President Trump Delivers an Important Message – Weekly Address April 27, 2018…

President Trump delivers an important message about opioid addiction, prescription medication and National Take-Back Day, 2018:


[Transcript] Hello, it’s great to be with you.

I want to talk about opioid addiction which claimed an average of 116 American lives every single day in 2016. My Administration is committed to using every tool at our disposal to combat the opioid epidemic – that includes getting tough on the drug dealers and pushers peddling this poison in our communities. We have to get really, really tough, really nasty – whatever it takes because we have to keep them out of our country, out of our communities.

It also involves all of us preventing misuse from starting at home.

Tomorrow is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day – a day where we are calling on all Americans to prevent pill abuse and theft by cleaning their homes of potentially dangerous expired and unneeded prescription drugs – very, very important. Opioid abuse and addiction can impact anyone, and everyone knows someone who has been impacted. That’s why we call it the “Crisis Next Door.”

Most Americans who abuse prescription drugs get them from someone else’s leftover prescriptions.  In fact, misusing prescription opioids can be a gateway to deadly heroin addiction or the unsuspecting use of fentanyl-laced drugs.  That is why National Take Back Day is so vitally important.

On last October’s National Take Back Day, Americans turned in more than 900 thousand pounds of unneeded or expired drugs.  This year, with your help, we can do even better.  Use this Saturday to clean out your medicine cabinet to get rid of your unneeded or expired pills so that your home does not contribute to an overdose, or create or fuel an abuse or addiction problem.

Protect your friends, protect your family, protect your loved ones.  Find a participating safe-disposal site near you by visiting “” and together we will fight this crisis.

Last week, I had the honor of visiting the dedicated service members at Joint Interagency Task Force South, headquartered in Key West, Florida.  Working with partners across this hemisphere, the Task Force is the international nerve center for drug interdiction efforts.  They do truly amazing life-saving work every single day.

We must make sure that our Coast Guard members serving on the front lines are given the resources they need to defend America and our vital interests in our own hemisphere. As they work to prevent drugs from entering our country, we must do our part by making sure that left over or expired pills are not adding to the death and destruction among our fellow Americans. We have to take care of our Americans, we have to take care of our families.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.

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  1. ablefox says:

    What a great man. We can not build MAGA on ‘suspicious minds’. MAGA.

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    • flyboy46 says:

      There is ONE big problem with the opioid death figures. It is the SAME problem with “gun death” figures published the other day. NEITHER one separates out the “end of a good life” suicides.
      The figures tell us there are 10,000 people reaching the Social Security age each day, so there are are a lot of people reaching the end of their life each day. Some die of natural causes, some die from medical conditions, and some die from gun suicides, and I’LL bet we would be amazed at the number who intentionally take an overdose to end their life. It is one of the few ways to have a quiet peaceful death on YOUR terms, when you are ready to meet your Maker. And don’t bother telling me I don ‘t know what I am talking about. My father-in-law was a biologist who laid there 3 days with a clot in the femoral artery hoping it would “take him”. My Father asked my oldest brother to help him end his life before they put him in a nursing home. And my Mother took hospice, which I call “suicide on the time plan”.
      My wife of 38 years, a retired “super teacher” had MS and the pain wouldn’t respond to anything but large doses of opioids, which would put her in such a reduced state of mental capacity that she couldn’t even read and remember what she had read when she got to the bottom of a page. She had no hope of future improvements, and she didn’t want to live that way.
      We had discussed a planned suicide for years after seeing our parents wish to end their life on “their terms”, and wanted control of the end of life process. It is NONE of societies’ DAMN business. It is between us and our God, and HE was with us all the way, helping us, and guiding me to avoid the investigation of assisting her death. Before her death I had never experienced Him talking to me and guiding my life, but after her death I see his influence in many areas, and have learned to listen to his call.
      It is important to talk to Him every day, and be then quiet and listen, as He will guide you in the path He wants you to go.

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      • NoJuan Importante says:

        In many places, older folks are using a gun to end their life. Frankly, I respect their decision. A little messier, but that can be planned also. and I agree that the figures should be separated out. but its also important that the opioid “stockpile” for suicide, end of life, whatever you want to call it, doesn’t get misused. I have seen so many young people in the hills of Appalachia come to a young end, and if not a young end, substantial time in jail and a lifetime of addiction. It is just so sad that I wonder if pain medication should even be legalized at all.

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  2. CNN_sucks says:

    You are truly the master of the universe. Impossible is just a starting point.

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    • jessetmims says:

      God is the Master of the Universe; but, I firmly believe He’s using President Trump to save America. I also believe that with God on his/our side, impossible truly is just a starting point.

      #MAGA; but, #GiveTheGloryToGod

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      • New Nonna to be Again!!! says:


        Love my President Trump but Glory and Praise to our God! Thank You, God! Thank You, Jesus!

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      • margarite1 says:

        Oh I totally agree that God has his hand on Donald Trump.

        Before Trump announced I went to a protest at a planned parenthood site. There was a pastor there – black actually – and he was somewhat charismatic and was speaking to a little crowd about the Bible and he kept saying “God chose a builder”. He was speaking of something specifically in the Bible but I don’t remember which part.

        Again – God chose a builder. That’s what I believe.

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        • Sylvia Avery says:

          Me, too. You can’t imagine how many times I prayed over this during the campaign. Really God? Donald Trump? For reals? Are You sure?

          As usual, He knows and I do not. His choice was the perfect choice for His plan. I am grateful every day that He put his hand on Donald Trump and that we elected him. I cannot believe what a blessing PDJT has been.

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        • Jeff P. says:

          Jesus was a Carpenter, as was Joseph his “Dad” here on earth while his Human body grew. Perhaps that was what he was referring to, or perhaps Noah, he too was a Builder.
          Either way, Praise be to the God Almighty in Heaven who chose Donald J Trump to be his Champion!
          Long but Well worth the Read and TRUE, Very Relevant to this article in particular, Enjoy all.
          > forwarded message:I hope this email doesn’t step on
          > anybody’s democratic toes but I really believe its message
          > is correct. The only thing that continues to amaze
          > me are the polls: 70% of America think we are on the
          > wrong track, which means 30% think
          > everythingis just
          > peachy. How brain dead can the 30% be?
          > How many more lies do they have to hear from
          > Hillarybefore they realize that she is truly
          > bad for the future of America. As the author says, America is truly at
          > a crossroads. A Hillary election is truly a disaster
          > for this country. Now, do I think Trump is a loud mouthed
          > ego manic without ANY concept of proper behavior? BET
          > YOUR ASS I DO! But the alternative is so overwhelming
          > negative that Trump, for all his faults, is the only chance
          > that the Americathat most of us grew up in may be there
          > for your children and grand children.
          > Very interesting point
          > of view….. A Message For
          > Christians About Donald Trump Wayne Allyn
          > Root6/24/2016
          > 12:01:00 AM – Wayne Allyn Root I am
          > a Jew turned evangelical Christian. I am also a passionate
          > supporter of Donald Trump. I have a message for
          > Christians who don’t like Donald Trump: YOU’RE
          > MISSING THE BOAT. Christians
          > have Trump all wrong. God sends messages in many forms.
          > You’re just not
          > listening. God is talking, but your eyes and ears are
          > closed. Here’s
          > a famous joke about God and how he talks to us. A
          > deeply faithful Christian man is stuck on roof of home with
          > massive flooding up to 2nd floor.
          > Rowboat comes. He says “No, I’m waiting for God.
          > I’ve prayed and I know he’s coming.”
          > 2ndrowboat.
          > “No, I’m waiting for God.” 3rd rowboat.
          > “No, I’m waiting for God.” Water rises.
          > The man drowns. Now he’s
          > meeting God in heaven. The religious man says, “Where
          > were you God? I
          > prayed. I was faithful. I asked you to save me. Why would
          > you abandon
          > me?” God
          > says, “Hey dummy, I sent you 3 rowboats. Are you
          > blind?” Did you ever consider
          > Trump is our rowboat? Maybe
          > God is trying to tell us something important- that now is
          > not the time
          > for a nice Christian guy or a gentleman or a typical
          > Republican powder
          > puff. Maybe now is the time for a natural born killer, a
          > ruthless
          > fighter, a warrior. Because
          > right about now we need a miracle,
          > or America is finished. Maybe
          > the rules of gentleman don’t apply here. Maybe a
          > gentleman and all-around nice Christian would lead us to
          > slaughter. Or
          > do you want another Mitt Romney, Bob Dole, John McCain,
          > Gerald Ford or
          > Paul Ryan? Did any of them win? Did they lead the GOP to the
          > promised
          > land? Did they change the direction of America ?
          > No, because if you
          > don’t win, you have no say. Paul Ryan couldn’t
          > even deliver his own state Wisconsin
          > ! And
          > as leader of the House, Paul Ryan rolls over to Obama like
          > my dog rolls
          > over for a scrap of food, or a steak bone. He’s a
          > useful idiot. Nice,
          > but obedient. I mean Paul Ryan’s not my dog. My dog is
          > actually a pretty
          > good defender and loyal. Maybe
          > God is knocking on your door so loud, but you’re not
          > listening. Maybe
          > God understands we need a “war leader” at this
          > moment in time. Maybe God
          > understands if we don’t win this
          > election, America is dead. It’s over.
          > The greatest nation in world history will be gone.
          > Finished. Kaput.
          > Adios. And with one last
          > breath, maybe what we need to save us at the last second, is
          > someone different. Someone
          > you haven’t ever experienced before- because you
          > weren’t raised in
          > rough and tumble New York where nothing good
          > gets accomplished unless
          > you’re combative, aggressive, outrageous, on offense at
          > all times, and
          > maybe just a tad arrogant too. Someone
          > with a personality you’ve never seen on stage at your
          > church. Maybe,
          > just maybe, being a nice gentlemanly Christian would not
          > beat Hillary,
          > and her billion dollars, and her best friends in the media
          > who will
          > unleash the dogs of hell upon the GOP nominee. I guess you think God
          > is only nice and gentlemanly. Really? Then
          > you’ve missed the whole point of the Bible. When
          > necessary God is a
          > pretty tough guy. When necessary, God strikes with pain,
          > death and
          > destruction. When necessary, God inflicts
          > vengeance. Maybe
          > you think God couldn’t possibly be associated with
          > someone like Trump. Trump is too vicious, rude and
          > crude. When
          > we won WWII, was God “nice?” Were we gentlemanly
          > when defeating Hitler?
          > Were we gentlemanly when firebombing Germany ?
          > Were we gentlemanly
          > when dropping atomic bombs on Japan ? Is God ever
          > “nice” on the
          > battlefield? Or does he send us vicious SOB’s like
          > General George S.
          > Patton, so the good guys can defeat evil? It’s
          > pretty clear to me God sends unique people to be “war
          > leaders.” That’s a
          > different role than a pastor or church leader. God
          > understands that. Maybe
          > God purposely sent Trump instead of the nice Republican
          > powder puffs
          > like Paul Ryan, or Mitt Romney, or John Kasich because he
          > wants us to
          > win. And
          > maybe it’s time to re-define “nice”. Maybe
          > Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
          > aren’t nice at all- because they led us to defeat. And
          > losing again
          > would mean the end of America . And God can’t
          > allow that. Maybe
          > Romney and Ryan mean well, but the road to hell is paved
          > with good intentions. Or
          > maybe they’re just jealous they had their chance and
          > blew it. Maybe
          > they’d rather help elect Hillary than allow a Trump
          > victory that would
          > make them look weak, feckless and incompetent. I was
          > reading the Bible this morning and I found the perfect verse
          > that explains the success of Donald Trump: “Even
          > the youths shall faint and be weary, And the young men
          > shall utterly
          > fall, But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their
          > strength;They
          > shall mount up with wings like eagles,They shall run and not
          > be
          > weary,They shall walk and not faint.” (Isiah
          > 40:30-31) It’s
          > almost like God created this verse for Donald Trump and this
          > moment in history. Trump is our
          > energy. More
          > energy than any candidate EVER. He took on the 16 best
          > candidates in
          > GOP history…all younger than him…all with better
          > political
          > credentials…and destroyed them with his energy. You mean
          > that kind of
          > energy in a 70-year old isn’t inspired by
          > God? Trump renews our
          > strength. Or does the
          > all-time record turnout and all-time record votes for a GOP
          > presidential primary candidate not define
          > strength?” With Trump we mount up
          > with wings like eagles. With
          > Trump as our leader there is nothing we can’t do. Any
          > man that can
          > build skyscrapers in Manhattan and vanquish
          > 16 presidential opponents,
          > while spending almost nothing can lead us to the heights of
          > eagles. With Trump we run, we
          > are not weary. Just
          > when we get tired of the fight against Obama, Hillary, big
          > government,
          > big business, big media, big unions…just when it all seems
          > impossible
          > to overcome the powerful forces of evil… along comes Trump
          > to
          > re-energize us. Trump
          > inspires us. Trump gives us hope. Trump gives us confidence
          > in victory.
          > Trump gives us just a touch of arrogance. Maybe God
          > understands that’s
          > exactly what we need right at this late stage to
          > save America . God is about miracles.
          > We don’t need a nice guy or a gentleman right now.
          > It’s the 4th quarter and
          > we’re losing 14-0. We need a miracle. So let me repeat my
          > message to Christians: YOU’RE
          > MISSING THE BOAT. I
          > believe Trump is our miracle. I believe Trump is our
          > rowboat.Except
          > he’s more like a battleship! No
          > one is saying Trump is perfect. No one is saying Trump is a
          > perfect
          > conservative. But he is a patriot. He is a warrior. He is a
          > capitalist.
          > He is the right man, at the right time. Yes,
          > he’s a bit rude and crude and offensive. But that may
          > make him the
          > perfect warrior to save America , American
          > exceptionalism, capitalism
          > and Judeo-Christian values. The
          > choice should be easy for Christians. It’s Trump or
          > it’s the end
          > of the America .

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    • 17CatsInTN says:

      One of my very favorites.

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    • sunnydaysall says:

      He truly is, and nothing seems to get in his way!!


      • sunnydaysall says:

        Trump has been riding God’s coattails since before the election. Miracle after miracle and can only mean one thing!


  3. scott467 says:

    “My Administration is committed to using every tool at our disposal to combat the opioid epidemic”


    Good. Finally!

    Shut down the specific pharmaceutical companies who are producing this poison and prosecute the CEOs and chief designers for mass-murder and crimes against humanity.

    Arrest all of the doctors who prescribe these opioids like PEZ candy and who get kickbacks from aforementioned pharmaceutical companies, and prosecute them for mass-murder and crimes against humanity.

    SHUT THE BORDER. That will stop the INVASION of our country AND the importation of internationally produced opioids (and LOTS of other stuff).

    CONTROL the PORTS. There is NO excuse in 2018 for our ports and port cities to be run by the MAFIA.

    If our attorney general is looking for something useful to do, let him do THAT.

    The problems we have are NEVER difficult to solve.

    It is the WILL to do what is necessary that is always LACKING.

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    • There is a SERIOUS and incredibly high level problem if people are able to get “prescription” opioids (lortab, vicodan, etc…) in such high volumes that they are part of the actual heroin/fentanyl problem. I believe that they are literally putting them on the streets as well as the biggest amounts of fake opioids, including fentanyl coming as you said across the border

      Build the blankety blank wall. NOW.

      It’s a crying shame that we aren’t hearing more about the cleaning up of welfare, and in stronger ways than Ben Carson has suggested. I guess it has to start somewhere though.

      But even worse, much worse, is that we are doing NOTHING to save the lives of millions of Americans each year that are murdered. In the womb.

      A nation that has allowed probably 70 or more million of its citizens that way isn’t great in my opinion. Call it off topic if you will, but it’s much bigger than the “opioid crisis” that is mainly imported and with a lot of it being “fake” and dangerous. The real problem is heroin/fake fentanyl addiction/deaths, pain pills are around 7% of it.

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      • scott467 says:

        “pain pills are around 7% of it.”


        I don’t know what the percentages are, but ‘pain pills’ is how they get regular people (i.e., not street drug users) ‘hooked’, and THEN once they are addicted, the become street drug users.

        And then they wreck everyone’s lives around them — their own, their families, friends, acquaintances.

        And then they die.

        None of it happens to people who would never have bought street drugs if they weren’t being prescribed like candy.

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        • Scott, do you have chronic pain? Go out and try your best to get any doctor to prescribe you some hydrocodone.

          Go to the dentist, see just how many he will prescribe you. Depending on whatever dental work he does, you’ll be pushing it if you get 18. Most won’t prescribe more than 12 here where I live. Some? 8.

          I knew any 85 year old neighbor infested throughout with cancer. They wouldn’t give her a pill but once every 8 hours. She was begging for at least 3 a day. She was in her final days, in a hospice facility. They wouldn’t do it.

          Scoff if you will, but big pharma must be “allowing” truckloads of these things to be hijacked if they are so “readily available” on the streets that millions of people are buying them and addicted.

          Then there is the flood from mexico. Yep. I’m SURE there are millions of them coming from there. The weird thing to me, someone who “dare deviled” his way through his teens and twenties on horses, bulls, dirt bikes and dirt track racing who now has 7 discs in my back and neck slowly dissolving, sciatica, scolios, arthritis of ever “flavor” and scar tissue that won’t allow an MRI to be read… is how the he!! are people getting “high” on pain pills??? I don’t even know I am on 4 a day, I just now I can FUNCTION on 4 a day.

          This crisis is much more than just pain pills, as I stated already. America has had a YUGE heroin problem for an incredibly long time. Like, a century or more…

          “Elected” state MORONS in my state were trying to make it so anyone on pain meds had to get a new prescription every TEN days. That is ludicrous, and for the war on “opioids” to be affecting legitimate needs of chronic pain patients is sick and all about the MONEY.

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          • Janice says:

            Well said. Chronic pain also, meds help me to function and that’s all. Why do people like me have to be put thru such turmoil? I’m 67 yr old with back and neck and knee chronic pain proved thru MRI yet am forced to Lee in a cup once a MO and grovel for meds? Very depressing.

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            • Exactly. Drug testing for legitimate pain patients is ridiculous. As if we are junkies, meanwhile there are literally MILLIONS of people in this nation getting crazy checks, food stamps, section 8 housing, and on and on that are never once tested for the drugs we know most of them use daily.

              See any “rap” (missing the C, it is) video… smoking the “blunts”, hitting the “pipe”, it’s all there. What’s being done about that? Nothing but PROMOTION in mainstream enemedia of all types.

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            • Rami says:

              There are millions of pain patients adversely affected by this so-called “opioid crisis”. Patients like myself, I have been on opioid therapy for 15yrs, disabled with cervical spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, numerous bulging and herniated discs. Now, being treated like an addict. Pain management patients are regulated more than any other patient. We are made to sign “Pain agreements” must submit to urinalysis, called in for snap counts of our medications all to receive our medications. We are now being forced off medications that have been working for years. Some patients have lost their doctors and yes some have decided to end their lives rather than continue in pain.
              Government needs to get out of our Doctors offices.
              Reminds me of gun control, another shooting and the hysteria starts…must ban all guns. Yes, using skewed overdose death statistics and a “few” well placed experts the CDC, DEA, and DOH has declared war on pain patients. Because illegal drugs are pouring into the country either through the border or USPS and there have been overdose deaths we, your Government must protect you silly pain patients by making sure you do not have access to the medications you need. Would we cut off a diabetic from insulin or a patient with hypertension from blood pressure medications? If taken irresponsibly those will kill you too.
              Believe me. I have empathy for anyone who has lost a family member due to drugs or alcohol even but do ALL pain patients have to pay for the choices of others.
              Ok, help me get off my soap box.

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            • I think you have a very good point Janice.

              This “War on Opioids” is turning out to be a “War on Chronic Pain Patients”.

              Some doctors may over prescribe but many are very careful and responsible with their practice.

              Millions and millions of patients, chronic or other wise, have take opioids and not become addicted.

              The chronic pain patients that use and need the opioids now and the future patients that will need these meds for temporary use are in big trouble in our country because of 10% or so of the millions and millions of patients that have become addicted.

              To force doctors to cut back their ability to prescribe and their ability to care for their patients is something we usually fight against here.

              Government intervention between doctor and patient is usually something thought of as a liberal policy and not championed.

              The problem with addiction is heroin and other illegal drugs that come in across the border.

              This is something Pres Trump mentions at the end of his message when he praises the Coast Guard for their work.

              So instead of interfering with the doctor patient relationship perhaps concentrating on the border and the illegal drug aspect of the problem would be a better idea.

              Chronic pain patients and patients that need opioids on a temporary basis are not the problem and they are not drug addicts.

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            • Roozter says:

              You’re right! But I’d gladly pee in a cup to get consistent relief from chronic arthritis pain.


          • PaulM says:

            I lost the use of my arm for a year in 2016 and was in excrutiating pain and the only thing they would give me is anti-imflamatories which did nothing. They did say that I could “enroll” in their pain clinic ($$$) but there was a 30 day waiting list and I would have to make the trip there daily (95 miles) to get pain meds.
            I had an impacted tooth removed recently and they gave me nothing, it made for a long night and following day.
            These stories about doctors writing massive narcotic prescriptions is bull. It’s a cover story for wherever it’s really coming from.
            If I had to make a guess, big pharma manufactures/sells it overseas in bulk and it comes back into the country.

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          • Deplorable_Infidel says:

            ” That is ludicrous, and for the war on “opioids” to be affecting legitimate needs of chronic pain patients is sick and all about the MONEY.”

            “Follow the money”. Yes, I live in NY and you have to see a doctor once every 3 months (instead of 6) now for controlled substance prescriptions WITH NO REFILLS. The doctor has to write (electronically send now) a new script every month -on top of everything else they have to do.

            Legislators telling doctors how to practice medicine. Sure, you had those pain clinic doctors in Florida (until the state cracked down), etc. but you are always going to find abusers. The big problem is the doctors do not know how people will react. Some people do not get a euphoria from opioids -it just kills the pain.

            So the people that really need these medications suffer because of the abusers. Then they cracked down on prescription pills getting into the black market, so now you have the abusers overdosing on illegal drugs instead and the people really in pain get blamed for that, too.

            Sometimes you cannot win.

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          • Malone Hardcastle says:

            Amen, THC. I have a high-functioning adult-onset hydrocephalic/epileptic son, almost 60 year old, a veteran who’s had two shunts installed, two shunts removed, lives with recurring spells of agonizing headaches. When they hit, the ONLY thing that gives him relief, lets him get a night’s sleep, and doesn’t make him sick at his stomach is Oxycodone, which he’s taken for (6? 7?) years now. He never takes it until the headaches hit, has never had to ask for more, has several times had pills left when the new batch arrives. (Once early on he had accumulated, over 2-3 better-than-usual months, so many unused ones that he took them back to give to his doctor, who laughed and said that was a first, that he doubted they could be prescribed again, advised that he keep them on hand for the worse-than-usual times. Good advice; those times come as he gets older.)

            He recently got a new primary care doctor who, per the new guidelines – w/o consultation or even, apparently, reading my son’s medical history – changed the prescription from Oxycodone to something codeine-based, which (as clearly noted in that medical history) makes my son unable to keep food down. It took a good dressing-down from my son’s retired (but still highly influential) neurosurgeon to get the Oxycodone reinstated.

            I tire you with all this to say that for some people the opioids are presently the only relief from crippling physical pain. C.S. Lewis wrote that the devil always sends sin in pairs of opposites: we get so fearful of stepping into one that we back into the other. Pray that we find a way to not make the innocent suffer for the sins of the abusers.

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            • You tire me not, and I sure do hate it for our fine son that he has to go through so much physical pain and as a Veteran cannot get better care than that. I thank him for his service, maybe you can let him know. Thanks for your reply…

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            • You do not tire me at all Malone Hardcastle.

              I have somewhat the same difficult and worrisome situation with my elderly parents.

              I am very concerned and so are they with the crackdown on their opioids.

              I do want to encourage you to send your story to Pres Trump.

              Write him you whole heartfelt story and I think all the others here on the Treehouse should do the same.

              He needs to hear our stories about what happens when the government interferes with the doctor patient relationship.

              My elderly parents use their med as they should and are not drug addicts but are being treated so.

              Besides the pain they suffer from now they have the real fear of running out of the meds they need and in their advanced age and fragile time of life suffering needlessly the crippling pain their bodies sometimes leave them in.

              President Trump needs to consider very carefully how he handles this addiction situation and should not punish the innocent.

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          • scott467 says:

            “Scott, do you have chronic pain?”


            Not physical. Not yet, anyway. Something else to look forward to, I’m sure. Unless you count the pain in my a** this world has become since insanity became the new normal.


            “Go out and try your best to get any doctor to prescribe you some hydrocodone.”


            I wouldn’t.

            I wouldn’t even know what it was, if not for the news. I’m not a pill person, never have been. I’m not saying they aren’t appropriate or necessary in many cases, I just never liked the idea of taking anything stronger than aspirin.

            I had all four wisdom teeth pulled when I was a teenager. They were below the surface. They had to cut the gums open, then crush the teeth with a plier-like device. I’m sure it had some fancy dental name and was made out of surgical steel, but it was a pliers. Crushed the teeth and then extracted the pieces. All four were like that.

            Doc wanted me ‘awake’ through the surgery so I could hold my mouth open. My face was swollen up like a basketball. Plenty of pain. They prescribed a bottle of 30 Percodan or Percoset, it was ‘Perco’ something or other.

            I tried one, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the feeling. If I was in chronic physical agony, I imagine I would end up taking something, eventually. Hope I never have to find out.


            “Go to the dentist, see just how many he will prescribe you. Depending on whatever dental work he does, you’ll be pushing it if you get 18. Most won’t prescribe more than 12 here where I live. Some? 8. ”


            With the reputation those have, I wouldn’t take any. You couldn’t PAY me to take them. Might as well have ‘XXX’ over the word ‘Poison’ on the label, like an old-time cartoon.

            If I wouldn’t take Percodan/Percoset, I sure wouldn’t want to take a chance on anything as notoriously addictive as the things you mentioned. If I had chronic long-term pain then that might be a different story, but I would try just about every other treatment I could find before taking something that is addictive. Some people can handle it, and clearly a lot of people can’t. I don’t know which I am, but it seems like a big risk to find out, unless I really have no other option.


            “I knew any 85 year old neighbor infested throughout with cancer. They wouldn’t give her a pill but once every 8 hours. She was begging for at least 3 a day. She was in her final days, in a hospice facility. They wouldn’t do it. ”


            The family should sue them. I had a family member in a similar situation. At least one of our family was there 24 hours a day, and I recommend the same to anyone else in that situation. This was a “nice” Hospice facility, but even so, the only people who really care about your family member are your family. Several times I went to the front desk to tell a nurse that someone in a room I walked by needed assistance. Nobody was paying attention.

            The pain medication ran out in the middle of the night once. The night manager said there was nothing they could do until 6am.

            I said you gotta be kidding me. No, that’s policy…

            So I went back to the room and helped him as best as I could to tough it out for the next few hours. At 6am the doctor arrived, and I told him what had happened. He said he would make sure that didn’t happen again, that there is no such ‘policy’ for end of life palliative care patients. The whole point is to make sure the person isn’t suffering any more than they can help with, in their final weeks or days.


            ““Elected” state MORONS in my state were trying to make it so anyone on pain meds had to get a new prescription every TEN days. That is ludicrous, and for the war on “opioids” to be affecting legitimate needs of chronic pain patients is sick and all about the MONEY.”



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            • mike says:

              Same story for me with Tylenol #3.
              17, $100, 4 impacted wisdom teeth under local on a Saturday morning with a new dentist…
              Took 1-2, hated the brain fog that rolled in. Flushed the rest down the toilet and suffered in silence with a purple bruises face.

              Wish I had known about oral megavitamin C for healing and taking some of the edge off, back then.


          • binid says:

            As a chronic pain patient I agree with the comments questioning the characterization of this opioid “crisis.” I am not out for a “high,” I am under a strict pain management contract and the medicine gives me the ability to function without severe pain. I think a lot of people are missing the point that America is about personal freedom. The DEA, FDA, CIA, ad nauseum, ad infinitum, were never intended to even exist in America. Prohibition doesn’t work, look what happened with alcohol. Prohibition gave us organized crime and the Kennedys (although JFK became a decent President before he was murdered). If the billions that went into prosecuting and incarcerating people over any type of drug abuse went into education and rehab, we very likely wouldn’t have an “opioid crisis.” I also suspect that big pharma has much more expensive pain medications in the pipeline to push on people and the demonization of opioids, which are relative inexpensive, will help them accomplish forcing much more expensive “solutions” on people. So-called modern medicine also just treats symptoms. No doubt there are solutions to many pain problems that aren’t even allowed into the public domain because they would eliminate profit. Also, what became of personal accountability? 100 or more years ago anyone could walk into a drug store and buy opium, laudinum, etc., and there was no “epidemic.” People took responsibility for their own lives. There needs to be a much wider debate on this issue as well as many others. The State is never the answer. And yes, I support President Trump, but will qualify that by stating I will support him as long as he supports our Constitution.

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        • P.S.

          Most of my family lives in a small town with nothing but even smaller towns around it with thousands of acres between them and with less than 2,000 people. Yet “somehow” there are enough pain pills, mainly lortabs, to go around for the knuckleheads there that think they should buy a supply and take them for whatever reason.

          Now, how is it that there are so many available? There is only one doctor, he won’t write those scripts.

          Who is flooding America with hydro and oxycodone? mexico and big pharma is the only way it can be happening.

          Everything is rigged and we should all know it.

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        • Cpriestess says:

          You have a big piece of it pegged. The doctors on Cape Cod (where there is a terrible opioid problem) are some of the worst of the pushers. I was given Oxy for a hip replacement. I was sent to two weeks of rehab, during that time they tried to give me 4 of those pills a day. After the first week I said no more pain meds, I am good. I did ask for aspirin twice after that. And they sent me home with 50 tabs of oxycontin. 3 weeks worth. Sickening. They tried to do the same thing with my son. fortunately he had watched my dealings and did virtually the same thing.
          The street pushers aren’t the biggest problem. It is the lying drug companies with their hustling reps, and the doctors who work for them.


      • MAJA says:

        I read the other day that 22 states are closing the loops that allow able bodied adults to collect welfare. This is a wonderful start! In just 14 months! This and world peace. 😊 MAGA

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      • blondegator says:

        The “Opioid Crisis” has two components, over-prescription of pharmaceuticals, and manufactured pseudo-opiod drugs, with fentanyl and illicit analogs of fentanyl. I recently discovered the true picture this issue, and what I’m relaying is a repetition of DEA, pharmacological, and chemistry experts.

        The legal pharmaceuticals are currently being much more tightly controlled, being tracked in DEA databases, and cracking down on excessive prescriptions being written by bona fide physicians. But physicians still tend to go with what they know, and Big Pharma pushed many of these meds as efficacious and non-addictive. They work, but some people have a propensity to become addicted easily. Doctors need to be retrained on spotting the propensity of these types of meds to create more problems than they’re solving re: pain management.

        Unfortunately, the addiction(s) created by legal opiods lead to buying off the street. China is the main supplier of analog fentanyls. Pharmaceutical fentanyl is 50x stronger than heroin, and the analog (similar in chemical composition but not precisely the same as) fentanyls….are of an unmeasurable magnitude stronger. So strong in fact, that it can’t be measured in human beings!

        It is also legal to import pill presses (China again), and pressing stamps (that replicate oxycodone/hydrocodone pharmaceuticals, for example) and the inert ingredients to reproduce what looks like a legit pharmaceutical version. The fentanyl analogs can also be purchased over the internet, or smuggled into the US via the southern border, and other traditional smuggling routes. The street rates for these fake pills are about half of what the pharmaceutical versions are sold for, but still so extremely profitable for the manufacturers, distributors, and dealers. But remember, the analog illicit content is so strong that the DEA & forensic chemists consider any content at all to be TOXIC to humans, in any minor amount. This is why people (cops) can die just from touching analog phentanyl. It’s that dangerous! This is even more worrying if one considers that in light of terrorism potential.

        PDJT can and has pressured China to crack down on their illicit drug labs. This initiative needs to be continued, full force. The US needs to change its internet sales policies concerning the importation of raw product used in manufacturing, as well as the drug manufacturing equipment for non-pharmaceutical company use. (Pharmacists sometimes use these to buy in bulk and make their own pills for sale…but the controls are far too loose). We need to close the southern border, and crack down on all other ports of entry into the US…as illicit fentanyl is small and easily hidden. Finally, we need to educate everyone (particularly children) of the extreme danger that opioids (both legal and illegal) present. This is going to be a tough nut to crack.


    • Marygrace Powers says:


      Clinton outpaces rivals in drug company donations – Reuters…pharmaceuticals/clinton-outpaces-rivals-in-drug-company-…
      Jun 16, 2016 – WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has taken more money from employees of America’s 15 biggest pharmaceuticals companies than all of the Republicans who attempted a run for the White House this year combined, according to campaign …

      Hillary Clinton is rolling in Big Cash from Big Pharma | Geopolitica.RU
      Pharmaceutical companies have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in the 2016 presidential election cycle. Guess which presidential candidate accepted far more campaign cash than any other from Big Pharma? The money went to… drum roll please…Hillary Clinton. What’s more, Clinton says she’s proud to

      Billionaire couple linked to Clinton Foundation Haiti “relief” were …MURDERED……
      Jan 22, 2018 – The Gateway Pundit has an update on the story, reporting that Canadian officials announced on Friday that the billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered in their home in December. For the past month officials called their deaths a murder-suicide. The couple was found strangled in their …

      “And despite Clinton’s antipharma rhetoric, some say she may actually be the industry’s safest choice.”

      “Hillary would probably be positive at this point because at least her policies are identifiable, understandable and likely to get toned down somewhat,” said Brian Skorney, an analyst with Robert W. Baird.

      Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, Skorney said, would be the most negative, “both because they will utilize rhetoric to attack the industry and make an effort to enact extreme changes that they can’t possibly predict the ramifications of.”

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      • Marygrace Powers says:

        Billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman owned
        Canadian Pharmaceutical giant Apotex were
        linked to the Clinton Foundation “Haiti Relief.”

        There are not coincidences with the Clintons.

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        • Dekester says:

          I am up here in Canada, and to the best of my knowledge. No one even talks about this murder.
          Sure, it was discussed shortly after the event. But to the best of my knowledge, the MSM all but ignored it.
          It can be a wicked world.

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          • donna kovacevic says:

            I am also from Canada an hour away from where the Shermans were murdered and it was discussed for two to three days and now crickets except that the family has their own private investigators on the case. Sad and evil.

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    • mdaush says:

      I had surgery last summer and was prescribed some opioids for painkillers. On my first surgeons visit, I noted that I was having some side effects like anxiety so she prescribed even more powerful stuff!
      I never filled the prescription and took an over the counter painkiller for a couple more days.


  4. Minnie says:

    Thank you, Mr. President, for your strong stance on opioid/drug addiction.

    While it is important to address this issue, I also take strong issue with marijuana.

    Many, many young people in my community have died from drug overdoses, some of the brightest kids from upstanding families who had phenomenal futures.

    And it all began with “weed” and alcohol.

    A “joint” today can turn one’s life upside down.

    I know of what I speak.

    Marijuana impacts many (although not all) users who may be predisposed to mental illness, making the demand/crave stronger and stronger.

    And yet here we are, NY is preparing to soon vote to legalize “cannabis”.

    It is a disaster waiting to happen. I predict the death toll will grow exponentially.

    Please, Mr. President, hear this mother’s plea – expand legislation and enforcement to include marijuana.

    Thank you.

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    • New Nonna to be Again!!! says:

      God bless you, Minnie. 💖💕🙏


    • Dekester says:


      I have been in numerous illegal grow ops. The poisons used in these places are nasty.

      A great deal of the “ weed” is laced with Crystal Meth. Not much, but just enough that the youngsters crave that junk over others.

      Crazy isn’t it that tobacco is so heavily demonized in society, yet “ pot” is glorified.

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      • svenwg says:

        It is even more crazy when you do a little scratching below the surface of the oft repeated mantra of ‘Smoking Kills/causes cancer’. Of all cancers reported, only 53% of the patients smoked at some time of the life and 47% were never smokers, meaning that the statistical difference between smokers and non-smokers getting cancer was insignificant, especially if one takes the fact that smokers made up more than 70% of the population when these experiments were undertaken.

        Weed in it’s natural form is not really the problem, it is the weed that is grown illegally and laced with heroin during the drying process, which makes it incredibly addictive and a gateway to heroin and other opioids sold on the street. Big tobacco was responsible for the criminalisation of weed as it grew naturally in people’s yards and was a cheap alternative to the tobacco manufacturers.

        Big Tobacco spent $$$millions to lobby politicians to outlaw weed, resulting in the manufacturing of stronger and stronger strains of cannabis being grown worldwide on the black market resulting in cannabis becoming a gateway drug to opioids and the resultant death of millions of teenagers in Western countries. The loss of such educated youth will cost society many Trillions of Dollars in western societies and may result in a collapse of Western Civilisation in the long run!

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    • NC Nana says:

      My daughter went to Denver earlier this year for a business conference. She said the marijuana smoke was so bad on the main street that you could get high just walking down the street.

      She said the group she was with walked to a restaurant from their hotel. They had to cut over a block or two and walk down a side street to get away from the drug smoke.

      That public intoxication/”under the influence” would not be allowed with any other substance. Why marijuana?

      It is not just the teenagers in jeopardy it is any person in the area from the very youngest to the very oldest.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        I live in a legal weed State. Traffic Safety Commission talks often about increased “driving while high” traffic stops and deaths.

        And then there are the children, and the dogs, who get into the edibles and are rushed to emergency care.

        There are costs.

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        • NC Nana says:

          Minnie, I had a conversation with someone in law enforcement not too long ago about people driving under the influence of marijuana. I was asking at the time if there was a breathalyzer type test for marijuana.

          He told me the court standard for DUI-marijuana is ridiculously high, and often unrealistic. In order to prosecute people for DUI, a peace office must have three things, known as the prosecution triangle; driving actions, field sobriety tests, and chemical evidence (blood or breath).

          Very often, a person who has been smoking marijuana causes a collision through driving actions which would not be abnormal for a sober person who is simply not paying attention. They may be able to perform simple field sobriety tests because marijuana primarily affects cognitive processes rather than motor skills like alcohol does, and their performance is ambiguous. In addition, their blood may show THC content, but as stated there is no set level which indicates presumed impairment as far as criminal law is concerned. Although the officers at the scene “know” the person has been smoking marijuana, such a case is near impossible to prosecute.

          My original reason for asking the question was because you see police reports that say things like ‘Alcohol and drugs are not suspected to be a contributing factor to the collision.’

          The law enforcement officer agreed they did not have a way of court accepted testing for the drugs portion of the test.

          I think they should leave off the “and drugs” portion of the statement it is just worthless PC and is damaging in keeping actual historical records of what has happened. The PC is intended to say ‘nothing to see here, just move on. These are not the droids you are looking for.’ Where in fact the peace officers actual observation, sniff test, and experience tells them the driver has been using marijuana they just don’t have the ability to do a court accepted field test.

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          • NC Nana says:

            Sorry Sylvia this comment was actually meant in response to you. It could apply to Minnie’s comments but in my mind I was responding to your comment.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I expect there is a reason why George Soros has heavily funded the legal weed operations in the states who have done so. And I don’t think it is because he is a devoted libertarian, or just wants to enjoy a bong hit from time to time.

      Do you think there might be another reason? Soma.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      ” I also take strong issue with marijuana.”

      Marijuana is a hallucinogen that is affiliated with an ancient ritual. If you use that drug outside the ritual with a shaman (spirit guide), technically you are going on a spiritual trip without a guide.

      That explains why some people absolutely will not touch it -but have no problem abusing other drugs. Others have had panic attacks,paranoia, etc.

      In the bible, the Greek word for “sorcery” is the same word we get our word “pharmacy” from. There are some limited uses for the drug of extracts -most notably for a rare type of epilepsy that causes children to have dozens of seizures daily.

      All too often, it is the “gateway drug” for susceptible individuals. A person never knows what the results will be. A psychiatrist once told me that he considered using it 5 times in 2 months chronic use. Most people that use it exceed that in a few days or a week!

      The “deep state/ shadow government does not care about a drugged up society, because they are all too easy to pull stuff off on.

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    • Jeff P. says:

      With all due respect. Marijuana is NOT a gateway drug. That is 100% false, please STOP spreading lies.I worked as a drug and alcohol counselor for years, also I am an Alcoholic, recovering/sober for 18 years now. Alcohol is definitely THE gateway drug.
      Marijuana is Non Addictive, the euphoria can Seem addicting, but there are NO withdrawals from pot. I respect your ‘Opinion’ if you want to state that, but outright Lies I will not tolerate.
      Alcohol yes, it leads to many bad paths, but just Pot by itself isn’t addicting and doesn’t lead to stronger drugs.
      In fact in 18 years of AA meetings I have Never heard anyone say Marijuana made me do worse drugs.
      (Example story)
      Lemme see here, we smoke a big fat Blunt, get the Munchies, and get Lazy, we then get Food and Sit and Vegetate on Cartoons or Auto/Car channels or whatever interests us, we don’t go hey lets shove needles full of deadly drugs in our arms o.0
      So please stop spreading mis-truths, it only HURTS the Real War on Drugs. Thanks.
      (we) is used in the sense of the story not as ‘we’ being me or my family.


      • Malone Hardcastle says:

        With all due respect, Scott, history clearly refutes that utter baloney.

        In 1988 I was in reluctant agreement with Bill Buckley and the host of other eminent voices urging an end to the futile and too-costly “War on Drugs”. This one little essay changed my mind forever. I don’t think it can be read in full online, but I dare you to find a copy and still maintain that cannabis is no more a “gateway” drug than alcohol.

        Gabriel G. Nahas, “The Decline of Drugged Nations,” Wall Street Journal, July 11, 1988.

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  5. Pam says:

    My GP has a sign in his office plainly stating that he does not prescribe opioids to patients. You never realize how addictive they can be until a loved one or friend becomes addicted or even worse, dies as a result of the addiction. These drugs are so dangerous when they end up in the wrong hands. I’m glad to see this administration take such a strong stand in helping those who need treatment.

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  6. kea says:

    Shouldn’t every day be #takebackday?

    I know places like hospice will help you dispose of meds…

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    • Most police stations have med drops for unused/unwanted meds. Anyone that needs to can take them there and just drop in a steel box.

      I can’t see our VSG letting the millions of people in chronic pain every day of their lives be affected by what I believe (know) is a bureaucrat driven agenda from the bath house bari soetoro days…

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    • 17CatsInTN says:

      My mother died under hospice care in my home. After certifying she was gone, the first, and I mean THE FIRST thing the nurse did was gather up all the end of life medications and destroy them. The rest of her meds I either destroyed myself or donated to someone who needed them. And I had tens of thousands of dollars worth of drugs left. Literally.

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      • While being sorry for your loss, I find it nice that she was able to be with you. And I agree with your having donated the items left to those who need them. I believe in freedom and liberty, which means that as personally responsible people that we know far better than some insane power hungry “legislator” thinks they do how we should run our lives.

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        • 17CatsInTN says:

          I agree. One of the drugs I donated was about 30 bags of antibiotic drips. She had a chronic UTI that never did heal and at the end was on the strongest dose possible. One bag alone cost $1,000. So, I donated to a local free medical clinic.

          Thanks for caring. It’s been 8 years now, but the grief is always one triggered memory away. I was grateful for being able to spend the last 4 1/2 years of her life as her caregiver, exhausting, but worth every minute. It is always an honor to care for those who spent their life caring for you.


      • 1stgoblyn says:

        Same thing here, Cats, with my brother. Everything, and I mean everything, you have written in your comment fits my situation.

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      • kea says:

        First off I am so sorry for your loss. I too just had hospice care for someone and for me that was the last thing the hospice team did. Nice little charcoal bag.

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    • Jeff P. says:

      Any Wal-Mart will take old pills.

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  7. Ziiggii says:

    The Admin was pushing this hard today!

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  8. ecmarsh says:

    Around 8 months ago my wife had to have a rather a serious hernia operation.
    She was talking to nurse a about people on drugs. Wife thought it was the young people that were all drugged up. The nurse informed her that she was wrong. The problem with drug dependency and overdose was with our (old) generation.

    Seems that us old folks are on all kinds of persecution pain killers (opium) and are hooked. They come to the emergency room crying in pain for relief. Doctors have no other choice than to give them more drug to get them out of there. She says, “It is the saddest thing you could imagine.”

    These drugs that those older folks are hooked are called legal. The BIBLE refers to sorcery, which is the same work for pharmacist (pharmicia.)

    GOD help us with this awful plague.

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    • rf121 says:

      In Utah this is a huge issue. Alcohol and “illegal” drugs are frowned on by the church so the abuse levels are lower than average. But because these drugs are prescribed they are not considered to be “bad”. So the abuse levels are through the roof.

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  9. fleporeblog says:

    The man absolutely LOVES each and everyone of us! I am so thankful to be alive to witness it. Future generations will be so envious that they weren’t around to witness one of the best if not the best President this country has ever had!

    They will have to settle on videos, articles, artifacts and visiting his image on a Great Mountain ⛰ located in our country!

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  10. Sharon says:

    Looks very similar to what was done to castigate all smokers….who now have to stand outside in Minnesota on a night when it’s 20 degrees below to have a cigarette break at their 7-11 job. I have never smoked, but seeing that particular scene again and again just reminds me of how stupid regulations and regulators can be.

    Let’s solve this specific problem by generalizing our solutions and, in the process, we can criminalize the actions of millions of people who were never the target. But hey – collateral damage.

    I have many dozens of opioids in my cabinets, prescribed for me. I have never abused them. And I certainly will not be turning them in tomorrow because somebody else might steal them and abuse them.

    Sheesh, if that logic holds up, then I guess everyone should turn in all their legal guns because somebody might steal them and use them to commit crimes.

    It used to be a common saying, “You can’t legislate morality.” Apparently the virtue-signaling regulators of today never heard that one.

    Let’s punish everybody, especially those who didn’t do anything wrong. That’ll show ’em.

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    • TreeperInTraining says:

      I completely agree…but I’m one of those crazy libertarians who believe ALL drugs should be legalized. Prohibition and human nature never mix well.

      If they made murder, heroin, armed robbery or meth legal tomorrow…I would partake in none.

      This is all about personal choices, imho…and yes….policing morality.

      (Please, folks…if you disagree and feel compelled to pelt me with vegetables, I’m fond of tomatoes).

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    • I admire and appreciate your common sense Sharon!

      Free people don’t need to be “legislated” into being “responsible” adults. It’s only the criminal that wins when those of us personally responsible are “locked down” with abusive, and unnatural, “laws”.



  11. emet says:

    Drug trivia. Opium was legal to import, possess, and use until about 1915. But it was routinely smuggled to evade the customs duty, which ran up to $450 a pound for the good stuff. Most came in from China on ships arriving on the West coast. The SF Chronicle carried stories about shootouts and chases, for a perfectly legal drug! Seized opium was auctioned off, and the seizing officers got s portion of the proceeds.

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  12. The Devilbat says:

    The president needs to read this book. It explains who has been behind the global drug trade for many, many years. Some of the key players in the drug trade might just surprise you.

    This is the book:

    The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade
    McCoy, Alfred W.
    ISBN 10: 1556521251 ISBN 13: 9781556521256 (used book service) has a number of copies of the book available, starting at $15.49. This is a big fat book – 634 pages. It is somewhat dated but it is one Hell of a read. I read that the CIA tried to buy up all the copies when it first came out, but their efforts failed.

    As I have said before, we have all been lied to. The book is well worth the read. It surely beats watching the mind-washing box (TV)..

    Buy the book here:

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  13. billrla says:

    Self-limiting problem. Good for cleansing the gene pool.


    • Dutchman says:

      It does seem like there are paralels with guns; restricting the rights/opportunities of those who are responsible, because of the actions of those who are irresponsible.
      Attempts by the DEA to ‘crack down’ on Rx. opioids directly led to increased ‘ illegal heroin use.
      Mans laws cannot (successfully )supplant Gods laws. Satan is at work here, and many mortals are doing his bidding.
      This battle we all see is really between God and Satan. The ‘politics’ is just one limited view of it. VSGDJT Does have Gods hand on him, but wily Satan has his hand on many shoulders. Abortion IS a part of it, as is drug addiction, the proliferation and ‘acceptance’ of sexual deviancy, corruption etc.
      Drug addiction is the SYMPTOM, not the disease; I say this as someone who has dealt personally with drug addiction most my life. The disease is a SPIRITUAL malady. If you have a spiritual vacuum in your life, you can/will become addicted to ANYTHING; workaholic, sex, alcohol,drugs, relationships, and on and on.
      Is it just a coincidence that NO program for alcohol or drug addiction works, without including NA or AA at its core?
      And both start out, first step, by aknowledging a HIGHER POWER, and that the individual is helpless in fighting their addiction, WITHOUT said higher power?

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  14. Mary Ann says:

    I can only speak about North East Kingdom because other states may be different..
    Docs here give narcotics for just about anything.. including strep throat..
    Drug addiction treatment is a regimen of Butes or Fentanyl.. They in turn, find ways to abuse it by crushing and snorting or actually injecting the drug.. Many have been on it for years.. You are not treating an addiction by replacing the drug.. All these meds are paid for by medicaid.. and many make good money selling them on the streets. My friend who is now deceased was given 3 pain meds, Morphine, Dilaudid, and Percocet.. along with 2 meds for mental health.. The medics came to his house one night and said he was on enough to kill a horse.. The VA sent his scrips every month and he only saw them twice a year.. A great example of over prescribing and little monitoring.. He committed suicide after several attempts to get a dose increase failed.
    I understand if you deal with chronic pain you need relief.. and if you have drug addiction you need help.. But there must be better regulation for every state..


  15. Piggy says:

    Most of the world’s Persian Poppy is grown in Afghanistan. Sent to China to be processed and made into legal drugs to include generics. Opioid crisis picked up about the time we stopped burning fields in Afghanistan. But I’m sure it’s just a coincidence…

    Nice clip of Dobbs asking General Jack Keane about burning the fields a few months back. His response says it all.

    For the pro legal drug crowd…How do people who don’t do drugs nor want drugs legal not pay for others usage? Folks who don’t do drugs pay in blood, medical costs, etc… No one should have to pay for other peoples bad choices.

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  16. If we are going to fight the Opioid crisis, we need to start at the top. Who in Obama’s White House needed “candy”?


  17. snellvillebob says:

    I have 3 or 4 bottles with a dozen or less pain meds some 4 years old and I am not going to toss them. If you have ever had a tooth access on a Saturday night you would understand. I am on blood thinners so I cannot take aspirin or Advil as they will thin my blood too much. Tylenol has never had any effect on me. I am convinced that either I am immune to it or it is a placebo. Try to get a prescription on a Saturday night or Sunday. The only path is go to the emergency room where they charge $30 just to put a wristband on you to start the paperwork. President Trump could say “ouch” and have something that would work on him within 5 minutes 24/7.

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    • You bring up an interesting point Snellvillebob.

      This situation with prescription drugs is one that is complicated and not easily solved by just cracking down on limiting opioids.

      Doctors should be allowed to prescribe as they see the need and not punished if they feel they have a patient that is responsible and can handle the meds.

      Some chronic pain needs very strong drugs and nothing else will work.

      Thirty years ago many people were committing suicide because of the chronic pain.

      So doctors decided that they needed to look at the “quality of life” aspect of their practice and they did.

      Life became good for many chronic pain patients and the suicide numbers went down.

      I do believe that now those numbers will go up.

      I wish my elderly uncle who was a physician and struggled with the problem of chronic pain and saw so many suicides during his years of practice were still alive to testify before congress.

      So many of the doctors who lived through these years are gone and now all we have are the younger doctors who are scrambling to please Congress and their Opioid Crisis.


  18. Michaela says:

    This is a particularly sensitive area for me. I have a son who is a recovering heroin addict (at least I think he is in recovery now). What this does to a family is awful, to say the least. It took me years to just realize I needed to help myself as I spent years trying to “help” him. I learned that what one considers just motherly love is called being an enabler. Our family went through hell and still are. My son will not speak to me for a year and a half now. My heart has been broken a million times over. I am getting stronger with the help of Nar anon and I needed to come to terms with “it is out of my control”. The Serenity Prayer helps.

    These drug dealers do not care that they are killing teenagers and their families. They are like killer sales people and will do anything to make $80. My son once told me that drug dealers hang out outside of Emergency Rooms and gas stations. I saw it with my own eyes. Left the ER with my son and a drug dealer approached us. My son explained everything to me. The drug dealers need to be put in jail for a very long time, if not forever.

    And yes, there also is the problem with over the counter pain meds too. I don’t understand the appeal of this because those meds make me feel awful. I will not even take them after surgery and the doctor begs me to take them.

    So, there are two issues here. Stop the drugs from entering our country that makes it so easy for our children to use and stop the Pharmaceutical bull shit. People are dying. People that take drugs are not only destroying themselves, but those around them that love them.

    Donald J. Trump, thank you. You are a brilliant man. Taking on world issues, bringing jobs back to the US, helping our economy, draining the Swamp and on top of all that, trying to save America from this drug epidemic. We love you and we need you!

    Treepers, thank you for listening to me. I could go on and on and I am sorry for the long post. I just want anyone out there that may be going through this, that you are not alone. Let’s fight this battle!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ruralnc says:

      Thank you, Michaela, and no apologies are needed for your “long post” as it was very educational about what’s happening “on the streets” with the drug pushers. I’m so glad this drug problem is being addressed. One of my BFF’s daughter is under the influence; although the daughter was raised right, she gave in to peer pressure. Serving a 6-month term in jail didn’t help…she went back with her dealer boyfriend ASAP when he got out of jail. My friend is raising her daughter’s daughter. Fortunately, the little girl is doing well…has a wonderful grandmother who would “give her life” for her.

      I’ll join you any way I can to fight this battle. May your son heal “everything” and continue to be well; may he continue to stay on the straight path forever. It hurts my heart that so many young people with potential…IMHO..fell under a peer pressure influence, naive, trying to be accepted from those around them and trying to be “cool.” They don’t understand the consequences of their choice to take the pill, needle, the snort. They, in many circumstances, trusted their “friends.”

      Blessings to you and thanks.


    • My heart goes out to you Michaela and your whole family.

      My youngest brother died at the age of 56 after becoming addicted to first opioids and then heroin.

      It is a terrible thing for the whole family to go through.

      Even with all our family went through I still do not believe the opiods are the problem and will not blame the doctors.

      Two of my other brothers and myself have had similar surgery as my youngest brother, took the prescribed opioids, we did not become addicted, did not move on to heroin and did not pass away.

      Your story about the ER is very eye opening and I believe that President Trump should focus on the illegal aspect of this problem.

      The illegal drug problem and the open southern border is much much more of a problem than 90% of opioid medication users that do not have a problem.

      I do hope your son is on his way to recovery and my prayers go out for your family.


      • Michaela says:

        Thank you Colorado! I am sorry you lost a loved one. The President is working on illegal immigration, that will take care of a lot of it. I think more drug raids and so on should be happening.

        Liked by 1 person

        • You are more than welcome Michaela and I do hope the best for your son and your family.

          Our family really went through the ringer with my brother.

          This addiction problem is complex and the families that are caught up in it suffer terribly, it can take many years for them to recover them selves.

          I agree with you and do hope that Pres Trump will crack down on the illegal side of the problem, it is rampant.


  19. ruralnc says:

    On my conservative talk radio station, a few times a day a public service announcement rather than an ad plays. It states in summary about the national opiod crisis but gives an option: physical therapy. I believe the announcement, that PT will help those in pain who want to break the opiod addiction. It will not be an easy course, will take “blood, sweat, and tears” + patient time to reach the much-needed freedom from this situation.

    I’ve deduced from a friend who survived liver cancer and has told me she’s addicted to pain pills due to chemo and radiation that she may be afraid and ashamed to admit to a PT therapist about her condition. She cries every time I talk with her about her addiction. I always tell her that it’s not her fault this has happened to her, that the PT therapist will understand. On the other hand, I understand her fear. If I were she, I’d be afraid that I’d be turned in to the “authorities” if I confessed. (BTW, “Thank You, Lord, I don’t have this problem.” As this crisis has surfaced, I’ll be thanking the Lord for the problems I have rather than having this one.)

    The next time I talk with her, I will advocate that she goes to the PT about her pain issues and avoid any questions about pain meds. She can say she uses Aleve…that’s not quite a fib…she uses pills to “Alieve” her pain.

    It’s a travesty that we nationally are so afraid of the consequences to seek help and when we do, we have to do something we never thought we may have to do…”stretch the truth.” This is not the way I am or always have been. But I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s no one’s business about Me except Me and I don’t want my “confessions” to a medical professional enter any database. I may feel stressed at times and may have a glass of wine when I do, things innocuous to us that may be recorded as “uses alcohol; therefore, an alcoholic.” The less that’s known/deduced about us, the better. It’s not paranoia; it’s “watching our backs.”

    May the Lord bless/help everyone under an addiction and wants help and everyone who is helping those with addiction problems. “Thank You, Jesus, for President Trump.” I will pray for all of us dealing with both of these circumstances.


    • I am sorry ruralnc, but physical therapy will not relieve a lot of chronic pain that opioids are prescribed for.

      This is very wishful thinking and very misguided.

      It will do a lot of harm.


  20. Baygraver says:

    I am one of the affected people mentioned in this article . Ten years ago I ruptured a disc at the L5-S1 level of my lumbar spine, subsequent MRI showed moderately severe Spinal Stenosis , and degenerative disc disease at the same level as well as Spinal Stenosis in varying stages of progression throughout the entire Lumbar region of my spine. I went through every treatment that my Doctors recommended including surgery and physical therapy and all it did was make the pain worse until my surgeon finally said there was nothing else he could do for me, wrote out another Rx for 500mg of hydrocodone and cut me loose. my general practitioner helped all she could but eventually had to end Rxs and referred me to a pain specialist who didn’t want to help me if I did not want a spinal injection, which I had already had done with negative results, and basically he chased me out of his office making me feel like a pill chaser . I had to go back to my surgeon who finally gave me a referral to a pain specialist who knew what he was doing. it took him over a year to dial me in with a combination of medications , some worked some didn’t, to get me to a point where I could at least sit in a recliner and not be in excruciating pain and have what he describes as a basic level quality of life. While being dialed in I went through the full gambit of opioids that saw the same effects , 1-1/2 hr of pain, 3 hrs. of being stoned, and another 2 to 3 hrs. o more pain, not fun, until he finally had to put me on Morphine, scared the hell out o me but he explained that my body could process it n much better than most other pain meds and he was right, I now have to take 2 types of it along with Celebrex and have a much better quality o life. I have to see him every 2-3 months for checkups , pill counts, and pee tests, and he can only write a 30 day Rx . I can only hope that the politicians don’t screw everything up for the real professionals and the ones that they treat. My Dr. strictly adheres to all applicable laws that apply to his practice and even consults with his lawyer to make sure he is dong everything according to DEA regs, he has told me that LE has even tried to shop or sting him if you will with someone claiming to be in pain and looking for meds illegally, which he spotted immediately. Before my accident I didn’t even want to take aspirin for any aches or pains I had so this was well above my comfort level as far as medications go, but luckily I found a real professional who knows what he is doing and has helped me and hundreds If not thousands of people who desperately needed help.. If someone is breaking the law, deal with them, you have my full support, just don’t punish the ones that need these meds for legitimate reasons, it’s not fun being in excruciating pain 24/7,,i know, been there! Don’t punish us , just punish the bad guys.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Baygraver, you have a very difficult situation and I wish you well.

      A poster above ruralnc, stated that physical therapy would work instead of opioids which I disagree with.

      Chronic pain is a complex problem and sometimes it takes a while to diagnose.

      I am becoming very worried at the governments simple solution of restricting opioids to all.

      Cracking down on the real addicts and cleaning up the illegal problem would be the better solution.

      I had migraines for many years and I took an opioid for a few days almost every month for years.

      I did no become addicted nor would physical therapy have ever, ever relieved this kind of pain.

      I no longer suffer from this kind of headache but I do not know what I would have done if I had to suffer each and every time for days or weeks on end without my pain relief.


  21. jbrickley says:

    The heroin and fentanyl problem is very recent. Heroin use skyrocketed after the Obama Administration started cracking down on prescription opioids. But the root cause was the pharmaceutical industry and specifically the manufacturer of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma who aggressively marketed the drug as nonaddictive. It’s a slow release medication that lasts many hours. They threw enormous money at physician conferences and training then flooded the market with free samples to doctors. It was marketed as a miracle safe pain killer. The trouble is a long term user will quickly develop a tolerance and the pain returns hours sooner than it should so they pop another extended release pill and the cycle begins. Then they realize they could crush the pill and get the full dose all at once. Next they started freebasing it and injecting it. Strip mall pain centers otherwise known as pill mills were delivering giant ziplock bags of the pills. It was nicknamed Hillbilly Heroin. The manufacturers then put plastic in the pills so when crushed and liquified melted to be injected the plastic would ruin it. Next came the crack down on the pill mills which were shutdown the doctors lost their narcotic prescription licenses. Then came national electronic narcotic prescription tracking and doctors were under more scrutiny. ER doctors see patients look them up and find they hit up 4 other ER departments in the last few hours some over a state border. Now you have some clean folks complaining of pain to get pills for their boyfriend, etc. Talk to any ER or Urgent Care staff and you will hear about the drug seekers that come in every single day. So doctors are prescribing fewer pills and restricting refills, etc. Doctor shopping is no possible and the pill mills are gone. They turn to heroin on the street to feed their habit. Ironically, it’s cheaper. They snort it at first then move onto injections. The heroin supply dwindles as demand rises so now you have fentanyl being added but it’s not fentanyl it’s a synthetic. Now the synthetic fentanyl manufacturers (in China) are selling to the drug smugglers and dealers. The potency of these synthetics is unbelievably strong like 300 times stronger then actual Fentanyl. The dealers cutting the heroin don’t know what they are doing, the synthetic potency varies wildly and then you end up with heroin on the street that users don’t know is so strong. So they shoot the normal amount and almost immediately overdose.

    I don’t know what we are going to do about treating the addicts. The most effective is to eliminate access to the street drug and then put the addicts into rehab. The withdrawal is absolutely the worst. One of the most effective treatments is to sedate someone for a week or more and administer withdrawal drugs to speed up the process. Then when they are released they need to go somewhere where there is no chance of obtaining heroin. They need to stay at some kind of wilderness retreat and receive therapy. But they have to want to quit. Some people love the opioid high. While others detest it. I am one who dislikes the high from opioids. I will have the doctors reduce the dosage and supplement with Tylenol (which is same as Percocet). For those who suffer with unimaginable pain, I feel your frustration with the medical crackdown. New alternative pain treatments need to be found. Opioids are too dangerous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blondegator says:

      You’re exactly right. It’s the analog (psuedo) fentanyl that is so dangerous that it can’t be determined how small of an amount is toxic to humans. It’s this same substance, some names are furinyl fentanyl, or acetyl fentanyl….that can kill people who unknowingly touch powder traces of these subsstances. Right now, most of this appears in the US as fake Oxycontin….manufactured to look like the real thing, often fatal.


  22. david7134 says:

    First, there is no such thing as drug addiction, at least in the nature that many of you might think. You don’t take a drug and immediately have to have it forever. I prescribed Percocet at the rate of about 6 prescriptions minimum for over 22 years as I was treating people post bypass surgery. In the entire time I never, ever saw a person become addicted to the drug. Canada reviewed the issue of drug addiction and found that it did not exist, on the web somewhere, look it up. So why do people abuse drugs? Because they are nuts and are self treating, period and you can’t do a thing to stop the problem. Now, you can have some physical symptoms on stopping drugs, but generally they are mild and gone in a few days unless you are on major doses of the mediation. But that is anything, alcohol, dirt and of the substances that people take. We used to take care of people with a few minor pain meds when they went to jail for using heroin. No problem.

    Now, why do doctors prescribe so many opiates? Because there are no other drugs for pain. NONE. A group has been going around suing drug companies for making medications like Darvocet which was a great mediation for minor issues. Now gone for made up reasons. So you have to use opiates. I have found that many pain situations can be handled with muscle relaxants. But guess what, now they are trying to eliminate many of those drugs.

    By the way, in many countries you can buy these drugs across the counter without seeing a doctor and their issues with drug abuse are much less than ours.


  23. Lucille says:

    Stronger vetting of “refugees” is in order, wouldn’t you say….

    Nashville: Muslim cop found to be member of Kurdish gang known for selling illegal guns and drugs
    April 27, 2018 By Robert Spencer


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