President Trump Prepares to Exit NAFTA – Corrupt GOPe Fight To Retain…

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is one of the key economic constructs where DC politicians show their UniParty corporate stripes. [Another is immigration usurpation]  The professional political class within both parties are aligned in common cause to retain both open-border immigration access (cheap labor), and multinational corporation control over North American Trade.

Decades of carefully constructed legislation, written by corporate lobbyists to the benefit of their crony-constituents on Wall Street, are at risk from President Trump’s America-First economic trade platform which includes exiting NAFTA.

Democrats and Republicans who have been purchased by the massive lobbying of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are in direct confrontation with President Trump on this issue.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that terminating the North American Free Trade Agreement would result in the “best deal” to revamp the 24-year-old trade pact with Canada and Mexico in favor of U.S. interests.

Lawmakers as well as agricultural and industrial groups have warned Trump not to quit NAFTA, but he said that may be the outcome.

“We’re renegotiating NAFTA now. We’ll see what happens. I may terminate NAFTA,” Trump said in an interview with Reuters.

“A lot of people are going to be unhappy if I terminate NAFTA. A lot of people don’t realize how good it would be to terminate NAFTA because the way you’re going to make the best deal is to terminate NAFTA. But people would like to see me not do that,” he said.

Trump’s comments come less than a week before trade negotiators from the United States, Canada and Mexico meet in Montreal for the sixth of seven scheduled rounds of negotiations to update NAFTA.

The talks are viewed as pivotal for the success of the NAFTA renegotiation effort because major differences remain over aggressive U.S. demands on autos, dispute settlement and a five-year sunset clause — proposals that some business groups have labeled “fatal.”  (read more)

It simply cannot be overstated how far the UniParty is willing to go in their effort to keep the U.S. economy restrained through the lies and deception at the heart of NAFTA.  There are trillions at stake.

The multinational corporations, and specifically the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Tom Donohue), are willing to wage thermonuclear war against President Trump on this issue; and on immigration.  There is a massive disconnect between what is in Americas’ best interest and what is in the best interest of the multinational corporations and financial class.

President Donald Trump is under tremendous pressure, and receiving jaw-dropping threats, from the corporations that benefit from NAFTA – along with threats from purchased politicians who have taken hundreds of millions in lobbyist payments from them.

The stakes are so high and the corporate influence so strong, there is nothing the opposition will not do to stop President Trump from exiting NAFTA.

There’s probably only a few thousand people who understand the severity of this issue and comprehend how far these interests are willing to go to stop Trump.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, is out of bounds.   There are many issues important to them, but NAFTA is their holy grail of economic usurpation.

These professional republicans in DC and State Government will destroy any election to punish POTUS Trump if he withdraws.  Those in charge of the most powerful levers of politics will target the full weight of all weaponized government against President Trump, and against his administration.

The stakes on this issue are all financial; and when the outcomes are purely financial, the hatred from those attached to that outcome is exponentially more dangerous.

Watch the next few days and weeks closely, we’ll see it.

This group is willing to inflict harm, actual physical harm, against the family and interests of Donald Trump if that will fulfill their objectives.  They are cold, calculating, and dangerous people.

This fight is where Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton join hands to destroy the risk that is Donald Trump.  The entire apparatus of politics and money will align for a singularity of purpose.

If you think the attacks against Trump, which included the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI, have been bad in the past…. It’s about to get exponentially worse.


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  1. talker2u says:

    We are constantly praying for our president.

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    • Jedi9 says:


      “If you think the attacks against Trump, which included the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI, have been bad in the past…. It’s about to get exponentially worse.”

      This statement alone is a foreboding in what is to come, and POTUS DJT, is indeed in clear and present danger. Similarly it is what got Kennedy killed by his threat to pull out of Vietnam, (Heroin trade) and changing the FED’s fractional lending system. Just as Sundance points out, there are Billions of dollars at stake that will no doubt affect adversely the unsurpers of the American worker, by the corporate elite. Someone has to do it if we are to realize once again what our great country is truly suppose to represent. People like Donahoe and others should be treated like the traitors that they are (corporate treason should be a punishable offense by death!) The American oligarchy needs a bullet in the head in the worse way, for they are our true enemy through and through! Identify the plutocrats and you identify the main virus! Rome had the same problem!

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  2. Indimex says:

    If God is for us, who can be against us?
    I praise the living God for the wisdom, discernment and tenacity he has placed in our president!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Father for victory over our enemies!
    We love you and give you all of the glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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  3. Gil says:

    This was a criminal economic enterprise to destroy the spirit and power ofsolid middle class, independent thinking, America loving citizen and their families.
    I know from experience and so do millions out there, many who do not ecen understand this was a direct cause of their strife. Shame on anyone who openly supports nafta.
    Exit now. Keep our POTUS and the wolverines safe.
    Justice for all of us.
    Justice for the next generation.
    America first, America always.

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  4. Personally..
    I realized HOW BAD #Nafta was when American Crane just down the street from Me lost several hundred manufacturing Jobs along with a long established Ironwork(s), that serviced American Crane AND MY JOB as a “shot peener”, processing Metal gears & such for BOTH Companies.. Shortly after (at the same time) OUR STATE PORTS bought these HUGE cranes, (Manufactured in China) from our So-called Sister City,, (Dandong, China),, to unload SHIPS coming in from CHINA… That could of SAVED ALL those jobs!
    Not counting ALL the Manufacturing jobs (Inland) comprising of Textiles, Paper/Timber & Furniture..
    Anyone remember those CANNON Towels billboard’s along Interstate I-95?
    AND the *Industrial corridor” here along 421.. Yuge Companies Left, Phizer, Dupont, General Pacific, Paper International, Georgia Pacific, US Steel, numerous Chemical Companies.. ALL going too China..
    Don’t EVEN get Me started on the Commercial Fishing Industry… (IMPORTS)
    Traitorous Bastards.. –>(CoC)<–

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    • Gil says:

      And all the electeds were smiling and shaking hands with each other I bet. Nevermind what that does especially to men to be told go elsewhere, start over, take it or leave it.

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    • Sunshine says:

      Those imports from China of which the fish fertilized with urine and whatever. Not one of those Uniparty traitors would eat fish imported from China. The same for the canned mushroom, they stink urine.

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  5. lyfsatrip4us says:

    Nice choice of photo of POTUS there sundance. He’s got ‘their tie’ on 😉

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  6. maggiemoowho says:

    Now that the Russia hoax isn’t panning out, the deepstate is going to move onto a China hoax. Rupert Murdoch is probably a deepstate player in both to take President Trump out.

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    • magacombover says:

      Didn’t I just read that Murdoch’s ex-wife is a Chinese secret agent who was spying on Ivanka and Jared?

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      • maggiemoowho says:

        Yep😏! another hoax in the making, the left tried making her Putin’s girlfriend for a few weeks, but I guess they figured making her a Chinese spy was better for their agenda.


  7. Dogstar_K9 says:

    To paraphrase the “There are trillions of dollars at stake” statement, the smart members of the UniParty aren’t fighting President Trump. They are trying to figure how to funnel some of those trillions into their own pockets. They are slow walking those parts of President Trump’s agenda to line the pockets of their masters.
    Am I to understand 7 TRILLION DOLLARS have been created since Jan 20, 2017? That’s a lot of scratch for any group.

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  8. bessie2003 says:

    Thank you for the heads up. Prayers continue.

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  9. All American Snowflake says:

    Sundance, before you ended this segment with “Pray.” I was thinking “pray” before I ever saw your admonition. This robbery of the good-hearted but naive American people must stop and stop now.

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  10. MIKE says:

    Our supreme warrior will use his MO to address NAFTA. He will entertain input from the swamps’ depths and shallows alike. he will expose the issue to sunlight. He will give the swamp a chance to do the right thing. He will twitter to us his semi-cryptic messages. And when the swampers fail, he will allow them another chance to do the right thing. All the while we will have to tolerate the Namby-Pambys’ cries of, ‘he changed his mind!’ and ‘this isn’t why i voted for him!’ crapstorms (you know it’s coming).
    But in the end, he will win. I suspect he may attach a nice windfall for the military, hopefully, to keep them loyal.
    One reason my confidence in the MAGA administration has spiked is because of the EO issued quietly while getting the tax cuts through on Dec. 21, 2017. I believe there is language in it that will allow our country to defund foreign multinational companies and banks whose interests are served well by thieving deals such as NAFTA, by tagging it with NATIONAL SECURITY PROTOCOL.
    President Trump to the big club;
    “Money?! If I want your money, I’ll TAKE your money!”
    One last thing… if they try to harm the President, i’m going to take a personal interest in seeing them all suffer miserably.
    Hi Tom ! (judge smails)

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  11. scott467 says:

    “The multinational corporations, and specifically the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Tom Donohue), are willing to wage thermonuclear war against President Trump on this issue; and on immigration. ”


    The best way to avert thermonuclear war on the issue is to simply end it. Announce it tonight. It’s over.

    Once it’s over, it’s over — there’s no point to launching a thermonuclear war at that point, because there’s nothing they can do to bring it back.

    So just do it already.

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  12. scott467 says:

    “There’s probably only a few thousand people who understand the severity of this issue and comprehend how far these interests are willing to go to stop Trump. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is out of bounds. ”


    All the more reason to end it YESTERDAY.

    Which DJT knows, so the only reason for stalling on the decision must be to let these dopes wear themselves out and waste their ammo.

    Then, when they have exhausted themselves and their resources, BOOM!

    Wow guys, what a waste of time, money, effort and resources… withdrawing from NAFTA is a foregone conclusion since November 8th.

    What’s that quote from the Hussein… oh yeah, ‘Elections have consequences’.

    Too bad, so sad.

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  13. I honestly wish President Trump wouldn’t make that trip tp Davo’s….
    If they were to try **anything**, the Globalists that is..
    It’s going to be there..
    Mr. President Trump..
    ALL of #MAGA America is praying for your safety.. plus your Family..
    They (globalist’s AND the Uni~Party & the Left)
    Will try to “take-out” Our Lion..
    Because all their efforts are FAILING..
    If THEY succeed there WILL Be a Civil War.. going from a “soft coup” into a Hot war..
    I wonder if they factored that in?

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    • Carrie2 says:

      crossthread, they still think we are deplorables, have no power of reasoning, etc. while we know they are going to get a hard lesson not only from Trump but also from us. They are OUR EMPLOYEES

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    • crossthrad42, I hope this will calm your nerves.

      Agreed that this is a movie dialog but it bears some level of truth. If President Trump keeps worrying about his safety then he will be holed up in Mar-A-Lago for the rest of his remaining 7 years term, the safest place for him I believe.

      As Christopher Walken rightly says at the end of the clip – its too late to be scared; its time to kill.
      And I believe that is exactly the purpose of the Davos visit by our President.

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    • AdamSelene says:

      A civil war? Against whom?


  14. Daniel says:

    The greed has no limits. To me, there should be reasonable limits not unlike the fabled Henry Ford story where he paid his workers and priced his cars so that the workers earned enough to afford the cars they were building.

    The same sort of thinking should apply to these people — a strong and healthy middle class is in the multi-nationals’ best interests in the long term. They will continue running their businesses and keep making trillions of dollars in the process.

    But that doesn’t seem good enough for them. They see the golden goose and they want to kill it. I have to wonder why.

    If they are in it for the money, then keeping that money flowing is in their interests. But if they want to own and dominate/control the world, then I could begin to understand why they’d want to weaken if not destroy the USA.

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    • Jonny R. says:

      “They see the golden goose…I have to wonder why.”
      Because they hate you; that’s why — or at least they hate the idea of you being able to reject ANYTHING that they want, and they hate you for taking up as many of THEIR resources as you do.
      At best you and your children should be serfs in thatch huts eating pottage once a day, in service to them, out of sight and earshot so they don’t have to countenance you. But I do believe if they could get machines to do it, they would…and you and yours would merely be useful for spare parts for them, or potential spare parts, and you would only take up enough space as what is afforded on a sample slide to be kept in a vault, along with all the other genetic samples.
      Because you only pollute and take up space/resources in THEIR world.

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  15. scott467 says:

    “These professional republicans in DC and State Government will destroy any election to punish POTUS Trump if he withdraws.”


    Then destroy them all first. Light the Zippo.

    Put Homeland Security at every polling place. Ensuring the legitimacy of the vote is a matter of National Security, so fire up the No Such Agency machine and round up “professional republicans in DC and State government” like fish in a barrel.

    I’m SICK TO DEATH of the idea that we should live in FEAR of what the criminal TREASON-CLASS will do if we don’t acquiesce to their will.

    F^%$ ’em!

    They should be bloody and lying in the streets. No fear of this scum. DJT holds all the cards, and he’s not suffering from battered conservative syndrome, he’s carrying around the most giant can of WHOOP-ASS you’ve ever seen.

    So open up that can, Mr. President.

    NOT living in fear, and I feel fine.


    “Those in charge of the most powerful levers of politics will target the full weight of all weaponized government against President Trump, and against his administration.”


    NOT if they are on defense, they won’t.

    And they WILL be on defense, if DJT ever gets around to tossing that lit Zippo in the trench.

    Seriously, DJT has the power of the entire United States government under his control, and a motivated and loyal political base.

    Besides all that, what do they have left that they haven’t already tried?


    We’re WAY past that point.

    I couldn’t be more sick of of threats from these Ivy League bullies. Take ’em out in the street and beat the ^%$# out of them.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      scott467, their greed and arrogance will bring them down because they think they “know best”. Sorry, that day has come and gone and if you want a super civil way, then continue down the wrong street! We, the People are the Government and you are our hired idiots.

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    • Scott, I like your perspective. Treason class!! Hahaa! You are right, stop fearing these crooks, these betas! And there are lots and lots of white hats. Q has said that the percent of people on the other side (against Trump) has been widely exaggerated.

      Also, remember, a majority of them will flip or have flipped over to Trump because they want to be on the side of the winner. The hard core globalists, well, they are dying off.

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    • TomF says:

      A bit over the top today? Suggest chill.
      Patience over pontification.


      • scott467 says:

        “A bit over the top today?”



        Sundance is the one who taught us to recognize ‘battered conservative syndrome’.

        And I’ll take inducing defiance over inducing fear any day.

        The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

        If we could just get past that, the rest is gravy.

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      • scott467 says:

        “Patience over pontification.”


        It was a very demoralizing article, at least in the worry-to-confidence ratio.

        What possible good does it do to get everybody worried?

        The antidote to something like that is to rally the troops.

        If our side ever figures out how to get mad, we wouldn’t have to come from behind twith a hail Mary pass to beat a bunch of scrubs week-in and week-out.

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  16. If people don’t realize by now that President Donald J. Trump is operating by and under the absolute authority of God Almighty AND that he is protected by God then they are surely not in tune with what is really going on here.

    God anointed and appointed this man to lead this nation for such a time as this. What good would it do HIM to put His servant in office if HE was not God enough to keep him there? Of course, they all hate him because they are all crawling with demons. They are ambassadors for satan trying to advance his agenda and they don’t even know it.

    What we need is more people on board praying and fasting DAILY for this nation, our President, and our future. I have led a group of Intercessors since 2015 and we have prayed together daily since, not one day that I have not penned a prayer and people coming into agreement all across this nation. On October 1, 2017, we started Project Fast For America where every day we have a Roll Call and those who are Fasting come and respond. There has not been one been a day since we started that our nation has not been covered by both Prayer AND Fasting. THAT is the key to our President’s success now and his continued success!

    No weapon formed against him will prosper. No man on earth or devil in hell can stop what has God’s Favor and Anointing on it!

    God Bless…

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  17. scott467 says:

    “This group is willing to inflict harm, actual physical harm, against the family and interests of Donald Trump if that will fulfill their objectives. They are cold, calculating, and dangerous people.

    This fight is where Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton join hands to destroy the risk that is Donald Trump. The entire apparatus of politics and money will align for a singularity of purpose.”


    I guess they’re all gonna have to die then.

    Really don’t care at this point, because I’m not going to live in fear.

    And it’s not like any of those metrosexual Epsilon-male creeps project anything remotely fear-inducing anyway. They’re just tired old men who have wasted their time in this world in the pursuit of things they can’t take with them.

    Not afraid of the weasel-class.

    They need to be punished — not feared.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      scott647, the globalists/evil elites think they have us which means they will be easily overthrown and hopefully have their Wills and Trusts in order, because they are traitors and we will also confiscate all assets here and abroad. Threats are no longer of value to them but they are too blind to wake up and smell the coffee. Well, we will take are of them in a way they won’t like. Tsk! Tsk!

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  18. annhayden says:

    Kick rump Trump. Prayers for safety for all

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  19. Sylvia Avery says:

    I would like it ever so much if Tom Donohue woke up tomorrow morning with a horse’s head in his bed.

    Figuratively speaking, of course. I would not want any actual animals harmed in this little teachable moment.

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  20. GW says:

    Who’s in the pic with Low Energy Jeb ?


  21. I am late to this thread, but may I add that everyone tell the Lord we Trust Him and love Him during our prayers. I truly believe God gave us President Trump for this time in our country. God wants to know we are turning again to Him in Trust and Prayer. He will answer, He will keep all the Trumps safe.

    Please, tell Him you Trust in Him
    💖💖💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💖💖💖 Amen💖💖💖

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  22. ForGodandCountry says:

    Most holy and everlasting Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we humbly yet urgently pray you hear our cries of praise and our petitions to you and your righteousness. We acknowledge you, Holy Father, as the one true God, maker of Heaven and Earth, and we give our deepest and most sincere thanks to you for your uncountable blessings and providence to our the earthly home, our nation, our families, our friends, our neighbors, and ourselves. Above all we thank you for the immeasurable gift of thy son Jesus, who is our savior, our King, our shepherd, and our best friend. Truly do you favor us with thy amazing grace, Mighty God, with blessings unearned and rewards undeserved. You have showered us with your love and favor, Lord, and we cannot but bow to you, our Deliverer, in acknowledgement of who you are and all you have done for us through the ages, even as you continue to do so today. We pray you will receive our thanks and sincere acknowledgement. We love and cherish you now and forever, our Truth-giver and Benefactor; the one who informs our thoughts and whose breath passes through our lungs, even as thy unstoppable will unfolds before us. Praise be to God! Praise in the highest to your only son Jesus, our King long yearned for. Holy, holy, holy art thou, Lord Heavenly Father!

    Lord Jesus, before asking for your divine favor we humbly ask for your forgiveness for the many ways in which we fail you and your Word. It is only through your sacrifice for each of one of us that we may know we have value to you, and therefore can lay claim to value for ourselves through you. Otherwise, we are utterly undeserving of thy love and favor. It is by your grace, love, and goodness that we have any hope for the future, and we acknowledge that your forgiveness surpasses any merit of deed or word. Forgive us for our shortcomings, Lord, and the shame we bring upon ourselves. And thank you, Lord, for giving us the light to see how we fail you, that we should see how we might better serve you and your divine will. Thank you, Jesus, for the promise of your forgiveness and the mercies we do not, and cannot, deserve.

    Loving and kind Lord, we yearn for your righteous counsel and government. We long for the time when your glory and power are openly established among us, the time when your throne sits on Earth as well as in Heaven. Yet until that time comes, by your perfect will, we humbly pray you will hear our cries and petitions to you for your providence in the times now at hand. Hear, O Lord, our pleas for your righteous intervention in the mighty struggles facing us, our nation, and our earthly home. Just as our nation’s founding fathers looked to you and your Truth in establishing our nation in the world, and just as you answered their most fervent prayers and petitions to you, we also look to you for our present redemption and salvation!

    Lord, we reject the “relativism” of popular culture, and we know the forces of good and evil wage an unceasing war for our nation as they do for our hearts and minds. Thanks be to you and your providence alone, Lord, you have seen fit to give us a President who now embodies our highest hopes for an earthly government free from the corruption of money, self-interest, and secular attitudes. We have seen, Mighty God, how you have and are humbling the self-described “elite” among us. We have seen how you have caused humiliation to rain down upon them, exposing their hypocrisies and evil ways for all to see. We see how they have used the rhetoric of brotherhood to defile and corrupt our society to levels once thought impossible. Hear, O Lord, our cries of disgust, our revulsion at what our eyes see, and our rejection of what our ears hear!

    Almighty and everlasting God, we humbly beg you to send your angel armies to surround and encompass our President with all the mercies of thy righteousness and love. Protect him and all those around him from all evil design and maliciousness! Without you and your providence, Lord, our cause is lost and all hope extinguished. Do not let this happen, we beg you! Shield us from the slings and arrows of our foes! Lift us up, Lord, and hold us in the safety of thy mighty hand! Give us indefatigable energy, unwavering passion, incorruptible desire, and lasting victory. Not for our sake Lord, but for thy everlasting glory and the unceasing praise of our voices for your goodness and mercy!

    So too, Lord, so we beseech thee to make public the vile counsels and plots our President’s enemies make against him, and through him upon us, for their own gain, power, and earthly riches. Unmask their deceptions and expose their corruptions, that all may see and reject their methods, means, and designs. We plead that you would empower your Spirit of good consciousness and divinely enable all those who would seek out and remove all corruption amidst our government and society. Protect and keep from all harm all those with the great hope to re-establish the immutable truths and principles of this mighty Republic which you yourself set up among the nations. Raise thy mighty hand, Lord! Bring woe, defeat, and lasting humiliation upon those who mock you and corrupt your good works! Expose the evil-doers among us and remove all protections from them! Stir thy mighty wrath against those who embrace the ways of the evil-doer and the Prince of Darkness! Shine thy heavenly light upon the darkness and organs of lies and deceit in our society, Father, that those who hide in darkness shall find no darkness to hide among us! Bring them to justice, Lord, and let them stand on public trial for their corruptions. Bring down righteous judgment upon them that future generations should greatly fear following their ways! Not for our sake nor even for our children’s sake, Lord, but that all may see the works of thy mighty hand and be unable to deny your righteous providence. For your glory alone, Lord, that every knee will bend and all acknowledge you for who and what you are! Mighty God. Everlasting Father. The I AM who was, is, and is to come!

    Thank you, God, for giving me voice to speak, eyes that see, hands that can type this prayer to you, and for the means of making it public. Thank you, Lord, for your love, your mercies, your grace, and your providence to our nation, our homes, our relationships, and our lives. Thank you for who you ARE, who you have always been, and who you always will be. You are our God, just as you were to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In you is our eternal hope and trust, just as it was for those who you empowered to establish our nation on this earth, our beloved Founding Fathers. We pray all these things in the name of your only Son, our King and savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. For his glory and your’s, Lord, everlasting. Amen.

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  23. TwoLaine says:

    Just a small part of their plan to LOBBY President TRUMP on his immigration and travel stances. IF they were smart they would target American tourists who now have more $$$ to spend thanks to President TRUMP, but then we know it is not about tourists, correct?

    Decline in US travel spurs business push for visitors
    by Megan R Wilson
    16 Jan 2018


  24. Blaze says:

    Deployables understand how Meh-he-co is paying for the wall. That’s what counts.

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  25. crandew says:

    Trump rules! NAFTA was always a bad idea and against America. It was designed to turn us into a 3rd world country, and it almost happened. Get rid if it.

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  26. Sean Supsky says:

    Remember, with God, all things are possible.

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  27. Donna in Oregon says:

    US Chamber of Commerce has offices all across the USA. Deplorables can write yours and let them know that President Trump is supported if he decides to leave NAFTA. If this happens Nationwide it should change the perception that President Trump is not supported. (Make sure the US Chamber of Commerce you contact is accredited by the US CoC.)

    For Deplorables with businesses that are CoC members here is the information to have a group go to Washington DC and support President Trump on NAFTA. Deplorables can do videos and visit Congress.

    Washington Fly-in Policy Briefing
    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce invites you to participate in a Washington Fly-in. It’s a great time to organize a delegation from your community to take advantage of this valuable resource at the Chamber headquarters, one of the most historic locations in the nation’s capital, located on Lafayette Park directly across from the White House.

    Since its inception in 2000, the U.S. Chamber’s Washington Fly-In Briefing Program has attracted chambers and associations from around the country to hear the inside scoop on hot issues and policies affecting the business community. Delegations consist of business owners, corporate executives, and local business and community leaders in groups of all sizes. They receive a front-row seat at a program tailored specifically to their business priorities and have access to top U.S. Chamber policy and advocacy experts.

    Complete the online request form to schedule your Washington Fly-In Briefing or contact 202-463-5560 or to learn more.

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  28. prairierose123 says:

    I have a question: If the government gets shutdown for a few days… maybe weeks, can Trump pull out of NAFTA if he decides to? I mean, that could be an idea why the congress critters are seeking to shut it down as well, not just because of immigration and politics. Would love to read your thoughts!


  29. missilemom says:

    Found this tonight. Well worth a read; very well written; almost intimate.
    “Did Russia Use Fusion GPS to Target Trump”


  30. Bill Barker says:

    This topic needs sunshine, massive doses of sunshine to expose the corruption to the people.

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  31. MaineCoon says:

    Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, Chaptwr 6:

    11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

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  32. jb says:

    Okay, WordPress, let me sign in tonight . . .

    We have been spoiled. I am watching Gaetz discuss matters with Hannity, and I realize how blessed we have been by Sundance and his efforts. What I am hearing from Hanitty’s show is old news here on this site. The commie dems are scared shyteless – trying to shut down the info flow in every direction. That speaks much to the matters really occurring as we comment. And they want to shut down gummint to get the focus off all of this.

    I am convinced beyond persuasion that Mueller is as dirty as is Hillary as is Strozk as is the Ohr’s as is Simpson, and the whole pictorial line-up Sundance has posted, it seems, forever.

    I have a dear friend who, in the manner of several here, simply cannot or will not see what is truly happening without an arrest or ten yesterday. It is the attitude of a defeatist – arrest them all tomorrow, or none of it means anything! How did it even get to this point, might I ask, without “immediate arrests?” All of this shyte did not happen overnight, or in just a year – which is all DJT has had, come Saturday noon, to address and begin correcting them, and against all odds.

    What is different – the commie dems trying to tear down the President’s efforts, or those who claim to be on this side of it all, yet do the same? We are in a war, and for those not aware, a battlefield is the least predictable thing in the world. Patton was the best general of WWII,sorry, Eisenhower fans). Patton LED his troops, and substituted git ‘er done!” for the excuses our politicians usually offer. Donald is a “Patton.” He isn’t just talking, or commenting – he IS gittin’ ‘er done!”. The very least we owe him is our support and allegiance, as we owe Sundance for his “above and beyond” efforts to keep us informed and ahead of the curve. The Lord has blessed us in this crucial historical period. To echo Scripture – let us rejoice and be glad . . .

    Then Jesus turned to the disciples and said privately, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.” (Jesus- Luke 10:24).

    Count your/our blessings with this President. They are many. . . abundant. Pax. jb

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  33. Peter Rabbit says:

    Sundance: In the early months of the Great Trump Presidency, it was heartening to see Generals Mattis, McMaster and then Kelly play central supportive roles. In the last six months, all three of them done at least one high profile interview which substantially undercut the President. The Gen. Kelly interview on Fox last night, Jan. 17, disgusted me, as he referred to President Trump’s ‘evolving’ and “uninformed” views on the Wall and DACA. I am not confident that if a Constitutional Crisis occurs with President Trump in the right, that The Three can be counted on to be on the side of the American people. I do not trust them, and neither should American Patriots. At one time and another, Mattis, McMaster and Kelly have reminded many of us of another grandstanding General who craved the spotlight– Alexander Haig.

    God save our country. Thank you, Sundance, for your extraordinary research, masterful organization and insightful presentation in all you do. We are living in a unique, exciting and frightfully dangerous time in history.

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  34. Dane says:

    The many threats against Ross Perot for merely suggesting that NAFTA was a bad deal, come to mind. As do the machinations of the Bush administration’s attempts to set up the Trans-Texas Corridor that would have seen the trafficking of drugs, weapons and women and children skyrocket, unchecked. We must all get behind Trump on this issue, and let our voices be heard loud and proud, in as many mediums as possible. Call you representatives at all levels of government. Don’t just pray, TAKE ACTION! MAGA!!


  35. NAFTA was never the deal it was supposed to be.
    We shipped jobs to Mexico. We had products once manufactured and assembled he moved to Mexico.
    In my job products were sent to us first assembled in Mexico and then made and assembled in Mexico.
    What was the up side for the USA? Lost jobs. Closed down factories. Unemployment. And cities destroyed and an increase in crime.

    And through all of it we got illegals in excess of 20 million crossing the border. These people would in turn put a severe drain on our schools and social services. Increase the crime rates and to add the icing on the cake, keep wages lower as they took other jobs from American workers.

    There isn’t a street corner in America where you can’t find day workers willing to work at lower wages than normal for the type of work being done.


  36. hellinahandbasket says:

    Getting closer to “The Big Picture” Sundance. The USofA was N E V E R in this alone, it’s far, far, far bigger than low-tier American politicians. Politicians, left or right – all foot-soldiers, Mob Bosses, Hitmen, War Mongers and Monopoly Guys, but the USofA is just a tree, a hill and valley, a damp dirt-road, trailing-off toward a secluded house with smoke coming out the chimney – all drawn inside The Big Picture. Yeah, the USofA is a crucial part of the picture, but we’re by no means “THE” picture. President Trump is up against a Globalist/Zionist-Cabal the likes we would hope never really existed. But, when it makes your head spin-around because you think you caught a glimpse out the corner of your eye, it’s frightening. I don’t think we mere mortals will ever see the inner-workings of this Cabal, and we by no means will EVER be allowed to criticize this group, but President Trump is catching a YUGE glimpse of it. He has to have balls of steel to put himself up against it, but he is still just ONE man, one small man against the Cabal.
    I started this video mid way, but it’s enlightening to watch in its entirety – SPECIFICALLY to the end when this man dares to speak of a group of people central to this Cabal… who, if I dared to name them here, I will be scolded, shamed, and run out of town. You be the judge, you can choose to ignore it… or not.

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  37. frjas says:

    I take solace in the fact that if we know all this then Donald Trump knows this and he has prepared for the fight. And Trump has proven himself craftier than the lot of them. It would be huge mistake for them to go after the Trump family, the retribution would be EPIC! Still though, I wonder if the white powder visited upon Don Jr’s wife was a warning.

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  38. Pointman says:

    How to turn around a failing economy..

    “Trump will pull out of NAFTA this year or next, and the only, and obvious, way for Mexico and Canada to go forward is to negotiate bilateral trade deals with the USA. Any other course would deliver a shattering blow to their economies, especially Mexico’s. Given that they’ve got nowhere else to export their goods into, I imagine the terms of the trade deals to be struck will first and foremost protect American industry and workers. What happens in Mexico and Canada as a result is simply not his problem.”



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