Representative Matt Gaetz Discusses The HPSCI Intelligence Memo…

Congressional representative Matt Gaetz appears with Neil Cavuto and Martha MacCallum to discuss the House Intelligence Memo and the pending release…

Martha MacCallum Interview:


Neil Cavuto Interview:

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253 Responses to Representative Matt Gaetz Discusses The HPSCI Intelligence Memo…

  1. Pam says:

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    • wilski says:

      After the decks has been cleared about the 2016 election, revisit 2012 election.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Once you fully see the past, you can’t unsee the future.

        2012 will be “just getting started. Until one sees how it connects across and between administrations, one can’t really see how big, long, and ugly the plot really was.

        They REALLY tried to pull a Bill Ayers, but I think they wanted to do it within the lifetime of the 60’s radicals, and they also wanted to hit 2017 (the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution).

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        • zorrorides says:

          Wolfmoon, you have a big moon to howl at tonight. Thanks for your prescience.

          In the lifetime of the 60s radicals, and in the 100-year anniversary of 1917. Like Jim Morrison told us, “We want the world and we want it .. Now!”

          As I explained to my son the other day about the baby boomers, we really just wanted to rock out and get high and get laid. We expected a constantly rising free-market to produce a nice living if we’d just do a little honest work. We wanted things different, but not Kent State and not an American People’s Republic. It’s been 50 years and those evil always working people almost got the final incremental slice of control of America.

          But God, and but Donald Trump …
          Oh I’ve been praying for America to be saved for a quarter-century. I’m so close to tears.

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        • joninmd22 says:

          That’s always been the lefts goal. In 68 they took over the democrat party and have been rolling over the weak republicans while taking over institutions and segments of society. Obama was an out and out Leninist leading his vanguard.

          About damned time we started forgetting back

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      • dufrst says:

        Yes, somehow a mole found their way into a private fundraiser where Romney said his infamous “47%” remarks. Wonder how that happened now in light of this scandal. How different would the 2012 race be if that remark was not revealed…

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  2. Pam says:

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  3. Carrie says:

    It’s a bit off point, but I keep thinking about having a private contractor like Fusion GPS having access to the NSA database for query searches. Probably this has already been covered, sorry I’m so slow at seeing all of the moving pieces, but isn’t having any private contractor having access to the query searches a huge security risk? Fusion GPS was known to have Russian clients, it would have been so easy to find out how much information the US has on various undercover agents for Russia or to help oligarchs spy on one another, etc. using US propriety information. They could just say they were searching various Russians for links, etc. Will this memo stop any private companies from ever having that access again? (Sorry again, if this has been covered).

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    • D. Manny says:

      They were Russians. Their Russian employee was also the “source” for the dossier.

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      • Carrie says:

        Thank you D. Manny. I was just wondering if the FSB (or any Russian entity) could have hired Fusion GPS and have them use our NSA database for their own nefarious reasons. Sorry if I’m explaining this so poorly.

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        • Beverly says:

          Carrie, what we’re seeing is that we American citizens have NO assurance of privacy; that foreign governments have been able to listen in on ALL of our elected “representatives” for years: Hagzilla and Obysmal, for instance, were flagrantly using unsecured communications channels, so our enemies are definitely “all up in our business.”

          And the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures? has been SHREDDED. Donald Trump was spied on illegally, unconstitutionally, by the most powerful agencies in the Federal Government — with NO probable cause, which is what the Constitution requires to go into a dope dealer’s house, for cryin’ out loud.

          The Leftwingers have trashed, slimed, and corrupted what used to be Our government. The Rule of Law is dead: see “sanctuary [for criminals!]” cities; this whole scandal, and heck, the behavior of the IRS, Obysmal’s illegal executive orders, Hagzilla’s stealing everything that wasn’t red hot and nailed down….

          It will be a labor of Hercules to clean out Washington, DC. Like Hercules, we will have to divert a river to clean the muck out of this stable!

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      • Buck says:

        I beleive it will one day come out that most of these ‘Russians’ were found in Ukraine. The types that are hostle to both Putin and Trump.

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    • Turranos says:

      It appears that there are other private companies that see this FISA info. As far as I know, they are not involved in this fiasco. When I noticed that it gave me pause as well, because it seems like more hands in the cookie jar and to me this is not a cookie jar that should have a lot of hands in it.

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      • Matthew LeBlanc says:

        Reality Winner was working for a contractor when she was busted. Country is F’d if the mass surveiling isn’t stopped. Contractors spying on Americans for the government. The founding fathers are not happy with us.

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      • joninmd22 says:

        The questions to ask is which Americans were they looking at, for what information, and who benefited?


  4. I never, EVER, saw the democrat media so panicked, unhinged, stuttering, angrily lashing out in an unprecedented way like they do right now!

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    • Chickficshun says:

      Its been a continual outrage since the election. I see no difference. Same unhinged BS 24/7.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        Chickficshun, what I see is the desperation of the democrats/leftists and sweating like crazy because they know if the truth is made transparent, they up that proverbial s**t creek and can’t think of a way to escape what they thought was a winner via traitors they paid in the FBI and CIA. Remember, truth is karma and they are truly afraid and Lord knows what they will do to themselves or others in trying to escape the punishment they truly deserve.


        • cwf60 says:

          I am sure some have a way to escape. Others on the lower end of the food chain, not so lucky. We shall see, but hoping that they finally get the big fish.


    • I need my covfefe says:

      It’s a beautiful sight.


    • joninmd22 says:

      Not since 1865 have they been this apoplectic. 😀


  5. Pam says:

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  6. Pam says:

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  7. Donna in Oregon says:

    Very clear, based upon the reactions of the government that we were going the direction of Secret Police and Stasi jackboots.

    No? Everytime I see Sleepless in Seattle the original Twin Towers always capture my attention. Because they are gone, along with the people because the FBI, the CIA and Washington DC were being politically correct.

    Had Phoenix FBI been allowed to investigate their suspicions or had the Minneapolis agents searched Moussaoui’s effects, they would have found leads to two of the 9/11 terrorists and to the Hamburg al-Qaeda cell. Or if the CIA didn’t block former FBI special agent Mark Rossini and Doug Miller, a fellow FBI agent assigned to the “Alec Station,” the cover name for CIA’s Osama bin Laden unit, from notifying bureau headquarters about the terrorists the CIA told them to back off of….

    The American people have paid dearly for the mistakes of the top echelon of the CIA/FBI and the decades of sloppy, porous VISA and border control.

    America was not in debt like we are now thanks to these idiots.

    Release the memo. Find our missing money!

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  8. navysquid says:

    I don’t know if this is already been discussed upstream, however, one reason that Adam Schiff may be fighting so hard against the memo and why it will rock people to their core is ALSO tied to pedo rings. We know AG Sessions and PDJT have been rolling up pedo rings all year long with NO media coverage (I wonder why).

    Just yesterday, the General Manager of the Standard Hotel died in a three person helicopter crash in West Hollywood, CA. Who was she? Well, the Standard Hotel has been linked to John Podesta’s emails that were released by Wikileaks. Apparently this is one of the places to go for meetings by those in the liberal media, Dems, and Hollywood A-listers. Oh, did I mention this is all in Adam Schiff’s district?? He’s been pretty adamant about not releasing this memo…

    Kind of like the only woman to die in the “controlled” plane crash a few years ago in Hawaii among 8-9 people was the woman who released Obama’s Cert of Live Birth and likely a lady who would know about the existence of a birth certificate in Hawaii’s Health Dept. You can actually see the place crash on YTube as someone filmed it. All were relatively fine as they escaped out of the plane and yet this is the only woman to die???

    Just because they feel like a conspiracy does not make them false…

    Release the Memo unredacted…

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  9. Palmetto says:

    All of the lies and gnashing of teeth by the dems and media has been only for one purpose…to give their unengaged, simpleton base an excuse to not believe anything that comes from this memo. The sad thing is that it will work. To them the ends justify the means…remember Harry Reid’s lie about Mitt Romney’s taxes??? He knew it was a lie and said it anyway.

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  10. South Col says:

    The future nature of the intelligence state is being glimpsed.
    With complete recording and archiving of every communication and web use you do from early teenage years, the Deepies who have access to and use of that data will be able to control politicians by threat. J Edgar was an amateur compared to this lot.
    And the NSA isn’t a tenth of the way into what’s possible with linked data bases, combine that with the CCTV network and number plate recognition nationwide and bingo, we’re owned.

    But a word of encouragement to Comey and Wray and Rosie and McCabe and Hillary and Barrack etc et al…….as the FBI says….”don’t worry fellas, you only have something to fear if you have something to hide.”


    • Beverly says:

      South Col, you have nailed it. Of course that includes all our postings here.

      Sorry to say it but I’m glad I’m near retirement age. At least I spent MOST of my life a free woman.


      • joninmd22 says:

        Freedom is coming soon and not what we’ve been living under for decades.


        • South Col says:

          No it’s not, the likelihood is that people who you think support PDJT do not.
          This memo is a precursor to Horowitz ….the memo has little value.
          Horowitz is where the prosecutions are, if he folds, (quite likely), it will all disappear like dust in the wind.
          Sorry for your delusional state.


          • joninmd22 says:

            Horowitz has been a dog 🐶 on a bone about this due to being sidelined by the Obama Administration.

            Draining the swamp means the federal government is weakened and the people s freedom grows.

            Sorry that you’re a battered conservative willing to surrender when the fights just starting.


  11. TomRWorcMaUSA says:

    I am so sick to death reading “about” the memo. I’m checking out until I can “read the memo”.


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