Update: Broward County Florida School Shooting – Multiple Victims – Marjory Stoneman Douglas High…

Broward County Florida Sheriff’s Office confirmed they have a suspect in custody in connection to a school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, that may have injured as many as 20 to 40 people.  Broward County public schools twitter feed here. Broward Sheriff twitter feed here.

The shooter was described as wearing a black hat, a maroon or burgundy colored shirt and black pants.  Gateway Pundit is identifying the shooter as “Nicholas de Jesus Cruz”, possibly a former student, 5′-8″. Miami Herald reports:

  According to law enforcement sources, the shooter, former student Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, is in custody. Helicopter footage shortly before 4 showed police frisking a handcuffed young man outside a squad car. Dressed in a maroon shirt and dark trousers, he was placed in the squad car as TV choppers filmed the scene. He gave no visible sign of being injured, but authorities have said Cruz was transported to Broward Health North.

A teacher at the school told the Miami Herald that Cruz, 19, had been identified as a potential threat to fellow students in the past.

“We were told last year that he wasn’t allowed on campus with a backpack on him,” said math teacher Jim Gard, who said the former student suspected in the shootings had been in his class last year. “There were problems with him last year threatening students, and I guess he was asked to leave campus.” (more)

Police have notified area hospitals they will receive patients as a result of the shooting. The conditions of the victims were not clear, though Sen. Bill Nelson told FOX News there were “many deaths” at the school.

Parkland is a Fort Lauderdale suburb of 30,000 people just east of the Everglades. The National Council on Home Safety and Security recently placed the city on its list of the 10 safest cities in Florida.  President Donald Trump tweeted his condolences to the victims this afternoon.


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1,085 Responses to Update: Broward County Florida School Shooting – Multiple Victims – Marjory Stoneman Douglas High…

  1. JMC says:

    The meme “Shooter Belonged To White Nationalist Group” is now an AP headline and appearing on my CT newspapers online.


    • OMG – they’ve got him in a MAGA hat FFS!!! This is why we need to be very careful. MAGA does NOT encourage violence of this kind whatsoever! I don’t know about his white nationalist group he’s in is about either, but not sure their tactics are to go in and shoot up an all white high school either.

      I am seeing commenters stating “typical Trump supporter.” Jeesh we don’t need this. The press is already having a field day.

      It wasn’t a gun that killed those people and it wasn’t MAGA or Trump. It was a psychotic monster who decided to do the unthinkable and unforgivable.


  2. . InAz says:

    I was reading commie liberal blogs about the shooting.
    They are pushing the shooter is a White Supremacist and not Antifa, is a President Trump supporter, etc
    They are spewing nonsense, but of course we knew they would.

    What glaringly stood out the most is this……on Conservative sites people expressed grief, condolences, and prayers etc for the victims, getting help for mentally ill, how to protect schools from shooters, etc

    On leftist sites there is no expression of condolences, prayers, grief, etc. Just hateful attacks on President Trump and his base and the RINOs. No discussion on anything, just hate spewing lies and how to disarm America.
    Pushing that Putin gave money to NRA for President Trump campaign and other garbage like that.
    There is a PAC that was just formed to help get Marxist liberal judges on the bench Nationwide. The faux Black Shaun King is behind it. They admit what their agenda is.


  3. . InAz says:

    We lived in a very large city. When my son was in Fourth Grade an adult male shooter went to his school.
    Sheer luck played a role. A woman who lived close to the school saw the man with the gun headed to the school. She called the school then called police. The school had about a three minute warning, and they were able to do a complete lockdown. Luckily the students were all inside, no playground activities. The man did shoot at the school. He tried to get inside. The school had double steel doors, high windows, alarm system for these situations.

    It was agonizing not knowing what was happening, waiting, kept away by police. Ambulances there. There was a major traffic jam by parents rushing to the school, streets blocked off by police…..so parents parked where possible and walked to get as close as possible….I did the same. I don’t remember much about the gun carrying man. I think he was mentally ill, divorced, and his kids attended the school. Why the man walked to the school with the gun visible instead of driving, I never found out.

    Then we move to a rural area. My daughter is in First Grade. End of school year four weeks away. A man with a gun goes to the school. A teacher saw him and confronted him, told a student to tell another teacher close by about gun and to get the Principal. The man was threatening to shoot, waving the gun in the air. I go to the school to pick up my daughter and police are everywhere, ambulances there, streets blocked off, school locked down. Again the wait was agonizing. The man was angry, suppossedly mentally ill, his wife taught at the school. No shots fired. The school was not fenced at the time.

    My heart breaks every time this happens.
    My anger is undescribable. I absolutely hate the left.

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  4. Bakokitty says:

    InAZ, I am so sorry you have had to go through such an unspeakably horrible thing. I think every parent is horrified by the very thought of this possibility happening to their kids.
    We often worry about a possible earthquake or school fire, or in my generation ( long ago) we worried about possible nuclear war. but never was it our minds that someone would come to school to shoot up our children.
    I am now a grandmother and yes I worry about them in today’s world. We in America have allowed our children’s very childhood to be stolen by those who would do harm to them. I worry too about my grown son who is a teacher, I know he would do anything to keep his classroom kids safe.
    Our unwillingness to use capital punishment I fear is at the root of much of the repeated attacks like this. I grew up in the 50s thru the 60s, I worried about the Cold War, not some bad guy coming to kill us. My heart breaks for these teens who went through this yesterday, they will carry this for the rest of their life.
    I remember back then that even a kidnapping of a child or a rare murder would set the entire country looking for the killer, a dragnet until found and then the tried and the eventual death penalty that was carried out. It sent a message that I believe limited these occurrences.
    But we have had 60 years of the ALCU lawyers successfuly watering down our capital punishment for these murderers. I think this has led us to where we are today.


  5. covfefe999 says:

    Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said in a news conference Thursday that the suspect arrived at the high school Wednesday at 2:19 p.m., getting a ride from an Uber car. He entered the school’s building 12 with his rifle in a soft, black case http://time.com/5159134/who-is-the-florida-shooter-parkland-nicolas-cruz/

    Another glaring sign ignored? Uber driver drops off crazy-eyed teen with rifle bag at a school. Yah, that seems totally normal.


    • covfefe999 says:

      Helen Pasciolla, a retired neighbor who lives in the Cruz family’s former neighborhood in Parkland, told the New York Times that Cruz had regular behavioral problems. Pasciolla said their mother would sometimes call the police to come over and talk to Cruz.

      Father died in 2002. Mother, who was already 50 when Nikolas was born and adopted was trying to cope alone with what appears to be a violence-obsessed mentally ill teen when she was in her mid 60’s. Being the lone parent I imagine she was working full time to support the family and could not keep a close enough eye on Nikolas. What a disaster.


  6. jbrickley says:

    Here we go. He was adopted as a baby along with his brother and took the name Cruz. His adopted father passed away a decade ago. His adopted mother raised him until she died of flu and complications with pneumonia last November 1st. He was living with a different family who had no clue what he was up to except to say he was sad and depressed.

    He’s autistic just like Adam Lanza and on medications possibly SSRI’s. Many with autism have Aspergers syndrome as it’s on the scale. This can mean difficulties with empathy toward others. Cruz exhibited troubling violence against animals with several instances mentioned in the press. Also mentioned that he had his dog attack the neighbors and the mother didn’t deal with it all that well. He was prone to angry outbursts. The student population was weary of him because he was just off and not normal. Before he was expelled he was banned from carrying a backpack on campus. That’s a clear indication the school was concerned about weapons. He threatened students. Everyone knew he had firearms as he was obsessed and talked about it all the time. He was enrolled an Alternate School program before being expelled. That’s for those in danger of dropping out of school. After he was expelled he ended up attending adult education in pursuit of a GED and working at a local Dollar Store. The FBI were alerted to a post on a YouTube video about wanting to be a professional school shooter. The video poster reported him to YouTube and Police and the FBI interviewed him twice but they couldn’t get a warrant from Google who owns YouTube to identify the poster. The name matches but they couldn’t identify the correct person without data from YouTube. More will come out in the investigation. If the school was so concerned why didn’t they file for a restraining order and tell the police he has firearms and made violent threats?

    There are plenty of people with Aspergers (on the autism scale) and lots of sociopaths who are no danger to themselves or others. Much like Adam Lanza it seems his mother was ill equipped the deal with him and the ability to get proper mental treatment in this country is abysmal. Even if you have the money it’s just about impossible to help a mentally ill child. I’ve read stories where a mother woke up to find her 12 year old ready to stab her with a cooking knife in the middle of the night. She fought him off and had to lock up all the sharps in the house and had to lock him in his room for the safety of the rest of the family. She was distraught and tried everything to get help and there was nothing.

    We don’t have a gun problem in this country we have a mental health crisis of epic proportions and a PC culture run amok where everyone is afraid of offending the mentally ill. Regular MD’s are prescribing SSRI’s without proper therapy and misdiagnosing patients. The SSRI’s don’t solve the problem they only smooth you out and the side effects are terrible so people go off their meds because they are tired of feeling numb and having sexual side effects and dry mouth and being tired all the time. Going on and off the drugs causes major problems. You have to be weened off most of these drugs you can’t just suddenly cease to take them, it’s dangerous. They need therapy and guidance and oversight they need to want to control their condition. They need to be identified and helped properly. Some are so sick they really need to be locked up for the safety of the public. Unfortunately they get abused.

    That public defender really pisses me off. She claims he’s a broken child and that he’s remorseful which definitely doesn’t fit the facts at all. He planned this to great detail. Gas mask, smoke grenades, AR-15, hundreds of rounds a ammo preloaded into multiple magazines. He rented an Uber to the school, walked in, hit the fire alarm and executed people in the hallways. A teacher outside spotted him identified him, alerted the staff with a radio and moments later when the fire alarm went off the teacher called in a code red. It was total chaos. Then he ditched his gear and tried to walk out with his hands in the air like a victim hiding among other victims. The police had a description of him and nabbed him. He was brought to the hospital to be treated for labored breathing due to smoke inhalation. He spoke with investigators. Not all the details have been released.

    Everyone at that school knew this guy Cruz was a big problem and due to B.S. political correctness nothing was done. It’s absolutely insane! There was an armed officer at the school but the place is so big the officer couldn’t find the shooter in the sprawling campus with 3,000 students.

    I first and foremost blame the shooter he’s an adult he knew what he was doing. I next blame the school administrators for not taking more extreme actions. I blame the school system for preventing extreme actions from being pursued due to some misguided liberal thinking. I blame the FBI for not being able to react fast enough with a warrant to Google / YouTube and perhaps Google for making the process difficult and any judge who made the process difficult and time consuming. I blame his mother and the people he was living with. I blame anyone else who didn’t report this nutter if they had more detailed information about his plans.

    The perimeter doors should have been locked from the outside he should have needed to be identified and buzzed in. Perhaps he tailgated if someone walked out we don’t know yet.

    Lord, hindsight may be 20/20 but we as a society need to do a lot better. There are armed guards everywhere in the Philippines at all the schools, at all public spaces and shopping centers even the hotels had armed uniformed guards outside and inside. Metal detectors at the mall entrances and a male and female guard to search your bags and jackets for weapons.


  7. whirlwinder says:

    What about the second shooter? A girl was walking down a hall with Cruz and they heard shooting,


  8. Tim Brown says:

    How was this guy the only shooter, when according to an eyewitness who was with him, she heard shots while walking along with him? https://freedomoutpost.com/second-shooter-eyewitness-claims-florida-school-shooting-suspect-heard-shots/

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  9. socalbeliever#infinite says:

    Sadly there are evil wicked men and women operating from a demonic agenda who will stop at nothing to promote their nefarious deeds. D W Schultz is a known subversive to the republic of the US; her district has a criminal history of suspicious unsolved homicides and illegal activities. The supt. is a transplant from dirty Chicago politics put into place for purposes such as these. The principal is also suspect. The resource officer was told to stand down ? Active shooter drills occurring simultaneously ? Reports the suspect was walking with another student at the time of the shooting ? The boy D Hogg s father is an f b i agent who apparently was on duty at that lax ‘shooting’ several yrs ago. Crisis actors were used once again in this situation according to some astute observers. The sheriff is closely tied to the corrupt clintons and corrupt d n c. Soros is funding anti gun rallies planned for March and April nationwide where leftist unions – teachers are strongly encouraging students to walk out of class as a result of this wicked deed. C N N is scripting student survivors on what not to say at their so-called townhalls. How can we be assured this checkered history of digital footprints left behind by the suspect have not been doctored or created to suit ‘their’ official story. Esp when the hs students and their families at the forefront of the anti Trump anti gun opposition from Parkland have ties to the govt (deep state) acc to some reports. Snowden is a black hat but he did reveal ‘they’ can create any history on anyone to frame or set one up. None of the crucial characters in this scenario are clean or trustworthy. Pray the LORD reveals the lies and reveals satan. Pray the LORD uses the evil they planned, for good. Pray the LORD protects the innocent and has mercy on HIS people. Pray whatever harm they scheme returns back on their heads 100x as with Haman. Pray for the LORD s deliverance from evil and for the Truth to prevail. We live in wicked times among wicked creatures who are not of HIM. Pray without ceasing.


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