Deep Weeds Beyond “The Big Ugly”…

Allow me to share right away that if you haven’t followed the entire fourteen months of discussion surrounding The Big Ugly, this is not a discussion thread you will enjoy.

This is more digestible by those who have a comprehensive understanding of the 2016 back-story behind the DOJ and FBI surveillance program of Candidate Donald Trump, then President Trump, and the FISA-701(16)(17) issues therein.

On this subject, as with a few in the past, CTH has presented intricacies beyond the current story.

Oddly, when this happens, and specifically because of our prior crowd-sourcing track record, we pick up ‘nodes’, operational insiders who are curious about how we construct and predict seemingly invisible action.

That said, this entire Justice Department surveillance operation did not start with candidate Donald Trump.  It has been going on, albeit with slightly different methods, for many years.  The past 20 +/- years have seen an exponential growth of the electronic use of U.S. Justice Department political surveillance.

Hundreds of federal and state officials are monitored, and the reason therein is not as riddled with complexity as we might think.  The motives are not deep, they’re shallow. Ultimately, it is all about money.  If an entity can know, in advance, what actions are going to be taken by State and Federal officials, an entity can make massive amounts of money.  Think about government contract bids submitted electronically as one example.

There are billions of billions to be made with the right information.  As such, there are millions of millions to be spent on obtaining that information.  Everything is up for sale.

Hardware and infrastructure is not installed by government; it is installed by contractors who work for government.  Hardware is not manufactured by government, it is manufactured by contractors.  Which is more valuable: the door key into your home or the pass-code for the security system?

The metadata collection Ed Snowden discussed was the tip of the iceberg.  Snowden was inside the system, he discussed how information was gathered.  Snowden never discussed who actually controls the weaponization of the information from the outside.  Who pays?

Who pays for access to systems?  Who pays the DOJ and FBI officials for access?  Who pays for the information.  Ultimately, who controls that information.  It is all connected.

A reasonable guess would be eight-out-of-ten federal politicians are paid by entities outside government for access to existing systems and hardware.  Just because the system is intelligence, and might have national security ramifications, doesn’t change the process.

The Awan Brothers should be a solid reference point.  Watch:


Just like lobbyists paying politicians to write legislation beneficial to those paying for services, so too are foreign and domestic entities paying for access to federal and state information.  This has been happening so frequently the actual scale of the problem is larger than any capacity of the system to self-correct internally.

Almost every entity within the current political system is dependent on retention of a pay-for-information network that has been built-out over the past 15+/- years.  The scope of the growth in selling political information began escalating with Bill Clinton, by the first-year of President Obama’s second-term the growth was exponential.

Look at the number of people occupying K-Street offices in Washington DC.

Consider the sheer growth volume of lobbying expenditures:

See the scale of growth?

♦ Selling Information – There are massive metadata files on all key public officials.  The higher the official is in the influence chain, the move valuable their data-file.   Within their file EVERYTHING about them is available for purchase.  What they do, what they purchase, who they call, where they are, who they lunch with, who paid, what they ate, where they travel, what they are working on, etc. everything is available.

If an entity has a financial stake based on engagement with one or more of those officials, it is entirely possible to purchase the file (whole or in part).   This is the type of data, the type of business model, that Glenn Simpson, Bean LLC, aka ‘Fusion-GPS’ engage with.

Every keystroke the targeted official enters, in business or profession, is available for purchase; so too is the same information available on every one of their colleagues and family members; and that purchase can extend to their friends and their friends families.

The Awan Brothers were simply brokers for this type of information.

It is a massive business.  The annual federal budget is $4,000,000,000,000.00 +/-

Four trillion is four thousand billions.

It is specifically because of the financial opportunity within this business model the United States Justice Department has been corrupted.  Institutionally corrupted, top-to-bottom.

It is almost beyond the scope of us to understand is how incredibly difficult this is to fix.

What Chairman Devin Nunes, Chairman Bob Goodlatte, Chairman Chuck Grassley and Inspector General Michael Horowitz are trying to do is no less than an institutional purge to the entire U.S. Justice Department, while simultaneously keeping it running.

Beyond what those reformers are attempting we have the U.S. State Department – same problem, same scale, same issues.  Secretary Rex Tillerson is only beginning to scrape the surface of the problem.

Imagine how much more challenging it would be if the corrupt institution currently being confronted by Nunes, Goodlatte, Grassley and Horowitz was spread over the entire planet?

Think about it?

That’s currently Secretary Tillerson’s challenge to manage and control…..

…. we haven’t even begun to fathom that yet.


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  1. ladypenquin says:

    Of all the articles/updates Sundance has written, this is probably the one which should frighten people the most. Never, in a million years, could we have believed such selling out of the country.

    I’ve thought all along that this went back years – the spying and corruption; it didn’t just begin because of candidate Trump, but the scope and magnitude is something I can barely comprehend.

    And, as SD pointed out – fixing it is an incredible challenge. Almost reminds me of historic military battles, where against all odds, a victory was won by the righteous. Maybe that’s why Donald Trump’s presidency brought a sense, that finally, we have our George Washington.

    Why? Because it was George Washington who we needed.

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    • Orygun says:

      When you look at the history of the two World Wars it is like the Treaty of Versailles was designed to create the next World War. The Roosevelt administration promoting the communist revolution left half of Europe under the Soviet bloc and left us with Communists running China.

      The constant turmoil the world is in has led me to believe that it is all by design for profit and power. This mess we are in has its roots more than a century back and the evil that was pulling strings is generational and needs to be pulled out root and branch.

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      • All American Snowflake says:


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      • Winston says:

        It is indeed, find who said this quote and you will find the culprits.
        “If my sons did not want war, there would be no war “.
        The merchants of death , own and fund both sides in every war.
        Assured profit no matter who wins.Its their MO in every situation.
        Usually why nothing changes whichever party wins in an election, minor
        social things , but always wars and death, which is far from minor.
        “War is a Racket’, Major General Smedley Butler USMC, read it and
        weep for the cannon fodder we supply for others to profit from.

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        • Meriadoc01 says:

          The quote was supposedly uttered by the mother of the Rothschilds’.


          • Winston says:

            There you have it, they funded Bonaparte and the British.Their model ever since.
            Heads they win tails we lose.
            A conservative estimate of their wealth runs to hundreds of trillions.
            Death is very profitable,

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            • Winston says:

              I mean both sides as well.Bolsheviks and Hitler too.Thru’ NYC banks they control,which
              is most of them when you untangle the shareholdings .Their front man was Prescott Bush, just as JP Morgan was a generation before.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        Orygun, and my husband completely agrees as he lived under both Hitler and Stalin and the Potsdam agreement was just pushing another war to come. Remember, Roosevelt was an outright democrat and created havoc. So many listening to him on the radio saying America would not go to war was pure lying as apparently he was informed that an attack would take place on Hawaii. Can’t trust any democrat nor RINO in today’s world, but take back the reins of our Republic and control of Congress and any president against us and ours and there have been many unfortunately. God heard our prayers and gave us Pres. Trump so we better not blow it.


    • Good Job! says:

      If an entity can know, in advance, what actions are going to be taken by State and Federal officials, an entity can make massive amounts of money. Think about government contract bids submitted electronically as one example.

      Sounds like a job for Fusion GPS!

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    • Carrie2 says:

      lady, unfortunately most humans will sell their souls for money or benefits and this has been since time immemorial, sad to say. Greed and power motivate way too many humans and always will. Only those who love honesty and truth have souls that will love their country or world, but as time has gone by so many have become secularized and morals and ethics mean nothing if they live the high life. Ratting on others is not only in children but many adults as well. Threatening your life makes you more willing to become part of the problem. Money talks and all else walks. Trust today is an iffy thing as people have been convinced there is no God (Creator) but only today and actually that chaos still reigns. For those of us who follow God’s laws of morals, ethics and values we are many but need to be stronger and looking to defending this gift of our America and its Pres.Trump. We are many and we are strong and we will get done what has to be done as has been done over millennia and that is fight and remove those against us and our country and our beliefs and faith in God. So, we must stand firm and convinced and not wail and complain but be prepared…


  2. iwasthere says:

    Meh, a lot of the DC ‘favor factory’ has been codified into law. For example, under the AIA (passed like 98-2) an administrative ‘court’ was created at USPTO. This so called court has jurisdiction, at any time, to revoke an issued US patent. This is basically the French system of patents (but worse because it mixes our Common law system of property rights with the EU system of ‘by your leave’ of the King). So now we have a patent system wherein a real court and a real jury can adjudicate validity and infringement and award money damages for infringement at law, that judgment can be appealed and sustained to a ‘finality’ wherein the doctrines of res judicata, issue and claim preclusion attach (in other words a final final judgment with all the due process required), but even after this the USPTO ‘court’ can invalidate the patent and in effect vacate the relief of money damage and/or injunctive relief. So guess who passed this law? That’s right google. And guess who is in charge of the new special Executive court? That’s right. A former google employee. And guess what that former google employee does where her private ‘court’ upholds a patent? in the first 3 ‘judge’ panel? That’s right, she creates another panel to get the results she wants — typically reversing a 2-1 decision (three member panel) with a 3-2 decision (5 member panel). Many believe the case at SCOTUS (Oil States) is actually much bigger than the now corrupted US patent system, and will address the larger Federalist Society issue – concerning the scope of the many administrative courts created in the last 20 years. Make no mistake people, these administrative courts are NOT the independent judiciary guaranteed under the Constitution. They are star chambers – wherein DC favors are dispensed – to the well healed and well connected. Judge Gorsuch is a huge believer in our Consitution and many court watchers think it could be 5-4 in favor of stopping the expansion of the administrative state and restoring the right to have property disputes adjudicated by an independent judiciary. (This is actually the issue in Hayburn’s Case, the corollary to the more famous Marbury v. Madison case). The amicus briefs are very good explaining our rights under the Constitution and how Obama and google created what was called the King’s privy court aka the ‘star chamber’ which is antithetical to our rights. Anyways, a good read for our Tea Party brothers and sisters, to understand how our rights were taken with this ‘complexity’ as Nigel Farage has argued.

    Panel stacking.

    Oil States.

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  3. In order to make a big dent in this mess, we’re going to need our President the full 8 years, plus a MAGA president right behind him for two full terms. Additionally, we need to stockpile Congress with MAGA candidates and throw out the Uniparty shills who will not get with MAGA because they will not disengage from the udders of the multinational lobbying cash cow.
    This is where we come in. Find the MAGA candidates, vet them well, then spread the word like wildflowers. We can do this! It will get a little easier once President Trump is done annihilating the Dem state-run media.

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  4. D. Manny says:

    What we have to understand is, Obama never needed the FISA warrant to spy on Trump.

    Obama was already getting all the information they needed without the FISA warrant. So why did they obtain one?

    To CYA, as an insurance policy for the media, and since they couldn’t indict anybody in a court of law with mere 702 About Queries AND since they didn’t have enough information for a criminal warrant, a FISA warrant was used as the vehicle to transfer poisonous fruit into edible fruit that could be used in a court of law.

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      They did not obtain a FISA warrant because the FISA court turned them down. They instead had people with high security clearances use FISA 702 Queries to get information on Trump and those associated with him. Yes you hear MSM and others say they procured FISA warrants but that is a lie and just chaff to obfuscate the truth of the matter. They never received a FISA warrant.


  5. youme says:

    Remembering “Deep Throat” former associate director of the FBI William Mark Felt who took down President Nixon.

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  6. 20+ years encompasses Republican control of Congress and President George W. Bush’s two terms. The Clinton Administration infested the federal bureaucracy with its cockroaches, no doubt there. But President George W. Bush and his Administration’s refusal to go after the massive corruption and crimes committed by the Clintons thereby allowed the corruption to metastisize,

    I always wondered why the GOP-controlled Congress & Senate mistreated and disrespected President George W. Bush, so badly. They squandered so much time and power they could’ve used to accomplish so much.

    Our federal government is thoroughly corrupt and both parties are responsible. So we’re not just up against Democrats, we’re up against corrupt Republicans, too. It’s appalling to realize and absorb just how many “public servants” went along with this corrupt enterprise.

    Sundance is so right – THOSE BUYING THE DATA need to be exposed! Those entities benefitting from doing business with the federal government must be held to account. Those entities given access to secret information about powerful government officials, House Representatives and Senators and their staffs, families, friends need to be exposed, as well.

    The federal government officials who gave access to these folks need to go to prison! HOW DARE THEY? In my wildest dreams, I never imagined our own FBI would give access to top secret data collected by the NSA to political opposition smear merchants like Fusion GPS and CrowdStrike. This is just staggeringly appalling.

    Everyone working for these corrupt bureaucracies needs to be fired. The federal employees unions must be disbanded and outlawed! Civil service regulations must be completely reformed. We must put an end to this corruption!

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  7. youme says:


  8. missilemom says:

    My biggest concern is back room talks about whether the release of information could bring down the country. It will take courage to root out this evil. Swamp spokesman, Adam Schiff, is suggesting
    the American people can’t handle the truth. No, we can no longer handle the lies.

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  9. Patsy says:

    Maxine Waters bragging about Obama’s magnificent Data base. Kept deep swamp in check

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  10. youme says:

    China’s All-Seeing Surveillance State Is Reading Its Citizens’ Faces
    In vast social-engineering experiment, facial-recognition systems crunch data from ubiquitous cameras to monitor citizens
    Facial-recognition technology, once a specter of dystopian science fiction, is becoming a feature of daily life in China, where authorities are using it on streets, in subway stations, at airports and at border crossings in a vast experiment in social engineering. Their goal: to influence behavior and identify lawbreakers.

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  11. youme says:

    The elites never go to jail
    “So Lagarde’s negligence cost the French people over 400 million euros.”

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      she’s part of obama’s network still installed around the world. what ever she says, don’t believe

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      • Caius Lowell says:

        Ever read, “All the President’s Muses?
        Not for those with a weak stomach — what is it with women?


        • Lucille says:

          You ask, “What is it with women?” The same thing it is with men, Caius.

          Running toward evil is always easier than running toward the good. The good means you have to care about others–the person, the spirit, the soul. Following evil enables you to think only of yourself, your profit, your pleasures.

          Mark 8:36
          For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

          Psalm 1
          Blessed is the one
          who does not walk in step with the wicked
          or stand in the way that sinners take
          or sit in the company of mockers,
          but whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
          and who meditates on his law day and night.
          That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
          which yields its fruit in season
          and whose leaf does not wither—
          whatever they do prospers.
          Not so the wicked!
          They are like chaff
          that the wind blows away.
          Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment,
          nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.
          For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous,
          but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.

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          • phattcat says:

            Some run to evil to confront it.

            Wayne Kyle: [to his sons] There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. Some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist in the world, and if it ever darkened their doorstep, they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. Those are the sheep.

            Wayne Kyle: Then you’ve got predators who use violence to prey on the weak. They’re the wolves.

            Wayne Kyle: And then there are those blessed with the gift of aggression, an overpowering need to protect the flock. These men are the rare breed who live to confront the wolf. They are the sheepdog.

            Be the sheepdog


            • Lucille says:

              Running toward evil requires knowledge of oneself, one’s strengths and especially one’s weaknesses and a complete reliance upon our Creator God. Otherwise, a sheepdog may be devoured by a timber wolf from which he has no protection.

              1 Peter 5:8
              Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

              Vigilanti Semper!


  12. youme says:

    Only President Trump is in touch with America

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  13. Doppler says:

    Thanks for pointing this out Sundance. When Snowden made his revelations, my thought was, for every Snowden who would sacrifice his life in defense of the fourth amendment, there are at least ten, and more likely hundreds, who would secretly sell the information. You do not mention the biggest money-making opportunity: predatory hedge funds in search of publicly traded assets that may be overvalued, and which can be targeted with leveraged derivatives, bought while the value is high, then sold when it tanks for large profit. The NSA query function seems ideally suited for accumulating insider information about companies and assets of interest, and with obviously ineffective methods to maintain accountability (provided you can corrupt someone in the right place). Let’s see, who engineered both the use of derivatives to leverage this model (“the man who broke the Bank of England”), and has his PhD in “Reflexivity,” the dark arts of what causes investor opinion to value assets differently from their inherent value? The man who organized similarly inclined hedge funds into a lobbying group? The man whose funds gained 20% when the value of the world’s public markets lost half their value in 2008-09? The man who funds innumerable think tanks, foundations, pays for academic research supporting his manipulations, and buys politicians by the hundreds? The man who, according to the intercepted memo or email that James Comey used to justify taking the HRC decision into his own hands, asked for and got reassurance from Debbie Wasserman Schultz that Loretta Lynch would not let the Clinton server investigation go too far?

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    • Jeff E. says:

      Your defense of Snowden is curious, what are you doing at this website?


      • rf121 says:

        Stating his opinion like all of us do.


      • Doppler says:

        Would we know about PRISM and Vault 7, etc., without Snowden and Assange, and did they do what they do for money, or out of their sense of what is right (agree with them or not)? Where else does accountability come when the FBI Counterintelligence Division and parts of the DOJ appear to have gone rogue?

        I mean, why NOT talk to Assange about his ability to prove where the DNC leak came from, since it went to him and he is a unique primary witness to the leak transaction in question? It’s his word against Clapper, Comey and Brennan, and all of them should be forced to divulge their forensic evidence to be reviewed by a team of impartial experts.


    • SOROS is an enemy of the state!

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      The NSA query function seems ideally suited for accumulating insider information about companies and assets of interest, and with obviously ineffective methods to maintain accountability (provided you can corrupt someone in the right place). Let’s see, who engineered both the use of derivatives to leverage this model (“the man who broke the Bank of England”), and has his PhD in “Reflexivity,” the dark arts of what causes investor opinion to value assets differently from their inherent value?

      Very interesting. Yes. Soros was almost an insider with Hell-Spawn Hillary in place as both the Queen of State and basically the co-signer of the CIA.

      So at the very top of the parasite food chain, we have the most highly organized and intelligent parasites. I like it.

      Yup. Irresponsible politicians “lettin’ ’em in”. BIG problem. Congress is bad, but when it happens in the executive, it’s a real can of worms.

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      • Caius Lowell says:

        People talk about socialism and communism, but that’s so 20th century — the real money is in 21st century Davos-style globalization and DC-style centralization. Oh what a tangled web we have woven…


    • ForGodandCountry says:

      You’re talking about George Soros, who was a Nazi collaborator…a man whose role and influences in so much of what is happening today goes WOEFULLY unreported and uninvestigated.

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      • Caius Lowell says:

        I’ve been to a couple of these so-called “elite” insider fests, and I’m just now realizing why my soliloquies on nationalism, honesty, and patriotism are met with such bemusement…


      • Alligator Gar says:

        And again, I must ask the question no one wants to answer. Why have the Israeli NA*I hunters not rounded this pos up yet? They go after 90+ year old German men all the time.


    • Yes, connect ALL the dots, and the face drawn in the picture is George Sorros. Hedge Funds.

      Likewise see Jeremy Grantham energy investor poisoning the world with bogus global warming fraud. It’s easy. You buy a few academics, small change, and they hold Goverments hostage with virtue-signalling “environmentalism” , to manipulate national energy policy.

      Follow the money, I think you have it nailed. The money leads back to the Hedge Funds.


  14. Bendix says:

    Yes, this stuff does tend to give me a headache.
    I have been good at discovering the puzzle pieces, on my own, but fitting them into the big picture is such an arduous process, with so many false leads.
    A few points I want to throw out – your “credit score”. What is that, what is it really for? Why should a non-governmental agency compile tremendous ‘dossiers’ on everyone, which even include your buying habits, to create “profiles”, which you don’t even know exist?
    One of the key provisions of Obamacare is the forcing of your physician, right there in the examining room with you, to perform the clerical function of data entry into the government’s file on you.
    Make no mistake about it, that information goes to the government, and once it is out there, there is no control at all over who gets it.
    How did Eliot Spitzer get brought down? Yes, it was discovered that he was involved with prostitutes, but how did he go from Client 9 to the man who los the governorship? Hint: it involves the government snooping in your bank records.
    I once saw a Montel show on financial crime and credit fraud. One of the audience members asked the question, of a panel of experts, “You say never give out your social security number, but I am constantly being asked for it from all sorts of places. What do I do?”
    The “experts” and the host had no answer for her.
    Now for a citizen to fly from place to place we will need to get all our most personal documents together and hand them over to the DMV.
    Think how easy it will be to ground people who make their living traveling around the country giving talks, if someone does not like what they have to say.
    So far, all the losses of our liberties have not affected the would be terrorists one bit.
    It isn’t a war on terror, it’s the government versus us, and the government includes a lot more than people think it does.
    The clerk at the mini-market who won’t sell a tourist in his late sixties, with white hair, a beer, because he doesn’t have a California state driver’s license, has taken it upon himself to use a regulation to give himself unjustifiable authority over a free human being.
    I think I blame Bush for this worse than all of them, except of course Obama. No, Obama was only taking the surveillance state Bush handed him to the next level.


  15. Southern Son says:

    But, but…where is Jeff? /s
    In 3, 2, 1.


    • D. Manny says:

      There’s three investigations ongoing into this matter. What would you expect Sessions could find that the others couldn’t?


  16. Southern Son says:

    But, but…where is Jeff? /s
    In 3, 2, 1.


  17. Caius Lowell says:

    This article answers a question I’ve had for a while. Some say that the world of espionage and spying has never been better. Since there aren’t that many wars going on, I wondered what these people doing espionage and spy-like activity are doing? This article tells me that: they are spying on each other for fun and profit — and all at the expense of the too-trusting, rule-following citizens of the formerly UK countries ‘cuz that’s where the wealth is. Well isn’t that a fine how-do-you do? BTW, thx again SD…

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  18. JL says:

    It might be useful to think of the entire government data system as an information stock market. The real power here is for the insider trader who knows who is asking for what information and why. Who has the power to make a stock more valuable?

    Pharma lobbyist X is looking for all the phone calls that Congressman Y made concerning legislation around approval of limiting drug profits with the key search term being ‘limiting drug profits’. If Congressman Y is against limiting profits, then that’s time, wining and dining, and money saved, and lobbyist X can move onto the next congressman.

    But wait. What if Congressman Y knows that lobbyist X is looking for information on him? A call or two to some known proponents on limiting drug profits saying something like, “I just can’t decide how to vote on limiting drug profits‘ , and suddenly Congressman Y’s ‘stock’ value goes way up.

    All the same gimmicks in the stock market are at work here. The question is, if you wanted to bring down a company’s stock value, what would you say or do?

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  19. Doppler says:

    Zerohedge reports that the FBI’s failure to retain Strzok messages appears to be contradicted by DOJ IG statements previously claiming to have asked for and received them.

    Either IG thought he’d received them, but then found big, unexplained gaps, and this lame excuse is in response to a demand for explanation, or those destroying evidence have again blundered bigly. [OR, the report of destruction was false, part of a sting and designed to stimulate co-conspirator conversation, clarifying what the constraints are on their future positions to take (“confess what is known, claim ignorance as to all else”), thus smoking out additional participants creating additional evidence of their guilt].

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  20. reverence1 says:

    Have been following CTH for a few months now and, as a foreigner, not knowing the key-players, not knowing the exact political structures, not following your media, … the Trump-“wire-taping” story was not so easy to understand and follow.
    Yet this article is very clear for me (of course using the basis of what I learned here). My first reaction: the puzzled faces and statements of our european politicians after the arrival of President Trump: “we don’t know what he is up to”, “we cannot understand his policies”, “he is unpredictable” … So what is now clear for me: their flow of information has suddenly been disturbed. …
    The other day, I was wondering, why the Atlantik-Brücke, “A non-profit association in service of German-American Friendship” (membership on invitation only) comments so negatively about President Trump:
    Obviously their operation has been jammed. But they are probably only the political face of the operation, only one visible part …
    The other thing, which came up for me, is that the basic principle is not so new, but the scope is now so gigantic with the sums at stake and with the tools available.

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  21. jeans2nd says:

    Problems presented. Yet few solutions. What to do?
    It would appear that much of this is already being remedied. Just takes a wee bit of walking amongst the deep seaweeds. And paying attention, of course.

    When AG Jeff took office, a good part of AG Jeff’s early schedule included travel to, and speeches in, local FBI offices. AG Jeff’s talents do not include making speeches. Every speech was nearly the same.

    But each speech was specifically taylored to the local audience, celebrating local achievements, and mourning the loss of local LEOs KIA and Wounded In Action.

    Listening sessions were held with each local office. Programs were announced that assisted and enabled local FBI agents and local DOJ prosecutors to better do their jobs. More tools were created, and existing tools were improved.

    AG Sessions found money in the DOJ budget to hire more DOJ prosecutors. These new DOJ prosecutors will be sent to local FBI/DOJ offices in the states, not D.C.

    Local cases that had never been permitted to proceed were allowed to move forward. Priority was given to human traffickers and MS-13 criminals. ICE agents were permitted to finally do their jobs.

    Believe it or not, there are more good guy LEOs and prosecutors than bad guys. The local good guys have been stifled for a very long time. The good guys have been now been unleashed, with support from AG Jeff.
    Rumor has it that those local IAD guys are relentless against dirty cops.

    The mafia is a good example of how this operates. Yes, the mafia consists of bad guys who do bad things. But the local mafia guys make certain that their own local communities are protected and kept safe.

    A valid conclusion could be that the changes are being made locally, although indications are D.C. has begun their own local cleanup. For the past several decades the bad guys have been allowed to rule, dancing to D.C.’s tune. All it takes, though, is one trusted good guy to take over and the good guys come out of the weeds.
    We finally have that one trusted good guy.

    It appears the same thing is happening at the State Dept, by one good guy supporting countries with leaders who want to help and cleanup their own countries. Would that the State Dept bad guys would leave faster.

    This will take time, much time, hopefully not decades.
    Our current culture enables those who glorify themselves. Perhaps the good guys will begin to recognize a few of their own publicly. Pay attention to who are your own local good guys, and promote them publicly and loudly. More good guys will emerge and come forward.

    Ultimately, the good guys win.
    Word is, God is still in business.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Oh yes, the money. Audits.

      The DOD is finally being audited. When SecDef Mattis took over, the DOD was still in the planning process, planning to layout the procedures to follow for an audit.

      Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children said screw this, and started the USMC audit anyway, sans planning, proceedures, policy, whatever. The audit is now proceding.
      Yes, they did. Really

      As usual, send in the Marines. We got this. Start the audits, everywhere. ‘Rah


  22. Nevman says:

    I have never been a conspiracy theorist but learning all of this makes me start to wonder if 9-11, while not being an inside job, was maybe allowed to happen so that we would be inclined to give up more freedom for more surveillance.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. rayvandune says:

    I suggest a picture of the US Capitol, with House on one side and Senate on the other, and the caption… THEY ALL KNEW

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Donna in Oregon says:

    Maxine Waters discussing Obama’s database…….the PERS theft of all Federal employees. Those were background checks with personal information on entire families. Fingerprints.

    There has been a distinct lack of interest in stopping the theft of the META data hacks of all our personal information. Obama did nothing to stop it, the Bush admin. didn’t do anything to stop it either.

    The last hack was the Equifax Credit Bureau hack of 143 million customers.

    Where did the information go? Did anyone, anywhere explain? Nope…..

    Liked by 1 person

  25. J Doe says:

    Reread T. Kascynski Manifesto concerning the unholy alliances between govt, academia, military/industrial complex in light of what is going on today. He deserves punishment for his cowardly acts however he saw something way back then that is just now being revealed. His writings were ridiculed at the time but make more sense with each passing week…the deep state made sure he would be silenced until the end of his days. He warned us all…we chose not to listen.


  26. LibertyONE says:

    The old adage….MONEY talks…SHIT WALKS!. $ 3.1 BILLION spent by lobbyists says it all, and that’s the money reported. WHY do you think these POS in D.C , for the most part, walk out as millionaires.The larger part of them are “legal” thiefs.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Colleen Mancuso says:

    So, the 5 months of text messages are NOT lost after all, right?!


  28. Norman Ball says:

    “It is almost beyond the scope of us to understand is how incredibly difficult this is to fix.”

    Beneath the veneer of Big Ugly lurks a Bigger Ugly. It’s ugly all the way down.

    Globalism has helped erode the vectors fostering the national affinities that have traditionally kept many from such ‘parochial’ blood-and-soil crimes as treason and sedition. This is a deeply moral quandary. If selling out America amounts to little more than an information-arbitrage opportunity between two global cantons, where’s the moral beef? Can it even be called corruption?

    What does the military tell itself, you know, those chumps who still fight for a long overtaken notion of country? I guess they didn’t pay enough attention to their predecessor Smedley Butler. Oh well. You snooze, you lose your mind guarding the CIA’s Afghan poppy fields. Isn’t why the kids over there off themselves faster than the Taliban can get a bullet in? They’re in the belly of the cognitive dissonance Chamber of Lies.

    –Full Spectrum Domino


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