Sunday Talks – Representative Adam Schiff Interviewed by Major Garrett…

There are many people who wonder why any Democrat, particularly Adam Schiff, would continue clinging to a narrative despite all contrary evidence that disproves it.  The answer is really quite simple; there’s nothing to lose.  Much like the bank robber killing a police officer, once that initial capital felony is committed there is no greater punishment for all subsequent actions.

The foundational lies are of such significance there is no punitive, or political, down-side to dissuade further lying built upon the originating falsehood.  Twice in this interview Major Garrett asks the ranking member of the HPSCI if he is certain the DOJ and FBI followed proper procedures, and presented proper evidence, in gaining a FISA court “Title-1” surveillance warrant over Carter Page.  WATCH:


Note how Adam Schiff is in California (Friday night appearing on Bill Maher), and maximizing the political benefit of his narrative construction; instead of actually working to clear up his memo construct and release it. It’s not the memo that is important to him, it’s the political narrative he’s created.

Also, don’t be naive not to accept that Major Garrett doesn’t know what Schiff is up to, he does.  Garrett is simply falling back upon the increasingly overused use of the ‘Mamet Principle’, pretending not to know some things (ie. motives and intents).

Garrett’s emotional tribal credibility is in conflict with his intellectual professional responsibility; Garrett knows exactly what decisions he’s making, and so should we.

Ultimately this is one of the saddest outcomes of this entire fiasco.  Much like Joe Manchin inherently wanting to applaud during the State of the Union, but then catching himself mentally as he weighed the pro’s-and con’s, Garrett knows he could deconstruct this Shiff presentation with minimal effort – yet he makes a conscious decision to give up part of his own intellectual honesty in order to remain in the tribe.

It’s pathetic really.

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258 Responses to Sunday Talks – Representative Adam Schiff Interviewed by Major Garrett…

  1. Conversefive says:

    Started watching but had to shut it off. Couldn’t stand watching my stupid congressman lie upon lie upon lie.

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  2. fleporeblog says:

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    • lackluckster says:

      I disagree with Mark Meadows in regard to the Democrat memo needing to be fixed/redacted. I say burn the mother f’er down and release it as is. Be a boss and throw it right in their face, they wouldn’t know what to do.

      On a side note, we know this Democrat memo has nothing implicating Trump in it, because it would have been leaked already.

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    • Newt Love says:

      M M tweeted: “…if it [the Donkey counter-memo] was so critical, why have 75% of House Dems not even read their own memo?…”

      Because the Donkey Reps and Sens were too busy smoking pot supplied by the Colorado delegation, and having sex with Interns and Pages, and sleeping on the job.

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Plausible deniability for when this “Big Ugly” come to fruition. Summer of 2018 as the mid-term elections heat up ….. would be my guess.

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    • Donzo says:

      As a consumer of the $12M story I want more than salaciousness and cliches about Russian prostitutes and golden showers. I want adultery! Tolstoy, baby! Trump hot and heavy with someone’s wife or, better yet, husband. Of course this was nonsense. Dime store novel stuff, but, then again, consider the source. This fluff is as good as it gets for Hillary.


      • mike says:

        Too bad the media didn’t show 0.0001% of the interest in getting to the truth about all Bill’s bimbos. Off course they still just prefer lies.


  3. Randy Hausfrau says:

    Garrett insufferable unwatchable credulous inconsequential

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  4. scott467 says:

    “Garrett knows he could deconstruct this Shiff presentation with minimal effort – yet he makes a conscious decision to give up part of his own intellectual honesty in order to remain in the tribe.

    It’s pathetic really.”


    Can you imagine even wanting to BE a part of that ‘tribe’?

    Why would anyone want to be with that ‘tribe’?

    When you take a moment, and look around, see the kind of people are in that ‘tribe’, why would anyone want to be a part of that?

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    • lastinillinois says:

      No I cannot imagine.

      That is a club I want no part of.

      That scurrilous, disingenuous, lawless crew is as anti-American as any i have witnessed in my nearly 6 decades on this planet – and I have seen PLENTY OF that type having been watching Chicago news and politics all tgese years.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      This was how I tweeted the article:

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      • Baseball Coach says:

        It is true, the eyes are the window to the soul. In baseball, a pitcher often looks into the eyes of a batter to get a read on how the batter feels.

        Look at Adam Schiff’s eyes in the video, the bags underneath his eyes. He appears worried and scared. What might he be afraid of? Maybe it is the shadowy side of how things operate in the swamp. He knows that time is coming.

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      • Rock Knutne says:

        That’s beautiful. I’m gonna have to sign onto my Twitter account and retweet that!

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        • ladypenquin says:

          TY. One figures Schiff is already a lost cause, but the MSM folks – I always attempt to poke their vanities. They can’t stand that. It’s a good tool to use against Leftists.

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    • hanna693 says:

      They obviously had an offer they could not refuse and sold off their soul. That’s why they want in that tribe, they have no soul.


  5. Jedi9 says:

    Unbelievable that any one such as Schiff would continue this nonsense. Jester of the court he is! The biggest hypocrite along with “piglosi”!

    Both of these scumbags = PUKE!

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  6. ezpz2 says:

    Not surprising, but still worth noting – not one single mention of Sciffty getting pranked by Russians about ‘Kompromat’ on POTUS, yet they howl about Don, Jr’s meeting with the Russian lawyer.

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  7. It won an award recently, bestowed upon it and the actress by “the Left” so you know without even having to subject yourself to seeing it that it IS a “political” movie and is meant to demonize us and to push a “social agenda” opposite to what we think.

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  8. Donzo says:

    I take it that people here don’t like schiff.

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  9. Margaret Berger says:

    If you understand that these people are “true believers “. In the righteousness of their cause you can understand that they will not change their tune. Just whistle Colonel Bogie’s march.

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  10. So let me get this right, Shifty says there’s no evidence of the FBI or DOJ “acted completely appropriately” and stooge Garrett doesn’t follow up with….well can you explain why we’ve witnessed more than a few demotions, retirements, resignations?

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  11. AngelOne says:

    The fact that there are no consequences is the problem. Sitting US Congressman intentionally repeatedly leaking classified testimony documents etc and he’s still sitting on the intelligence committee. Continues to obstruct the investigation actively participates in a seditious conspiracy and no consequences.

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  12. maxwell102 says:

    I suspect Major Garrett wants to be part of the Washington Liberal insiders tribe, because he is not nor would he be accepted outside that tribe. Humans, ultimately want to be accepted, and will pay a big price to be accepted. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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  13. Donzo says:

    To quote Schiff, “the hypocrisy of this just sort reaches out and grabs you by the throat”. Indeed.

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  14. mitrom says:

    The liberal media is disgusting. Anyone with an ounce of integrity would NOT keep spewing this propaganda. What’s wrong with them?

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  15. I tried again to watch this and I just can’t ….


  16. Campesino says:

    I’m old enough to remember when Major Garrett worked for Fox

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  17. FaithfulSon says:

    I’m really fed up with the blatant lies in the light of truth he well knows. If these seditious traitors are not held to the rule of law and punished as any of us common sheeple would be, then there will be never be justice and we have do what needs to be done…NO MORE EXCUSES!

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  18. Donzo says:

    Supposedly Major Garrett made a professional decision to leave FNC to get back to print media and hard news. He must have taken a wrong turn.


  19. Brian Baker says:

    Do these people (including those like Major Garrett in the press) really think the truth will not come out on all this? Of course it will, it’s too late and too many people know.

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  20. Realist says:

    LEFTURDISM is a form of INSANITY and constant LYING even when you have been exposed as a LIAR is one of the symptoms as is HYPOCRISY.


  21. Stephan says:

    Adam Schiff has read the fisa warant already?

    How else can he say it will discredit the gop memo?

    Just asking?


  22. It is remarkable from a historical perspective that there is sedition at the highest offices in the U.S. gov’t, and the lackey globalist “news” media are accomplices to the sedition in some cases and are libelous in their coverage in other cases.
    The foundational origins of Freedom of the Press in America started with the Seditious Libel Trial of 1735 where the printer of the New York Weekly Journal was arrested because he printed material that held the authoritarian governor of NY accountable.
    The defense lawyer for the printer convinced the jury to acquit the printer because the information released was truth and the arrest was an action of tyranny.
    What a subversion of power and reversal of history for the “watchdogs” in today’s globalist media!

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    • Sedition and treason belong to the provincial era of nation-statehood. These folks have graduated in mind and spirit to globalism. Did they graduate prematurely? We’ll be able to say ‘yes’ only if the state manages to throw a few of them in jail.


  23. Trialbytruth says:

    Shift Lies

    In other news the sun will rise and set tomorrow

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  24. David A says:

    Wow can they lie. Here is the future DNC presidential candidate…

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  25. David A says:

    Oh, and here is his running mate, VP hopeful…

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  26. KittyKat says:

    It’s pretty sad when dogs can admit guilt before some humans can:

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    • BooKitty says:

      A few years back I came home from work and the cats met me at the door as usual. I stepped into the bathroom and found an entire, brand new roll of tp piled on the floor. I asked the four of them (the cats) who was responsible. Finally my female, Artemis, circled the boys three times and sat down facing Buddy. When I asked him if he was the culprit he could only hang his head. Wish I’d had my phone handy for the whole thing. Yes, cats rat each other and themselves out. I miss my little guys!🐾🐾

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  27. Little Annie’s Fannie says:

    On the validity of the FISA warrant, he said “everything was appropriate as far as I can see”! If you have blinders on, just how much CAN you see?


  28. OceanaJones says:

    I refuse to watch any of the MSM propaganda shows. Not even my local stations give balanced news. I don’t even trust their traffic and weather reports. As for Fox News, they are sure to rerun every single negative narrative from all the other fake news outlets throughout the day. How many times have they shown that picture of that beautiful sister of the North Korean dictator in the last 24 hours?. How would we ever be able to trust the Emergency Broadcast Network warnings with these outfits in control of the narrative?


  29. Don man says:

    When will they start reporting that Carter Page was an FBI undercover CI and working for them to nab Russian spies here in the US? WHEN! You cannot issue a FISA warrant on a person that is working directly with you and claim he is a spy for the Russians when he is helping you arrest and nail Russian spies! Why is this not the biggest story? Carter Page is not just a normal businessman wanting to do business with Russia! He was working for our GOVT who wanted to nail Russian spies. He is the one who help the FBI get them indicted and then the FBI used his status and turned him into a spy for RUSSIA to get a FISA warrant on TRUMP campaign? That is completely illegal right?


  30. jmclever says:

    “The president doesn’t want Thor people to know the underlying facts…”

    “There are quotes taken from the actual FISA applications…”

    All the more reason to release the underlying documents…Schiff thinks he’s so crafty, but he’s being played by the Master who’s teaching Republicans to win again!


  31. thesitrep says:

    These people are lying like their lives depend on it.


  32. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Schiff knows that he is safe. When all the dirty laundry is aired, Democrats and msms will simply move on to another topic. Schiff knows his constituents applaud his efforts, right or wrong.


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  34. Deplore Able says:

    As much as I dislike Major Garrett, he twice asked Schiff the big question.

    Garrett asked: “Is it your representation, to the Nation, sir, that everything that the FBI did, in the process of obtaining that warrant on Carter Page absolutely followed proper protocol, every evidentiary standard was met, and there was nothing askew about that warrant, ever?”

    Shiff answered: “Major, there is nothing askew about that warrant that I can see, and if the Republicans were really concerned about this, because everything I have seen the FBI acted completely appropriately.”

    After the Big Ugly is revealed, this question and answer can be a great campaign commercial for the Republicans. Do you want to vote for the party of truth, or the party of the liars? Schiff well knew the truth, but he chose to lie.

    Schiff: “There was nothing askew about that warrant.” Big Fat Lie.

    President Trump: “The wall will be built” It is being built. “I will lower taxes.” Done. I will get rid of regulations that hold back American business and jobs.” Done. “We will get the economy moving.” Done. “Jobs, jobs jobs.” Done. “We will win, win, win.” Done. “We will renegotiate bad trade deals” Done. “We will make America great again.” Done.


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