Saudi Corruption Purge Captures $106 Billion During Asset Forfeiture – Qatar Delegation Arrives in DC….

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) initiated a massive anti-corruption operation last year.  Today, just as a Qatari delegation arrives in DC and concedes to the terms of the alliance, Reuters is reporting the resulting Saudi asset seizures total more than $106 billion.

RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s government has arranged to seize more than $100 billion through financial settlements with businessmen and officials detained in its crackdown on corruption, the attorney general said on Tuesday.

The announcement appeared to represent a political victory for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who launched the purge last November and predicted at the time that it would net about $100 billion in settlements.

Dozens of top officials and businessmen were detained in the crackdown, many of them confined and interrogated at Riyadh’s opulent Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Well over 100 detainees are believed to have been released.

Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, owner of global investor Kingdom Holding, and Waleed al-Ibrahim, who controls influential regional broadcaster MBC, were freed last weekend.

“The estimated value of settlements currently stands at more than 400 billion riyals ($106 billion) represented in various types of assets, including real estate, commercial entities, securities, cash and other assets,” Sheikh Saud Al Mojeb said in a statement.

[…] Some detainees are believed to have been moved from the hotel to prison after refusing to admit wrongdoing and reach financial settlements; they may stand trial.

[…]  Prince Mohammed appears to have won widespread approval for the purge among ordinary Saudis, partly because the government has said it will use some of the money it seizes to fund social benefits.

“What has happened is great, it will be counted as a win for the government. Whoever the person is, he is being held accountable, whether a royal or a citizen,” said Abdullah al-Otaibi, drinking at a Riyadh coffee shop on Tuesday.

An international financier visiting the region said authorities’ tough approach might ultimately prove effective.  (read more)

In related regional news, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hosted a delegation from Qatar to Washington DC.


Rex Tillerson: […] “The United States and Qatar will be signing three documents today outlining our cooperation in the important bilateral and regional areas mentioned, including three at this ceremony.

•The first is a memorandum of understanding that establishes the convention for this U.S.-Qatar Strategic Dialogue on an annual basis going forward, so that we can continue to build on the close partnership between our two countries.

•The second document is a joint declaration outlining the United States cooperation with Qatar on matters of shared regional and security interests.

•The third document is a memorandum of understanding that creates a framework for the cooperation between the United States and Qatar to combat human trafficking.

I look forward to the outcomes of today’s inaugural U.S.-Qatar Strategic Dialogue and our continued collaboration over the years to come. And with that, I’d welcome remarks from Foreign Minister al-Thani.  (read more)

Important Watch:


What does this mean?  Qatar has conceded to terms:

ie.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been brought to heel.


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205 Responses to Saudi Corruption Purge Captures $106 Billion During Asset Forfeiture – Qatar Delegation Arrives in DC….

  1. Caius Lowell says:

    Obama love Qatar long time — remember the Qatar prince, al Thani, who got caught using Beverly Hills as his own personal go-cart track?

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  2. FL_GUY says:

    Wow, a preview of what is going to happen to the DC Swamp Critters. HilLIARy piggy bank going DOWN!

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  3. mazziflol says:

    Funny how there is all these billions of dollars to fund corruption, but never 25 billion to build a wall….

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    • Ozwitch says:

      It will come courtesy of the asset forfeiture of HRC etc.

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      • prettyplease says:

        Look at it this way, if BHO stole a billion dollars a year from the $1T “disbursements” that was Bush 43’s legacy, as a result of the continuing resolution, he’s worth $8B now. I always did think that Michelle’s little junkets to Europe were about more than shopping, especially her chummy visits with Queen Letizia. What better mule to carry assets out of the country than her.
        So, let’s turn them both upside down and shake out their pockets when the time comes. Speaking of which, why do we natter on about him going to jail, but seldom is there a mention of her incarceration? She’s guilty as sin.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Exactly, mazzi.

      I’m thinking a little “asset forfeiture” here in the good Ole U S of A could kick a big chunk of funding into the kitty. Then use it to build the wall instead of supporting hug-a-thug social causes like the previous Occupant.

      After all, it wouldn’t be appropriated funds so I don’t think Congress would have a say. Anyone?

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    • vfm#7634 says:

      Maybe Qatar will pay for the Wall

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    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      $50B per year reportedly funds black ops alone!

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    • MBS might just “float” the Border-Security $25 Billion:
      • Fund it from S.A.’s $106 Billion Corruption Haul
      • Provide it to Homeland Security
      • Make it a Mnuchin-designed “Border Security Bond” at a 10% Interest Rate
      • … until Congress funds repayment of the Bond.

      Budgeting and Appropriating the full $25 Billion would save $2.5 Billion annually!

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  4. Ziiggii says:

    The third document is a memorandum of understanding that creates a framework for the cooperation between the United States and Qatar to combat human trafficking.

    this is one area I really look forward to seeing the sunlight penetrate and I know it is coming…

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  5. winky says:

    It was reported that HRC transferred several billions from Clinton Foundation to Quatar right before she lost the election.

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  6. sejmon says:

    …so…there will no escape Deep state actors hrc,bho include MB ,cair to Qatar ..what a move….

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  7. average Joe says:

    Didn’t hil (liar)y ,have some cash ,parked in Qatar $? $???

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  8. dizzymissl says:

    “Whoever the person is, he is being held accountable, whether a royal or a citizen,” said Abdullah al-Otaibi, drinking at a Riyadh coffee shop on Tuesday.

    “Whoever the person is, he is being held accountable, whether a FBI swamp dweller or a citizen,” said POTUS drinking a Diet Coke on Tuesday.

    #MAGA 🙂

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  9. Alison says:

    Sundance if you’ve got any more good news up your sleeve, please keep it to yourself. I cannot take all this WINNING 😍😍😍

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  10. bosscook says:

    Trump, sir, you are a magnificent dude! Very smart to “follow the money”. All roads lead to Clinton and her minions.

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  11. kea says:

    That’s just wow….

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  12. TwoLaine says:

    They all have billions, let them fund their own stinkin’ wars. It’s all just a way for a big bunch of rich bad hombres from the swamp to get richer. Make war, make money off war, and the American got dragged into it every time.


    I hope Johnny Songbird and his little friends go down in this one too. 🙂

    Now we are also energy independent. A long-time promise, from Presidents of my childhood and on, finally kept. Thank You President TRUMP! We may all also see energy prices go down due to the tax cuts. Some already are.

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  13. joshua says:

    what ever happened to the theory that the Las Vegas shooter was an assassination attempt on the SA prince and that the gun guy was a set up gun running sale by the CIA…and that the FBI rescued the SA prince and got him away from the scene?

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    • Running Fast says:

      Still around….

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    • Reforger says:

      This guy?

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      • Sandra-VA says:

        That is not a Saudi prince. He was being escorted through the premises… but definitely not the prince.

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        • scott467 says:

          WHY was ‘that guy’ being escorted by SWAT?

          I mean sure, that happens to me all the time, I can hardly go outside without a SWAT team deploying from a black helicopter and escorting me to the grocery or wherever else I might want to go, but I thought that was just me…

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        • Reforger says:

          Metro (who advertises jobs on Casino signs) says they don’t know but think he may have been a key carrier for The Tropicana. I doubt The Tropicana would let anyone show up to work in shorts, a tee-shirt and crocks. I would believe the guy on his left is a key guy but not the shorts guy with the radio and the small bag. So who is he?

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          • scott467 says:

            “I would believe the guy on his left is a key guy but not the shorts guy with the radio and the small bag. So who is he?”



            You have the largest gun-related massacre in American history going on just down the street, but these guys (SWAT) are too busy to deal with that. They have to escort some Bluto-looking ‘VIP’ through the Tropicana…

            As Americans are being murdered outside…

            Lardass gets a police escort.


          • scott467 says:

            And another thing.

            I just noticed for the first time, because my attention is usually drawn to the gun-toting yahoos or their protectee.

            PEOPLE are standing there in the casino, with their hands UP in the AIR, as the SWAT team (or whoever they really are) walk by, pointing their FULLY automatic weapons at the FACES of American citizens.

            Thanks, Nazis.

            Next time, wear your jackboots, you sick thugs.


            • wheatietoo says:

              It’s possible that this video is of a Drill.

              Several Las Vegas officials mentioned “the Drills” that took place in the week before the Massacre.
              Even doctors at the hospitals mentioned how those drills helped them in handling the rush of shooting victims.

              Look at how the people in the video acted like they knew what was going on, and raised their hands ‘on cue’.

              There would be no reason to parade a Saudi Prince through the floor of a casino like that.
              There are back door exits for VIPs.


  14. The look on Paul Ryan’s face as he walks through No Such Agency is priceless.

    Put your hands on the ball Mr. Speaker and see if it determines your future.

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  15. tgmccoy says:

    One thing -how much of this money went to green groups to protest pipelines, fracking etc.
    bet the WWF and Sierra Club are feeling the pinch..

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  16. Landslide says:

    How magnificent!! If the Muslim Brotherhood has been brought to heel and ISIS is significantly diminished, well I’d say Stephen Miller better tweak that speech to include more success!!

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    • MVW says:

      Until the muslim brotherhood is burned, ashes scattered, the muslim books mulched, salted, put in a blender and burned… ‘brought to heel’ is truly meaningless…


  17. Muthaucker says:

    Saudis are straight gangster…

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  18. bluegirl says:

    Damn what a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  19. Paragon says:

    The Saudis are also planning to float part of Saudi Aramco. This type of action gives potential institutional investors that their money will be treated according to international standards and with the full legal backing in American courts. Not a small point to consider.

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  20. FL_GUY says:

    I’ve been thinking about it and what if the Saudi Corruption Round Up was a test run for what needs to be done in the USA? After all, there are those thousands of sealed indictments.

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  21. Gil says:

    Uh well uh. (whimpering) Muh friends, muh legacy! 🤣

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  22. ForGodandCountry says:

    100% guaranteed this is related to the EO of 12/21/27

    Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

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  23. kinthenorthwest says:

    I can’t help but wonder how much of this money was/is still being filtered to Obama, Hillary & other people in the Obama regime.

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    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      Hadn’t read this. Knew some of it but not all. Fantastic – thanks! Bookmarking that one!

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    • georgiafl says:

      I think it’s highly more likely Al Waleed (and possibly some decadent anti-Trump friends) were ensconced in the Four Seasons upper floors and their plan to do some sport shooting of Trump supporters, with Paddock (maybe assisted by the hotel security guard) as his set-up guy, on hand to load the guns, do the clean up, etc.

      Bin Salman doesn’t seem the type be interested in bringing a group to Al Waleed’s hotel in Vegas to gamble, see the shows, etc. He’s more of a reformer type.


  24. chojun says:

    If MBS expected $100 B in settlements, and netted $106 B, then it’s fair to say that the corruption probe achieved nearly 100% of its objectives.

    In other news, the DNC is running out of money:

    From the article:

    [DNC CEO] O’Connell’s departure comes just months after the DNC fired finance director Emily Mellencamp Smith following a horrendous run of poor fundraising in 2017, resulting in the lowest donations to the DNC in a non-election year since 2007.

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  25. South Col says:

    Oh dear. Anti corruption purge in Saudi?
    Hee, hee…..that’s truly funny.
    What you mean is “neutering political threats”.

    There isn’t single non corrupted uninfluenced money decision made in Saudi in any given decade.

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  26. WSB says:

    The best comment the end of Sundance’s link:

    “An international financier visiting the region said authorities’ tough approach might ultimately prove effective.

    “There are many different ways to fight corruption and not all of them are effective. Ukraine tried to do it by creating institutions, but that hasn’t really worked as that approach doesn’t change behavior,” he said.

    “Saudi’s approach stands a better chance of being effective as it’s more direct.”


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  27. Mayo says:

    The President is forging alliances with World powers who are willing to shake off the shackles of the NWO. MAGA Mr. President!

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    • kallibella says:

      Maybe I’m seeing things, but I think I saw a tail-between-the-legs sort of attitude from the two Qataris….
      I don’t think they had conceived what real leadership is really all about if they gauged it from their experience with the past administration!

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  28. Neural says:

    Good news, but didn’t they just release the prince they had arrested 2 months ago?


  29. Mark says:

    So the Clinton Foundation will be paying for The Wall? Irony……

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  30. MIKE says:

    $400 billion Riyals? I’ll wager $500 billion Quatloos that our AG has been shoring up civil assets forfeitures, and a distinctly worded EO released on the winter solstice, were done so for similar reasons!

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  31. fleporeblog says:

    What an enjoyable press conference to watch! I got this sense that our two incredible men made these fools sign an agreement that they weren’t anxious to sign. Our men with the support of our Lion 🦁 and Secretary Mnuchin took the Government of Qatar 🇶🇦 out to the woodshed. In the past the corrupt administration and their folks reaped the benefits of this relationship. Now a bilateral agreement was signed which will allow Americans to take advantage of the situation. Qatar 🇶🇦 is going to build a state of the art Air Force base for not only our men and women in uniform but for their spouses and children.

    If you want to sleep well at night, these are the prices you have to pay 💰! South Korea 🇰🇷 hopefully was paying close attention because they are on the clock! America First!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      From the article linked above:

      WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States and Qatar have reached a deal to resolve a years-old quarrel over alleged airline subsidies, as Qatar’s government works to defuse tensions with the Trump administration.

      The agreement will see state-owned Qatar Airways agree voluntarily to open up its accounting books, the individuals said. U.S. airlines say the company receives billions of dollars in government payments that leave them at a competitive disadvantage. Qatar will also make a loose commitment that the flag carrier won’t launch flights to the United States from Europe or other non-Qatari cities, creating yet more competition for the U.S. airlines.

      The individuals briefed on the agreement demanded anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss it ahead of a formal announcement.

      The U.S. airline industry can claim the increased transparency will create a powerful disincentive to unfair subsidies, as Qatar will no longer be able to mask such payments through creative accounting. The three major U.S. carriers — Delta Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines — have spent huge sums over the last three years pressing the Obama administration and Trump administration for tough action. They’re eager to show a win.

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  32. DaKardii says:

    We shouldn’t even be talking to the Qataris. They’re puppets of the Erdogan regime in Turkey. Until the Qatari monarchy renounces ties to Erdogan, its words and signed documents are meaningless.


  33. Thomas Wictor has been writing a lot of really great stuff on this topic and his predictions seem to be coming to pass. He’s amazing!

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  34. KBR says:

    Some of the $$$ coming in needs to bring down the debt.

    When we were younger, we said every time we got a raise, a bonus, or a windfall a % HAD to go toward paying off debts, above regular payments. (Sometimes we put the whole amount on it.)

    It takes dedication and time. But it got done.

    The USA government needs to do the same. Don’t add to debt, and pay a % of every incoming $ toward debt payoff over and above the regular amount.

    Every dollar every day every time.

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  35. 🍺Gunny says:

    A Rant….I know…wrong thread…wrong place…oh well….here I go..

    Look at intelligent individuals. Look at their eyes. Look at the people you know…know the predators. Look at the people’s eyes who are leeches…the eyes of those who lie. The Saudi’s, their country, their people, have been pigeonholed, relegated to a box, as the liberals caged in the Blacks in America. The Black people in this country are some of the greatest people I have ever met….

    On this site, we occasionally do the same thing. If we say something against Jeff Sessions, “Oh my”, then we are put into a corner by the posters.. It is 15D underwater strategy, but no one can state objectively what he has done…What has he done in over a year?……..Nothing…..”Now I am against the President”…because I do not support something that has not been supported….Geeze.. I and others have said we will eat ‘Crow”…when we see his accomplishments…so far… I am eating nothing..

    You…can say…it is all planned out…how do you know? This is the best site and forum of anyplace on the planet….. but as a few examples: I ask Sundance to send out a reminder to everyone of the etiquette on the site..that everyone should read the entire threads prior to questioning inputs…because…many do not read the entire thread before commenting…then they ask “same questions” that were answered at the beginning of the thread….then I get feedback…well we “do not have the time” to read the entire thread…OK…then I repeat a post…then I get…”Well how / why are you repeating your comment”…no win…

    Then many say….Rush…all he does is repeat Sundance’s research and articles…everyone complaining..then Bongino repeating Sundance’s research. …even Sundance stated a few weeks ago of his plagiarism of his articles…then I call Bongino out….oh but…I cannot do this because it will reveal Sundance’s identity., and cause the MSM to destroy him.. excuse me…ban me….go ahead…ban me….I have fought for and defended Sundance and this country….I say what I believe and do not care about the political crap that most people shovel.. In my opinion their are a lot of new posters here…and that is good…but it is not the same as it once was….”comfortable”…but that is life…it comes with progress…we / I welcome new blood..

    Ya know what…Howie was the best on this site…he was so much fun…and Bluto…cracked me up….those guys were just the life blood of our comments…where are they now? Does anyone really wonder why they do not post any more? If I am wrong they can tell me and I will apologize, but every time Howie made a post, because he doubted Sessions…or anything else, even not Sessions, everyone belittled him….even when he did not belittle Sessions…he was slammed..

    Ya know….except for the trolls…you all are the best on the internet….but success has gone to many of your heads….and …it is not your success…it is the success of our President..and too many are are so prideful…that they think that the success is ….theirs. and actually it is ..never mind…
    I am a man….I have fought for this country and had my Marines die…in my arms…
    The pettiness is …..Ban me…don’t need this…’
    God Bless our Country and Donald J. Trump and his family….
    Semper Fi

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      Not sure who has upset you, but don’t let them!

      Stick around, it is not “groupthink” here, despite those who try to make it so. Just learn to scroll past comments that annoy you. My scroll wheel gets a lot of work when I read here 😉

      Howie will be back. He seems to need to take breaks every so often, of his own accord – not because he gets driven off. He always comes back and we LOVE Howie!

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    • scott467 says:

      “Ya know….except for the trolls…you all are the best on the internet….but success has gone to many of your heads….and …it is not your success…it is the success of our President..and too many are are so prideful…that they think that the success is ….theirs. and actually it is ..never mind…”


      One of my concerns is that some appear to think the ‘storm’ is already over, when the president STILL hasn’t thrown the lit Zippo in the gas-filled trench yet.

      The WAR is ongoing, the great evil that has hung over our land for at least a generation is still fighting against the Constitution, against the president, against the Republic itself, and NOT A SINGLE CRIMINAL HAS BEEN PERP-WALKED.

      Not a single member of the globalist, treason-cabal has been arrested or charged.

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    • Howard cosell says:

      Wow! That was the best of the best.


    • KBR says:

      Gunny, God bless! I agree with you and hope you stay!

      I keep hanging in here, but I also miss the same people you mention. And others as well.
      Not necessarily because I agree with their every word, but because I see them as valuable contributers. And lots of fun!

      Okay, I too am off topic. Oh but BTW, Gunny & I are not part of any clique. Just two individuals who agree on this: stop the quarreling.

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    • Old Lady says:

      The deal is, why would we want to listen to you say anything against Sessions (or any of President Trump’s team) when we put our trust in PT? Most of us just don’t want to hear you endlessly beat his team up. We prefer you respect his choices as many of us do.

      YOU said it best: “it is the success of our President…”


    • Oldschool says:

      You are one of the best here gunny. Your patriotism and spirit are the fabric our Republic was founded on and sustained with. I share your observations and understand your anger. I share that also. I miss Howie terribly. His humor and pics often got me through some down days. Folks were brutal with Howie, personally attacking him, something he never did to anyone here. I miss others too and I also noticing some of our really insightful posters are posting a lot less these days. But I also notice some of the nasty ones are gone too, so I am glad about that. Have a beer, my treat. We have a big night ahead. In the morning, let’s send out a search party to bimini. Howie showed me pics of his hangout there.

      Hang in there gunny, you are very respected and valued here. 💗💗💗


    • fabrabbit says:

      Yes, if we really all have the same ultimate objective, civility and understanding toward each other is critical. No hard liners here, please.


    • kroesus says:

      never denigrated anyone for accusing Sessions just added my support to PDJT to the man as he could be fired at any TIME by POTUS and indicated that support was an indicator but how so hypocritical of you as you just ad hominem attacked me for pointing out PDJT’s inconsistencies on immigration which BTW he again just reiterated again tonight……either he is for rule of law and an America First policy on immigration or he is for appeasement and “compromise” with the dastardly Dimms….so far the last option seems to hold more sway


  36. 4beagles says:

    I miss Howie, hope you keep posting…..oooOOOORRRAAAAHHHH

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  37. waltherppk says:

    Ryan is thinking intently “Why are all these guys looking at my neck?”

    Others are all thinking “You have such a pretty neck.”

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  38. scott467 says:

    “Dozens of top officials and businessmen were detained in the crackdown, many of them confined and interrogated at Riyadh’s opulent Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Well over 100 detainees are believed to have been released.”


    WHY have they been released?!?

    Why was prince bin-Talal the Weed released?

    They got a slap on the wrist, and paid a fine they will never miss. A multi-billionaire who pays a few billion dollars in fines is STILL a billionaire.

    A billion is a THOUSAND million.

    So much for fabled ‘Saudi justice’. Apparently the double-standard is strong in Arabia. Speak out against the crown and off comes your head. But get caught in human-trafficking and every kind of corruption imaginable, and it’s a few weeks at the Ritz-Carlton, pay a fine, and back to business.

    Color me not impressed.

    At all.

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    • scott467 says:

      edit / correction: “[If the average citizen] merely speaks out against the crown then off comes your head. But [when ‘princes’ and the well-connected] get caught in human-trafficking and every kind of corruption imaginable, it’s a few weeks at the Ritz-Carlton, pay a fine, and back to business.”

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    • L. Gee says:

      This was my question, too. Why release them after extracting a few pennies from them?

      And this is why I don’t think merely imprisoning U.S. fed criminals will work either. What happens when the next Dem president (or even the next stupid, sympathetic Repub president) gets into office? I’ll tell you what happens: They throw the doors open and let all these people go!!

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      • scott467 says:


        That’s why traitors are executed, not exiled (like Napoleon, how well did that work?) or imprisoned.

        Execution SOLVES the problem, now AND in the future.

        People figured that out in Adam’s time.

        If it ain’t broke, DON’T fix it!


      • Eilert says:

        First this prince bin-Talal the Weed was not released, accept to the US. This is kabuki to have the bad actors feel save.
        Secondly some low level traitors are being released to rat out their handlers. The route to the Bahamas and Marshall Islands was already closed, because of this.


  39. LibertyONE says:

    NOW the simple question(s) ! The names of those involved 2) The banks involved 3) the SOURCE of the funds 4) FULL disclosure of the aforementioned etc. etc..

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  40. History Teaches says:

    This is very significant for the world stage.

    A sign and warning that ‘business as usual’ via the corrupt and decadent globalist cabal will not proceed so easily and without consequences.

    Coming from the Mideast, where corruption was assumed to just be endemic and taken for granted makes this even more monumental. A preview of coming attractions and a concrete example of deeds, rather than empty rhetoric.

    Ultimately the noose will tighten around Soros, the Clinton Foundation, China and dozens more who have had their way unchecked and unexamined.

    Besides MAGA the President is actively cleaning up the rest of the world via his persuasive powers and shrewd negotiating skills. . All with one hand tied behind his back and before breakfast!

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    • scott467 says:

      One man leading America can set a positive example for the whole world, and embolden those who want to stand up for freedom and to put an end to systemic / institutionalized corruption.

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  41. dez91 says:

    Dirty Qutbist > Brookings Doha Center ,anti American, enemy.

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  42. georgiafl says:

    What time is the SOTU tonight?

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  43. trapper says:

    Sounds like terms of surrender to me.

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  44. Peter Rabbit says:

    Qatar is tiny paper tiger. Saudis could take it over in 30 minutes with 6 commandos in a pickup truck driving over the border. Al Thanis are stupid to back Muslim Brotherhood, when MB would cut the throats of Qatar Royal Family at the first opportunity.

    US has large base in Doha so Iran presents no threat to Qatar. US would not lift a finger to stop any Saudi aggression.

    Coziness with Qatar and Iran is puzzling, since Iranians are Shiites and vast majority of Qatar and all the Royals are Sunni.

    Al Jazerra HQ in Doha and owned by Royals. Liberal Brookings Institute has office in Doha, entirely funded by the Royals.

    Power behind the throne and the young Emir is his mother, second and Main wife of former Emir. Young Emir in Qatar is no match for smart and powerful MBS in Saudi. Father of current Emir took over from his father in mid 1990s, in a bloodless coup while father was in London. This strongly encouraged by his second and Main Wife. In recent years she has been pushing hard for modernization of country and economic diversification. Branches of Colgate, Northwestern and Texas A&M in Doha. She is powerful, smart and highly regarded.

    Qatar is much more progressive country than Saudi, but substantially less than Dubai and UAE. Country could not function without nearly 3 million foreign workers, who run all the businesses with Qataris as titular head of companies. Royals effectively control everything.

    World Cup Soccer in 2022 in Doha will be historic clash of cultures as global rowdies/barbarians descend on very conservative Muslim country which has very controlled alcohol. Summer temps 120 to 130 degrees, no breeze unless it is a sandstorm.

    Doha way over built with office buildings and luxury apartments, which Muslim Qataris will not live in and vast majority of foreign workers cannot afford.

    Food very good and foreigners very engaging. Vast majority of Syrians in Qatar, predominantly Muslim, love Bashar Assad, pointing to his protection of Jews and Christians (lots of Catholics) in Syria. Lovely people, the Syrians.

    Qatar, unlike Saudi Arabia, has thriving
    community of Catholics (mostly Lebanese workers and families) and Greek Orthodox, both of which have sizable churches close to each other. No Jews in Qatar.

    Highly restrictive contracts with foreign workers and local sponsors, makes them effectively high paid slaves in many cases, including limits on traveling outside Qatar. No income tax and $1 a gallon gas an attraction for a few to many years. Some companies controlled by Royals often hold wages for a few months, even though they have funds to pay workers. This is explained as the Qatari way.

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  45. 5warveteran says:

    How much did that WALL cost?

    Liked by 2 people

  46. pmdea says:

    This was a surprise but great news – so much happening so quickly.

    “The Coziness with Qatar and Iran is puzzling, since Iranians are Shiites and vast majority of Qatar and all the Royals are Sunni.”

    MB (had a haven in Qatar – Sunni) and Hezbollah/Iran (Shia), both these fund Hamas – It’s all about the Temple Mount/Jerusalem and Anti-Semitism – common cause.
    Many MB fled Egypt after Morsi imprisoned and went to Turkey. MB main cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi went to Qatar.
    Erdogan (Sufi/Sunni) will become a terrible problem in the years ahead. Sufi Islam while Sunni is the link that brings Sunni and Shia together, hence we see Turkey and Iran becoming more friendly, although at present some conflict of power grab. Erdogan’s plans for a new Neo Ottoman Empire to come into being about 2023/2024. Lets see how that works out for him.
    Interesting to watch so much unfolding.
    God has called PDJT for this time in history.

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