President Trump’s Stunningly Effective North Korea Policy Leaves Professional Diplomatic Corps Gobsmacked…

The statement tonight by South Korean National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong is so jaw-dropping in significance it has left the professional diplomatic apparatus stunned.

A year of targeted and strategic geopolitical policy execution by President Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has resulted in North Korean leader Kim Jong-un accepting denuclearization and requesting a meeting with President Trump to achieve terms therein.

Yeah, HO-LEE-CATS is an understatement.  The possibility of a willingly denuclearized Korean peninsular is such an astounding policy victory; it is difficult to conceptualize.  Here’s the statement from South Korea’s Chung Eui-yong:

“Good evening, today I had the privilege of briefing President Trump on my recent visit to Pyongyang, North Korea.  I’d like to thank President Trump, the vice-president and his wonderful national security team, including my close friend General McMaster.” 

“I thanked President Trump that his leadership, and his maximum pressure policy together with international solidarity, brought us to this juncture.  I expressed President Moon Jae-in’s personal gratitude for President Trump’s leadership.”

“I told President Trump that in our meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said he is committed to denuclearization. Kim pledged that North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests; he understands that the routine joint military exercises between the Republic of Korea and the United States must continue.  And he expressed his eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible.”

“President Trump appreciated the briefing and said he would meet Kim Jong-un by May to achieve permanent denuclearization.”

“The Republic of Korea along with the United States, Japan and our many partners around the world, remain fully and resolutely committed to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsular.” 

“Along with President Trump we are optimistic about continuing a diplomatic process to test the possibility of a peaceful resolution.   The Republic of Korea, The United States and our partners stand together in insisting that we not repeat the mistakes of the past; and that the pressure will continue until North Korea matches it’s words with concrete actions.  Thank You.”   (link)


(Tweet Link)

Korea Times – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has expressed willingness to meet U.S. President Donald Trump for talks over denuclearization, South Korean officials visiting Washington said, Friday.

In response, Trump said he would like to meet him by May, they said.

National Security Office chief Chung Eui-yong, one of President Moon Jae-in’s envoys to Pyongyang who is now visiting Washington, said in a press briefing at the White House that he delivered such messages of Kim to Trump.

Kim also said he was “committed to denuclearization” and would “refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests,” Chung said. (link)

“Complicated business folks,… Complicated business”

When it comes to the use of economic leverage to create U.S. national security outcomes, well, we are learning at the knee of an economic master player. {Deep Dive}




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1,020 Responses to President Trump’s Stunningly Effective North Korea Policy Leaves Professional Diplomatic Corps Gobsmacked…

  1. Summer says:

    New low:

    Fox News radio: “Trump administration is DEFENDING Trump’s decision to meet with Kim… Senator Rubio is skeptical (Rubio audio clip)… Senator Rubio is skeptical… Senator Rubio is skeptical…”


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    • Carolina Kat says:

      Little Marco needs a bottle of water and to calm down. There goes all his presidential aspirations….

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    • chojun says:

      Neocons are going to be skeptical. They think the solution to most unsolvable problems in the world is to send the military after the problems.


      • Summer says:

        I think it is more about downplaying Trump’s success than just being neocons. That’s why Fox used the word “defending.” Trump has every reason to be proud of his NK policy. He does not need to “defend” anything. Why would anyone need to defend success?! And yet Fox feels it necessary to say that Trump administration is DEFENDING their SUCCESSFUL policy.

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    • The Lone Ranger says:

      Rubio is a lightweight compared to DJT.


    • JSBachLover says:

      That chick on CNN in the clip above — Samantha Vinograd (Russian name; hmm! ;-)) a former “senior advisor to the National Security Advisor under Obama” is also pathetic. Beyond pathetic. Because Obama wouldn’t have been ready for this in two whole terms (or even three or four, were they allowed) she thinks Trump won’t/can’t do this in a year? She assumes Trump is going to “wing it”! What an ass. Hey Samantha: Nothing like judging a mightily competent President by the incompetency of the one you worked for.

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  2. Wayne Robinson says:

    Certainly Rex and President Trump are smarter than to ignore all past agreements NK has made and been paid for ( without once fullfilling anything) it is unlikely they will cease their efgorts and entirlly probable that China will sneak them nucks as they are 100% behind all of NKbad behavior . NK is China bull dog on a short chain . So point in fact China must be held accountable for NK bad behavior .


    • chojun says:

      This overture from NK is pretty transparent. The tariffs just announced and the NAFTA renegotiation, soon coming to a close, are weighing heavily on Chinese leadership’s minds. China’s belt and road initiative is structured heavily on status-quo economic models coming out of the United States. Trump’s economic nationalism has turned that on its ear and China is really threatened by it.

      China’s economy is a carefully orchestrated house of cards built on a sandy foundation.

      With all that said, I think it is apparent that the sanctions plus military threat has created a no-win situation for NK. One of the key requirements for success in Socialist/Communist societies is that they need to be able to shield themselves from the consequences of their actions and it looks like NK is nearing the end of their rope.

      Their economy’s chief export is fear, for which they have essentially received ransom payments from the free world over the past 25 years. This time around Trump is the man in charge and Kim Jong-un is staring down the barrel of a gun held by Mattis. A peaceful resolution to the situation is the only tenable outcome for NK.

      Also, regarding Mattis keep in mind that we’re just around the corner from the Russian Mercenary massacre in Syria at the hands of a well-armed and prepared US military. The US media isn’t talking about this massacre at all but believe me the rest of the world, especially US enemies, study our military *very* closely and believe me, they noticed this little message courtesy of Mattis. Bigly.

      My final analysis is that I believe NK denuclearization is possibly an attempt by China to set up a gambit for the US. That is, either NAFTA/Tariffs or a denuclearized Korean peninsula.

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    • Winston says:

      You may want your facts about who reneged.Every time it was the US that broke agreements first and the Norks followed suit because the promises made were broken.
      You mistake the reason why China and Russia allowed the sanctions, their
      terms require the removal of all US forces in Korea.They’re forcing of
      Kim to negotiate is only on that condition.They don’t want either Korea’s to have nukes
      either, after the removal of US forces.Kim is actually,or wants to be a reformer,he is a
      western educated leader,and the propaganda from us is so thick you can cut it with a knife.
      The truth is far different, and both Korea’s wish to unite at some point in the future,something DC does not want at all.At least the deep state doesn’t want it at all.
      Realpolitik,not jingoistic rubbish.I hope PDJT brings home the troops and give peace a chance,its well past time.


  3. kingfisher73 says:

    I haven’t paid much attention to Tillerson – i’ve been on the scale of neutral to “liking” him…

    but what the hell is going on with him?
    either there’s a communication gap, or Rex is acting like a rogue free agent.
    Why would he make those comments before the announcementyesterday that he needed to backtrack on, about it being the “wrong time” for talks…and why is he injecting himself into the process with comments like “they will not be negotiations”, just social talks and tea…

    Haven’t looked for non mainstream reporting on his reaction to yesterday, but it seems pretty clear –

    whether he has an inflated sense of his job and is “jealous” of Donald Trump, or he’s simply a mark for making comments that are spun easily, he really needs to learn to keep his mouth shut when the swamp media trolls him, and he certainly shouldn’t be undercutting the president as it appears he did…

    again – i’m not that familiar, and i’m sure that there’s someone here who could explain it

    This was a historic and HUGE win for Trump, in real world foreign relations and POLITICALLY…
    Tillerson detracted from that and that ticks me off

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    • hanna693 says:

      It ticks me off too – who is the leaker in that administration now, or did he just blurt it out! There was never ONE negative word from any cabinet member on Obama, NEVER!~ The liberals do not need any help from members in Trump’s own party! Bless the president’s heart for having to fight this Tillerson plus Sessions and also McMasters.


    • kingfisher73 says:

      “The liberals do not need any help from members in Trump’s own party! ” or admin!

      that’s what i mean – The President has this massive moment, and Tillerson hands them ammo

      Reminds me of when sessions recused just days after Trump’s first great address to Congress, his first really presidential moment, allowing the narrative to instantly shift 180 degrees away from the momentum of what should have propelled a brilliant first year in office – a member of Trump’s OWN admin, sabotaging him…
      people forget that

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    • Justah says:

      Perhaps it’s because Tillerson is in Africa and all this came up suddenly. A reporter asked him a question about N Korea and he said there were no scheduled talks … all true at the time. Trump and Tillerson talked late yesterday afternoon. The meeting between N Korea and S. Korea was the first since Fat Boy came to power in 2011 and was less than a week ago. The S. Korean Ministers came to Washington to brief the National Security Team and give the verbal invite to President Trump.


      • kingfisher73 says:

        nah – not buying that

        this isn’t the 40s – you know cell phones and state of the art at that level – why wouldn’t the sec of state be up to the SECOND on anything related to foreign policy ESP something as monumental as this? NO WAY anyone at that level is out of communication in 2018

        but then commenting on the “nature” of the as yet undefined meeting between Trump and Kim? that’s what bothered me – as if he is in remotely charge of that or was AWARE of it in advance…can’t be both ways

        no no no, Rex…bad Rex ;o


  4. sturmudgeon says:

    this, from CNN, who hasn’t gotten anything right about this Presidency yet!!



    “There is no way that President Trump can be ready, by May, to have a high stakes negotiation on denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, it’s just impossible. … You can’t wing it.” – Samantha Vinograd reacts to Trump agreeing to meet with Kim Jong Un


  5. Carolina Kat says:

    Kamsahamnida President Trump. As the Koreans would say “You worked hard.” I watch a lot of Korean tv – it is very interesting how we are viewed by them – and how they view the division of their country: “the only divided country in the world”. Denuclearization is the first step in the reunification of Korea I hope. It’s very similar to the Civil War in our country where families were divided, very sad. Perhaps in my life time and thanks to the efforts of our great President, it may come to pass.

    Saranghamnida, Valiant President Trump. So proud of my vote.

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  6. kingfisher73 says:

    Samantha Vinograd –

    incredibly respected foreign policy expert and seasoned, renowned US diplomat!

    it cracks me up when these swamp media gives clown hacks have titles like “national security analyst” or “senior foreign affairs correspondent”

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  7. Scout says:

    Ego and hubris at State? Who’d a thought it.

    Nothing enrages a public servant like being ignored.
    Let’s see how a businessman deals with the Nth Koreans.

    I still believe the hardest thing achieved against pressure by PDJT was trashing the Paris global warming hysterics. Catastrophic anthropogenic global warming being a core religious belief of anyone under 40. That includes most of PDJT’s entourage and staff.


  8. thedoc00 says:

    Given Kim has a yearning to live as do his entourage, his only real hole card is Proliferation of the Nuclear Technology developed in North Korea. That may also be the one item even China cannot control. It will be interesting and frightening to see if Kim uses this summit to roll out the Proliferation Blackmail strategy to see how it plays out.


  9. Ozark says:

    “Trump’s fabled negotiation skills”
    Little Ben Shapiro at it again,


    • Scout says:

      A real, (not pretend sanctions as now happens), China economic boycott of NK will destroy the place.
      The threat of a 30% tariff on Chinese electrical good would achieve that in a jiffy.
      Problem solved.


  10. Lucille says:

    LTC West: Liberal Media Is Getting ‘Trumped’ By N. Korean Summit


  11. ADDgolfer says:

    You Magnificent Bastard

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  12. Charlotte says:

    Kim Jong Un can spin this any way he likes, but Trump has taunted and tortured Little Rocket Man into blinking first and the world can (temporarily) breathe a massive sigh of relief


  13. Mickturn says:

    Article Title Correction: …Leaves Incompetent Diplomatic Corps Gobsmacked


  14. R wind says:

    Now the world finally is dealing with a genuine American citizen and patriot, not a Kenyan communist sell out!!

    They don’t know what to do….


  15. Red Frog says:

    Look at Acosta in the picture of the South Korean delegation, just to the right. OMG. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Acosta is muttering to himself. Hah!


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