Audio of President Trump Media Discussion – January 24th 2018…

Prior to departure to Davos for the World Economic Forum, President Trump discussed current events with reporters.  Audio only:

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57 Responses to Audio of President Trump Media Discussion – January 24th 2018…

  1. NJF says:

    The teeth gnashing and pearl clutching about POTUS sitting down with Mueller is giving me whiplash.

    According to Dershowitz and Jarret have stated that he can’t not meet with him. He can however have his lawyers negotiate strict parameters. Dershowitz went as far as saying one of those she be “here will be no questions regarding decision to fire Mueller as it falls under Article II powers of the office.

    POTUS rightly said, “based on he counsel of my attorneys” which of course all of the screaming anchors fail to mention.

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    • Sunshine says:

      Trump has no time to meet with Mueller for hours on end, leading nowhere except to be caught with one misplaced word that will only extend Mueller’s mandate.

      Words fail me to address my thoughts about Mueller. Not pretty.

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  2. susanphd says:

    it’s good. he seems to have those fluttering nurds under control.

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  3. Pam says:

    Thanks NJF. That’s good to know. That’s exactly why POTUS made the statement about consulting with his lawyers.

    As far as the issues with DACA and Mueller, I was glad I listened to the entire audio. The president made his position very clear. It’s up to the dems whether or not DACA exists and if they don’t work with him, DACA will go away but NO wall means NO DACA.

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  4. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    LOL… And not only did the wall get 10′ taller……. it just cost 10B more!
    #SchumerShutDown whammy!

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  5. ALEX says:

    The President is a master of this and it is still confounding to friends and enemies. I remember an enraged Dobbs and Coulter right after he said “ whatever the good people in this room come up with …I’ll sign anything…I will take all the heat”….I couldn’t stop laughing at their unhinged reaction…literaly screaming….The President is over the Atlantic smiling right now…

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    • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

      smiling like a Fox

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    • Orenv says:

      He is indeed playing them. It is really going to be something when Trump settles the DACA thing that the Democrats with filibuster proof majorities could not. It is going to be no cakewalk for the illegals. It will take a long time (10-12 years). Many will falter and get deported, many will never start the journey, but those who persevere will have proved themselves. But in the end all he will be asking is for the illegals to prove they are worthy of legal status. And I don’t see how anyone who wants them to stay….. can have a rational….. argument against that. It has to be tough to earn respect.

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      • konradwp1 says:

        He is playing them.
        10-12 years is for those already signed on. There will be no more signed on during Trump’s two terms (Two terms now locked in due to Nunes and Horowitz).
        But after that the physical wall will be in place, so very few more illegals will arrive.

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  6. fleporeblog says:

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  7. cyn3wulf says:

    That was masterful. I hope conservative politicians and hopefuls are taking notes. Every day he puts on a clinic on how to handle the Left.

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  8. bleep21k says:

    Don Lemon of CNN just stated that FOX News is “State run television, or the Trump channel”…

    We live in amazing times fellow treepers.

    The next 7 years of President Trumps administration is going to definitely toughen my skin – more power to My President – THIS President in powerful motivation for me! If he can handle a 24/7 MSM and Liberal barrage, and risk his physical and mental health for my well being as an American…well “C’mon Man!” Is my bad day REALLY that bad?

    Bring on what ever “muh russian” collusion (oops I mean obstruction…I think) special council questions mueller and the boyz want to try. IF it goes south tell me where we meet…

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  9. kinthenorthwest says:

    Media saying Melania not going because of the stripper scandal over stormy daniels


  10. carl says:

    Personally, I’m good with what the President is trying to do with DACA. I trust him and his advisors, and I think some compromise on this issue is necessary. He has made clear time and again what his priorities are, and if he can get those things in exchange for DACA—the 800k, not the “dreamers”, which I understand is in the millions—I think that’s a good thing. Perhaps I’m being a RINO on this, but I don’t think so.

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    • jello333 says:

      Me too. I’ve never been totally comfortable with the “Dump ALL of them across the border!” talk. I mean, the ones who’ve been here since they were little kids (through no fault of their own), and have all this time worked hard at school or at a job, have gotten in no trouble, and have totally assimilated into this country, maintaining NO allegiance to their country of birth. I have zero sympathy for their parents who knowingly came here illegally and put their kids in this predicament. But the kids, some of whom are now adults?… yeah, case-by-case basis, and the really good ones (who can PROVE it) I’m okay with.


      • Cuppa Covfefe says:

        Illegal IS illegal. And their parents are guilty of child abandonment, as well as illegal entry… Send them back.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        I’d like to invite you to read at least this part of a really thoughtful longer article, linked below, written by Victor Davis Hanson who is a writer, a professor, and a farmer in the Central Valley of California who has watched the impact of illegal immigration for years. I think you might find it interesting.

        “…There are 700,000-800,000 DACA recipients, though no one knows the exact numbers. Nor is there a clear definition of who constitutes the population of the “Dreamers,” other than arriving into the United States illegally as a minor. It is an ossified concept, one frozen in amber, given that the average age of a so-called “Dreamer” around 25. When a Dreamer reaches 40, is he still defined as a Dreamer? Or have his “dreams” already come true?

        Naturally, minors should not be penalized for the transgressions of their parents. But a large percentage of the DACA cohort is now six or more years into adulthood. Yet upon turning 18 apparently, most have made little effort to obtain either green cards or citizenship.

        College graduation and military service are often referenced as DACA talking points. In truth, some studies suggest that just one in 20 dreamers graduated from college. One in a 1,000 has served in the military. So far, about eight times more Dreamers have not graduated from high school than have graduated from college.

        Dreamers represent less than 10 percent of all illegal aliens residing in the United States. They are also a fraction of the ignored millions of foreign students from all over the world who seek, often in vain, to study in the United States or are skilled applicants for green cards. Such depressing statistics about DACA might not matter—if supporters of open borders did not always cite incomplete or misleading data…”

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I read with interest your thoughts on DACA. You might find this piece I have linked of further interest to you.

      It is written by Victor Davis Hanson who has lived his life in California’s Central Valley area and farms there. He also teaches and writes. He’s a pretty reasonable man, I think. The article is long, but one subheading is about DACA and was enlightening.


    • I agree Carl, as long the other components goes w/the DACA compromise, it’s a win in my book!


  11. Charlotte says:

    If Trump does DACA, I think the only DACAS who should be allowed to stay are the ones who made an effort to get themselves educated

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      “College graduation and military service are often referenced as DACA talking points. In truth, some studies suggest that just one in 20 dreamers graduated from college. One in a 1,000 has served in the military. So far, about eight times more Dreamers have not graduated from high school than have graduated from college.”

      The DACA requirements were very loosely applied, either rubber stamped or not even attempted to enforce, just like everything else Obama touched.

      I’d like more than “an effort” to get themselves educated. I don’t consider registering (only registering, mind you, not following through or completing) for one GED class at a time to be enough of “an effort” to get educated. Not to be a productive citizen of the USA.

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  12. Charlotte says:

    ‏ @ChuckRossDC

    Just before joining Mueller team, Strzok texted that in Trump probe, he “personally [had] a sense of unfinished business.” Said he “unleashed” something during Clinton probe and “now I need to fix it and finish it.”

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  13. EbonyRapror says:

    I hear President Trump consistently link DACA with funding for The Wall but I haven’t heard the same linkage for Chain Migration which is almost as vital as the wall in getting the immigration situation taken care of.

    There are a lot of hardworking illegal aliens who want to assimilate and for them I hope there is a way for them to stay and eventually earn citizenship. However, for that to become a reality – (1) close the border with walls and other physical barriers, (2) stop chain migration, and (3) replace lottery migration with merit-based migration, and then, and only then will the DACA people be allowed to stay. Just my 2 cents.


  14. Sylvia Avery says:

    “There are a lot of hardworking illegal aliens who want to assimilate and for them I hope there is a way for them to stay and eventually earn citizenship.”

    We don’t even know that, really, do we? The government has been lying to us for decades about illegal immigration and won’t keep, track, or share any kind of statistics with us about illegal immigration until now.

    It seemed harsh to me when Trump campaigned talking about sending everyone illegally here out, and if they were good we’d vet them and bring them back in the right way.

    But after really thinking about it, either our laws mean something, or they don’t. Everywhere I look, I see our laws being ignored. I’m sorry for people who get hurt by that, but the laws are laws.

    I just watched an episode of Cops the other night. Some poor woman without a driver’s license was driving down the side of the road on an ATV and got pulled over. She had a cute little dog snugged into her coat.

    Turned out she didn’t have a license, I think she had drugs on her, and she had to go to jail. She cried, pleaded, didn’t want her dog taken from her to go stay in the dog pound. I felt sorry for her, and the dog. But the cops have laws to enforce no matter what the sad story is. You have to do it. You can’t pick and choose.

    Enforce the laws. Deport people here illegally. If they want to come back and build a life legally, and can contribute to our society and economy and assimilate, okay.

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  15. If he gives amnesty to DACA and their relatives, he’s a one term president.
    President Trump has exceeded my expectations in keeping all of his campaign promises & giving us what we voted for. But on DACA, we didn’t vote for that.

    Articles that made me nervous:
    Trump also said Wednesday that he’s open to an immigration plan that would provide a pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought to the country as children and are now here illegally.

    “We’re going to morph into it,” Trump told reporters. “It’s going to happen, at some point in the future, over a period of 10 to 12 years.”

    But immediately after Trump spoke, a senior White House official cast doubt on Trump’s assurances, telling The Associated Press a pathway to citizenship for so-called Dreamers was “maybe” an option.

    “That’s a discussion point,” said the official, who added that Dreamers could immediately be given “legal status, as long as they behave themselves.”

    Angry Democrats believe Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer mishandled negotiations during the government shutdown. Some believed he overplayed his DACA hand, others believed he shouldn’t have caved without a real deal. But do they fail to acknowledge the public is growing less favorable to legal immigration?
    Trump told reporters he had a message for the Dreamers: “Tell ’em not to be concerned, OK? Tell ’em not to worry. We’re going to solve the problem.”

    The president has repeatedly said that any deal to protect those immigrants from deportation is contingent on money for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and other security measures.

    Earlier Wednesday, the White House announced it would be unveiling a legislative framework on immigration next week that it hopes can pass both the House and the Senate. The president’s remarks amounted to a preview of that framework. He said he’ll propose $25 billion for the border wall and $5 billion for other security measures.
    With negotiations on immigration legislation proceeding slowly, Trump said he might extend the March 5 date he’d originally set to end the Obama-era DACA program, which right now covers about 690,000 immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children, if Congress hasn’t acted by then. But he added that was not a guarantee. A district judge has blocked Trump’s decision to scrap DACA and the issue may end being resolved by the Supreme Court.

    Giving Assurances
    The group, known as dreamers, “should not be concerned” about their fates, he said. “We are going to solve the problem. It’s up to the Democrats but they should not be worried.”

    Trump repeated his previously stated conditions for a immigration deal: curtailing family preferences in immigration, abolishing the visa lottery program, and building a border wall.
    The White House plans to release a “legislative framework” for an immigration plan on Monday that will address those concerns, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement earlier Wednesday.

    Senators Meet
    Trump spoke shortly after a bipartisan group of senators met to work out a process for developing and then shepherding immigration legislation through the House and Senate, where there are deep divisions over how to address the issue. The three-day government shutdown that ended Monday helped jump-start the immigration talks.

    Lawmakers are preparing for a likely floor debate on immigration if they can’t agree on a plan by Feb. 8, the next deadline when current government funding authority expires.

    Second-ranking Senate Republican John Cornyn of Texas is working with No. 2 Senate Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois on a compromise solution. Cornyn said Wednesday he thinks that group will provide a “framework” for a bill that could move through the Senate.

    However, House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, said his chamber wouldn’t be bound by any decisions made in the Senate. Any measure that moves through the House likely would have to have Trump’s firm backing.

    Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said Trump’s statement in support of a path to citizenship for DACA recipients “will allow us to solve a difficult problem” and help get an agreement on strong border security measures.

    Cornyn said he wants a 10-year, $25 billion border security plan, with the money possibly set aside in a trust fund, not just authorized and paid for later.
    To a rapturous media, Graham has been peddling the lie that President Trump blew up a beautiful bipartisan deal on immigration. It wasn’t “bipartisan,” except in the sense of being “angrily rejected by the voters.”

    It’s the same deal that has gone down in flames at least twice before. It’s the same deal that has already destroyed the careers of Sens. John McCain, Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Kelly Ayotte, Mark Kirk and Gov. Jeb! Bush.

    It’s the same deal President Bush tried to push through Congress in 2006 — with Graham’s support! — leading directly to the Republican wipeout in the midterm elections later that year. (Innumerable polls showed that the public hated Bush’s proposed amnesty even more than it hated the Iraq War.)

    It’s the same deal that voters repudiated for approximately the 87th time when they made Donald Trump president (and — again — gave Lindsey Graham zero votes).

    Notwithstanding the media’s phony polls showing 98.6 percent of voters wildly enthusiastic about amnesty for “Dreamers” — or “Nightmares,” as radio host Howie Carr calls them — every time the public gets its hands on an actual ballot, it votes for: less immigration, punishing employers who hire illegals, no government services for illegals, no driver’s licenses for illegals, no amnesty ever, English-only and Donald Trump.

    What the media call a “bipartisan deal” didn’t even meet the basic definition of a “deal.”

    For at least a decade now, the argument for amnestying the Nightmares has been: Screw the parents. THEY SUCK! They were the lawbreakers … but don’t blame the innocent children (single typewriter key) brought-here-through-no-fault-of-their-own.

    Then we get to see the big bipartisan deal, and it’s: We amnesty the kids — but also the parents! Not only is this not meeting Trump halfway, it’s also doubling the distance.

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  16. Elizabeth Carter says:

    Do you hear what I hear?

    DACA kids who are productive members of society can stay. – That eliminates most of them.
    The productive ones are keepers and the others go back. This will also set the parameters for Merit Based immigration.

    DACA kids parents came in illegally and cannot stay. Send the parents back home and let them fix their own country. The parents cannot come back because they broke our laws.

    DACA kids can’t have Anchor Babies.
    No citizenship available to them that way.

    DACA kids cannot draw welfare, food stamps, free medical, housing subsidies etc.
    Employers will have to pay them a competing wage and cannot receive “Corporate Welfare” from taxpayers to make it cheaper to hire non-citizens. Employers won’t be as willing to hire them and they will have to do special accounting for them. This creates a level playing field for American citizen employees.

    DACA kids – 10-12 year path to citizenship.
    They won’t be able to vote until they become citizens.
    Democrats won’t need non-voters so they won’t be interested in keeping them.

    This sounds good to me so far.

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  17. He got the prestitutes under control on this. Me personally think he won’t meet with Mueller. He can say due to busy schedule! He’s smarter than his lawyers! Got everyone advising him on TV. You think he is not watching Dershowitz?


  18. Kristin says:

    We have a President who is not afraid of the hyenas, the jackals and the little wormy vermin. For he is The Lion, the king of the jungle.
    I love my President.
    God speed and tell them all there in Davos how it’s going to go: America First and the world will follow.

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  19. Luke of the D says:

    I hate amnesty and DACA as much as any other Treeper here, but some here still seem to get all emotional when President Trump speaks his mind! President Trump will not “be a one term” president for saying something about DACA. Grow up and calm down! Trump is the master negotiator. Trump is in control of the conversation. Saying something good about DACA just throws off the counter arguments (how can you argue Trump is racist if he says the DACA kids are good people, hmm?), yet he has never waved from his original goals. His immigration points are concrete and have not changed AT ALL since he posted them BEFORE the election. Don’t become a nervous nelly like the media wants you to be! Stay on the Trump Train… the swamp below is deep and dark and we don’t want you to fall off into it! Have faith. President Trump will only make a deal if it is good for America.

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  20. magatrump says:

    I am ok with what the President is saying about Daca ad long as we can make sure that the ones who do not apply for citizenship path which would take 10-12 yrs are not allowed to draw welfare and are deported.

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  21. Elwood says:

    Maybe he meant that it would be Mueller who would be under oath?


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