President Trump Weekly Address – “Help Me Dad”…


[Transcript] “Help me, Dad.”

Those were the last words spoken by Kate Steinle as she lay dying on a San Francisco pier a precious young American woman killed in the prime of her life.

Kates death is a tragedy that was entirely preventable. She was shot by an illegal alien and a 7-time convicted felon who had been deported five times but he was free to harm an innocent American because our leaders refused to protect our border, and because San Francisco is a Sanctuary City. In Sanctuary States and Cities, innocent Americans are at the mercy of criminal aliens because state and local officials defy federal authorities and obstruct the enforcement of our immigration laws.

Last week, in a final injustice, Kate’s killer was acquitted on all of the most serious charges yet one more reason Americans are so upset by Sanctuary Cities and open border politicians who shield criminal aliens from federal law enforcement and all of the problems involved with the whole concept of a sanctuary city.

They’re no good.

We mourn for all of the American Families, of all backgrounds, who will have any empty seat at Christmas this year because our immigration laws were not enforced. No American should be separated from their loved ones because of preventable crime committed by those illegally in our country. Our cities should be Sanctuaries for Americans not for criminal aliens.

Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress not only oppose our efforts to stop illegal immigration and crack down on Sanctuary Cities now they are demanding amnesty as a condition for funding the government, holding troop funding hostage and putting our national security at risk.

We cannot allow it.

Every Senator and Congressman will have to make a choice: do they want to protect American citizens or do they want to protect criminal aliens? Reasonable people can disagree on many things, but there can be no disagreement that the first duty of government is to serve, protect, and defend American Citizens.

People can have different views on the technical details of budget policy or transportation, but no one who serves in elected office should disagree that our highest priority must be the safety and well-being of our nations citizens.

Thank you.

[End Transcript]

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146 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address – “Help Me Dad”…

  1. anthohmy says:

    Did this guy maybe want to be arrested for the 3 hots and a cot? I only read briefly and cannot trust so much of what I read these days but the whole timeline is so strange, the feds wanted to ship him to a medical facility for some reason, then he ened up in state custody and suddenly SF calls for his extradition to there on a very old marijuana charge, has him shipped up there only to set him free? Extradition for a marijuana charge only to let the guy free, for real? What is SF’s extradition rate? What made them chase down that charge when it is legal now in the state? What was that all about? Is it true that it was a richocet shot, not an aim, shoot, fire? Then the DA did the PD a favor and charged intent? Interesting that the PD fought the charges instead of the usual plea bargin business as usual. This whole thing is confounding. It musta been pretty gnarly wherever he lived to keep coming back here and going to prison, though. Or who knows what, not me anymore.


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