Pączki Day (Detroit Style) aka Fat Tuesday

Stella gives us the details on this delicious Detroit custom. I was actually in Detroit one year on Fat Tuesday and I got to try them. Very good! Go check out the post at Stella’s!

Stella's Place

It’s Pączki Day, and in Detroit that means you should be sure to wear your stretchy pants or, as my old friend Denise used to say, your expando clothes!

Pączki, or Polish doughnuts, are eaten on Fat Thursday in Poland and Fat Tuesday in the United States. It’s the last splurge before Lent begins.


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80 Responses to Pączki Day (Detroit Style) aka Fat Tuesday

  1. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 😀

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      You gotta see the CLOSE-UPS on Stella’s page! 😎

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      • 🍺Gunny says:

        Yep…..Have to look at the close ups….Talk about mouth watering.

        Had our own Polish section in my hometown Esst of Pittsburgh. Had their own club.

        Oh yeah…Has anyone been to a Polish wedding?
        Now that is fun. Polka band, massive amount of dancing and singing. Last one I attended the Polka band got up on the tables and played and danced, all on the dishes, going round the room, and everyone joined in. Everyone Dancing on the tables with the band. If you have a chance go. You will never forget it.

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        • Oldschool says:

          My Godfather had a polka wedding band and played for my wedding. Opened up with the clarinet polka. Nothing like a Polish party. Grandparents (mom side) lived in Polish section of Newark NJ. Spent lots of time with grandma walking to St. Casimere church, Polish butcher, bakery, but never saw a patczki, or heard of one, until I moved to PA. Babka was the treat. Regional differences or family differences I suppose.

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  2. georgiafl says:

    Jelly donuts are my absolute favorite. It was a craving when I was expecting one of my babies – she was almost made of jelly donuts. I wonder if the folks at the bakery thought it was funny to watch me grow along with my daily trips.

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  3. georgiafl says:

    My grandmother made us children Beignets cut into cute shapes for Mardi Gras (and other times). They were so good!

    My Dad’s family was Louisiana Catholic and my Mother’s Middle Georgia Congregational Christian….and we moved a lot in the army – so I had a large variety of church experiences and customs from childhood on.

    We usually had fish on Fridays. In the South, even most Protestants have fish on Fridays.
    Even our Protestant churches had some kind of Lenten observances, such as a week of special church services that Protestants call ‘revival meetings’ or a special sermon series.

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  4. booger71 says:

    Coconut creme filled my absolute favorite, besides caramel cinnamon rolls that is

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  5. NCMOM says:

    This post makes me so happy! My two sets of great grandparents immigrated to this country from Poland (from Warsaw on one side, Krakow on the other). My parents grew up a block away from each other in a small town in Connecticut, met in high school, and have been together ever since. My mom, and now I, are keeping our many Polish traditions alive, including the Packzi! If you live in the South, Publix sells them in their bakery section. Definitely try them! 🙂 They will be gone tomorrow (Ash Wednesday).

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    • georgiafl says:

      I am for real heading to Publix ASAP!!!


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    • Orygun says:

      This is what I love about the real America. Rich in traditions from other countries. I have a great fondness for the Poles. One of my friends while in the Navy took me home to the Polish part of Chicago and they were great.
      Any tradition involving donuts is always good!


  6. carole says:

    Yum! These look scrumptious, Stella! I grew up near Detroit, my Dad worked in Hamtramck, and my best childhood fried was Polish, but I ever heard of these. Fortunately, this gap in my education can now be filled in. Stretch pants, here I come 🙂

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  7. tuskyou says:

    Paczki’s are a yuge deal in the Chicagoland area. Everyone has their favorite bakery and an opinion on the best one. Local news covers Paczki Day. If you’re in the burbs north of the city check out County Donuts in Crystal Lake. I’ve been ordering from them for a decade. We’ve planned trips around paczki day so we wouldn’t miss them. It’s only once a year!

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  8. imkittymyers says:

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  9. ar10308 says:

    In Pennsylvania, they have Fastnacht Day with the Amish!


  10. Paul Killinger says:

    Altho they look delicious, I’ll have to stck with beignets. Thanks anyway.

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  11. lcpusa says:

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  12. Shar says:

    LOVE them. I had never heard of them until I moved to Chicago. I suspect that any of the older big cities with a significant Polish population has them.

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  13. ZurichMike says:

    I asked my Polish colleagues how many of these they were going to eat today. The women all said 2-3. The men said 5-7. Mmmmmmm.

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  14. Bugsdaddy says:

    Just finished mine. You got it right Stella, we look forward to today all year long!!!


  15. Coldeadhands says:

    Wow! Now THAT’s ambitious!


  16. Oldschool says:

    Grew up living down the street from my cioci stella.

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  17. Lanna says:

    I’m hoping to squeeze in making some this afternoon. Dealing with an order for 6 King Cakes this morning. Got to glaze them and put on the colored sugars, deliver at 9:30, then a wedding catering and cake consultation out of town.

    Have to make fudge tonight for V-Day orders tomorrow.

    Maybe I should pick some up at the store just in case I don’t have time to make them. Going there anyway for a V-Day card. (Yes, I’ve procrastinated!)

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  18. Dora says:

    Those folks in New Orleans sure do know how to cook.

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    • Alligator Gar says:

      Paul’s Bakery in Picayune, MS, makes the absolute BEST King Cake!


      • dayallaxeded says:

        Careful AG, you’ll start a war with comments like that! But thx for the tip.

        In metro NOLA, I like Antoine’s Famous Cakes’ traditional king cake best-has just a hint of (we think – it’s secret) mulling spice or orange with the cinnamon-really kicks it up a notch.

        Search for 58 king cakes in 58 days to get a decent run down on the variety available.


  19. William F Buckley's Ghost says:

    Wow! This article and those delicious donuts remind me of my beautiful Polish girlfriend and her wonderful family in New York City during the 1960’s. Taking the subway into Manhattan and spending the day in Central Park. It never got any better than that!


  20. the phoenix says:

    I’m not Polish but I live in Northeast Ohio … that’s close enough. Right now, I’m enjoying a Bavarian Cream Paczki!

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  21. emroled says:

    I’m already on my fourth.


  22. EJ says:

    I picked up 5 1/2 dozen this morning. I went with Strawberry, Strawberry and Cream, Apricot, Apple, Blueberry and Raspberry. I skipped the custard this year.

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  23. 🍺Gunny says:

    So many memories…like yesterday.
    R. Lee Ermey was the technical adviser for this movie. He was an actual Marine Drill instructor. The original actor just could not get it correct, so they hired R Lee Ermey to perform the part. He won a Golden Globe for the part and has since became famous.
    The other Drill Instructor movie that was very realistic was “The DI” with Jack Webb. A perfect portrayal. Additionally all the Marines in the boot camp scenes were real Marines versus actors. Jack Webb was the only civilian in those scenes.

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  24. Betty says:

    Here is a funny memory of mine and some good advice about canola oil.

    Everyone has a muse, right? One day I stopped into get gas and went in for a cup of coffee, I had been on a strict diet for over a week, or over a day is probably more like it, maybe an hour, or I might have been just thinking of going on diet. Any way up at the counter they had those sugared jelly doughnuts we used to call Bismark. That Bismark and I looked at each other long and hard.

    Finally my muse intervened with a song: “For three long days and weary nights we tried to find he trail. Churchill told the people put every ship a sail. We gotta sink the Bismark, the world depends on us.” I did my duty.

    So I think I am going to try making these today, with butter which is good for you. The good advice is this: Only use canola oil outside as an insecticide.

    “Effect of canola oil consumption on memory, synapse and neuropathology in the triple transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease
    … “At this time point we found that chronic exposure to the canola-rich diet resulted in a significant increase in body weight and impairments in their working memory together with decrease levels of post-synaptic density protein-95, a marker of synaptic integrity, and an increase in the ratio of insoluble Aβ 42/40.”


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    • WSB says:

      With inspiration from your tale, I shall always remember to ask the “Made with butter?” question prior to any future doughnut or Paczki encounters!!!

      Doughnut Duty!

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      Johnny Horton is the singer of this song─Sink the Bismarck. He graduated from Seattle University. They take good care of their stuff.


  25. Tonawanda says:

    The Broadway Market in Buffalo is where everybody goes for their Polish/Lenten/Easter/Dyngus Day food/products.

    You can get everything elsewhere but it is much more fun to go to the traditional Polish market.

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  26. Psycho Monkee says:

    Morn’n SD. 👍🙏 The daily Our Father you publish says it all 🙏👍


  27. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    I had my first paczki 10 days ago in Utah. Being from California and living in Utah I somehow missed them in my 59 years of life. I love these Polish Catholic things.

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  28. dayallaxeded says:

    NOLA tradition provides something luscious to enjoy through Mardi Gras, then give upp for lent-

    By Ash Wednesday, we’ve had enough to last til next year!

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  29. All American Snowflake says:

    I like Krispy Kreme. They taste like manna a.k.a. angel’s food. Southern doughnuts.


    • Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

      The best we have in the South is Krispy Kreme!


    • dayallaxeded says:

      Sorry, but just can’t let that go–KK’s are just sugar coated fryer oil bubbles. Gibson’s in Memphis, Terrytown Cafe in Gretna, On Faith Donuts or the original Buttermilk Drop Cafe (on N. Dorgenois–accept no substitutes for buttermilk drops) in NOLA make beautiful, yeasty, light, but with body donuts and glaze that has more flavor than just sugar.

      KK is an incredible, industrial grade donut business, but “$$ to donuts” there’s a better, locally owned, operated, long-time baker/donut maker in or near your town that beats it on every level that matters to your mouth and stomach. The southern standards were “Southern Maid” and “Shipley’s” for a long time, but they’ve faded, it seems. Others may have different views, since every location may be somewhat different, unlike KK.

      I’ve tried, but don’t really recommend the “hipster” “gourmet” donut places that’ve cropped up lately (in NOLA and probably everywhere; Blue Dot and District Donuts are the standard bearers)–they’re good, maybe even great in their own way, but they tend to be pretentious, pricey, and the donuts are more another type of pastry or cake than a real donut. As with almost everything I say, it’s just my opinion and I’m always happy to hear others’ considered observations–shoot, maybe we should have a third open thread, just to get out the world on our favorite local foods and recipes!


      • Carrie2 says:

        Dayall, the Krisphy Kreme is no donut or anything edible. Gross. I grew up with real donuts and KK doesn’t begin to be anything real. The stuff inside tastes way too chemically. Yuck! If I want sugar then I want something real, tasty and made with real ingredients and not chemical or synthetic stuff.


  30. nikkichico7 says:

    When I worked in Detroit the company’s go to guy for errands and such was a big older gentleman of polish heritage and he always made sure he went to hamtramck to buy the best packi’s and brought them back to the office for everyone. It was wonderful!


  31. Jackie Heatherly says:

    I’ve never commented here before. Looking at the post about Polish donuts and was wondering if anyone knows of a meat market near Gary Indiana called Pitacks? They have since closed last year. They made a lunch meat called bolchevic.


  32. vfm#7634 says:

    In honor of Fat Tuesday, we could translate the pastries into English as “paunchkies”.

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  34. ainin says:

    I had never heard of these before but saw them at the market today. I bought lemon filled ones and they are delicious! I didn’t realize they were part of a holiday – good to know!


  35. WeThePeople2016 says:

    That’s interesting. I had not heard of those. The Methodists eat a pancake meal on Fat Tuesday for dinner.


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