Where is Adam Schiff’s Memo?…

According to ranking member Adam Schiff his declassification request was critically important, immediately necessary,… vital to the larger understanding,… intensely important to get released… etc.  Well, where is it?

UPDATE:  Schiff now says he doesn’t want it released.

Last Friday FBI Director Christopher Wray and DOJ AAG Rod Rosenstein, informed the White House chief legal counsel of declassification adjustments needed for release. The White House subsequently informed congress and requested Adam Schiff (House Intelligence Committee) to work with the FBI and DOJ therein for quick release.

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224 Responses to Where is Adam Schiff’s Memo?…

  1. Shaw Mar says:

    democrats suck. they would rather the country burn than fix anything.

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  2. Skip says:

    History comes very slow…then all at once. …

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  3. Rynn69 says:

    Democrats should be voted out of office and remain so for a very, very, very long time. Until that entire party undergoes a thorough cleansing, they remain entrenched in power plays without any consideration or regard for the welfare of the American people.

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  4. Mk10108 says:

    Despicable. All the fabrications, misdirection, maneuvering and swamp politic wasting the people’s time, energy and coin. When do the people hold him accountable?

    If he wants to renege on his memo, Trump should walk back his DACA offer by 800k.

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    • Jan says:

      The Dimms are not going to vote for DACA. This would be a success for Pres. Trump. They can’t allow Pres. Trump to drastically restrict familial migration, border security or eliminate the diversity lottery. That would constitute success for Pres. Trump. And they NEED illegal immigrants to vote for them so they can regain power. They don’t care about illegals or DACA, least of all Americans who don’t agree with them.

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      • RICHARD CANARY says:

        Jan, your comment reminded me of an almost perfedct analogy from real life that I learned when taking a life-saving course to qualify myself to be a life guard at a local swimming pool. I know that sounds WAY off topic, but here it is.

        We were taught to be very cautious when approaching a struggling, drowning swimmer, who very likely might grab us and hold on for dear life in desperation and thereby cause the deaths of both of us.

        For that reason, we were taught to be ready to handle the victim to avoid their grasp and to turn them around facing away from us to enable us to safely hold them tightly and begin to swim to safety.

        The desperation of the leftists at this time seems similar to the desperation of a drowning swimmer with one huge difference. The swimmer is scared to death and just wants to live.

        The leftists are scared to death, but would rather kill us all than change their “progress” toward Utopia.

        Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish fear from hatred.

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        • jonvil says:

          “The belief in a perfect future inevitably inspires a passionate (and otherwise inexplicable) hatred towards the imperfect present. The first agenda of social redeemers is to dismantle the existing social order, which means their intellectual and political energies are focused on the work of destruction.” David Horowitz – Progressives, Volume II of The Black Book of the American Left.

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        • Mk10108 says:

          Nice 👍


  5. But National security will be…sources methods are…the White house will politically redact the…our institutions are under attack and the release of…damn it Nancy what page of lies are we on? I thought we had this worked out! Cough, cough, snarf, gasp…aww screw it..put the damn thing in the drawer!

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  6. lokiscout says:

    Sorta been Overtaken by Events now. As the old Clinton line goes “Old news”.

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  7. spren says:

    Every single thing Democrats propose comes with a poison pill. Schiff wanted Trump to release his message so he could accuse him of damaging national security. Trump was onto his game so he sent the memo back requesting the required changes so it could be released. Schiff really didn’t want the memo released – he just wanted another ridiculous issue he could parade in the media to attack Trump and Nunes with.

    Same thing with this DACA nonsense. Dems don’t want a deal, they only want a campaign issue. They really are a despicable lot.

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  8. Convert says:

    [munching popcorn] sitting here laughing, gloating, cackling, at the delicious perfection of the Roadrunner-cartoon-worthy ka-BLAM that is the BuzzFeed lawsuit against the DNC. The oh-so-smart crowd done outsmarted themselves. Now whutsya gon’ do now, DNC liars?!

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  9. Donna in Oregon says:

    Schiff’s paper should be graded by the DOJ/FBI and entered into the Congressional Record.

    If Shiffy fails to turn in his paper, he gets an incomplete.

    Quitters can’t be winners.

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  10. Rhoda R says:

    Maybe he doesn’t want it released because there is nothing in that memo BUT classified info.

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  11. Bull Durham says:

    Musk should have put Schiff in that Tesla C that went into outer space.

    Public service to launch him.

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  12. Apollo says:

    “We’re not going to make any revisions to it. The only question is what redactions will be made. And obviously we’d like to keep those to a minimum,” Schiff told reporters.

    To me that implies that it will indeed be released after being redacted (but not revised). I imagine this is part of the plan–point to all the big black boxes obscuring sources and methods and say “see! The White House made us cut this part, but just trust me, this totally for sure proves collusion! Honest! If only you could read it.”

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  13. Lizzyp says:

    C’mon you guys- I was assured just a few days ago that
    a) Nunes memo was nothing more than a bunch of lies and when the DOJ/FBI requested changes Trump refused because it made him look good.
    b) The FBI and DOJ didn’t ‘want’ changes or redactions, they were just explaining what they thought was sensitive.
    c)Trump could and should have released it JUST LIKE HE DID THE NUNES MEMO.
    d)Trump not releasing the memo was just a big old FU to all sane human beings.
    That was when I linked to the Wray- Rod letter above and pointed out that the first memo was critical of FBI and DOJ so it made sense to me that those agencies would fight it’s release but the Schiff memo would, at least in theory, make them look good, so the fact that they were suggesting revisions and redactions made me think that there might actually be sensitive information.
    That’s when I got
    e) It is just insulting to suggest that Schiff is playing politics when obviously Trump is being a complete and total a-hole.

    I did not bother to point out the other examples of Schiff playing politics from just the past 2 weeks. I saved my breath to cool my porridge.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      If you remember the facts: The FBI and DOJ “officials” who complained about the first Nunes memo did so before reading it out of fear of the unknown.

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      • Lizzyp says:

        Not sure if it was clear that I was replaying a conversation I’d had with a group of screaming liberals.
        On the same site where a moderator commented that it was insulting to suggest that there was anything political to Schiff’s memo drama on Sunday. This morning someone suggested that the food boxes that are being discussed as an alternative to SNAP cards might be poisoned by the Trump administration because they hate poor people so much.

        I have a lower opinion of those who were complaining about the Nunes memo- I don’t even think it was fear, I think it was bald faced knee jerk hate driven partisan bs.

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  14. Mark McQueen says:

    “Surprise. Surprise.” Gomer Pyle. USMC.

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  15. MAGAbear says:

    Would someone just arrest that idiot already!

    When you watch people like dumb Schiff or the very putrid Richard Goldstein (why does Tucker punish his audience with that moron?), you can see the fork tongue and serpent eyes just waiting to reveal themselves. To be able to lie and lie and lie like those people do must have some demonic influence behind it. How else to explain it?

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  16. thinkwell says:

    I have zero interest at all any more in what that irrelevant bucket of Schiff says. In fact, until the CTH is reporting arrests and perp walks, I have little interest even in what the CTH says. Sorry, you are good guys and Sundance is the best, but the false cries of “Wolf, wolf!” only work for so long.


    • ilcon says:

      That’s the fighting spirit.


    • Leapin says:

      In the case of Page and Strzok it’s best to have them under observation for the work day and, hopefully, not doing any further damage. Also hopefully undergoing awkward, uncomfortable interactions with their peers. Some people are blogging that when they are being employed they can be compelled to testify and if they refuse they can be fired with no benefits. They are saying that if they become private citizens they can just plead the 5th.


  17. spren says:

    Sundance, why did you do that do us by providing the link to the article on The Hill? I went there and started through the comments sections and had to finally leave before what little IQ I have left had been drained. That site’s comment section is almost as bad as WaPo’s.

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  18. calbear84 says:

    Adam Schiff…House Intelligence Committee. Let that sink in for a moment.

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  19. Balding Bug-Eye is about to have the rug pulled out from under him, his “Russia” narrative will soon be thoroughly debunked but have no fear his seat is Congress “safe” and we will be able to beat the Democrats over the head with him for at least another four (4) years, that’s called “Winning”.


  20. fred5678 says:

    Adam Schiff-for-brains has single-handedly changed the Democrat mascot from an ordinary donkey to a pompous ass.

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  21. Realist says:

    All roads lead back to Bath House Barry HUSSEIN Soetero OHOMO the Serial LYING, Document HIDING, BC FORGING , DEVOUT Muslim and ILLEGITIMATE President , you can’t be NBC with a FOREIGN NATIONAL as a ‘father’ no matter WHERE you are born, and his CORRUPT, UNDEMOCRATIC, CRIMINAL DemoncRAT REGIME and the OBAMUNISTS they inserted in to the alphabet organs of State. Oh and the Vietnam TRAITOR John McCain is up to his neck in it too.


  22. Hillyard says:

    Shiff is coming off as one of the most pathetic snakes in DC. He has no way to escape his phony Russian grandstanding. He will be unable to keep the corruption stench from his dear leader Obama. Him & Warner both come across as liars who look exceptionally stupid continuing to beat the drum of collusion. They must think the American public is as dumb as they are.


  23. beach lover says:

    what to do what to do! Guess he really did want to issue (as usual) and to run to the media whining that Trump isn’t playing fair!!

    They found something else to occupy their time that actually changes the subject from the dossier and memo.. to the Porter issue. In fact, the Dems had Wray in front of them yesterday, I didn’t hear any of them ask him about his role in redacting their memo? He keeps saying “the President” doesn’t want it out, but if Im not mistaken, “the President” didn’t redact it.. Wray and Rosenstein and the FBI did it. BTW, I was very disappointed with listening to Wray yesterday. He didn’t seem to go out of his way to sound like a white hat to me! He sounded weak.


  24. George says:

    The narrative on this should really be very clear that it is not the WH that is requesting the redactions – its the Fbi/DOJ

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  25. Kris says:

    After listening to Christopher Wray yesterday out and out deny that there is “no bias” in the FBI, I feel that they (Schiff, Wray, Rosenstein) are up to something! I don’t trust any of them, all snakes in the grass, watch out!!


  26. f.fernandez says:

    Trap doesn’t work so Schifforbrains is taking his ball and going home.

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  27. MTK says:

    KitchenSink99: Where is the Adam Schiff memo?

    Cricket17 : It been released don’tcha know.

    KitchenSink99: Really???

    Cricket17: Yes Really!!! After making the necessary redactions, the memo was released to great fan fair. It just turns out it is a carbon copy of the Nunes Memo.

    KitchenSink99: So you are saying…

    Cricket17: Yup, the MSM cover the Schiff release just like the Nunes release.

    KitchenSink99: So they did not cover the release.

    Cricket17: One can only guess that they are working real hard at ‘making’ the news of day, and have no time for Schiff.

    KitchenSink99: Would you, have time Schiff?

    Cricket17: I conceed your point.


  28. Gary says:

    “UPDATE: Schiff now says he doesn’t want it released.” – Sundance

    “We’re not going to make any revisions to it. The only question is what redactions will be made. And obviously we’d like to keep those to a minimum,” -Schiff

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  29. Mickturn says:

    Schiff Head is playing games…he puts in stuff that he know can’t be released then he whines when it isn’t. Give Schiff a Schiffectomy!


  30. Don L says:

    Seems the trap is no longer useful since the “cheese” is now missing?

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  31. tonyE says:

    Well, since the committee unanimously voted for the memo, then the entire committee should now work on redacting it and releasing it.

    It’s no longer Shifty’s Memo.

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  32. dayallaxeded says:

    I still say the remedy to Shitfy’s BS is to get him on camera, with Wray, Pompeo, and whomever else is interested and ask him, is he prepared to accept responsibility for any losses, including human lives, that occur because his memo is released unrevised and unredacted. If he says yes, release the f’n Kraken! I find it very hard to believe that our IC cannot deal with a few “leaks” that are connected with the completely bogus muh Rooskie “matter.” American citizens have been kept in the dark and denied the truth too long. We CAN handle the truth.


  33. tylermckinleycompany@yahoo.com says:

    DeGinova believes “law enforcement concerns are significant” indicates that some inside the doj/fbi are under criminal investigation.


  34. jeff says:

    Adam Schiff’s version of ” I know you are but what am I ? ” ???

    His master plan backfired so he tries to troll the master troll with his own game ???

    Schifty hoping him saying he doesn’t want it released will get Trump to release it ???

    Qanon …these people are not to bright !!

    Arrogant and accomplished liars but not too bright indeed .


  35. thedoc00 says:

    The democrat memo was essentially published two ago in the form of the “unclassified” rebuttal talking points that made the rounds of the media and all the social media blogs. Since that release those points have been dissected and pretty much blown apart either by existing facts or newly released e-mails, texts and the Grassley memo. That set of talking points was the trial balloon for the classified version of the Democrat Memo. The actual release of the “classified” memo hinged on the amount of traction gained by the talking points.


  36. Daniel says:

    The counter-memo is and always has been about keeping the balance… or the appearance of one.

    Again I reflect on the most common response I get from Democrat voters when discussing congressmen and senators on the Democrat side who always seem to get into some sort of trouble.

    Their response isn’t to deny it, but rather to draw relativity between Republicans and Democrats. “They do it too!” Yes, but I have to insist it’s not generally the same crimes and corruption and not the same RATE of crimes and corruption either.

    So long as there is a Democrat memo on security and so long as there are heavy redactions, the attempt at framing the situation as “they won’t let us speak the truth” will enjoy some success.

    I think he should be released with as few redactions as possible and reviewed in detail before the press. Where possible, it should be pointed out where the Democrat memo recklessly attempts to compromise national security by insisting that it be released.

    They can’t be allowed to win this fight. This is all about showing the public where the problems are so that when they are arrested and charged, there will be as few claims of this being a politically motivated prosecution.


  37. TomRWorc,Ma,USA says:

    They weren’t smart enough to realize that they were painting themselves into a corner here. They have been asked to redact the memo, and they are obviously not doing it. The WH or the Republicans wouldn’t leak the memo, and the dems are saying they are trying to silence them by not releasing it, and if the dems leak it, it will be obvious that it was only written so the WH would redact it. It is so incredibly obvious. Much like the govt shutdown, the dems just didn’t think it through thoroughly. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  38. Jack Rail says:

    The big question is, why hasn’t Schiff or a buddy leaked the memo to the media?


    • thedoc00 says:

      Go back 3 weeks to the Gregg Jarrett rant about Rosenstein “threatening congressmen”, with zero context or content to the story. It is highly likely the threat was made to Republicans and Democrats about leaking materials outside the boundaries of the release agreements made with DoJ. They are being watched, at least on this topic and involving this information. Plus, if it leaks the cast suspects is extremely small and extremely focused.


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