President Trump “Very Disappointed” China Violating North Korea Oil Sanctions…

Because President Donald Trump is entirely deliberate most of the time; and because POTUS Trump very rarely uses a passive aggressive voice; the tweet response from President Trump, regarding China violating oil sanctions, is perfect -and serious- but also funny as hell when you understand the big panda picture.

President Trump knows the panda mask hides the red dragon. Those who have watched the past year engagement between President Trump and Chairman Xi Jinping can clearly see how Trump strokes the panda fur but well understands that Xi holds a zero-sum outlook.

China will never take action that is not in their specific best interests. Period. It’s the way Chinese negotiate. They hold a zero-sum world-view; if China doesn’t win, the action simply is not taken.  Only action that benefits Chinese interests is taken. Period.

Heck, the eyes-wide-open specific understanding of the Chinese view is the entire reason for Trump executing a years-long economic leverage approach toward China’s acquiescence over U.S. demands on the DPRK nuclear ambitions.

President Trump has been positioning a better economic benefit for China as the necessary leverage.  Simultaneously and intensely strategically, POTUS Trump has been publicly creating “magnanimous panda”, with elevated praise beyond words spoken of any other engagement.  Strategic Trump even deploys his granddaughter Arabella as part of the strategy of elevating over-the-top praise upon Chairman Xi, and by extension to “incredible people of China”.

The entire nation of China has watched President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump pay great respect to Xi Jinping and Madam Peng Liyaun for an entire year.  All of this activity has not been without great planning and design by Donald J Trump himself, and executed by the larger Trump administration.

Businessman Donald J Trump knows China.  Believe me.

Showing the dragon-mask to a guest who has demonstrably honored magnanimous panda (beyond all known historic reference points) is an extreme level of professional, political, economic and more importantly, cultural, disrespect.

Very Disappointed“, Trump says.

Seriously, I read that and darned near blew covfefe out my nose. And now we can’t stop laughing as we attempt to estimate the leverage value in a well placed geopolitical tweet: “very disappointed”.

WASHINGTON – […] The satellite images appear to identify the ships. One of them — Rye Song Gang 1, seen “connected to a Chinese vessel” — was included in the Nov. 21 sanctions as a vessel of Korea Kumbyol Trading Company possibly transferring oil to evade sanctions.

While Russia exports some oil to North Korea, China is the main source of oil for the rogue nation, according to Reuters. However, the country’s records reportedly showed it exported no oil products to the North during the month of November. It was reportedly the second consecutive month China didn’t export diesel or gasoline to North Korea.

A government source told the South Korean newspaper that, “We need to focus on the fact that the illicit trade started after a UN Security Council resolution in September drastically capped North Korea’s imports of refined petroleum products.”

Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said she had no information following Chosun’s report, but said “the Chinese government has been completely and strictly enforcing Security Council resolutions” aimed at discouraging North Korea from developing nuclear and missile technology.  (read more)

“very disappointed”

“Very Disappointed”!!


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197 Responses to President Trump “Very Disappointed” China Violating North Korea Oil Sanctions…

  1. Ono says:

    Panda walks into a restaurant, “orders” a meal.

    Panda dines

    Waiter brings the bill

    Panda pulls a gun and shoots the waiter.

    Onlooker asks Panda WTH is that all about?

    Panda replies. Look up panda diet

    Panda diet…Eats, shoots and leafs

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  2. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Panda after encounter with lion

    Lion wins

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  3. jmclever says:

    There are already sanctions in place against anyone doing business with U.S. who chooses to do business also with N.K. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. Any Magnitsky worthy names in China?

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  4. bulwarker says:

    They must think a weak American is still president, boy are they in for a surprise. Trump won’t stand for the double-dealing and once crossed is unforgiving. They want to learn the hard way, so be it.

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  5. I had my doubts That China would honor the sanctions, as I’m sure many here did also. If we had doubts, unquestionably the administration did also. I’m anticipating the next move.

    When my kids were growing up, if I told them I was very disappointed in them, restrictions followed.

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  6. RickA says:

    Probably about time some modest tariffs begin to be introduced on Chinese goods …. no fanfare, just gentle ratcheting up, MAGA in action….

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  7. LBB says:

    I may have been the only one not pleased this narrative was pushed earlier in week. FOX made it a story early this morning. MSNBC was the only one I heard who correctly stated these photos from Treasury’s sanction statement in November. That statement states the pics from October.

    “North Korea is known to employ deceptive shipping practices, including ship-to-ship transfers, a practice prohibited by United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2375 of September 11, 2017. The images below were taken on October 19, 2017, and they depict a recent attempt by Korea Kumbyol Trading Company’s vessel RYE SONG GANG 1 to conduct a ship-to-ship transfer, possibly of oil, in an effort to evade sanctions” (photos in link)

    If China is still violating since then, let it be based on fresh evidence that it has been done since October. I just want correct info for all sides.

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  8. Blaze says:

    Well if China isn’t honoring the sanctions then who else? I guess we can assume others too. Then move on to the sanctions are having minimal results if any at all while North Korea keeps expanding their nuclear program….as always.

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  9. fleporeblog says:

    Our President knows China and North Korea inside and out and has been talking about them for the past 20+ years!

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  10. Trump’s EO from about a week ago targets violators of human rights and corruption. Most people focused on the multiple entities and persons identified with connections to the Clinton Foundation. That said, this EO can be used with great punishing power upon countries with human rights issues like China and Pakistan if need be.

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    • jmclever says:

      And there is lots of property owned by Chinese in America. Blocking it would be very disappointing for them

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      • G. Combs says:

        A LOT of property
        “…In 2013, the Chinese firm Shuanghui received wide public attention when it purchased U.S. pork producer Smithfield Foods for a record $4.7 billion.

        In an overlooked part of the deal, Shuanghui also acquired more than 146,000 acres of farmland across the United States, worth more than $500 million, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data.

        The deal made Shuanghui, now the WH Group Limited, into one of the biggest foreign owners of U.S. agricultural land…

        “When foreign entities buy farmland, my assumption is that we’re never going to get that farmland back,” added Gibbons. “They’re going to keep it forever.”

        …Overall, Chinese companies own or are invested in more than 240,000 acres of U.S. farmland, USDA data shows….”

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        • WSB says:

          That must be changed.

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        • AM says:

          ““When foreign entities buy farmland, my assumption is that we’re never going to get that farmland back,” added Gibbons. “They’re going to keep it forever.””

          At what point do we claim our own sovereignty? Isn’t this like the Uranium One deal? How is it gone forever? Isn’t just lack of will? I don’t mind using tax payer money even to pay them their investment back, but don’t we win? It’s ridiculous.


        • yucki says:

          Come on, just try to stake a claim here.
          – Just remember we’re Americans: 1st and 2nd Amendment folks.
          Bibles and Guns.
          – think twice, it’s alright.


  11. alliwantissometruth says:

    I thought the Chinese were smart?

    OK, they only do things in their best interests. This “ain’t” in their best interest

    Hmm, the Chinese are looking pretty dumb

    On another note, I see all those little Chinese kids, full of innocence & love. Too bad they have to grow up & become Chinese adults & ruin what they once were


    • Nonlocality says:

      Some kids are only filled/indoctrinated with Hate. Is it their fault? No. But, whose fault is it? Dictators? Phony reverends? Media? Propaganda?

      Ephesians 6:12


    • AngelOne says:

      They’re smart enough to know that American “red lines” meant nothing for decades and that war isn’t polling well domestically for the Donald (and neither are Chinese sanctions for that matter) they know that American media is POTUS biggest enemy & that they can be counted on to oppose any action necessary or beneficial to American interests.


  12. Nessie509 says:

    Communist Reds.
    Very clever.

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  13. Oldskool says:

    Maybe there are Section 301 violation sanctions available in addition to or augmented by this latest actual embargo violation, but all confidence our President is about to deliver a MOAB on the Chicoms.

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  14. bosscook says:

    “Very disappointed”…..MAGA translation: “Big trouble for China….sad”

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  15. The Devilbat says:

    I never think of a panda as far as China is concerned. There is a more fitting animal that has a lot more in common with them.

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  16. Howie says:

    Gee, what a surprise. The Chinese communists really are communists. Oh well.

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  17. fedback says:

    Olympics in South Korea, February. What happens after

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  18. Howie says:

    They are lightering small tanker to small tanker that there is no need to lighter because they could easily make port. Dunno if you guys understand but the only reason to lighter at sea is if the big tanker can’t make the channel due to draft.
    Lightering or Ship to Ship Transfer (STS) is the transfer of cargo, usually petroleum from a VLC Super Tanker to Smaller Tankers for transport to destinations where access to these MEGA ships are prohibited due to there size and draft.

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    • Howie says:

      You will not see this anywhere else.

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    • Howie says:

      I spent a summer lightering super tankers off of Galveston is how I know.

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      • El Torito says:

        Thanks for the info Howie.

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        • Howie says:

          Here is what I did. These big fenders you string alongside the super tanker so the lightering tanker can come in and tie off. Then they run at about 5 kts. while they transfer the oil. They have to keep the same course so after I would range out in fron to run off anything in the way. Then you go back an pull the fenders back on deck.

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    • Howie says:

      You can lighter 4 small tankers off a Super tanker.

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    • Howie says:

      In Hawaii the lightering station is fixed on the bottom off of Honolulu.. Used to service the system in and maintain the underwater system and mooring bouys. The tankers never make port. The bouys are anchored by huge chains you can drag around with a tug to move. Off Louisiana is a min lightering station that is on a platform. The pipelines run to shore from the stations to get the oil in. I was right standing by there on 911 an saw the panic lockdown. It is called The Loop.

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    • Muthaucker says:

      They were probably lightering at sea because the Chinese flag vessel did not want to be photographed in a NK port. Nothing to do with vessel draft/size.

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    • Howie says:

      The draft on a ship is distance from waterline to keel (bottom) of ship. if draft is 30 feet ya can’t go in channel too shallow.


      • rf121 says:

        Ok, this is how the big boys do it. I used to ride the oiler in the middle. And the carrier could launch and receive aircraft while receiving fuel and supplies.

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      • RyderLee says:

        Howie , Great to have First-hand Knowledge !
        Thank You for sharing !
        I appreciate Learning from All Life Experiences
        of Treepers here ! I Thank You All ☺


        • MouseChop says:

          So say we all! Excellent lesson Howie!!! I had not a clue! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

          I believe Our Father pours His favor over CTH and those who dwell here. The Light of Truth is bright here. I also truly believe, the way we relentlessly pursuit The Light of Truth in all things, combined with the sharing of those Truths gained from our own individual and unique experiences in life, allows our brother and sister treepers Light to shine brighter, hugely brighter. This Light of Truth is the Father. Our Father will increase His Light within CTH. Our Father loves His little treepers heavenly kingdom bigly and will continue pouring His favor out, over CTH and soaking His lovely little treepers in His Light and Truth.


    • H&HC 2nd-16th says:

      You are correct Howie. I’ll add my father was on a tanker in the early twenties. He called it “off-loading to a barge”. Same thing though.

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  19. citizen817 says:

    Is anyone really surprised that China is cheating? They cheat or skirt the rules in trade, proprietary technology, etc.

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  20. Sanctions time… China CHEATS.

    The Trump Team of Cabinet Titans may soon be issuing important announcements …

    We have alerted businesses importing goods from China that the increasing likelihood of North Korean aggression has put all of those imports at risk: It will be unsafe for any shipping to transit Chinese waters:
    • We have notified Shipping Insurers that the risks of shipping losses have dramatically escalated with the continued Chinese support of the threatening North Korean regimes. Insurance requirements for both vessels and their contents are necessarily beginning to skyrocket.
    • Importers now recognize the urgency of developing sources of supply from countries in neighborhoods further from North Korea, to offset the threat of plummeting stock prices.
    • America’s exporters of Coal and LNG also recognize the risk of continuing to export to China and the urgency of developing customers in less risky neighborhoods.

    The Chinese violations of Chinese-Approved U.N. Sanctions against North Korea prompted us to review other trade areas where China’s word had been trusted.
    • We found many.
    • Under the Trump Administration’s “America First” policy, we have initiated sanctions for China’s unfair trade practices.
    • The Commerce Department is assessing how many $Billions China’s illegal industry subsidies have cost America.
    • The Treasury Department is assessing how many $Billions China’s currency manipulation has cost America.
    • The Defense Department is identifying which defense-related industries will need to build domestic capacity, now that China’s actions have undermined American trust.

    On behalf of American consumers, our Department of Commerce and State Department have consequently opened discussions with other Asian nations who are eager to provide a trustworthy supply of consumer product imports.

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    • This series of steps will help China understand just what “acting in China’s interests” looks like … and what it doesn’t.

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    • Perfect time to announce a “National State of Emergency” for trade with China … until they solve the NORK NUKES problem.

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    • Queensland Kel says:

      Slow learners, usually their intelligence is much better than this. The up coming lesson is never mess with the Trumpster. Can’t wait to see this lesson unfold.

      I don’t know if the British comedy Dad’s Army (about the Home Guard in WW2) got to America, but I keep humming the theme with variation

      Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler (mr Xi) if you think we’re on the run…

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      • While I have profound appreciation for Mr. Trump’s wiliness and perspicacity, I also have the greatest respect for the Chinese ability to defend their own interests.

        This should be interesting, but I would expect a bumpy ride.


    • MouseChop says:

      Sir BlackKnightRides,
      Would you mind if I start using your “The Trump Team of Cabinet Titans”? Beautiful description of President Trumps Cabinet. Nicely done BKR!

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  21. dave says:

    China has money. Lots of it, enough to buy as many Donohues and District of Criminals denizens as it needs to defang the lion.
    NEVER underestimate the enemy, it’s a strategy for failure.

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  22. Orygun says:

    Possible that the magnificent Obama told the Panda to ignore President Trump as they are going to remove him.

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  23. NASCARheart says:

    China has been funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into K street since 1990 (Bush 1) to influence our government into entering into deals that are poisonous for the American middle and working class. It’s about time we have a President that stands up to the Chinese government. I personally am sick and tired of buying a product at the store only to read “made in China” on the product box or label.

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  24. emet says:

    Caught by the gwei lo’s, big loss of face. Somebody important, but not well-connected will get the blame. Then Xi will ask for a meeting.

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  25. El Torito says:

    Remember the discussion of the Chinese culture of “face” we had a while back? POTUS is using this, as in causing Xi to “lose face.” Xi will fold as this is immense pressure and could even be forced to resign. This appears subtle, like a gentle parent in our society, but is a potential politically fatal kick in the throat in Chinese culture. Trump, having employed the same face culture to give Xi a big, yuuuge lift politically, has just withdrawn it.

    Looking forward to DJT’s next steps on the subject.

    And, it goes without saying – “we knew Xi was a snake before we took him in…”

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  26. For decades, China has been North Korea’s puppet masters. China enjoys giving the world the appearance as though they want a change North Korea’s genetically deranged little rocket man’s nuclear mission plan when, on the contrary, it’s China assisting his mission and even encouraging him.

    Never trust the Red Dragon or you will end up burnt.

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  27. Thank you flepore! I so admire how you enhance what Sundance is saying. Between the two of you, I am so much more the wiser. ( no offense Sundance, but one of my goats is named Sundance . . . because his spirit matches the name, just like you.. . .incredibly bright, sense of humor, likes to have fun, takes no bs Thank you for sharing with us treepers.

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  28. Is it me or do those 4 Chinese soldiers have incredibly long necks? Weird.


  29. emet says:


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  30. Howie says:

    Sanctions are such a joke….


  31. 4430lacey says:

    Not a surprise, the puppet dancing to the puppet master.
    The Chinese are expecting Trump to pony up extortion payments.

    If N Korea were to bomb Guam, that would be a Chinese attack, the puppet master.


  32. jefcool64 says:

    They’re testing his resolve, testing what kind of response they will get. You can’t outfox Trump when it comes to diplomacy.

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  33. treehouseron says:

    Not only does this give him leverage against China…. it also gives us leverages in the UN, does it not? it’s the UN’s embargo they’re violating, aren’t they?

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    • jrapdx says:

      Apparently, what the UN declares as sanctions has unreliable effect in the real world. It will be up to the US, possibly dressed up as a UN action, to enforce the UN decisions against NK. Perhaps that will involve US trade actions against China or some other penalty. I’m sure Pres Trump is considering what he does next, but we know there will be be something coming down the pike.

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  34. decisiontime16 says:

    December 25, 2017 4:30 pm JST
    China steeling for full-blown crisis on Korean Peninsula
    Sources cite refugee camp plans, food stashes and barracks construction
    OKI NAGAI, Nikkei staff writer

    BEIJING — China may be committed to resolving the North Korean nuclear issue through dialogue, but it is taking no chances. Sources say Chinese authorities are actively bracing for a possible clash between the North and the U.S., including plans for vast refugee camps near the border.

    The government in the middle of this year instructed northeastern provinces, including Jilin and Liaoning, to start preparing to open camps that could absorb an expected influx of displaced North Koreans, according to Chinese Communist Party insiders. The sources said multiple planned facilities would have an estimated capacity of up to 500,000 people. Stockpiling of food and tents has apparently begun.

    U.S. coordination
    U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Dec. 12 said his country has consulted with China about ways to handle refugees and contain North Korea’s nuclear weapons if a conflict breaks out. “[T]he most important thing to us would be securing those nuclear weapons they’ve already developed and ensuring that they — that nothing falls into the hands of people we would not want to have it. We’ve had conversations with the Chinese about how might that be done,” he said.

    The two sides are believed to have discussed these matters during the bilateral security dialogue in Washington in June. That was around the time Beijing issued the instructions on the refugee camps.
    Tillerson also said the U.S. had assured China that, if American forces invade North Korea across the military demarcation line, they will withdraw once certain conditions are met.


  35. Falcon Koch says:

    Something to think about, China is not a country that has oil reserves, as they import oil. China has very good relations with Iran and Iran has lots of oil. It is also a known fact that NK and Iran do business on their nuke programs. Could not NK receive payment for missile Tech in oil shipments. Can China be so stupid to send oil to NK, knowing the lies of NK and Iran. Something is really fishy. In all the articles about NK, I never see any talk of the relationship between NK and Iran. I believe that whatever knowledge NK has on missiles, that info. is passed on to Iran as a payment.

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    • Do you really think that the NK tech knowledge about nukes is home grown? Frankly, I might be crazy, but I have to wonder if they aren’t being given / sold the nukes in exchange for taunting us and risking conflict.


  36. Howie says:

    When the sanctions get tough, the crooks get going.

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  37. Wayne Robinson says:

    Time to tie up Chinas goods being imported stop the off loading for thred weeks China will figure out where they want to deal . Penalize them for thred wedks then talk again . Everytime China violates the sanctions they voted for increase the penalty no off loading anything from China directly or indirectly . Then if we need some cheap shit we usually get from China watch how fast some enterprizing u.s. Concern will exspand into fullfilling that need. This could get intresting real fast


  38. scott467 says:

    “China will never take action that is not in their specific best interests. Period. It’s the way Chinese negotiate. They hold a zero-sum world-view; if China doesn’t win, the action simply is not taken. Only action that benefits Chinese interests is taken. Period.”


    So how does ‘saving face’ fit in with China’s best interest?

    Does China want to be known as the country of scum-belly liars?

    Does China want to become known as the People whose word has no value and no meaning?

    Is China the land of Dishonor?

    Shall the Chinese, during the watch of Xi Jinping, become known as the Cretians?

    One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, The Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies.” (Titus 1:12, KJV)

    At what price honor?

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  39. oldiadguy says:

    FYI – Here is another point of view in regards to who has leverage.

    Also, on why should the Chinese trust the U.S.? Look what happened when Russia trusted the word of the American President and Western Leaders.


    • kjj says:

      I don’t think it wise to take seriously anyone who is unable to understand the difference between “reserve currency” and “unit of accounting”. I know, I know, internet mythology says that they are the same thing. But, they aren’t.

      The US Dollar is the world’s reserve currency not because anyone needs it to buy oil. (They don’t.)

      People (and banks and countries) hold dollars because dollars are better (more useful) than other currencies. We (Americans) tend to be aware, to some extent, of the problems with our money, and know basically nothing about any other money. All of the others are worse, and everyone knows it but us. So, the internet likes to pretend to know everything and has invented a giant conspiracy theory about the dollar, somehow managing to avoid seeing all of the counterexamples, not to mention that the theory is batshit crazy.

      Iraq was not invaded to stop them from selling oil for Euros, but because the neocon twits convinced Bush that evolution stopped at the neck and the Iraqi people were exactly the same as Americans were in 1770 – eager to embrace Western values like democracy and equality if only someone would overthrow their despot.

      Gaddafi was not killed because he was going to establish an oil market denominated in Kwanzabux, but because Hillary needed a foreign policy “win” to round out her upcoming presidential campaign.

      Oh, and Iran’s oil bourse has been accepting not-Dollars for oil for like 10 years now, and we haven’t struck them dead yet. Not to mention China and Russia trading in local currencies for however long that has been going on.

      The petrodollar is a myth that won’t die. It makes absolutely no sense in a world like this one, where FOREX exists. And even without FOREX, the technology has existed for about 4000 years for two parties to negotiate a price in one currency but actually exchange a different one. No, people (and banks and countries) hold dollars because holding dollars makes fiscal sense to them, and for no other reason.

      Also, being the reserve currency gives the issuing country a few advantages, but also a great big pile of disadvantages. We’ve been caught in Triffen’s Dilemma for decades now, and the amount of American wealth that has been exported during that time is incalculable.

      So, this Saker guy might be really bright and have a lot of good stuff to say, but it is very hard to take him seriously when he writes an article and the central premise is an internet myth.


      • CirclingTheDrain says:

        So nice to see someone else with economic smarts here. The petrodollar has been mostly defunct since Bush, if not Clinton. Just like the commodity markets.

        The fact is, there is no trustworthier currency than the dollar – not the Euro, the Yuan, the Yen, the Bolivar, nothing… It’s why the yuan is pegged to the dollar, the only thing that gives their currency credibility. We wouldn’t likely HAVE a trade deficit if we were not the world reserve currency.

        Fine, do away with the dollar as reserve currency. Watch this economy roar in response.


        • cdquarles says:

          This is true. Another point is that the USA’s comparative advantage, economically, is and has been capital goods (of which money is one) for decades as well. Capital goods are the inputs required to make the end user’s consumption goods. Capital goods are the leading indicator. When capital goods purchases drop, the overall economic activity will drop. When capital goods purchases increase, the overall economic activity will rise. That is why, in part, we know that the great recession lasted 8 years. The economy has just started to get good again and enter boom territory.

          I don’t care much about the ‘trade deficit’, after all, I run a trade deficit, if you will, with the retail establishments I support, as long as you don’t count my money and the interest earned on it. I’m retired now, so I’m cashing in that surplus. What will ultimately impoverish us isn’t debt, as such. What will impoverish us is consuming our seed corn (capital).


        • oldiadguy says:

          “So nice to see someone else with economic smarts here. The petrodollar has been mostly defunct since Bush, if not Clinton.”

          kjj was saying the whole petrodollar thing was an internet myth. How could it have been defunct since Bush if not Clinton????


      • oldiadguy says:

        First, thank you for a civil reply. Many here would label someone posting other opinions a troll.

        I understand the difference between a reserve currency and a unit of accounting, but that was not the reason I posted the link. China is leading the way towards a new economic order and away from the U.S. dominated dollar system. It appears to be part of the One Belt, One Road imitative that could combine Eurasia into a powerful economic bloc. If successful, the U.S. would have far less leverage over the members of this bloc.

        As far as the petrodollar being an internet myth, it appears that a great many educated people believe it is a fact.

        “Iraq was not invaded to stop them from selling oil for Euros, but because the neocon twits convinced Bush that evolution stopped at the neck and the Iraqi people were exactly the same as Americans were in 1770 – eager to embrace Western values like democracy and equality if only someone would overthrow their despot.

        Gaddafi was not killed because he was going to establish an oil market denominated in Kwanzabux, but because Hillary needed a foreign policy “win” to round out her upcoming presidential campaign.”

        Many would prefer to believe that these military actions were for the benefit for our national interest rather than the fantasy/ego trip by our demented leaders. Interestingly, the Shaker appears to agree with your premise to an extent with this article.

        I agree that the Shaker is a bright guy. Here is a bit of his bio.

        “I was born in Zurich, Switzerland, from a Dutch father and Russian mother. My father left us when I was 5, so my mother and my Russian family raised me and this is why I took my mother’s last name. I lived most of my life in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1984 I did my military service in electronic warfare and I was later transferred to the military intelligence service (UNA) as a language specialist where did some work with the Swiss Air Force. I then traveled to the USA where I got a BA in International Relations from the School of International Service (SIS) at the American University and a MA in Strategic Studies from the Paul H. Nitze School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at the Johns Hopkins University. Upon my return to Switzerland, I worked as a civilian consultant for the Swiss Strategic Intelligence Service (SND) writing strategic analyses, primarily about the Soviet/Russian military. In the military, I was given the Major-equivalent rank of “Technical Officer”, which is a fancy way of saying that I was an analyst. I also worked as an “enemy operations” (“Red Team” in US parlance) specialist for the operational-level training of the General Staff of Swiss armed forces. I then accepted a position for the UN Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) where I specialized in peacekeeping tactics and operations. This gave me the opportunity to co-author a book on Russian peacekeeping operations with the Major-General I. N. Vorob’ev, of the Russian General Staff Academy.”

        One last thing, the Shaker didn’t write the article, Pepe Escobar wrote it as a opinion piece.

        Take care and stay safe


  40. America First says:

    Based on the Chinese dualism of Taoist Philosophy, it all depends on who they think is going to win, right?? Doesn’t look too good for their Obamao/CIA buddies right now. They’d better come around.


    • Comrade Mope says:

      I expect to see an exodus of Biblical proportion once the order for all men (possibly women too) of military age are required to report to Selective Service. The argument that illegal aliens just want a better life evaporates once they refuse to register.


  41. georgiafl says:

    It’s winter – should China let thousand/millions of North Koreans freeze to death?


  42. Texian says:

    Very disappointed..

    “You are who your friends are..” (a lesson from my Father..).

    Liked by 1 person

  43. scott467 says:

    ““You are who your friends are..” (a lesson from my Father..).”


    The Bushes are very close friends with the Clintons.

    Junior wouldn’t bomb the poppy fields of Afghanistan, when we could have wiped them out. That was my first realization that Bush was not the person he presented himself to be.

    Being friends with the Clintons… how does a person even do that?


  44. TSB a Vulgarian (old deplorable) says:

    Treepers math 101 Class begins 2018; prerequisite required ; Golden Rule Course ( he who has gold rules) by Professor DJT
    Course Outline:
    US GDP 18+ T x 5% + annual growth
    PRC GDP 11 + T (their number / fake news) x 10 % annual growth ( do you believe that # )
    Lower Energy Cost = competitiveness ( growth rate ; ie GDP ) required reading, US energy production and it’s not solar or wind 🤔

    Professor DJT will also be teaching a special course ;PRC Economics / How Socialism Works

    MAGA Baby


  45. hooji says:

    This could be the start of Trump working on the Taiwan “situation”.

    The company behind the oil smuggling is Taiwanese.

    China has always insisted that there is only “one” China. So if we blame everything Taiwan does on *China* their natural reaction would be to say, “Wait! That’s not us! That was Taiwan!”

    Then Trump can say, “Oh, if your not responsible for Taiwan’s actions, then I guess it *is* a different country after all… right?”

    Either Taiwan is independent, or China is responsible for it. They can’t have it both ways.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. This is all headed to a naval blockade, and rightfully so. If China fails to cooperate, it’s the next logical step.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. czarowniczy says:

    I think the difference here is Trump’s willing to put it ‘out there’ when China’s caught violating UN sanctions, or just common international sense, to keep its little cutout NK afloat.
    NK’s been a handy tool for Beijing to use when it needs to poke Japan, the US or any other Asian country not in China’s sphere. China lets NK out of the yard, NK bites the neighbor’s dog and China issues a formal statement that it’s sorry, it’ll fix that hole in the fence and the dawg won’t get out again.
    We have the NKs building a complete fissionable material production, extraction and bomb building industry while being unable to feed its own population. It develops an up-to-date ICBM production capacity at almost light speed after decades of building 1950s-era SRBMs…almost paralleling China’s sudden explosion in ICBM range, reliability and effectiveness after Clinton allowed US firms to clean up and modernize their ‘space rockets’ for peaceful use. Might some of that nuke and missile technology have been illegally transferred from China to NK like that ship-to-ship illegal oil transfer?
    China and NK are trying their hardest to neutralize Japan in all military matters which has inturn triggered Japan’s largest military buildup since WWII…let’s see if China pushes Japan to go nuke too and pushes the US to invoke NK-like sanctions on Japan to prevent it from doing so.


  48. Benson II says:

    In my view, if true, this was to be expected. Trump will handle it.


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