Promise Made, Promise Kept – U.S. Embassy Jerusalem Dedication Ceremony (Video)…

Today the official dedication ceremony for the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.

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80 Responses to Promise Made, Promise Kept – U.S. Embassy Jerusalem Dedication Ceremony (Video)…

  1. 4beagles says:

    Scratch another promise off the list

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  2. missilemom says:

    The Benediction brought down the house.

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    • Landslide says:

      Thanks for posting. It was talked over on OAN & Fox. Powerful. John Hagee started Christians United for Israel many years ago and has been a major voice in supporting Israel.

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    • Shark24 says:

      Wow! Beautiful and it sure won’t make the MSM tonight but this Catholic boy loves it. God bless Israel! P.S. I always love me some Pastor Hagee….kinda like cordite in the morning, only better. 🙂

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Wow! That was great! Thanks for the post, MM.


  3. Publius2016 says:

    Truth will bring PEACE!

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  4. mtkennedy21 says:

    What a great day !

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  5. Publius2016 says:

    Such a proud moment for Israel! Deserve to have their Capital recognized as well as their right to existence! How many more years? It’s time…we are in the 21st Century!

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  6. Brian says:

    The dude is quietly and methodically, brick by brick, building a global support base via partner countries that matter. Winnng.

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  7. Elwood says:

    Netanyahu fought 6 years alone before Trump was elected. Imagine his relief when the US cavalry came riding over that hill.

    If the deep state is worldwide so are patriots.

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    • Doug says:

      this is so important.. our networking with other countries citizens that think like us is crucial… the globalist in other countries wanted the us weak so they could squash us patriots like they do in all the other nations

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    • trump2016ourlastchance says:

      May God continue to bless Bibi and the Trumpster.

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    • JC says:

      Well-said, Elwood. So much love, respect and courage on beautiful display. What a joy to watch history being made at the Dedication Ceremony today.

      This is a glorious day for both Israel and the United States. God bless all citizens of both countries, President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As always, pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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  8. fleporeblog says:

    Such a SMART move by Governor Scott from Florida! Democrat Bill Nelson and every other Democrat decided not to show up in Israel today. Governor Scott WILL beat Democrat Incumbent Bill Nelson in November. I have the margin right now between 2 to 4 points.

    Cheating in Broward County just got more difficult! WINNING!

    From the article linked above:

    “During the upcoming election, the Department of State will send a Florida elections expert from the Division of Elections to Supervisor Snipes’ office to ensure that all laws are followed so the citizens of Broward County can have the efficient, properly run election they deserve,” Scott’s office said in a written statement.

    Governor Scott is waiting for the formal report to come out and will FIRE Sheriff Israel which will allow his final margin to be 5+ points come November.

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    • Doug says:

      i think 4-5 points is very likely and if they can motivate the cuban vote this may turn out low

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Doug great point! I am careful when it comes to Florida because I was predicting anywhere from 6 to 8 point margin for our President in 2016. The margin was only 1.2. That was a wake up call for me.


        • Alligator Gar says:

          I wouldn’t vote for Scott if he were the only guy on the ballot. Sorry. Grandstanding in Jerusalem for votes isn’t good enough after all that Misery Mule (intended) has done to my native state in the last 8 years. Scott can go to a very hot place for all eternity as far as I care. To Hades with him and the mule he rode in on. Hell, he even destroyed FDLE. Don’t believe me? Go look up the disgraceful way he treated Commissioner Gerald Bailey in favor of the head of his protection detail.

          I imagine there’s a very good reason he’s nowhere near PDJT’s cabinet or government in spite of obvious desire on Scott’s part.

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    • NewOrleans says:

      Crooked Hillary’s old pal Brenda Snipes doing shady things with ballots? Say it isn’t so!!

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Let’s hope he does fire Israel. I was disappointed in his behavior after the Parkland shooting – he caved to the anti-gun crowd and didn’t really focus on the real problem at hand with the local Sheriff’s office and the lax FBI that let that kid slip thru their fingers. If he gets rid of Israel, I will be surprised – and pleased.

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    • jello333 says:

      I’m glad Scott is (for the most part) behind Team Trump, but I just gotta say this… the guy really DOES kinda resemble Bat Boy. 😀

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  9. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    They were not promises – that was and is a checklist… Our VSGPT, may God bless and protect him, made a list of items to accomplish.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      The list of items to accomplish consists of campaign PROMISES.
      Perhaps you were not aware, none of us ever having seen a campaign promise kept, until Pres Trump. Ergo, promises made, promises kept.

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  10. The Boss says:

    The video is extraordinary, and the action taken by the Trump administration is nothing short of monumental.

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  11. Johnny Bravo says:

    Yes, just like you, we all wished Hillary had won too! 😆


  12. kjf says:



  13. SharkDiver says:

    LOL…Wrong site, you want Salon.

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  14. magatrump says:

    God bless President Trump and God bless Israel. Another promise kept.

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  15. Kaco says:

    Right, President Trump is personally responsible for the things not completed yet, /s You know darn well what has happened or where do you get your news? CNN?


    Immigration crackdown shifts to employers as audits surge

    And the fights not over for those other things, as you know. How about you give our President a Congress he can work with and will pass his agenda?


    • Doug says:

      stop making sense.. lol … but seriously trade deals? has he not put in tarriffs and signed a deal with south korea? with australia and argentina about done? has he not sent national guard to the border? has he not appointed more judges than anyone else in such a short time? endless list.. hard to argue with people that have an obsession with feeling betrayed and victimized.. its ok to win and feel like a winner … you deserve it so enjoy it


  16. Artist says:

    This was such a momentous event, coming from a staunchly Zionist Jewish family, today was enormously emotional. I watched, tears streaming, wishing my parents were still here on earth to witness this.
    It broke my heart to read that not a single Democrat senator or congressman supported this move, although both Clinton and Obama gave lip service to moving the Embassy to Jerusalem.
    G-d bless President Trump, keeper of promises, America and Israel.
    Am Yisrael Chai

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  17. Lemmy says:

    Anyone who is against tax cuts is a waste of oxygen.


  18. T.L.T. says:

    Jail all those rats.

    So, the FBI said the Republican baseball shooter was ‘suicide by cop’ and not targeting Repubs. 🙂 Filthy compromised liars. Jail all these rats as well.

    Anyone else wonder why Mandalay Bay hasn’t been resolved yet? Was the picture of the shooter at the Reno anti Trump march for real? The one that shows him in a vagina hat? I think 4Chan got credit for finding that one, IIRC.

    When you cover up leftist terrorism in your haste to find rightest terrorism you make the problem self perpetuating.

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  19. Trump Train says:

    die in a fire sewage. I will light the match.


    • Trump Train says:

      wierd, I was responding to a piece of garbage whos post is gone. Great strategy by scott, its long past time we take nelson down. This our best chance in decades to retire this worthless senator. Trump will get the Cubans to the polls and perhaps some south Florida jews will wake the hell up and turn

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  20. woohoowee says:

    Another covfefe kind of day 🙂

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  21. we300 says:

    Isaiah 11:12:
    “He will raise a signal for the nations and will assemble the banished of Israel, and gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.”


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  22. All American Snowflake says:

    ↑ Waves palm branch with a light heart. This dedication makes me want to dance. “They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, ‘Hosanna!”‘ ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!’ ‘Blessed is the king of Israel!”‘

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  23. Martin says:

    And as for the attendant Hamas “demonstration” in Gaza, the best comment I’ve read so far:

    If the Palestinians wanted peace, we’d have peace. If Israel wanted war, there would be no Palestine.

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  24. My advice is to be careful. We have gotten fake news out of gatewaypundit before and this is where this story originated.

    When it broke a few days ago, I tried to find the original tweets from the Iranian who originally broke the story that Western politicians who took bribes would be exposed if Western countries do not stand up to the U.S.against the withdrawal from the Iran Deal.

    I could find no evidence of any of this outside the Pundit story. Of course, there are better researchers than me. But I think I will wait for Sundance to report on it before I buy too far into it…….

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    • Praying medic had a thread on this. I take everything with a grain a salt but am passing on for your review:

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    • Charlotte says:

      2 Iranians tweeted it

      Raman Ghavami @Raman_Ghavami

      H.J.Ansari Zarif’s senior advisor: “If Europeans stop trading with Iran and don’t put pressure on US then we will reveal which western politicians and how much money they had received during nuclear negotiations to make #IranDeal happen.”
      That would be interesting.#JCPOA
      5:16 AM – May 9, 2018


      Banafsheh Pour’Zand @BanafshehZand

      Looking fwd to finding out!👉🏽#HosseinJaberiAnsari @JZarif ’s sr advsr: “If #Europeans stop trading with #Iran & don’t put pressure on #USA then we’ll reveal which #Western #politicians & how much money they receivd durng #nuclear #negotiations to make #IranDeal happen.” #JCPOA

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    • Jan says:

      I agree with you on being careful, but can ANYONE be honestly amazed if we ultimately get the truth about who also got money out of the deal besides the Iranians? Did an OVomit foundation get cash, or one of Kerry’s kids or stepkids, Soros, the Clintons, Merkel (Ovomit’s best bud), etc.? Actually, I hope Kerry, OVomit & anyone else who made this bad deal get exposed for the anti-Americans they are. If we’re going to take our historical statues down, then so should these demi-god wanna-bes be put in prison for their crimes against Americans.

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  25. wheatietoo says:

    This is such a wonderful thing to see:

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    • KBR says:

      It would have been wonderful had a really good singer sung this for this occasion!


      • jeans2nd says:

        The singer, whose ancestors sneaked to Israel, was Ethiopian. Her voice was great, imo, both songs, and she sang with great emotion. It is obvious she was chosen not only for her voice, but for her history, and her family’s return to Israel.

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      • ByrdDeplorable says:

        Amen to that. Why can’t we have singers with real voices instead of just more “yelling”! At least the marine who sang the National Anthem did not do the usual Hollywood version. Otherwise, what an awesome Ceremony. Tears in my eyes. God bless Israel and President Trump and our United States of America!


    • jello333 says:

      I loved Leonard, but I much prefer the Jeff Buckley version of this song.


  26. Plain Jane says:

    Tears of joy trickled from my eyes as I watched this entire dedication.

    Several plus years ago DH and I took a road trip to The Florida Keys. One evening at the resort when I was sitting out, I met a man from Israel who spoke only a few words of English. His wife came out to visit also. She spoke fluent English. I told her how I wished I could visit Israel.

    As we sat there talking, I learned that she was somehow affiliated with the government of Israel. I was lamenting our then current presidency and told her that I wished Netanyahu was OUR president. She hugged me and I her.

    As I watched this, I realized how extremely blessed by Our Father to now have President Trump AND Benjamin Netanyahu as leaders of truly freedom loving nations. Thank You God.

    God Bless America and Israel.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Remember during the campaign, when one of the most absurd, of the MANY absurd accusations, was thar DJT was anti-semetic? Obviously true,..sarc!
      Every day, in every way, he proves his detractors wrong.
      And every day, more people are woke.

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    • ByrdDeplorable says:

      I remember a picture of the creep obama pointing his finger forcefully at Netanyahu! I wanted someone to smack him down.

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  27. jeans2nd says:

    Thank you for the vid. Was worth every minute, from beginning to end.
    Now, where is our friend David from Israel??? Would dearly love to hear his thoughts today.

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  28. sunnydaze says:

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  29. NC Nana says:

    This is my favorite version of Cohen’s Hallelujah: the Christmas version by Cloverton. I love the lyrics and the heavy emphasis of the piano.

    Thank you and congratulations to President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman on the promise made and the promise kept!

    Beautiful commemorative ceremony.


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  30. John mckay says:

    May 14th 1948.
    May 14th 2018
    Perfect timing President Trump

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  31. Charlotte says:

    As U.N. Ignores Jewish Ties to Holy Site, Israel Produces Ancient Evidence




    Were There Jewish Temples on Temple Mount? Yes

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  32. Charlotte says:

    Before Islam: When Saudi Arabia Was a Jewish Kingdom

    The discovery of the oldest-known pre-Islamic Arabic writing in Saudi Arabia, from ca. 470 CE, evidently caused some consternation, given its CHRISTIAN and JEWISH context.

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  33. olderwiser21 says:

    Haven’t seen much about it here but Jared’s speech was well worth listening to. Really thoughtful, very forthright and beautifully written. It was very moving to hear him talk about his grandparents and their journey. He has taken such a beating in the press. Great to gain an appreciation for him outside of their negative lens.

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    • Benson II says:

      Yes it was nice to see and hear.

      On a lighter note I was also pleased to see Ivanka take a page from First Lady Melania’s notebook. At this event she was wearing clothes befitting a representative of the president of the United States. Short skirts make a woman appear girlish and un-serious and invite sexual comments. As a woman on the world stage your fashion should denote your station and what your trying to convey.


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