BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Already Has “Outside DC” Justice Official Investigating Judiciary Committee Concerns…

Judicial analyst and Fox News host, Shannon Bream, has an exclusive interview airing tonight on Fox News.  Jake Gibson is a Fox News producer and just tweeted this:

It would appear Attorney General Jeff Sessions already has a DOJ prosecutor looking into the issues uncovered by the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

You might note, as we previously outlined, Chairman Bob Goodlatte -as a specific outcome of his oversight role-  is the congressional leader working closest with DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.   I shall resist the urge….


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746 Responses to BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Already Has “Outside DC” Justice Official Investigating Judiciary Committee Concerns…

  1. SR says:

    Session spent lot of time to setup DOJ and FBI folks outside DC at every level. You can not get to war without strong army, spy network and knowing enemy ‘s strength. I have feeling now Session is ready to go just before mid term. But Mueller SC still worried me.

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    • lizzyp says:

      I’m trying to rein in my impatience, but it is running neck and neck with my concerns about Mueller. I understand the need to go slow and do it right, but every time the white hats make a move, Mueller’s team leaks something new. Guess which side gets heard the most, and consequently believed more? AG Sessions had some big news today, but you know what the chattering left is discussing? Stormi Daniels, a leak that Trump discussed testimony with two people who had spoken with Mueller’s team, and Erik Prince’s Seychelles trip. I try to console myself by saying that it might be better if this moves quietly, but if it runs too quietly there will always be a significant portion of the country who see it as some kind of Fascist Takeover.

      A big part of this muddle we’re in now is because there was a silent operation aimed at covering for Hillary – that case should have had a SC from the beginning and failing to appoint one guaranteed exactly the division and distrust we have now.

      So – cautiously optimistic but not really for the same reasons as many others?

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  2. maiingankwe says:

    Test. Please ignore.

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    • Maquis says:

      Sorry, failed to ignore it. Hi Maiiingankwe! 😉

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      • maiingankwe says:

        Boozhoo Maquis minowaa miigwetch! Anin ezhiyan noongom?

        Hello Maquis and thank you! How are you doing today?

        Don’t mind me, I’ve been using anishinabee (ojibwemowin) quite a bit today. It’s a good way to keep your children in line when out in public. No one knows what the heck you’re saying except for them. Unless of course I was on the Rez or close to one of them.

        Yes, my little Angel Bug was caught by me running in the grocery store with a drink in her hand.

        There was this lady giving her quite the look too. I got one as well until I explained I had said no running with a drink. She didn’t seem to much care for my parenting skills. Oh well, can’t make everyone happy and I’m not gonna try. Except for those I like.

        I’ve also trained my pups with a few choice words as well. Everyone in our home knows what gawiin means. It means No! Eya means yes, which they know too, but probably don’t say as often as they’d like. They do hear it though.

        Hope all is well with you and your family. Lots of good things going on in your life I’m a wishing!
        Be well and stay smiling,

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      • yep says:

        session is deep state……..he can not be trusted…..he loves to delay…..period


  3. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    The Politicization of the FBI
    Joseph E. diGenova
    Former U.S. Attorney

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  4. wheatietoo says:

    Here is the video of Shannon Bream’s show tonight…it contains segments of the Interview with AG Sessions, broken up throughout the show.

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  5. Thomas Raymer says:

    outside of DC but still DOJ. Almost all DOJ Prosecutors want high level position in the DOJ. Would feel better if it were outside the DOJ and outside DC

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    • Chickficshun says:

      I’d feel better if it was outside of the DOJ as well.


      • Don'tMessWithTeas says:

        Notice Sessions is not calling this outside person a “Special Counsel”. That makes one wonder how much power this person has. You cannot expect a group to properly investigate themselves.


  6. WesternWhere says:

    Somewhere in this haystack you will find the needles you are looking for.

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  7. lfhbrave says:

    I thought Sessions recused himself on this. He must be relaying what he was told by his DAG that someone was looking into the allegations of the FISA abuse. It does’t appear to be an “investigation”.

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    • cboldt says:

      The investigation demanded by Gowdy and Goodlatte was not into Hillary, nor was it into the Trump campaign. No recusal needed. Plus, Sessions says he has appointed somebody else to investigate. While technically short of recusal, appointment of somebody else puts distance between Sessions and the investigation.


  8. Richard Stern says:

    I would hope Sessions revealing this, means he’s ready to roll out indictments and do so on-camera-perp-walks, just not tipping his hand too early because of the our cries to DO SOMETHING ALREADY.

    All of the targets already know they are being looked at. Doing it with personnel outside the beltway is obviously a good idea. But this is when the anti-Trump-smokescreen gets even deeper, with Mueller feeling pressured to take some “big names” down, before Sessions steals the limelight with ACTUAL CRIMINALS.


  9. History teaches says:

    Let’s face it. Ten seconds after the prosecutor is named, he/she will be character assassinated like nobody’s business. Tough sledding for the family of the appointed one.

    Ideally, a 3-D chess move would be to name a woman prosecutor. Particularly of ethnic minority status. A combination of the intellect of Condie Rice with the grit and determination of a Michelle Malkin. Obama had his inner circle of cynical, corrupt minority women advisors/handlers. Possibly somewhere deep in the bowels of the judiciary/justice beauracracy a rising or low profile candidate will surprisingly emerge.

    Sessions must know the talent pool and certainly understands the unique qualities needed to pursue things firmly and with unwavering focus.

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  10. Payday says:

    Listened to the whole interview. Still, just doesn’t fill me with confidence. Will just have to hope.

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  11. fred5678 says:

    I have been a big fan of Jeff Sessions since 2006 and 2007 when he led the charge to defeat Comprehensive Amnesty THREE TIMES — battling McCain, Kennedy, and G W Bush. I, too, have waited patiently for him to step forth on the big stage during this administration. I called his office with messages of support weekly during those battles, though I was never a constituent.

    The NYT 2013 critique when Sessions was yet again fighting the good fight — against the Gang of Eight bill — is worth a read to see their take on the lone warrior:

    The guy is PRINCIPLED. And a nationalist/populist, pro-America, pro-American worker.
    Little wonder he was first Senator to support candidate Trump.

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  12. starfcker says:

    Sessions better speed it up, it’s already March, and Santa’s going to need him by September.

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  14. distracted2 says:

    I feel a lot better after watching the interview with AG Sessions with Shannon Bream tonight. He also had some great things to say about PDJT, too.

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  15. Love Jewish people much?


  16. Anon says:

    Q anon predicted this.


  17. Rynn69 says:

    I would be cautious because of the terminology here. “Outside of Washington, many years at DOJ” is a contradiction in terms. It still is a swamp creature. Yes, a retired swamp creature. But a swamp creature none the less. We’ll see…


    • rsanchez1990 says:

      Well, I guess strictly speaking Sessions could be talking about a former US Attorney. If as SD says an appointed prosecutor has been working with the IG for a while, there were many choices for former US Attorneys who resigned in March of last year.


  18. Ralph DeVane says:

    Hope he appoints Joe diGenova, who will be fair, but will be a hammer when necessary.

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    • pursang says:

      yeah, I like him, but I believe his wife Victoria Toensing held an office that might be a conflict. Will have to research that later, gotta run.

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      • mutantbeast says:

        Rosenstinnks wife is an attorney for the Clinton foundation. Why hasnt Rosenstink recused himself from any investigation there?


  19. C R Lord says:

    I would appreciate thoughts on the video linked below. My son called me and told me about it and I am curious if anyone else here is aware of it or knows how valid it is or isn’t.


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