December 9th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #324

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

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1,360 Responses to December 9th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #324

  1. budmc says:

    Fake fans

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  2. budmc says:


  3. average Joe says:

    I just have to say.i’ve been on you tube tonight,and you would not believe the anti Moore ads.


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  5. appadoo9 says:

    Everyone has Many bones of contention
    One of mine is, leaf blowers.
    I’m involved with the Thomas Fire. Fire and smoke. And ash
    A property full of ash
    My neighbor feels the best way to rid his is to blow it….
    My progressive city government is tasked with deciding between gasoline powered, or battery powered blowers.
    I’m old. Brooms are the weapon of choice, with a good douse of water
    Better yet, it’s nice to come home to a house.

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  6. Lucille says:


    “Top al-Qaeda leader reported killed In Afghanistan in U.S.-Afghan operation”
    – The Washington Post
    On Tuesday, the U.S. military command in Afghanistan confirmed that a joint U.S.-Afghan operation killed Omar bin Khatab, the most senior leader killed in the country since the Taliban was driven from power in late 2001. Multiple other al-Qaeda operatives were killed in the operation, as well, officials said. General John Nicholson Jr., the U.S. Commander in Afghanistan, also confirmed that Mullah Shah Wali, leader of the Taliban’s “Red Unit,” died along with his deputy commanders. The Taliban Red Unit was “responsible for planning numerous suicide bombings and improvised-explosive attacks.”

    “U.S. files suit to seize antiquities looted by Islamic State militants”
    – The Wall Street Journal
    U.S. officials have identified several ancient objects allegedly looted by ISIS, stemming from concerns that these items provide the terrorist group with a financial lifeline. “These court actions are the latest step in a continuing effort to disrupt the ability of ISIS and other terrorist groups to finance their operations,” the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia said.

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  7. kinthenorthwest says:

    Non-Citizens making demands of our American government–Is this a sign of what is to come if our country caves into their demands.
    Since the majority are in late 20s and early 30s why have so very very few not made any attempts t get their American citizenship most have had over a decade to do it itn.

    Immigrant Youth to Congress: You Have Two Weeks to Pass the Dream Act

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    • snarkybeach says:

      These ungrateful DACA swine need to be on the first deport bus of the new year.

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    • Abster says:

      Get these pigs out of here…with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

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    • cjzak says:

      There is no reason they have not gotten their legal citizenship. They have had ample time and opportunity to do it. Now they want to order our govt. and us to comply or else? Or else what? Get your paperwork filed and apply. Or leave. Your choice.

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      • Or else what? You are going to leave…


      • kinthenorthwest says:

        That is what I figure. They brag about the number of them that are now hard working family member in their later 20 and 30s.
        Yet it seems like very few brag about any attempts at citizenship.
        When asked they say that it takes too much time and costs too much. Well from what I can see the cost is the same as for other legal immigrants unless they have financial issues like not paying taxes or fake ids. As for time those in their late 20s and early 30s would be done by now if they had started when they turned 18.


  8. Regina says:

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    • Sedanka says:

      The other side of the coin:


      • Sedanka says:

        And this was Dotcom’s original tweet which the person above was referencing:


        • Sedanka says:

          Please guys don’t accuse me of “concern” – you know I don’t do that – but I do worry when we keep relying on these tweetstorm addicts like Rex, Wictor, Cates who think that EVERYONE is playing 27-D chess, EVERYONE has secretly flipped to Trump’s side, EVERYONE is closing in on Clinton and she will be jailed, etc. I’m more of the opinion that Trump has very little support and a whole lot of evil swamp surrounding him in Washington, and there’s a lot more danger ahead of us as we MAGA.

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          • mimbler says:

            Don’t worry Sedanka, just keep thinking for yourself.

            I think if you look at facts in evidence, and then draw logical conclusions your opinion is the correct one.

            As additional facts emerge, it will confirm or adjust that opinion.

            In the meantime, I just ignore what I think of as the “faith based” posters. It doesn’t hurt anything for them to hold their opinions, I just don’t see the facts supporting their position.

            If they are right, we’ll all be happy. And if they are wrong, I don’t see as it will have hurt anything as long as they don’t try to stifle opposing views.

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          • lurker99 says:

            Sedanka, has anything KimDotCom said in the past turn into facts? (I cannot recall)


          • M. Mueller says:

            Don’t worry, Sedanka. Sometimes it’s just kind of interesting to read the scenarios and think, “what it?” Doesn’t mean they buy into everything they read; if that were the case everyone’s minds would have been much years and years ago. Just reading opinions, kind of like being called names, can’t hurt you.


          • Regina says:

            These twitter accounts are sharing Sundance’s threads, too – even Chill sent one out today (one of Sundance’s “tweetstorms”), and Sundance has been posting their tweets as well. This is how truth gets out – no one is saying anyone has to believe in 27-D chess…but all of them (including Sundance) believe that Trump is a lot smarter than the swamp.
            I believe that, too


      • mimbler says:

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but I can’t see how people can still think Mueller is a white hat while he vindictively charges the associates and interrogates the family of PDJT.

        In order to hold on to the white hat picture, they have to speculate wild, complicated theories of what he is doing.

        In reality, if Mueller wanted to go after Clinton and Obama he just would.

        I mean, after all, Mueller is openly going against a sitting President who’s done nothing wrong. And he’s doing very well at it having convicted 4 associates already.

        It doesn’t take any complicated theories to explain what Mueller is doing. He assembled a partisan team of Trump haters and is methodically attempting a takedown of the presidency.

        If the plan was to go after Obama and Clinton, he would have assembled a team of people willing to prosecute them and then done exactly what he is doing against Trump.

        These secret investigation theories ignore the fact that they can’t be done in secret for political white collar crimes. People are interviewed, records obtained, etc.

        Not to mention that there are people like Lerner and Clinton that have enough facts in public domain to be charged today.

        Anyway, like I said they are, of course, welcome to their opinions. The above is mine.

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        • Oldschool says:

          Agree mimbler. I think what we see is what we get. Trump will catch some leakers and that may shake some up, but Mueller is investigating all things Trump. Pray he wraps up soon.

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          • mimbler says:

            You and me both!


          • Bert Darrell says:

            Mueller will wrap up when he’s dismissed. For that to happen, Rosenstein will have to me dismissed as well. The Uranium One pals have exceeded their welcome and abused their power. In my view, both of them are deeply corrupt black hats.


      • linda 4298 says:

        really, and how is that supposed to happen.


    • Jim in TN says:

      Regina, let’s play this one out a bit.

      Trump has Rosenstein create a sham investigation of Trump, and hire Mueller, whom Trump picked, to conduct the sham. Mueller’s immediate targets are hired as investigators. Having caught them in their corruption, he flips them to go after the kingpins Hillary and Barack.

      Think about how the Democrats and the media will react when the two are dragged into court. Then, with them already up in arms, tell them that Trump was never at risk, that he so generously let them abuse him in order to get to the real criminals.

      I think they would be so mad that impeachment would start that day. Hiring someone to pretend to investigate you and rubber stamp your innocence? Using that as cover for a sneaky, partisan attack on your political enemies.


      • Regina says:

        I don’t think this is as much about flipping people as it’s a matter of keeping them close to watch things unravel…giving them enough rope, so to speak. It wasn’t a sham investigation – but it wasn’t specific to Trump’s activities, either. It’s about the 2016 election.

        Most people think Mueller is crooked – I allow for the possibility he’s not. For one thing, a lot of the accusations that are thrown at him seem (to me) more like he was just doing his job – (the Uranium delivery, etc.). Mueller was a Marine officer – he understands submitting to chain of command. I can’t think of any “crimes” he’s committed that weren’t engineered by someone higher than him, and he was just doing what his job required. I may be totally wrong on that – but as far as I know he’s never been the absolute/top dog at anything…he always answers to someone.

        Trump never seemed to believe 9/11 – he was talking about bombs within days of the event. Mueller was put in place 7 days before 9/11 – and if you go back and view his testimonies before congress around that time, he doesn’t look like he was In The Know about anything…I think he was thrown in as a pawn. He threatened to resign over the reauthorization of the domestic wiretapping program (going against the Bush admin until they modified the program to require a court warrant – a lot of good that did). I think it’s very possible the Bush admin compromised him with 9/11…and I think it’s possible he may finally have a chance to put the shoe back on their foot. Don’t forget – Bush said Clinton was his “brother from another mother”.

        A lot of people were quick to badmouth Flynn for lying, but now many of those same people are considering the likelihood that he was doing a spook thing to nail the crooks. Mueller knows the spook life, too – I like to allow for the possibility that he’ll come out of this a patriot.


  9. budmc says:

    New thread by Sundance

    Click the link below to read the thread

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  10. joeknuckles says:

    Comments from George Soros regarding Obama comparing Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler:
    “I knew Adolph Hitler, Adolph Hitler was a friend of mine. Mr. President, you are no Adolph Hitler.”

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  11. patrickhenrycensored says:
  12. Regina says:

    Can’t wait for Sessions to make a fool out of Judge Jeanine – she’s really as ass tonight, jumping all over Corey trying to force an answer out of him. There really isn’t anyone on Fox worth watching anymore (maybe Tucker)

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  14. Donald and Melania trump’s 2005 interview as newlyweds (Larry King) great insite from Melania/

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  15. IMO says:

    BREAKING! Joe Arpaio to run for Senate!

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  16. Regina says:

    4th quarter, Patriots.
    We fight together.

    We are all so very appreciative.
    God bless each and every one of you.

    Please pray tonight.
    Good people in harms way.

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  17. LULU says:

    No time to go through1300+ Replies so if this is a duplicate,I apologize:

    Evan McMullin Group Targeting Roy Moore Wants Constant Flow of Middle East Migration to U.S.

    The Republican establishment group fronted by failed presidential candidate Evan McMullin — which has spent $500,000 against populist conservative Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race — supports a constant flow of Middle East migration to the United States.
    McMullin’s “Stand Up Republic” has spent half a million dollars attempting to help elect Moore’s opponent in the Alabama Senate race, pro-open borders Democrat candidate Doug Jones, as Breitbart News reported.

    The GOP establishment organization, though, is vastly at odds with Alabama voters, opposing President Trump’s travel ban, which blocks foreign nationals from a handful of countries that export terrorism, thus supporting a constant flow of Middle East migration to the U.S.

    In news releases, Stand Up Republic denounced Trump’s travel ban,…

    More here along with a photo of space alien McMuffin:

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  18. Regina says:


  19. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    Absolutely Brutal! Chip off the old block that one is!
    POTUS 2024 Don Jr?

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