James Comey: “I don’t know how many memos there are”…

Fired FBI Director James Comey appears on CNN for an interview with Jake Tapper and states [@03:20] he doesn’t know how many memos he may have written? …What?

We can see the growing legal risk to James Comey by the severity of his professional obfuscation.  Despite flooding the media with interviews the overall Comey book tour is a significant narrative fail; he will find few defenders during an indictment.


Institutional media quickly noted the public opinion shift on Comey as the American people’s BS-meter pegged Comey as condescending and self-interested.  Politically democrats are not attempting to utilize Comey because he’s a known toxic commodity. Comey is left drowning in his own sanctimony, and his lack of self-awareness is pathetic.

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359 Responses to James Comey: “I don’t know how many memos there are”…

  1. booger71 says:

    Jim…I feel your pain…Barry thought there was 57 states

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  2. Pam says:

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  3. wholy1 says:

    Keeping track of the spin, on the spin, of the spin, on the spin – ad infintum, of EACH lie gets increasingly difficult to “manage”, huh Comey [the Clinton Comity comedy]? Consequently, something eventually has to give, and just like your boss, the Hildabeast, it’s [conveniently] “memory” – until the leaked emails/docs mysteriously begin to manifest. If nothing else, it’s getting more amusing watching more of the [ fellow] “Rats” beginning to bite each other tails. Perhaps that’s what the Trumpster is doing – just waiting for all the miscreants to verbally/publicly indict each other. Solution to it all? Simply the TRUTH in the beginning.

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “… Comey [the Clinton Comity comedy]? …”

      Ding ding ding! You win the entire Internet for the night!

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      ” If nothing else, it’s getting more amusing watching more of the [ fellow] “Rats” beginning to bite each other tails”

      I predict that soon they will be doing more than that. Popcorn popper is ready.

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    • But the truth is that the cabal conspired to remove a duly elected President by framing him with false propaganda that was created and paid for by crooked and obozo and then used by the weaponized DOJ/FBI. That’s why the truth is nowhere to be found regarding Comey, McCabe and the rest. Full admission of what they did will put them in a jail cell.

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  4. Publius2016 says:

    Comey may have IMMUNITY! If true, PITCHFORKS MAY BE IN SHORT SUPPLY! This guy is 100% a liar, a Flake, and a total phony.

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  5. william elbel says:

    This shows once again that tall people, despite their lack of talents, are almost always picked over the shorter better qualified candidates.

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  6. missilemom says:

    Comey memos are out and liberals on Twitter are freaking out over leaks of Memos. Memo says in response to Trump’s question of loyalty, you will get that.

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  7. Whitehouse Clown says:

    Come memo’s reveal that Comes is a liar.

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  8. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Uh…..I’M FLOOOORRRRED!!!!!!!

    Was that Jake Tapper?????

    Note to self: ……must …..not…..fall…..for it……

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    • Michelle says:

      What happened?


      • Linus in W.PA. says:

        I can’t believe I did it, but I watched that whole 30 minute video interview Comey by Tapper.

        Comey is a real idiot, and now, as SD says, the media is now going after Comey, as Jake does in this clip.

        I’m guessing Comey is not going to do a lot more interviews now that he sees he doesn’t have a ‘friendly’ interviewer in the media.


    • Newt Love says:

      > “… Was that Jake Tapper????? …”

      Yep! the same Jake Tapper that claimed that “Scooter” Libby outed the NOC CIA Agent Valerie Plame, when it was Sect of State Powell’s Assistant, Armitage that leaked Plame’s identity.

      If Jakey “Flakey” Tapper-Dancer is correct, then why did the DC Bar agree that the Special Prosecutor had framed Libby, and coerced a witness to lie under oath? They gave “Scooter” Libby his Law License back!

      I think that “Scooter” Libby being a current practicing attorney proves his side of the story, and on the other side of that story is the (proven LIAR) Jakey “Flakey” Tapper-Dancer, for the *-nth time, giving false witness against a Good Person.

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  9. Pam says:


    • Chickficshun says:

      Look for the Dems to leak fake redacted info to spin for the MSN. Gotta rehabilitate Comey fast.
      I just read where Comey is now saying he started the McCabe investigation prior to him being canned by PDT.

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  10. simicharmed says:

    This fool has clearly earned the name – Crotch Pheasant Comey…

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  11. JoD says:

    Where are the Comey/Obama memos?

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  12. Sorry to repeat myself but I just finished watching this and i cannot believe someone so unqualified for the position of FBI Director not only got the job but was praised by both parties as being honorable. I am flabbergasted.

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    • Concernedcitizen says:

      Comey’s not the only unqualified appointee of Obama. The criteria for Obama in selecting people for key positions was not competence, it was leftist ideology. Unfortunately for the country, everything a leftist touches turns to crap.

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      • TexasDude says:

        I am not sure it was even ideology. It appears that he preferred fellow travelers, but he also didn’t mind those who could be shaped or were flexible enough to go along with his transformation.

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      • Newt Love says:

        > “… The criteria for Obama in selecting people for key positions was not competence, it was leftist ideology. …”

        I would add their malleability, which would allow Obama and Eric Holder / Loretta Lynch to mold and shape the “Gumby-like” Jumbo Combo Comey, into a tool to assist in the complete transformation of America.

        Comey drank the Kool-Aide in gallon jugs!

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        • CanaCon says:

          We shouldn’t forget blackmailability! Not just appointees either – the first time it hit me was Roberts upholding ACA and I thought “what do they have on THIS guy?”. Any significant appointee had to be a dyed-in-the-wool fellow traveller, seriously compromised or most likely both (other than Robert Gates, who I still can’t make up my mind about).


      • Lou Foxwell says:

        The criteria for Obama in selecting people for key positions was not competence, it was leftist ideology.

        It is absolutely critical to cut this in stone. ‘every single major and nearly every minor Obama appointee was a certified Marxist.


    • PaulM says:

      He’s every bit as honorable as the people who praised him.

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  13. beach lover says:

    They are posted somewhere! FNC has them


  14. Minnie says:

    Thank you Sundance for all you do to keep us informed.

    Gratitude 🇺🇸

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  15. Budman says:

    He fooled the fools!

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “He fooled the fools!”

      that is a classic ambiguous post.
      Who is the “He” that you refer to?
      Who are the “fools” to which you refer?

      Without those details, I can’t tell whether you are supporting Comey or talking him down.


  16. Firefly says:

    Fox News ed Henry reporting a Comey told a PTrump he’s not sneaky and the FBI doesn’t leak!
    You can’t make this up.

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    • All Too Much says:

      Reading the memos, knowing the background, was funny.
      Comey has a lot of stories out there and the don’t all add up.
      One common point, he is the hero, good guy, in all of them.

      Comey either has an extremely good memory, or he took notes during the meetings, or he recorded them. Or they’re obvious as self-serving CYA crap. The detail and length show it. Since we can now eliminate memory as his source of facts, he doesn’t remember how many memos he wrote, and its pretty obvious he did not take notes since we’d know about them, the only thing left is option three, recording. Unless its fiction.

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      • Newt Love says:

        > “… Comey has a lot of stories out there and they don’t all add up. …”

        But but butt, Comey said that 2 + 3 = 6.5!
        Comey later testified under oath that 5 + 2 = 7, but when questioned under oath by another Legislative Committee, Comey claimed that 2 + 5 = 9!
        (I guess Comey hadn’t heard of “The Transitive Property of Addition” Law of Mathematics.)


  17. kea says:

    Its a big bus….

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      He may need more than one seat…let’s see…

      James Comey…aka…the tallest transgendered lesbian dwarf in the entire Obamadom aka Slippery Jim, …. Also known as “Slimeball James”

      Known to have an affinity for having many memos, a desire for blending into curtains…and a penchant for blather….but….the book is still out on him…so he’s still in the race..

      Popcorn…get your Popcorn here…

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      • Newt Love says:

        > “…the tallest transgendered lesbian dwarf in the entire Obamadom aka Slippery Jim, …. Also known as “Slimeball James” …”

        Dammit Gunny! That was so FUNNY that I spit my beer on my computer screen. I had to grab some paper towels to wipe up the results on my laughter.

        Thank You Gunny!
        Semper Fi.
        Newt, USMC MCRD San Diego (a Hollywood Marine) June 1976.


      • kea says:

        Hands out Popcorn by the truck ummmm bus load! 😉


  18. Barry Masony says:

    I do not think Comey should be prosecuted. I prefer that he be persecuted.

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    • Linda Colley says:

      I know this is not on subject but how is sessions compromised


      • glissmeister says:

        Your question’s on topic by plenty and a very good one. My hunch is he’s compromised only to the extent he has recused himself. He raised the hood and went to work on the engine at DOJ for POTUS from jump. And what a mess he was handed. He took his hits early, but not as a protagonist participant. There is no “bad guy” taint to Sessions, only the bumbling grandpa criticism. Soon enough we’ll see if that wise old grandpa is as inept and harmless as his detractors claim and his supporters fear.

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        • snellvillebob says:

          And I believe his recusal is correct. He is now in charge of dozens of departments,which fall under the DOJ, including the FBI, which have been infiltrated by a criminal element whose loyalties are not to the American people. He was involved in the Trump for President Campaign and is setting an example for his employees to follow. I keep noting with surprise when I read about the conflicts people like Comey, Mueller and virtually every other bad guy has. It make you want to pull your hair out.


  19. Mickey Wasp says:

    Comeys Homeys – vs – McCabes Cabal
    They’re going to have to ‘up-one’ each other to show they’re “less” guilty.

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  20. Newt Love says:

    I went to the US Dept of Justice “official” web page and accessed their “Contact Us” form.
    As the subject, I chose “Messages to the AG”

    This is what I posted tonight:
    AG Sessions,
    Thank you for being a Southern Gentleman.

    I am shocked that someone in your DoJ actually took an action against one of the many criminals that worked in the Obama Administration’s DoJ and FBI that continued into your DoJ and FBI.

    IG Horowitz referred McCabe to the US Attorney in DC.
    Okay, that is good in the Media, but the reality is that McCabe grew up with the people who will take his facts before the Grand Jury, and the people who will prosecute him, and many of the Judges who adjudicate his trial.

    Given that, I expect that the US Attorney in DC will “Judge Shop” for someone like Kimba Woods, who will see nothing wrong with crimes committed for a cause against Donald Trump.

    It’s the “Old Boy (and Girl) Network” and Andrew McCabe will get two “slaps on the wrists” that will “smart” for all of ten minutes.

    Can you tell that I have lost all of my previous faith in the Rule of Law and Equal Justice Under the Law?

    If I knew then, what I know now, back in high school, I would not have chosen to be a US Marine. America has no honor, and is debauched on the Clinton and (D) Party donors’ money.

    I am disgusted by the Holder, Lynch, and now the Sessions DoJ / FBI fakeries.

    It is not about who is referred for prosecution. Criminals MUST get the full punishment under the law, without respect to who they are!

    Prove me wrong!
    Prove to me that America is NOT now “a Nation of Powerful People, and not of Laws.”
    Do you even remember what “A Nation of Laws, and NOT of Men” meant?
    Show what you mean by your ACTIONS!

    I won’t hold my breath!

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    • beigun says:

      After Deep Slumber, the ‘Bama Possum awakes!

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      • glissmeister says:

        Might be more Puma than Possum. Might be the Puma’s been watchin’ this whole time.

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        • Newt Love says:

          > “… Might be the Puma’s been watchin’ this whole time.”

          Yeah, but AG Sessions is “recused” by which Sessions must mean that he can say or do nothing about anything that has to do with stuff under Deputy AG Rosenstein.

          AG Sessions is recused from anything “Russian Collusion.”

          What does violating the 4th Amendment Attorney / Client Privilege of Cohen and Trump and The Trump Organization have to do with “Russian Collusion?” What does ILLEGALLY “OUTING” Sean Hannity in the Kangaroo Court have to do with “Russian Collusion?”


          AG Sessions proves his impotence and ineptitude against the onslaught of the previous Administration’s attack to overturn the 2016 Presidential Election, and AG Sessions sits on the sideline sucking eggs, saying “I’m recused.”

          The overthrow of the US Government started with AG Sessions endorsing Deputy AG Rosenstein’s actions (who signed the 4th renewal of the FRAUDULENT FISA Warrant to get and unmask all Trump associates’ emails and phone calls, and give them to Obama’s henchmen and henchwomen and henchTransgendered) so that the “Trump Insurance Policy” would be enacted.

          If you don’t know what that Comey, McCabe, et cetera, “insurance policy” was / is, then JUST LOOK AT THE RUN-AMOK Robert Mueller Investigation!

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      • Newt Love says:

        > “After Deep Slumber, the ‘Bama Possum awakes!”

        Is ‘Bama short for Alabama, or short for Obama, because I just can’t tell about Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III anymore.

        He could be Al Jolson singing in Black-Face for all I can see or hear.

        PDJT is great! His ACTIONS speak louder than his Tweets!

        AG Sessions is not so great! His Inaction speaks louder than his words!

        Prove me wrong dammit! I need to hope in America again!

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        • Oldschool says:

          Agree with all your posts newt and imo, as soon as SC is shuttered, Trump will fire AG. POTUS hands have been tied with this SC. Would love to be wrong and see sessions come out of hiding, but nothing in the last 15 months would indicate that.

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  21. Nikita's_UN_Shoe says:

    Hey, ignorant U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens voted for two ineligible POTUS candidates in 2008 – Barry, the undocumented alien and unConstituional usurper and John (SR511) McCain. Why shouldn’t these same air-heads believe Comey’s con-game statements?


  22. nimrodman says:

    I’ll say it again:

    Where are the computer or server logs that can verify that these memos were written “minutes after meeting with the President”?

    … and not weeks later?

    I’m listening to Mark Steyn subbing for Tucker and he repeatedly says “written minutes after yada yada …”

    How do we know?

    Where are the computer logs that verify the electronic document “created” and “modified” dates and times? The “edit history”. That kinda thing.

    Any sysadmins are welcome to comment, as well anyone with Microsoft word expertise that knows what kind of edit history documents may contain.

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    • All Too Much says:

      Everything about the creation of these documents is on a server somewhere.
      Assuming HRC hasn’t, yet, smashed the server with a hammer, and soaked it in Bleach Bit, it seems obvious the metadata (I think that’s the term) exists, and it holds the story.

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    • bofh says:

      It’s a weird thing, but it seems like written documents are given some sort of magical status in court, as though they all have to be accepted as valid. IANAL but this has been my experience in several proceedings.

      That’s why self-serving “memo’s” are written so frequently. An attorney will urge you to write down notes after conversations or other events, complete with dates and times if possible. If well-meant, the documents are still subjective and colored by your memory of the event. or they may contain errors, or may even be fabrications. And yet they seem to carry an unwarranted weight in court.

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    • glissmeister says:

      Same issue with the metadata on the DNC files given to Wikileaks. Bill Binney and a his team of technical experts proved the metadata showed the data were copied on premises to a drive of some sort directly on-network, then logged out, then physically taken out of the building for delivery to Wikileaks. There should be metadata in Comey’s files that benchmark date and time.

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    • AH_C says:

      Can’t tell till we know the file type and format of the memo. I don’t know about the Feebs, but all DOD computers have a file log that captures filename, and timestamp, among others.

      Just let them release the actual memos and geeks will know everything to know about it in minutes. Just like the shopped long BC of Oboobie, simply because of the layers.


  23. daizeez says:

    When asked by Tapper if he let top level FBI agents speak with so little respect the way Strzok & Page did about Trump, Comey replied he thought a lot about it…should he have given a speech to all of them? OMG what an idiot. A speech? How about setting a good example.

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  24. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  25. Perot Conservative says:

    A recent “ex” was a liberal Sicilian lawyer from a top 10 law school. She said you never lie … and if someone on the stand lies, everything they say is then considered suspect.

    I guess this cuts a lot of ways… is he lying to protect himself, to protect Democrats?

    Now we know why Joe diGenova said he was called “Cardinal Comey”. And did our taxpayer dollars pay for 5,000 coffee mugs which say “Coney’s Homeys”? Tacky.

    And if he’s gonna rip Trump, where did he get the black boots? Buster brown?

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  26. ezpz2 says:

    Wow. I hope the Rachel/Comey interview will be posted.

    Not trying to promote her show, but it’s live and she just got the redacted Comey memos. As she reads them to him, he’s suddenly developed a case of ‘I don’t recall’ amnesia. AWKWARD!

    It’s also funny how RM is all worried that the DOJ caved and gave the memos to congress while there’s an ongoing investigation ( Mueller), yet there is ZERO mention that Homey leaked those very UN-redacted memos to a so called journalist who has no security clearance to view them! All with the stated purpose of the appointment of SC Mueller (insurance policy).

    Congress not only has the clearance and the right to view the memos, but they have the responsibility to see them as part of their oversight requirements as elected representatives of the we the people!

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  27. whippersnapper says:

    He is saying that so they can create, on demand, as needed, new memos for what ever new narrative they need


  28. DanO64 says:

    The UniComey memos are pure self serving cover his own ass. He was our top law enforcement official at the FBI? No wonder they contracted out all their work. SAD.

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  29. Pingback: James Comey: “I don’t know how many memos there are” – IOTW Report

  30. MaineCoon says:

    Can’t be impeached for lying if one doesn’t know or recall something. Ask HAG.

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  31. What I would say to that big freak Comey: Sir, I believe you. Thousands wouldn’t.


  32. Boots says:

    SD said this on Twitter:

    “10) The discussion from Mueller will not center around Trump, but rather center around how much risk to Hillary Clinton, and by extension political allies within FBI and DOJ – including Obama White House, Mueller will permit.”

    Wow. SD is probably as usual, correct here. BUT!….BUT!….BUT!….Obama and Hillary are twin heads of the snake. *Why* won’t Rudy go after them? If no one goes after them, they win! That’s not us “winning”.

    So, *how* does PDJT, OIG, etc, go about cutting those twin snake heads Obama and Hillary, off the Hydra?

    *What* can we do if Obama and Hillary skate? I know they’ll receive their just comeuppance on the Last Day, but man! I want to see them get the full penalty of man’s justice while they’re on this earth. They deserve to get 100x more than they took from America, and the people they allowed or ordered to be killed.

    Rant off…

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  33. Also- I don’t know how many of you watched Hannity tonight but he had Levin on and he (Levin) was ON FIRE. Although he was somewhat of a “never Trumper” in the earlier days of the campaign, Levin ultimately came around and he does support our beloved President.
    Even though I refused to listen to Levin for several months, I’m glad that things have changed and I can still tune in to his radio show which comes on during my evening commute. He is an amazing Constitutional scholar and lawyer- absolutely brilliant- and I hope that someone in Trump World was listening tonight because he made an air tight case as to why a sitting President CANNOT BE INDICTED. He had rock solid legal research, went after Rosey and also Sessions for letting Rosey get out of control.
    Hopefully one of Trump’s legal eagles was watching.
    By the way- many thanks to Sundance and all the commentators on CTH. This is the BEST blog out there. No where else can you get this kind of information on a daily sometimes hourly basis. People are polite and well informed. I am so glad to have found the Tree House!

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  34. All Too Much says:

    Jake Tapper?
    CNN needs ratings that badly?

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  35. thomaspain1961 says:

    I seem to remember right after comedome was fired, he made some negative claims against Trump and later comedome gave a different account of his and Trumps conversations. Then Trump said something semi-crypted on his way to a plane, “Who knows? There might have been recordings made.” Trump said nothing more about it to this day.
    When comedome had his meetings with Trump, Trump knew of the deep state shenanigans and comedome’s role as well. Trump probably surmised comedome may try to get him with a perjury trap or obstruction of justice. Trump at this time knows how base comedome is and loathes comedome and knows he’s a sneaky snake. So Trump records everything to cover his fundament. comedome is so arrogant and underestimating of Trump probably thought that Trump would not be smart enough to record the conversations. comedome has likely lied about the meetings and Trump will whip the recording out and smash comedome.
    I’m convinced this is the scenario.

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  36. Hoosier treeper says:

    Q has this:
    Memos are fake
    guided by LL/+3CLAS
    Think SC
    All written same time.

    Saw this on neon revolt which has great analysis on Q posts.
    My take on both CTH and neon revolt is that they both seem to agree that all that we hoped for is starting to happen….. I hope Gitmo gets filled up quickly with the traitors.

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  37. TomA says:

    Anyone who has ever been involved in law enforcement knows that a defendant who can’t shut up is his own worse enemy and increases the likelihood of conviction with every utterance. How in the world can Comey spent his whole adult life in law enforcement and not know that he is killing himself with his diarrhea of the mouth? Is he really that stupid or does he believe that he can’t be convicted because of some special “get-out-of-jail-free” card that he is holding?

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    • Abster says:

      Something is obviously wrong with him. I think he is batshit crazy!

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      • TDU_Weight says:

        What in God’s name do you have against bats!
        They navigate by echolocation.
        Bats are geniuses compared to Comey.

        Hey. There’s a thought.

        Let’s start using the term “Comeyshit Crazy” when we want to describe Alfred E. Newman level cracked behavior.


    • maga2004 says:

      Tom, Comey thinks he is above the law and can choose to fully enforce or ignore it on his whim. He is a self serving swamp creature. I am appalled at his blind hypocrisy to the way he applied the law to HRC and her cronies compared to President Trump.


    • Comey = Batshit Crazy and Arrogant without bounds.


  38. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Wonder if he has forgotten about any memos from meetings with his favorite his boss at the Obama Compound in DC between February and May of 2017? Understanding he claims that he never took any notes when meeting with the Nobel Prize Winner Barack Hussein Respct.


  39. Karl Kastner says:

    Comey observes insignificant details like tie length and small hands, but can’t count his memos.

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  40. jb says:

    Mr. Comey –

    When a man find himself in a deep hole he should stop digging.


  41. Sgt Stryker says:

    Just a feelgood memory to end the night:


  42. “I can’t remember” is the classic excuse used by guilty people.

    Comey is unable to remember so he can magically manufacture more memos then backdate them just in case he thinks of another memo he can write that can help him later in court.

    Problem for Comey is that Michael Horowitz, Inspector General, has had Comey and Peter Kadzik under investigation since Jan. 17th, 2107.

    Horowitz said so in a press release.

    For a copy of it and explanation of who is Peter Kadzik:

    “Internal Affairs’ report of alleged misconduct by James Comey and Peter Kadzik during Trump’s Campaign for President to be released in May”



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