President Trump Holds Impromptu Presser Departing White House…

Earlier today President Trump delivered brief remarks to the White House press corps while departing for CPAC.  The president fielded multiple questions about the Parkland Florida shooting and the latest revelations about school officer Scot Peterson who did not enter the building.

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  1. starfcker says:

    He pretty much called Peterson a coward twice. Good

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    • starfcker says:

      You can say whatever you want about Scott Israel. Scot Israel was on the jump squad in Fort Lauderdale for a long time. The guy who used to run the Broward police union did the same thing for Hollywood for years and years. No way in the world those guys would sit outside while somebody shot kids. It would never happen. They are as shocked as we are at the way Peterson reacted. Hate to see them get tarred with the same broad brush. Those guys are old school. I listened to the audio of the shooting. That kid was blasting away as fast as he could. Would that be a tough thing to walk into? Sure. But that’s what you signed up for. That’s what you trained for. That’s what you were getting paid for. And that’s what we the public rely on you to take care of, when it happens. Big failure. Big, big failure.

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      • svenwg says:

        His pension should be revoked as he failed to earn his enumeration paid for by the citizens of the county!!!!

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      • starfcker says:

        All the people calling for armed security in the school, and think that that is the do all and end all to the problem, remember this. That school HAD armed security. And the bitch didn’t do his job. And his personal cowardice cost a lot of people their lives.

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        • G3 says:

          Yet the coach was seen running towards the gunfire…wasn’t he a security guard, at his other job.

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        • While I agree, one anecdote does not create a norm. The left tries this all the time. It is a multi-faceted problem requiring a multi-faceted approach. None of which involves a gun ban of any type. This see something, say something, still requires someone to DO something.

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          • Pat Frederick says:

            yeah I remember a teacher seeing something and doing something and “Clock Boy” earned millions off it and a WH invitation to boot…different times tho

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        • Sylvia Avery says:

          I’ll have to go back and reread, but didn’t Sundance say or suggest that the School Resource Officer was a part of this whole problem and not the solution? That he was the one in the position to ignore and make go away any crimes, at the behest of the SO and School District of course, and so there was undoubtedly a political consideration to be made here as well.

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        • Ausonius says:

          Which is why you need more than just one person qualified to blow away such a lunatic: the odds of cowardice go down if there is some back-up!

          This will be seen as a money problem first: who pays for the weapons, for the training, for the psychological training and counseling, for the metal detectors? Local, state, federal, a combination of all three?

          Perhaps a tax could be levied on the sale of guns to pay for it?


          • Cuppa Covfefe says:

            Why is the “solution” always a tax?

            That’s what the libtards do over here…

            Maybe they should just tax stupidity, greed, and liberalism (but I repeat myself).

            Problem solved…

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      • Meatzilla says:

        What a foolish thing to even think – much less say.

        Police officers do not get paid to get shot and/or killed and leave their children fatherless and/or their wives husbandless. Nor did they sign up for such absurdity. Do you alsom believe that doctors signed up for and get paid to contract HIV and/or AIDS, or Postal Carriers signed up for and get paid to get chased and/or attacked by savage dogs, or Military soldiers signed up for and get paid to just go die, or Nuclear Physicists signed up for and get paid to suffer radiation poisoning and perhaps die. Not even the damn grocery clerk signed up for nor gets paid to get run down while pushing shopping carts in a parking lot with cars whizzing by, and so many more that I could continue on with.

        No one in America signs up for and gets paid to leave their families high and dry and suffer death and/or heinous injury of any kind just because their job may come with some inherent hazards.

        For Pete’s sake, man. Think before you spew.


        • All American Snowflake says:

          While you spew cowardice…. Cops don’t get paid to hide behind a wall while children are shot down like dogs.

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        • starfcker says:

          What? What’s the matter with you? We pay police to be the guys who do intervene. Not to cower. And most of them do the right thing. That coach knew one of the basic tenets of life. Men protect women and children. End of story.

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          • Meatzilla says:

            You are not a police officer. You were not there. None of us were. And, neither was that pile of crap Sheriff.

            I’ve been a police officer in a major metropolitan area of So Cal for 25 years. I’ve seen and dealt with a number of active shooter barricaded suspects, and we didn’t storm in. We waited for proper firepower and equipment. You’ve seen those on TV yourself, I’m sure. I’ve been in shootings. I have numerous partners who have been in shootings. I’ve seen people murdered by a vast array of methods, including firearms. I’ve seen and experienced far more than you my friend. I’ve had the training, non-stop for 25 years [not counting prior military service]. I helped write our departments Active Shooter protocols. I’ve been to meetings and town halls. I’ve liaisoned with FBI and DEA and ATF and so on. All the things cops not afraid to work hard and get dirty do. I know far, far more than you about this stuff.

            And I will tell you right now that while practically every job has inherent risks be they paper cuts to dying on the job at the hands of a complete stranger – no one gets paid to die or be shot. Nobody. Not cops. Not military. Not anybody. It’s not to be expected of anyone no matter what the job or pay-scale.

            I’d like to think i’d have done far more than what that deputy did, and I’m all but certain I would have, but I wasn’t there. He followed his training for 4 minutes, and when the backup arrived he teamed up with the additional adequate firepower and protective shields that will stop rifle bullets and he went inside — but he did not run in willy nilly by himslef and into the fire of an AR-15 rifle being wielded by a competent shooter with only a pistol and inadequate body armor to protect him. He could have, and probably would have died, a hero to be sure, but he’d have died needlessly. He might have gotten lucky too, and saved some lives, but who knows for sure but our maker. fact is – the odds were stacked way against him, and he made his call…. on scene.

            No one gets paid to be shot and killed. Not even police officers.

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            • All American Snowflake says:

              Meathead has nothing to say.

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            • starfcker says:

              You’re right, I’m not a police officer. But I am a man.

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            • Roger Duroid says:

              Yes, no doubt that was his training. No one wiil run blindly run into the building with no knowledge of how many are there and where they might be. If he’d been right there and saw one kid come in with a gun, maybe different answer but apparently Patterson ran over from across campus and into an unknown situation.

              Now, why did israel throw him under the bus? Trying to deflect from the real problem of sweeping school criminals under the rug to make SJW brownie points.

              I suspect Patterson will soon make a statement that he did as he was trained and instructed – stay out of line of fire and wait for backups.

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            • cdnintx says:

              All I can say is it’s a good thing he wasn’t there on the day the Republican congressmen where shot at on the baseball field eh? The gunman was taken down by the 2 Capitol Police Officers who were armed with pistols and actively pursued the shooter taking a bullet during the encounter and continued to firing on the suspect to protect the congressmen…..I can only imagine what they would have done to protect children.

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            • PS says:

              Thank you for serving the community.

              And I agree with you, running into a situation without knowing the facts is a fast way to get yourself injured or worse. That doesn’t help anyone. This isn’t the movies, or a video game where you get a “do-over”. Everyone needs to risk-assess to figure out what they are up against, and when you are in the moment, there’s very little information. This guy probably didn’t know what he was up against, how many, and didn’t know how to gauge the risk. He played it safe. The optics of standing around waiting for support is poor, to be sure, but I’m sure we are going to learn more soon.


              • Cuppa Covfefe says:

                Yeah, so he was safe while innocent CHILDREN and their TEACHERS died.

                (no) Thanks for playing. You lose. Please try again…

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              • Meatzilla says:

                This whole thing is so sad, and utterly maddening. So much tragedy all the way around, and now this too. But, we are very used to it, and it’s just another day in the life of the most hated profession in the country and all that. It’s not a job for the thin-skinned, that’s for sure.

                Thank you for your recognition. I tell other officers in the field I encounter and don’t know the same thing, sincerely, even though I am one myself. It does feel kind’a nice from time to time to hear it. And, thank you for being a good citizen instead of a cop-hating/angry cretin. We really do need more good people and a lot fewer cretins 😉


            • Cuppa Covfefe says:

              Yeah. Right. Probably in Mad Maxine’s district…

              I lived in SoCal a number of years. And corruption was rampant. You sound like one of the slime from LAPD…

              Well, go run away little boy: we MEN have work to do…

              (oh, and don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out while you’re collecting your 25 pieces of tin from Gyorgi Schwartz [that’s George Soros to you])…


            • Then I am thankful you are not assigned to my kids school. The coach didn’t get paid to take bullets for the kids, nor the ROTC student. And if his training is to wait for back up at all cost, then in order to protect children we should have a law enforcement precinct in every school. I hope the primary initiative of all the active shooter planning that you have done places the welfare of the intended victims near the top of the procedural flow chart. You are correct that no one knows how they’d react in a given scenario but I hope during your 25 years and the millions of manhours that has been devoted to situations like this excercises and techniques have been developed to reveal these tendencies so that we can save childrens lives. And for that matter you never been a 14 year old who has an active shooter skulking through the halls slaughtering your school mates and all your hoping for is someone to help. So please let’s not play this you’ve never been in my shoes bullshit game. He should have gone the hell in!


              • Meatzilla says:

                Holy mackerel. With all the hate you stow in your heart and throw at anyone with whom your disagree, I would submit that your kids should be worried about something much, much closer to home, and their young minds and bodies, than a School Resource Officer that may or may not perform his assigned functions to your exceedingly unreasonable satisfaction. Wow.


                • Holy mackerel indeed Meat. Please identify the hate in my statement. If you mean disagreeing with your premise is hate, then guilty as charged. It’s a critical assessment of your defensive diatribe justifying the actions of this officer. My concern still stands. If unarmed students are being stalked and slaughtered by someone in their school to whom do they turn for relief? Did the officer behave properly? In all the active shooter scenarios for which you purportedly created action plans, did any of them involve school shootings? If so, please enlighten us. I have never been a LEO. This is your opportunity to let those of us who have never been an officer understand the justification for waiting outside, (with three of my fellow officers) until the gunfire stopped and the murderer has completed his task before going in. If it comes anywhere close to the officers self preservation, I’ll be right upfront, for me, that dog will never hunt. I have cousins and nephews that are LEO’s. And each one is incredulous with regard to these officers. Ready go….


            • josco scott says:

              Did you read SD’s account of Broward Co corruption? That Peterson was a fixer?

              So if that’s true–and I believe it is– the problem wasn’t that he was scared. The problem was the system was dirty. There was no way he’d sacrifice b/c he wasn’t there to help, he was there for political purposes.

              BUT if there’s an armed guard, you absolutely are expected to protect. THAT’S YOUR JOB.

              You sound a little like Panetta re: Benghazi: “We would never send our men in to rescue not knowing what was going on on the ground.” WHAT? No.

              Of course he got away with it because Democrats all recited “Benghazi, fake news, Fox” over and over without having heard a word of testimony

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            • LKA in LA says:

              It is a normal reaction to “fight or flight” during a crisis like this. Normal adults would have fought. It is not normal to hear the carnage and lay low as an adult. The adult there was the coach. A hero. The cop was a coward and will always be one. I hope the screams never leave him. He knew he was a fraud and only there to delay video, prop up criminals and cover for affirmative action administrators. He was always a coward. He just got caught.

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            • smartyjones1 says:

              So when kids are being shot up inside a school, protocol is to stay outside and cower behind your vehicle until the shooting ends?

              Wow, ain’t that a kick in the balls of cowardice unbecoming.


        • Michelle says:

          All the more reason we need to be able to defend ourselves instead of asking someone else to defend us.

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          • Toenail says:

            We must be able to defend ourselves, especially when we ask someone that really isn’t going to risk their life to save our life. You can argue that an officer really doesn’t sign up to these risk but most everyone thinks a policeman signs up to do that. IMO any police officer that would not go into that school and make some attempt to stop the shooting should turn in their badge because they are receiving money under false pretense. I think many civilians that don’t get paid to serve and protect would have went in if they were armed.

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        • Maquis says:

          One said he signed up to die. No one said he should have died. We all say his job was to protect those children. He didn’t get a free mulligan to decide his own children should not lose their father when many children were losing their fathers and their own lives as he cowered outside.

          This has all the hallmarks of a troll tossing shit into a crowd. I’m done with you.

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          • Cuppa Covfefe says:

            Yep. Seems the trolls are running thick and fast here anymore (which means the mods must be REALLY busy).

            You always get the most flak when you’re right over target. Well, Gyorgi, as the famous data processing specialist once said when working on a plugboard: byte me…


        • Lburg says:

          ….and so many more that I could continue on with. OOh, Please don’t.

          Was he armed and being paid to protect the students or not?

          If the answer is “Why yes. He was armed and was being paid to protect the students,” then yes, it IS what he signed up for.

          That being said, you are correct, no one signs up for anything so they can meet their worst nightmare. The courageous among us however, if we are unfortunate enough to meet the nightmare face to face, do not cower, do not run, do not shirk our duty regardless of the personal cost. We do something about it. And the people who love us know and expect that from us. Do they wish it? No. Do we? No. But sometimes ordinary people are put into extraordinary circumstances and they rise to the occasion. Peterson is not one of those people.

          “Think before you spew.” Try it – it works.

          “Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

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        • Uh, meatzilla please see the DOD for your answer. Yeah, they do. In favor of your argument the SOTUS has stated that law enforcement is not required to protect but to enforce. I was not there but I pray God that if I were there and armed as the sheriff was, that I would take action. I find it difficult to understand a grown man standing idly by while children are being slaughtered.

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        • GB Bari says:

          No, your argument is specious. The Police alone among those professions are armed and trained to Protect and Serve – that motto is written on their uniforms and squad cars in many cities. The entire population expects their local Police to confront armed threats to civilians and (at the very least) attempt to stop them with lethal force if necessary. Your argument seems to be about civil servants just putting in time and retiring on full pension. If they want low-risk safety then find some other occupation. The police who I know are, to a man, willing to put themselves between an attacker and its intended victim.

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          • yadent says:

            Protect and Serve is just that..a motto with NO LEGAL BINDING. The police are under NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to draw their weapon other than for THEIR self defense nor are they legally obligated to protect any individual or group of individuals within a community only the community as a WHOLE. This has been established via the courts up to and including the USSC. YOU are the first responder for you and your family in terms of safety. YOU are ultimately responsible for your safety and well being. The authorities are there to enforce the law, determining justice AFTER violations occur. Until the public understands that they are essentially sheep and that a few are EXPECTED to be lost to wolves with the wolves being dealt with AFTER the fact, events such as Parkland will continue. The line to surrender your weapons starts on the left……..

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            • Peoria Jones says:

              Finally, someone who gets it. One needn’t like it, but the truth will set you free.

              Thank you for explaining this in a way that will hopefully educate others. It is a very important fact.

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            • churchmouse says:

              @yadent: Key point there, considering a watering down of 2A, or even the present state of affairs (emphasis mine):

              ‘YOU are the first responder for you and your family in terms of safety.’

              Considering any restrictions of arms — and those of the future considered — how is the average citizen enabled to be the first responder?

              Why do people call the police?

              Why have they called the police in past decades?

              Ultimately, then, of what service are the police force to the public?


          • Meatzilla says:

            Yeah, “Protect and Serve” – not “Rush In and Die”.

            Such a simple concept – yet so many people have no inherent ability to grasp as much. So strange.


            • GB Bari says:

              Maybe you missed the context of this entire thread. In the school in Parkland, NO ONE was present to protect their children except the officer hired to do just that. So your argument is again, specious. Those particular children were defenseless facing an armed shooter. The cops squatting outside weren’t defenseless – they did not even try to see if they could get in and drop the perp from a protected position. I stand by my statement. And I have no respect for any LEO who refuses to protect the lives of children (and unarmed -by force of law- adults) who he is being paid to protect, I don’t care what any Supreme Court said. Go be a rent-a-guard at the local mall if you don’t have the cajones. I served and faced down combatants instead of running and hiding. When the time comes, one has to step up and do what they are trained and equipped to do – their duty.
              Apologies to the thread but this argument for cowardice got my dander up.

              Off soapbox.

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            • Navybuckeye says:

              How was he protecting those kids by hiding outside? Why did the neighboring police arrive, assess and enter within in seconds while he (and 3 other Broward officers) stayed outside? How is waiting outiside protecting?

              You sir are a coward as well. I served in the military. I knew when I signed up, at 17, that joining the military means I could go and die. At 17 years old I understood that fact. It comes with the job. As does being a police officer unless your a Broward County officer and now apparently an officer from So. Cal (doesn’t surprise me). I mean, you and your ilk in So. Cal, are also required to ignore law and let illegals run rampant in your sanctuary cities. Ignoring the plight of law abiding citizens that need your help is SOP.

              Or do you feel police are just that afraid they can’t do their jobs? I mean, evidence does support cops are cowards….there have been enough shootings of unarmed men in the past year, by cops who use the excuse “I feared for my life.” to validate that claim.

              When you’re a cop (oh, I’m sorry armed School Resource Officer with a paycheck from the PD), it is your job to go in and protect those from evil people causing harm. That is exactly what you signed up for when taking that job. Hence, Coral Springs arriving, assessing in seconds and then entering to do their job….all the while the 4 Broward, eh Cowards, stood by and watched.


        • JC says:

          Meatzilla, thank you for your service and your point of view. You need no defense from me, but I’d like to go on record to say I’ve appreciated your many valuable posts over the 2 years I’ve been a member of the TCTH family. God bless.

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          • Meatzilla says:

            Next to you, my friend – I am just a shadow.

            lol! Awesome JC. Thanks so much. I needed that 😉

            Stay Safe and God Bless!


            • smartyjones1 says:

              Since police are only “there” to oversee cleanup of murder scenes after the fact and protect themselves from any possible harm at all times, it’s clear every American must have the right to carry.

              They’re on their own.

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              • Navybuckeye says:

                No, they are afraid of their own shadows. It’s apparent. How many times have you seen the news of unarmed men gunned down by police in the past few years? They all say the same line “They feared for their lives.”

                It sounds like our PDs are training people to be cowards and fear for their lives at every turn. Just an observation.


        • Former lurker says:

          And here, for all to see, is the worst side of modern policing. Make it home at the end of the shift no matter what, so sorry if you the kids of mere taxpayers are getting murdered but that’s the breaks, and you can’t criticize me ’cause you ain’t one of us.

          I’m not going to judge the man in question. Maybe he chickened out, maybe he followed his training, although increasingly departments train to engage with what’s at hand for active school shooters. Lord only knows what each of us will do when the time comes to risk our hides to help others, but if the standard isn’t “take a chance and try to save the kids” then there is something deeply wrong, both with the rule and our society.

          A lot of the “our boys in blue are heroes” crowd doesn’t understand just how insignificant they as citizens are to some of the police who get constantly drilled with take no chances rules and attitudes that are an outgrowth of the rise of tactical law enforcement. They aren’t required to protect anybody but themselves. Many go above and beyond, but it’s really above and beyond.

          I get that the old Andy and Barney ways don’t cut it in FBI shootouts in Miami or the s-holes that Progressives have made of our urban areas. I understand that coming in contact with scumbags day after day after day probably leave little patience with or sympathy for the honest taxpayer or his offspring when you are tasked with walking into a situation blind and outgunned. I even get why all the stops are pulled out to catch a cop killer, or why the media, state and local governments go all out to pay respect for those LEOs killed in the line of, but for a citizen killed by a bad guy or the local kid who is KIA overseas, not so much.

          I get all of that, but I also believe that when “protect and serve” becomes “protect ourselves first, last and always and it’s us vs. the world” then forgive me if my enthusiasm to fund and cheer on our boys in blue isn’t what it used to be.

          Meatzilla is right insofar as how a great many cops see what the job requires of them. He’s wrong about nobody in America getting paid to hazard life and limb… every member of the armed forces is in the wrong career if they think that personal survival is the top priority.


          • Meatzilla says:

            He’s wrong about nobody in America getting paid to hazard life and limb…”

            And here you are, another fully unqualified equivicator who can’t even make, at minimum, a feeble attempt to be honest. I never said nor even intimated that ‘nobody in America is getting paid to hazard life and limb’. I never said that, and it is self-evident that I never said that. Of course a great many people are compensated to do just that. I did it myself for my entire adult life between my military career, my firefighter career, then and my LEO career, and I loved every minute of it all. Well, mostly loved every minute of it – but we still have to deal with people like you and the others here who sit in their chonies badmouthing police while they ponder what they’ll be having for lunches next week at their office job. So, you know, like I said – mostly.

            I said no one gets paid to just die and sacrifice their life – after someone claimed that police are, in fact, paid to get shot/injured and die. It is simply not true, and you are simply disingenuous…. and most definitely, obviously, a Cop Hater. But, hey, carpe diem, citizen. We’re used to it. Good Luck and God Bless.


            • starfcker says:

              Not a cop hater. Just a pussy cop hater


            • TJ says:

              “The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people; that… it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Cartwright, 1824. ME 16:45

              “One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them.” –Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 1796. ME 9:341

              I don’t need a cop to protect me, thats what the second amendment is for, so I agree with you and thats why I never call the police, it’s not their responsibility to protect me.

              Besides, if you trust FBI stats, you’re more likely to be shot by your local police then some person with mental health issues.

              I don’t hate cops, even if they’re corrupt(*), that takes too much energy and it’s a waste of time. I don’t hate FBI agents either, even if they lift holds on background checks of suspected terrorists(**).

              * Rampart Scandal

              More than 70 police officers(LAPD) either assigned to or associated with the Rampart CRASH unit were implicated in some form of misconduct, making it one of the most widespread cases of documented police corruption in United States history, responsible for a long list of offenses including unprovoked shootings, unprovoked beatings, planting of false evidence, stealing and dealing narcotics, bank robbery, perjury, and the covering up of evidence of these activities.

              ** Officer shot in Texas ISIS attack sues FBI

              “The FBI helped the terrorists obtain a weapon that was used in the attack by lifting a hold during a background check,”


              • Maquis says:

                Thamk you for posting that.

                It’s obvious, that the frustration and anger towards the Cowardly Liar that has been expressed here on CTH, the warmest and most reasoned group of Americans most of us have ever encounteted in the wildlands of the internet, is not hate, and none have assaulted the virtue of all cops, nor of a single one unjustly.

                The assertion to the contrary, imputing motive and malice where none exist, is a favorite tactic of the Left, and children.

                The combative nature of this individiual, with ceaseless assertions that we all hate and demonize, that he alone can see in our hearts, a perverse and disingenuous tactic, demonstrate that we are not engaging with an honest broker intent on participating in a constructive conversation.

                Those tactics argue that, in fact, we are dealing with an agitator, a bomb-thrower, a flame-warrior, a shit-poster.

                Engagement is futile.



            • “– no one gets paid to die or be shot. Nobody. Not cops. Not military. Not anybody. It’s not to be expected of anyone no matter what the job or pay-scale.”
              There you go Meat. As I, and a previous poster have acknowledged, the SCOTUS has ruled, on several occasions since the 1950’s, that law enforcement is just that enforcement. There is no requirement to protect. With this being said we must only be arming officers for their self protection. This in turn should be the overwhelming justification for more relaxed regulations for concealed carry. Our protection is our responsibility no one else’s, so degreeth SCOTUS. As a LEO, would you be in favor of less restrictions for concealed carry?


        • kate says:

          Please remember on 911, the police, firemen and most all responders went into the infernos to help people out and many lost their lives doing so, they performed their jobs and more so.They did it and God bless them.

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        • davidb says:

          Wrong…meatzilla….. when you sign up as a doctor, fireman, policeman, roofer, etc, you do it knowing there will be risks and you are expected to accept them and do your job. Even in the most dangerous occupation, which happens to be a Alaskan fisherman.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        That may be so but he still miserably failed as “chief” to insure policies were in place to at least have enough documentation on hand to prevent Cruz from legally being able to buy weapons, was punished and/or under some sort of restraint as well as assess if Officer Peterson was up to the task. He failed miserably as the leader of the police force.

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      • yadent says:

        Speaking of Scott Israel—–When Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Was Accused of Corruption, He Responded: ‘Lions Don’t Care About the Opinions of Sheep’.


      • Carrie2 says:

        starfcker, and now it has come out there were FOUR policemen not doing the job or following their oath as policeman. Yep, it as thanks the next country Coral officers to come and get the job done. Democrats are cowards at every level, but just spout way too much and do nothing to better their constituents or citizens.


      • Murray says:

        4 more Broward deputies outside the building didn’t go in Coral Springs PD did TG, Broward did nothing to prevent it, control it end it or save lives. You tax dollars in inaction, they need a clean out and start again.


      • It’s also troubling that after Columbine and the other school shootings that nothing is done to make schools more of a protected less open target. The officers shouldn’t have been passive for sure, but there are policy issues not making protecting the schools more of a priority.


    • lfhbrave says:

      He is a coward. Even if he didn’t want to confront an AR-15, had he entered the building and just fired at ceilings, the gun popping noise from his pistol would have at least distracted the sicko/retard shooter and saved more than a few lives.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      And again at CPAC. And that was before the other deputies were reported standing outside. Doughnut and coffee time.

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  2. Roger Duroid says:

    Speaking of dereliction of duty, what happened to that SS Agent who said she’d not take a bullet for PDJT? How can she still be working?

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  3. drdeb says:

    I love our President more each day!

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  4. ForGodandCountry says:

    Measured, reasonable, concerned, non-evasive, articulate, hitting the most important pieces repeatedly….

    He just keeps getting better and better.

    Liked by 14 people

    • trumpthepress says:

      You beat me to it. I know some people disagree with President Trump in this but it’s a winning decision IMHO. He is doing something that makes sense. We are so blessed to have this great leader in the White House. The anti-American leftists have been tamed once again.

      Liked by 6 people

      • GB Bari says:

        I could have agreed with you if only you had omitted that last sentence. “The anti-American leftists” will never be tamed. They must be defeated and destroyed.

        Liked by 1 person

        • trumpthepress says:

          They seemed to get tamed a bit by our by our President, although not entirely is true. He steals their thunder like with DACA, and now the gun control stuff. We are willing to do X, what are you willing to actually do leftists? Crickets or spews of hate with no solutions.
          Then they move on to something else….back to racism or whatever….Yes – I agree they do need to be defeated and destroyed, but they look like fools in most cases now and I am hopeful that will be the eventual outcome.


  5. Ringoagogo says:

    Here is a man that is not afraid of the press. Even though they give him so little respect. Way more access than the last person in office.

    Liked by 4 people

  6. georgiafl says:

    EVERY school in the country with the same school crime system as Broward County should be cited and those people responsible exposed!

    So glad to see arrests of students making threats all around the country!!

    Liked by 7 people

    • GB Bari says:

      How about finding the federal program that rewards these schools with big money for reducing their crime statistics. I think that program needs to be eliminated. Stop the $$$ incentive to manipulate numbers.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. georgiafl says:

    Liked by 14 people

  8. Mary Ann says:

    Soon the schools and churches will be like prisons.. pat down before entering..
    Mental issues and big pharma are more to blame than guns.. but no one with any pull will address it..

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Three tiered approach:
    – Near term, Harden the schools. Not with teachers. But professionals:
    1) If the shooter is engaged it will divert his attention from the intended victims, even if he isn’t taken down.
    2) He may flee, saving more lives.
    3) Buys time for reinforcements.
    4) A deterrent.
    – Mid term. Strengthen mental health interventions. This is the scariest for me. It can be so subjective. Very clear guidelines That involve due process once the perceived immediate threat is neutralized.
    – Long term. Strengthen the family. The evil that perpetrates this, in a high percentage of cases, is produced from fatherless and or broken homes. The fertile ground for this abhorrent act is laid in society when men are marginalized, or minimized as to their importance and influence in families and society as a whole. Men are designed to be protectors and enforcers of social parameters of a society and so that other men don’t get out of control. Not emphasized today at all.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Blacksmith8 says:

      regarding Number 2) An old friend of mine was fond of saying ‘You can run. You’ll just die tired’
      He was a crusty old seal.

      Liked by 2 people

    • annieoakley says:

      I think Teachers are quite competent to defend their classrooms and the school in general. They do it in Israel and I think it should be done here. The TSA in airports are supposed to be professional and they are any thing but.


      • GB Bari says:

        Israel has a long history of dealing with violence against them so armed defense is more ingrained in their culture. But in this country, too many people are culturally soft on self defense since they have never had to deal face to face with armed aggression in their entire lives. I’d prefer retired police or military stationed in every school who understand the use of weapons in populated areas as it was part of their profession for many years. But even they would be required to be certified and continually re-certified before serving in the schools.


      • Maquis says:

        Confusing. How are teachers supposed to be more effective than failing TSA agents?

        Sure, it works in Israel. They had mandatory military service for two years (all 87 genders). They are a unique nation in great peril, surrounded by a sea of enemies. They “get” it. They know they and their students are targets, and they do not have a political wing bent on power gained even by the taking of children’s lives. Our education system employees? Not so much.

        There will be exceptions, and I pray the culture and mindset changes and teachers become deadly sheepdogs. The typical class of people that choose this field are sadly not that kind of person. I hope more Veterans are brought into schools, as both teachers and security, or both, preferably.

        Military Vets could be hired quickly and any training decided upon for them could be administered as they work. They are especially


    • josco scott says:

      Great suggestions.
      What a thoughtful group here at CTR.

      I’d add “Take a very, very close look at law enforcement/school relationship, especially the big-mouthed virtue signalers who took on some level of Holder/Obama ‘if you don’t see crime it’s not there'”

      I’m not easily shocked, but SD description of Broward/Dade corruption blew me away.

      I taught one year of high school 30 years ago…walked out when a massive Samoan blocked my way and said “You can’t f’ing make me do anything.”

      You’re right, I said, and walked out. I was discouraged from even giving F’s to kids like that, much less sending them to principal. And that was 30 years ago.

      Liked by 1 person

      • churchmouse says:

        It wasn’t just in the US.

        I read similar stories in France re overseas students and immigrants in the 1980s from former French colonies. (The Mitterand government extended a hand, so to speak, via various social organisations, to eradicate ill feeling that — for the most part — didn’t really exist. I lived there a few years before his election and personally experienced a lot of very positive interaction everyday, French and foreign.)

        In the end, Mitterand’s goodwill brought ill, exacerbated today.

        As you experienced in the United States during the final Reagan years, it’s not so different to the Obama years and the Clinton campaign.


  10. brh82 says:

    What’s wrong with locking the incoming doors at a certain time, with a phone intercom to the school office at the entrance, like the phones on the freeway. But I was up all night reading the works of a writer who believes as I do, that the whole thing was a set-up, like Vegas, the Globalists offing as many of the young as possible. I think I read this was the 18th school shooting in a year. The determination of the Elite is awesome!


    • Sylvia Avery says:

      ” I think I read this was the 18th school shooting in a year. ”

      That number is Fake News.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Michaela says:

      brh, most schools I know of are locked and have an intercom. Some have video camera, some don’t, and some cameras are broke. Even if you buzz someone in and can see them on the camera all that needs to be done is for someone to wait for someone who is known and buzzed in and walk right in behind that person. Very easy. One school I know of has a security guard and the rule is when someone buzzes to come in you answer and tell them to wait until the security guard lets you in. That is not as easy as you may think either. The security guard might be up in a classroom breaking up a fight and you need to try and figure out where the security guard is located. In the meantime, you have a parent screaming because they are not being let into school to get their child. I work in the school system. And let’s face it, they are not going to shell out the money for 2 security guards. I don’t know the answer, but it is not an easy fix.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I work as the veteran employment coordinator for my local VA. I’m also a veteran. There are A LOT of unemployed veterans with the training to protect our children at school.

    Let’s hire these veterans! It’s a win win!

    Liked by 12 people

    • ForGodandCountry says:

      Damn good mission, too. On they would be very passionate about.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Homesteader says:

      Love it!!!


    • Damn Dirty Redneck says:

      My brother – retired from the local PD after 22 yrs. He would gladly volunteer to spend a few hours a week on the campus where his kids went to high school.

      Liked by 2 people

    • GB Bari says:

      I agree, provided they can pass a rigorous psych / mental health assessment ever year. PTSD has many different manifestations. I don’t want an armed vet suddenly have a self-control breakdown around children. Lots of men can bury that stuff deep for years but it sometimes comes out in weird ways. Had close-up experience (not me) with two such men so I’m not talking out of my hat. Hiring these guys is a great idea, just go about it sensibly.


  12. fanbeav says:

    The irony of all this is – this coward now has police protection! Utterly insane and backwards!


  13. BillRiser says:

    over 20 states are allowing conceal carry. Many are small towns with only 1-2 police force.


  14. scott467 says:

    I keep seeing people refer to the ‘Israel Model’, both Ed Rollins and Trisha Regan did it again last night.

    This is wrong. Incredibly wrong.

    Israel is the WRONG model.

    Israel is SURROUNDED by vicious islamic lunatics who want to destroy Israel, so Israel has NO CHOICE but to make their nation into something analogous to a maximum security prison.

    We are surrounded by CANADA who wouldn’t harm anybody, and Mexico — and we’re building a WALL to protect from Mexico.

    I don’t know about anybody else, but it strikes me as INSANE to continually ratchet-up the security/police state and use ISRAEL as our model. Every act of violence = MORE SECURITY = more Police State.

    Does anybody want to live in a country like that?

    I sure don’t. That’s not what I signed up for. That’s not what our nation was founded upon.

    And it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Instead of throwing MONEY at the problem, and trading LIBERTY for SECURITY (those who do so deserve neither, according to Benjamin Franklin), why not address the underlying PROBLEMS and FIX THEM?!?

    Multiculturalism and Radical Marxism/Leftism causes 99% of all the violence. It has torn our country apart, and it was done to us ON PURPOSE.

    UNDO it.

    Make English the official language, and EJECT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS. If there’s 50 million of them, ROUND THEM UP and GET ‘EM OUT.

    No whining about how we could never do that. We won WWII in four years, we can sure as hell round up illegal aliens and deport them. We can use PROFILING, because MOST of them don’t look like us, and I could care less if that’s not ‘politically correct’, the Left can take their PC and shove it up their #@$.

    Next, return prayer to schools and other public arenas. Throw out nearly the entire school curriculum and start from scratch, teaching what was taught 40+ years ago (English, reading, writing and arithmetic, American History and CIVICS) and adding history that has occurred between then and now.

    Teach patriotism and love of country. Kids should be PROUD to be American.

    Outlaw islam and Communism. Both have proven to be ideologies of oppression and death resulting in the murder of 100s of millions of people and are wholly incompatible with a free people and the Constitution for the united States.

    Use school uniforms so we end the idiocy of keeping up with the Jones’ $500 Nike gym shoes.

    No swearing in school, no talking back to teachers without suspension, and if you commit violence you get expelled, just like the old days.

    Christianity is the majority religion in America, it is our heritage and our tradition, it one of the primary reasons our Founding Fathers CAME to this land, the principles upon which our country was founded are CHRISTIAN principles and values, and we should return to them. Does anybody remember “In God We Trust”?!?

    Nobody has to be a Christian, but we DO have to be on the ‘same page’ generally speaking, with regard to “right and wrong”, or we don’t have a country, we have balkanization (our current ridiculous situation). Multiculturalism is division, which guarantees violence. Homogeneity is unity… does anybody remember UNITY?!?

    E Pluribus Unum?





    Scrap the insane civil / legal code, which has more laws than any human being could ever hope to know, much less avoid transgressing. Human beings should live by Common Law, let corporations operate under the heinous burden of civil law, code, statute, etc., etc., etc. Statute and code have been used to ENSLAVE Americans in the legal ‘system’. It truly need not be so.

    Next, pass tort reform to STOP THE LAWYERS from RUNNING OUR COUNTRY and to prevent the parents from being able to sue the school for disciplining HORRIBLE children who have been raised by HORRIBLE parents.

    Next, pass a-la-cart Cable / TV law, so the Deep State doesn’t get to fill up 500 channels with GARBAGE that nobody watches, but which is subsidized because you have to pay for ALL of it in your cable bill. Return TV to the FREE MARKET. If your show SUCKS, it shouldn’t be on TV. And if you only watch 5 channels, you shouldn’t have to pay for 500, when you never, EVER watch the other 495. It’s ridiculous.

    Next, enact stricter standards for TV and ‘video games’ and ‘music’ (e.g., all the ghetto rape and murder trash) and movies. Get the sickness out of the ‘mainstream’ that is being pumped into kids 24/7.

    Next, take all the #$%# cell phones away from kids, at least while they’re in school. When I was in school we couldn’t even use a calculator. These kids today are walking around with a telephone and a TV set and a home stereo in their pocket, competing for attention with their teachers.

    Next, TAKE AWAY THE MONOPOLY FRANCHISE of MAINSTREAM NEWS. Break it up, use anti-trust laws, whatever.

    Return POWER to the STATES as much as possible. Draining the Swamp means draining the POWER that has been unlawfully and un-Constitutionally concentrated in that rat-infested treason-hub called Washington D.C.

    Next, pedophiles and rapists and murderers go away FOREVER. No ‘3 strikes’ bull#$%^. You don’t get to rape somebody three times before you get life in prison. One strike, you’re OUT.

    Enforce the death penalty. Maximum 1 year between sentencing and execution.

    This is just a basic starter list, there is so much that we can and should do, and it could be done QUICKLY, all we need is the simple WILL to DO it.

    We don’t need to live like prisoners in our own country, we don’t need a Police State, we can take our country BACK and make it like it use to be.

    And if the God-hating, America-hating, Constitution-hating, baby-murder loving Left wants to fight a civil war over it, I’m all in. We have the guns, they don’t. We have the numbers, they don’t. They are a tiny minority, they have been ‘wagging the dog’ my entire life, and it’s time to STOP it.

    It doesn’t have to be the way it is, and it doesn’t have to keep getting worse.

    We could make things better, a LOT better, and it wouldn’t take that long.

    We just have to decide to DO it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • josco scott says:

      You’re not wrong. You’re pretty much right.


    • GB Bari says:

      Everything you state would work. One problem: it could not be done overnight, much less in 10 to 20 years unless we do it by force. And that’s not likely to happen.

      The Progressive half of the country seriously doesn’t want this and will fight kicking and screaming (or worse) to resist it. So in the meantime our kids are still in danger unless we adopt some version of arming part of every school staff and hardening the school facilities to impeded or prevent entry by thugs intent on causing harm.

      No, I don’t like it either; it’s not how I grew up at all. But those halcyon days are gone. The Left has transitioned our country into one of forced over-diversity, coarseness, crudeness, tolerance for crime and violence, immorality, and abandonment of the family, especially parental responsibilities because of adults’ self indulgence, laziness, and/or fear of damaging the children’s tender egos and self confidence.


    • Maquis says:

      You forgot one little thing, Scott, regarding a civil war: Not only do they lack Might, they also lack Right: God loves the Just. Leftism and Islam conspire so readily because they are the most abominable ideologies ever devised.

      We do, however, need to put Vets and qualified non-cowards in schools with the tools they need to destroy the monsters that the Left has creates, nourishe, defends, enables, and sets loose on our children.

      No, I don’t want a Police State. Parents need a much greater say in how those men and women are to be equipped and employed, and not one idiotic politically driven security policy, or anti-security policy, ought to be promulgated without knowledge and approval of the parents.

      That should be considered a semi-temporary remedy as we gather ourselves together in force to continue and further the restoration of America. Which includes armed faculties and armed parents. I should not have to relinquish my ability to protect my child simply because I have been summoned to fetch her from the nurse’s office. I should be free to take a turn walking the grounds and keeping an eye out during classes.

      We should have “Bring Your Armed Real American Parents to School Day.” Everyday. You can be damned sure that I wouldn’t cower outside and listen to the sounds of murder in my daughter’s school. No freaking way. Hell, I would not cower outside of any school in America in such an event. Neither would you, nor most any of us.

      The Left murders our children to provoke one of two reactions which they see as serving their goals; either disarming the populace, or a strengthening of the Police State apparatus. Both lead to a Police State.

      The things we had before, things that worked, need to be re-examined and returned as practicable. Mental institutions must be restored as vital elements of maintaining Civilization. San Fransisco is now the American equivalent of the slums of Calcutta.

      “Freeing” those incapable of caring for themselves, and those who can’t be trusted not to harm others, is not compassion. It never was. It was most likely a Soviet plot to begin with. The inspiration that lies at the heart of every destructive Leftist move seems to have originated with Communist Russia. Yet “we” are colluding…

      The very nature of such perverse lies is Communist inspired. The passages of “Das Kapital” are as Satanic as the verses of the Koran. Both should be banned. Both should be ejected as needed, and none such must be allowed to enter.

      Those unwilling to live as free and proud Americans should be invited to live elsewhere. Those that act against other Americans out of racist hate, or who encourage others to the same, should be returned to their ancestral homes. Mostly that means Africa.

      I would apologize for the insensitivity of the thought, but that would be PC self-censorship, or fear of violence, and I am past caring about either. I will deal.

      The Left has created out of the American Tapestry a hodge-podge of division and destruction. They have made those that ought be the most grateful to be Americans into outright Anti-Americans.

      I don’t care that my neighbor’s ancestors were slaves. BFD. I challenge anybody to prove my forebearers never suffered the same, or worse. Only fools and the professional victim-class suppose their ancestry entitles them to my guilt, the fruits of my labor, the life of my child.

      Humanity has has a tough row to hoe. We advanced into sentience long ago, gaining greater autonomy from the savagery of the natural world, yet increasingly greater power to enslave and destroy our fellow beings. And enslave and destroy we have. But my hands have no more enslaved a man than they have struck my spouse or taken a life.

      No, today’s racists, principal amongst them the participants in the Black Grievance Industry, but the Islamic Grievance Industry is spooling up even as their atrocities multiply beyond comprehension. They profit mightily from their deceptions, well, some of them, most of them are mere fools and cannon fodder, with we and our progeny the target and designated victim of both.

      We have advanced them far beyond their own Tribes’ capacities, fed and clothed and coddled and taught them and forgiven their ceaseless crimes against us and ours. Yet they murder and rape and steal and destroy and hate.

      They invent novel theories that “prove” that you and I are unrepentant racial terrorists living high on the hog while keeping them down. They are so frikkn brilliant that they can imagine new racist acts and slurs at the drop of a hat, and seem compelled to do so.

      Yet, they are not intelligent enough to solve their own problems and outpace the plodding troglydites around
      them? I am responsible for their failures in life?

      No. They are asking me to accept responsibility for what they are, and aren’t. The average adult IQ in Africa is 70. That’s the point that clinicians in the West consider a person mentally retarded. Their descendants in the States are ten pounts ahead, again, on average. That can be contributed to two things, Western educations, and European genetic contributions. Facts is Facts.

      I hate slavery. Hate that some of my ancestors practiced it, but doubt a single human alive is not the descendant of a slave. It simply was too prevalent a practice to imagine that any class or group of people ever fully escaped it. Life is hard, but we are Blessed.

      Do we accept that Blessing? Are we grateful fot it? Or do we reject it and despise it, all the while enjoying its fruits?

      I know I am grateful. I am confudent that in excess of 99% of Treepers are grateful for the gifts of modern Civilization. For relative peace, prosperity, longevity, security, low infant mortality, freedom, health care, dentists, cars, airplanes, so damned much, yet so many still seethe and curse us through their gritted teeth.

      Life has been famously described as nasty, brutish, and short. Only fools and the wicked can find nothing but fault and oppression. I am sick of being blamed for other’s mostly self-inflicted miseries. Those that insist on living that way need to go away. They’ve gotten enough education and experience here to serve them in good stead in Africa.

      Modern Africa, even the Africa of old, is idealized by American Blacks. Mind you, they may change their mind once returned to the Dark Continent. But no take-backs, not on this deal. If you can’t do your own research and you buy your own bullshit, well, then you deserve to live it. After all, they’ve been forcing their misery on us for far too long.

      Yeah, Scott, I have to say I find much of your proposal quite appealing. The Re-Dedication of America. Not just the Second American Revolution, which is already in-progress and increasingly likely to go hot, but also the reclaiming of our birthrights and restoring the institutions and traditions that made us once great, made us free, made us unique and the envy of the World.

      What we have become is tragic and it can either be radically reversed, going back up to honoring God and loving our fellow man,, or we continue to probe the depths of depravity as we plunge to our doom.



  15. TexasDude says:

    I am am a 14 year veteran cop in North Texas.

    Yes, cops are not paid to recklessly die or get shot.

    However, it is our duty to storm the breach, even if alone, to stop the threat and that may include getting shot or dieing.

    If there is no driving force, no sounds of gun fire for example, we wait and form either a formal entry team or an ad hoc one. We take it slow.

    When there is a driving force, we go in, but not stupidly. You go towards the sounds of violience, but you still do threshold evaluations, cutting the pie, etc, albeit it may be quickly and in truncated forms. You make sooo open doors because the driving force is down the hallway, but those doors will be handled at a later point and may contain bad guys.

    No, I not get pad to be cannon fodder or a shooting sponge, but the prospect of that happening while performing my job is there.

    We do certain things on traffic stops to minimize getting hurt. We clear houses with our guns out in the low ready or some other position so as to minimize getting hurt.

    If we shoot, we shoot center mass and not shoot to maim. More than likely this will kill the person, but this is done to minimize us getting hurt.

    You come at with a knife, you are getting shot, period.

    I knock on residential door, I stand to the side.

    When I interview you, I do not stand directly in front you and I keep my gun side away from.

    If you started acting squirrelly, you will get cuffed even if you have done nothing wrong.

    On and on it goes.

    There is no defense to the SRO’s actions. He utterly failed and was derelict of duty.

    Liked by 3 people

  16. TexasDude says:

    Lastly, if my point is not clear, police have a duty to protect citizens and property, just not blindly or recklessly.

    Thing is, this duty changed after Columbine. It was sound tactics to not immediately go to the driving force, especially by yourself.

    Today, you do and are expected to … if it is active shooter … a driving force.

    There was a driving force, the SRO failed the school, the children, and his department. Maybe the department failed him in outmoded, insufficient training.

    He was wrong, it cost many lives.

    Liked by 3 people

  17. Donna in Oregon says:

    Concerned that so many officers went to containing the perimeter instead of entering the school. What is the training there? Just the Resource Officer is one person, but there were others.

    That is a training issue because as many in Law Enforcement say every single time everything goes right…..they went into training mode without thinking.

    Everyone in Law Enforcement knows what that is. That is lessoned learned and automatic training from the Brass on down.

    So what happened there? Is Coral Springs the dominant, premiere Law Enforcement agency there? This needs to be looked at side-by-side and analyzed because lives depend on it….cops and civilian lives depend on the powers-at-be being on the same page. Like Coral Springs PD….

    Who was Incident Command from the get-go? Not after the arrest, but before. Any Broward insiders know the real story? Would love to know now then in 1-year when the “investigation” is completed.


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Sorry for spelling and grammar issues, not able to pay attention right now. Will stop writing until things settle down here…..


    • TexasDude says:

      Incident command is first headed by the senior officer on scene or a supervisor on scene if there is one.

      If you 1 month out of the academy and you are at the scene as the active shooter stars, you are incident commander.

      You relay as much info as you can and go towards the violence.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. datagooroo says:

    Does this sound like Trumps negotiations: give a little, take a lot. Tightening background checks and looking into mentally ill gun purchases in exchange for concealed carry at schools, i.e. no more gun free zones, is getting a lot and giving a little.


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