Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Interviews Ron DeSantis…

Representative Ron DeSantis appears on Maria Bartiromo to discuss the referral of Andrew McCabe to federal prosecutors and the remaining characters within the FBI and DOJ who were involved in the weaponization of government for political operations.

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60 Responses to Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Interviews Ron DeSantis…

  1. Marko says:

    Shut Mueller down NOW….ample evidence of this fraudulant invstigation. Where is the investigation of Rosenstein and Mueller for going ahead with no probable cause?

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      No need to shut down Mueller. He’ll go down by attrition along with Hillary.

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    • sickconservative says:

      But you need more R’s to fight than the current crew we have.

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      • piper567 says:

        conservative, I am actually surprised we have, what is it now? 8 – 9 white hats actually doing good?
        Hope people consider sending them kudos on their good work.
        Don’t imagine they get much encouragement from their “peers”.

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        • maiingankwe says:

          You know, I’ve always been a big believer in sending out Thank You cards to people who took an extra step to help me out, whether it be at a retail store, grocer, car rental etc. I also like to send them to family and friends as well.

          I do this because I know it will make them feel good and bring a smile to their face. People need to feel appreciated, especially those who work hard and probably don’t receive it when they should.

          I remember being a teen and working at a upper-class retail store, and once in awhile I would have the store manager come and give me a rose and a letter from a customer who had written their thanks for my service. I so loved those roses of appreciation, and it would make me work and strive even harder to the best job I could.

          We didn’t always get letters, but if we did, the store would put a copy of the letter next to our picture holding the customer appreciation rose. Sometimes the customer would walk directly to customer service and let them know they had good service. It didn’t hurt either that I was the second closest dept to customer service either. 😀

          I think that is why now I take the time to write these letters because I know how much they meant to me. Unfortunately, I’ve not thought of writing these letters to Nunes and such. Our President yes, but not all of the other obvious white hats.

          So thank you piper567 for giving me the kick I needed. You rock!
          Be well,

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    • Newt Love says:

      By AG Sessions protecting the complicit D-AG Rosenstein, Sessions is aiding and abetting Rosensyein’s continued support of the sedition and treason fomented in the Obama Administration’s FBI and DoJ.

      Rosenstein signed for the DoJ (after trump was elected) on the FISA Renewal Application, to continue fraud on the FISA Court and violating the 4th Amendment rights of ALL Trump Associates.

      By his protection of Rosenstein, AG Sessions is now a Co-Conspirator in the attempt to overturn the results of 2016 Presidential Election.

      Prove me wrong, Sessions! Take ACTION! (Or are you recused from life?)

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    • Sunshine says:

      NO. Let him sink into his swamp hole. Slowly… he’s suffocating and can’t get out.

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  2. ablefox says:

    Let’s Go.

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  3. E, ROBOT says:

    I live in Florida and De Santis ain’t going nowhere. He made a big mistake when he jumped into the DC life-style.

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    • CathyMAGA says:

      I’m voting for him.

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    • Derek of Florida says:

      I won’t vote for him either. He’s trying to repair his conservative street cred for the election after helping illegals get food stamps. I don’t regret
      Not voting for Rubio and never will.

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      • dawg says:

        Unfortunately, I don’t think we have the luxury of voting on principle anymore. In my opinion, in any general election, we have to vote for the R over the D because we will need that R vote on the most important issues. Even moderate and RINO Rs will usually vote alongside the other Rs on the big votes, the Ds won’t.

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  4. frank field says:

    Rudy has a nose for the close! Let’s see if Mueller will find a way to swiftly back out.

    Rudy can also be hard nosed and holds LOTS of confidential information as leverage!


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  5. E says:

    Is it possible mueller gave comey immunity?

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    • Toenail says:

      If Mueller gave Comey immunity it is time to indict Mueller and revoke the immunity.

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    • bookman says:

      Not only did Mueller give Comey immunity, but that fact is now the impetus for Mueller to make it go away, pronto.

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “… mueller gave comey immunity?”

      Given the very visible 20+ year friendship between them, such an act would be a blatant conflict of interest. By the same token, Rosey can’t grant immunity to Comey. It would take a full AG.

      Given my current level of dis-respect for Sessions, I believe it is like when Comey and Lynch did the HRC investigations, and they gave immunity to everyone on HRC’s staff before they were interviewed.

      The fix is in, and (Please God, help us!) we must hurry to get indictments!

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  6. Everywhereguy says:

    New post up…

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  7. Leon0112 says:

    Maria, Maria – Sessions is overseeing Huber. Huber is charged with prosecuting and indicting those who colluded with Russia but did not work for Trump. The criminal referrals are going to Huber and his team. You will not hear anything from Huber until he has indicted someone and is ready to proceed with prosecution.

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  8. The Akh says:

    Trump Twitted this today. Are we still sure Sessions is on the side of Trump?

    Donald J. Trump

    “GOP Lawmakers asking Sessions to Investigate Comey and Hillary Clinton.” @FoxNews Good luck with that request!

    8:22 AM – Apr 22, 2018

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    • Apollo says:

      I’m with President Trump on that one. Good luck.

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    • Congress demanded/grilled Sessions about his conflict of interested and they accepted he recused himself. Now they are not? Trump knows if Sessions negates his recusal, they will be calling for Sessions to resign and Trump to be impeached.

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    • dawg says:

      More than any other POTUS tweet negative of Sessions, that one sounds the MOST like a headfake to me. Sounds like Trump keeping up the image that he has no control or input over his AG and that the DOJ is completely independent. This independence of the DOJ and notion that it is a separate branch of govt is a narrative being propagated by the left right now. Trump just giving them more rope.

      I would not be surprised if Sessions does, indeed, come back and start investigation into Comey and Clinton and can now say it was at the behest of Congress, NOT just the president.

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      • David A says:

        We KNOW he us still investigating Clinton. As to Comey; very likely he is part if the HRC and Clinton foundation investigations, and those are bolstered and related by the FBI corruption get Trump agenda.


      • MattyIce says:

        Exactly my take away from that tweet.


  9. Perot Conservative says:

    McCabe kept his own Memos, ala Comey, according to Laura Jarrett tweets.

    Sounds lke more CYA.

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  10. sandab00 says:

    easy there…”mentally compromised” sounds an aweful lot like “not mentally fit to be president”. problem is, accoring to whom is Sesssions’ mental state anything but tip top?

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  11. westernwhere says:

    Maybe you are mentally compromised if you can read all this and come up with a canard like that.

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  12. NC Nana says:

    Christopher Wray has continuously obstructed Congress in their FBI oversight responsibility. He gives the excuse that the Mueller investigation needs the FBI information for their highly questionable (illegal?) Russian investigation purposes. Wray’s only purpose is to stop Congress from seeing the illegal practices of the FBI.

    See Rep. DeSantis question Wray in a House Committee meeting. Wray arrogantly dismisses anything the Congressman requests. To my knowledge there is nothing that says 2 government organizations can’t look at the same thing at the same time. Where does the Executive Branch employee get off telling an elected Congressman he cannot have information he needs for FBI oversight purposes required by law?

    Mueller and Wray need to be moved out of the way so the criminal FBI enterprise can be prosecuted.

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  13. Alex says:

    For those who like desantis….

    I think he’s going after low hinging fruit in order to appear conservative enough to win Florida gov seat.

    Tread carefully

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  14. trialbytruth says:

    De Santos quotes Comey as saying we need a media hook in conversation with Brennan.

    I read the memos and foot notes I did not see that was this new info?

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  15. What about Peter Kadzik,the former Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Clinton e-mail probe for the Justice Department?

    Why is Kadzik forgotten?

    Kadzik “led the successful effort to confirm Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates” to run the Justice Dept. and was a “fantastic lawyer” who “kept me out of jail” said John Podesta.

    Kadzik also rewrote FISA applicants that were rejected by the court and FISA warrant extensions.

    Podesta was Presidential Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton and was Chief of Staff, for her husband, President Bill Clinton.

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  16. Julia Adams says:

    The Democrats play politics as if were a game, a sport. They conflate and confuse their passion and lawlessness as justification for ‘saving our democracy’.

    This time things are different. They have unmercifully attacked Trump and his family. If they get away with this, there will no limit to what they will do next.

    Progressivism must be thwarted now before the mid terms. I would start with McCabe, Comey and the Clintons all charged, tried and locked up.

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  17. There was no intelligence used to initiate the counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign. So …. it would appear the Obama Administration leadership used the NSA, CIA, ODNI, State Dept., UN Ambassador to spy on President Trump without any justification & then retroactively concocted this whole BS witch hunt to try to cover themselves, their political conspiracy & malfeasance. Wow!

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  18. hoop says:

    This is the Biggest News story of the Year so far….


  19. Cheesehead54016 says:

    If the Sessions/ Rosenstein/Wray group doesnt or WILL NOT prosecute several or more of these DOJ/FBI/CIA/IC/State Dept/Obama Admin/HRC Folks……… there will be little, if any confidence and support from folks (non-swamp lover) like me out here who VOTE and support current Admin and our Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Remember……we are the silent majority and we also have expectations.

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  20. E, ROBOT says:

    … keyword: apparent. We’ll find out what’s been going on when the curtain is pulled aside. Until then, be patient.


  21. harleyd says:

    I believe this whole scam was funded by the Clinton Campaign, which was the defacto DNC. Remember, the DNC was (a) essentially bankrupt and (b) for most of the time run by Debbie W-S who was a Clinton toadie and up to her ugly mug in a myriad of scandals, including treason via Awan/Pakistan.

    If the Hillary Team was the “CEO” of the total operation, Brennan was the “COO”. Comey was just a useful idiot, as he is now proving daily. So was Clapper. I believe Obama was in the know, and most likely approved the overall objectives to save what legacy he may have had, but is too lazy to run anything this complex.

    This is the perfect definition of RICO operation. And, unlike a RICO operation running garbage hauling in NYC, which is bad enough, it was conceived and run at the highest levels of our Government by people sworn to uphold the Constitution. Its goals were and still are to (a) elect Hillary by destroying her opponent and, when that failed, (b) destroy a duly elected President and his family.

    This is the biggest crime in our lifetime and maybe the biggest crime in the history of our Country. The perpetrators must be indicted, prosecuted and punished or the RULE OF LAW is dead and this will surely happen again.


    • harleyd says:

      And may I add that the RICO operation above is only one of the Clinton crimes. Add to the above the Clinton Foundation, Uranium 1, email gate, Benghazi, Haiti, etc. etc. etc.

      You could throw a dart blindfolded at Hillary’s and Bill’s resumes and hit a crime worthy of a life sentence every time.


    • Cheesehead54016 says:

      Yup. The patience of Silent Majority voters is being tested and excuses and lack of criminal prosecution will result in that majority turning against the current Admin and the whole of our DOJ/FBI/IC, etc.


      • marko says:

        agreed. Why is the IG report being delayed? Who makes that call. If there aren’t indictments announced immediately at the time the IG report is issued my patience will be gone. If I don’t see prosecutions my interest in voting gop will be severly lacking.


      • jfmjr442 says:

        I don’t think the anger will be against the current Administration but the Dems and the MSM concocting this. that’s where my anger goes


  22. NvMtnOldMan says:

    Newt—-The Big Picture as I see it is the prosecution of the whole dirty cabal of the Clintons/Obozo/uniparty and other swampers. They always hide behind client attorney privilege , but now that is out due to the Cohen raid.


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