House Intel Committee Voting Monday 5:00pm to Release Memo…

Well, this is good news.  Chairman Devin Nunes, and House Speaker Paul Ryan have had ample time to discuss the larger ramifications to “The Big Ugly”.

Late last week Ryan and Nunes traveled together to Saudi Arabia to review the new Saudi Counter-Extremism Intelligence Center *cough* that President Trump, Saudi King Salman, MBS and Egyptian President Fattah al-Sisi *cough* opened last year.   Obviously Devin Nunes, Paul Ryan and their collective senior staffs would have a lot of time during travel to discuss the intelligence committee memo release.


According to Byron York when the House comes back into session tomorrow, the Intelligence Committee has a meeting scheduled for 5:00pm.  Likely that’s when the vote will happen to ‘release the memo’.

WASHINGTON DC – The House Intelligence Committee meets at 5 p.m. Monday in the Capitol. The meeting will give the committee its first opportunity to vote on the question of releasing the so-called “FISA abuse” memo that has captured Washington’s attention in recent days. Since the GOP holds a 13 to 9 advantage on the committee, the overwhelming likelihood is that if there is a vote, the panel will decide, along party lines, to release the memo.

At that point, House rules call for the committee to await a decision by the president on whether he supports or opposes release of the memo. President Trump has made clear he supports release, so the memo could be made public quickly. (read more)

After the legislative branch votes to release the memo, it would immediately be given to President Trump (executive branch) for his review and approval of public release.  President Trump has five-days for his review.

Generally speaking the Executive Branch National Security Council, and Office of Legal Counsel, with consultation with the Intelligence Community (including FBI and DOJ), would review anything the executive branch declassifies at the request of congress.  However, in this example the contents are generally well known and discussed.

If the executive branch (POTUS Trump) approves, the material is immediately made available.

However, if the executive branch doesn’t approve, then after 5 days, the House of Representatives can vote to override the executive; and, if a majority of the house approve, they can release it despite the executive branch denial.  This latter approach is extremely unlikely, because POTUS Trump wants the memo released. (I’m just sharing a process example)

The footnotes and citations will be just as much fun, if not more, than the actual content of the memo itself.   Phase #2 will be declassifying the extremely sensitive material in the footnotes and citations.  {{{grinning}}}

Somewhere, someone… on this website… sometime, happened to mentioned something, about seeing a need for a parallel intelligence construct, that could, if handled correctly,  likely operate in a similar fashion to the NSA hub, temporarily, while the necessary watching of the watchers was taking place…

Yeah, and?…

Wait,… what?…




That would mean…

Don’t even….





Coincidence.  Nothing more.

I mean, really…. C’mon…


That would mean,…  I mean, that would…. this whole time…



I mean…

Get Out!


You gotta be…



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944 Responses to House Intel Committee Voting Monday 5:00pm to Release Memo…

  1. G3 says:

    The State of the Union Speech given by President Trump during that Super Blue Blood Moon—- that Great, Big, Beautiful Orb.🌕 Perfect.

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  2. Donna in Oregon says:

    Sundance thank you for calling the media/pundits on their dishonesty and planned disinformation.

    So exciting to see in black and white what Sundance and many within the CTH have researched and worked so hard to make sense of. The Nunes memo is only 4 pages. Simple and direct.

    I want it all–liberal tears, safe spaces, crayons and color books, hot cocoa for all of the DOJ Obama holdovers. Nancy Pelosi complaining about President Bush again while Chuck Schumer cries softly in the background.

    This is only the beginning, can’t wait for the next phase of Drain the Swamp. Popcorn and a box of tissue for tears of joy.

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  3. Reforger says:

    I’m pretty sure the size of the parallel agency is right there in the Justice department shutdown contingency plan. Look at the unnamed agency within the chart at the bottom of the PDF. Notice the coloration of the fields of the unnamed agency. Notice the size (bigger than the FBI) of the unnamed agency. Notice the percentage still working (higher than the FBI) from the unnamed agency. Notice the category and reason for still working of the unnamed agency. Scroll to the bottom, pages 12 and 13.

    If I’m wrong…
    What agency is this? Who are those 38,000 people?
    Where is their fuking ginormas building with some assholes name on the side of it?
    Not one of them is an intelligence annalist.
    You would think an agency so large and important would at least have a name.

    I’m doing this late Sunday night when nobody is paying attention. I’ve been staring at this PDF for over a week.

    Trump! The irony here is hard to believe. Yet people still use chess references.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I think it’s Bureau of Prisons (BOP). That would fit in the alphabetization, and it seems to be missing.

      HOWEVER. If you scratch the name (as we observe, so it’s not a lie) and merge in other stats of a similar nature, then it would be possible to hide something. Just sayin’. And it would be very difficult to say with certainty that they are in there.

      They did say they were going to create a new counterintel org to go after the leaks, and now we know why. The top of FBICI was GONE.

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    • Reforger says:

      Bureau of Prisons (BOP)… figured it out. Nevermind. Now I can sleep. We have 38,550 people guarding, lawyering and taking care of 34,317 inmates. No issue here.


  4. South Col says:

    You do understand that Ryan will be appalled that PDJT is about to obtain great political advantage from the memo release. Dammit.
    Ryan thought the agreeable and predictable future was some sort of fizzling but active investigation for impeachment from Muller as a chronic affliction for PDJT until the next election.
    Ryan want Donald gone.
    Never forget that.

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  5. South Col says:



  6. I really wish we didn’t have to rely on the Saudis or any foreign government to help us fight the corruption in our own house.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Don’t worry – Washington is going to be clean. Then we won’t have to.

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      • David A says:

        It will take an Isengard style dam break to wash that town clean.

        To continue with LOTR metaphors; Morador on the Potomac will not clean easy. Will the memo be like dropping the one ring into the fire, the shattering of the deep state power structure?

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        • thluckyone says:

          David A, I have no answers to your questions… I just love the comparisons. THANK YOU for bringing us into Middle Earth yet again. And I remember that Aragorn distracted the forces of Sauron while the humble Hobbits delivered the One Ring. Even Gollum had his part to play. (Trey Gollum?) lol. Anyway, THANK YOU for being here…


  7. wjb105 says:

    So the slow processing of information and revelation may be put in place for deep state operatives to reveal themselves.

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  8. Sylvia Avery says:

    I don’t think they were in session all last week, were they? So Monday is their first day back.


  9. Jeff says:

    THE STING !!

    Who is missing from this photo ? What does the photo represent ?

    The photo represents a meeting of the DEEP STATE . Missing is one Peter Thiel of PALANTIR FAME !! Hmmm who could possibly help POTUS 45 create such a parallel intelligence system ?

    Is it just a coincidence that billionaire Peter Thiel supported candidate Trump ? me thinks not !!

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  10. jello333 says:

    Some have suggested that Trump should read the memo during the SOTU address. I don’t believe he should, or will. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think he’ll reference it in some way. It could be just a little hint, but then again it could be something really dramatic. This is what we might see:

    “I need to end on a very different note. Many of you have probably heard about a classified document, a so-called memo which deals with corruption and abuse among certain institutions and individuals within parts of our government and society as a whole. Yesterday, the House Intelligence Committee voted to declassify that document, and now it’s up to me whether to approve its release. I’ve decided to do so.

    But it wasn’t an easy decision, because what is contained within that memo, and the documents it was derived from, is really bad, really ominous, and may shake the country to its core. It will likely make most Americans question everything they believe they know about some of our most important and trusted institutions. But no matter what happens, I would ask you to please NOT allow cynicism to set in. The simple fact that these details, even as frightening as they are, are going to be made public should reassure all Americans that nobody is above the law, and that together we’ll restore respect, confidence, and trust in our institutions.

    So I just ask every good American to stay calm and united as details emerge over the coming days and weeks. I’m confident that if we do that, if we let the process evolve naturally, then in the end we’ll have a country that will be greater than ever before.”

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    • David A says:

      I like it!

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    • ladypenquin says:

      Agree, Jello. Don’t want to step on the message of the SOTU, but can leave anticipatory breadcrumbs for what’s coming. He’ll have the audience of folks who likely haven’t even heard a word about what’s going, or if they have, it’s been filtered by the MSM to be nothing more than a partisan Republican “witch hunt.”

      His approach can abrogate the MSM spin.

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      • paula says:

        Yes. Not the forum SOTU to release the Memo imo. The democrats (via Maxine Waters) before even knowing what will be said at the SOTU address or what is in the memo, have started a disinfo campaign to trash the meaning of the memo.And infected Hollywood is doing the same. So they will have speeches not knowing what the SOTU address will be about. That says it all. THEY ARE DUMB.(Q)

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      • MGBSE says:

        Exactly…Trump knows they will trash his SOTU speech AND he also knows they are writing the script to undermine the “memo” at this very moment…so…hopefully he can “cross the streams” and screw up their talking points on both.

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    • formerdem says:

      I think sotu should be all about his progress because that will force the media to cover that subject 🙂 which they will not otherwise.

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      • Somewhere in Dixie says:

        The deep state will analyze the SOTU address with a magnifying glass to see what could result in an impeachment. Nothing else.

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      • jello333 says:

        Yeah, the first hour or so can be all about progress that’s already happened and especially that which is to come (incl. infrastructure, peace initiatives, etc). Give the wire services time to disseminate each detail far and wide. But then, in the last couple minutes… drop the bomb. If Trump does anything even remotely as dramatic as this, then even the Haters are gonna be like “What? Whoa! Oh my God, is he serious?!”


    • Jerry Kays says:

      So well written ! None could do it better. I sure hope that that is what comes out, it really would be good thing, I do not know how any could object, other than those who want to believe the MSM BS.

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      • jello333 says:

        Thanks. If they thought he was just being overly dramatic and “hyping” the release, then they could complain. But as it stands, if it’s really as bad as we expect it to be, they should THANK Trump for getting out in front of it like this. Because I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say this really COULD shake up the country. A little advance warning might be appreciated.


    • Hangtown Bob says:

      I like it. Should be interesting to see if Trump’s statement is at all similar to this. I’m sure that there are persons of influence who lurk through these comments.

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  11. trumpsbamagirl says:

    I know many of us were shocked and upset when Keith Schiller left the White House.

    What if he has been working a parallel security agency?

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    • SUPy’all says:

      Ooh, good catch. Wonder when exactly he left and what else was going on at that time?

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    • Minnie says:


      I’ve also wondered why we haven’t seen Rudy, a cyber-security expert.

      Anxiety levels have now significantly dropped.

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    • Sherri Schiller says:

      A few others that come to mind, are Sebastian Gorka and even Steve Brannon. Perhaps the whole feud between him and PDT was a ruse. Just trying to think outside the box like Sundance had taught.


      • cozette says:

        Gorka and Bannon came to Trumps campaign from the Cruz campaign during the last 3 months at the Mercers request. Bannon was an undermining jerk who wanted to co opt President Trump. Scaramucci told the truth when he said Bannon was a disloyal leaker who was only in the WH to polish his brand. He’s an egotist on a power trip. He used Breitbart to create hatred for “Javanka” and her husband “Mr. Perfect.” He lied to sabotage President Trumps choice for Senator in Alabama leading to the disastrous Never Trump choice, Moore, who lost just as Trump predicted. Bannon needed to be destroyed before his ego and idiocy destroyed our last chance to MAGA.


  12. Peter Rabbit says:

    The President, by his tireless example, finally has many in Congress working at close to Trump speed. Evidence this important trip to SA this weekend, then hurrying back for House Intelligence Committee vote only a day later. All in time to release FISA memo immediately before an historical SOTU by our Lion. This WILL have the MSM more unhinged than they were after his GREAT speech on Inauguration Day. I shall never forget it.

    The days of reckoning are now at hand.
    We are living in historical times and a Great Turning Point. The stakes are as high for this country and the world as they have been since WW II. Only Donald Trump is capable of leading is out of this situation. A great and good man, and clearly the Right Man for Our Time. Surrounded by his Team of Lions. May they protect him with their lives if it comes to that.

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  13. Guyski says:

    Snooping (spying) is like potato chips. It is impossible to have just one potato chip. 🙂 It is impossible to snoop on just one person..

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  14. David A says:

    In such immense times it is permissible to put a little lightness on the entire affair.

    In support of all the white hats;
    ” If not for the courage of the fearless crew, the memo would be lost, the memo would be lost…”)

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  15. rorschach says:

    By all appearances, Trump goes on the assumption that whomever he’s dealing (e.g. Speaker Ryan) with has a salvageable core (regardless of past performance). He’s offering each one opportunities to step back and do the right thing… or get out.

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    • El Torito says:

      I don’t think goes on that assumption. They either will or won’t, I doubt he cares much. He’s giving them a chance, but I think he is wise enough to know that they will reveal themselves one way or another. His kindness and generosity is in giving them the choice.


  16. digleigh says:

    Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…..(Scrip.)

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    • thluckyone says:

      Amen! Amen, AMEN!


    • Jerry Kays says:

      Which in the esoteric meaning, transcending religious exoteric interpretations, there will be “balance”, as in the Hegelian Dialectic where the Synthesis (=) is the result of the Thesis (+) AND the Antithesis (-) … which all together is the Basic Equation of Truth of UNIversal Totality, BET (+=-). That is the way the UNIverse actually works, it comes down to the co-creative activity as simple as the intended relationship between man AND woman … when man (+), AND (=), woman (-) “do their natural thing” there is born through that Love (=) a child of love (=) … In TRINITY (+=-) the (=) is the Love that Binds two-gether.

      The “world condition” though has taken the (+=-) and the Dark Forces have co-opted the (=) and mis-used it into being the “Puppet Masters” where they have convinced us that everything is Dualistic (+/-) with no “grey areas”, things are either good or bad, right or wrong, black or white. Either for or against … which it can be seen that way in the most basic and simplistic decision making process … the process that we have all been brainwashed to use both in Political matters of “Republican/Democrat” and Religious matters of “God/Satan” (saved/sinners) and countless other concepts where emphasis is on the “Differentiation” of the point of separation or division, the symbol of the (/) as in Dualism (+/-).

      To live a life in contention based upon divisions where one side attempts to negate and destroy the other side, eventuates in the death of both, Destruction!

      To live a life of cooperation, compassion and love, is an ever creative endless (eternal) future.

      It can be as simple as that or as complex as we want to make it, but actually, (+=-) transcends (+/-) because where the former is GOD (not God nor gods), the latter is just in the the NOthing. But it is all about our free choice to make of it, and use it, as we will. Karma is the Justice of what goes around comes around, live by the sword die by the sword, and thus, the Golden Rule which is all about (+=-) while its distortion (perversion) is about Winner/Losers where the one with the Gold makes the Rules … Spiritual or Material considerations, the former preferably heavenly and the latter simply hellish.

      IMnsHO and E.

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  17. Tiffany says:

    Wait? You mean to tell me that Saudi’s are the Big Damn Hero?????? It’s like in the movie The Spanish Prisoner, where you never suspected the Japanese tourists.

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  18. Tonawanda says:

    There was never a doubt in my mind that the traitors were being listened to, followed, and otherwise closely monitored once their treachery became clear.

    And this is how so many of them will be quietly “retired,” by letting them know there is ZERO defense.

    Hillary and BO will not be given the courtesy.

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  19. Elizabeth Carter says:

    Maybe Hannity can read the memo on the air tonight so that it is out there before the SOTU speech.

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  20. Also very interesting that no USA major news outlet even covered this visit though it was covered in the Middle East.

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  21. cdnintx says:

    Haha! I remember wondering ….”what the heck is Paul Ryan doing in Saudi Arabia?” when I saw the pictures of him there.

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  22. cdnintx says:

    I may be way behind in my thinking……..but could General Flynn have helped facilitate the setting up of the this new IC?

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    • blind no longer says:

      I think you could be right cd. As I have said many times here, He knows where all the bodies are buried.

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    • Dan Epright says:

      It’s entirely possible that General Flynn was a sacrificial lamb used to expose the domestic surveillance. After everything comes out after his triggering event, he would be rehabilitated and pardoned, and given a Medal.

      That might be a little over the top for some folks, but it is in the realm of possibility. It would be an amazing counter-intelligence operation.

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  23. Publius2016 says:

    How does someone surveil Ham radio? Crazy how old tech works when new tech doesn’t?

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  24. cdnintx says:

    We are truly witnessing history in the making before our eyes. What a time to be alive!!!

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  25. Wayne Robinson says:

    Everyone needs to be aware of how bad thinfs got under president Zero / we had federal DOJ attorneys going before federal judges lying and presenting false evidence knowing it wad all lies / just let that sink in for a second / the head of DOJ meeting privately with husband of a person supposedly under investigation / a high school student can understand conflict of intrest and appearance of evil . What has happened to our country under the Democrats ? Not to mention giving criminals a free pass but letting the officers of this nation collect m oney from foriegn intrest ? Failure to report ? Wtf is going on ? Globalist designs to destroy Americas soverignty and borders ??? Nwo ??

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  26. Landslide says:

    If this theory shows up ANYWHERE in the MSM, we will know that they came hear to read it from Sundance. Because, as far as I know, this theory is nowhere but right here.

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  27. LDave says:

    A good way to see the latest spin is to do a 6oogle search but limit the results to the last hour. Developing this morning on search for “Nunes”, somebody leaked to the NYT, that the Nunes memo mentions (attacks or blames, whatever) Rosenstein for signing off on the FISA application (renewal?) that claimed Carter Page was a Russian agent. The leftists in the media are spinning this claim as new information; or as an attack on Rosenstein. Pathetic.

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  28. Aubergine says:

    Oh my! I just saw a better picture of the glowing “orb,” and I totally got it. The orb is THE WORLD. And these men have all the intelligence in the world in their HANDS!

    AH, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is a great day!

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  29. formerdem says:

    I keep adding to my list of what we are living out which so far is, a Jason Bourne novel, Advise and Consent, Princess and Curdie, Pippi Longstocking, How to Steal a Million Dollars. We are in the middle of it all while the Donkey Party trudges forward mourning the decline in regulation. jajajajaja

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  30. Theo West says:

    The “nudge nudge, wink wink” picture looks like Paul Ryan desperately wishing he’d lost the last election. Really in the hot seat now.


  31. Dan Epright says:

    This will generate suicides.

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  32. Mike Haubert says:

    Trump should read the memo at his SOTU. It will be the only time it will reach anyone’s TeeVee set.

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  33. RAC says:

    The bad guys in Saudi Arabia get rounded up by the good guys and SD hints that Saudi good guys may have been involved in helping watch the watchers.
    I’m wondering if it’s been quid pro quo, they get info or other types of assistance with the round up and then the Saudi good guys help with the watcher watching.
    Also wondering if the followers of the Saudi black hats had any connection to the Las Vegas paddock murders, some sort of revenge.


  34. MGBSE says:

    …so…does McCabe still get to collect his pension if he goes to jail?…and…will Clapper be charged with perjury BEFORE the statute runs in March?


  35. chuck arnold says:

    So let me see if I understand whats being said here, you’ll have to forgive me, I’m just a dumb old member of the American Armed forces(retired) according to California school teachers. So all the criminals have been under surveillance this whole time, is that what people are saying?


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