January 21st – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #367

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Sarah H Sanders Twitter @SHSanders45

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1,108 Responses to January 21st – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #367

  1. Pam says:

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  2. Pam says:

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  3. Pam says:

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  4. Pam says:

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  5. Pam says:

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Tammy should be in the WH firing her brilliant arrows from the inside out.
      She’s a great talent and mind and highly skillful.
      And can’t be attacked. Great street cred.

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  6. MaineCoon says:

    Reading the Redditt site on Q post. Excerpts below.


    Jan 21 2018 14:06:20
    Q !UW.yye1fxo

    “Stage SC [AS [187]]”
    Refers to “Stage SC [AS [187]]” which looks like “Stage Supreme Court [Antonin Scalia [Police Code for Murder]]”

    Staged supreme court’s antonin scalia’s death

    Q just dropped that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was assassinated by the cabal that tried to destroy America

    It’s in the Podesta emails! [Scripted; like a movie]]

    So is voter machine rigging!


  7. Concerned Virginian says:

    Dear CTH family:
    Taking time out for a minute. Just saw this, had to link it:
    scroll down to near bottom of page under “Virginia News”:
    “Former FBI Director James Comey to teach ethics and leadership course at The College of William & Mary starting next fall, the school announced Friday.”

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  8. Pam says:


  9. Pam says:


  10. linda4298 says:

    http://dailycaller.com/2018/01/21/dems-polled-government-shutdown/ A Super PAC allied with Senate Democrats commissioned a poll in 12 battleground states to determine which party would be blamed if a shutdown was tied to the legal status of dreamers. The poll found Democrats absorb most of the blame in such a scenario.

    The poll, which was conducted in December by Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group on behalf of Senate Majority PAC, also found that blame for a shutdown would be split between Trump and Republicans, and Democrats in Congress, WaPo reported.


  11. Donna in Oregon says:

    I find this all so frustrating that the focus is so distorted because details are ignored. For instance:

    The CIA was right up in this from the beginning. For the love of God, Brennan said this in testimony .

    “Brennan said in July 2016 he set up a task force that included FBI agents and National Security Agency officials to look into Russian election meddling. Sometime last summer, he then formally referred intelligence reports on the Russia-Trump campaign contacts to the FBI for further investigation.”


    **Note: Soros had CIA contacts.

    Why is this always ignored? Why?

    This is how criminals skate. The devil is in the details. Details….details……details.
    This is part of it and it keeps getting ignored.

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  12. sgtrok13 says:

    House of cards put FISA and the NSA into perspective. It’s funny that it’s Kevin Spacey’s Character explaining it.


  13. sgtrok13 says:

    House of cards put FISA and the NSA into perspective. It’s funny that it’s Kevin Spacey’s Character explaining it.


  14. zephyrbreeze says:

    Meanwhile – at the woman’s march:

    Daniel Evangelista, 17, dressed as a rooster, Knox Johnson, 16, dressed as Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Rachel Rowland, dressed as a panda, and Luke Evangelista, 15, dressed as Captain America, laugh and joke around before completing “The Big Hug” near Tropicana Field on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

    The Big Hug, an event organized by a group of kids from the Tampa Bay area, is a worldwide attempt to to break the record for largest group hug in St. Petersburg. The group joined simultaneous hugs from around the country, and held the hug for 10 seconds. A worldwide hug also occurred, where people from Europe, Africa, and Canada participated. The group attempted to set the record for most amount of people hugging in the state of Florida as well.


  15. kinthenorthwest says:

    Think most of us knew Lynch had a large part in the Obama/Hillary messes. I actually feel Lynch was orchestrating most of them..

    Wait.. What? Loretta Lynch Already Knew Comey Would Let Hillary Go Free When Announcing She Would Accept FBI’s Conclusion


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