Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo and Rep Bud Cummins Discuss FBI Plot Against Trump Presidency…

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo interviews Representative Bud Cummins about the 2016 weaponization of the FBI and DOJ and the same group of people in 2017 working to undermine the Trump administration.

This Tuesday FBI Asst. Director Andrew McCabe will meet with the House Intelligence Committee. Around the same time Trump lawyers will be meeting with Robert Mueller. Could be a big news week.

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197 Responses to Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo and Rep Bud Cummins Discuss FBI Plot Against Trump Presidency…

  1. Sylvia Avery says:

    Okay, I almost vomited. Sorry for being crude and graphic. This clown, Bud Cummings, is a former US Attorney.

    Under sharp questioning by Maria about charges being filed and all he talked about was bad management and conflicts of interest. He obviously doesn’t see this the way I do. Buffoon.

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  2. Rob Paul says:

    An interesting perspective from Asia Times:

    “It would not be easy to find an attorney of standing in America whom Bill Clinton wouldn’t have known or pallied with during his extraordinary political career, to conduct a thorough investigation into his wife’s activities. But if the prospect of a full investigation into Hillary sails into view, the formula for a truce will emerge.

    The international community has high stakes in the outcome. The time between now and March will be most thrilling. If a ceasefire in the American civil war is declared by March, when President Vladimir Putin is certain to obtain a renewed six-year mandate in the Russian presidential election, a new beginning may still be possible in Russian-American relations and world politics may change course.”

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  3. HBD says:

    There’s just too many crooks in DC for a simple man from Mississippi like myself to keep up with. But Sundance keeps explaining it just enough to keep me engaged.

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  4. Michael says:

    Who other than the Chief Executive of the United States can enforce any subpoenas?


    • Michael says:

      As chief executive, he enforces laws, treaties, and court rulings; develops federal policies; prepares the national budget; and appoints federal officials. He also approves or vetoes acts of Congress and grants pardons.


  5. Joseph W. South says:

    I just saw a Breitbart article that Sen. Conryn is now openly questioning the legitimacy of the IC. When NeverTrumpers start squealing it means they can see the boomerang about to happen!

    For me, one of the most interesting things this week will be, if/when Mueller announces his investigation is closing and he’s exonerating the President, how is the MSM going to react? More importantly, how are all their minions who still watch and believe their crap going to react? There are many people who still believe that Mueller is going to indict / reveal information that will lead to impeachment.

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    • dontdrinklikeme says:

      I think he will be forced to close his investigation as people who lead his investigation have to take the 5th in front of congress.

      If people are not charge this country is done

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    • WonkoTheSane says:

      I have some lefty friends on Facebook. The are positively convinced Drumpf is guilty and he’s going down. The Reeeeee level will be off the charts if and when this wraps up. This could get ugly.

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    • Another Ian says:

      how is the MSM going to react?”

      About the same as usual I’d guess

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      • Joseph W. South says:

        Do you agree that this time is really different? They’ve been pinning all their hopes on the IC. It’s truly starting to seep out into the mainstream that it was all a giant hoax. And if / when Mueller exonerates the President it’s going to be a MOAB on their entire fake news apparatus. I mean what’s next, a special special independently independent counsel filled with people who REALLY hate the President? IMO they’ve almost completely blown their political wad.

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        • lastinillinois says:

          The SSIIC you mention will have to employ Chelsea Clinton, Val Jarrett, Mooch obama, holder, lynch, McAuliffe, and Reggie love.

          And they still won’t find anything.

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      • Media will ignore and go back to discussing how many diet cokes and Big Mac’s Trump eats…

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      Let them react and when they do the hammer will be coming down on them. As our President says “There will law and order.” Some swamp rats may get off but of the populace proper who think they are going go out and cause chaos, destruction and death will be having an awakening they won’t like. They will be taken care of forthwith and properly. You can bank on that.

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  6. WonkoTheSane says:

    When this breaks and we have to give it a name, can we call it something other than “insert scandal name”gate for Pete’s sake. everything since Watergate has been a “gate”. Be creative America!

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  7. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Cummins appeared a lightweight to me. Management problems at FBI? Ya’ think?

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  8. milktrader says:

    I’m starting to see Trump’s game plan now.


    Over time, this hysterical conspiracy is laid bare as a joke. A very sick joke.

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  9. kinthenorthwest says:

    Just had to share

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  10. mopar2016 says:

    Representative Bud Cummins says that this is a lot of “bad management” at the FBI and DOJ.
    I’d say that’s the biggest understatement I’ve ever heard.

    Treason would be more accurate.

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    • Flova says:

      Is President Trump the only male in DC with courage?

      These wusses like Cummins are all over that swamp. ‘Bad management?!’

      How about treason, conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected President and cavorting with the enemies of the U.S?

      Cold anger.

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  11. idihf94d1s8k says:

    “You see I take these glasses off and he looks like regular person… huh? Put ’em back on? Formaldehyde face.”

    proper reaction to Bud Cummings…

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  12. MfM says:

    This was the same sort of tack that we saw Geraldo Rivera doing on Friday. Yeah they screwed up… let’s move forward.

    Atlanta, least he’s not doing the ‘good people’ crap that Geraldo did.

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    • 4beagles says:

      Yeah, that kumbuya reset crap Geraldo was peddling had me laughing. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a small legion of woman accusing him of sexual assault.

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  13. Joe says:

    Looks to me like there will be lots of arrests and convictions stemming from the Russian Collusion investigation–just not the people who were thought vulnerable at the outset and not the people Democrats and RINOs intended as the targets.

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  14. woohoowee says:

    Translation of Bud: “DAYUM! The Partisans weaponized .gov against an opposing candidate and they can’t do that. That’s as bad as it gets! Better check out what supervision was up to.”


  15. Ghostrider says:

    The release by the GSA of Trump’s transition team emails, 12 separate accounts, 10,000 emails is concerning and problematic. Mueller has significant leverage over Trump. They likely found something where they can threaten to charge Trump, Don Jr or Jared with just to keep impeachment fires burning. It’s like a prosecutorial extortion. Hopefully, a deal can be struct. You leave Obama, Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein and Mueller go free, no charges, in exchange for the SC investigation shutting down. I see this shaping up as a deal or no deal situation
    If Trump’s Attornies refuse to deal, Mueller continues on and starts sacking people. Trump’s attorney said Mueller isn’t going to be fired. After all, Big Bob has Rod Rosenstein covering for him. And, the DOJ is not bringing charges against anyone. My prediction is everyone on Sundance’s chart skates.


    • getouttahea says:

      “Mueller has significant leverage over Trump. They likely found something where they can threaten to charge Trump, Don Jr or Jared with just to keep impeachment fires burning.”

      How do you know?

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      • Deb says:

        He doesn’t. He likes to state his own conjecture as though it’s fact. Personally, I think it’s a very foolish way to troll the CTH, as we are too smart to fall for it.

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        • JM Covfefe says:

          A+! And excellent use of punctuation. 🙂


        • V.Lombardi says:

          I see nothing in Ghostrider’s post that is any more speculative than what Sundance writes. There are lots of silly things on this site. Last week Sundance said Rosenstein is a white hat. That’s a ridiculous statement. Rosenstein approved the uranium one deal, and has knowledge of lots of the major criminality the past 8 years, due to his position. Did you fall for it? Sundance gets to assign the hats? On what basis? And you all accept everything?


      • G. Combs says:

        Ghostrider doesn’t KNOW, he just thinks Trump is STUPID…

        Actual evidence says other wise.
        First, when the Hillary email scandal blew-up President Trump said during the campaign he NEVER uses email for anything sensitive. He always uses private courier. ( THINK of Jared and Ivanka as his most trusted private couriers. — This is why they are constantly attacked.)

        Second Trump warned the girls at the Miss Universe pageant in Russia in 2013 not to do anything even in their rooms that they didn’t want showing up on TV.

        From Sundance:
        ♦ On Tuesday November 8th, 2016 the election was held. Results announced Wednesday November 9th, 2016.
        ♦ On Thursday November 17th, 2016, NSA Director Mike Rogers traveled to New York and met with President-Elect Donald Trump.
        ♦ On Saturday November 19th Reuters reported on the WaPo Story and additional pressure by Defense Secretary Ash Carter and DNI James Clapper to fire Mike Rogers.
        Did NSA Director Mike Rogers wait for a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) to be set up in Trump Tower, and then notify the President-elect he was being monitored by President Obama?
        ….Seems likely.

        ALSO President Elect Trump immediately moved his headquarters to NJ.
        Donald Trump moves transition meetings to private golf club in New Jersey
        ” The Washington Times – Thursday, November 17, 2016

        President-elect Donald Trump is moving the transition meetings Friday from Trump Tower in New York to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, said transition team officials[….]”

        Do you really think President Trump, KNOWING he was being monitored would allow ANYTHING questionable to be put in emails by his team??

        Any bets one of the meetings at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster on Friday November 18, 2016 was to tell his people YOU ARE BEING MONITORED, act accordingly?


    • emet says:

      Without a warrant the emails have no value as evidence and would be trown out at a supression hearing. Mueller knew this, he is just trying to rattle President Trump. His mistake is, of course, he figured President Trump would be as wimpy as himself and those in his circle. They have no honor, no courage, no love of country. THey are the undead

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      • dawndoe says:

        Apparently, from what I’m hearing, the Trump transition team used .gov accounts; therefore, Mueller has every right to use them. They will end up in court. Not sure if this technicality will go against Trump.


    • V.Lombardi says:

      Since the actual scandals involve major criminality, and some of the investigators are involved in that and the coverup, they are looking for any way to get an agreement to avoid prosecution, by extortion. Your theory is good. Mueller’s motive to take this job may have been to protect himself. Sundance holds shiny objects in front of his admiring readers, and in the end most major predictions will be wrong, while the readers are led along the primrose path.


    • scott467 says:

      “They likely found something where they can threaten to charge Trump, Don Jr or Jared with just to keep impeachment fires burning. It’s like a prosecutorial extortion. Hopefully, a deal can be struct. You leave Obama, Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein and Mueller go free, no charges, in exchange for the SC investigation shutting down. I see this shaping up as a deal or no deal situation”


      Not a chance, not even in your wildest dreams, lol!

      FIRST, whatever Mueller might have discovered in the illegally obtained transition emails is ‘fruit of the poisoned tree’ and therefore inadmissible as evidence. So there goes that theory.

      SECOND, there’s no “there” there, because DJT didn’t do anything wrong.

      THIRD, anything DJT’s staff or family might conceivably have done wrong (they didn’t, this is just for purposes of example), DJT could and would PARDON, and nobody would blame him for doing so. No way he lets TREASON by the Clintons and the Hussein skate in exchange for a potential (though non-existent) minor infraction committed by a member of his staff.

      So there goes all your so-called ‘leverage’.

      FOURTH, this isn’t Monty Hall.

      Nice try, no cigar.

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      • dawndoe says:

        I just saw someone on FOX say the Trump transition team used .gov accounts; therefore, Mueller has every right to use them. They will probably end up in court. I’m not not sure if this technicality will go against Trump. I hope common sense will prevail and maybe the law will still be on Trump’s side even though the .gov for emails was used.


  16. scott467 says:

    Maria Bartiromo: “Should there be charges brought down here?”

    Goofy crooked swamp creature politician: (rolls eyes, takes a deep breath, he’s in real ponder mode) “You know, if you try to dissect this, a lot of this is just bad management at the FBI.”


    Yeah, that was gonna be my excuse, if I ever got caught robbing a bank, taking hostages, driving across state lines, in a high speed chase. I was gonna say it was just bad management.

    That woulda worked, right?

    But here we have conspiracy to commit treason against the United States going all the way up to Hussein Obama, and this ass-clown wants to brush it all under the rug and chalk it up to “bad management”?Q?


    Are you freakin’ KIDDING me, Congressman Whitewash?

    This is the kind of response that makes me want to physically BEAT people!

    Bartiromo should have SMACKED this guy in the face like a three stooges routine and said “try again”.

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    • scott467 says:

      This is what these skunk-monkeys deserve when they play stupid to questions like “should people be charged for committing TREASON”.

      Fast forward to the 1:00 mark:

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  17. coltlending says:

    Cummin’s pooh-poohs indictments of those who perfected all this???

    He sluffs it off as a failure in supervisory management at the FBI & DOJ?????

    That’s crazy swamp talk!!

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    • starfcker says:

      If they indicted anybody, they might not be eligible for their sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet pension. And no swamp dweller wants to go there, because they’re counting on that sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet pension of their own one day. A man has to have boundaries, you know


    • scott467 says:

      They should indict Cummims for that response.

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  18. Maria’s face: “When I see my producer I’m gonna wring his neck for inviting this idiot on my show’

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  19. Donna in Oregon says:

    It’s so SOP that the Swamp tries to act like falsifying evidence to the FISA court isn’t a crime. Yes it is. The motive was to unseat a duly elected President of the United States. High crimes and FELONIES!

    It’s Group Think, all the LEA’s act vague about the legalities. If it walks like a duck…. Treason is selling out the secrets of your country for $$$$. That is exactly what the Swamp creatures did.

    There is no statute of limitations on Treason. There is no statute of limitations on the murder of Seth Rich.

    Focus on the crimes not the distractions. Lock them up!.

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  20. phoenixRising says:

    Sundance posted a photo beneath the graphic of usual suspects…

    These old eyes see a photographer, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bill McCabe, a couple of attys and a LEO… I don’t think these folks are going to a party… they don’t look the least bit happy.

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  21. Realist says:

    All the alphabet organs of American Govt are still INFESTED with OBAMUNISTS dedicated to doing their MASTER bidding.

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  22. Is there not a candid photo of Peter Strzok? Has anybody really ever seen him. Or is he like Obama’s girlfriend, a composite, of many FBI agents, operating under a fake name with an assigned email? His

    His photo just sticks out among all the others. . . and it is the only one of him I have seen anywhere.

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  23. Coast says:

    OMG….this is NOT about bad management! This is about deep-core corruption; this is about treason and sedition…about undermining a President and attempting his removal. Its about thwarting the will of The People. If they think this is just ‘bad management” then they don’t get it.

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  24. Aubergine says:

    Sundance! We need your help! Please figure out a five-seven minute script for questioners re: Traitorgate (or whatever we are going to call it), and send it to the press. Bartiromo used the WRONG text from Strzok when referencing the “insurance policy,” she couldn’t coherently explain the connection between Bruce Ohr, his wife and Fusion GPS, and she didn’t have a clue how to follow up on idiotic comments from Cummins.

    This thing is so complex it is almost impossible to understand without the 100 pages of backstory (or more) that we have absorbed here at the Treehouse. How in the world do we translate it to five minutes for the uninformed? I want to explain it to the uninitiated, but I feel like it would take an hour or more, and people have the attention span of gnats these days.

    What can we do to simplify? Help!


  25. Rick says:

    It should read desperation, instead of determination.


  26. freddy says:

    The media outlets keep saying…yeah they had bias but we all do it just natural…..Nice try huh….More like a criminal conspiricy to affect the outcome of an election by numerous heads of intel organizations. Thats quite simply a coup de etat using the opposing political party and the media to spread the false information and fake documents…..That is callled TREASON…..

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  27. Bendix says:

    I can remember a time when your old fashioned Lefties really cared about stuff like this.
    Where, oh where, is Bernie the Socialist about this egregious example of governmental overreach?


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