Representative Matt Gaetz Interview With Judge Jeanine Pirro Surrounding FISA Abuse Memo…

Representative Matt Gaetz discusses the FISA-702 House Intelligence memo with Judge Jeanine Pirro:

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156 Responses to Representative Matt Gaetz Interview With Judge Jeanine Pirro Surrounding FISA Abuse Memo…

  1. fleporeblog says:

    Patience is everything right now. Not only are we trying to build the foundation so that those at the top pay for their crimes, we are also working on destroying the Mueller investigation. Once the memo is released, the pressure on Rosenstein will be enormous to shutdown the investigation. We literally can kill two birds with one stone.

    The fact that these treasonous bastards are losing their collective minds in anticipation to the day that they know is coming makes the wait glorious in my mind. Have you heard a word from any of them in the past week. They can’t say anything about the shutdown of the government etc. The reason is that Devin Nunes, Admiral Rogers, IG Horowitz, Chuck Grassley, Bob Goodlatte, Christopher Wray, Jeff Sessions and the other White Hats in the House Have them surrounded.

    They are literally dying a slow death in the minds. Their bodies are beginning to eat them from the inside out because they are unable to eat or hold down food. Their minds are playing out every single scenario in the book. As they pop their pills and drink their booze in order to fall asleep, they are realizing that they need to increase the amounts daily because their minds are overcoming the effects of the pills and alcohol.

    This is causing them to go deeper and deeper into depression. Their only solace is the fact that their gun sitting on their nightstand is still there waiting for the moment that they build up their courage to finally allow them to escape and sleep without anything running through their minds or the possibility of waking up again.

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  2. wheatietoo says:

    Matt Gaetz is really going right up to the edge of ‘divulging too much’, isn’t he.
    Right up to the edge.

    Thank you, Congressman Gaetz!

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  3. Dad says:

    Sundance I hope you will write a book about this…I will buy it…you are unbelievably prescient, I hope you have someone whispering in your ear, I feel dumb next to you

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  4. Jainphx says:

    Funny how treasonous activity by government officials, takes votes and lawyers to bring to the attention of the people. Since when are our elected officials forbidden to report crime when its found?

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    • Thecleaner says:

      You tend to notice the consistant wording of “heads will roll” “crimes may have been comimtted”
      Sounds like they are prepping the ground for “administrative action”…losing jobs and pensions
      Publicly releasing your “evidence” before indicting the guilty and the political rhetoric surrounding it does not bode well for prosecutions unfortunately…

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      • Never Say Anything says:

        Exactly. If there are criminal prosecutions to be had, they would not release *anything* about this case before it goes to court. The fact that they are tells me they don’t have much of a case. They might have a “scandal” and people might get fired, but there will be no prosecutions.

        Or, perhaps, this is why Nunes wrote a memo instead of releasing the actual underlying documents. It could be that a memo won’t interfere with a court case, whereas the release of the actual evidence itself might.

        Need a lawyer to chime in here.


        • tageweb says:

          Never, I see it as the exact opposite. I think they have overwhelming evidence. For example, 9000 more text messages between the “lovers” yet to be shared. And, that is just those two. All those treasonous Scums were so sure of winning, they were careless. The memo is just a summary of thousands of backup documents. Hope I am correct!! Obamagate! MAGA!!!

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        • Donzo says:

          The reason why Feinstein released the Simpson transcript? To damage the prosecution?


      • Treeper Alert: Never forget
        Troll Team ZERO.
        • Thecleaner

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      • ForGodandCountry says:

        I can think of at least 5 reasons why you’re wrong:
        1. The Sessions DOJ has filed over 9,000 sealed indictments since Oct 2017 (look it up, and learn what a “sealed indictment is and why it’s used)
        2. It will be very easy to seat a jury who does not know details of the cases; the public is woefully and manifestly uninformed and disinterested in politics
        3. Public pressure to pursue legal action is necessary in cases like these, hence releasing evidence to the public is necessary (see #1 above….indictments have already been made)
        4. The known evidence already released (ex: Strzok/Page texts) makes it abundantly clear this is not a partisan, political “witch hunt”; gov’t employees are expected to be apolitical in their daily duties and tasks…those that aren’t and abuse their offices in service to partisan politics SHOULD be removed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law
        5. It is impossible to separate the politics from the legal aspects in the case(s) at hand, because politics was the MOTIVE behind the illegalities committed


  5. risasi says:

    Man, Mr. Gaetz’s face is everywhere the last three days. Maybe it’s that cheeseball smile.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope we’re not just getting “punked”. I’m having flashbacks to Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation.

    I hope this memo is just a jump point to all of the FISA treachery and corruption.

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    • Dekester says:

      Strange you would mention Gowdy.

      Gaetz mentioned Nunes, Goodlatte and GOWDY were deciding when the vote was.

      A) I thought he had stepped down from the intell committee

      B) He is a snake and should not be anywhere near this.

      Hopefully Gaetz misspoke.

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    • Kintbury54 says:

      I don’t think there is any punking going on. I remember the shocked look on Nunes’s face early last year.


    • Harleyd says:

      Don’t wait up at night waiting for TRUE justice. If ROOSTER HEAD is in any way near this, the swamp is winning.

      Remember the “penalty” Lois Lerner got. Early retirement and a fat pension.

      Get ready for:

      1. Mistakes were made
      2. We are putting procedures in place to assure the AMERICAN PEOPLE this NEVER happens again
      3. And some heads have rolled or will roll. That means people will lose their jobs, but will keep their pensions and retirement health benefits for life.

      For those wanting to interview the criminals, please report to the beach and get in line. But you may have to pay for interview time.

      Enough of the dance. Ask yourself how this Government would treat you if you had committed 1% of the crimes that are already documented.


  6. thinkthinkthink says:

    God bless Representative Matt Gaetz.

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  7. Drcrinum says:

    …”names are named”…

    …”see the interaction between the various people we have been discussing and the organizations and entities that had a stake in the 2016 election”…

    …”shocked not only at the way information was collected but the way that information was authenticated”…

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  8. Interesting comment about the interaction between names we already know and the “organizations and entities that had a stake in the outcome of the election.”

    I think that pretty much removes the possibility of “rogue employees.” This was directed.

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  9. Sentinel says:

    He confirmed that Rooster Head is working with them on this.

    My confidence is shrinking.

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    • tageweb says:

      I am conflicted about Rooster Head. Look who he was fighting against: Dims, FBI, DOJ, Obama, etc. etc.–NON-STOP lies and stonewalling coming against him, and us. I am willing to give Rooster some leeway and some more time. (Plus Benghazi was caused by a You Tube video /s)


      • The Boss says:

        Rooster is all about political survival for himself. He has accomplished little of substance. All talk. NO action.


      • Harleyd says:

        Let me resolve your conflict re: ROOSTERHEAD.

        Name one positive result that has occurred based on his “work”. Not bloviating or self promoting. A real result.

        You can’t.

        When I first saw him, I was encouraged. A non conformist with a sharp legal mind that was able to formulate a cogent line of questioning.

        But he stops short of getting anything done, despite the evidence.

        Make your life simpler, as we will need clear heads going forward. ROOSTER HEAD is certainly not a White Hat, may not be a Black Hat, and may well prove to be No Hat and No Cattle.


  10. Bern Melman says:

    Rep. Gaetz is scaring me.

    The other day he let out 2 names. That was an unforgivable offense. He is going to undermine the work dozens of people have done. Rep. Jordan is not far behind.

    Sundance has it right. The experienced adults have it under control. These younger people need to get out from in front of the camera and do some blocking and tackling.


  11. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    I don’t think they are all that shocked about the obama DOJ or FBI & their trail of corruption, it was not a secret in most circles…. I think what has them shocked is there is evidence that leads to Obama personally.

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  12. New Nonna to be Again!!! says:

    I’m totally ok w the fact that we’re waiting and waiting for the click of the lighter to ignite this mess and LIGHT IT UP, but I AM a lil skiddish hoping it’s not a punk job on Deplorables.

    I’m patiently waiting to see for myself, and praying. 🙏🙏🙏

    On the one year anniversary, Mr President, thank you, God bless you and keep on working to MAGA. You’re on a roll!

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  13. Ziiggii says:

    SMH the Rooster is involved!

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  14. MVW says:

    Are there any Democrats left that aren’t crooked or treasonous? Why aren’t they out in front of this wanting the sunshine so they can clean up the mess? Instead they are continuing the cover up top to bottom.

    It is time for the Democrats to clean their house.

    One more point. The top of this stinking heap is not Obama, and it is not just about this election, it goes back to Obama’s second run.

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    • WVNed says:

      They appear to be of one mind in their crooked and treasonous ways.


    • Eric L says:

      Sure, just not at the national level.

      If it’s what it’s cracked up to be, there is no cleaning this up. This is the end of the party, doesn’t matter if they’re involved/were involved or whatever. With the exception of the independently wealthy, you have to make a lot of promises and owe a lot of people to make it in national politics. This is death rattle territory, people who could be collateral damage politically probably also have to think about getting in “accidents” with their exercise machines like Harry Reid did.

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    • WSB says:

      I think it goes back to 0’s first run.


  15. MontanaMel says:

    Did anyone else catch the little blurb about HRC “may” be leaving the Country?
    I’m thinking it’s “get out of Dodge” time in her mind…after today’s news…disclosure and all…

    Bet she’s sleeping in some G-650ER right now!…

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  16. David Cyrr says:

    I’m (fairly) new to the house, and i’m really enjoying the educated comments not seen on other blogs. That said, my personal belief is that we should NOT be surprised if ‘they’ decide not to release the information and use the “due to national security” nuke option as an excuse. Trey Gowdy’s involvement in this speaks volumes…….

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  17. KBR says:

    I might have more patience with the waiting for the memo than with some of the speculating by people.

    Its been kinda 🙃crazy-making, ’round here, mainly because when you do not know what will happen, anything could happen.

    Some say it might be ⚔️civil war, some say it will be blood 🔪⛓in the streets, some say the military 🦅will enter the fray, some say none of that is going to occur at all🕊, some swear all the criminals will walk🐾, some swear they will all hang, some say our nation will be damaged by the revelations, others that it will be damaged without them. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Some claim some of the worst never-Trumpers 🤥have changed to Trumpers 🙄, some say never trust a never-Trumper…and some of the former-friendly people 😊have become somewhat vicious 👿even going so far as to use ad-hominem 😩attacks if another dares 😤to hold a different opinion.

    All the while all swear they 😇trust Trump, and 😍love this tree 🌳🏡and “all Treepers” even after beating one another over the head🤕 in disagreements over OPINIONATED speculation with no definitive, (let me repeat definitive), evidence one way or the other.

    So I look forward impatiently, even knowing it will be a while and then some, to the day when CTH returns to calmer reasoning conversation and when some of the increasing numbers of “trollier-than-thous”🐲 👹👺fly away 🦇to wherever their caves might be.

    Thanks for reading my silly rant.😬

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  18. tonyE says:

    I keep thinking that the Dems in the Senate shutting down the Gov is all about providing “media cover” for all of this.

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    • tinkerthinker2 says:

      I never thought they would just give in. Worse than cancer.

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    • 🍺Gunny says:


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      • 🍺Gunny says:

        in response to tonye . The shutdown is just a cover for them to get their act together regarding the memo and other things. They (the big boys) were caught off guard with Hillary’s loss. or they would already have a plan “just in case”. So now they are delaying in every way possible To cover their tracks, set up stop gaps, etc. Their are Trillions at stake. The current names we know are just little fish. Some big ones may be in the memo. So where do the big boys put their “stop gap?” When I say stop gap I mean, stop the info fro going higher. Just like Hillary does. You want a really good example watch the movie with Denzil Washington; “The Eqalizer”. Bunch of Russian Mafia types, low level, causing problems. Denzil takes care of them, but the big boss sends in his “fixer”. Same concept with the clowns we have. Watch the movie. Real close to what we have goin on now. On the dirty side of it.

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  19. filia.aurea says:

    Without illegal voters, democrats will never win another election. DACA numbers reported, 700-800K are grossly understated. DACA is illegal. A complete rewrite of immigration legislation is the only route to legality, and that legislation must be based on Congress’ ONLY constitutional authority: “an uniform Rule of Naturalization”. John Jay in Federalist #2 describes the “naturals”.

    The President’s Election Integrity team uncovered between 3.6 and 4.6 million illegal democrat votes after reviewing data from the States that voluntarily provided the requested data. Obama caused the invasion of Europe by bombing seven countries and creating a refugee crisis. His directive memorandum to DHS, i.e. Deferred deportation for average age 26 years old aliens, bolstered the ongoing illegal invasion of the U.S.A.

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  20. stenwin77 says:

    I used to think Trey Gowdy was a pit bull. I hope Gaetz isn’t Gowdy’s “mini-me”.

    Diane Feinstein can take cold meds and release whatever she pleases w/o oversight … just sayin’.

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  21. shirley49 says:

    I want to see arrests, Get them all before a Grand Jury, want all their illegal money confiscated and them thrown in jail. lf this is not fixed it will continue on for years and at some point we will not recognize this Country. I also want to know what media outlets were involved in the so called dossier.

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  22. smiley says:

    Judge Jeanine : “…taken out in cuffs…”

    amen & copy that

    will it EVER happen ???

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  23. crandew says:

    Will it ever happen? Without a doubt, this was all dirty from the very beginning… and everyone knows it, but will it ever end? I hope they release it soon and that the top heads finally roll. America needs justice over all this.

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  24. JAS says:

    I believe this thing will go as high as Susan Rice. Don’t think they will dare snare someone bigger, if you know what I mean….


  25. Donna in Oregon says:

    Jesus, Mary & Joseph, Release the Memo already!

    Patience my azz! It’s been 30 plus years that these cretins in Washington DC turned anti-American and sold the American people out to the Chinese and any other country that would pay-to-play.

    Getting close to a Constitutional crisis? These morons better get-it-together, some Patriots aren’t as nice as others. Get-it-on or get out of the way.


  26. Florida_Frank says:

    Did you catch that one representative interviewed Friday night about the memo said that the CIA was involved? I think it was on Ingraham’s show…

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  27. Bob Thoms says:

    If someone has been following this scandal in CTH, are they going to be shocked by the memo? Or is this descriptive language at at the less informed?


  28. Cathead says:

    Great scenerio fle. Hopefully your forecast will bear fruit. I myself have contemplated the kind of indigestion these bastards might be suffering.

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  29. 4sure says:

    Fle, what you imagine is not actually happening because It takes a conscience to be guilty in one’s mind. These evil doers of the devil’s work are still busy plotting against us. But, still good optics. Keep at it.


  30. Donzo says:

    Boy are they running scared.
    Here is Schiff on MSNCB:
    CABRERA: “Let me ask you about the Russia investigation. I can’t have you here and not. Especially given how much we talked about it in the first year of the presidency. And now if you turn on any conservative media, they keep talking about this Nunez memo, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, that he’s put out there and many Republicans have taken a look at it and they want it made public. Can you tell us what exactly is it?”
    SCHIFF: “It is essentially a set of talking points that the Republican Intel staff drafted. Based on the highly classified materials which most of the Republican members were forced to acknowledge. They’ve not even read. So they don’t know how distorted these talking points are. But as part of the narrative they want to push out. Interestingly enough, they’ve made common cause once again with Russian bots because Russian bots are pushing their narrative out there. It’s in a redux of the campaign. We have assange and Wikileaks and Russian trolls and bots saying, you know, hash tag whatever the GOP narrative is. That ought to tell you a lot about what’s driving this. And that is —“
    CABRERA: “Why not allow peel to look at it and let Americans make the decision for themselves about whether it’s useful information or not?”
    SCHIFF: “Well, because the American people unfortunately don’t have the underlying materials and therefore they can’t see how distorted and misleading this document is. The Republicans are not saying make the underlying materials available to the public. They just want to make this spin available to the public. I think that spin, which is a attack on the FBI, is just designed to attack the FBI and Bob Mueller to circle the wagons for the White House. And that’s a terrible disservice to the people, hard working people at the bureau, but more than that, it’s a disservice to the country.”
    CABRERA: “Adam Schiff, congressman, thank you.”


    • LCSmom says:

      The obvious follow-up question to Schiff would have been, then why not release the underlying documentation too? But we know Schiff doesn’t want that. But hopefully that’s where this is heading.

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      • Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

        That’s EXACTLY where this is heading! 😀
        From this post SD made a couple days ago:

        “The reason for the Intelligence Committee memo by Chairman Devin Nunes is simple. The underlying documentary evidence is extremely classified. By presenting a ‘less classified’ summary of content Nunes is setting the stage for political opposition to question the memo validity. If Democrats attack the four-page memo, Chairman Nunes then requests the House Speaker to declassify all of the underlying evidence.”

        …And now Schiff, Nunes’ counterpart/opposition on the committee, has helpfully walked right into the trap.

        Thanks, Schiffhead!

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  31. What concerns me is that the POTUS is still in danger…from who? CIA? FBI? Also, seems like I’m not the only one who is not real happy with Sessions (of course, Howie and others on this site).


  32. Love22 says:

    I have no doubts about Jeff Sessions. His interview on Friday was telling:
    Laura Ingraham asked him how he was doing: He said his work was “a bottomless pit” and he was smiling from elf ear to elf ear and said he was enjoying it. He is finally getting payback.
    This is a long game, you don’t reverse 50 or so years of Deep State corruption without a methodical plan that is proofed against the lying MSM, false accusations of “isms”, interminable counter-attacks, and evildoer “chaff and counter-measures” (per SD).
    Foundations must be laid, evidence secured, responsibilities assigned and an incontrovertable water-tight case must be built.
    Enemies must be cornered with one way out.
    The cause to save the Republic must be more than credible, enemies must be shown to be incredible, uncreditable, and ultimately obsolete, and the entirely of America must be dragged, some of us kicking and screaming, from incredulity or blindness to seeing a horrifying but fact-based reality.

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  33. Love22 says:

    Who seems relaxed yet concerned, who seems agitated and unnerved?
    The leftists are the ones that look like lunatics right now.


  34. Margaret Berger says:

    The scum are in a fight for their lives and they know it. They are doing what has always worked before, deny, deny, deny. They are holding the line. That only one dem read the memo says a lot. Who called them and told them to do that? Not nancy, someone else is still in charge and directing this. That same person told feinstein to release the fusion testimony. There is a bunker somewhere where the real power resides that is directing all these minor players and the imbeds that are still in the government.

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  35. Margaret Berger says:

    And they still have control of all the major “news” outlets.

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  36. Greg C. says:

    Harley posted earlier of Trey Gowdy:

    Name one positive result that has occurred based on his “work”. Not bloviating or self promoting. A real result.

    You can’t.

    Greg C. on January 21, 2018 at 1:23 pm
    Correct me if I’m wrong. But I believe it was Trey Gowdy who first she’d light on and pulled out the facts of Clinton’s secret server emails, during the Benghazi investigation.


    • Donzo says:

      Was anyone successful in outing the cavalcade of scandals during the last administration? I don’t want to indulge in optimism regarding Gowdy, but neither will I vote to hang him for failure to do what no one else has done. That doesn’t mean he is not crooked. I refrain from condemning him w/o facts. Then again, that I don’t have them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


  37. Donzo says:

    If I was in a foxhole facing insurmountable odds, it would be the people on this blog that I would want beside me.

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  38. There’s nothing controversial about the memo.


  39. hardworkingsob says:

    It would not surprise to learn the Brits were very much involved in this attempted coup. Such collaboration between U.S. persons and foreigners now has huge consequences according to PDJT’s Dec 2017 EO. This EO is another sign that this is a “take-no-prisoners” Chief Executuve :
    Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption


  40. Chris Long says:

    Feels like we’re being rape-a-doped. All these politicos I never heard of using this to get big-time face time in the media… Leak it, release it or shut up !


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