Odd Sluration – Seemingly Inebriated Democrat Senator Jack Reed Asks Intelligence Community to Outline Covert Operations in Public…

It’s doubtful you can find a more succinct example of TDS than a seemingly inebriated Democrat Senator asking the aggregate intelligence apparatus, during a public session of congress, to give specific details of U.S. covert intelligence efforts to thwart Russian, Chinese and North Korean cyber-warfare.   [Watch around 06:30] As Democrat Senator Joe Manchin professionally restrained himself from laughing, even Democrat Senator Kamala Harris couldn’t avoid the eye-roll.  ‘Muh Russia’ is real.

Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), ranking member of armed services committee, began his mid-day sluration with a ‘resist-we-much‘ effort to continue the vast White House Russian conspiracy narrative, and slowly morphed into a weirdly-sounding intoxicated demand for the NSA, CIA and intelligence officers to give him specific examples of their efforts to combat quantum cyber-intelligence operations.   Eventually ODNI Dan Coats grabbed the wheel and stopped Senator Reed from going full  Chappaquiddick…  WATCH:

“Best Men” !

…”We are led by very, very stupid people”…

~ Candidate Trump

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239 Responses to Odd Sluration – Seemingly Inebriated Democrat Senator Jack Reed Asks Intelligence Community to Outline Covert Operations in Public…

  1. emet says:

    btw. Rhode Island remained wet during Prohibition. One of two states that refused to ratify the 18th Amendment. If Prohibition Agents tried to make an arrest, the local PD licked them up.

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    • emet says:

      locked them up. A Coast Guard cutter opened fire on a Rhode Island rum runner that failed to heave to, three men killed. RI went crazy, even the clergy got in the act

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    • DeWalt says:

      That made it easy for the Kennedy’s.

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    • Bob Thoms says:

      Interesting. Didn’t know that. I’m guessing the Irish and Italian wide guys controlled things pretty tightly in RI.


      • MTK says:

        Rhode Island was not known to be the littlest, crookedist state in the Union for nothing.

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      • MTK says:

        Lets take a vote…

        Russia influenced our elections by…

        A. Covert and Overt actions to sway voters and/or mess with the ballot box and nothing to do with crooked HRC.


        B. The MSM extensive and exhaustive reporting the Russians influenced the election, since HRC is and was the best thing since sliced bread for this Nation. Pure as the driven snow with pockets lined with hot sauce. She could lose.

        Stop for a moment… and game out this poll.

        If A is true, then how did they do it? Well, by B of course. Since it was not some quantum computing mind control scheme run by Putin that set HRC packing. Thus making B true.

        And if with B now being true, what does that say about the result, would that not that say the MSM was most effective in running Russia’s ploy, since by the MSM own reporting Putin’s candidate won by pointing out crooked HRC ways. Nope had nothing to do with it. According to the MSM, it was Russia and Trumph’s collusion alone that won the day because HRC does no wrong. It was just inconvenient factors Russia and Trump made very differcult to sweep away.

        And if A is false, that has to leave B being true, thus making A true all long. But is altogther another story.
        But, if B is false, then that makes A true, and thus B true all along. See how this works, the MSM has tied it tongue into so many knots. The MSM only recourse is to keep alive this circular and self fullfilling dialogue that lead no where except where it should be heading.

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        • Zippy says:

          “Russia influenced our elections by…”

          Suckering the deep state which they knew violently hated Trump and would covertly break rules to obstruct him into paying millions of dollars for garbage “intel” on him, thereby either generating the current scandal which would likely be revealed if Trump won or providing handy blackmail material on an easily bribed Felonia von Pantsuit regime. In that way they are influencing future elections while not actually caring which side wins and, as a bonus, destroying any confidence in government.


          • MTK says:

            Is there a difference between influencing and enabling? I am not saying your observation is out in left field. It is actually fairly erudite. But if there is a difference, what does that difference tell us.

            A. Russia is taking advantage of this mess.


            B. This mess was planned so that Russia would take advantage.

            I mean by the time you drive home the political arguments, one way or the other on the whole tangled mess of the 2016 election, those two, A or B are the two basic broad divergent observations that lead to WHY?

            A. is in a round about way, is being discussed openly as the result of the Congressional Oversight Investigation.

            But B, is a whole different ball game. Because that would be like saying, this whole mess was started to put the Nation into a Consitutional Crises.
            And, if that is the case, to what end?

            Look my box of crayons could attempt to paint the picture.
            I choose not to do so. Does not mean i have not consider it, it is just that it all leads back to (redacted) except this time instead of a legal proceeding on HOW? laws where violated, the Nation is giving a one two punch to the chops, on how (redacted) (redacted)… (and redacted).


    • A good reason not to be driving on the streets of DC when Jack Reed drives home.

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  2. nor'easter says:

    This is a legislator (lawmaker), and a member of a congressional committee (oversight).
    He is supposed to represent of his constituents (We the People).
    Makes one wonder how many people in high places have made decisions affecting our lives while under the influence or intoxicated.
    There ought to be a law.

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  3. DeWalt says:

    Seriously folks, watch a press conference or an oversight hearing and you can understand how we got to this point.

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  4. Disgusted says:

    Is anyone else as depressed as I am, watching and listening to these people being paid by taxes to waste so much time doing nothing? Seemingly getting nowhere!

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  5. cats23 says:

    THIS is what represents hard working American in Congress?
    not only is he very obviously drunk, but he is close to spilling classified info.

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    • paulyho39 says:

      …And he keeps asking the same questions…getting the same answers…how stupid can he get? I guess he must really think he should get specific answers that would reveal sensitive information??? What an idiot!

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  6. Tom Eckert says:

    Are you F-ing kidding me? He’s a senator?

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    • covfefe999 says:

      That was almost as bad as John McCain at Comey’s testimony. If you don’t remember it you should take a look. I think everyone was shocked.

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    • DD More says:

      Tom – Not F-ng – he’s Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), ranking member of armed services committee.
      Means He’s one the the Leaders.

      C’um On, Man! RI, you guys got nothing better than Reed and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to send to DC?


  7. covfefe999 says:

    I just want to say something about artificial intelligence. It’s been the latest hot thing in computing … for like 30+ years. Advances in computing speeds and utilization of coordinated multiple processors make it a little more implementable now than it was in the early days. But still I would say (anyone in AI can correct me if I’m wrong) that it’s still more promise than reality. If AI is already 30+ years old and Reed can’t state factually that the Chinese are putting it to good and threatening use, then I really don’t think there’s a big rush on our side. The analogy to the Manhattan project is laughable. The Germans WERE developing a nuclear bomb, we were most definitely in a race. AI not so much.

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    • DeWalt says:

      The problem with AI is that it has no cognitive ability.

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    • kroesus says:

      technological TOOLS and AI are often different things…..although there may have been dreams and nascent attempts at AI 30 YEARS ago serious efforts with the capability for COGNITIVE thinking has only been around for the last 5 years because of the MASSIVE computing power needed to even begin to do what your brain does naturally…..things like super computers were designed to be very efficient at things like number crunching with billions of calculations per second but independent thought is a far more complex matter altogether


    • Randolph Scott says:

      Everyone in the whole world will be very very sorry that these people developed AI. There is no good ending to the story.

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      • TarsTarkus says:

        See the movie Colossus, the Forbin project. Also read Frederic Brown’s SF short story, ‘Answer’. And of course the whole premise behind the Terminator series.


    • Pat Frederick says:

      giggle snort…forgive me, but I read Manhattan Project and immediately the Matthew Broderick movie came into my mind…I was thinking of monkeys flying planes…sorry.

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  8. I’m just a little bit confused.

    Is Reed suggesting that President Trump and the Intel Community work outside the law to counter whatever russia or anyone else is doing?

    What did the President tell you specifically to do and are you doing more than reporting to Congress and others?
    Maybe I’m wrong or maybe this is why the Democrats are in trouble right now with “Obama Gate”.

    He’s actually questioning why the President and the Intel Community have not take the law into their own hands and acted on perceived threats on their own.

    And even if they are, and I have no doubts about that, he wants them to admit it in an open forum so everyone knows.
    I’m totally perplexed.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      no. you are spot on.

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    • jb says:

      Unlike most here, I think we witnessed a concerted effort by Reed to somehow get highly classified material released in public, much as Shifferbrains attempted with his “Memo” – in order to somehow get Donald. Those men questioned saw and understood, and Harris would be all in on Reed’s side, so her actions are consistent. She needs to be watched – her relatively sudden “prominence” in these matters should be of concern.

      This seems to be the commie left’s new approach – to attempt to somehow get the Trump administration to do what they, the left, and the swamp, have so obviously already done, thus somehow exonerating all they have done.. Of course, Reed’s attempt fell flat, but it should serve us well as a heads-up – the swamp will use whatever to prevent what seem increasingly obvious – their own demise. Whether Reed was bombed or not is not the travesty here, but his bald, naked attempt to prod the witnesses into revealing classified information.

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    • All Too Much says:

      Reed had no idea what he was saying, much less suggesting.
      He’ll need to read the transcript to find out whats in it.

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    • MTK says:

      Well it goes like this…. for why the Intell Community and President have not taken the law into their own hands. Every time they try to take a look to see where Russia interferred , they keep finding it was our own born and bread criminials (umh govt officials) that acted outside the law.


  9. Thank you, best comment I’ve read here on this thread, no offense to anyone else at all!


  10. konradwp1 says:

    That wasn’t Trump Derangement Syndrome, but the secondary disease: Russia Derangement Syndrome.

    The inability to accept that Trump fairly won the election leads to TDS. TDS leads to an inability to perceive that “muh Russia” was just an excuse for Hillary’s email problems that evolved into an attempt to smear trump before the election and later an excuse to spy on Trump and his family. RDS then develops as the TDS sufferer’s dissolving brain struggles with the dichotomy between reality and their crazed claims. Either Russia is to blame for their election loss and continues to be the greatest threat to America, or they were wrong about absolutely everything.

    RDS is particularly dangerous in policy makers as China is clearly the fastest growing economic and military threat to the US. Thankfully the agency heads being questioned by the crazed Sen. Reed were openly laughing at him.

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  11. Ziiggii says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out all day – WTH is Harris smirking about almost the entire time Reed is going after these guys?

    Seriously, it’s almost like she’s gleeful at Reed’s questioning. Specially re: the AI / quantum computing efforts of the Chinese…

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  12. MaineCoon says:

    He should have had more drinks. Then he might have passed out and missed the meeting entirely.

    All those excuses as to why he was late due to being in another meeting…all he did was impicate the other person he referenced was with him. Now we know who his drinking buddy is.

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  13. TheLastDemocrat says:

    “Bartender, I’ll have what he’s drinking.”

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  14. nyetneetot says:

    LOL!!! WOW!!! Who let him have the microphone?!?! How did that jump to quantum computing??!?!


  15. americalsgt says:

    Sad part is our other Senator, Weldon Shitehouse, is worse than Reed.

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  16. 🍺Gunny says:

    I understand, but as my dad said to me. “Don’t ever argue with drunks and fools. Waste of time”


  17. Patriot1783 says:

    In clip, i believe the guy directly behind Wray is FBI Asst Director of Congressional Affairs Gregory Bower and same guy in green tie in that group shot with Page & Baker and walking along the right side of McCabe.
    Originally a former Nevada State Senator, Harry Reid buddy? 😳


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    • LafnH20 says:

      I believe you are correct! Wondered why SD kept that pic of Srtzok up there (with his name…duh). Now I realize. Sometimes the obvious escapes me!

      I thought it was Srtzok with the green tie.
      I stand corrected!!
      TY. Good Eye!!

      Why would Bower be there???🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    • LafnH20 says:

      Ahhh. FISA 702 reauthorization.

      Assistant Director of Congressional Affairs…… FISA🤔🤔?

      From your link, Patriot… With respect to 702’s and FISA

      “We have a very compelling story to tell, so we’re just making sure that we tell it,” he said. “I think most of us are confident that we can do that [and convince lawmakers it’s a good policy].”


  18. Leroy says:

    Another classic example of the need for term limits. I hope he got a ride home cause he had no business behind the wheel….

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  19. Patriot1783 says:

    Brit Hume speech seemed a bit off tonight too on Tucker…


  20. Blade says:

    Jackass Reed has always appeared to me to be a lush. He was the epitome of the Peter Principle on Congressional Committee appointments which featured luminaries loonies such as Ted Kennedy, Pat Leahy, Chris Todd, Patsy Schroeder, etc. But when people such as Patty Murray, Shelia Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters are your peers, you almost look competent by comparison. Even the Peter Principle cannot adequately account for our current situation which really demands William F. Buckley’s idea of just picking the first 535 names from any phonebook at this point.

    One thing I hope everyone gets from seeing clips of Dan Coates is that his DNI position is a perfect example of an office demanding to be summarily liquidated. First of all I doubt he has the first clue about cyber-anything and has no business being in such a job. But if you listen to his boilerplate lecture of cyber-threats and deficit spending ( wtf! ) it could be delivered any day of any week of any year and the countries could be readily exchanged for any random nation at anytime. It is empty, meaningless word salad and yet it is funded by infinite taxpayer funds with far-reaching consequences.

    It seems obvious to me that transition-dude Pence and his merry band of expert headhunters selected Coates for this job and we need to face the probability that Pence himself, while a classic God-fearing conservative in life, is a severe under-performer in every job of consequence assigned to him. If the Lord may grant us just one more favor, please help us replace him with James Woods for the next go ’round. Trump-Woods FTW.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Doesn’t look like James Woods has any more knowledge of cyber-tech security than Coates who was Wheaton undergrad, then Law School then Army two years during Viet Nam.

      Woods went to MIT but majored in political science (who does that?) and got into drama.

      On top of that, Woods is from Rhode Island – Senator Reed’s home drinking turf.


      • Blade says:

        Not for DNI Georgia, for Woods for Vice President ( and chief enemedia antagonizer ). Not to mention as heir-apparent for 2024. “Stay out the Bushes”.

        As far as DNI, this position needs to go. Typical post-9/11 bureaucratic nonsense. This redundant position and associated staff exists solely to employ clueless pseudo-techs who couldn’t manage a spreadsheet or program a VCR on a bet.


        • georgiafl says:

          I like Pence, he’s cool as a cucumber and doesn’t go off the rails. Maybe he’s doing stuff (like Sessions) that we can’t see.

          Woods is an actor…I don’t have him on my twitter links list any more. He has had nothing to offer but snark. He’s better to stay right where he is. He might not be too good at following orders and not (GOD forbid) step into a crisis Commander in Chief material.

          Trump and Sarah are already doing a great job antagonizing the media.

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  21. roxiellTX says:

    I kept waiting for him to ask about islands that tip over.

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  22. grandpaulie says:

    I almost want to feel sorry for him and then I think about it a little more and I want to bring out the guillotines for these blanking idiots on Capitol Hill! 
    No wonder these high and mighty VIP traitors all have chauffeur driven limousines! If they were behind the wheel after lunch the death toll from DUI ‘s in D.C. would be a national disaster!

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      There is not a scintilla of “feel sorry for him [Senator Jack Reed (D-RI)]” in my heart. If fact to take it a bit further I despise the creep.

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  23. Winning says:

    Looks like YouTube pulled the video. I watched it here then did a quick google search for was “Jack reed drunk in the hearing today” to see if anyone else had posted then came back to watch it again and poof!

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  24. Rynn69 says:

    And so I say to every person that keeps voting for Democrats in these blue states that are completely inept (deBlasio, Pelosi, Durbin, and the list goes on….) – WAKE UP!

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  25. dayallaxeded says:

    Just another traitor, trying to do his treason right out in public. This is a rare occasion I’ll suggest a new law is needed–politicking while intoxicated. It should be a felony and disqualify the guilty from any public office, including dog catcher, for life. Also minimum sentence of 1 yr hard labor and fine = to one year’s salary in whatever position they were found politicking while intoxicated in. No probation, parole, or suspension of sentence. Come to think of it, these bastitches endanger our entire nation by their idiotic behavior! I’m probably being too lenient on the penalties.

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  26. formerdem says:

    maybe the whole russian dossier was thought up by a couple of Russian comics and THAT’s why the Democrats hate them so much.


  27. todayistheday99 says:

    I thought it was entertaining and interesting to see the reactions by everyone (“beating the grass to scare the snake” ) and the general consensus to let him crash and burn and make a complete fool out of himself (especially that smirk on Pamela Harris’ face). I wonder if the notes she was getting said “get that souse to shut up”. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this bad optics for the Dems because it exposes the absurdity of their witch hunt mentality. Maybe potentially nuters nutcases like Schiff and Swalwell who are almost this obnoxious sober.

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  28. Peoria Jones says:

    Just wait until our elected officials (aka our employees) start showing up high on weed.


  29. A2 says:

    I watched this last night , my time, and my take-away before I fell asleep is that the Trump intel team are in sync, know their stuff and are ready to element vital polices to keep America safe. Of course the more interesting stuff is held back from the public, but discussed with the senate behind closed doors. I suspect they will have a collective fear pants down around the ankles, moment in their privileged and free rider lives at the taxpayers expense. They even, may have the wit, to realize they are bloody arsehats.

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  30. Worry first about the Dems, Hillary, FBI, DOJ, OBAMA nation
    rigging our elections.
    they are our biggest threat

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  31. Toenail says:

    Some here may be missing the point about the progress being made on AI. If we use the measure of intelligence as compared to Senator Jack Reed then AI is here now! Maybe the actions we see coming out of the uniparty really are being prepared by AI. This bleary, semi-confused, circular thought process is actually in line with my belief of what a machine will produce all on its own. I have always believed “there is no magic” except maybe in affairs of the heart.

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  32. Scarlet says:

    Is Mike Pompeo a white or black hat ?


  33. Pelicansview says:

    And I thought that Foster Brooks had passed away. Who knew he retired to RI and went into politics. I am happy to see the 3-martini lunch is still alive and well in DC, though. It tells me the beltway remains a great place to be a bartender.


  34. steph_gray says:

    Reed pronounces “specific” as “bacific.” Same thing Katherine Hepburn did in the drunk scene in “Desk Set.” Evidently this is a well-known drunk thing.


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    • justthefaxpleez says:

      He was victor on the vector when he might have been looking for sector……..poor guy was a mess. Is there no one in his office that could have suggested he sit this one out?

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  35. justthefaxpleez says:

    I just called the senators office and spoke with John. I asked that he pass along the details of Happy Hour at Bullfeathers, just down from the legislative offices on 1st street SE, just one block away from the DNC offices. Although it looks like the senator likes to start at lunch, our drink specials don’t kick in until after 4pm daily. Half price well drinks and $2 drafts and $3 domestic bottles. We ask that the senator bring down his staff and some of the other committee members that would like to wash away the misery of the crap storm that’s about to hit their party. Always remember to tip your bartenders and servers.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Imagine what the bartenders know and have heard working in DC? Loose lips is what happens after a few rounds, especially when they think no one is listening. They’d be bloody daft to do so, but they’re not the brightest bunch are they? I doubt they tip well either.

      Reed from RI should be embarrassed, but I doubt that too. What a sloppy and idiotic drunk. I bet he thought he was so smart, what a drunken fool.

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  36. justthefaxpleez says:

    I think the senator’s been doing some colluding with the Russians via some vodka. And to think this man is making laws and policies for the rest of us.

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  37. Doc Moore says:

    We have reached the point, or passed it many months ago, where it is absolutely necessary for the media to cherry pick, to painfully scrutinize, the words from every Democrat to avoid allowing them to appear as irresponsibly incompetent fools.

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  38. All American Snowflake says:

    Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) is pitiful. Just pitiful.


  39. Crawler says:

    Well, one thing is for sure: whatever the current level of Artificial Intelligence is at, it’s obviously head and shoulders above Senator Jack Reed.



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