CNN’s Worst Nightmare – Youngstown Ohio Voters Thrilled With Trump’s First Year…

CNN took a production crew to Youngstown Ohio to talk to formerly registered Democrats who switched parties in 2016 in order to support Donald Trump.

A year into President Trump’s administration, CNN asks them if they still support Donald Trump.  The answers seemed to confound the questioner, CNN’s Martin Savage.  And when the topic of illegal immigration surfaces, Savage had a ‘splodey head, WATCH:


Yes, after a year of 24/7/365 MSM onslaught – the media are unable to break the power behind MAGA. The perspective of this representative group is exactly why Democrats are apoplectic and thrashing wildly for anything to stop President Trump.  And Democrats are threatening to shut down government to maintain illegal immigration?…

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466 Responses to CNN’s Worst Nightmare – Youngstown Ohio Voters Thrilled With Trump’s First Year…

  1. I thought I saw that guy Gino somewhere before. 🙂

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  2. Diane Stress says:

    This is really good! I love the look on the reporters face – he’s just shocked and he looks numb! He came all this way just to hear how great Trump is – very funny!

    On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 10:36 PM, The Last Refuge wrote:

    > sundance posted: “CNN took a production crew to Youngstown Ohio to talk to > formerly registered Democrats who switched parties in 2016 in order to > support Donald Trump. A year into President Trump’s administration, CNN > asks them if they still support Donald Trump. The a” >

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    These were 5 different Americans that all feel the same way about our President’s first year. They absolutely love it and they absolutely love him. The Democrats that think DACA is worth closing our government down for will be annihilated throughout the country come November. You heard it loud and clear that Americans want Americans to come FIRST.

    For those that say that ending NAFTA will be a disaster, they need to drive through communities like Youngstown, OH. Many towns in PA, IN, MI, KY etc. got destroyed by NAFTA. They will begin building monuments of our President the day he sign’s the EO starting the six month termination countdown.

    Our President realizes that many of those same corporations that left will be running back. The fact that the Corporate Tax Rate is now 21% and the fact that you can write off every single dollar that you spend on equipment in the same year will give these companies all the incentives in the world to come back.

    Keep in mind that Energy Production is being turned up and many new refineries are being built and will be operational by early 2019. That will cut costs of production but more importantly offset paying higher salaries to Americans rather than Mexican and/or Canadians.

    The future is incredibly bright for our country! We have two people to thank for that. God our Father in Heaven and President Donald J. Trump!

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      “…Americans want Americans to come first.” Amen. That sentiment reigns in all 50 states.

      Video of the illegal alien laughing in court, found guilty of assassinating two police officers, claiming he wishes he could have killed more sums it up.

      Enough is enough. Lock up sanctuary city and sanctuary state enablers. We want our country back. We want our families safe.

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      • All American Snowflake says:

        I passed by a new construction site a few months ago. There I found an American flag laying near a creek bed. The American flag had been used as toilet paper. I noticed that lots of the construction workers were Latinos.


        • roy1982blog says:

          May I ask which area. I do the same as you, pass though scores of construction sites a month here in SE Michigan. No such thing. Many American Flags on backs of trucks and Foreman’s trailers. Blue collar Trump lovin Laborer and operators


    • Maquis says:

      Fle, corporations also have an additional motivation to come back here; the quality, intelligence and cleverness of the most innovative people in the world, the American Worker.


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    • Steve says:

      I’m so not so tired of WINNING! MAGA!!

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    • daizeez says:

      Whenever I hear approval polls under 40% I think BS. I don’t know one person who voted for President Trump who isn’t happy with him. Not one! So you know these polls are skewed.

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      • tonyE says:

        “Happy” is an understatement.

        More like elated, entertained.. Watching Trump push his agenda while at the same time the triggers and unmasked the snowflakes and the Swamp is a wonderful show.

        It’s better than walking to work across UCI with an NRA hat. And that was great, btw.


      • Ditch Mitch says:

        Those are only the people that support PDJT. Tomi Lahren had a great “girl on the street” segment on Hannity the other night. Tomi was in West Hollywood interviewing passerbyers and many agreed there are many more Trump supporters that are scared to admit it.

        My guess +15%.

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      • Bluejay says:

        The only polls that matter are the states of Pennsylvania,Ohio,Michigan,Iowa,Wisconsin,Minnesota

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    • Upstate NY and the Hudson Valley have been decimated by NAFTA as well. Many companies have left. And I am well aware our high taxes thanks to the swamp creatures in Albany are a big part of that. However, NAFTA did not help.

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  4. Midwest Mom says:

    I felt the panel was a good cross section. Almost can’t believe CNN aired that….

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  5. Bob Thoms says:

    The Ohio oil and gas shale fields are just ramping up………….these people know Obama and the Democrats will kill off fossil fuel exploration if given half a chance.

    Youngstown is in the Utica shale/oil field of northeast Ohio/western PA.

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  6. BillRiser says:

    Those Youngstown voters are the true American “Dreamers” and with PDT those “Dreams” are coming true! We all want to make MAGA happen!! Having a business in Brunswick Oh 45 years ago I still dream that America returns to the manufacturing spirit it was 45 years ago.
    Manufacturing jobs offer great wages, great wages will cure many of today’s problems.

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  7. p'odwats says:

    Youngstown, Ohio might as well be Kabul, Afghanistan to the MSM.

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  8. I grew up outside of Pittsburgh. Just before my senior year of H.S. my dad and I left for CA when he was laid off. I enlisted a year later then was stationed at sub base SD two different times. I established roots here in CA, but now that my kids have their wings I am planning to get the hell outta here – maybe even back to Pittsburgh. It looks as if our kids may very well follow us.
    In my industry, it’s difficult for my company to compete for purchase order contracts from the likes of Boeing, Northrop, and Lockheed when the cost of doing business in CA is so ridiculously high, especially property, taxes, and wages. For example, a medium size aerospace supplier in Texas can calculate their quotes based on an $80 shop rate while they same exact company in CA would calculate based on $125 shop rate. Most medium sized manufacturing companies use shop rate and hours as the baseline for their quote – so it is nearly impossible to be competitive when your baseline constants are so far above those of your competitors in business friendly states.

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  9. fanbeav says:

    No Mueller and his goons are investigating whether or not Russia donated to the NRA to help Trump. This is absurd! Hillary’s slush fund in the Clinton Foundation, illegal use of campaign funds and paying Fusion GPS for dirt on Trump and classifying it as “legal services”!

    Trump better have something up his sleeve! Taxpayer dollars being wasted and none of the real criminals are being prosecuted. God help us!

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    • singingsoul says:

      fanbeav says:
      “Trump better have something up his sleeve! Taxpayer dollars being wasted and none of the real criminals are being prosecuted. God help us!”
      Our tax payer money is being abused all the time for a while now and no one is rising up to complain..?
      Tax payer money being abused by fake Mueller operation to nail President Trump or anyone in his way.
      Tax payer money being abused for illegals getting free med care free schooling free housing free food stamps.

      While our tax payer money is being squandered infrastructure is lacking here in Appalachia . The water system needs to be rebuilt its over 100 years old and EPA finds us for violating but there are no jobs no money to pay for a new water system. All the while the democrats are concerned about illegals. Who carers about the poor Americans?
      The young struggling Americans?
      The Americans who saved and saw their finances diminish because of inflation?
      What about Veterans..?
      I hope to God our President puts a stop to DACA and the funding because he is the last hope.
      I pray that Kelly with his progressive stance stops influencing POTUS and stops stirring him into the wrong direction. We did not vote for Kelly I voted for Trump’s idea. I am tired of the staff people wanting to change POTUS mind . Who does does Kelly think he is the Pope…?
      I never have known a chief of staff trying to make policy. The man is as bad as Bannon was just on the other side of the political spectrum.

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    • Firefly says:

      Wow! It’s getting very ugly. Interesting article from the hill – link below:
      FBI looking into whether Russian banker gave money to NRA to support Trump: report

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      • Garavaglia says:

        They are too cute by half. 63 million of us gun totin deplorables will have the final say in this.

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        • Firefly says:

          NRA is a big republican donor. The Russian banker, gun advocate, had been donating for quite a while before Trump even ran. Are they going to say the whole Republican Party colluded with russia via the nra? This looks like Dems instigating a complaint because of 3-4 investigations of hillary/CF.

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        • COLibertyBelle says:

          D**n straight we will…..we may end up having the last day on a lotta things! I for one have had about enough.

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      • mike c says:

        I heard on FOX today that Glenn Simpson(Fusion GPS) told the FBI that the NRA took money from the Russians. I’m sure he was doing bogus dossier’s on every one on the right.

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        • dayallaxeded says:

          Pretty sure it’s not illegal for NRA to accept donations, without conditions, from anyone, from anywhere–they’re not gummint or even a candidate for gummint. They’re a private, non-profit company. How much $ did FuckerFaceBook get from foreign investors/clients/advertisers, while stridently and irrationally supporting anything and anyone opposed to USA sovereignty and USA citizens? How much of people’s personal data did they sell to foreigners?

          At least anyone who donates to NRA is contributing to the support of the USA Constitution, especially her ultimate defense provision, the 2nd Amendment, and to an overall strong, self-defending USA. Way better than contributing to the destruction of our nation through Klintoon Krime Kartel or Mooslime ButtBrotherhoods.

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  10. Maquis says:

    I was simply beaming, until I go below the break and catch Sundance’s meme of Pelosi’s villian obsession, at which point, of course, I lose it.


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  11. thedoc00 says:

    For those wondering how this made to the screen on CNN, watch the time stamp at the bottom left of the video clip, it was 4:50am PT and 7:50am ET.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      A great video clip and fairly representative but need to pushed prime time by the Republicans and any media allies they have.


  12. Now just imagine what CNN edited out!

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    • roccoboy1 says:

      For those wondering why CNN would have aired this I think there is method to their madness. It is not on this video clip, but I heard audio of the reporter at the end of the piece talking to Camarota in the studio after playing the piece on air, saying that he asked all of them if they would vote for him again and he reports that they all said they would and that they would vote for him in 2020- apparently enthusiastically. This was the final word on the piece. I think CNN is using it to “warn” their audience, which is decidedly anti-Trump, that these are the “crazies” they are going to have to neutralize in 2020 and that they need to come out in droves.

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  13. Kaco says:

    I sure hope Jim Renacci campaigns in these areas. Pres Trump asked him to run and he is a MAGA candidate for Senator, trying to unseat Sherrod Brown.

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  14. kea says:

    CNN Sucks….

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  15. Southern Son says:

    Our President, is responsible for this Explosion of Growth in the Economy and Optimistic Enthusiasm sweeping the country.
    Yet today, Cavuto is on Faux Nooz, giving OboMao Sycophants a platform, to claim it’s a extension of .44’s policies.
    Enemedia will never give America First credit, even if it meant Their salaries would double.
    Sad, but not surprising.
    It’s entertaining, that we can observe their spiral into Oblivion.
    Cops, Gun Smoke, the Waltons, and other reruns are more fun to watch anyway.


  16. ForGodandCountry says:

    “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
    Abaham Lincoln

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  17. Darlene Larsen says:

    Democrats for Trump! We love you. Yes! We are America! We are Americans! We talk normally, we screw up. We have one vision.

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