Jake Tapper Has Furrowed-Brow Interview With Matt Gaetz…

You can generally tell when the house of cards begins collapsing by how deep CNN’s Jake Tapper is forced to reaches into his bag of disingenuous tricks.


As David Mamet famously stated, in order for liberal ideologues to retain their narrow views, against mounting evidence to the contrary, they must pretend not to know a lot of things. Mr. Tapper’s default position is disingenuous, cognitive dissonance.

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328 Responses to Jake Tapper Has Furrowed-Brow Interview With Matt Gaetz…

  1. The240report says:

    That’s the constipated look..he knows he is full of crap.


  2. Pam says:

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  3. Sporty says:

    Cobb’s is gonna rock tonight.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      No, Dobbs is too busy having a meltdown about DACA again. Wish he’d just let it play out and stop being a one issue table thumper.

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      • The Jimmy Jack says:

        TBF, the very real possibility of this DACA mess passing through should keep us all on the edge of our seats as it was created to destroy the US national borders. We just need to be able to put it on the back burner simmering while the rest explodes.

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      • Boots says:

        Too much is at stake to ‘let it play out.

        As Jimmy Jack notes, DACA isn’t about being fair to kids. It’s an attempt to produce a permanent Marxist majority voting base of illegal immigrants; thus allowing the Marxists already embedded in our govt to continue their 100 year effort to tear down the last stronghold on earth of a Christian, republic, nation.

        Why are Americans always so fast to give away their country to people they’ve nothing in common with, and who – truth be told – would never want to live in the same neighborhood with?

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        • YvonneMarie says:

          Good points.


        • ladypenquin says:

          Oh, I agree. But I have faith that Donald Trump isn’t going to betray the promises he made to the People. He knows what’s wrong with the immigration system. He has already outright rejected several of the worst plans, so I don’t see him going back on this.

          On “seeing it play out” – I just mean, for myself at least, I can’t wind up and wind down over and over again about something I have little control over. There is hope that with the Big Ugly coming down, and maybe some of the bad players being booted off the stage we’ll get better results going in Congress.

          Yesterday, 46 Senate Demoncrats voted against the 20 wk fetal pain bill. That’s what we’re dealing with. Monsters, IMO. America is only 1 of 7 countries which allows abortion after 20 wks. China is one of the others. These are just as real issues about saving our country as every other one on the table. Unless, McConnell pulls the 60 cloture vote rule, we’ll not get much of anything.


  4. kpm58 says:

    Funny how Tapper seems dumbfounded by the suggestion that Comey helped Hillary.
    The truth is that if Comey had done his job Hillary would have been indicted.
    How about them apples Tapper?

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  5. JAS says:

    NOW it has started!

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  6. daughnworks247 says:

    Talk about leverage.
    PDJT now has all the damn cards.

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  7. 🍺Gunny says:



  8. appadoo9 says:

    They voted for the release. What/Who was the vote count?


  9. Mike Haubert says:

    Trump should review the memo in front of the nation on TeeVee during his SOTU speech. The body language of members of a certain party will be priceless, either that or they will be running for the doors.

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  10. appadoo9 says:

    Release The Memo, Then Release the Source of The Memo

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  11. burnett044 says:

    some dems tonite be like..

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  12. RobInPA says:

    It was very enjoyable to watch Gaetz curb-stomp Tapper for 10 entire minutes.

    The MSM fools are beclowning themselves 24/7 now!

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  13. Something thats bothering me.
    If the Republicans are going to release the Memo.
    What can possibly be in the counter Memo from the Left?
    What is it that any one of them is willing to risk political suicide over attaching their name to it.

    I don’t ask that lightly. Are they willing to lose it all by countering the Memo.
    The whole report will have to come out at some point. But will Democrats risk everything on a lie in the counter memo?

    That seems logical. You’d want to get the Memo out and done with in a short news cycle.
    Not extend it to debate and counter claims that will go on indefinitely.
    Especially if the Memo is what the Republicans say it is.
    It doesn’t make sense to openly double down on a memo that is that damaging.

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    • rich33y says:

      I think you’re trying to find a logical, intelligent, sane reason for the way Democrats think.

      If succeed, you’d be the first.

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    • Grezypete says:


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    • freewillnc says:

      When you back a rabid animal into a corner…they will do anything to survive……….

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    • rayvandune says:

      The average Dem is so used to regarding Media protection as a God-right that they aren’t used to having to think these things through. The just get Schumer or Pelosi to call up the NYT, CNN, etc. and say “How can we make this go away?” Those calls are happening right now. I wonder if anyone in the media realizes that once the FBI is shown to be rotten, seeing their own brand as just as rotten become very believable, and perhaps inevitable.

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    • mimbler says:

      Their plan works because they own the media (or vice versa). The MSM will portray the Schiff memo as gospel, and the Nunes memo as partisan politics.

      That will probably work fine with the large percentage of voters that don’t really keep up.

      To this day, the MSM has Mike Brown being shot with his hands up and Treyvon hunted down and shot in cold blood because he was black.

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        Hated to “like” that, but it’s truth. It will only change with aggressive prosecutions of the seditious conspirators and classified information abusers from the last election and at least the most recent prior administration. Although, if prosecutions could dig back into the Shrub and Billy Jeff Klintoon Krime Kartel years, that would be peachy!

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        • mimbler says:

          I agree, and think that even if they just charged and convicted the criminal acts committed in the last election cycle through today, it would create enough fear of consequences to go a long way towards cleaning up the swamp.

          It would be ideal to actually remove all the swampers, but a close second would be to jail the serious offenders, and the remaining little fish would be “scared straight”.

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    • solomonpal says:

      Remember…liberalism is a mental disease…and they are stupid.

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    • Jeff hansen says:

      I think there are Republicans at risk in this whole debacle and neither party will come out unscathed. But the nation wants a blood-letting and Uncle Don will provide. Draining the swamp will be an ugly spectacle. Trump will prove he’s truly a transformational president if he does it without tanking markets and economy. There’s the trick. So far markets behind him, we will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      I doubt that, at this point, Democrats care much how they obfuscate. It does not matter if it is all a lie. Who ever pays the for promoting a false narrative? Certainly not the Democrats.

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  14. This Memo is beyond a Republican/Democrat entity. This is going to show how deep these agencies have been compromised. I think the last best hope for the Left here is to get POTUS to get interviewed by Mueller in hopes that Trump will mis-step and open the door to impeachment. We’re talking desperate tactics by desperate people on non political types, that’s not a level playing field. The appointed head that these past 4 Presidents is where the issues lie and this is why we see the hatred by both sides of the aisle. If one goes down, there should be many more to follow. Is this Divine Intervention too late? The hooks are so deep into these agencies, that one POTUS may not be enough and who would carry the torch after 8 years? But who am I to query the Divine? MAGA and keep it great!

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    • nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

      From what has been discussed here over the past months, this Summary of Charges should remove all doubt that the entire “Trump Project” was at the very least, a clear example of “Interference by Administrative Employees of Federal, State or Territorial Governments (18 USC 595).

      And as such, the SC should be immediately suspended and all associated with said SC be held for violations of the above.

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      • Sherbear says:

        That’s my understanding as well, and I’ve also wondered if that isn’t why Trump agreed to talk to Mueller, knowing full well when this memo came out the investigation would be ended. ?


  15. Paul Killinger says:

    My only caveat to Mr Mamet’s “Liberal Axiom” is often they really aren’t “pretending.”

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  16. Sayit2016 says:

    Yes this is code for: we have watched you lie and lie and lie and lie for the past 18 months and Americans cannot stomach one more life from you. Which is why we voted not to review your My Little Pony version of what happened .. we know what happened your corrupt party decided amongst yourselves to remove a democratically elected president, so please just save your anger and frustration you bought and paid for both.

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  17. GB Bari says:

    Tappers facial expression on the screenshot that Sundance has posted here is absolutely priceless. It sums up his as well as most of the Leftwing Propaganda Media’s complete “cognitive dissonance” (credit Sundance) on the facts of this entire scandal. How can people live so close to the facts yet be so far from comprehending them? Liberalism/ Progressivism truly is a brain disease. OR, Tapper is a talented screen actor who knows the entire truth but is acting as if Gaetz is talking nonsense, all for the benefit of Tapper’s rabid leftwing Trump-hating viewers.

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  18. William Martin says:

    I’d venture a guess the President Trump Will reference the memo in tweets prior to if not during the SOTU address.
    He is one rough and tough New Yorker that, as previous posts said, will hit back when attacked. This is the dirtiest attack he has endured to date. Of course the media has been dirty but when Federal Intelligence Agencies attack a ligitimately elected president that is off the charts foul play.
    If he doesn’t address this soon it may be that they are still researching and building criminal cases.

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  19. ezpz2 says:

    I am really liking Rep Matt Gaetz more and more each time I see him.

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  20. covfefe999 says:

    Gaetz is really great! He has done beautiful in at least two contentious appearances, the one with Cuomo and now this one with Tapper. He sticks to the facts and many times come across as incredibly non-partisan. I got the feeling at the end Tapper was unable to refute anything that Gaetz was saying, that Tapper was actually thinking “this guy is right”.

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  21. Donna in Oregon says:

    We should start writing the Wikipedia demise of the defunct Democrat party. Place their paragraph under the Whigs and the Know Nothings.

    These are the times of our lives.

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  22. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Gaetz is quick. Hope he’s around for a long time.

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  23. shannynae says:

    I couldn’t help noticing that Tapper has the same look the night that Hillary lost.

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    • Old Codger says:

      On Election Night, Jake the Snake kept saying “WE need…” when referring to the Clinton campaign’s need for votes from this state or that in the Electoral College, catching himself each time to re-state “Hillary Clinton needs…” ROTFLMAO HILLARIOUS!

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  24. grandmaintexas says:

    Tapper–what a fake news numbskull. His performance is subpar.

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  25. quintrillion says:

    Gaetz, intelligent & articulate.
    All the White Hats are Belong to Us.

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  26. LibertyONE says:

    Jack Off Jake’s brain is fried. When the SHTF they will be changing their Depends every half hour.


  27. hoghead says:

    I distinctly remember the Watergate scandal. Even though it would be bad for the Republicans, Howard Baker, the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, was willing to get to the bottom of the issue. In the end, he and other leaders informed Nixon that he would not survive an impeachment vote. That’s when Nixon resigned.
    There wasn’t any of this circling the wagons to protect “our guy(s)”; if laws were broken, the piper had to be paid. The Repub’s eventually recovered. I don’t know how this is going to shake out for the demoncraps (not that I give a hoot!)
    And compared to some of his successors of recent years, Nixon wasn’t any where near as bad.

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      Watergate was a set up–more like what they were trying to do to PDJT than an impeachable offense by Nixon. The burglars were CIA operatives who wanted to cripple Nixon’s efforts to shed sunlight on the vile and stupid stuff CIA had done (Bay of Pigs etc.) and was doing (SE Asian/South American drug running etc.). Dean was a mole from day 1–counseling Nixon in ways that could only box him in and lead to more damage. Also made sure only the bad tape excerpts got produced and showcased. All the while, Poopy Boosh was pulling strings and pushing CIA and proto-GOPe buttons to bring the uniparty and his NWO into full power.

      Lord, thank you for the internet and great, honest investigative journos of new media, like SD! And for PDJT and his Killas! Please guard, guide, and bless us all to MAGA according to Your will!

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  28. Danimal28 says:

    Just smoke and mirrors here, what a waste of time(not your post, Sundance), just this whole thing is just drawing out to where time erodes everything. In all my years of public and military service, well, this is designed BS.


  29. Harry Lime says:

    What a beautiful thing to see them all squirm. It’s coming and there isn’t a darn thing that they can do about it. Like Augustus Gloop getting ready to pop!

    “Oh, It’s too late. Yeah he’s had it now…the suction’s got him…oh, the pressure will get him out… terrific pressure is building up behind the blockage.”


  30. Kent says:

    Matt Gaetz….keep it coming….don’t let up….Speak the Truth.

    Thank You Matt…!!!!!…….


  31. Tony says:

    I have said from July 5th 2015 Comey was NOT protecting Clinton. He can be swamp up to his ears ,but his actions where to help himself and NOT defend Hillary. Based on Tappers Framing of the question correctly we now here Comey was doing a CYA maneuver ( Cover Your A$$) . I am telling ya , his July 5th Speech was the same thing (CYA). He had a 15 minute intro showing every crime on earth and then a conclusion written by others letting her go. I bet ya no one ever saw the introduction except Comey before he read it to us. Comey’s self protection became Hillary’s nightmare the day she lost ! Also add to that he leaked MEMOS that defend Trump to help cause a special counsel and then he testified Lynch was talking to DNC Officials and he stated he showed her and she told him to leave her office. Comey has been the swamps worst nightmare all along .. Trying to save himself matters . Ill take a snitch any day if it drains the swamp .


  32. Maxi Dean says:

    Poor, sad Jake:

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  33. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Tapper has lost his tap-shoes


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