January 16th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #362

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,963 Responses to January 16th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #362

  1. youme says:


  2. joeknuckles says:

    They are teaching their kids it’s ok to lie to infidels to further the jihad.

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  3. youme says:

    The last time the U.S. Supreme Court intervened in the travel ban cases, it ordered two circuit courts then considering travel ban challenges to render their decisions quickly.

    A month later, one of those courts, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, has yet to produce its opinion on the administration’s latest travel sanctions. This continued delay suggests that the court is strategically withholding its ruling, so as to sabotage President Donald Trump’s signature immigration policy.

    Here’s how that could happen.


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  4. Lucille says:

    End Judicial Tyranny with One Single Word
    By John D. Donaldson – January 16, 2018

    Since the election of President Trump, we have witnessed a series of rulings by Clinton- and Obama-appointed federal judges to block executive orders (E.O.) related to immigration.


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  5. youme says:

    Justices speed up Trump immigration appeal
    Moving with unusual speed, the Supreme Court indicated on Monday that it will take its first look just 11 days from now at the Trump Administration’s new appeal seeking to defend the President’s third immigration order. That will no doubt force an earlier reply by the order’s challengers, and an earlier decision by the Justices on whether to grant full review – which seems all but certain.

    The Justices acted on the first day they were at work after the Administration filed its appeal papers last Friday. If an ordinary schedule were going to be followed, a reply would not even have been due until February 5 and the Court might not have considered granting review until later that month – too late, ordinarily, for a decision before the term ends in late June.

    That normal timing was shortened abruptly on Monday when the case, formally titled Trump v. Hawaii, was distributed to the Justices to be considered at the private conference on January 19. If review is granted at that time, and it would be a great surprise if review were denied, the case could be heard and decided in this term.

    The Court’s staff almost surely has been in discussions with lawyers from both sides about a filing schedule in order to have the necessary briefs in before January 19. One possible plan is for the Hawaii challengers to file their answering brief on Friday, with the Administration sending in a reply by Tuesday. If that is the plan, it will be announced shortly.

    It is now apparent that the Justices have no plans to hold up action on the case from Hawaii to see what happens on another case, from the state of Maryland, which is now awaiting a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. That appeals court heard a government appeal on December 8, and its decision could come at any time. If that happens soon, whoever loses in the Fourth Circuit Court could quickly take the case to the Justices, and seek to have it folded into the review of the Hawaii case (which reached the Justices in the government appeal from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit).

    Potentially, there could be one significant differences between the Hawaii and Maryland cases should both wind up together before the Supreme Court. The Hawaii case, as decided by the Ninth Circuit and as appealed by the Administration, focuses on whether President Trump’s third version of immigration restrictions is legal under federal immigration and federal court procedure laws. The Maryland case includes some of those same legal issues, but also has a constitutional question – does the Trump order amount to a “ban on Muslims” and thus violates the Constitution’s ban on government discrimination based on religion?

    But even if the Court does grant review of only the Hawaii case, with or without an appeal before it in the Maryland case, it could add the religious discrimination issue to its review as a matter of its own choice or at the urging of lawyers for the Hawaii challengers. That was an issue raised by the Hawaii challengers, but it was not decided by the Ninth Circuit Court. It is a central question in the Maryland case as it reached the Fourth Circuit Court.

    Although the Justices have been drawn into preliminary disputes involving both the second and third versions of President Trump’s moves to strictly limit entry to the U.S. by foreign nationals from Mideast nations with Muslim-majority populations, the Court has never expressed its own opinion over whether such action is legal or illegal, constitutional or unconstitutional. That is a the heart of the Administration’s new appeal.

    If the Court does grant review, the controversy could be set for a hearing at the April session, the final sitting for oral arguments this term.

    The Court had previously indicated that it wanted the dispute to move rapidly up to the Court, telling both Circuit Courts that is expected them to complete their reviews with “dispatch.” The review in the Fourth Circuit Court probably has been slowed somewhat by the mere fact that all 13 of its judges eligible to hear the case did participate in it, and divisions no doubt arose among them, thus leading to the writing of several opinions.

    With the Justices now set to take up the Hawaii case at their last scheduled conference of this month, the Fourth Circuit Court may well feel pressure to get its ruling completed promptly.


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  6. WSB says:

    Jeff Sessions on Tucker’s show right now. Immigration.

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  7. Lucille says:

    Rand Paul’s BEAUTIFUL Speech on Illegal Spying

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  8. IMO says:

    The US Coast Guard Just Captured A Staggering Amount of Mexican Cartel Cocaine

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  9. Mia C says:

    Notice how that Wolff book is dead. I knew it was a flash in the pan.

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  10. Pam says:

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  11. Mia C says:

    I am weirdly optimistic today. I think that with the Left non-stop attacking our President, we’re all going to be extra motivated for the midterms.
    –Please help and do your part educating people about how to register, vote, get absentee ballots, etc. Registration begins in a few days in many areas. Please help get our base motivated. MAGA.

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  12. Dora says:

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  13. Troublemaker10 says:

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  14. Zennalou says:

    El Salvador Official: Trump Sending 200K El Salvadorans Home Will Have ‘Beneficial Effects’ on Economy

    Óscar Cabrera, an official with the El Salvadoran central bank, admitted in an interview this week that Trump’s ending of TPS for El Salvador and the return of U.S.-educated El Salvadorans will greatly benefit the country.

    Cabrera said, “In the case of returns from the United States, the beneficial effects that impact the US economy would be transferred in the long term to the economy (of El Salvador) with these Salvadorans with a high degree of qualification.”


    Mexico, Whorehay, and Vicente take a lesson from El Salvador.

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    • georgiafl says:

      If Mexico wants to thrive, it needs to rid itself of the drug cartels.

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    • Kaco says:

      If that will happen because the Dems in the Congress don’t want to let them go home! That was the only thing in the testimony today that disturbed me, the DHS secretary said she’d work with them about it to get the law changed.

      How about sticking to our laws and stay on top of the TPS people, why should we be stuck with every refugee for life? That means the Somalians in Columbus are here forever! This isn’t good for the American people. It’s time for safe spaces near their own countries, enough of taking in everyone all over the world as refugees.

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      • Zennalou says:

        Agree on what she said about working with them. We need to send emails to her and P45 about this. He straightened her out on the 7 year Wall build, maybe he will this also.

        That wasn’t the only thing I disagreed with though. It came out a couple weeks ago the DHS was taking over the Voter Fraud, but today, she said the only part DHS would play would be to assist the states. WTH—can’t you just see the States asking for assistance for something they have refused to go.

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        • Kaco says:

          It would be good getting clarification from Kris Kobach, who made the positive statements about it.

          Why the heck is Graham leading this immigration business anyway? Get his butt out of there! He wants to amnesty 11 million people because he “has no animosity” and thinks America is an idea, and we and our children don’t count!

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        • Kaco says:

          P.S. I missed half of the testimony today because the sound went off on my TV, I want to watch and be able to listen to the whole thing.

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          • Zennalou says:

            Here is the article about the voter fraud

            Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen tamped down on claims her department is going to pursue an investigation into voter fraud, saying Tuesday that her role will be limited to assisting states looking to weed out their own voter lists.

            President Trump earlier this month canceled his voter fraud commission and asked Homeland Security to pick up some of the work. Republican commissioners had said they expected Ms. Nielsen to take on the work they started of using government data to figure out how many non-citizens are registered and, in some cases, actually casting ballots.

            But the new secretary told Congress on Tuesday that’s not her goal.

            She said if states come to her department and ask for help, they already offer assistance, and will continue to do that. But she downplayed a broader role.

            “The larger question of voter fraud, some of that, if the findings are such, exist within the Department of Justice,” she said.


            This is NOT acceptable!

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    • WSB says:

      This IS a hilarious win-win situation! A repatriation heard ’round the world’!

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  15. Pam says:

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  16. MaineCoon says:

    For the last hour I get the below message when I try to access various Twitter accounts, ie Trump’s TheLastRefuge, etc.

    What’s up with this? I don’t have a twitter account.

    Sorry, Twitter is taking too long to load


    • georgiafl says:

      MC – I’m not having any problem with my old Mac laptop – and I am not a Twitter user. I just read the posts and keep up with Trump and LastRefuge followers.


    • iswhatitis says:

      “Sorry, Twitter is taking too long to load”

      I get that nine out of ten times when I click a twitter link via my smartphone.

      But from my PC I rarely get it (if ever; not sure if I’ve ever had it even once – from the PC).

      Not sure the deal – but it seems to be more prone to happening via cell than via broadband. IME anyways.


    • Michelle says:

      Did you block java scripts on your device or block cookies? That used to happen to me when I did one of those actions (I just can’t remember which it was). Check your internet settings.


  17. Pam says:

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  18. Pam says:

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  19. MaineCoon says:


    Yep. Same country in both tweets.

    Can you spell – URANIUM 1?

    I bet President Trump had a few words to say to President of Kazakhstan.

    Hi Hillary.

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  20. blognificentbee says:

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  21. Pam says:

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  22. Pam says:

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  23. blognificentbee says:

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  24. covfefe999 says:

    Can Trump issue an executive order to at least temporarily end chain migration? Sorry if that’s a stupid question, it’s getting very close to my bedtime, that will be my excuse. 🙂

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    • treehouseron says:

      I think he can just slow walk it by instructing the agencies involved to take their time with everything…..

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    • wheatietoo says:

      He might be able to ‘suspend’ it in the interest of National Security.

      But it was tacked onto some legislation and made into law.
      Our President is trying to do everything properly, by the book…so I’m not sure he would try to do this with an EO.

      Some liberal judge would probably tie it up in court anyway, if he did.

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  25. Pam says:

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  26. Pam says:


    • iswhatitis says:

      Screw ’em.


      Do the traitorous Dems think they won’t also be affected?


      Keep it shut down too. Time to fight the traitorous Dems and Uniparty on every front.

      Pelosi can take her “leverage” and use it to fulcrum herself into the mental ward where she belongs.

      This is basically a cold civil war – and sorry, Dems, YOU DON’T GET TO MAKE THE RULES.

      Did I say I am sick and tired of them and their traitorous games?

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  27. Pam says:

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  28. Tutumuch says:

    Is Eric Bolling, as seen in a picture with the President, working at the White House? I hope so…I liked him a lot At FOX. He has been through hell!

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  29. MaineCoon says:

    Manning’s ad is scary.

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  30. MaineCoon says:

    Once again James Woods is on his game!

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  31. WSB says:

    PS President Trump was wearing a purple tie today. Very unusual. Sounds like Hillary’s Resistance color?

    I believe it is liturgical, the color for which would be purple…for his newly minted Religious Freedom Day.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      He’s worn a purple tie before, more than once.

      Purple is a beautiful color. It’s been used to signify a lot of different things over the years.

      There was a guy on Varney this morning using purple for the color of his fund drive for Pancreatic Cancer Research.
      Didn’t catch his name…some billionaire guy, I think a friend of Potus.

      It would be like our President to not want the leftists to ‘own’ this beautiful color and allow them to claim it as their own, for their own purposes.

      He wore a nice ice-lavender tie this last weekend at Mar A Lago.
      The Left doesn’t own the color purple.

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  32. Pam says:

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  33. jeans2nd says:

    Joe DiGenova recounts Sundance’s research. 8 min 22 sec

    Joe says the contractor is CrowdStrike. And more.

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  34. Pam says:

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  35. jeans2nd says:

    T-Rex in Vancouver speaking on NoKo 9 min 30 sec

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  36. sunnydaze says:

    Another special election!

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  37. kinthenorthwest says:

    Interesting–Very Interesting.
    BREAKING=> Senator Ron Johnson: We Have Whistleblower Talking About Off-Site Meetings of FBI “Secret Society” (VIDEO)


  38. kinthenorthwest says:

    Had to share


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