Devin Nunes Questions Legality of FBI FISA Application to Attorney General Jeff Sessions…

This evening House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes sends a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions questioning the protocol and legality of a fraudulent FISA application submitted by the FBI.   This approach sets up AG Sessions to defer the legal framework to OIG Michael Horowitz, and establishes the public basis for parallel prosecutors within the DOJ.

However, keep in mind, it’s extremely likely, almost certain, these prosecutors already exist – they are already working with Horowitz.  Evidence of this is found in the memo quotes from Bill Priestap, but those not following the granular details are unaware.

In the letter to AG Jeff Sessions (full pdf below), Nunes is requesting the DOJ provide answers to what his committee calls “clear violations of FBI protocols” in obtaining the FISA Title-1 warrant against Carter Page on October 26th, 2016.

Chairman Nunes also wants to know whether guidelines embodied in the latest 2011 version of the bureau’s Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG), outlining what the FBI must do when submitting an application for a FISA warrant, was changed to allow the bureau to obtain a warrant with less evidence. “If not, what steps has the DOJ/ and FBI taken to hold accountable those officials who violated those protocols,” Nunes asks Sessions:




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364 Responses to Devin Nunes Questions Legality of FBI FISA Application to Attorney General Jeff Sessions…

  1. wheatietoo says:

    Tomorrow is the deadline for Nunes’ 10 Questions for the O-team players.

    I wonder if we will get an announcement as to whether they all replied, or not.
    Hope so!

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  2. nimrodman says:

    Sundance, just thinking ahead.

    All the talking-head shows I see are still framing this as the warrant to surveil Carter Page, and if outrage is expressed it’s that a “private citizen” was surveilled possibly unjustly.

    When might we anticipate that this discussion gets driven out into the open that the Carter Page warrant was a Trojan horse that allowed all of his contacts and their contacts to be surveilled, essentially the entire Trump campaign? What events might force that kind of discussion?

    And will there be an accounting of all those surveilled by such knock-on queries? Ever?

    And when might we learn what it was that Devin Nunes saw that shocked him so at the SCIF? We can only speculate that it may have been Trump family or campaign members or other associates.

    Maybe indictments and prosecutions must come first, lest any of these kinds of disclosures might jeopardize them?

    And didn’t Admiral Rogers mention that he cleaned out a bunch of something at one point? Were those queries or intelligence briefs generated from queries on a bunch of individuals? Have the fingerprints of query crime been erased?

    Not expecting answers, just kinda musing aloud.

    The more I think of it, the more likely that these kinds of stories can only be told after prosecution – if any. Maybe some of them will be told as evidence in the prosecutions.

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  3. Former lurker says:

    Think of the situation something like this put IG Horowitz in…even if he knew or suspected the FBI forensics bubbas or his own staff were whitewashing the Atkisson complaint, does he drop the hammer on them in 2013 knowing that the Obama admin will not let it get anywhere? IIRC at the time the IGs were somewhat muzzled by the Obama admin and his focus was regaining the latitude to do his job.

    I’m guessing he was either unaware or basically strategically unable to strike at that point. There’s a good chance that when the FISA dam bursts, a whole lot of smelly secrets like this will come pouring out behind it.

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  4. trialbytruth says:

    My guess is what shocked him was Video footage from all the private security cams laptops an so on within the trumps family dwellings.

    Nimrod perhaps you know this question. I seem to remember a public discusssion a couple years ago on steps from a suspect that could be included in NSA surveillance cases. 2 step three step seems to me was the debate.

    If I remember the scenario correctly … it was target plus all associate plus all associates of the associates. I believe that was considered two steps. So Page = all campaign folk he got or sent email to= every person those folks communicated to.

    In other words Page emails campaign finance people and they email Me.

    Does any of this ring a bell?

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  5. Greg says:

    MaCabe must have dictated this to Maggie

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  6. Willie Elbel says:

    Sessions is dragging his feet and the Horowitz’ IG report will be a real nothingburger because otherwise Obama would be implicated.
    If Obama were implicated, riots would destroy the country. ergo, just relax and stock up on popcorn to watch the impeachment ,entertainment and be glad Hillary is not in the white house and Comey is out of office.

    Taking bets on the Horowitz nothingburger- any takers?

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    • Keebler AC says:

      It’s a circus and righteous indignation rides on the whim of career politicians who are all talk and no action. Sessions didn’t think he had to recuse from Obama at the time but give it time he’ll find the honor in implicating humself out of anything Obama too. That Uranium One and the Mueller witch hunt is not being investigated is an embarassment of riches for the DOJ. We need the two SC recently requested to keep the deep state honest.

      The new special counsel would look into decisions made by the leadership within the DOJ and FBI to end the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her unauthorized private email server, according to the lawmakers.

      The second special counsel would also look into how the investigation into President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. Special counsel Robert Mueller has yet to find any collusion between Trump and Russia throughout his entire investigation.


    • George says:

      To me it is quite clear that Sessions is a swamp rat. He is allowing Mueller time to do his dirty work. I hope I am wrong but I don’t think the president would refer to him as “Mr. McGoo” if he didn’t believe Sessions was working for the other side. The reports are coming out lately that Horowitz was stonewalled by the FBI and DOJ.


  7. History Teaches says:

    Has ‘Andy’s’ pension kicked in yet? Wasn’t it set to begin in March?

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  8. What Levin said tonight was interesting. The FISA judge lied to him in her response to his questions. She stated the case was no longer before her, yet more warrants were issued!

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    • WSB says:

      Warrant extensions, also signed off on by Rosenstein.

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      • Mark L. says:

        Sundance, where does Mr. Rosenstein fit into this equation? As you note, he’s one still employed with his original title.


    • Andy says:

      Collyer is a stonewaller. She hasn’t cooperated with anyone and hasn’t indicated she will cooperate in the future. Instead she falls back on a phony separation of powers excuse to cover up wrongdoing by her court. Her court is a creation of Congress, and Congress has full oversight. With public servants like her, the public would never know what their government is up to.

      Levine did a great job of laying out the abuses engaged in by the FISA court in this particular episode. He has a show on Fox on Sunday night at 10:00 and will have Devin Nunes on for the entire hour. Should be interesting.

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  9. AH_C says:

    Turning the screws.

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  10. billrla says:

    Sundance: This thread is neither enlightening nor encouraging. What else you got? 🙂


  11. MikeN says:

    Something in the overall narrative that doesn’t add up.
    If Nellie Ohr was using Steele to launder the intelligence they gathered thru abuse of FBI contractor access to NSA database queries, how come we don’t see anything in the dossier that needed to be laundered thru Steele, and instead made up material?


    • farrier105 says:

      I have thought that Steele’s purpose was to put his name and resume’ to a made-up dossier. They didn’t need any of his “sources” in Russian Intelligence (who would likely be shot for talking and would only talk if they could defect). Blumenthal, Shearer, and maybe even Hillary, contributed to it, along with others unknown. Steele was responsible for providing a legend that would burnish the dossier with an “intelligence ambiance” and to serve as presenter to the media to generate an “October Surprise,” and as a supplier to the Never Trumper faction (McCain) of the GOP.

      Now that Hillary’s foreign policy is being practiced in Syria and in regards to Russia, and there is now a turning on gun control policy, I don’t understand why the Deep State did this to keep Trump out. Like the Russians, they would prefer to control both candidates, and Trump was Hillary’s choice for the one against whom she would like to run (“Pied Piper Candidate”). When you factor in the fact that Crowdstrike did nothing to stop the thefts of the DNC emails, by their own admission in their own report, and actually could be the logical suspect for the theft since they had means and opportunity, I no longer am sure about what is really going on here.


      • farrier105 says:

        It might be the most amazing BIG STORE CON ever perpetrated, and it is still going on if it is a con game, and it must have better crisis actors than the others.


      • jmclever says:

        IMHO Steele was needed for the rubber stamp approval of the FISA application to be made trustworthy based on Steele’s former credibility with the FBI. Remember that it was allegedly passed through the usual scrutiny because Steele was such a reliable source, even after they fired him because they caught him leaking to Yahoo news.

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  12. TheLastDemocrat says:

    I read some.
    But the PJ media deal is far too hard to read, altogether. Anyways..

    It is not a big deal to swap a hard drive and have the owner have no idea.
    Some of us know this, and some of us don’t: you can “mirror” a hard drive: get a copy of the zeros and ones from one, then paste that copy onto another.

    Then plug the new hard drive into the computer, and start ‘er up. Hyperthetically, the computer will run exactly the same, with no notable difference anywhere.

    If you had suspicious cat as your background on the one hard drive, he would be on the next. All your apple play lists would be the same. Your VPN would operate the same. Ideally; it can have errors, but there are plenty a ways to deal with those.

    This “mirroring” is a staple of new-computer set-up, and of hard drive repair.

    Why not simply copy HD contents to another drive, and leave the original HD in place?
    Why not just add a back-door file that allows you access to the computer, and use one you stole from the Russians, so if it gets detected then someone will blame the Russians?

    From what I know, there is only 1 reason: to install some boot-level access to the drive so that subsequent monitoring does not show up in the regular Windows or Mac environment. Something outside of the OS (outside Win or Mac) that could be pinged without showing activity in Mac or Win. Maybe a keylogger. Maybe a keylogger that sends keystroke info back to home base once a day.

    I do not know enough to figure out how someone would keep this added OS, or yet another boot sector, from being obvious to any computer tech.

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    • oncefiredbrass says:

      The biggest reason is they would clean off any signs of intrusion or any other evidence and then mirror the cleaned up drive and give it back thus taking any forensics away from Atkinson. May not have went down as I exactly described it, but the bottom line she has a cleaner hard drive now installed

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  13. JIm Murphy says:

    I’m no spring chicken.
    But, so far as I can tell, thisbis the same exact scenario that always plays out.
    Dems blames Repubs.
    Repubs blame Dems.
    The results are always the same.
    No one is held accountable.
    No one is responsible.
    Justice is never served.
    They play one side against the other.
    Until no one knows who is on what side.
    I firmly believe, that behind close doors, when the cameras are turned off, they close the doors, and they drink, laugh and party late into the night. All the while planning thier next plot against the American people…..
    Pray…I…am….Wrong !

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Yep.

      The only thing you forgot was how many breaks there are in between, but who can keep track?


    • jmclever says:

      But this time, we have President Trump, an outsider who is looking to make things right even at great personal cost to himself. I am hoping that things will be different this time.


  14. tunis says:

    Many of us and many in Congress as well as in the government and media know that there was a CONSPIRACY at the highest levels of the Obama administration including the DOJ, FBI, CIA and the DNI to manipulate the election to insure Hillary won. What none of them expected was that many of us would vote for Trump. They then conspired to attempt a COUP after the election. That continues to this day.

    Let’s face it, a personal memo by Comey coupled with his dismissal caused Rosenstein to appoint Mueller to continue the COUP because Mr. Magoo chose to “recuse” himself. Contrast that with all the evidence that Devin Nunes and Chuck Grassley have presented along with messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok that show clear violations of law. Yet Mr. Magoo doesn’t appoint another special counsel.

    Either they think we Trump voters are dumb or they’re giving us a big finger. They burying their criminality in classic bureaucratic processes that delay and delay and lead to no accountability for the coup plotters.

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  15. Andy says:

    Almost impossible that any criminal investigation regarding FISAgate is going on inside the DOJ/FBI alongside the OIG. Why? “28 CFR 45.2 – Disqualification arising from personal or political relationship.(a) ,,,No employee shall participate in a criminal investigation or prosecution if he has a personal…relationship with: (1) any person or organization substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution; or (2) Any person or organization which he knows has a specific and substantial interest that would be directly affected by the outcome of the investigation or prosecution.

    Clearly, this regulation disqualifies anyone inside the DOJ/FBI from investigating anyone inside the DOJ/FBI regarding FISAgate. Not only are there disqualifying personal relationships, but many of the DOJ/FBI personnel are “substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution.” And so no criminal investigation can be taking place within the DOJ/FBI regarding FISAgate. Also, the fact that yesterday Sessions said the FISA matter would be handled by the OIG rules out any FBI/DOJ prosecution and inherently acknowledges the effect of the above regulation preventing a criminal investigation by the DOJ/FBI.

    The OIG can investigate FISA because he is not conducting a criminal investigation. Rather he is investigating procedures, waste, fraud, and abuse all of which are non-criminal. The OIG’s investigation can be helpful in identifying and clarifying issues, but cannot carry out the prosecutorial function that is essential for a FISAgate investigation.

    So if the DOJ/FBI has to recuse themselves based on the above regulation, what’s the alternative? Answer: “§ 600.1 Grounds for appointing a Special Counsel.The Attorney General… will appoint a Special Counsel when he or she determines that criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted and –
    a) That investigation or prosecution of that person or matter by a United States Attorney’s Office or litigating Division of the Department of Justice would present a conflict of interest for the Department;…and (b) That under the circumstances, it would be in the public interest to appoint an outside Special Counsel to assume responsibility for the matter.

    So the answer for FISAgateis is to appoint a special counsel. The special counsel would have the powers of a DOJ prosecutor and would be able to spread the net outside the DOJ/FBI as far as it needs to extend.

    How would the special counsel be appointed? We have a problem in that Sessions has recused himself from “all things Russian” (and FISAgate involves Russia) and Rosenstein, because he signed one of the FISA applications that will be the subject of the investigation, has a severe conflict of interest. Thus, neither one can appoint a special counsel. Someone down the line in the DOJ — someone without a conflict who did not take part in FISA — will have to appoint a special counsel and supervise him like Rosenstein is now supervising Mueller.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      You are aware that the DOJ has offices all over the country, yes? DOJ prosecutors from Idaho or Montana may have been brought in to run the IG parallel investigation.
      You assume too much, and there is much we do not know.

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    • churchmouse says:

      Maybe that’s why Rachel Brand — No. 3 at the time — resigned in February. As others here said, she could probably see that such responsibility would fall to her.

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    • MinnesotaMan says:

      Is “28 CFR 45.2…” noted above why Trey Gowdy is prepping to be the Special Counsel?


  16. Andy says:

    Forgot to add, in terms of appointing a special counsel, the preference would be to fire Sessions and Rosenstein, and appoint two new people who would not have any of the conflicts that Sessions and Rosenstein have. Then the AG himself could supervise the special counsel investigation regarding FISA and also Mueller’s investigation, which cries out for new supervision and a new set of eyes.

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    • jmclever says:

      except that a new AG would have to be confirmed by the Senate and the dems have successfully stonewalled that process.

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      • mashall says:

        Appoint an Interim AG,
        AFAIK the Separation of Powers was never designed to block the AG position from being filled.
        No matter who Trump would bring in, the Swamp will scream out foul!
        Let ’em, If there isn’t’ any sweating and wailing, you not getting anything done!
        The questions I pose is how long do you wait before the strategic move?”
        How long do you allow Mueller to continue, if he won’t end the witch hunt looking for anyone on which to fabricate a charge for mere inconsistent statements to him?
        When would be enough time, the deadline?
        “In some governments organizations, “If they don’t place a deadline, nothing will get done.”


  17. Realist says:

    The swamp is wide and the swamp is deep and Sessions is the GATEKEEPER


  18. Mark L. says:

    If there is no visible reaction to the IG report then something is really not right in Wonderland.

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  19. Craig from Scotland says:

    Thoughts on ‘ex’-MI6 officer Christopher David Steele, Christopher Parker Burrows, Sir Andrew Wood [associate] as representatives of Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, and their 2016 memoranda with reference to President Trump, US elections and the Ruskies.
    Company Number: 06848574
    Status: Active
    Incorporation Date: 16 March 2009
    Directors: Christopher David Steele / Christopher Parker Burrows

    Thursday 13 May 1999
    ‘MI6: The nightmare scenario as a rogue agent goes public’!topic/
    MI6 list 1999;
    Christopher David Steele
    Christopher Parker Burrows
    MI6 list from 1999;
    Christopher David Steele
    Christopher Parker Burrows

    Ref: Christopher David Steele, Christopher Parker Burrows, Sir Andrew Wood
    These three amigos have got to be the most high profile, blindingly obvious ‘intelligence’ officers that have ever been. Publicly known about from at least 1999 if not earlier.
    Also, Steele was formally registered at British Embassy, Moscow 1990. The laddie wasn’t operating undercover but as a nod and a wink MI6 representative.

    All the aforementioned is from open-source information.
    Given the open-source available info from at least 15 years ago, this whole thing is bordering on the ridiculous for these cranks to be any way authoritative on Russian or any other issue.


  20. Fingolfin says:

    Dammit, your criticisms of Sundance’s theory are difficult to disagree with… ugh!

    It’s absolutely unreal that every friggin conspirator is going to get away with borderline treason against a president who, unlike every other owned or “oh so honorable” republican, actually plays to WIN.

    I honestly can’t believe this is happening (or rather, not happening) after everything that’s been uncovered and presented by Sundance and many others.


    • Paco Loco says:

      Obamagate was pre meditated treason by the Obama White House to destroy Trump during and after the election. Sessions can appoint a SC today to investigate and prosecute the perps (all the ring leaders have already been ID’d). Why he hasn’t done so seems to confirm that he’s either a black hat or incompetent. Mueller is clearly out to get the President and until he’s dismissed, the Big Ugly will continue to fester. The game now is to outlast the statuette of limitations so that HIllary and Obama escape the consequences of their myriad crimes.


    • cozette says:

      There certainly alot of psychics here lately and all of them are Debbie Downers. Sad.

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  21. RAC says:

    Cannot help but wonder if Mr. Nunes letter is in some way connected with PDJT’s tweet of Feb 28th., “Why not use Justice Department lawyers? DISGRACEFUL!”
    Also concerning the FBI but on a different matter, this from the Daily Caller does not inspire confidence in their integrity.


  22. TheWanderingStar says:

    Levin is a clanging cymbal.

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  23. Donna in Oregon says:

    Devin Nunes exemplifies “cold anger”. Should have never questioned his ethics. That ruse is going to bite the Dems hard.

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  24. TwoLaine says:

    ~Friday Flashback~

    Trump: The Art Of The Insult
    by Joel Gilbert

    Thanks again Jack!

    Trump and the art of the insult
    Exclusive: Jack Cashill writes about new film looking at president’s extraordinary skill
    17 Jan 2018


    • jmclever says:

      Art of the Insult = incredibly astute and effective marketing

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    • jmclever says:

      Art of the Insult = very agile and astute branding against them and incredible marketing for his own “brand.” The implication is that Ted Cruz is a liar, but Trump is not. Hillary Clinton is a crook, but Trump is not. Jeb Bush is low energy, but Trump is not, etc. See how that works? Brilliant!

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  25. amwick says:

    So I would like to gently and quietly leave my two cents here… because I had a thought, yes, an actual thought about this letter to AG Sessions. It was something of an oh sht moment…
    That letter was written for me… (maybe you too) but it was written so I could understand, without any trouble, what the heck was going on…. This is soooooo important. Congressman Nunes knows how vital it is that the people are part of this… He needs us to understand, and this is how he is doing it…. I know SD can wade through tons of information, years of documentation and other things, but this was a perfect distillation of the immediate problem. It read just like a tweet threat. Oh yeah, he is also talking to the AG… of course that is a big part of it… but I really like the way it was done, so I could understand…
    wowza… and TY Congressman….

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    • amwick says:

      Well it was supposed to be a tweet thread… you know, those unrolled twitter storms..
      hmmmmmmmmm sorry.

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    • Pat Frederick says:

      I agree that the letter was for us–a foundation that maybe is establishing that everything obtained from the warrants are “fruits from the poisonous tree” as well as foreshadowing that Mueller’s time may be up. That the whole thing was rotten from the start and Nunes is signalling for an end to the sham investigation. (Sorry if someone expressed this thought earlier I am only catching up om the comments.)

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    • Bob Thoms says:

      I agree it was written for public consumption; with the intention of raising public awareness and putting pressure on AG Sessions to do more. Nunes knows the OIG has limited powers to get cooperation, gather facts, issue subpeonas, empanel grand juries, cut plea deals, issue arrest warrants, etc.

      In his investigation of Fast and Furious, the OIG process precluded his department from interviewing key witnesses, why?

      Because they were retired. Apparently the IG has very limited authority to get cooperation from key witnesses. This is why I am skeptical of the report being the smoking gun that will rain a “whole lotta holy hell” on the swamp.

      With the DOJ sidelined, I remain skeptical. Hope to be proved wrong. I interpret the Nunes letter as a message to Sessions to get the “heck off your arse” and do something, or start doing more.


      • Bob Thoms says:

        I suspect part of the delay in releasing the report is due to the OIG not having access to key information, witness cooperation, DOJ records, etc.


      • Bob Thoms says:

        We know very little about the internal dynamics. It is quite possible that Horowitz needs access to witnesses that require subpoenas, plea deals, criminal complaints, etc., and Rosenstein is denying/stalling those requests.

        I am assuming that the OIG process is not flowing the way Congress intended and therefore the Nunes letter is a shot across the bow.


      • cozette says:

        The OIG has TOTAL power to ensure co operation.


        • Bob Thoms says:

          How do you know the IG has “TOTAL” power. What do you mean by “TOTAL” powers. Can he arrest people, provide immunity, empanel grand juries, issue subpoenas, etc.?


  26. Jane Smith says:

    Like Sessions, I would like to be paid for a job that I would then recuse myself from having to do…where do I sign up? And I want a great pension package as well.


  27. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Setting aside what many (seemingly PDT also) think of Jeff Sessions’ backbone, Nunes’ letter does read like something to an underling with only a cursory understanding. Probably for legal purposes and explanatory to the 99% outside of DOJ rules and regs (esp MSM).


  28. TwoLaine says:

    Good one!

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  29. dawg says:

    If what is being reported by NBC News is true about Mueller about to indict some more Russians for hacking the DNC,

    and its true that Seth Rich leaked the DNC stuff, with an update on that on Gateway Pundit here:

    ….then we will know that the whole point of the Special Counsel truly is just to cover up the crimes committed by the previous admin and everyone involved.


    • cozette says:

      NBC is Fake News. Haven’t you learned that by now? This article is based on a deceptive leak to bring the subject of the DNC emails back up again. The MSM wouldnt cover it unless it looked bad for Trump lol. They are sooooo stupid. The false claim that Russia hacked the DNC is what started the muh Russia witch hunt. Putin was framed by the same people who then framed Trump. When it’s learned that it wasn’t a hack but a leak by Seth Rich and that all the insiders lied to us and put America, President Trump and Russia through hell to cover up their corruption and then overthrow a President it will put a stake through the Mueller Investigation. Those who follow Trump and key allies closely could tell things were shifting back to the “hack” because Trump tweeted about it then Kim Dot Com tweeted back saying he had proof it was an insider but Mueller had not responded to his lawyers letters. Then right on cue articles about Seth Rich have started to pop up. Even the total skeptic Scott Adams just tweeted today that he now believes the Seth Rich version of events. This was featured in along with the article that convinced Scott, written by a retired Admiral. Rep. Rohrbachs meeting with Assange where he said he gained proof it was an inside leak and needed to share that with the President is back in the news. Hes still waiting for a meeting. Things are getting really good! Trump is a strategic genius. I’m sad so many people are missing out on the fun.

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  30. G. Combs says:

    Uncajohn says:
    “One thing that strikes me about how this whole affair has unfolded is the precision, timing, and effectiveness. It’s as if it were planned by someone with military training.”

    That is because IT WAS!!!

    Never forget as soon as a SCIF was available on Nov 18 2016 Admiral Rogers informed President-elect Trump he was being spied upon. President-elect Trump moved within 24 hours. This leads me to believe it was NOT Section 702 Phone calls and e-mails but PHYSICAL “electronic, mechanical,or other surveillance device”***

    name redacted
    “Adm Mike Rogers saved the country. On Nov 18 he met the NATSEC team of PDJT transition team and briefed them on it all…. At that meeting were current DCI Pompeo, former DCI Woolsey, now ambassador, Mike Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and PDJT.”

    If you are doing a sting ONLY the bare minimum would be part of the planning, and I for one would not completely trust Pence.

    LOOK at that list:
    President Trump. (At age 13 [eight grade], he enrolled in the New York Military Academy, a private boarding school — WIKI)
    General Flynn
    Admiral Rogers
    AG Sessions (He served in the Army Reserve in the 1970s, with the rank of captain — WIKI)
    Robert James “Jim” Woolsey Jr. ‘is an American lawyer and diplomat who headed the Central Intelligence Agency from February 5, 1993, until January 10, 1995… Under Secretary of the Navy from 1977 to 1979″ — WIKI
    Mike Pompeo ” graduated first in his class from the United States Military Academy at West Point where he majored in mechanical engineering… In 1994, Pompeo received a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School… In 1998, along with other West Point alumni, Pompeo founded Thayer Aerospace and Private Security” — WIKI

    There was a LOT of military intelligence/training in that room!


    (f) “Electronic surveillance” means—-

    (4) the installation or use of an electronic, mechanical,or other surveillance device in the United States for monitoring to acquire information other than from a wire or radio communication, under circumstances in which a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy and a warrant would be required for law enforcement purposes.[…]


  31. inquisitorLost says:

    Related recent article highlighting 2007 AG investigation guidelines apparently violated.


    • Tx for linking my little blog. Just to be clear on a few things …

      We learned recently that the FBI has some new manual: Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG). While this is after my time, it’s extremely unlikely to differ in any legally significant respect from the AG Guidelines. All this stuff–and especially in the area of FISA–is driven by underlying laws.

      Nothing in those underlying laws is anything like rocket science. There are only a few pretty basic concepts that govern it for the most part: agency, probable cause, foreign power, USPerson, etc. The advantage to understanding these types of guidelines, however, is that the person who does understand them and how they drive everything that’s going on will be able to see at a glance whether a narrative makes sense or is bogus, whether illegalities likely occurred. There’s too much nonsense being put out by 1) people who are too lazy to do a bit of basic research and 2) cynical operatives like Schiff who know better but are trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.


  32. Paul Killinger says:

    I see now that some on our side are taking on the AG, claiming Mr Sessions is “isolated” and “out of the loop” in his own agency.

    So what happens when their IG releases his report on FBI-DOJ misdeeds? Will the public even get to see a “redacted” version, perhaps through the House Intel Cmte?

    Everyone clamoring for a 2nd Special Counsel should consider the distinct possibility that such an office could be used to literally HIDE the IG’s report for years from public availability.


  33. All American Snowflake says:

    This is scary as hell. Our government spies on us and tries to cover it up.


  34. Madi says:

    The most painful time in America. Citizen be treated like « second class »citizen. Where was Session when the usurper runned for rPresident ?


    • Madi says:

      2001, 2003 WMD, 2008, 2012, Benghazi , Syria, …
      Please stop insulting our intelligence!
      The biggest fraud in AMERIKA: « O »
      So any people challenged the usurper:
      Trum, Arpaio, Orly Taitz esq, Jérôme Corsi, Larry Klayman esq.
      We need jury trial: guilty! Congress, Scotus, Potus (before 2016) Clinton bush o,


  35. thinkthinkthink says:

    God bless the Good Guys
    both known and unknown
    who are putting their lives on the line
    to set our people free!


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