January 31st – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #377

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

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2,707 Responses to January 31st – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #377

  1. 6079 Smith W says:

    2016 popular vote re-count (NSA) & SOTU poll (MSM)

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  2. tazz2293 says:

    Check this tweet out and then read the highlighted portion.

    Director Wray needs to get out in front of this NOW!


  3. phoenixRising says:

    I was struck by the same thought when POTUS spoke last night…

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  4. tazz2293 says:

    Please Remember that Q-Anon said that there would be many false flags.
    Even Sundance has intimated this on more than one occasion.
    The closer we get to destroying the vile and treasonous scum the harder they’re gonna fight back.
    Gird your loins. put on your Big Boy Pants cause the Schitt is gonna hit the fan.

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  5. amber says:

    Due to Wray’s utter incompetence and cluelessness Nunes is now put on the defensive and has to issue a statement to defend the integrity of the memo. After viewing the memo himself and being forced to fire McCabe why would Wray believe a sing word any of those corrupt SOBs say to him much less be cornered into putting out that statement. I’m perplexed.


  6. sgtrok13 says:

    As Rem my posts aren’t posting

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  7. cjzak says:

    Fox saying memo could be released by late morning tomorrow. Charles Payne just reported it.

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  8. kinthenorthwest says:

    Did this every Wednesday on FB when he was campaigning and most Wednesdays on Twitter.
    We are blessed everyday we wake up with Trump as President.

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  9. ALEX says:

    Always worth a chuckle when an old school leftist rag admits the truth. Of course the democrats were never really ahead in the generic congressional ballot by 15 points, but this article is gold….


    It’s just one poll from one polling outlet (albeit one given an A+ rating for accuracy and sound methodology by FiveThirtyEight). But for Democrats already concerned about the love shown the president in snap polls following last night’s State of the Union address, the first 2018 national survey from Monmouth University lands like a punch in the mouth.

    Compared to its December poll, the new results (taken from interviews between January 28 and January 30) show big gains for both Trump and his party among registered voters. His December job approval rating, at 32 percent, was his lowest since taking office, according to Monmouth’s temperature readings. Now it has bounced up to 42 percent.

    Similarly, in December the GOP tax bill was notably unpopular, with 26 percent approving of it and 47 percent disapproving. Now opinions on the bill, after lots of hype about bonuses and cuts in tax withholding, are dead even at 44/44.

    Worst of all for Dems, a 15-point advantage in the generic congressional ballot in December (51/36) is now down to two points (47/45). This equals the smallest Democratic advantage in any poll since the beginning of the current election cycle

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  10. ALEX says:

    Not sure if posted…but still neat.


    A week after the Trump administration unveiled tariffs of up to 30% on imports of solar panels, one of China’s biggest manufacturers announced that it plans to open a new plant in the U.S.

    JinkoSolar said in a statement Monday that its board of directors had given the go-ahead to “finalize planning for the construction of an advanced solar manufacturing facility in the U.S.”

    The statement suggested Jinko’s decision was tied to the new tariffs, saying that the company “continues to closely monitor treatment of imports of solar cells and modules under the U.S. trade laws.”

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Comment from the article pretty much nails it in a nutshell:

      “The Democrats’ anti-unity, anti-American message was very clear last night when they chose not to stand for veterans, declining unemployment, higher wages, the defeat of ISIS, improved infrastructure, the opioid crisis, the National Anthem and God.

      Their behavior caused me to consider what they would stand for. This is what I came up with:

      – unrestricted abortions rights, -amnesty for illegal immigrants, -same-sex marriage, -transgender equality, -higher taxes, -surrender to the global economy, -appeasement of our enemies, and the -right to kneel during the National Anthem.

      These are the issues that matter to Democrats, most of whom were offended when President Trump said: “Americans are dreamers, too.” Apparently, Democrats believe the American Dream should be available only to illegal immigrants.

      One of the more disgraceful displays of the evening was when Republicans chanted “USA, USA” and Rep. Gutierrez, an American citizen born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, fled the chamber.

      Before casting their votes later this year, voters should think about the consequences to them personally and to the country if power is returned to Democrats.”

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      • Concerned Virginian says:

        I can morally guaran-damn-tee you that the DNC is already talking about how to craft the dialogue to get voters to vote Democrat in the 2018 elections. It’s the type of lying garbage that worked right here in Virginia to turn the state legislature away from a Republican majority and for Republicans to lose local races:
        Tell the lofo’s that Republicans will starve your children at school.
        Tell the lofo’s that Republicans will let you die without ObamaCare.
        Tell the lofo’s that Republicans who support President Trump are crazy like he is.
        And it didn’t help that the Republicans put up a collection of RINO’s/”moderate Republicans” to run.
        If anything, I hope to God the RNC realizes that the SOTU speech last night was ALSO making it quite clear that RINO’s/”moderate Republicans” won’t cut any ice now.

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  11. sunnydaze says:

    Been hoping someone would make a breakdown of the points Dems wouldn’t clap or stand for. Kudos to Washington Free Beacon:

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  12. sunnydaze says:

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  13. phoenixRising says:

    Human trafficking crackdown nets more than 500 arrests statewide

    A statewide human trafficking sting has resulted in the rescue of 56 people, including 11 girls, officials said Tuesday.

    The three-day sweep known as Operation Reclaim and Rebuild was part of an ongoing effort led by the Los Angeles County Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, a collection of federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies and social service and community-based organizations.

    The crackdown led to more than 500 arrests, including 30 suspected traffickers and 178 alleged johns, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said.

    “Teams from throughout California have joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to come down hard on business as usual for the pimps, exploiters and those who believe that it’s acceptable to buy another human being for sexual purposes,” McDonnell said. “The message we hope to send to the traffickers is: Don’t do business in Los Angeles County or the state of California, because we will find you and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.”


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  14. sunnydaze says:

    Feel like we’re getting closer and closer to a massive Wake Up and EX Dem voters. That SOTU last nite really showed whose side the Dems are on- and it’s CLEARLY not We the People’s!

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  15. phoenixRising says:

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    • phoenixRising says:

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      • piper567 says:

        thank you phoenix for posting this.
        I had earlier asked if someone could clarify the “enemy combatant” orders, as the President mentioned it specifically, to a certain round of applause, and I wondered at that.
        I was not sure whether Trump was changing the status of terrorists, or whether he was making it known that’s is how he considers terrorists.
        At any rate, it is clear the President is within constitutional bounds of his authority to treat these terrorists as he sees fit.
        And we know how he views them.

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        • I got the impression he was specifically addressing terrorists who attack here in the US, such as the guy who drove the truck into the people in NY, the nightclub shooting, San Bernardino, etc. Because he talked about local US courts not being appropriate. So, my guess is, he wants THEM to be considered “enemy combatants,” as well as terrorists caught overseas.

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  16. Michael says:

    Can anyone tell me if Christopher Wray had anything to do with that “FBI statement” released today? If he did then he’s a swamper without a doubt.


  17. Cow wow says:

    Boy Lou Dobbs is on fire. Someone please post his video with Gregg Jarrett.

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  18. This is good from VP!

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  19. cjzak says:

    Ok then. Seems the FBI is really putting the screws on to stop this memo from coming out. Going directly against the Pres in a jaw dropping fashion. Dobbs is on fire right now with all this. Catherine Herridge was completely baffled as to what is going to happen next or how it will be handled. The bizarre story is continuing. Stay tuned.

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    • Cow wow says:

      This got my attention in a hurry tonight.

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      • Oldschool says:

        Me too and not liking what I heard. Red flags on COS. Only a few weeks ago kelly went on sunday shows speaking about Trump’s inexperience, ability to learn and how he evolved in his thinking. Imo, that little performance was quite telling of kelly’s self importance. Now we hear kelly is meeting with fbi guys to “negotiate” what’s in the memo?? Excuse me, congress put this together as part of their oversight responsibilities of the FBI , nunes authored it, POTUS needs to approve it’s release. Nowhere does the policy and process call for the party being investigated negotiating with the COS. Principles here are congress/Potus. Disgusting and disgusted.

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        • I watched the brief interview between Kilmeade and Kelly and noticed when they were talking about who was reviewing the memo, Kelly said “they work for me……for the President.” Certainly caught MY attention! I do not want to believe this of Kelly. I will reserve judgement for now.


  20. sgtrok13 says:

    I kiss my boys on the lips.
    Till the day my Father died I did the same, or on the cheek, but I always kissed him. They are the only males I show that much love for.

    I see that Hollywood has a problem with Tom Brady kissing his son on the lips. Here’s why in my opinion and it makes sense:

    Hollywood and the media in general see this because he represents family and love and fatherhood.
    Hollywood and the media are all perverts ( well most in my opinion) and that’s all they know and see in themselves. They are removed from normality
    Take the “me too” movement…
    Hollywood women believe all men are like Hollywood men. Predators..sex abusers…molesters
    So they pervert what is pure and what doesn’t represent them
    Take for instance how broken the homes they come from are. They never had that. Take how morally bankrupt many of them are. They know they are deviants so they project it on others.
    Look how they went after Tim Tebow…
    He represented faith, religion, and purity

    Many in the media and Hollywood view God as vile. They blame God for abandoning them. For not giving them a home and loving family.

    That’s why they are ok with not standing for the flag, hating their country, calling good people deplorables.

    It’s not that they hate us but they hate themselves. They mutilate their bodies, screw up their looks, treat themselves like absolute garbage and attack decent people that believe in family values.

    They call us bitter clingers holding on to God and Guns. They attack our history and heritage to justify their actions. Pull down statues and desecrate monuments. Force people to bake cakes against their belief.

    God Bless Tom Brady. I’m not a Patriots fan but I am a fan of what he represents. Love, Championships, dedication, commitment. He’s a role model. He’s no Thug. He loves his family and his son.

    Bad people with corrupted souls attack that and us.

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  21. sgtrok13 says:

    Garbage Truck
    The preferred vehicle of Jihadists that want to take out its targets.
    It is also heavy duty and probably a preferred vehicle against a train.
    Could cause mass casualties. Not a Volvo or a Prius.
    Train full of Republicans. Imagine if there were heavy fatalities the day after the SOTU and the release of the Obama surveillance memo.
    Prior to the deadline of DACA or an impending revision or vote. Possible deterrent to Nuclear option?
    Everyone knew where they were going and when. Someone here yesterday posted about the bunker tours.
    Almost a year to the day of the Scalise shooting and potential massacre.

    Folks I’m not only a retired Veteran but an active Police officer with over 20 years of experience.

    If I was the President I would be unleashing all of my resources on this and I am sure he is. No doubt.

    Maybe just maybe this is an accident but I’m with suspicious cat on this. This was no accident and my gut feelings and attentiveness to red flags is pretty sharp.

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  22. Blue Moon says:

    Can someone tell me where John McCain is? I know they say he is in rehab but when was the last time there was an update on him?

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  23. sunnydaze says:

    Article on the Wollman Rink in NYC. Built ahead of time and at a lower price. (no idea why it says it’s about FB)



  24. phoenixRising says:

    body language from SOTU

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  25. Somehow I did a double post. Delete one mods!


  26. Never mind I just found out it’s GIF!


  27. phoenixRising says:

    he’s wearing a purple tie…
    wonder if he’s wearing an ankle bracelet?


  28. Nchadwick says:

    Former Schwarzenegger advisor arrested in statewide human trafficking operation


    A man who once advised former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of four alleged “johns” arrested by police in Citrus Heights, Calif., as part of a statewide human trafficking crackdown.

    Daniel Pellisier was arrested by the Citrus Heights Police Department, in Sacramento County, as part of Operation Reclaim and Rebuild, a three-day sweep led by the Los Angeles County Regional Human Trafficking Task Force. The crackdown led to more than 500 arrests, including 30 suspected traffickers and 178 alleged “johns.”

    Pellisier, 57, served as deputy secretary for energy and environment, where he advised Schwarzenegger and oversaw California’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection agencies, according to a biography on UC Berkeley’s Institute of Government Studies. He later became president of an advocacy group called California Pension Reform.

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  29. AmericaFirst says:

    Reading CTH for the last few years, as well as other conservative blogs, I often run into CA residents who are very unhappy with being unrepresented, those who are planning to move as soon as possible, those who have already left, and those who just want help in saving the state. Does anyone think this guy has a chance to be elected Secretary of State?

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  30. Minnie says:

    Thank you, Sundance 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

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  31. patrickhenrycensored says:

    From Planut Nancy
    #DREAMers are Americans too. #SOTU
    — Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) January 31, 2018

    Fact check: DACA illegal aliens do not have American citizenship and will become deportable after March 5, 2018, when Obama’s DACA program will officially end.

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  32. tazz2293 says:

    It is quite fascinating that with all the noise we are surrounding ourselves in that President Trump Keeps on Trumpin’ and his Team Keeps on the MAGA Train

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  33. CNN at the bottom! Fox wins!

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    • Chickficshun says:

      Whats interesting about this….CBS poll had 75% approving of the SOTU address. On CBS no less. Not exactly known for conservative viewers.


  34. Eks Mann says:


  35. GoldenReT says:

    Thanks to you Sundance, and to all who read and comment here. Amazing site. Am cheering for all White Hats from up here in Canada.

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  36. SharonKinDC says:

    Q has been active. The most recent post is below: Jan 31 2018 23:42:36
    ID: c3f516
    Effective yesterday, while standing under the statue of FREEDOM, POTUS FREED those ‘good’ people who are currently being blackmailed, threatened and enslaved.
    Those who stood chanting “USA” were FREED.
    The shot heard around the world.

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  37. ltravisjr says:

    I was just reading this Reuters article: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-memo/fbi-expresses-grave-concerns-over-republican-memos-accuracy-idUSKBN1FK25P
    I noticed this paragraph:
    “Four sources familiar with the memo told Reuters it accused the FBI and Justice Department of misleading a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge in seeking an extension in March 2017 of a warrant for a secret eavesdropping operation against Carter Page, an adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign.“

    What I wonder is how are these sources familiar with the memo able to say this? The information is nothing new and pretty basic but isn’t the memo highly classified? All Nunes himself could say was that it had nothing to do with Russia, right? And who would these four sources be? Obviously they are not firsthand witnesses of the memo but I still wonder.


  38. Hmmm says:

    In my opinion all of the efforts to dispute the memo are really rather helpful. They have really built up the memo into a can’t miss event. To be honest I see the memo as a double rather than a homerun to use the Sundance metaphor. The real results should come later but the memo is too easy to label as partisan. The OIG report will not have that problem and should be the real heavy hitter. So all the effort to discredit the memo only increases the number of people who will read it. Since it isn’t the end of the process but rather the beginning then who cares if they attempt to discredit it.

    Just think of all the discussions and questions the memo creates that didn’t exist outside of a tiny sphere of Trump supporters. First, if I’m not mistaken, this will be the first official confirmation of a FISA warrant against Trump campaign members. This begs the question of what level of intelligence warrants surveillance of a political campaign and puts the burden on the FBI to prove that they reached it. Second, the complaint that an incomplete narrative can be formed using only selected bits of released information is absolutely hilarious considering the entire Russia investigation has been based on this. The obvious difference is this time the release has been done legally. Finally, if they want to base their defense on the idea that there are other classified documents that exonerate them then it plays right into the hands of Nunes and Grassley who have repeatedly called for full transparency. It should become increasingly obvious to all but the most brainwashed libs that the entire Russia investigation was based on the premise that the FBI would only investigate something if there were serious concerns and when that premise is shattered then the entire thing falls apart. The memo is just step one.

    As much as I want to read it, I really hope they do send it back for a re vote to satisfy the claims of material changes. Let’s build the hype some more. Plus it’s nice to have an instant front page maker available to drop at the timing of Trump’s choice.


  39. Donzo says:

    Did anyone see that ridiculous reporting by Shannon Bream with a former deputy FBI sleazeball at the top of her hour? Man, did she get used.


  40. Donzo says:

    “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
    Of cabbages–and kings–
    And why the sea is boiling hot–
    And whether pigs have wings.


  41. Troublemaker10 says:

    GOP case: FBI probe based on tainted evidence linked to Clinton



    The Steele dossier, the PI report and the news story “all seem like independent corroborating evidence” but Republicans now believe they were “the fruits of a single politically poisoned tree planted by Clinton partisans,” said a source familiar with concerns that are raised in the House Republican Intelligence panel memo.

    “Rather than quality double-sourced intelligence, it is our conclusion it was nothing more than thinly veiled, single-sourced political opposition research masquerading as intel,” the source said.


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