Sunday Talks – Maria Bartiromo Discusses North Korea With John Bolton…

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the latest stunning announcements from North Korea.  The mustache aligns with those who say the talks between Kim Jong-un and President Trump should begin ASAP to see if the DPRK is really serious about denuclearizing the Korean peninsular.


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75 Responses to Sunday Talks – Maria Bartiromo Discusses North Korea With John Bolton…

  1. SharkDiver says:


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  2. Mike says:

    loving the pictures (again)


  3. Pa Hermit says:

    I think the important point to take from this is that the NorKs are very poor and will sell to anyone willing to spend! There is the real reason to fear the NorKs! I have doubts that they could successfully launch an attack on the U.S. and be successful. Their selling that technology to 3rd world countries is the concern here!

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  4. ForGodandCountry says:

    It is the threat of trade tariffs against China that has Kim coming to the table, at the behest of his Chinese master (Xi).

    Fact patterns.

    First US president in history to impose tariffs against Chinese steel and viola! All of a sudden Kim wants to talk.

    So obvious. China just blinked.

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  5. SharkDiver says:

    That was a good interview, and Maria did a nice job as always, and I believe Bolton is correct in stating this will either be a very agreement, or no agreement at all. Trump isn’t going to tolerate stalling.

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    • SharkDiver says:

      “quick” agreement.

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    • James says:

      Yes Maria did a good job. But I question anything Bolton says. He wants to continue with the failed Bush/Obama approach. I’m sure he had a conniption fit when he heard Donald Trump was going to talk with Kim Jung Un. Bolton is one of those who wants to keep us in a continual, perpetual state of war and he can’t stand it that we have a President who doesn’t want to do that.

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  6. Joe says:

    Tucker filleted Bolton as a neocon last week.

    Wonder if this is a reaction?

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    • The Boss says:

      Something is up with Bolton, especially after contrasting this morning’s interview with Tucker’s. Maybe Bolton wants a job…as an infiltrator. Not sure I trust him.

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      • NCPatrick says:

        I believe Bolton was interviewed for Secretary of State position from Trump Tower; they made quite a to-do of it on FBN. Obviously, he was not tapped for the job and he seems to have become more and more irritable as the Trump administration has rolled on making decisions without his input.

        I’m like spren, though .. Bolton has absolutely nothing new to impart on any subject and I usually switch channels when I see he is coming on.

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        • dissonant1 says:

          Was SO happy Bolton did not get SOS! He is basically a neo-Con (American Enterprise Institute Bush-ite) wrapped in a “Conservative” skin. I agree with you that he seems to have been trying to “insinuate” himself into the Trump admin over time. Wish he would go away (at least away from TV studios).

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        • Elizabeth Carter says:

          I just looked him up because I know he is a Globalist and not someone I like. Trump turned him down after he interviewed Bolton for the job.

          Bolton ran this ad in 2016:

          I wonder how Bolton thinks President Trump is doing with National Security now? Trump is so much better at this than any of the Globalists would ever be because they have a hard time seeing America as anything but a useful tool in their Globalist agenda.

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    • Chuck Peebles says:

      I think people who call Bolton a neocon don’t know what the word neocon means. As far as I’ve been able to tell from the last couple of decades, Bolton is and has always been a conservative.

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      • He is and always has been a war mongerer….loves to kill people in other countries.

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      • RLC2 says:

        Agreed. And those citing the Tucker Carlson interview as “proof that Bolton is a war-monger” are not paying any more attention to what Bolton said than Tucker did.

        I was very disappointed in Tucker, as he continually interrupted and tried to force his agenda onto the interview. And frankly, I agree with Bolton, that Tucker’s analysis is simple-minded…here at 4:00

        The Middle East is a complicated place, and Bolton explains something that too few understand- how Iran has been sponsoring terrorism by BOTH the Sunni and Shia, as the banker, for decades. Look at how Iran sponsored the shia militia in Iraq that spent more time blowing up our soldiers than they did fighting Saddam’s tribal gangbangers in Tikrit.
        And how Iran effectively took over the “democracy” that Bush installed and Obama walked away from, claiming he couldn’t get a Status of Forces agreement.

        Its the reason Iran is considered the Number One state sponsor in the ME, and when you consider that Obama gave the Mad Mullahs $1.6T in cash, in a hopeful gesture for vague promises on nukes, you realize just how badly we were taken, or worse- in collusion (see Valery Jarrets family connections in Syria and Iran, and Huma’s MB connections)

        and how much evil has since been done with that secret side agreement money-
        including paying for the Revolutionary Guard to arm up, and extend their influence boots on the ground in Syria, doubling up on deliveries to Hezbollah in Lebanon, and finishing up on the short and long-term ICBMs programs that threaten not only Israel, but also Europe. The Mad Mullahs are armed and ready to go…and we have been missing in action for the last 9 years, essentially, wasting time and money in Obama’s “Good War” in Afghanistan, while walking away from the strategic basing in Bush’s Bad War, that we won, in Iraq.


        • RLC2 says:

          Bartiromo “whats your take on China”
          Bolton “Basically, China’s jived us for twenty five years…”

          how about that,
          agrees with Bannon,
          agrees with the newest National Security Assessment, and
          agrees with Trump and the Wolverines.

          Like I said, Bolton has his stuff in one sock, and speaks the truth, plainly.


        • NoJuan Importante says:

          Bolton is correct that Iran’s rise did not necessarily come from Saddam’s elimination but rather by the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. That was a really bad idea. Still not sure fooling with Iraq was beneficial or not, though.


    • Steve in Greensboro says:

      After seeing Bolton on Tucker Carlson the other day, it is becoming clear to me that he is an “invade the world, invite the world” Bushite globalist. I would not trust this clown any further than I could throw him.

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    • RLC2 says:

      With nothing but respect for Tucker, and not to defend Bolton, as he doesn’t need it- I thought Tucker embarrassed himself, badly.

      Whatever one might impute to Bolton’s motives, the guy has been there done that, and if the rumor that Bartiromo floated at the end- that Bolton *might* be offered the National Security Advisor job (what Susan Rice did for Obama), then I’d suggest that’s a natural fit- policy and personality-wise.

      I have great respect for Pompeo at CIA, and wonder who will follow Admiral Rogers at NSA. We know we have a lot to get to the bottom of at FBI, and Director Wray leaves much to be desired, so you want a straight shooter with no-BS attitude by your side with the experience in DC to call a spade a spade (which seems to be McMasters problem).

      Trump has said he likes a clash of ideas and welcomes that, and Bolton is no wall-flower.


  7. spren says:

    I used to really like “the mustache” but he has become so over-saturated in his appearances, and they are always so predictable. He’s been beating the war drums so long it is getting very tiring.

    The Norks have done this posturing before and played every previous president, so I am not setting any high expectations for obtaining a significant agreement from them. But I am very confident that Trump will not allow himself to be played. He’s not going to remove any sanctions, or extend any benefits without getting exactly what he wants. So with that in mind, I see nothing to lose by having this meeting, and everything to gain.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      You are correct– “The Norks have done this posturing before and played every previous president”

      However, Woooocket Maaaaaaaan has not had to deal with THIS President.

      Therein lies the difference.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “The Norks have done this posturing before and played every previous president”

      If one takes the time to just read what Sundance put together concerning the Asian trip, one will realize that PDJT is in a position of strength that no other President has had for dealing with the PRNK. This is due to his VSG “thinking outside the box’ and NOT going with “the way it has always been done” mentality.

      Most of his critics have not read Sundance’s summary, so they are pretty much commenting in the dark and trying to come up with something while in front of a camera. These pitiful excuses for TV pundits derided him as being “unsuited for the Presidency” because he had “no foreign policy experience”. Meanwhile he keeps their heads spinning…

      I guess doing business deals all around the world for decades does not count in their tattered, decrepit “Diplomacy” textbook. Their textbook needs to be discarded and a new one written by someone watching PDJT at work to MAGA.

      The only excuse they seem to come up with (that I have heard) is that “Supreme Leader” is just using this as a photo op to gain stature and recognition. The facts speak otherwise – he does not have a choice, if he has any inkling for his own survival.

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      • deplorabledaveinsocal says:

        “This is due to his VSG “thinking outside the box’ and NOT going with “the way it has always been done” mentality.”

        Nay… Our dear president recognizes there IS NO BOX, unless you build one to limit yourself. His thinking strikes me as blue sky and open horizon. Also, you can approach things from two perspectives: start with the impossible, or start with blank paper looking at the blue sky and open horizon in which the potential is endless…

        These truly are fascinating times…

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    • dissonant1 says:

      I believe that PDJT would not have allowed the news of this meeting to go public unless he knew very well what the result of it will be, ahead of time. PDJT would not put himself in a position to be surprised or humiliated (like all of the other Presidents before him) by the results of this meeting.

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      • OSP says:

        That seems to be the consensus thinking…Mine included


      • MVW says:

        Actually, Trump just by the possibility of meeting has defanged the media. All the ‘chaos’, he is unstable, he does not know what he is doing, blah, blah, blah X 1000000, it all got trashed.

        Nothing could happen even the meeting canceled and Trump has destroyed the media narrative. And the tariffs make sense now to everyone.

        The media is flummoxed.


      • Cynthia says:

        Totally agree. PDJT knows how the other side is going to respond before they do. He’s always one step ahead. Plus, I think he enjoys the “cat and mouse” scenario.


  8. Curry Worsham says:

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  9. The press is oblivious to the pre-condition for ANY meeting:

    Verified PROGRESS in IMPLEMENTING Denuclearization.

    China better hurry: The sanctions for IP Theft will be massive.

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  10. President Trump should issue a National Security Trade Proclamation DESIGNATES China as a National-Security Trade Threat, REQUIRES the SALE of all Chinese stakes in American Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Technology Companies [National-Security Industries] within 24 months, and PROHIBITS ALL FUTURE CHINESE INVESTMENTS in America.

    • Until China ELIMINATES Aluminum and Steel Exports due to their cheating.
    • Until China pays REPARATIONS to the U.S. Government for all Technology thefts.
    • Until China TERMINATES all cyber interference and hacking with any American entity.
    • Until America has entered into a new Bilateral Trade Agreement that DEFINES Annual Reductions in China’s Trade Surplus under an AGREED 5-Year Plan to eliminate it completely.
    • Until China has REVERSED the first 20% of its Trade Surplus with America under the above Plan.

    The Commerce Department will designate the sequence and timing of these sales.

    Chinese Investment in America’s NON-National Security Industries will be REAUTHORIZED when President Trump proclaims that China’s actions for International Trade and Relations reflect that it has corrected past transgressions and no longer presents a National Security Threat, based on:

    • U.S. Government certification of China’s 100% Compliance with the above requirements.
    • U.S. Government certification that China’s client state North Korea has been denuclearized and no longer poses a threat to America or our allies.


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    • Implications:

      Good luck with investors for American Globalist Companies in bed with China:
      • Those who continue China JVs will look like China co-conspirators against American National Security.
      • They’ll also be inviting Chinese takeovers, losing their investments and any IP accessed through Chinese management embeds, Chinese IT service providers and facilities operating in China.

      Most American companies who care about preserving our National Security will need to divest their 50-50+ JVs with Chinese [government-sponsored] Partners.

      Those that don’t won’t be worth defending!

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    • kroesus says:

      you need to add “Until PRC repays all debts owed to the US government and US bond holders pre-1948” reneged on by Mao

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      AMEN to That!
      Here is your grade from me on that post

      I would add:

      Until China pays REPARATIONS to private U.S. companies for all Technology thefts and patent infringements.

      Your score still remains the same

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      • Would beginning with reparations to the U.S. Government (on behalf of the American people, who will need to invest reparations in cyber security and Internet 2.0 to ensure continued free speech in the face of social-media monopolies) panic the Tech Titans into supporting the Trump Agenda and ending their Fascist assault on our Bill of Rights?

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        • Deplorable_Infidel says:

          it is worth a try.

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        • scott467 says:

          I don’t want the “Tech Titans” support, because it would be meaningless lip-service at best and almost certainly outright deceit.

          The enterprises of the “Tech Titans” should be broken up, like any other monopoly.

          And most of the “Tech Titans” should be in Gitmo before this is finished. Schmidt, Dorsey and Suckerberg leading the way.


    • BlackKnightRides for trade representative.

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    • wilski says:

      …… ans expel any Chicom students in american universities. Look at scientific research, who is involved.

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      • Convince me that Chinese students aren’t embedded spies to steal American IP and identify American Innovators who can be bought by the Chicoms.


        • CoinSteward says:

          I can offer the exact opposite. Work for Fortune 100. Chinese embeds have previously and boldly used the copier to copy IP after hours to such an extent that now you must enter your employee ID to use copiers. Unfortunately, that was after losing multiple billion dollar businesses. Those of us on the shop floor observing wonder sometimes what the smart and highly paid managers are doing. Obviously, not protecting shareholder value. Too bad there are NOT mandatory claw backs for these incompetent fools.

          However, I have no doubt main street will run circles around the blue chips once small business is made exempt from regulations that are killing their growth opportunities.

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  11. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    This little factoid was not in this particular interview, it really irked me when I heard it.
    Sometime late last week someone * was exclaiming that this PDJT – “Lil’ rocket man” was not “kosher” because it was not done THROUGH THE “PROPER” CHANNELS!
    Like these dipsh*t diplomats have done so great for us the past 40 (or more) years!
    The ossified culture of the bureaucracy is absolutely astounding. MAGA

    * mother has FNN or FBN on 90-95% of the day. So I happen to be walking by or hear something from another room. I wasn’t actively watching, so cannot fill in more specific details.

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    • lastinillinois says:

      The MSM continues to pretend that we didn’t elect this man our President precisely BECAUSE he wants to do things differently.

      Their pretending to be ignorant of that major factor in Mr Trump’s ‘cleaning the floor’ with 17 competitors to become President is laughable and shows how stupid they think we are.

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    • Wend says:

      You poor thing.

      I hope you have a nice place of your own to get away.


  12. scott467 says:

    Maria Bartiromo said sanctions never work.

    Sanctions work just fine.

    For example, hold Maria’s income hostage, and watch her comply.

    Sanctions ALWAYS work, unless they are not ENFORCED.

    The difference now, as opposed to Hussein / Bush / Clinton, is that the sanctions are being enforced.

    And the reason they are being enforced is because unlike Traitor 42, Traitor 43 and Traitor 44, they are not for public show, while treason is committed out of public view.

    The difference is that this administration is serious.

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  13. wjb105 says:

    Strange people don’t appreciate the effect economic sanctions and political isolation have on a country. NK has a huge burocracy, a huge military and therefore a very vulnerable economy. And as PDJT has made it clear to China that he will not accept a nuclear NK even China may have come to the conclusion that NK is more a liability than a helpful playing card. NK has become a thorn in China’s side. Kissinger was even talking about a deal on unification with the possibility of China agreeing to it. So maybe the deal is already made.
    Funny how some pundits can only think in terms of a military option.


    • dissonant1 says:

      I would like to know where Kissinger got the idea about unification. It is very hard to see that happening any time soon, especially when the main point of leverage for negotiating with Kim Jong-Un is that he gets to stay in power (and stay alive) and still have a country.

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  14. applevista says:

    The majority of people are like us. The majority of the Libtard elites which include the press-media are not like us. This goes for Rinos too.

    Trump understands it to be the case and is not like them either. Trump is more comfortable with “ordinary” people. Trump just happens to be an ordinary guy with extraordinary exceptional leadership talent who loves his Country and the majority of people in it…..not all that hard to understand unless you are a left-wing socialist/communist afflicted with some kind of derangement.

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  15. JP says:

    Don’t care what was said. Facial hair on a man is like tat’s on a woman… bad sign.


  16. free73735 says:

    Is “suspicious cat” Maria’s..? Good likeness anyway!


  17. A2 says:

    Mr Bolton is at one end of the so-called experts/pundits sliding scale and Mr Clapper at the other end relative to their expressed opinions on ‘what should be done?”

    The UNSCR and US bilateral sanctions are working (with the exception of some wobblies by China and Russia) and are affecting 90% of NK’s exports.

    “Harsh international sanctions are weakening the North Korean economy in an unprecedented way, according to economists.”
    “North Korean people’s purchasing power and industrial production will dwindle significantly from the second half of this year,”

    Also “depleting foreign reserves from the import-export imbalance. NK’s total exports are only ~$2 bil after low-margin tolling is excluded & 80% could be blocked. UNSC 2371 alone was thought to be sufficient to collapse regime”

    There are also reports that Kim can’t feed his army according to Prof Ahn, and only given one meal per day. This comes under what NK calls ‘internal risk management’. That is also why the news of a forthcoming summit was not publicized in NK. Isolation and the anti-American propaganda would rent holes in the fabric of propaganda keeping KJU’s dynasty afloat.

    Mr Bolton visited the WH just prior to the South Korean delegation visit and announcements, leading the MSM to start squealing that H R McMaster would be given the boot for Bolton.

    Except, as reported in the Korean press, “The statement that Chung read was drafted by both him and US NSA HR McMaster. Seems like it’s no accident Chung referred to McMaster as “my good friend.” And the claims seems to be true: Chung is said to have dropped by Mac’s house in the past to sip a glass of wine with him”.

    President Moon also requested that the planned summit scheduled at the end of April with NK be allowed to proceed before any meeting with President Trump. This is important to setting the parameters for any talks and sussing out what KJU’s positions and credibility are. If the summit is a failure then the ‘talks’ between the President and KJU will not take place.

    US Stealth bombers are winging their way to Guam and the military build up is exceptional. KJU thought his missiles and nukes gave him deterrence, but have had the exact opposite effect, bringing the full might of the US military to his doorstep.

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  18. thedoc00 says:

    Bolton is an example of over use of an “expert”. He is a one trick pony and so single dimensional in his responses as to be uselessly predictable. He badly needs a refresh on his approach and discussion. He’s a good guy, means well but would be an extremely poor choice to replace McMaster due his total lack of flexibility.

    The other guy whom Fox should outright fire is Ralph Peters. He is a shrill Russia-Russia alarmist who fits better on MSNBC.

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    • James says:

      Thedocoo, you are right on the money. Bolton wants to continue with the failed Clinton/Bush/Obama approach to NK. He can’t accept the fact that we have a President that wants to do things differently, a President that doesn’t want us to be in a continual, perpetual state of war and throwing trillions down a rat hole.

      I can no longer stand Ralph Peters. He wants NATO to push right up to Russia’s border. No matter that we risk getting into an altercation. Hey, nuclear war, no big deal. He would indeed be better on MSNBC, with his commentary on Russia he might get his own show. MSNBC and CNN will bring up Russia as much as they possibly can to take a shot at Donald Trump. As others have posted, we know that had Hillary been elected the only story on Russia would be about the great successes she is having there.

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  19. frank field says:

    I used to think Bolton was sharp…until I found the Treehouse. Jeesh.



  20. jeans2nd says:

    At the end of this interview, Bartiromo asks Bolton about Bolton taking over NSA.

    Had anyone been paying attention, they would have heard the Sen Armed Svcs Cmte confirm Lt Gen Paul Nakasone, CG of USA Cyber Cmd
    to be head of NSA and US Cyber Command.

    But of course, no one was paying attention, let alone actually listening. Not any of the Fake News, anyway.
    But we were listening.

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  21. Summer says:

    Amb. Bolton never saw a war he did not like. I was sooo happy when he did not get a job at the State Department (which he would’ve never tried to downsize).


  22. lawrence Andrade says:

    Read that Susan Rice said her advise to Trump would be to rehire some Obama people to
    negotiate with North Korea. She doesn’t think Trump is competent. I wonder what they would do?
    Congratulate them on their accomplishments and fly a few planes worth of Gold in to help them out? What arrogance!


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