Triggerin’ Toadies – A Sleepy, Sanctimonious Twit Interviews Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin…

Hmmm… let’s see.  Amid the most consequential trade and economic reset in the history of the United States, you’re given the opportunity to interview the most powerful financial figure behind the team doing the resetting.  Now, what type of questions would you come up with?

The tax reform result and impact on budgets or revenue?  The view of future investment opportunity within the U.S. economy? The outcome of the prior treasury department financial sanctions against the backdrop of a new shift by North Korea? How the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is being repositioned? Trade tariffs and how any future trade approaches might influence the dollar?  The economic benefits of an expanded GDP projection and debt offsets?… or..

…Oh, wait, I know…. let’s talk about “Trump rallies.”


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365 Responses to Triggerin’ Toadies – A Sleepy, Sanctimonious Twit Interviews Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin…

  1. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    A guy with a sense of humor (and a less fragile ego, apparently) would have opened with a joke about trying to stay awake and then done a serious, informative interview. But you first have to understand that the news and the audience are more important than your feelings…


  2. Good Lord! Chuck Todd just proved President Trump’s assertions at the Pittsburgh rally on Friday night; Chuck Todd is a sleepy-eyed son of a b**ch! Guess the President struck a nerve.

    What a whiner! “What am I supposed to tell my children?” Yet right! You don’t care personally. It’s just the children. Wah, wah, wah.

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  3. Leslie Ingersoll says:

    Chuck Toast

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  4. texastrumper says:

    I just cannot believe that President Trump is mocking disabled reporters again! / s

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  5. joshua says:

    sleepy eyed sob with no education and bad beard and hair.
    so what else is new?

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    • Decorum here in the Treehouse prevents me from very accurately describing the facial hair slapped on the face/mouth of this documented looser. Just sayin’ … 😉

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      • NvMtnOldMan says:

        Red, let me help. A buddy of mine had a beard, goatee etc just like chuchies One day while trimming it, he stopped, took a long look in the mirror and then shaved the whole works off. He told me that he realized that he looks at those all day at work. He is an ob/gyn doctor.

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  6. 4harrisonblog says:

    Mr. Todd, is very “special”.

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  7. scslayer says:

    Chucky was a wee bit flustered. Think Prez hit a nerve!

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  8. mrtomsr says:

    Perhaps this talking head should consider that his “defense” of his first amendment rights should be juxtaposed with his second amendment opinions.

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  9. Waterboy says:

    Maybe they should just chuck…Todd and get a less sensitive adult reporter. I bet his kids hear worse than that in the school yard and on tv.

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  10. molonlabe28 says:

    Man these media types are thin-skinned.

    Todd is a soy boy who spends too much time in the green room.

    Grow a pair already.

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    • Justice says:

      My favorite part is watching these mentally ill fascists destroy themselves in broad daylight. Decent people see how stupid they are and we will continue to beat these SOBs and win, win, win.


  11. Scout says:

    “What am I supposed to tell my children?”

    Well….. “I’m a neo-marxist media progressive running agitprop for the globalist collective” would be accurate. You wouldn’t want to mislead the kiddies, would you.

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  12. MaineCoon says:

    Q: At what point does the Trump Cabinet/Admin stop appearing on CNN?
    A: When the interview only promotes the interviewer’s/network’s total policy platform instead of a proper interviewee’s; when interviewer’s questions attack interviewee and/or POTUS personally.

    IMO Trump Cabinet/admin needs to stop feeding the beast. CNN should be banned. Off limits for any interviews. To continue appearing is to partake in the lies; to be used to promulgate the lies.

    Is there any benefit to appearing? I don’t see it.

    It’s time for a complete ban of appearing on CNN by the Trump administration/Cabinet.

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    • Daniel Colombo says:

      I am not necessarily trying to pick a fight, but you do realize that Chuck Todd is with NBC.

      Regarding your broader point, I, like President Trump, see no reason to be afraid of any of the MSM. The lion is a predator, and he doesn’t drink soy!


      • MaineCoon says:

        Just came back to correct my mistake. Yah Todd is on NBC. Theory appies. Target his show. Honestly, I quir watching tv several years ago until I finally gave the tv away. For me I personally ban them all.

        The reason I believe some specific ahows should be banned on even CNN as a whole is because we the people deserve better. We deserve NOT to have to repeatedly be exposed to lies and such lies that literally make many young emotionally unwell.

        We deserve better.

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    • Southern Son says:

      So you don’t see the Sunshine that Wolverine Minuchin was bringin’.
      Neither did toad.


    • paulyho39 says:

      I have mixed feelings about the Trump folk appearing on CNN…part of me thinks they should not ever appear there…but the other part thinks…well..there may be a FEW people out there listening that would get the story “straight from the horse’s mouth”…that they wouldn’t get at all otherwise?? Don’t know!


    • Lurker2 says:

      Just keep in mind that there are people watching CNN who are ready to leave the cult, and this kind of appearance could be the very thing that causes them to make their move.

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    • powderdayrules says:

      Completely agree MaineCoon. Their “reporters” should also be banished from Sarah’s pressers. They really don’t need to be there since they make up their news anyway.

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    • cozette says:

      President Trump is done with CNN. They’ve been destroyed. During his rally he signalled to his supporters that we’re now moving on to NBC and MSNC. Chuck is one of their propogandists. The chans are thrilled to have a new target.

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  13. 21leelee says:

    The split screen showing Chuck Todd and Steve Mnuchin told its own story. Todd was like melting wax, bubbling and sinking, spilling left and right, he was pointing and grimacing, fuming. Mnuchin was composed, rational, tried to stay on topic, and even explained to Todd how to focus on events. What a show! Mnuchin looked a thousand times better than Todd.

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  14. honestyoz says:

    Tell your children the three fundamental truths love your family, your country and socialism always fails.

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  15. honestyoz says:

    Tell your children the three fundamental truths love your family, your country and socialism always fails.


  16. honestyoz says:

    Tell your children the three fundamental truths love your family, your country and socialism always fails.

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  17. scottmc37 says:

    Toddy, its not all about you…….geez,at least he wasnt sleepy yday morning..

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  18. Donzo says:

    If ‘Lil Chucky was 15 I might feel sorry for him but since he’s a grown man, believe it or not, I hope DJ T finds the right moment to do follow up: maybe 10 seconds of silence. Wow, never have I seen a more childish display from the MSM’s purveyors of pap. That performance will go down as a textbook example of how not to respond to personal insult. Toads are supposed be thick-skinned.


  19. Rynn69 says:

    Again, liberal projection on display in all its glory. Wasn’t it PDJT who was thin-skinned? Liberals, always guilty of what they accuse others of.

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  20. Andy says:

    He acts like he’s never heard a vulgarity in his life. Even though we know most liberals can’t complete a sentence without using the f-word several times.

    Chucky boy really got his panties in a knot. He needs to toughen up a bit.

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  21. Bendix says:

    At this point, I don’t know a thing about the rally.
    I’d like to remind everyone, it isn’t Chuck’s job to illuminate the topic of trade, it’s to distract.
    Even if it were his goal, to report and clarify for the public, he isn’t qualified to do so, because there is no way for him to break it down into terms the masses can understand. That’s because he doesn’t understand this stuff himself.
    Why do I feel like Walter Cronkite would have been able to do this?


  22. Jenny Hatch says:

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  23. bessie2003 says:

    My thoughts were, sometime this past week Sec. Mnuchin happened to mention to Pres. Trump, in passing, that he Mnuchin, was scheduled to appear on Chuck Todd’s show and the President said, hey, I know Chuck, do you want to have some fun? I’ll say set the scene in PA and you can have fun watching Chuck spend the whole interview time reacting, it’ll be huge fun!” or something like that.

    Sure enough, other than a few cursory news specific questions the rest of the time was watching another press diva react to being called by name.

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    • Joe K Lombard says:

      Bessie–I think you are right on. I’m surprised DT hasn’t lost about 20 lbs just from hysterical laughter. The inner inner circle at the WH must be a blast. Hey watch this!!

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      • JC says:

        Hehe, Joe. Must be amazing to see: everyone working harder than they’ve ever worked in their lives, some without salary, visitors heading to the Oval, photographers(s) dashing from room to room, and barks of laughter punctuating the productive “chaos”. I’m nowhere near the WH, and I can’t stop laughing.


    • Donzo says:

      The politically correct pejorative for him is bimbo.


  24. I wish they wouldn’t cover the events if all they do is lie about it. Todd is a small, sniveling little man, who probably stayed up all night planning what he would say to Mnuchin to score a point for himself, only to appear even more unhinged than Trump had pegged him to be. Good luck recovering from this one, Tirade Chuck. MAGA!

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  25. Sunshine says:

    Little Chuckie and his very subtle tiny body jerks, especially from his left side.
    The guy is an insecure teen that never grew up, as confirmed by his body behavior (jerks) when in a confrontational situation.

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  26. Meatzilla says:

    Why do the fully Triggered Toadies so often drag their children into the fray and use them like they’re human shields? It’s foul and disgusting behavior for a [supposed] grown man.

    Albeit, some of them there fully Triggered Toadies certainly can be quite the schadenfreude payoff for our morbid curiosity from time to time, too. Ha!



  27. Meatzilla says:

    Remember that one time, back in the day, when pResident Barack Hussein Obama White House press secretary, Jay Carney, and his media lapdog journalist wife, ABC’s GMA reporter Claire Shipman, used their children as Human Shields in a popular WASH, D.C. magazine spread – and inside their house was decorated with communism posters and the like….?

    Yeah. Good times.

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  28. Paul Killinger says:

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    Unfortunately, there’s no known cure for it.


  29. Let’s just call it a Chuck Roast.

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  30. Donzo says:

    I think mentioning his children was a Freudian slip. He was telegraphing the surprising fact that he’s not sterile.


  31. Lurker2 says:

    Very bizarre bio for Chuck. Born in 1972, went to George Washington University but never graduated. In 1992, when he was 20, he started working for National Journal’s “The Hotline” where he apparently stayed for 15 years until 2007 when Tim Russert brought him to NBC. I guess that answers my “who did he sleep with” question.


  32. Rckymtn says:

    Oh My that was classic. Mnuchin was trying so hard not to start laughing at him…what a little man. They can bashTrump all they want but when its given back they can’t take it. Just like most liberals can’t handle anything negative they have such fragile egos and live in fantasy worlds.


  33. Eileen says:

    Secretary Mnuchin was articulate,quite
    intelligent and very composed during the interview. He has class!


  34. Scooby184 says:

    The comments left on the youtube video are as hilarious as Sleepy Eye Himself.


  35. Ausonius says:

    This is TOOOOO easy!!!



  36. Ausonius says:

    We also have this version (a little clearer:


  37. visage13 says:

    Dang Chucky is mad, That was great! Thanks I needed a good laugh after the day I had 🙂

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  38. daughnworks247 says:

    I’m Chuck Todd.
    So, instead of focusing on the economy, or world trade, or peace in the Middle East…… we’re going to talk about me and my gratuitous hypocrisy.
    Cuz…….. it’s about me.


  39. Emmie says:

    How did Chuck explain to his kids Kathy Griffin beheading our POTUS? Guess it depends on what you think vulgar is.

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  40. Mike diamond says:

    Todd the chuck has no respect for our President !!So how do you tell your kids not to ever ever be a radical liberal fake news dude like chuck Todd !? Todd the chuck is a disgrace!!!!


  41. Mickturn says:

    One thing is for sure, Chuckie Toad is a real sad piece of work!


  42. Bahahahaha….Toads STOP THE HAMMERING moment….bahahahahah.


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