The Taming of The Shrewd – Change Agent Rex Tillerson Takes Rusted State Dept. Down To Frame – “Career Diplomats” Apoplectic…

Walking in a Winner Wonderland.  Oh yeah, the New York Times writes about the bloated bureaucracy and career diplomats being removed from the U.S. State Department as if it’s a bad thing.  The condescending DC elites cannot fathom why they are unable to stop Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from cutting the rust out of the enterprise and streamlining the mission.

No-one, repeat NO-ONE, could have pulled off what T-Rex is accomplishing except T-Rex himself; with the full support of President Trump, of course. The former leader of the worlds largest private business, Exxon-Mobil, is now systematically bringing efficiency and effectiveness to the worlds largest public institution, the State Dept.

One fundamental question: “what is your specific and quantifiable value to the core DoS mission; and how do we measure your effectiveness therein”? The lack of reasonable answers within the bureaucratic ranks is leading to massive downsizing.

Making America Great Again means Making Interventionism Irrelevant Again – The New York Times outlines why the diplomatic retention of irrelevant snobbery is vital to those within the State Department’s cocktail circuit influence network.  At the rate Tillerson is going he might even eliminate the entire staff for the Assistant Cultural Ambassador to the U.N. Center for Biodiversity and Southern Hemispheric Aquatic Species Rights. That’s the threshold where things are really going to get ugly:

New York Times […] For those who have not been dismissed, retirement has become a preferred alternative when, like Mr. Miller, they find no demand for their expertise. A retirement class that concludes this month has 26 senior employees, including two acting assistant secretaries in their early 50s who would normally wait years before leaving.

The number of those with the department’s top two ranks of career ambassador and career minister — equivalent to four- and three-star generals — will have been cut in half by Dec. 1, from 39 to 19.  And of the 431 minister-counselors, who have two-star-equivalent ranks, 369 remain and another 14 have indicated that they will leave soon — an 18 percent drop — according to an accounting provided by the American Foreign Service Association.

The political appointees who normally join the department after a change in administration have not made up for those departures. So far, just 10 of the top 44 political positions in the department have been filled, and for most of the vacancies, Mr. Tillerson has not nominated anyone.

Mr. Tillerson, a former chief executive of Exxon Mobil, has made no secret of his belief that the State Department is a bloated bureaucracy and that he regards much of the day-to-day diplomacy that lower-level officials conduct as unproductive. Even before Mr. Tillerson was confirmed, his staff fired six of the State Department’s top career diplomats, including Patrick Kennedy, who had been appointed to his position by President George W. Bush. Kristie Kenney, the department’s counselor and one of just five career ambassadors, was summarily fired a few weeks later.  (read more)

Suffice to say, anyone who has followed politics for any substantive amount of time knows the inherent issue with an operational entity, The U.S. State Department. Their entire mission has been at the epicenter of UniParty globalist advocacy.  Heck, selling foreign policy is where the big bucks are made.  Tillerson is now an existential threat to their bank accounts.

If you go back to the larger State Dept. challenge, Secretary Tillerson is essentially in charge of a U.S. Department that is comprised almost exclusively of Kerry/Clinton/Obama/Bush/UniParty/GOPe big “G” Globalists.

These entities, together with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, see themselves as a complete and separate structure of U.S. government.  They also function as a complete and separate ideological structure of government:


When you accept the scope of the challenge, and recognize it is almost impossible to change the participants therein; and further accept these career embeds will work earnestly and diligently to undermine the structure of a Trump administration at every opportunity; perhaps only then can you truly value Tillerson’s skill-set as a leader who knows how to deliver results within MASSIVELY COMPLEX organizations.

Leaders who know how to operate complex global organizations, mega scale corporations, which, by their very nature, may contain hostile agents to the larger corporate mission – ie. Exxon/Mobil – are not commonplace. Hence, the jaw-dropping compensation those elite titans of industry command.

We knew  a long time ago it was going to take some out-of-the-box thinking to find the specific skills needed if Donald Trump was intending to cut down the anti-American endeavors within the enterprise known as the U.S. State Department.

Deconstruction and realignment while simultaneously managing/controlling the amount of damage internal agents can do toward larger administration objectives is a tenuous undertaking. Taking the rotting vehicle down to the frame and cutting out the cancerous rust is an epic battle with ZERO Washington DC supporters as T-Rex endeavors to overcome their roadblocks.

As predicted, both wings of the UniParty (Democrat and Republican) are taking action to impede that effort:

“There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than the creation of a new order of things. … Whenever his enemies have occasion to attack the innovator they do so with the passion of partisans, while the others defend him sluggishly so that the innovator and his party alike are vulnerable.”

~ Niccolo Machiavelli

Additionally, the economic battle -brought about by foreign nations who take exception to the pending trade realignments- is also being waged on the destabilizing battlefield of global oil and energy (dollars as global trade currency).  Rex Tillerson brings another unique attribute into the necessary America-First defense armory.

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314 Responses to The Taming of The Shrewd – Change Agent Rex Tillerson Takes Rusted State Dept. Down To Frame – “Career Diplomats” Apoplectic…

  1. RedGold says:

    The more folks off the government payroll the better.
    Get rid of ALL obama flunkies.

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    • dean says:

      Good time to eliminate all the worthless Bush RINO pieces of sh-t also.

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      • Publius Covfefe says:

        While I hated to give the NYT the clicks, I enjoyed reading he entire article and the yummy comments from pearl clutching lemmings. It is astounding to read of their utter cognitive dissonance and complete faith in the government and their certainty that POTUS and SOS are merely tools of Putin and the end of the world will surely follow. The magical experience and skills of discarded career leftist state will be impossible to replace, they cry—what a joke. Any top senior business executive could be better than inbred Marxist tea sipper diplomats.

        I left a couple of responses to stir up the snowflakes under the handle, Carlos Slim’s Hemorrhoid.

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      • mariner says:

        As well as the worthless Clinton holdovers.

        Hmm, I guess it’s time to get rid of everyone except President Trump’s people.

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    • jsbachlover says:

      Interesting — and rather depressing to read the comments to that NYT story. The vast majority, not surprisingly, think the sky is falling, and that Tillerson is an idiot (in the clutches of the Russians!) Speaking of idiots…. I don’t suppose anyone can reason with these NYT readers.

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      • Remington..... says:

        You can reason with these idiots the day gravity stops. It’s not all doom and gloom for these folks as we clean house. Cheer up….There is a huge market for 50 year olds. Put together a resume.
        -spent 20 years undermining my Country
        -Waisted millions of dollars financing our enemy’s efforts against allies.
        -Drank and copious amounts of coffee
        -Designed new and improved Hookah pipes for employees at Foggy Bottom.

        Your good to go. Submit resume to Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Farcebook, and Antigua. You’ll be back in the game in short order.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        jsbachlover, you mean they can read? Really? Once in a while I leave a compliment but I don’t stick around to hear the crying, cursing, etc., etc. It makes my day when they don’t appreciate we are the government and these employees need to remove themselves or be removed as not doing the job they were hired to do. Duplication is ridiculous in so many fed departments – taking care of friends more often than not and no real work being done but good salaries for sure. No business functions with employees that are lazy, not involved enough to respect their business owner(s), etc. Goodbye to bad rubbish and those against our country. Just read an article that a 1/3 of Navy bigwigs have been on the take. Egad, even the military elite can’t be trusted.

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    • Eddy Breyne says:

      And for all those who still need a little nudge or who can’t be fired, because protected by unions . . . a quick transfer to ANWR, Alaska to watch the moss grow !
      This solution is applicable to the other Departments.

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  2. indiamaria2020 says:

    Yep…. More than one way to “drain the swamp”, Ah Reckon…….heh, heh.

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    • Mongoose says:

      I remember back in the day, football had a thing called the “drop kick.” Well, T-Rex has brought it back and is getting rid of the scum at DoS by “drop kicking” them out on their sorry butts! The man is so cool!! What a leader, what a man!

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Really?!! “Aquatic Species Rights”? Aquatic species have rights? 😯 Yes, he needs to get this under control.

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  4. I really like Tillerson, but I’m confused about the State Department’s stance on Hungary’s anti-Soros efforts. Can anyone offer some insight as to why it appears that they want to hamper Hungary’s efforts to be free of the globalist machinations of the EU?

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  5. SandMan says:

    This also helps to explain all of the breathless reporting on how Trump and Tillerson are at-odds and how T-Rex is not long for his job. Poppycock! Trump and Tillerson are blood brothers dedicated to blowing up the UniParty stranglehold over our government.

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  6. Pete says:

    Another major difference with the State Dept is that the Foreign Service uses a “rank in person” rather than “rank in position” system. Career ambassadors who have fallen out of favor can often be found wandering around Foggy Bottom while retaining their rank and salary. In most other government agencies that would constitute a demotion and a reduction in both items. But Tillerson can also make use of the TIC-out feature of Foreign Service mandatory retirement rules. It’s an up-or-out system so anyone who doesn’t get a promotion within a specified timeframe is forced out, whether or not they qualify for retirement. Senior Foreign Service officers are especially vulnerable (see 3 FAM 6213.3-3).

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    • Justah says:

      Sec. Tillerson is putting all those lofty Diplomats to work doing FOIA requests – he wants them all cleaned up ASAP – so those that don’t have a post to go to are now shuffling papers while sitting next to interns. They are beyond apoplectic. Love the way he does business.

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  7. zig says:

    USA needed a businessman in 2008 to fix the mess. Romney mistakenly carried water for the Establishment responsible for the mess. 2012 we had to choose between a Communist and war zero McStain. That was a choice between horrible and worse. 2016 was a race between an accomplished businessman and a government failure. We finally installed the CEO America has needed to bring sanity to government.

    Next goal is to evict Establishment from Senate. Ditch Mitch for 2018!

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    • Tegan says:

      Zig…although he’s fighting so many RINOs in Congress who are not getting much sleep these days for fear of being EXPOSED for a variety of offenses….I strongly suspect that POTUS will eventually be successful in that regard, as well. Suspect there might be a lot of soul-searching within the Establishment right now…you can run (for awhile) but can’t hide. I am more encouraged daily.

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    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      McCain ran in 2008, not 2012.

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    • lady4trump says:

      2008 is when McCain ran; Romney ran in 2012.

      Both have since shown themselves to be against patriotism, nationalism and the American people. I thank God for President Trump. For all of his perceived ‘lack of finesse’, Donald Trump was the right man at the right time!

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  8. Tom22ndState says:

    If you enjoy schadenfreude as I do check Maggie Habberman’s tweet thread here:

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    • H.R. says:

      Doubtful. I believe he will do the job he was asked to do – clean up the State Department and implement President Trump’s foreign policy – then retire. As I recall from early interviews, he felt a call to duty and an obligation to the U.S. to serve as SoS.

      Rex Tillerson is absolutely the best, most qualified ever for the job, he knew it, and we are lucky he answered the call. It is a cost and a burden to him to serve America, but he chose to do it for us.

      Thank you Rex Tillerson.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        H.R., thank our President a great businessman himself for seeking and choosing the best in appointees to remove garbage asap and whatever it takes to MAGA. If not a great appointee, they too will be shown the door. Trump wants results, PERIOD! and he is getting them on a daily basis in spite of the Obama leftovers in DC, Congress, and Treasury, and more. We are blessed because America is a BIG business and needs at this point in time real businessmen with values and morals vs. what we are seeing on a daily basis from Congress.


        • Justah says:

          A few might remember the parade of people called to Trump Tower after the election. Mr Trump was talking to everyone to get their take on what needed to be done and to get a feel for who he wanted to do it. Among those that visited him were Robert Gates and Condi Rice …… both of them suggested Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, so Mr Trump invited him to Trump Tower for a chat.

          The rest is history – and this bunch will make some amazing “history”.


      • Mongoose says:

        The man puts Hillary and Lurch and many others to shame, and shows the world what real diplomacy is about. It is a triple whammy of political, economic and military forces that represent national interests and not globalist desires for remaking squat. Entire course curricula will be rewritten to redirect future diplomats in the way they should go to best serve their country. They, like everything else governmental, serve the American people. Simple as that. And if they forget that, then they can and should be done away with post haste. People like Hillary and Lurch are traitors of the highest order and need to be prosecuted as such along with the leadership who put them in their positions of power.


  9. ray76 says:

    It’s not just DC that needs clearing, but embassies as well.

    For example: Charge d’Affaires David Kostelancik at the U.S. Embassy in Hungary needs to go.

    Kostelancik [] criticized the publication of a list of journalists working for foreign publications who were branded by pro-Orban media as “propagandists” of Hungarian-America financier George Soros, whom Orban considers as one his main ideological foes. –

    Kostelancik announced that the US will spend $700,000 on Hungarian media to “increase citizens’ access to objective information about domestic and global issues in Hungary.” –

    Kostelancik stands with Soros.

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    • KPomeroy says:

      Kurt Volker, US Ambassador to Ukraine, also needs to go. A dedicated neocon, he supports the US sending javelins to Kiev.

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    • jogreggre says:

      Soros is the enemy of liberty. Kostelancik is using our tax dollars to fight against democracy. (Obama also used tax dollars to work against the re-election of Israel’s Netanyahu in an attempt to elect an anti-Israeli Israeli Prime Minister.)

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    • DGinGA says:

      Why are we spending a nickel of OUR MONEY to influence elections in a foreign country? Look at the tizzy the left is in because they think Russia had something to do with Shrillary’s loss.

      I hope in cleaning up State Tillerson has some forensic accountants figure out what happened to the BILLIONS of OUR MONEY that disappeared during the Obama years, then puts controls in place to ensure that cannot happen again.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        DginGA, I have no qualms or doubt that Rex T is doing that as we blog here. Those 8 yrs. cost us so much in dignity, honor, morals, values and MONEY and right now we have the people selected by Trump working on a very long list and this, too, will hit the dust before we know it. So many millionaires who got there on a 200K salary, or being bought and paid for by Soros, etc., that we may wind up confiscating a lot of that money back here and abroad because Trump has employees that are honest and want to MAGA and will do their darnedest to get the money back.


  10. MissionCreep says:

    Well, they can make sooo much more in the private sector. Right?

    Of course, they won’t work in the private sector except as lobbyists.

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  11. MVW says:

    How many are off the books CIA and ex CIA? The other unfortunate thing is the cost of packages and retirements.

    Bloat is so sad. It also puts a dent in the useless high priced Ivory league college assembly line.

    It will take time to remove the rubble.

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  12. joshua says:

    It appears that T-Rex inherited a massive Choom Gang at State.

    time to open the car windows and let out the smoke….

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  13. Sandpiper says:

    If all of the stuffed shirts in all department of the government were asked to write a document stating what his duties were and then “Justify” why the job was important there would be a sharp reduction in the total staffing of the government. In the early 1960’s the government started a program to elimanate fraud, waste and abuse. We all know how that turned out!

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    • KPomeroy says:

      Problem with asking people to justify their jobs, sometimes it’s the best politicians who do the best job of justifying themselves, ie, the career justifiers. Downsizing often leads to further politicizing, at least in private companies I’ve worked for. TRex has got to be very sharp to sort out the bad from the good.

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  14. Navyvet says:

    ‘….retirement has become a preferred alternative when, like Mr. Miller, they find no demand for their expertise.’ No kidding! Only the government has “demand” for do-nothing paper shufflers. I hope this message gets through to the massive hoards of serve no function, suck at the public trough, bureaucrats who’s only purpose in life is to collect a government check, turn over a portion of it to some criminal government union who in turn gives it to the Democrat party after keeping a “handling fee.”

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  15. Monadnock says:

    I hope that I never fail to appreciate just what is being implemented by President Trump and his team – the planning, coordination and implementation is stunning in its pure perfection. I hope that some of our children are watching what’s going on because it will be their job in 30 years to do the research and to write the books that will detail what is going on behind the scenes today. This is what MAGA is all about.

    (And it will be a glorious read, that I can tell you!)

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  16. benster11 says:

    This was one of the most important things to be done, IMO, because it affected us domestically.
    I think having an old boy’s club of stuck up preppies, a holdover from 1959 or so, talking to their equivalent in other Western nations, hurt us with the people of non-Western countries, thus enabling the rise of Islamic militancy.
    I get angry at the disproportionate influence these useless pieces of excess baggage have in my country and my life; imagine how some of the young men in places like the Middle East must feel?
    These connected hacks quite literally represent America to them, no wonder they hate us.
    When someone like Jen Psaki comes out with a remark like what they need is jobs, what she is really doing is being some pampered condescending clueless self-important and superior Western girl sticking her nose into their business and taking it upon herself to decide what adult men in a place she doesn’t live and has no authority in, should do with their lives.
    This filters down, even to those not actually paying attention.
    The sooner we can bring the State Department in line with reality in the 21st century, the closer we will be to living in harmony with the rest of the world.
    Of course, there will be that many more entitled Hahvahd educated relatives of somebody who once actually did something, with no marketable skills of their own, bringing the unemployment numbers up.
    They may just have to dip into their trust funds.

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    • benster11 says:

      Oops, posted the wrong thing in the name field, should be Bendix.
      I got too exited, because this I’m seeing here is something I’ve been wishing for since around 1979 or so.

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  17. Nailbanger says:

    Condescending bureaucrats, that pretty much says it all.
    I have yet to meet people who work in government that dont have that nice little trait.
    Untill they all get a slap to the curb its John Galt for me.

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  18. pochas94 says:

    Ant time you do a purge like this you are going to make some wrong decisions. Let’s hope they are not mostly wrong.


    • phoenixRising says:

      What? ‘splain your comment please. This old lady is hard of hearing. A ‘purge like this?’
      splain ‘this’ please. ‘Wrong decisions?’ Removing dead wood is never a ‘wrong decision’

      I live in the woods… believe me, I know all about ‘dead wood’ – if you don’t keep a check on it, that is… get rid of it… it falls from the trees and may hit you on the head.. or land on top of a parked car… (neither HO or auto insurance covers that… indeed if you don’t cut down ‘dead’ trees, and they fall on your house, sorry … that’s YOUR expense, not the HO insurance.

      Go Tillerson… take the axe to all the dead trees and wood….

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      • pochas94 says:

        And of course leave the live ones.


      • KPomeroy says:

        Removing dead wood is never wrong, as long as you can accurate identify the dead wood. I took Pochas’s comment to be warning about inaccurate identification. It’s really tricky, knowing who to fire and who to keep. The worst people can really talk themselves up. The best can be too modest, earnest, and soft spoken.

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        • Tom says:

          I’m fairly certain that Tillerson can’t go wrong by firing every single person at State.

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        • Carrie2 says:

          KPomeroy, a good business owner/manager soon finds out the deadwood, cheats, liars, etc. and off they go. In Silicon Valley they remove you from your desk immediately so as not to do anything on the computer(s), and walk you to the door and slam it behind you.


  19. Sayit2016 says:

    I read the NYT article and could not help but laugh… all of that posturing about how Tillerson does not know what he is doing and and how ALL of the “dedicated public servants” at State bring something to the table that Tillerson is ” ignoring” and how they know so much more of how things ought to be than he does. They are crying that the cuts are positively draconian….

    Dedicated public servants has such a much nicer ring than career bureaucrats, doesn’t it?

    Oh and the money quote is ” Among those fired or sidelined were most of the top African-American and Latino diplomats, as well as many women, difficult losses in a department that has long struggled with diversity.”

    There is the dog whistle that Tillerson ( and by extension- President Trump ) hate blacks, Hispanics and women and apparently diversity. ; )

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  20. Michael says:

    Should you need a break and a comic yet astute look at all things diplomatique, Keith Laumer is an author you might appreciate.

    “”My boy, I’m delighted,” Ambassador Sternwheeler boomed. “A highly professional piece of work. A stirring testimonial to the value of the skilled negotiator! An inspiration to us all!”

    “You’re too kind, Mr. Ambassador,” Retief said, glancing at his watch.

    “And Magnan tells me that not only will the mission be welcomed, and my job secure for another year—that is, I shall have an opportunity to serve—but a technical mission has been requested as well. I shall look forward to meeting General Sozier. He sounds a most reasonable chap.”

    “Oh, you’ll like him, Mr. Ambassador. A true democrat, willing to share all you have.”

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  21. jbrickley says:

    Check out the list of internal Bureau’s within the State Department

    At a quick glance, my list of “Terminate with Extreme Prejudice” includes these leadership positions but the entire hierarchy within:

    – Special Envoy for Climate Change
    – Special Envoy for Closure of the Guantanamo Detention Center
    – Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons

    One has to dig deep to find all the nonsensical stuff going on. There’s a lot of crazy initiatives that appear to be personal projects by the embedded bureaucratic waste of spacers. There are also a lot of good programs and initiatives but one needs to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak and you’ve got to watch out for the Newspeak / Doublespeak naming conventions where the exact opposite of the name is what they really accomplish. Definitely, need to identify and eliminate the 7th Floor shadow leadership. Also, need to make sure the workers at State understand they cannot create international policy they can only implement approved policy.

    Newspeak / Doublespeak
    Diversity = Differences in physical appearance (ethnicity)
    Education = Indoctrination and reprogramming
    Freedom of Speech = Approved speech
    Globalism = One-world government, perhaps a shadow government run by extremely powerful people behind extremely powerful global businesses controlling everything including legitimate governments around the globe.
    Global Warming / Climate Change = Redistribution of wealth
    Income equality = Redistribution of wealth
    Progressive = Regressive
    Resistance = Anarchy
    Social Justice = Reverse Discrimination
    Tolerance = Intolerance
    Marijuana = Soma (Brave New World drug to dull the masses, keep them from questioning)

    It’s simple really, whatever the words being used in political or activist speech you must inverse their meaning by 180 degrees and you arrive at the truth. Then dumb down the population with junk food, alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs (making Marijuana legal) and you then feed them propaganda, fake news. Keep them too busy with daily life and distraction, television, movies, Twitter, social media, etc., and they won’t have time to read. Heck who reads anymore? I see evidence of this in the workplace. People don’t read beyond a few simple sentences. This is terrifying to those of us who do read.

    Try this experiment, turn off the TV, stop using social media. Pick up a freaking book and be cautious what you read. Start a journal, update it daily. Remember, you are what you consume. Try reading the Bible with a daily reading plan. Take time to pray. Spend quality time with family. Don’t just space out on the BoobTube and smartphones delivering instant gratification. The constant pace of information is changing our brains and it’s making us stupid and numb as well.

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    • thluckyone says:

      jbrickley, you had me at “Try reading the Bible with a daily reading plan. Take time to pray.” And everything else you said was worthwhile, also. THANK YOU!

      We live in a world at war with human relationships. Our own relationships with our inner selves, with our family, with our neighbors and – most importantly – with our Savior God, are being assaulted and destroyed. How? By shallow, POINTLESS “entertainment”, over-scheduling, fake-news, gadget overload, endless idolatries and a ridiculous fear of “missing out” (FOMO). AND by our own failure to take charge of and have responsibility for our own thinking and spiritual health.

      WHEW! You TRIGGERED ME! LOL! In a good way. Again, THANK YOU!

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    • phoenixRising says:

      “… Also, need to make sure the workers at State understand they cannot create international policy they can only implement approved policy.”

      Excellent point. HRC was still running State in absentia – her acolytes/ attendants, aides, minions, underlings, lackeys, hench(wo)men were on the job destroying the Ukraine (the bread basket of Europe) and any country on their radar.

      “… People don’t read beyond a few simple sentences. This is terrifying to those of us who do read.”


      And equally terrifying (perhaps moreso) is so-called articles are most of the time… a few simple sentences, some of which merely repeat the headline.

      We are witnessing the demise of critical thinking as well as investigative reporting… we virtually have stenographers parroting the shadow gov’t’s (DOS) agenda, which is dictated by the elite globalists.

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    • joshua says:



    • John Denney says:

      OTOH, it is refreshing to come here and enjoy the stimulating insights of some very sharp people who take the time to lay out their thoughts in a manner that does not happen in the workplace, at church, or with friends and acquaintances in person.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      JBrickley, completely agree. And get off the cellphone first! Love this video explaining a great deal of what is helping downgrade our people. I love to read and always have stacks of those I have yet to read. TV only once in a while as mostly garbage whether news, programs, etc. and turning the brain into mush. Read and weep but understand what we have allowed to happen:


  22. MAGADJT says:

    Trump needs to have his surrogates pump this story. I guarantee you that this is exactly the type of thing the dem switchover voters, and the Reagan dem voters had in mind when they voted Trump. They need to shout this from the mountaintops and talk about how much money the cuts are saving us each month in payroll, travel, per diem, etc.

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  23. rayvandune says:

    The significance of the USAF Thunderbirds at the upper left?


  24. Clearly You Do Not Know T-Rex US Secretary of State Tillerson is openly hostile to the State of Israel and protects the Muslim Brotherhood. Tillerson described Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem, as the “home of Judaism.” He refuses to recognize that the Western Wall is in Israel. Moreover, his State Department continues to reject Israeli claims over the city of Jerusalem.
    Recently, the State Department released its 2016 Country Reports on Terrorism. The Conservative Review reported the “anti- Israel language” had been personally added by Tillerson. The Tillerson report rebukes Israel for the absence of peace, declaring a “lack of hope” as a “driver” for any Arab Palestinian violence.
    His views developed during his long business relationship with Qatar. On August 10, the State Department hosted a delegation meeting with one of America’s leading Muslim Brotherhood organization, the New US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). USCMO was founded in 2014 as an umbrella for over 10 American Muslim Organizations. There, behind closed doors, they discussed what they termed Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and the removal of all Israeli control of the Temple Mount and Holy areas of Jerusalem.
    Tillerson’s favoring of Qatar, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and USCMO is related to his close business relationship with the Qatari government. Tillerson, as a businessman for ExxonMobil, had a decades-long association with Qatar’s rulers, which involved billions of dollars of liquefied natural gas revenue.
    Currently, ExxonMobil has partnered with Qatar Petroleum to develop the North Field, the world’s largest non-associated natural gas field. The world’s biggest producer of liquefied natural gas is spending $200 billion to upgrade infrastructure. Additionally, ExxonMobil is the only foreign participant in two domestic gas projects.
    The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act itself sets out ample evidence that the Brotherhood richly deserves the terror designation. Tillerson has thus far successfully blocked efforts to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. In June, Tillerson falsely claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood had moderated itself by “renouncing violence.” Far from renouncing violence, Muslim Brotherhood leaders continue to call for “open jihad” against Israel.


    • POP says:

      Was Abe the last politician without commercial baggage….

      TRex has a low bar to jump over, all he has to be is better than Kerry who represented a whole administration and Presdient who supported the MB by giving them advisory and administrative positions in the US govt.

      PTrump has already dealt with Qatar’s support of the MB via Saudi and other Arab countries sanctions.
      Not too shabby.


    • Justah says:

      Sec Tillerson is really “anti-Israel” …… that’s probably why he did this on Oct 12.

      The US withdrew funding from UNESCO after Palestine became a member in 2011, but kept its office in its Paris headquarters to influence policy from the back room.

      But today Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, confirmed it was taking its protest one step further, with the withdrawal becoming effective on December 31.

      The US State Department said in a statement: “This decision was not taken lightly, and reflects US concerns with mounting arrears at UNESCO, the need for fundamental reform in the organisation, and continuing anti-Israel bias at UNESCO.”

      The statement said the US would try to “remain engaged as a non-member observer state in order to contribute US views, perspectives and expertise.”

      UNESCO said the US decision was a loss for multilateralism and for the UN.

      Shortly after the US announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would follow the US in quitting UNESCO.
      It’s not making “news” in the USA, but Muslim Nations are coming together in ways they never have before on the “Palestinian Issue”. Sec Tillerson is not the person leading this, but he is certainly involved. Other parties are dealing with the Muslim Brothers, the USA does not need to get involved in that battle.

      Liked by 1 person

    • iswhatitis says:

      Stephen E Hughes says: (lots of stuff with no line breaks between the paragraphs):

      Did you write that? Or is it an article that has been cut-and-pasted?

      It looks like an article – hence my question. If it is, please cite the source so we may check it ourselves.


  25. POP says:

    The terminally depressing fact is that every govt department and therefore day to day bureaucratic control of our lives is run overwhelmingly by the Statist left.

    Randomly sacking every 3rd public servant (sic) would have no discernible effect on the US population except to free up their lives.

    I’m in a state of despair about what happens after Trex and PTrump.
    We know it’s then business as usual for the power elites, the system is designed for them.


  26. sDee says:

    Great news! As anticipated from a top tier aggressive CEO.

    It badly needs to happen at FEMA, HUD, EPA and DHS. These agencies have not missed a beat – still flowing massive amounts of money into local governments to serve the globalist agenda for urbanization. This is where I have chosen to do battle and there is, so far, no sign that the “global-to-local” agenda is taken even a minor hit. Massive transfers of wealth continue via prescribed public-private “parnerships”.


  27. chancebarns says:

    T-Rex is awesome! I just wish we could have an equally competent leader at the Department of Justice. At least from my vantage point, Sessions has been an abject failure!


  28. Demoncrats says:

    Uni-Party = Demoncrats

    Demoncrats are the political mafia of progressives, liberals, communist, deep state minions of soros and Obammy, fake news syndicate, RINOs, labor unions, teachers unions, academia, hollyweed socialist-communists-perverts, and the coexist pro-lib-tards. They are responsible for enabling the murderers of defenseless babies to profit from selling human body parts, gender swapping perverts who rape children in bathrooms, muslims/islam – the world’s largest satanic hate group, climate-environmental-animal rights wackos, black lives matter and antifa terrorist, and the illegal alien and sanctuary city idiots who think amnesty is always the answer.


  29. Dash Riprock says:

    Thank you President Trump for a great Christmas present; less and less government.


  30. daughnworks247 says:

    I read the article aloud to husband this morning over breakfast.
    It was like having sugar plums to eat.


  31. zaq123 says:

    I would imagine the scene to be something like this:

    As Tillerson or his designee(s) roam the halls of the State Dept, they watch the people, peek over their shoulders to see what’s on their computer screens and then strike up a conversation. The conversation will be short and to the point:

    Tillerson Guy: Good morning, my name is Joe
    State Dept Liberal Leftist Flunkie: Good morning.
    Tillerson Guy: What exactly is your job.
    State Dept Liberal Leftist Flunkie: I’m the Deputy Director to the Assistant Deputy Secretary of State for West Central African Affairs for Building Schools and Refugee Affairs, Under the Deputy Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Director of West African Affairs
    Tillerson Guy: What exactly do you do and why are you on Facebook?
    State Dept Liberal Leftist Flunkie: Ummm Ummm Ummm Ummmm, I help build schools in Africa, Ummm Ummm Ummm
    Tillerson Guy: What’s your name again?

    Tillers Guy, walks away and writes down another name of a useless bureaucrat that was given a made-up job, by one of their friends. Unfortunately, that can be done all over the government.


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