Epic President Trump: “We Caught Them In The Act”….

Speaking to an audience in Ohio moments ago, President Trump delivered off-the-cuff remarks about the ongoing House and Senate committee investigations into the collusion between the Clinton campaign and the upper-level DOJ and FBI officials. Source Link.


President Trump: “We Caught ‘Em! “Did we catch them in the act or what? You know what I’m talking about. Oh did we catch them in the act! They are very embarrassed. They never thought they were going to be caught. We caught ’em… It’s so much fun. We’re like the great sleuth.”

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332 Responses to Epic President Trump: “We Caught Them In The Act”….

  1. SmilinJackAbbott says:

    Warning: conspiracy theory below. Feel free to debunk.

    Fascinating article over at Daily Caller about the Yahoo News article used at the FISA court as ‘independent’ corroboration of Steele’s gossip:

    ”Isikoff met Steele in September 2016 at a Washington, D.C., hotel. The
    pair were introduced by Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS and an
    “old friend” of Isikoff’s.’

    They also note the SAME article ‘quoted an anonymous U.S. law enforcement official who said that Page’s activities in Russia were “on our radar screen.”’

    Why would an ‘old friend’ of Isikoff introduce him to Steele along with Glenn Simpson? Is that old friend the US law enforcement(FBI?) official he quotes in the same article? Did that ‘old friend’ setup the meeting so ‘corroborating’ evidence could be used in a FISA warrant?

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      And still no mention of the CIA involvement. Spies associated with Russia visiting in Washington DC meeting with other’s associated with Russia.

      So where is the referral Brennan/CIA made to the FBI? Or do spies just run around loose in the USA?

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    • moray watson says:

      Yeah. Pages activities in Russia were on their radar screen, because they were employing him in Russia to be on their radar screen. These Swamp creatures are better at taqiyya and kitman than the muslims.

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      • It will be interesting to see what the informant Victoria Townsend represents has to say. I think he will have a ton of dirt on our dear old FBI. I HOPE Page also has a written contract or at least saved his pay stubs in an off site safe place so Muller can’t come in and raid him in the wee hours of the morning!

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      • Old Codger says:

        Huge irony in that Muslims practicing taqiyya and kitman are protected by that same set of Swamp creatures! Yet if real Americans are involved , it’s Katie-bar-the-door when tracking those real Americans!

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    • notvicchanko says:

      I read that as Isikoff saying that Glenn Simpson was an old friend not that the old friend indicated a fourth person at the meeting.

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    • Yes, that “old friend” set up the meeting so the circle would be complete.
      That “old friend” of Michael Isikoff is Glenn Simpson. Read that part again:

      The pair were introduced by Glenn Simpson, [who was] the founder of Fusion GPS and
      [also] an “old friend” of Isikoff’s.’ So your theory is sound, but no third person was involved.

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    • Laura says:

      Well what if FBI had Page on radar because … Page worked for them?

      Talk about CT!
      LOL … ?

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    • AH_C says:

      I took it to mean Simpson was both founder of GPS fusiin AND an old friend of isikoff. Recall that Simpson used to be a WSJ journalist

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    • snellvillebob says:

      That could be parsed that Glenn Simpson was the old friend. That is how I read it.


  2. brh82 says:

    Please tell me why Rosenstein isn’t pictured in any of the collages of Black hats. Am I alone in thinking he is a BLACK hat?

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    • mimbler says:

      You’re not alone.

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    • FL_GUY says:

      I agree Rosenstein is a black hat. Just the way he hired Mueller, a known corrupt FBI director and then wrote a blank check to “find something”, violating the SC law suggests to me Rosenstein is crooked and part of the problem.

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      • Old Codger says:

        Or Rosenstein’s a double agent turned early in the game by TRUMP and his military general backers. Can’t keep track of the double and triple flippers without an inside scorecard! Such is the state of ALL intelligence communities.

        That’s what we’re watching : disclosures of the various agents and double agents!
        It would be easier if they gave them all numbers, though.

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      • Lucille says:

        Mueller has 19!! attorneys working for him now. How many millions is this all costing us per month?

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    • bayoukiki says:

      I’m reserving judgment until I know more. Same with Sessions


  3. George says:

    corroborating has become the new “is”

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  4. History Teaches says:


    The Left has never ever seen a Republican of this stature fight back, day by day, lie by lie. And in pure Everyman, direct language. No subtle nuances needed or wanted!

    The Left through their media has always set the narrative, shamed and demonized every outspoken conservative and rarely faced this kind of response.

    They always assumed they were on offense with self righteous conceit. They have never have been challenged and called out like this. Even at the lowest ebb of the Bill Clinton scandal they acted as if they were the morally superior voices of reason, hiding behind deceptive rhetoric and character assassination.

    The old playbook is still being used, but day by day the President and his loyalists are shredding it and punching back twice as hard.

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    • Rock Knutne says:


      Extremely well stated!

      Well done ‘History’

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    • fastrock says:

      1st Prez DJT is a fighter
      2nd Prez DJT understands optics necessary to attract indies and normies.
      3rd Prez DJT is the first social media Prez and a grand master of it’s usage.

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    • This is exactly why they are doing everything they can to get rid of Trump. He is fearless and pushes their crap right back at them. I have dreamed of this man for years! Thank you GOD!

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    • Old Codger says:

      “….rarely faced this kind of response.” Rarely??? Try NEVER!

      Didn’t come from W, or Wet Start McCain, or Mittens, for sure!

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    • Twinsonic says:

      Like President Lincoln said about General Ulysses S. Grant – “I CANNOT spare this man, He fights.” Overlooking his alcoholism and behavior. The same with President Trump. He may be boorish, loud, rough, and brutally frank, we deplorables echo the same motto as President Lincoln’s comments to heart and follow him to the gates of hell if necessary.

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  5. TreeClimber says:

    Thanks to you, Sundance, I’m not very popular with a former co-worker now. She’s violently anti-Trump, but besides accusations of international money laundering (and she never did present proof) she couldn’t come up with a reason. We were texting last night, and Christopher Steele/”his” Dossier came up (my son’s name is Christopher.) She said Chris Steele is a good guy, an intelligence agent and that the Dossier was intelligence. I said Steele is a liar, and pointed out that even Comey admitted the Dossier was unverified. She said Comey was an annoying diva (see, Jim, even your supporters don’t like you!) but was also not a liar. She never did reconcile those two statements, that neither Steele nor Comey were liars but the Dossier was unverified… I trotted out Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Mary Jacoby, and Nellie and Bruce Ohr, at which point she acknowledged their corruption but refused to be drawn into the conversation further and it switched to the economy. I listed the major points – returning businesses, higher wages, lower taxes, bonuses, building and expansion, and the stock market climbing more or less steadily. She had no respect for those accomplishments but didn’t deny them. We wrapped up by her saying I was deluded about Trump but refusing to say how, and she terminated the conversation saying she was getting too worked up.

    Thanks to you, Sundance, I had a refutation to every one of her arguments, and she had none to mine. =)

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    • booger71 says:

      Glad to hear she is a former coworker.

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    • redtreesquirrel says:

      You did good, TreeClimber. You kept up with the attack on her delusions/lies. I, myself generally don’t even bother with these kinds of people, having several in my family. I know what they are about. It is a selfishness you and I would never dream of. A completely narcissistic outlook, where everything centers only on the “I” – never “you”.
      That being said, what you did is what needs to be done to these people. They are emotionally like a spoiled 5 yr old, and everyone knows they need discipline.

      Thanks for sharing.

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      • Pied Piper says:

        I email back and forth with a close friend of 39 years duration. He was born into a family of democrats and will always have it in his blood even though he claims to be in the middle. Yeah, like Michael Moore is in the middle when sizing people for a new suit.

        Other than possibly improving my ability to write a sentence, it is a complete waste of time. I feel proud for a few minutes after skinning him alive but then realize it would have been more productive to suck the juice out of a sour pickle. A liberal simply cannot ever, and I mean NEVER admit they are wrong. The smell of an old man’s socks is an easier burden to endure.

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      • Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

        So many people like that in my family (rabid Trump haters) that I broke off contact with them.

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    • kevin says:

      These people are clueless. Driven by emotion they lack the innate conservative’s ability to remain skeptical and logical. That’s why we need fewer women in our Parliament here in the UK. They have destroyed rational debate.

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      • Excuse me, but being female doesn’t mean I am not logical and skeptical. Emotion is not limited to females. There are many pajama boys who are emotional.

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      • MfM says:

        Yes they are clueless, which is why when I decide to refute something they say, I do it on FB. I’m not doing it to change their minds, but to put doubt in others or to let other Trump supporters know that there is another side.

        Today it was about the Nazi running in Illinois. He’s not supported by the GOP, he’s actually condemned by them and he’s run repeatedly for this seat and will never win because it’s a safe Democrat seat. I said it’s Fake News, they got irate. I countered with since he’s run repeatedly as a Nazi for that seat why is it news now?

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        • Cricket says:

          I found a highly unusual Democrat (meaning he makes some sense – though of course I still disagree) on this video. He’s someone I can share with not-fully-insane-yet liberals. His name is Jonathan Haidt, I’m debating on getting his book “The Righteous Mind.” Here’s the conversation with (be still my beating conservative heart) Jordan Peterson:

          Of course there are many more videos, shorter in length of this die-hard Democrat actually making some reasonable sense (sounds like I’m referring to an endangered species). Kind of like back in the “old” days when we could actually have political disagreements over a cordial cup of coffee.

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          • Lou Foxwell says:

            Liberalism is a responsible and patriotic persuasion. The Democrat party is not liberal, not in any sense. They refer to themselves as “Progressive,” a Marxist term. True liberals are on the sidelines today. Many are practicing Republicans or are Independents. They have no voice in the Democrat party and have largely abandoned it.

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      • tappin52 says:

        Watch it, kevin. Some women around here wield some mean shovels and they are not afraid to use them!


    • Old Codger says:

      Start calling her Triggely Puff and tell her to look that up on google!


    • trialbytruth says:

      So you use to work with my sister Treeclimber? LOL

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    • cwf60 says:

      I find that liberals usually end conversations, because they lose ground very quickly when challenged. The ones that I know tell me that we are not going to talk about it, because they do not know how to defend the indefensible.

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  6. Trumpstumper says:

    Why was it important for Obama to expel 35 Russians around the turn of the year?
    Can we get them back for questioning?

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    • Maquis says:

      It was important because it was a crisis provoking event deliberately timed as incoming National Security Advusor General Mike Flynn was out of the Country in a nation that provided no means for secured telephone communications.

      The lack of secured comms was essential to the plotters as it allowed them to listen to Flynn’s call that he inevitably had to make to the Russian Ambassador requesting a calm response to Obama’s provokation, indicating that calmer heads would address the situation after the inauguration.

      This was Flynn’s job, he was already engaged with his peers with full knowledge and consent of the Obama Administration. He wasn’t stepping on Obama’s toes, quite the contrary, Obama was stepping on the incoming President’s toes, to provoke this very communication.

      It was this phone call, entirely legal, appropriate and necessary, that Super-Special-Secret-Agent Strzok used in an effort to trip Flynn up in an ambush interrogation. Flynn recognized that the Agent before him was playing a game, trying to trap him into making a condradictory statement.

      As the question at hand presented him the opportunity to either CYA or protect the Vice President who had made a slightly confused statement on the issue. He also knew that the target of the game was his President. So he knowingly willfully offered an answer that put only himself in jeopardy. He took a fall.

      The 35 diplomats were not any part of this other than as pawns in Obama’s Conspiracy against Trump. Nothing can be gained by talking with them.

      Unless they have Hillary’s deleted emails.


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  7. ecmarsh says:

    Schiff’s “Me Too” memo bluff was called. Unassumingly approved!
    It was supposed to die in committee.
    POTUS has it now and he will approve it.
    What is Little Adam Schiff gonna do?

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Good point! I was hoping committee would release the Sh*tmemo. Sh*tforbrains said it was many pages longer than the 3 1/2 page HPSCI memo. Like more pages more credible? I don’t think so.

      PDJT always calls their bluff, think four principles in DACA reform. The Dims always get caught. PDJT and team should review for accuracy, omissions, redaction and only allow the truth to be released.

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  8. Cow wow says:

    Hehehe I just heard Michael Goodwin on Lou Dobbs and spoke of the John Kerry name associated with the State Dept and Russia…and collision.
    Maybe someone can post it.

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  9. Justice Warrior says:

    Loving it!! 😂

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  10. tuskyou says:

    “We’re like the great sleuth”
    Notice Pres Trump says “we’re”. He includes us without naming names. MAGA

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  11. kea says:

    That is such a Trump statement! Love it. MAGA

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  12. South Col says:

    “They are very embarrassed”
    No they aren’t.
    Anything can be justified by the left in their fight against the anti statist Trump.
    They won’t even be slightly concerned until there are prosecutions.

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  13. C-Low says:

    This is very interesting development. I wonder if the FBI one of the worst offenders when it comes to using informants in what amounts to entrapment to get their collars. I wonder if this was not another example but the mark didn’t bite so to make a case they just busted the informants.

    This just seems to hit another low everytime you think you hit the bottom.

    People must go to jail and countless more fired and publically humiliated.

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  15. WOW. President Trump explains it in such a matter of fact way the reason why the party who wins presidency gets clobbered in mid-terms. I hope the second clip above gets circulated to every President Trump supporter and used in campaign ads of every republican running for office. I hope the republicans in office use this free-gift-of-a-clip from our President when they campaign in 2018. I wonder how on earth the MSMs are portraying President Trump as not being intelligent or having mental issues when the man is clearly VSG.

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  16. Rod the Old says:

    If you did “bathe them” jail them


  17. Lucille says:

    Steyn: Dems are the ones assaulting the rule of law
    Fox News

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  18. treehugger says:

    wonder if any of this stuff is on debbie’s computer
    remember the dnc declined having their server jack looked into

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  19. Lawrence says:

    The best part of this appearance was toward the end when he went off on the Democrats, particularly the CBC and their reaction to low black unemployment. Someone in the crowd shouted “Treason!” And Trump was like, “Yeah, OK.” Awesome!

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  20. “remember the dnc declined having their server jack looked into” yeah,that’s because the Russians didn’t really hack them.why would they need to anyway?

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  21. Lon Spector says:

    It doesn’t matter who Trump says he caught “in the act.” The Marxists and the athetists are
    going to get their wish because there is no law enforcement in America.
    And 65 million Trump voters are going to be “eradicated.”


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