Wow – VP Mike Pence Shares Note From American Held Captive in North Korea…

Vice President Mike Pence has shared part of a personal note he was handed this morning from a returning detainee.   It is unknown who specifically handed him the note; however Kim Dong Chul is an ordained minister and was held captive the longest (3 years):

Kim Dong Chul, Kim Sang Duk, Kim Hak Soon are the names of the three detainees who were released.  Two of the captives, Hak-Soon and Sang Duk, belong to the Pyongyang Univ of Science & Technology and were detained in Apr & May 2017: they had been held for a year. The third, Kim Dong Chul, is an ordained minister held since 2015 when he was commuting from China and was serving a 10-year sentence on espionage charges.

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235 Responses to Wow – VP Mike Pence Shares Note From American Held Captive in North Korea…

  1. LongingForTruth says:

    It’s difficult to put into words but the release of these captives is a beautiful picture of US, The American People. Their true captivity reflects our spiritual prison which closed in on us as we were ‘punished’ for doing what was good.
    Their years of suffering hard labor and the boundless joy of finally being Free can be readily seen in their faces. We have slogged through the hopelessness of decades at a form of hard labor we barely understood. Our eyes kept looking around, trying to recognize our “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”, but now, OUR bonds have been broken and, as we see the great Joy on the faces of these men, our hearts leap with Joy with them for we also are FREE!
    Our Great and Mighty God has heard our cries, the cries of these men swelling up with our own, and He has had mercy on all!!
    This beautiful Family is OUR Family! We continually stand amazed that they are ours! Fighting for us all. Freeing us from the Chains that all predecessors so readily clamped on us. Our weary hearts, as these freed men, stare in stunned, happy disbelief that we are truly free and being freed every day!

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  2. Wow, how powerful.

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  3. LongingForTruth says:

    I pray for “Rocket Man” as he has been aptly named. I see his heart and have great hope for him. He has many people in his own country who have TRULY called him the ‘Dear Leader’ and, even as he committed the most heinous crimes, prayed for God’s mercy on His soul and our Lord has heard.
    Imagine: he’s just a kid…his father and grandfather were true dictators. All he’s seen all is life is the workings of tyrants. He want something different…after he tries the evil way. He wants to do ‘good’ but what is that? And all of these countries around are using him to further their own ends. He’s trapped. I am looking at things spiritually. All of the things done in the past are tried but nothing works. Our wonderful President, very wise and kind, names him an actually endearing name and gives him an out.
    As I said, I pray for him. I know I am looking at this extremely simplistically but God hears and I have great hope for this kid and his people! I pray it won’t be another Germany…and I believe it won’t be. God has great things planned and there are many, many believers in North Korea, we will soon find! This is such a great day and the tears of joy keep falling!

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    • Minnie says:

      God bless your loving heart ❤️

      Pray for peace and trust President Trump 🙏

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    • formerdem says:

      yes, I too keep thinking: Trump maybe worked out what was actually in his heart, which is, he was born and trained to keep an impossible promise, and he just labored to do it, and knew no better than to slaughter anyone who got in the way. But he could not, there was no way. I also think the reason he is so fat is that unconsciously he is obsessively aware of the hunger of his people. And terrified for himself, but … anyway he is aware. Then along comes Trump who says flat out before the nations that NO progress is being made toward his grandfather’s utopia. Maybe this broke through, given his mountain was collapsing and he unconsciously knew the whole time anyhow that he was born to a futile plan. Trump understood and he trusts Trump to get him out of this mad nightmare. (If not, he’ll kill some more people.)

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      • Alive&Breathing says:

        CIA &or China had N.Korea. Kim was a prisoner of his own country.

        Oh he assassinated family & dissidents? Who told you that?
        Trump collided with Putin?
        Who told us that?

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    • LongingForTruth, your prayers and and kind words about Rocket Man because you can “see his heart” give me a little glimpse into your own heart, and what I see is wonderful to behold. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – – your words have blessed me.

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    • tonyE says:

      In reality, it may just be that changing direction will greatly simplify his life. It’s not that I think NK will become like SK.. but at least it’s quite likely that NK will grow like China and open its doors for trade with China AND SK. It likely suits China now… running a nation like a cruel dictator, under orders from Peking, surely kept Chairman Kim too busy.

      If the people are well fed, if there’s no need to keep up the charade, if the NK military is held in check by China, if there’s no need to use widespread brutal repression to keep the status quo and if there wealth being created within NK, Chairman Kim’s life will be much easier. Assuming even, that he doesn’t just retire with $20Bil, a few choice chalets, a 300 foot yacht, a 787VIP and a gaggle of french maids (hmm…. ok… ok…).

      Life would be so much easier for Kim if he didn’t have to blow up his scheming uncles with shoulder mounted anti aircraft guns.

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  4. Johnny says:

    God did not enable man to understand how he works.

    But you can see the results of his work if you open your heart and the eyes will then see.

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  5. I’m stricken to the heart; so proud of OUR president and his men!
    Just a side note; I would bet Sundance is Christian. Wisdom and knowledge found at this important site! CTH

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  6. Dawna says:

    I could cry. Reading that. Tears of joy. Wow. Just wow. Thank you President Trump and all involved to bring them home.

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  7. alliwantissometruth says:

    You know, the hostage release, really the whole North Korea thing so far, is really the epitome of what truly makes a leader a bona-fide leader, & it’s the epitome of Donald Trump the man

    We’ve seen what he’s done so far with the economy, with jobs, with bringing back a favorable business climate & international government / business entities new found desire to do business with him

    As a leader in government, or more specifically, as the leader of the administration of the United States absolute duty bound principles, his business acumen, his brutal honesty, his sense of fairness & his common sense serves him well

    Those qualities are at the heart of a successful administration within the framework of any conglomerate, & the United States is the biggest conglomerate out there

    But there’s another trait which elevates Donald Trump past just a successful administrator, & that’s the coupling of his management style with his spirituality

    Donald Trump is a human being, & he’s flawed just like every other human being, but he makes no excuses for it

    He lives his life as the man he is

    He doesn’t preach & wear his religious beliefs on his sleeve. He admits he’s a human being, flaws & all

    He doesn’t portend to be a man of the people & then work with globalists behind the peoples backs. He’s one of we the people who happens to be successful & has a true desire to see all of us succeed

    He doesn’t spew meaningless rhetoric & platitudes which he knows are lies & unattainable just to garner power

    It’s said that Trump used to close deals on a handshake, & that’s a testament to his belief that honesty, integrity & honor are valued traits & should be the cornerstone of ones dealings

    His moral fiber is what guides him, & that moral fiber comes from his spirituality & his absolute belief in a higher deity. That is truly the crux of his success

    No ideology or popular opinion, no progressive fads or “intellectual” bleating can sway him. He understands right from wrong, good from evil, & when he’s up against the resistance here in America or the worlds leaders, they can see & feel just that

    You can call it confidence, arrogance or whatever you’d like, but I call it a man of unwavering conviction who feels God’s wind at his back & knows he has a higher calling

    Sure, President Trump played China & used it as a bargaining chip against North Korea, but there’s something else at play

    Most people can see & feel the presence of a true leader, & they become nervous when there’s a spiritual strength & aura surrounding them

    Things are happening fast with President Trump at the helm, & that’s not just coincidence

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  8. sunnydaze says:

    Interesting comment from the Reddit/Donald Rally thread. I had forgotten that Elkhart was the first place Obie went for a rally after he was elected Prez:

    …” Why is Trump at this venue? A few points about Elkhart…
    It was the first place BHO visited as pres, in early 2009, talking up the so-called “stimulus” bill he wanted passed.

    Elkhart had a 20%ish unemployment rate at that time because the recession had killed the RV industry, which is heavily centered in the Elkhart area due to proximity to needed vehicle parts; it’s right over the border from Michigan.

    BHO went back there in 2016 to talk up what a supposedly great job he’d done for the economy. Try not to laugh too hard….”

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  9. ForGodandCountry says:

    What can I say?

    I feel kust like these freed hostages….now that PDJT is President.

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  10. Me says:

    It’s a beautiful thing

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  11. PowerCord says:

    Times… they are a changing.

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  12. theresanne says:

    This is beautiful. Precious beyond belief. Thank God for intervening in our last election.

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  13. calbear84 says:

    Goosebumps all the way! Thank you VP Pence, and of course Sundance.

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  14. Mike diamond says:

    WOW!!!! That’s a real practical miracle,I love that Psalm !
    President Trump is for Real ! Obama never even tried to help the christians.

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  15. MaineCoon says:

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  16. joshua says:

    yet I am reminded of the Army Vet that mistakenly entered Mexico with a gun in the trunk of his car, and was arrested and held over a year….with NOTHING done my OBAMA and the STATE department to bring him HOME free…..and we were doing NAFTA and giving them aid money and OBAMA did not give a crap about our citizens.

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  17. Jeff says:

    Following is my detailed official response to reading that note:


  18. joshua says:

    True McCain: (with supporting links)
    ▪ His plane was shot down over Viet Nam…. because he was ordered to break off the chase… and refused to obey orders.
    ▪ At the same time, both shoulders were broken… because he refused to follow instructions of how to protect self when ejecting from aircraft.. ( lack of medical treatment allowed the broken bones to heal as they are now… he was never tortured!)
    ▪ As soon as he was able to talk, he told his captors exactly who his Father and Grand-father is (was).
    ▪ He wasn’t given a choice for release. Congress feared the public learning of ‘special treatment’ and refused to have him released.
    ▪ There are (or was) pictures of him riding around in Hanoi with the prison camp commander… treated like a guest!
    ▪ After becoming a Senator, he prevented funds to find and rescue MIAs still being held in hidden prison camps.
    ▪ Showboating, McCAIN nearly sank U.S.S. Forrestal Aircraft Carrier, Killing 134 Sailors
    ▪ McCains entire life is nothing more than lies concocted to make him seem a hero.

    Songbird McCain tapes found and released.

    POW betrayal.


    Meeting with known terrorists?

    McCain funded by Soro’s since 2001?

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  19. Former lurker says:

    Just in: Maxine Waters claims hostage note violates separation of church and state enshrined in the Declaration of Constitutions, demands impeachment of 45, claims Trump Presidency has ruined her favorite malt liquor.

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  20. Robert says:

    How Can Anyone Vote For a Democrat When They Have Said They’ll Impeach President Trump If They Can Regain House and Senate?


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