On Deck Circle – House Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte Sends Preservation Notice To FBI Director Wray…

Batting Order: Chairman Nunes (aggregate IC focus) got a leadoff single by strategically presenting the classified documents in a 4-pg summary form.  Next up came Chairman Chuck Grassley (FBI focus).  As Grassley questioned the FBI, Nunes stole second with release of the House Intel memo.  Grassley remains at the plate comfortably ahead in the count; while Chairman Goodlatte (Justice oversight) is on on deck circle sending signals:

Washington, D.C. — House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) released the statement below regarding reports indicating that Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will step down from his position.  Additionally, Chairman Goodlatte today sent a letter urging FBI Director Christopher Wray to preserve Mr. McCabe’s emails, and all other communications, before his official departure from the agency:

(pdf linkJudiciary Press Release Link)

♦No-one out. ♦Nunes on second. ♦Grassley at the plate (count 3-0), ♦Goodlatte in the on deck circle and ♦Horowitz chomping Bazooka Joe ‘in the hole’ (steps to dugout).

Grassley is cleared to swing big timber.


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417 Responses to On Deck Circle – House Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte Sends Preservation Notice To FBI Director Wray…

  1. albrevin says:

    I’ll bet this little ‘offsite’ group was behind much of the early resistance bs….. antifa, Kathy Griffen, CNN going 24 hour bath!t. The found plenty of willing dupes as well as co-players out and about to channel their outrage through.

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  2. Critical sentence:
    “You are now faced with naming someone to serve as your Deputy.”

    We intend to make damned sure that NO successor Deputy had ANY knowledge of or involvement in McCabe’s wrongdoing, had any working relationship with McCabe yet were too dimwitted to recognize and report his corruption, or was involved in anything else that has a whiff of corruption – especially any appointee under the Obama Administration that WEAPONIZED the FBI.

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  3. omyword says:

    It is a crying shame and DISGRACE unto GOD! That a letter has to be sent to do this! This fish is rotten, the head is rotten, the DOJ is putrid and vile, the whole kit and kaboddle is a disgrace and should be bulldozed immediately if not sooner. For a congressman to have to tell the HEAD OF THE FBI to do his job and EXPLAIN it to him is beyond the pale of imagination. This is worse than disgraceful, its appalling! I am 3,000 miles past disgusted!!

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  4. Rondo says:

    Pretty funny

    Nancy Pelosi Blasts Release of FISA Memo “That Isn’t Even True” But She Hasn’t Even Read It

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  5. MAGAbear says:

    And Schiff on the mound trying to doctor up the baseball cuz he has no stuff and is getting shelled. Pelosi trying to wave to the bullpen but has no idea where she is and why she’s getting booed.

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    • JimmyJack says:

      Schiff is so deeply involved with the Awan spy ring in Congress I am surprised he can manage a secondary scandal of this magnitude.

      Then again, we will eventually find out the two are connected.

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    • Newt Love says:

      Adamy Schifty is throwing spit-balls. He doesn’t bother trying to surreptitiously move spit from his mouth to the baseball. He just steps up to the microphone and spews. He holds baseballs below inside his spew-pattern, and gets them wet before he throws them.

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  6. tempo150101 says:

    I’m of the opinion that they have everything they need, they are just reenancting this for the public in small, bite-sized chunks so that it can sink in. The logistics of this reenactment is fascinating to me. Who planned all of this out so that there is one new bomb per day? Do they follow a checklist or a script? Is there something like a Journ”O”list for all the players to keep everything orchestrated for the public? I would love to know the answer to this. I hope someone writes a book.

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    • G. Combs says:

      Possibly President Trump’s speechwriter Stephen Miller although I think if you go back the rough outline was put together in November of 2016 at Trump tower in the SCIF by President Trump, Mike Flynn, AG Sessions and Mike Pompeo. Stephen Miller probably had a hand in smoothing it out.

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    • standlow says:

      I view President Trump like a “noodler”. He has the cunning of a guy running his hand along the submerged log, looking for the big lunker, and SWOOP–grabbing him by the jaw. Magnifique!

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  7. jstefano1 says:

    It’s truly sad to see a 20 year FBI career go down the tubes in the way that McCabe’s has. It’s certain that he did many good things over 20 years to have risen to Deputy Director. I’m glad he’s out, assuming he did illegal things to the United States, but it doesn’t in the least put me into a celebratory mood.


    • zimbalistjunior says:

      or, he managed to rise to the top through sycophancy, toadying, a loose facility with the truth, and craven ambition.
      at the very least, the entire careers of all the black hats here should be examined with a fine tooth comb. much like if a police detective is discovered to have tampered with evidence, the internal affairs will then re-examine all the cases he has ever worked, so should be done here.
      let’s remember that in this year and a half election related case alone, 10-20 people (at minimum) conspired to commit numerous and daily crimes. at any time during the year and a half, any of them could have resigned in disgust, let alone whistle blown. it seems like only karlin did anything remotely resembling the right thing.
      we can therefore assume they’ve done much of the same in the 10-30 previous years of their careers.

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      • JimmyJack says:

        He didn’t suddenly become corrupt after many good years. This has been going on for most if not all of his time there more than likely.

        The Awans and whoever they collude with – Obama, Hillary, Deep State etc – have so much dirt on people and have for close to twenty years that we have to assume that people have been leveraged and acting on their behalf in all branches of government in all agencies for as long as the Awans & their handlers have been busy.

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    • JimmyJack says:

      Omg, why on God’s green earth would you think anything he did in his career was on the up and up given what we know he has been involved in?????

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    • fakenoozisforfools says:

      Yeah, why all the fuss about McCabe? It’s not his fault. Let’s find the guy who put a gun to his head and forced him be a crap weasel.

      “It’s certain that he did many good things”? Why should we presume that? I worked in the private sector for 50 years and saw numerous bums get promoted to positions of power and responsibility. I have never worked in the public sector, but I’m willing to bet that type of situation happens a lot more there than it does privately. Maybe McCabe was a white hat a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. But he was a black hat at the end and I for one am pissed off he’s going to walk away exposed as being bent with a fat pension just like Lois Lerner. Both of them should be fitted for an orange jumpsuit instead.

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    • South Col says:

      “It’s truly sad to see a 20 year FBI career go down the tubes in the way that McCabe’s has…’

      Rubbish. You should be cheering that McCabe, corrupt FBI upper management, who thinks he can decided if an elected President with a large electoral college majority will be allow to govern is gone and hopefully will be prosecuted ( I know…fat chance). The fact the mirror deep state elites exist with such entitlement, arrogance and certainty should terrify you.
      No? Then you’re a fellow traveller, go away.


    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      This scum toilet helped orchestrate sedition and weaponization of the FBI/DOJ in “Andys office”.
      The SOB needs to be tried, then executed on the national mall.
      Take your virtue signaling elsewhere.
      Your blindness is pathetic.

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    • T.L.T. says:

      This lawbreaking is just the most recent FBI perfidy to come to light.

      Read the Boston Herald article from a few days ago about all the criminal FBI agents sent to prison just from the Boston office.

      Did you know that FBI agents were sent to prison for contract killings? I didn’t either.

      The FBI has been rotten from the head down for a loooong time.

      The things we’re hearing now are like a story out of the Old Testament. The Book of Esther comes to mind. Those who tried to harm the innocent get theirs.

      Next up, Mueller.

      PS- Edward Snowden is a hero. He presaged this whole mess. I was unsure about him before….not now.


    • Fred Ward says:

      Did he? This smells of treasonous behavior. No matter what good he did, being part of a conspiracy to overturn an election makes him a pretty bad guy. I celebrate the victory because it is a rejection of corruption. I worked for the feds as a lowly prison guard. I saw officers prosecuted for bringing in cigarettes, and some went to jail. One committed suicide. How much more serious are McCabes offenses?


      • 4harrisonblog says:

        Yep these people are law officers and if he is a lawyer an officer of the court. If he is tried and convicted he will not be put in the general population.


    • dean says:

      He should be stripped of his retirement, he disgraced himself and the FBI.

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    • 4harrisonblog says:

      Yes man and brown noser. Only cream will rise and stay on top.


  8. keebler AC says:

    I love baseball so I can totally see this watching a game with your team up at bat! ==> Horowitz chomping Bazooka Joe ‘in the hole’ (steps to dugout)

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  9. Mike says:

    Real cops don’t break the law. McCabe may have been a “rock star” like it has been said that “Peter” Strzok was a counter intelligence “rock star.”
    Their position at FBI may give them the means to circumvent the constitution (that they swore to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic) but that doesn’t give them the right.

    I am a student of history, as well as a retired cop.

    Benedict Arnold was an exceptional military leader, right up to when he became a traitor.

    I am not pre-judging McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Preistap, etc. If they tell the truth, they will be given prosecutorial consideration. I can’t say that I have not pre-judged Comey. To me he is a POS.
    I just pray that the IG is honest, and the Congressional Investigators are smarter than me.

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    • T.L.T. says:

      Mike you sound honest & honorable.

      I know you’re seen your fellow cops attempt to defend practices & procedures that are un Constitutional.

      Like the Stingray devices. Or “parallel construction”. Whatever makes the job easier, eh?

      This is rampant, and most law enforcement communities have already voted with their feet on the Constitution.

      Good cops know that not all things that are legal are OK, and not all things that are illegal are wrong.


      • Mike says:

        I retired in 2010. Prior to that I worked in a Gang/Drug Task Force in the midwest for 9 years. I have heard of Stingray, but do not know specifically what it is, or what is required to use it. To put a GPS on a suspects vehicle I had to have probable cause and a court order. If I did otherwise I would be risking getting fired, and loosing my pension, for evidence I would not be able to use in court.

        I don’t know what “parallel construction” is.

        My experience was the vast majority of cops are honest, and they want dirty cops in jail. My department, as I believe most departments, had so much documentation it would be difficult for a dirty cop to do much.
        I worked with ATF, FBI, DEA, and even IRS. All of these feds I worked with were good honest cops. The US Attorney’s required everything to be perfect, or they would not take my case.

        Cops don’t make the laws. As a cop you do your job within the law. If you don’t your evidence gets tossed and you get in trouble. If you destroy evidence, commit perjury, or plant evidence you go to jail.

        You are right, that all things illegal are not wrong, but a cops job is to find the truth and report the facts. The prosecutors decide who and what charges to prosecute, and ultimately a jury decides. I have had prosecutors decline to prosecute many times, sometimes I agreed with their decision.

        I read the FBI 302s in Sept of 2016 when the FBI released them to the public. What is so troubling to me is they so obviously show the FBI investigation was conducted to PROTECT HRC, I can’t see how they can get away with this. And it sure looks like the FBI broke the law going after Trump.

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  10. David L Culberson says:

    The Schiff has officially hit the fan.


  11. Hangtown Bob says:

    Well…… McCabe is out and on terminal leave. I sure hope that they yanked all of his security clearances and that “they” are monitoring all of HIS personal communications. Wouldn’t want someone inside the Deep State passing info to him regarding possible upcoming criminal charges.


  12. Donna Savage Mauck says:

    Simple question-Why is it questionable for the President to fire ANYONE that has been found plotting and conspiring against his Presidency? Does not make sense to me. In a corporate setting or anywhere in the private sector, these people would be fired immediately. No demotions, no leave, no retirement, nothing! They should be prosecuted! Why would the President be considered the ‘bad guy’ for getting rid of these people?


  13. Angel Martin says:

    Looks like Comey was the ghostwriter on this one. He didn’t know about Weiner’s laptop for a month after it was found because McCabe hid it from him.


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