James Clapper on SpyGate: “Tactical Judgement”

Margaret Brennan starts off the interview asking former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper why presidential candidate Donald Trump would not have been informed of any potential issue if the intelligence community was truly concerned about Russia interfering in the election.

Watch his response; and more specifically listen to the language.  “Tactical judgement”?  Even the words he uses to explain the non-action involves admission of an operation:


Note how Clapper states he is unaware of the “predicate” for the FBI origination of the Spygate operation. Also note the proactive briefing mentioned for both campaigns was specifically framed around “cyber-intrusion”.

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315 Responses to James Clapper on SpyGate: “Tactical Judgement”

  1. jus wundrin says:

    So when will the far left ministry of propaganda, MSM, jump out of the stagnating sewer of excuses that these people espouse, and take a real hard look at these agents of treason?

    Im guessing never. Protect the banana republik at all costs.

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    • Too Real says:

      Graham said that his tour is for Jesus and for supporting candidates that advance the social conservative causes — such as opposition to abortion and gay marriage — many evangelicals want.
      “Progressive? That’s just another word for godless,” Graham told a group of supporters, according to the Times.
      He added that it was time for churches to “suck it up” and vote, according to the Times.
      Graham sees an opportunity to bring out the evangelical vote in California. The nation’s largest state has more megachurches than any other state and one in five of its residents are evangelical Christians, the Times noted. But in 2016, only 13 percent of California voters were white born-again Christians, compared to 26 percent nationwide.
      Graham said that “all of California is like a university town now” but noted that there are enclaves in the state that signal change could be coming.
      “But you are beginning to see a groundswell of revolt out here. Orange County, San Diego County, are beginning to take on Governor Brown. It’s good for Christians to capitalize on that. So yeah, we could help turn the tide,” he told the Times, referring to counties challenging the governor’s “sanctuary state” policies opposing immigration restrictions.

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    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      Felony convictions are hard facts to cover up.


  2. Both Clapper, and Brennan, are cold blooded liars!

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  3. TexasDude says:

    He is such a lier.

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  4. Curry Worsham says:

    The physical manifestation of becoming evil.

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  5. Dutchman says:

    In the end, only one defence, in court, AND in the court of public opinion; REASONABLE DOUBT.
    So, its Politics; i.e. this is a POLITICAL prosecution.
    And, seperate trials, and each defendant blames thos below him/her, above him/ her, and/or beside.
    See Comey: he had NO idea what McCabe was doing, and besides, it was Lynch puttung political pressure on him and others to whitewash Clinton email investigation.
    In court, and in court of public opinion, this strategy to invoke reasonable doubt, has more than a fair chance of success. Given all those with terminal TDS, the concern over liberal judges, and juries.
    Hence, any prosecutions have to be guilty pleas, with such overwhelming evidence defendants have no hope of getting of on ‘reasonable doubt’.
    Im pinning my hopes on; they thought she would win, and so didnt cover their tracks very well. i.e. hoping lovers weren’t the only ones to leave incriminating texts. Second, the beurocracy LOVES paperwork. Cant go to bathroom, without 6forms, in triplicate. And only third, that low downs won’t take fall, and will roll over.
    As the IG has all the access to all the ‘paperwork’, including electronic, the next report should be enlightening.
    For instance, when exactly WAS the ‘oh, sh*t’ moment, when they realised she might NOT win? Can anyone remember what you wrote, in an email or text, a year ago?
    Im HOPING many/most will be convicted by their own words, or those of their compatriots.
    By the way, some have asked how big is Hubers staff; the IG has 4-500, so how many does Huber need? Anyway, they are trying to lay the predicate for reasonable doubt. We arent hearing from the other side, yet, what concrete, ADMISSABLE evidence their is, against THEM. And, most importantly, NEITHER HAVE THEY! That is, no charges means no discovery. So, they are out there, putting forth a defence, trying to create reasonable doubt, not knowing what documents, conversations, or testimony the prosecution has.
    “I SEE, Mr. Claptrap, you had no personal knowledge. Admitting into evidence these texts, emails, memos and sworn testimony, (prosecutor has aid wheel in a friggin DOLLY, stacked 6’high) which all indicate clearly that you knew about, and personally directed the spying, (YOUR WORD, AT THE TIME!) on the Trump campaign.
    Point being, once there are charges, there is discovery. Let them tell lies.
    If the evidence is overwhelming, they arent just digging a hole, they are digging their own graves.

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    • Foxy says:

      I pray you are correct

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    • ladypenquin says:

      You’re right about public opinion, but when they get to court, going to be a different story. Little evidence will make it public before indictments and trials. They can spin all they want – when the cascade of indictments and Names are revealed – people will sit up and take notice. These creatures will also find out that silence would be better than running their claptraps.


  6. Here’s the question that nobody asks these scumbags: if it was so important for you to monitor the Trump Campaign to make sure that it wasn’t being infiltrated by “the Russians” then how come you didn’t do the same thing to Hillary Rotten’s organization?

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      Welllll ’cause hildabeest is super smart and the Russians would not dare try to infiltrate her campaign. She would spot them in a nano second…

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    • Dixie says:

      THAT is the most damning aspect of the excuses and more reason to believe they are lying.

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    • Exactly.

      “I broke into your house to protect it from burglars.”
      “Why just my house?”
      “You ask too many questions.”

      Much like the tango, collusion takes two. An additional similarity is that neither are crimes. Silly exactitudes, I digress…

      If I understand Clapper, an informant could have been sent in to monitor Russian influence without spying on the internal workings of the Trump campaign. That seems a mighty tricky parsing. Maybe the informant wears cotton wool in the ear pointed at campaign officials while cocking his good ear towards shady-looking Russians. But again, collusion requires two ears, one for each of the colluding parties. And collusion has been the mantra forever. Clapper keeps digging himself a bigger hole. At the worst moments, he helpfully reminds us that only Comey is privy to the details.

      It’s good to see Clapper following Comey’s pioneering lead on the Incriminating Book Tour front. Clapper has a further problem in that he must rap with Tapper regularly in his paid (off) gig as CNN expert. I note also he’s a hail-Fellow-well-bought with The Center for a New American Security, the PNAC follow-on tasked with evolving Fives Eyes into a seamless Orwellian global prison.

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      • Full- great post. Also, if Clap-trap still has his security clearance, can anyone tell me why?

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        • ladypenquin says:

          Do we know for sure that he still has his clearance? Once someone is out of government service these go away. They’re granted on a need to know basis, which he no longer has.

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          • Lady P- the reason I bring up the security clearances is because there have been some reports online that Clapper, Comey, Brennan and some of the others still have them. That’s why I am asking the question. Any links with answers from anyone reliable would be appreciated. Meanwhile I will keep on looking.

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            • Blue bongo says:

              Technically their clearance level stays in JPAS for up to two years, subject to any negative dispositions. However, to have an active clearance with access to information systems one must have: a current clearance, a position requiring access, and a need to know. So even if his clearance is still in JPAS he would not meet the other requirements, and also he is not able to access any intelligence systems without a position. Don’t let the trolls sway you. He’s been cut off from access. That doesn’t prevent him from being passed classified information however, which would be illegal.

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            • ladypenquin says:

              I don’t know the answer either. I’ve seen the same comments you have. I was just giving some information based on family members’ personal experiences. Maybe high ups keep clearances, but they shouldn’t be able to access information – especially when the opposing political party is in power.


    • Here’s the question I want to ask all of them…

      “Why do come out in public and spread such bullsh!t expecting anyone to believe you, and are you really working toward a favorable outcome in covering up the crimes that each and everyone one of you lying scumbags committed?”

      Seriously though, I couldn’t watch his crap talk very long. It’s so ludicrous and I am not one of the “lower 95”.

      Can’t wait to hear that Zippo flicked and see the flames of Justice.

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    • CollusionMyth says:

      If the spying started before Trump got the nomination then what other R candidates did Clapper “help”. Same question on the D side, did you spy on Sanders an admitted socialist who honeymooned in Moscow? (amd might have been recruited by Russia at that time).

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  7. bpk1300 says:

    why would anyone, in the Trump administration, wish to know Clapper’s take on how to deal with North Korea!!! He had his chance, and instead, he sat back, did what his puppet masters told him to do and collected money. Such evil, such appalling evil

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      It’s because the guy is just a fountain of wisdom: “I feel strongly that we should have a channel for communicating.” That’s deep, man. The segment started with M. Brennan stating that the Trump administration is on the scene communicating with the North Koreans; that’s sort of like a “channel” huh? Next, “a US permanent interest section will make the Norks feel more secure.” Cause nothing makes you feel better than having some CIA spies to hold hostage — just ask the Iranians.

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  8. Amy2 says:

    I have a bad feeling that Christopher Wray is already writing exoneration memos.

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  9. Rex70 says:

    What a load. They sure have this “clueless” yet chatty Deep Stater out there quite a lot now. Contrary to whatever stategy the seditious former regime is employing, he is doing nothing more that dig a deeper less forgiving hole for them all to be buried in. Even the lib interviewers are asking the correct questions; their guilt is blatant. But keep talking, you lying Knucklehead,

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Cuz he looks soft. Brennan looks easy. Clapper looks like a pharmacist. Approachable. Friendly. Makes sure he asks you how the family is.

      Unfortunately for him, he is terrible at what he is trying to pull off. Just so awkward and uneasy. Kinda mumbling, and not direct. Did he pull the short straw? Thinking he did.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        That was: “Brennan looks evil.”

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      • ladypenquin says:

        Makes it all the more egregious that these were the kind of people in charge of our highest levels of intelligence and security. No wonder 9/11 happened.

        Lefties appear to have a fatal flaw…when they’re not being outright fascists, like Gruber and the ACA propaganda program. They literally count on the ignorance/naivete of people to desensitize them – it’s why so many from their side are unreachable – they believe the lies because the foundation for truth, morality, right and wrong had never been formed in their upbringing.

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    • Well, talking points have to get to the trolls somehow… 😀

      It’s the latest book tour de jour. Damage control. lmao

      To think, I know and even actually like some people that literally listen to this kind of garbage every day as if it’s “the news”. One of them is one of the best people I’ve ever known, kind and generous, even pretty smart. But his mind is filled with garbage that takes “an Act of CONgress” to remove. Or a couple of weeks of repeating the same truths that cannot be denied. lol

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  10. So Clapper expects us to believe that an investigation was opened on a US presidential campaign with a spy imbedded – and he had no idea? Like this sort of thing happens all the time?

    Just from that alone you know he’s lying – and the reporter is comatose.

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  11. Jon Schuck says:

    Is the Clap really stupid, really smug, or just what? He is insufferable

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    • neal s says:

      Doesn’t have to be an either/or type of thing. Could be both.

      He seems willfully ignorant of how widespread the vote rigging for the hildebeast was. Even if the russkies had a measurable effect, I would say it pales in comparison to the demonrat voting misdeeds.

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  12. Ospreyzone says:

    Joseph Goebbels once said that a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth. It was an empirical observation. Clapper, Brennan, Comey, et.al., are being given the necessary time to spin and weave a version of events that, if not fully believed, will be enough to blur the lines, ..muddy the waters so to speak, in the minds of the masses. In this way, the final chapter of this hot mess, when presented by the authors, will be broadly accepted by the public.

    What’s in the final chapter, you might ask? Why it’s being drafted right now in Congress, with Trey Gowdy demanding that Strzok and Page testify in front of Congress concurrent with lil’ old Lindsay Graham calling on Comey, McCabe, Lynch, and Ohr to do the same. It’s lovely theater, really. These bad actors will be “harshly grilled” by GOP members while the Dims will feed them the straight lines. The public will see that they’re being soundly rebuked and after promising they never meant to cause harm and only had the country’s best interest in mind, all will be forgiven.
    And as an aside, people under Grand Jury subpoena would never testify in front of Congress. So, if they show up at all, it should tell you what you need to know about progress on that front.

    By the way – I trust only PDJT. But if indictments aren’t wielded promptly to put these scumbags on their heels, Mueller’s plan to damage this president will eventually find traction. As Mike Tyson so aptly said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

      One of my favorite quotes evah.


    • I read a thread of comments somewhere today, one of the phake “conservative” strangleholds, maybe newsmax as a buddy of mine posts there & I’m still “workin’ on him”…

      Nearly everyone there was calling for howdy doody gowdy to replace sessions. After all the kabuki theater, “they want trey”.

      “A nation that expects to remain ignorant and free, in a civilized state, expects what never was and never will be.” Jefferson!

      Where I veer off with your comment is that I am trusting Trump to do the punching. At this point I am sure of it… 😉

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    • Osprey-sad but true.


    • Mark Mears says:

      Your post is what I fear and am afraid will happen. Basically swept under the rug. Someone please someone, make a baseline for JUSTICE that the crime of a sailor taking a picture of his work station on a submarine spent a year in jail. Now what did you do Mr. Clapper, Comey, Lynch ect. and especially you Mrs Clinton? Let’s compare your crime to the sailor and his picture and his punishment and apply military justice.


  13. CNN_sucks says:

    Globalists wanted Hillary to win because she is predictable. In other words, easily corruptible and can be bribed.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Plus it was HER turn.


      • 1stgoblyn says:

        She and Soetoro had an agreement. If she drops out of the race so he can be the nominee in 2008, he will win and then he will make her SOS. After his two terms she will win. It was all planned. They have the fraud down pat so it was a sure thing. She was supposed to win. Yes, it was her turn.

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        • Nah. That kind of chicanery isn’t up to the globalist puppets. They were told that’s how it would go, and long before it all happened.

          I reckon Trump knows how not to let the cat out of the bag, unlike clapper.

          They sure did set up that splitter strategy quickly. Maybe they should have worked a little harder this time… 😀

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  14. Guffman says:

    This interview was unbelievable… Clapper says that professionally, the IC had nothing on Trump (after a year+ of spying on him and the campaign), but personally, it `stretched credulity` that he wasn’t guilty of *something*.

    And Maggy Brennan didn’t know what to do… she pitched the scripted questions, but Crappers answers were so lame, she didn’t know what to come back with.

    This is one of the worst and most damning interviews I’ve seen yet for the anti-Trump IC and complicit media.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “personally, it `stretched credulity` that he wasn’t guilty of *something*”

      That’s the Left in a nutshell. That’s how you end up with Political adversaries being surveilled by the state intelligence apparatus. Predictable, really.

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      • They all want to be laventiy beria. Especially mueller, he really wants to go down in history as the man that took down VSG PDJT.

        But he will go down in history as something far, far worse than he ever imagined imo.

        His reign of political terror is nearing a swift and painful end.

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  15. David Vicknair says:

    In my view, Brennan is the more dangerous of the two. As a thought experiment, Stand Both men against a wall before a firing squad, blindfold them, allow each a last cigarette (we are civilized after all) and ask each in turn if he has any last words. Clapper would invariably tell two lies, a lie and a lie about the lie, but Brennan would lie and then arrogantly threaten both the firing squad and Trump.

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  16. mr.piddles says:

    I hate James Clapper.

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    • G. Combs says:

      Join the crowd. Although it is tough to pick out which of the herd is the worst.

      I think David Rockefeller and Ted Kennedy followed by Clinton and Soros.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        Right now I hate James Clapper the most. Cuz his stupid bald head is constantly on the T.V. now providing ridiculous anti-excuses for what happened. Next week, maybe it’ll be somebody else. Hopefully Susan Rice makes an appearance soon and often so I can hate on her for a day or two.

        So many options though, isn’t there? ‘Member James Comey, and those stupid sensitive weepy eyes all over the T.V.? Seems like years ago… every week, a new one to hate more than the last.

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  17. Glen2 says:

    I love how carefully he is maneuvering to protect his own butt. It was all on the FBI, I wouldn’t know what they did or why they did it. It’s all on them 🙂
    They must all be squirming and trying to distance themselves from the growing scandal!

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  18. jeans2nd says:

    Clapper keeps detailing the he, Clapper, as DNI, did not know all these things that were going on, unbeknownst to Clapper. Yet Clapper knows enough now to form the conclusion that, contrary to the ICA findings, Russia really did influence the 2016 election.

    That strains credulity. Clapper makes no sense.

    As DNI, every head of every Intelligence Agency reports to DNI, including CIA which was formally head of the Intel community, until the DNI was created in 2004. CIA is expressly mentioned as being required to report to DNI in the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 which created DNI.

    One might find solace that few people are actually listening to Clapper outside the DC beltway. Perhaps Clapper might find solace in Russia, where Russia could teach Clapper how to influence people and change election results./s
    Take Brennan along for company.

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  19. kayray444 says:

    Well, at least these deep state goons are admitting there WAS a spy in the Trump campaign. A month ago they were lying about that too.

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  20. honestyoz says:

    Thats a friendly journo questioning. He is going to be slaughtered in a witness box. He sounds and looks a man without joy, honesty or a future. Good. Do him slowly. His head on a stick is a just punishment and a warning to those Swamp scum still there.

    Release the Kraken!

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  21. Donna in Oregon says:

    It’s almost like watching Senior abuse when CNN interviews this senile old fart….he can’t remember last week, much less what he and his pals did to President Trump.

    Back to the Ringleader. Mueller. Is this true? I read it and I though, naw….he wouldn’t be that stupid. Then I watch James Clapper and reconsider. This is a right-wing site, so read with caution. But….there may be an element of truth in stuff.


    One can hardly imagine a more biased individual to run the Russia investigation. In addition, Mueller has two financial holdings of specialized hedge funds (Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fd LLC and Defenders Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund LLC where they manage $106.2 billion with secretive reporting rules) with 36% headquartered in the Cayman Islands where HSBC, whose directors included former FBI Director Comey, managed money laundering operations. Mueller’s Harvard political economy professor Benjamin M. Friedman was a director in the dubious Mellon fund.

    For a full analysis of Mueller’s financial relationships, see our previous post: Betrayal: Former FBI director [Robert S. Mueller] colluded with Cartel offshore money laundering havens (AFI, Mar. 25, 2016).

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  22. Critical Mass says:

    Clapper says he has an aversion to the word “spy”. Does this really mean he has his own version of the word “spy”?

    Besides, who the heck cares about his aversions? It seems he has an aversion to a lot of things, including straight answers and the truth.

    Clapper, Comey, Brennan, and other partners in Spygate Inc. have revealed themselves to be paper tigers – threatening and influential while protected by their corrupt cronies, but tawdry, bungling and weaselly when no longer propped up by the trappings of power.

    It’s great to see them crumble. Brennan next.

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  23. farrier105 says:

    The FBI warned McCain in 2008 about hiring Manafort and Gates for his campaign. This was after they knew all the things they did about the old 2006 case Mueller used to indict Manafort. For some reason, there was no attempt to warn Trump about Manafort.

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  24. Nunya Bidness says:

    The problem for KKKlapper is that he keeps talking. This exactly what guilty criminals do when cornered in an interrogation. They eventually trip themselves with their shifting stories.

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  25. Greg says:

    Here another one;
    If it was so important to spy on Trumps campaign to protect the nation against foreign interference intrusion, why oh why was no attempt made to secure and forensically investigate the DNC server that was hacked by, in the states own admission, Russians?

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    • Greg- thanks for your post. The answer to your question is simple: everyone knew from the get go that it was NEVER the Russians who hacked their computers. It was in fact an INSIDE JOB. This story has been written about in many articles, including the one below, which links to the original article in that conservative right wing publication (snark) The Nation..

      I urge my fellow Treepers to read these articles if you haven’t already as the DNC computer hack is one of the key pieces to the puzzle of how Muh Russia Spygate began: with another Dirty Dems Big Lie.



    • Greg: here’s a quote from the original article in The Nation:

      “This journalistic mission led The Nation to be troubled by the paucity of serious public scrutiny of the January 2017 intelligence-community assessment (ICA) on purported Russian interference in our 2016 presidential election, which reflects the judgment of the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA.

      That report concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered the hacking of the DNC and the dissemination of e-mails from key staffers via WikiLeaks, in order to damage Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. This official intelligence assessment has since led to what some call “Russiagate,” with charges and investigations of alleged collusion with the Kremlin, and, in turn, to what is now a major American domestic political crisis and an increasingly perilous state of US-Russia relations.

      To this day, however, the intelligence agencies that released this assessment have failed to provide the American people with any actual evidence substantiating their claims about how the DNC material was obtained or by whom. Astonishingly and often overlooked, the authors of the declassified ICA themselves admit that their “judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact.”


  26. Linus in W.PA. says:

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t stand watching Egghead Crapper spew his lies….


  27. CollusionMyth says:

    If the spying started before Trump got the nomination then what other R candidates did Clapper “help”. Same question on the D side, did you spy on Sanders an admitted socialist who honeymooned in Moscow? (amd might have been recruited by Russia at that time).


  28. 6x47 says:

    James Clapper isn’t even clever enough to recognize how bad his lies are, or that in telling them he clearly outlines what he is attempting to conceal.

    All the while delighting in how smart he is to so easily fool the stupid rubes.

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  29. Sugarhillhardrock says:

    We here all want the report, trials, truth, convictions, and sentencing, but I have to admit, the slow unfolding of the tale and the conspirators attempted evasions are most entertaining to behold.

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    • jello333 says:

      And by the time it’s all over with, I think we’ll look back on it and be GLAD it unfolded the way it did.

      A weak analogy, but I think of Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. As a Cards fan, it was one incredible roller-coaster ride, from the highest highs to the lowest lows, sometimes mere minutes apart. There were times I was literally saying to my wife, “Okay, this is disgusting. There’s no chance, so just hurry up and get this over with.” The stress was incredible. But once we won, I was SO happy it had happened the way it happened. I mean we could have won in an easy rout, and nothing would have changed… “a win’s a win”. But instead we did it in what many consider the greatest WS game ever. So the satisfaction in the WAY it happened is something that’ll stick with me forever.

      I like to think that after this is all over with, and all the conspirators are finally brought to justice and we’re safe, that we’ll all look back on it and say… that was FUN, wouldn’t have had it any other way! 😉


  30. Funny how big tough spy master Clap Trap goes on a low end, gossip fest that is one step above Jerry Springer, yet is obviously too terrified to go on Sean Tucker, Levin or any of the other conservative talk show hosts that would rip him a new one within 2 minutes.


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