CW04 USMC. I have his CW04 Marine Challenge Coin.
      I’m also a former Marine, but nothing like my old man was.
      God rest his soul.

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    • Robert Van Brunt says:

      USCG CPO(ret) 1997 4 ships 11years sea duty POUS Trump says more about the Coast Guard than any President ever has

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  15. fractionalexponent says:

    Thankyou Chief Brunt. Chiefs, the backbone of the Coast Guard!

    Thankyou Newt and your dad, Marines!

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  16. Texian says:

    Don’t underestimate the Coast Guard. I knew of one Guardsman who could outfit a whole platoon.. just in case.. quite impressive, and of course was a disciplined All American gentleman too.

    I had watched the Coast Guard as they rescued a badly hurt rigger during a hurricane.. Their presence was a relief, albeit briefly.. It sure was nice to see that Coast Guard chopper when you’re in the shit, let me tell ya.. At least we knew they knew we were out there riding it out. The chopper pilot was doing all he could and after a few trys said it was just to risky. The barge superintendent insisted – the guy was going to die. The pilot tried again, he tried to time his movements with the waves.. it was hairy.. the guy in the basket had one hell of a ride (probably broke something else on the way up – yanked off the deck like a yo-yo – like I said, it was hairy.. an unpredictable rapidly increasing hurricane. They radioed afterward that it was too rough to take anybody else and bid us luck as they peeled off into the dark stormy malestrom.. and then they were gone.. damn.. on our own.. I had my own survival plan and was quite confident about it – wet suit, dive harness, jar of peanut butter, jar of water, jump in the ocean, ride it out till morning then try and board an oil platform. (One of the other divers on our team had treaded water for about seven hours until he was rescued during a Bay of Campeche incident).

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  17. So, are taxpayers still footing the bill for transitioning members?


  18. fractionalexponent says:

    Texian, thankyou for your bravery, and yes, the Coast Guard airdales are the bravest, day in, day out.

    I grew up in south Texas in the 1940’s, 50’s. My dad built boats. He was a WWII Army Air Corp machine gunner. Been on some insane fishing trips with him. Hope he’s resting in peace. He had some demons while he was alive.

    There’s a seaman’s hymn, “Eternal Father, strong to save…O hear us when we cry to Thee, for those in peril on the sea.”

    1976 I was on CG Ice Breaker Burton Island when we broke ice at Prudhoe Bay for 13 barges of equipment that came up from Seattle for the Alaska Pipeline project. One of the barges had a ten story building on it. It headed south at about a mile an hour. Next day, 24 hours later, it was still on the horizon.

    Another trip we took a couple Navy Seals up into the Bering to repair sub detector cables. Two First Class Petty Officers getting paid about $600/mo plus dive pay to dive to the bottom of the icy Bering Sea in their black wet suits, tanks and goggles, and reconnect some cable. Brave guys just doing their job.

    God bless you all, especially Trump. What a job he’s doing…


  19. Air Crew says:

    Bravo Zulu, President Trump!


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