President Trump Joint Press Conference With Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull…

Earlier today President Trump and First-Lady Melania welcomed Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to the White House.  At the conclusion of their meeting, the President and Prime Minister held a joint press conference.


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61 Responses to President Trump Joint Press Conference With Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull…

  1. I think the photos show that the United States has the most beautiful First Lady …ever.

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  2. FofBW says:

    PT is on a good roll today.
    All the negative deep state propaganda just rolls off his back. This is leadership!!

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  3. Mutton says:

    Don’t be misled. Turnbull is a practising leftard heading a nominally conservative party that isn’t.

    The difference between Turnbull and Shorten, the far left ratbag socialist opposition in Australia, is not that much, the differences are minimal.

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  4. Lorraine Palmer says:

    you are so right PM Turnbull is loathed by the conservatives in Australia, I am one of them. So good to know that the informed , know the true story

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    • Chris in Australia says:

      And remember, Lucy is a rabid leftist. She showed her true colors when she was the Administrator of the Tweed Shire Council (northern New South Wales).


    • Raven says:

      I’m with you, Lorraine.
      We want Tony Abbott back. He’s the closest we’re going to get as far as a Donald Trump type.
      So, The US Navy named a warship “Canberra”.
      That was a nice touch, I thought.

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    • WSB says:

      Brava, Lorraine! I have friends in Sydney, and they were still mixed by PT and thought that Obama might have been a better president. I told them I hoped 0 would hang. Sorry. True.

      I did at least tell them the offenses of which I thought he was guilty, so there was context…

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  5. Publius2016 says:

    Trade discussions and modern diplomacy!

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  6. Troublemaker10 says:

    That was actually a really good speech by Turnbull. It must have given indigestion to the WH press corp to hear so many compliments and praise given to POTUS on foreign leadership.

    I’m still waiting for that one foreign paper to report that Melania’s hand was two inches behind Trump’s….obviously so she could swat his hand away. 😀

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  7. simicharmed says:

    I think this Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull could actually be the father of Canadian Liberal leader Justin Trudeau…

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  8. Msher says:

    Melania is stuning, outfit flawless. What are her critics to do? I know. Gold on coatdress proves she, like POTUS, has fetish for gold!

    Interesting to hear PM suck up to Trump. What does he need?

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  9. Oldskool says:

    Nothing funnier than watching a leftist POS doing some boot licking. I’m sure our President enjoyed that too, glad to see the cosmic law of karma still working.

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  10. I love that he called on serious reporters only!

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  11. Mr. Morris says:

    Did Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull borrow a suit for his visit to the White House? The suit appeared to be too nipped in at the waist and his right trouser leg was longer than the left trouser leg. He is a nice looking man, he can do better.


    • Josh says:

      Did you see turnbull jibberish on china and fish talk? As president trump stood straight with his chin up then looked at him talking leftist propaganda. If you think russia is bad china is worse in terms of geopolitical aggression.


      • Josh says:

        I forgot to mention he literally claimed he invented the internet yet is responsible for the biggest fraudband next generation internet debacle to australians that is outdated. He made sure he killed it.

        He outsourced everything to china and india workers who work in australia and still exceeded the budget. They dont like transparency and have no concept of ETAs. He is always for the rich doesnt like to pay his fair share of taxes as most politicans.

        Wants to raise gst and other taxes. Cut company taxes when they never pass it on just pass it to share holders. Socialize the losses, privatize the profits. How he gets to be there God knows but Australians dont have a us style system and are stuffed.

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    • Tegan says:

      Mr. Morris…but I also wish POTUS had better tailoring with his suits! Pant legs are much too wide but perhaps it’s a matter of overall balance. Nevertheless less, it’s an old man looK,, IMO.

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        Tegan, I was just thinking this myself, but then I decided that our Potus probably has more to worry about than keeping up with the current, slimmer fashions for men’s suits. However, I do think the baggy look makes him look heavier than he really is, so I wish his tailor would fix it for him….


  12. Turnbull is a globalist shill. Did anyone else notice how nervous he was? That he referred to ISIS in Obama-esque “Daesh” and “ISIL”? He even hisses like Obama.

    “Refugees” and migration is asymmetrical warfare. We have no moral, legal, or ethical obligation to allow hostile foreigners into our country.

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  13. Apologies for double posting, but I just saw Turnbull bending over backwards to talk about China this and China that. He’s a traitor to his country and people. His job should be to put Australian interests first, not China’s. His nervous words reveal the fact that he works for the interests of China, not Australia.

    Globalism is inimical to the interests of every country in the world, no exceptions.

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  14. beigun says:

    In so many ways, Trump is becoming the MacArthur of American politics….the Supreme Commander. You could sense it during the campaign. There has never been a President with such stamina as Trump, just like there was never a General who had the grasp of strategic command in modern times like MacArthur.

    They both had flair and superegos, but held a vision to meet the change in the status quo, to bring America through a Paradigm Shift. MacArthur during World War and Cold War, and Trump in the new Post-Cold War world without “rules based” tar babies overseas.

    Born into families of prominence, they rose to the top in their respective fields by sheer will.

    Warts and all, Gold Bless both of them!!


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