Remember the “Splitter Strategy”?…

If you don’t remember the CTH research (2013 through November 2015) eventually culminating with the 2016 “Splitter Strategy“; and if you don’t remember the “Tripwires” used to explain the processes and predictable consequences within the splitter strategy, then skip this discussion thread.


For readers who were around during that timeframe, do the recent discoveries about: •”Five-Eyes intelligence networks” conspiring with domestic political operatives;… •career Republican political party officials like Stefan Halper – with connections as Deep State CIA and FBI informants;… •campaign infiltration schemes run by weaponized DC UniParty intelligence officials;… and •”off-the-book” financing for FBI domestic political spy operations by billionaire Russian interests like Oleg Deripaska;…

Well, do these stunning new and factual revelations begin to answer the previous unanswerable questions behind the “why” in relationship to the Splitter plans?

There was a time, during that research, when the white-wine-spritzer triangle cucumber and mayonnaise sandwich crowd were calling us ‘conspiracy nuts‘.  Do the revelations in the past six to eight months now begin to provide, and fill-in, the missing context?

From CTH perspective, what we are seeing right now is the “why”?  We are seeing full sunlight on the scale and scope of what we knew was happening back in 2013 through 2016, but couldn’t explain about “who” the control agents were.

CTH knew the plan.  We knew in 2013, 2014, they were working diligently on a Hillary Clinton -vs- Jeb Bush outcome.  However, we were always downstream and dealing only from the perspective of consequence.  We spent over two years digging into the party players; their co-hort media codependents; their official schedules and unofficial meetings in Wyoming and Colorado.  We knew the trail, and from that trail we were able to set up all of those tripwires….. but we never knew the specifics of how all of those interests merged in the larger network of intertwined interests.

Now, we can see it.

That “Big Club”, referenced brilliantly by George Carlin, has been dragged into the sunlight by the one entity who genuinely presented an existential risk to the entire apparatus, Donald J Trump. FLASHBACK WATCH:


Now, consider the developments discovered over the past six months. We now know the FBI approached Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska to support part of the plan to eliminate the candidacy, and later presidency, of Donald Trump. We know billionaire Paul Singer was originally paying Glenn Simpson and Fusion-GPS to conduct opposition research against Donald Trump. We know billionaire Jeff Bezos has devoted the entire operational effort of the Washington Post to attack President-Elect and now President Trump. We know billionaire Carlos Slim was using the New York Times for the same.  Same goes for corporate-driven U.S. media writ large.

We know those billionaires who met at Sea Island Georgia in March 2016 were part of the apparatus to eliminate the threat that is Donald Trump. We know the entire apparatus of the ‘old guard’ republican party system was working toward the same goals. Now we know there were officials in Australia and the U.K. in government positions, actually conspiring with the U.S. intelligence apparatus to assist this Big Club goal.

We knew back in 2014 and 2015 an alignment of specific financial interests, including billionaires on Wall Street like Rupert Murdoch, were attempting to deliver the Hillary Clinton -vs- Jeb Bush presidential race in November 2016.

We could also see the billionaire financial fingerprints behind candidates that just didn’t make sense. Candidates like: George Pataki, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and John Kasich.

With revelations about how much the U.S. political apparatus was fully controlled by massive money interests (the billionaires and the multinationals); and now we overlay the previously hidden nexus of the intelligence apparatus of the Deep State – so much more of what was happening in 2015/2016 makes more sense.

There are some people mining through networks who are finding growing connections between Stefan Halper and Cambridge Analytica…. If they ever make that connection physically and financially solid, it is just another massive dose of sunlight.

Billionaire Robert Mercer funding Cambridge Analytica.  Stefan Halper and the CIA connected to exploitation of Cambridge Analytica.  The CA psychological targeting system was used on Breitbart media throughout 2014 and 2015 as part of the effort to finance and support Ted Cruz.  If the U.S. intelligence apparatus (CIA) is behind the Cambridge Analytica program use… well, you can see how this all falls into alignment.

It’s a big club.

They control it, and she was never supposed to lose.

Donald Trump knew it…


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205 Responses to Remember the “Splitter Strategy”?…

  1. Peter Rabbit says:

    For the Great Reveal to have lasting value, it must occur well before the Nov 2018 mid-terms. Let’s hope it does.

    Exciting time to be alive with all that POTUS is accomplishing. And with all that is being revealed about the Swamp. More stories in news on daily basis point to Zero and ValJar calling the shots on the great Intelligence crimes against Candidate, then Pres. elect, then President Trump.
    May God protect our Lion!!

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    • Backatyou says:

      Peter Rabbit+
      May God protect our Lion!!”

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      • Amy Lulu says:

        Amen! @Backatyou. May G-d Almighty Protect Our President and keep him strong+safe. Please keep our brave Americans safe who are still held hostage overseas- Don’t despair- have faith! 17 Americans freed since Our President took office- He will not abandon you! And G-d Bless CTH and the hard work @Sundance and Company do to keep the lights on for the American People.


    • Amy Lulu says:

      Amen v’ Amen v’ Amen!


  2. Ned Zeppelin II says:



  3. Not something I wanted to be thinking about with my morning coffee, but this does make perfect sense . . . and that’s just a little unnerving.

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  4. Bob Thoms says:

    The Trump Movement represents the unification of the Tea Party. The TP movement largely collapsed because it was a collection of small local and state grassroots groups. They were targeted for destruction by the GOP, Democrats, and other Club members. But we frustrated their plan to destroy the movement in the candidacy of Trump.

    Thank you Sundance for reminding us of our roots and how we the people prevailed. Much needs to be done, but we are winning!

    “Splinter strategy” and “tripwire”…two more words you wove into the lexicon of the Trump Movement!

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  5. Bob Thoms says:

    The Club fears the rise of MAGA populism.

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  6. snellvillebob says:

    Maybe the Germans were right in WWII when they called us Americans gangsters. I am not talking about the common people but rather the controlling interests. It is well known that Joseph Goebbels learned most of what he knew about propaganda from our Madison Avenue and much of the Nazi platform was formed by the writings of Leftist Americans (who considered themselves elite).


    • Bob Thoms says:

      Post war, America wanted to get on with their lives….grow a family, build a future for their kids. We went off the rails as a country when we let the explosion of the Federal Government happen !

      In my mind that occurred during in the years immediately after Eisenhower. Eisenhower warned us of the military industrial complex, and LIberalism ramped up government in the non-military sectors, Between the two, we let our government get out of control.

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      • cozette says:

        BTW Eisenhowers original speech warned of 3 dangerous groups that made up the complex. He left out the 3rd group when he gave to the public. Originally he warned us about the military-industrial-Congressional complex.

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        • Amy Lulu says:

          OMG, @cozette, YES I was watching CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp on youtube talking about exact THAT- and it is so true. And how when the CFR created CIA how wrapped up Wall Street was in th new extra-constitutsionlagency. He also had some interesting things to say about Schumer’s “6 ways from sunday” comment and how President Trump has the Shadow Govt and the Deep State terrified — he’s enough of an outsider and his fearlessness makes him immune to their weapon of inducing fear and anyway, here is the link to the speech and it fits so perfectly – so much synchronicity right now. By the way, he talked about the big boys who run congress including Lockheed Martin which apparently runs all our digital data through their systems for sureillance — Wasn’t Jim Comey their chief Counsel between DOJ and FBI? Convenient.

          I will email it to @Sundance in case he wants to post it.

          Ps- Dan Bongino gave CTH a shoutout on his most recent podcast was it 5/25? He apologized for using work without attributing CTH- he said CTH has great stuff and also said he felt terrible about not crediting. I hope everyone on the side of truth can unite and stay united bc this war needs all hands on deck! I know that Sundance never holds a grudge, but I know his devoted readers are very protective, and I admire that loyalty. The people getting their info– and particularly on this site, work so hard.


      • Lindenlee says:

        Kennedy signed the EO that allowed federal workers to unionize. Beginning of the end.


    • alms4more says:

      years ago when the american justice system had teeth they went after the mafia and other orginized crime. these people realized they could not win because the government was to powerful . So they bought the necessary politicians and became the government Make no mistake this has been in place a very long time..

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  7. D Rogers says:

    It is a great and truthful speech! How this man is outsmarting the entire establishment is mind boggling. It all starts with YOU all – keep it up! God bless you and this wonderful country!

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    • cozette says:

      I hope more “supporter” come to their senses and realize he truly brilliant President Trump is. Then realize he has access thru our IC to EVERYTHING anybody did, both past and present. Then realize he has a brilliant group of spooks and military and legal advisors in the world. So they can finally trust President and his team have always had a plan to win this war, a plan that is faaaaaaaar above their paygrade. Trust the leader. Trust his plan. Do YOUR job to help win. Let our leader do his. Positive energy is winning energy. Heal the Eeyores.

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  8. Bob Thoms says:

    Remember the media gaslighting us about the Trump rallies? They refused to acknowledge the energy behind the MAGA Movement. All the time Hillary rallies were covered, the media tried to deceive us on the groundswell support she had (in reality there was very little).

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    • gmein says:

      Bob Thoms, and as I was watching at the time, even though the Big Club had it’s players in place, ie: Jeb, Rubio, Kasic, Fiorina etal. The MSM really found their hook in DJT and were covering his pre primary rally’s and giving attention to the Deplorables. Little did they know of the groundswell they were creating and that they themselves, the MSM were going to be complicit in Hillary’s painful loss . At the time the MSM was covering Trump as an egotistical chauvinistic loudmouth and they were giving him plenty of rope to hang himself. This really backfired and it foisted him into the limelight, (the groundswell), even though they had their hidden dirt on him to come out when needed ie: Billy Bush tape, female philandering and even past snippits in which they could crucify him through the process. And all of the orchestrated leftist plants at his rally’s, punching old men in the face, the woman beat down in Jose, the woman hit with mustard and a hot dog in Fresno and the illegal immigrants at the San Diego rally. The MSM highlighted all of this well, they want admit it today and never will but it was the MSM that gave Trump his best exposure and all they wanted him for was to be an stumbling bumble head like Ernest P. Worrell (New Movie: EARNEST GOES TO THE WHITEHOUSE) to go against their cardboard cutout goddess Hillary Rodham. As it has been stated by somebody here at the Treehouse, the key turning point and where the BIg Club reared it’s ugly head is when Trump started spouting off about Lil Marco and LOW ENERGY JEB, The anointed one Jeb was speared through the heart and could never get traction because of the Donald and that reverberated through the Global Cabal and at that time the wheels of all of the groups and players came into play. And as was confirmed just recently about Halper being given a Government contract in Sept. 2015. Now the dates are moving backward to an earlier time (Spring 2015) which indicates that the Big Club was working feverishly with all of their tentacles to hobble Trump, to trip him by all means and by any means no matter how far he advanced. They worked continuously and recklessly and have done so up to even today (current time May 2018 where tails are tucked and heads are being ducked because now the light is shining on them. Gonna be interesting to see who the light shines on. When it reaches out to the UK, Australia and elsewhere you have to really wonder how this world works when it comes to influencing an election. It is amazing that all of these players, cabals, globalist and Big Clubs are just minions of the “Father of lies”, Satan himself. Our President DJTplayed them well and that is a hard pill to swaller, heh, heh, heh, heh Take a bow if you are on the side of TRUTH.

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  9. JAS says:

    Never forget the Lame Street Media! The compilation of reactions to our MAGA win below is sprinkled with calls to action, which in retrospect, is exactly what they are doing and have been doing since we elected POTUS.

    I queued it at 4:05 where it really shows but you’re welcome to watch the whole thing:

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  10. Patriot1783 says:

    Robert F Kennedy Jr claims not sure Sirhan Sirhan killed his father.

    🙄Good grief, have some respect for your father and mother rather than public concern for his killer.

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    • annieoakley says:

      This man is a spoiled brat and a creep. I can’t imagine why anyone should care for his opinion on anything.


    • huecowacko says:

      I’m more interested in the “Who killed Mary Jo Kopechne Conspiracy” than I am in the “Who killed the Kennedys Conspiracy.”


      • BackatYou says:

        huecowacko….. The cartel who came off the streets into our government….that’s who ‘not conspiracy’


  11. Backatyou says:

    ‘The government owns us’ (G. Carlin was right). They control our doctors; strong-arm our businesses; but the most devious was creating the teachers union and using our schools as a political playground… sadly the people you trust to teach your children….’most’ only care about their pensions. The government is very similar to organized crime…it’s mostly democrats but there are a few who end up getting drunk on greed and power and lose their integrity and become RINOS. That is why a third party was created. But that only worked against us by dividing us and making us even weaker. I’m glad President Trump was smart enough to see that. And the more the mainstream media attack him the more I trust him. I am sick sick sick of lying news; no wonder Hil-liary wants to take over Facebook and Obama wants to be a part of NetFlix because that is what ‘they’ do best…’lie lie lie’ .

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  12. LULU says:

    Sundance unraveled this story over weeks and months as it was happening. I am grateful to have been one of the fortunate ones who were around during that entire time. Not having to play catchup now as it was all carefully fitted together over the years described. Thank you, Sundance, and all who fed his fire. Good job!

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  13. As I am a fairly new reader of the CTH and the inestimable Sundance, I have been trying to read the older posts from the last few years to catch up. I have no words for the genius of Sundance in putting all this information together in a cohesive and easily understandable manner.

    It is because of our courageous President Donald J Trump and fearless bloggers like SD and a few others like him, that our Republic is still standing even while the battle is raging. God bless them all.

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    • LULU says:

      Seneca hits on something many don’t know. One can come to Treehouse now and read the backup, the previous posts that lead up to the present time. Frequently the pertinent pieces are referenced and linked at the end of current posts. It’s not a place for the lazy, the drivebys, who become faint at the sight of a lot of single-spaced prose. Those of us who read and digest and can see the important work going on here never complain.

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    • I am also a relatively new reader of CTH, having found this site early in the primaries. I have since come to rely on Sundance and the posters here to reveal the truth. Sundance does an excellent job disseminating valuable insight and backing it with facts. In this article he ties together the behind the scenes treachery of the billionaires with the administrative state. I think this partnership is what has always confused me about this whole scenario. Before CTH, I always viewed politics through the Dem/GOP lenses. I have discovered here that I was mistaken. They are all the same. It is about money and power only. I reflect on the Sessions endorsement of Trump; he emphasized the opportunity to take back our country from the oligarchs. I hope he meant it and that is really what we will see as this storm comes to a head. Thank you for this article, Sundance.

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  14. Jake says:

    Sundance, what is the next phase? We are in the Justice/Pain phase of MAGA but what’s next?? I’ve been thinking it’s the Deficit but maybe that’s too small even though the amount is large. Do you have any insight?

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  15. Bob Thoms says:

    I hate to admit it…………my generation – Boomers – destroyed this country. We can recover, but it will take some serious hard choices and heavy lifting.

    Steve Brill just wrote about this……………..”How Baby Boomers Broke America”


    • Larry Bucar says:

      Speak for yourself pal


    • quintrillion says:

      What broke the Boomers was Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll. The British stealth cultural Invasion of America coupled with the Viet Nam war hysteria, black power movement, radicals like SDS – another British import…rioting!


      • Lindenlee says:

        No, it was the affluence of our generation, and thinking that we had “enough” for us to escape the consequences of our actions. Affluence will do that.

        Think…. Could the generation of the roaring ’20s have endured the hardships of WWII? NO. But could the children of the Great Depression? Yes, and they did, and most thought they were only “doing their duty”. They knew hardship, and they knew that choices meant whether or not you could eat that week. They knew they needed each other.

        Affluence is the silent killer. It distorts everything, and soon, you lose the ability to distinguish truth from Iies, (or care about the difference), because THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES, or you can buy your way out of them, load them onto someone else, blame someone else, vote someone else in, kill that inconvenient thing in your womb, ad nauseum.

        We desperately need CONSEQUENCES in our culture, punishment for crime, acknowledgement and shame for guilt, enforceable standards for right and wrong, and financial penalties for wrongdoing… Like the EOs from December.

        Just my two cents. I personally don’t believe we can restore these things without an allegiance to, and grace from, the God of the Bible.


        • Deb says:

          This post sums up our problems. Only a return to faith, and a spirit generous to actually have more children, will bring us back. The demographic winter is coming.


  16. East ender says:

    Proud to be a Treeper and thank our good Lord for giving us a person like Donald J Trump to guide us out of the swamp and a person like Sundance for reminding us of how far we have come. Reading these pages each day, help me to realize how important it is to stay abreast of all that is happening and how important it is to support and pray for our President as often as we can.

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  17. tom dunkle says:

    God bless The President and keep him safe. My nightmare is something happens to him, and then watching the msm and others gloat and see america go back to the despair that preceded the election. What that could unleash is truly frightening. The Deep State cannot even imagine where that ends up because too many folks are no longer their slaves.

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  18. cplogics says:

    The underpinning of all of this is campaign finance laws and their work arounds. If we are going to rid ourselves of political corruption, we have to take big money out of it. The PACs are laundering money and the politicians are on the take and have nothing but contempt for the working class.

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    • Logics- here’s an easy work around: TERM LIMITS.


    • Lindenlee says:

      Yes, start with these.
      1) No more than 30% of a candidatevs support can come from outside his district, and for Senators, outside the state. (92% of Ryan’s contributions are from outside his district)

      2) This is the biggie… No “excess campaign contributions” may be converted to personal wealth, ever. THIS is how they get rich, and WHY they run. Remove the payoff, and the scum will leave.

      3) Reduce the size of Congressional districts back to 1 rep per 100,000 voters, right now it is 700,000, because of the cap on the size of the House many years ago. This will give us better representation. With this, require all House reps to office from their districts and telecommute. This can easily be done, will keep them accountable and accessible to their local constituents, cut down on DC expenses, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, GET THEM OUT OF THE ORBIT OF THE DC LOBBYISTS!

      There can be special occasions when they can and should go to DC, but the time should be limited, and they must not meet with lobbyists at all during that time. If lobbyists want to make their case, they can come and meet with our reps in their districts, and the meeting will be open to any constituent who wants to attend. Sunshine laws. If caught violating this, there will be automatic prison sentences.

      This will diffuse the concentration of power that is so important to corruption, and restore citizen power, as our Founders intended. Many bad people will no longer run for office, because there are there ONLY to exercise power and get wealth, maybe 85%. This leaves room for people to run who truly wish to serve, and are willing to live where they legislate.

      It will also slow down the passage of huge pork bills like the Farm Bill. Harder to do and whip with 3050 reps that 435.

      Repeal the 17th Amendment, make the Senators office in their states. They can conduct almost all their business right there in their states with the legislators to whom they answer, interview nominees, etc. By Skype.

      Just my two cents. It is a start. Gotta get the big money out of the mix, superPACs and all.


      • Like this post very much! Thank you.


      • cplogics says:

        Yes, your “two cents” sounds good to me. I would go a step further and perhaps put stiffer restrictions on lobbyists with periodic reporting to a watch dog agency set up to see how and how much money is being used to influence congress. We clearly have a government that is working for the rich corporate entities and individuals with the financial ability to buy legislative outcomes. Once again, the American working/middle class is being squeezed out of the process. There is a lot of blame to go around as to who or what caused the decline of middle America’s voice in the democratic process, but money is at the root of it. We must take money out of the game. I don’t have an answer, but thank you and others for putting forth some serious ideas for discussion.


    • I HTF Place says:

      You’re barking up the wrong tree. Our founders understood that we humans are imperfect. Any law limiting money in politics will be worked around (how do you think PACs got started?), or will be found to be in violation of our right to assemble and petition our government for redress. The ONLY way to reduce the amount of money in politics is to restructure the incentives in the system.

      Imagine that you are the CEO of a large corporation. GE, under Jeff Immelt, springs to mind as an example. There are two ways your company can make money. The first is to put some of your revenue into developing new products, or improving existing products, so more people buy more of your stuff. The second is to use some of your reveue to petition the government for favorable treatment. (Economists refer to this as “rent seeking.”) Under Immelt, GE did quite a bit of both, but much more of the latter than under previous management.

      Incidentally, if you own a small business (mine employs three people), the second approach is not open to you, because you don’t have enough revenue that part of it will get enough attention to influence anything significant. That approach is open only to the largest firms, hence the globalist crap that our president is now fighting on our behalf.

      Back to the incentives: Our founders designed a system wherein the greatest number of decisions were to made at the lowest possible level. If our federal government was acting within its constitutional constraints as originally designed, there would be no incentive for the wealthy individuals and Jeff Immelts of the world to petition for favorable treatment in many areas, because our government HAS NO AUTHORITY TO ACT IN THOSE AREAS, as they were the exclusive purview of the states and of the people. The key to removing the incentive for much of the money in politics at the federal level is to return to the constraints designed in the constitution, narrowing the allowable scope of action of that governent to protecting us from external predation (diplomacy and the military), protecting us from internal predation (a system of laws and courts applying equally to all citizens), and regulating commerce among the several states (in order that we not have borders and tariffs at the borders of those states). Every bit of power improperly aggregated to the federal government beyond these basics creates incentives for buying and selling influence.

      Pushing the decision-making in other areas down to the state level would probably increase the amount of money in state politics, but this would also be balanced by the inconvenience of having to attempt the purchase of influence in fifty separate places, not all of which are likely to be as hospitable as Washington, DC. Further, there is more potential to counter such influence-buying at the state level, because a smaller number of voters can get the attention of the relevant politcians, since each voter represents a much larger percentage of the electorate there than at the federal level.

      Finally, that which can, or should, be done at the local level, can be taken more easily from a state government than from the federal government, and more diffuse power both decreases the incentives for, and increases the difficulty of, influence-buying. The textbook companies, for example, love common core, because they can sell the same book in more places. Similarly, the various “education” (or, if you prefer, indoctrination) groups love it because it’s easier to push an agenda in one place than in fifty states, or about 3100 counties/parishes/equivalents, or about 13,500 public school districts/systems.

      Term limits, of course, would remove incentives from influnce-selling side, but the key, in my opinion, is still the removal of incentives from the buying side. Better yet, would be to do both. Even better would be to find a way to undo some of the damage inflicted on our society by my generation (boomers) with regard to the self-regulation of the behavior of more individuals in alignment with religiously-derived Judeo-Christian ethics.



      • cplogics says:

        Your thoughts are wll taken. However, we are in a crisis and despite your long term aspirations, in the short term we must cut off the money and put stronger stop gaps in place to make it impossible for politicians to get back door donations with full disclosure of who is giving the money and how the politician is voting. I appreciate your response and thoughtful explanation, but what you suggest will take decades to implement if ever. We need a hammer brought down on this corruption immediately and then take strategic steps to prevent a run around.


  19. MS Idaho says:

    I have often wished for a repeal of the McCain-Feingold (guaranteed reelection) Law. How is it legal for anyone outside an election district to give $$ to a candidate? Re: Jeb – IMHO – HE was chosen to win over Hillary. When he dropped out the powers (globalists) panicked. I had not picked up on the purpose behind so many GOP candidates. Makes sense, tho. We were early Trumpers – never regretted or doubted. When you see all the ways they tried to derail the Trump Train, then all the ways they have been trying to derail his presidency, you just HAVE TO BELIEVE IN GOD. Not trying to recruit anyone or change any beliefs. But I like the response to deniers – can you SEE the Air you breathe? Yet you believe it is there, right? I am with all other ‘treepers’, grateful to sundance and oh-so-knowledgeable helpers with great information

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  20. Belskisfast Lance says:

    Sundance you are MAGNIFICENT!

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  21. Roberta says:

    Having read “The Splitter Strategy” some weeks back when Sundance referenced it, I am wondering if anyone else has the sense that this strategy was in play prior to Sundance’s meticulous research–say in 2008-2012, when John McCain and then Romney emerged as the anointed ones.

    During those two cycles we know there was significant cheating in primaries and caucuses, in state conventions, on the Republican side, across a number of states. In Washington, state law was broken; we documented the cheating extensively and in 2012 took a massive delegate challenge to the RNC, predictably losing. Cheating continued in the following cycle but weary good guys hadn’t the funds or energy after being beaten up for more than eight years, to challenge the vote fraud we knew was occurring.

    In this corner of our country, the “leftist” GOP hierarchy always has “an anointed one” in any race they care about. Someone who they tell the grassroots “can win” but who of course, most likely will not. But it doesn’t matter…the anointed one is sufficiently leftist/controllable that if they DO win, nothing will change, and if they do not, it matters not, because the hierarchy is more than happy with the incumbent Democrat [senator/representative/fill in the blank].


  22. Deb says:

    I am busy this weekend and am just now catching up. I know this is an older thread but I just wanted to thank Sundance et al for their hard work and dedication. I had been an occasional reader since the Zimmerman days, but I came out of lurkdom after the splitter strategy was laid out, and Sundance helped me realize PDJT was the real deal. I knew after Cochran in Mississippi that something wasn’t right, the splinter strategy made it all make sense. What’s both parties have done to our country is truly diabolical. I don’t contribute much, I mostly try to act as a cheerleader for the other great minds on this site when I can. But I’ve been honored and privelaged to be able to do a small part in saving my country, no matter how tiny it is, even if it’s just encouraging others from time to time. Thank you for this site, for bringing so many patriots together, and for your relentless pursuit of truth and justice. I can not express just how grateful I am to read these articles and the comments from so many brilliant Treepers.

    God bless Sundance and all the Wolverines, and God bless the Treehouse.

    The storm is coming. Keep calm and MAGA!

    St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us!


  23. huecowacko says:

    And we’re to believe that the annual affair at Davos is just a simple reverie to celebrate mankind rather than what it is, a globalist planning session for one-world government when what this world needs is a continuing, super effort to MAGA.


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