President Trump Welcomes 2017 NCAA Championship Alabama Crimson Tide to White House…

Earlier today President Trump hosted the NCAA championship football team, Alabama Crimson Tide, to the White House. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was also present in the audience.

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102 Responses to President Trump Welcomes 2017 NCAA Championship Alabama Crimson Tide to White House…

  1. JB in Jefferson says:

    Hey I’m first.
    Very Interesting another 17 jersey???

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  2. Mark says:

    ” Attorney General Jeff Sessions was also present in the audience.”

    – one ping only, please

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  3. dawg says:

    Uggh. I was at the game. That should be UGA. We were beating their behinds for over two quarters, even after they made the QB change, and we blocked their punt. At that point, the refs botched that call and a few more, and we lost. Totally stolen from us by the refs. I hate to sound like one of “those guys”, sour grapes, etc….but its true.

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    • thenewyoungrepublicanblog says:

      The refs were bad. We (Bama) had zero leadership until Tua fired everyone up. UGA folded as much as Bama stepped up. The refs only affected it so much

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    • Everywhereguy says:

      Wait till next year! haha 😂

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    • Somebody says:

      Nope Alabama fought their way back in that game. Yes there were some bad calls, against both sides, but that isn’t why GA lost. The refs did screw up on the offside call at the start of the 2nd half, but as far as missed calls……they ran both ways.

      You guys have a great coach with Kirby, he’s just starting to build the team. No doubt you’ll be making more trips to the big game, better luck next year. Bottom line let’s all be proud of an all SEC national championship!

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    • Remington says:

      UGA…for what?….The better team won. When Tua went in you could almost hear the dog defense saying…”oh shit”…and so it goes. Y’all lost – even after we loaned you our second best coach….I’d say good luck in 2018/19, but you’ll need more than good luck. Start praying to St Jude – the patron Saint of hopeless causes

      ROLL TIDE…

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    • TAS says:

      Dawg fan here…we screwed up on one play that cost us the game. We played a hell of a game…congrats to Bama, so did they…we’ll be back!

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    • Iamacokecan says:

      The UGA offense was no where to be found in the second half besides one long pass.

      Great game though.


    • Unclezeb says:

      Boo boo Roll Tide Roll



    • Tuduri says:

      Well, I’ve got family in Alabama and I’ve followed the tide
      since I was a teenager and Bear Bryant was the head coach. I really think those grapes are of the red variety, just like the Tide. Go ‘Bama!
      I will concede that UGA had a hell of a good team.


    • nuthinmuffin says:

      you are one of those guys…


    • Kenji says:

      The NCAA are slaveholders. They extract a $ multi-billion dollar industry from the labors of young athletes at their peak … in exchange for room and board. And … maybe … a degree in “Mass Communications”. Alabama Slaveholders of the 1830’s were actually far more generous than the NCAA. The myth of the “student athlete” is the ONLY 1950’s relic embraced by the Alt.leftist colleges. Time to retire that garbage with the heterosexual nuclear family of extreme white privilege, eh? NCAA ? Eh college Presidents?

      Time to $ PAY $ NCAA athletes their FAIR SHARE … so ALL colleges can keep pace with Alabama … I want MY alma mater to PAY our Div.1 football and basketball players as much as Alabama pays theirs.


      • ibobland08 says:

        They get a free education and they are also able to leverage their status as a football player post-graduation to get a job. Also they choose to do it and they choose their degree. A far better position than the $45,000 of student debt I had when I graduated.


  4. talkietina says:

    They did a prayer circle around Trump at the end.

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  5. lav48erne says:

    I forgot Mr. Magoo is looking for other ways to screw our President. He has nothing else to occupy his time but to cover for the deep state.


  6. jnearen says:

    Proud of my school, my coach, my President and my country. Roll Tide!

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  7. Disgusted says:

    They are our kids today but hopefully great fathers and successful men in the future. Why does this look very possible? Just watching them be happy, smiling, proud college kids means they want to be SOMEBODY by earning it and working toward a goal! Not giving up? Tears in eyes here! Good Luck, Guys!!

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  8. nonniemae says:

    I love President Trump, football and football players! As a football mom, this was an uplifting moment. Thank you Mr. President. Thank you Crimson Tide men for enjoying the experience!

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  9. Ivehadit says:

    ROLL TIDE INDEED! Thank you Mr. President for your gracious and warm reception today.WE LOVE YOU!!

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  10. gingergal says:

    I really enjoy it when a group, team or establishment openly and genuinely give President Trump the honor and respect he deserves. The media never shows things like this unfortunately.

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  11. FL_GUY says:

    As an Auburn graduate, I congratulate Alabama for a job well done!
    I’m glad these young people on the team appreciated the honor to be in the historic White House. Made all the more special due to the Honor and Integrity of President Trump, a great man and a great American!

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  12. Pam says:

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  13. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions was also present in the audience.”

    Was there any “collusion” going on? (sarc/)

    Hopefully they got to chat a little bit during the game, where the CIA could not listen in.*

    * – I know they are not supposed to be involved “domestically”. Go tell them that. Certain people move data from the NSA server farm (which is audited) to the CIA cloud run by Beelzebub, Inc. (which is not).

    “….“The NSA database, with its large and ongoing collection of electronic communications, can be accessed through the NSA’s cloud,” says one former senior intelligence official. The NSA can audit it and find out if analysts are violating rules. The NSA does not audit the CIA’s cloud, which is audited by the CIA’s IT people and Amazon Web Services employees who are given security clearances…..”

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  14. Bamalaker says:

    I loved this so much! My team and my POTUS! ❤️❤️❤️ Roll Tide!! 🤗

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  15. Phil aka Felipe says:


  16. Hutzpa says:

    Watch the team lay hands on the President and pray for him at the 45min mark…

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    • Remington..... says:

      Isn’t it grand…..I mean isn’t this just the best. Brings a year to my eye. Hearing this song, seeing that flag, our President…and the Tide… just works me. Miss my home in Muscle Shoals, the people, the music….God, Country…and football.

      God, I loved it so much.

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    • distracted2 says:

      So nice to see it on The Hill website. I particularly loved seeing the huddle around him continue to grow as they were praying.


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  18. Cathy Lehman says:

    Bear Bryant is smiling down! Congratulations, gentlemen!


  19. Susan Sylvia says:

    Let’s hope we have another Crimson Tide visit Washington in November!

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  20. Cathie says:

    Our POTUS looked particularly handsome at this event! 🙂


  21. GB Bari says:

    The President always is very genuine, relaxed, and enjoying everything when he meets with non-politicians, especially people who have proven themselves to be real achievers.

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  22. Jimi says:

    Roll Tide!
    My birthday is on the 17th, sniffle….

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  23. Pam says:

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  24. jello333 says:

    At any of these kinds of things, I like to study the faces and actions of the players, because it’s often the case that at least some of them do NOT want to be there (politically speaking). But this time I’m actually pretty impressed, because the vast majority were smiling. There may have been two or three who seemed a bit “neutral” about the whole thing. And only one (that I could find) who seemed to be really unhappy to be there… and even him, maybe I was just misreading his expression (I’m talking about the guy in the back row with the red shirt and black tie). So overall, this was pretty nice.

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  25. distracted2 says:

    I’m a diehard Sooner girl but today I’m all in for Alabama. Any team that asks to pray with and for President Trump earns my appreciation and affection. Roll Tide!


  26. Sadi Jay says:

    These teams are insulting the president and all who voted for him. Other presidents got their jerseys marked with the number of their presidency. He gets jerseys marked with presidency 17 – who was impeached. I hate them.


  27. Very Proud today to be an Alumnae from U of Alabama 1980 and what Class our team showed the White House and President Trump. Wonderful Marine Band played Yeah Alabama Fight Song. Great experience for these young men


  28. Mike diamond says:

    President Trump is right on !!!he is all American !


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