Secretary of State Rex Tillerson CNN Interview…

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave an interview to CNN discussing some of the current foreign policy challenges facing the U.S., such as North Korea etc.  Of course, CNN can’t make it half-way through the interview without wanting to discuss the gossip book currently in the headlines.

Throughout all prior administrations CNN has been the media mouthpiece for the U.S. State Department. CNN and CNNi have a history of shaping coverage, molding narratives and gaining friendly access to DoS bureaucrats – and the best cocktail parties. However, since the Trump administration took office, CNN’s relationship with the state department’s political agenda is gone. They hate that.

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47 Responses to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson CNN Interview…

  1. daughnworks247 says:

    I love this man. He has the patience of Job.

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    • MM says:

      He really does have patience..
      Carries himself so well….

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    • cjzak says:

      I do too. He is a terrific leader in his own right and he is good for the Pres. Love his description of it being his job to give the Pres. all sides of an issue to help the decision making process. I hope he stays for a long time. That being said, this interviewer was just awful. CNN is not having much luck hiring an A team for their company. Yikes.

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      • Indimex says:

        I believe, in part, that is due to a lack of screening for intelligence. It takes a certain amount of intellect to acknowledge that another is more intelligent than you are. The MSM all seem to be incapable of recognizing it. That’s why every single interview with a Trump cabinet member serves to reinforce their, (MSM personality), ineptness. It’s very hard to watch. And increasingly worrisome that a significant percentage of our populace is so gullible. Or, stupid.

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        • Byrd says:

          It’s not pc to even mention intelligence. How did it get this way? The stupid people objected? I think this is just one of the reasons we all enjoy CTH; we are like-minded and intelligent. It is tiresome to deal with low intelligence people, also pointless.
          But, this is what we see ruining our Country.


  2. greenvalleygal says:

    Oh, my goodness. The reporter said “…through his (President Trump’s) tweets and stuff, people think it’s not a very good relationship.” Fake news people believe their own lies. Secretary Tillerson is the most even-tempered leader and skilled communicator in recent memory. Impressive!

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    • yzest5121 says:

      What a rank amateur. Posture and presentation worthy of a 6th grade class project.

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      • yzest5121 says:

        Do you think Rex wondered if he had got the wrong room and he had been kidnapped by a six-grade special ed teacher who had to borrow a dress that morning because a student had spit up on her in first period?

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        • redtreesquirrel says:

          CNN is losing so much of their “talent” over the sexual harassment charges. They may have had to grab this nag from her desk in the basement.

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    • cjzak says:

      Her comment that ‘ALL the people in this book’ thought poorly of the Pres. was sooo bad and amateurish I couldn’t believe it. And she said it while Sec. Tillerson was already giving her an answer and talking. He just ignored her. Unbelievable she was so bad. He is very good at handling people with patience but doesn’t cater to their foolishness either.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Rex Tillerson is so….what’s the word? Stoic, that’s it. How he was able to keep from rolling his eyes is beyond me. He’s a far better person than I, especially when she came out with one of the many lies that our President just gets up and walks out of meetings with foreign leaders simply because he’s bored.

      I still can’t get over how a supposed journalist who is interviewing our Secretary of State, (a yuuge deal!) can ask a question that has not been verified as truth. I sincerely doubt she wrote those questions now that I think about it. The worse part is, I sincerely doubt she will think she did anything wrong or the person who wrote those questions anyways. They simply no longer care to have any integrity or to keep those good ole journalistic values that would guarantee their success.

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  3. woohoowee says:

    As soon as that stupid blimp said, “…have you ever questioned his mental fitness?” I’d have said, “Nope, but anyone catching a load of this show has no doubt yours is lacking. Stop acting like a jr. high twit, start dressing like a professional and ask some professional questions.” That must be why T-Rex is SOS and not me! LOL!

    Other than the Fake Newz Media, nobody is interested in a Fake Book (ht Mnuchin).

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  4. A2 says:

    I don’t care if the devil him(her)self was the reporter. Always enjoy and learn from interviews with Sec Tillerson.

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  5. nonniemae says:

    That woman’s mannerisms were just like Hillary Clinton. She even sounded like H Clinton to me.

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  6. dufrst says:

    Rex was a bit too candid in this interview but I’ve always liked TRex. The NeoCons are chomping at the bit for Nikki Haley, but give me slow and easy Rex everyday!

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    • piper567 says:

      The Neocons can be about their business of chomping at the bit…they have NO influence.

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    • A2 says:

      Hmm, your statement about unnamed ‘neocons’ is exactly what was in the Wolff book.

      Disparaging Ambassador Haley and insinuating that she not MAGA.

      Sec Tillerson is NOT slow and easy. He is laser focussed on the international problems the US faces. He was certainly not ‘too candid’. He was truthful.

      You said you like ‘slow and easy Rex everyday’.

      How deluded.

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      • dufrst says:

        I never said what you said. Try again. I like Haley but the NeoCons want her as SoS because they don’t like Tillerson (and they want to set her up for a 2020 run in case Trump passes on re-election). I like her right where she is.

        Quit trying to pick a fight. Obviously saying slow and easy Rex is in reference to his demeanor and steadiness.

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      • Indimex says:

        “Disparaging Ambassador Haley and insinuating that she not MAGA.”
        Not sure where you were prior to the election? NH was not MAGA, prior to Trump getting her on the team. She’s done exceptionally well at the UN; but, I would not trust her without Trump setting the agenda. At. All.

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    • Patriot1783 says:

      concern noted.


  7. thinkthinkthink says:

    May God bless, protect and guide our amazing Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

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  8. Texanfree says:

    I’m so thankful President Trump chose Rex Tillerson. He is an intelligent, thoughtful and professional. God bless him and his work.

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  9. Lisa says:

    Mr Tillerson is a typical Texan. Smart & not interested in guff

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  10. Sunshinesam says:

    My thoughts:

    1. Most Americans are confused or don’t know about our NK policy because they rely on the media for that information. Our fake news media would rather spread false propaganda about our president.

    2. The nerve of this woman. “Are you staying here for the entire yeaaaaar…..huh…huh?????” I loved his reply when she asked if the president has given wind of letting him go. “None.” (Dead serious.) lol

    3. It is so amazing how our fake news media has covered this new phony book about our PDJT. Yet, they did not cover Clinton Cash except to dispute the claims and call Peter Schweizer a liar. Typical.

    4. She is rude to interrupt our Sec of State while he is still talking. Thankfully, he kept talking and finished his points.

    5. Wow, really? Our media is so corrupt and quite frankly ridiculous. Of course he has not questioned the mental fitness of PDJT.

    These people are such losers. They are such phony, fake liars. We, the American people, are not stupid and see right through this crap which is why we elected PDJT.

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    • jmclever says:

      That is their MO: disparage, discredit and dismiss to get them fired. You can tell who they fear by the degree they work the MO

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      • tageweb says:

        I do not listen to CNN for obvious reasons. However, Friday I had a 5-hour layover in the Atlanta Airport, and was continuously exposed to CNN TVs. KNOWING CNN is a biased lying spewer of garbage, is NOT the same as actually listening to them lie. I was still SHOCKED. It was non-stop on and on and on and on lies about POTUS Trump. They non-stop lied with such impunity. It made my skin crawl. An uninformed general public, that listens to or is exposed to this relentless disinformation (like at airports) is a scary scenario. And , of course, the MSM generally supports this trash, as opposed to telling the truth. And, yet, our beloved POTUS Trump appears to be turning the tide. I have said this before, and I am sure I will say it again: GOD’s hand has to be directing this fight against EVIL. I am not a super-religious man. But, EVIL is the only word that I can find to appropriately describe the relentless onslaught being perpetrated by these liars. MAGA!

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  11. The Boss says:

    I can listen to T Rex all day. I couldn’t stomach looking at that purple people-eater another minute.

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  12. Nordic Breed says:

    That woman has very dark circles under her eyes which is a sign of ill health. She is off balance in both brain and body, not to mention she talks like a third grade teacher. Whisk her away!

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  13. Zephyrbreeze says:

    TIllerson said he and Trump didn’t know each other from before. This speaks to Trump’s sophistication in choosing employees.

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  14. Wayne Robinson says:

    CNN IS ON THE WAY OUT / they are gonna go broke and all assets will be auctioned off / poor people that have stayed will spend there remaining years outside of chosen profession because of guilt by association . The exodus begins 2018

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  15. Cindy from the land of Oz says:

    Thank you Sundance!! I am a rag tag Treehouse dweller Keep it up! You help me to understand the Swamp and it’s Critters….


    • Maquis says:

      Welcome fellow Anglosphere-ite! Are you still down under? We have a South African Treeper posting on the “Snicker” thread right now too… So many good people from so many places. I love the Treehouse!



  16. Geez, I was thinking the interviewer was actually respectful compared to everyone else on CNN…oops, wrong thing to say, I guess. Yes, she had to ask all the dumb questions, but she did ask enough real questions to give Tillerson a chance to explain what was really going on. Tillerson, of course, is always a joy to watch and listen to…like him very much.

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    • Sharpshorts says:

      For the most part, the interviewer did allow Sec. Tillerson to present his case(s).
      I was especially impressed with his explanation of how he perceives the importance of his role; for example, to present all sides to the President so that the President can make the best decision, Sec.Tillerson will not present just the ideas that the President would like to hear.
      That Sec. Tillerson accepts his own subordinate position is another mark of a fine man, especially after being accustomed to being the top dog in his previous private sector position.


  17. intercesser says:

    I wonder if someone has previously mentioned Dunning-Kruger Syndrome on this site …….?…..D-K S refers to the inability of incompetent people to realize their own incompetence . The two Cornell professors named their research conclusions the Dunning- Kruger Effect . To summarize : ” incompetent people will tend to overestimate their own level of skill; fail to recognize genuine skill in others ; fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy ; recognize their own previous lack of skill, if they are exposed to training for that skill ” . D-K s would seem to explain a lot of people .


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