CNN’s Sketchy Dossier “Reporting”…

Notice how the New York Times and Washington Post are staying away from the CNN story about the upcoming Robert Mueller indictments.  There’s a good reason for that…

….Things That Make Other Things Make Sense:

Back on January 10th, 2017, when CNN first began emphasizing the Russian Dossier and how it related to the ‘vast Russian conspiracy’ CTH knew from the way it was being pitched that something was sketchy about CNN’s reporting.   It wasn’t just the story they were selling; it was a very specific cast of characters selling it.   We immediately NOTED IT HERE.

Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto, Evan Perez and Carl Bernstein was the CNN crew assembled to talk about the Clinton/DNC funded -and Fusion GPS contracted- Christopher Steele ‘dossier’.  Evan Perez had some rather sketchy stories in the weeks prior to their January 10th narrative roll out.  Again the back story is important –SEE HERE

Well, fast forward to now – and today The Daily Caller is reporting that Evan Perez is actually close friends with the people behind Fusion GPS.  VERY close friends. Like, ‘go on vacation together’ type friends:  VERY IMPORTANT READ

DAILY CALLER – CNN’s reporting on the Trump-Russia dossier has left out at least one crucial fact: the close ties between the network and the opposition research firm at the center of the dossier controversy.

CNN’s reporting on the dossier, led by justice correspondent Evan Perez, has been favorable to the firm, Fusion GPS, and hyped the dossier’s credibility. Left out of Perez’s reporting, which has relied largely on unnamed sources, is his personal closeness to Fusion GPS’ operatives. (continue reading)

The Plot Thickens:

Read Gateway Pundit Story HERE

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347 Responses to CNN’s Sketchy Dossier “Reporting”…

  1. Donna in Oregon says:

    Been researching Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for 2 days.

    All the schemes are so intertwined and confusing. It is so convoluted that only crazy people could be at the center of it. Conclusion……these people are criminally insane.

    So many worldwide criminal enterprises that all point to the Washington DC Swamp. CNN cannot provide enough distractions to stop this Trump Train, the Swamp got lazy and sloppy and left bread crumbs everywhere. It is HUGE.

    Next project re: the Clinton Foundation , Hillary Clinton has ties to both Cerberus and DynCorp……and the missing $1 billion State Dept. mystery must be solved.

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  2. jmclever says:

    I wonder if CNN funded the pee pee papers along with the DNC and Clinton Campaign. Recall Donna Brazile leaking those CNN debate questions to Hillary?

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  3. Johnny Bravo says:

    There was a time when low standards of behaviour was called out. Now this low standards are rewarded.

    A sick place is where these people dwell, I pity them, no standards, no hope and surely no eternal happiness.

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  4. MaineCoon says:

    CNN colluding with Fusion GPS to remove a President.

    In addition to all the criminals, CNN needs to be charged for criminal activity – a long list we are all familiar with. CNN as an entity and the 4 employees Sundance names/pictures need to be indicted.

    Uranium 1 will take all the criminals down. It will connect everyone with everything. I would be stunned if any R’s are indicted, except Manafort, but he could end up in NY State court — outside the scope of Muellers reach, possibly. With the Podesta connection revealed, he has problems, but it might be RICO not Uranium 1.

    So much happening. Coming to light all at once. There could be many indictments.

    Frankly, the CNN “news” of charges on Monday might even be “fake news”. “The leaks are real, the news is fake”. It’s a very tight circle of people who know the name on a sealed indictment. If fake and doesn’t happen Monday, it’s blowing smoke cloud over Uranium1 issue.

    The stakes are too high for WaPo & NYT. Printing a story about “indictments” on Monday is too risky. Their bluff has been called. CNN is gong down.

    It’s all coming down. The call to remove Mueller was getting strong. Indictments need to happen. If not Monday, CNN will just be called ‘fake news” – nothing new there, but it will buy Mueller time.

    Way back when, I presented a long case saying Mueller would bring down the crooks to save his legacy, etc. His involvement in Uranium 1 was unknown back then. Now we know he was involved in Uranium 1. He’s a crook too, but if PT knew all this to begin with (I’m sure he did), he could have read Mueller the riot act the day before he became SC, explained he would go to jail, and flipped him to save his own neck. Same for Rosenstein. This might end up the biggest surprise of all. I sure hope so.

    It’s all coming down though. Soon.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Uranium One is the key to everything. Hillary was afraid of the uranium sales for more than just “focus group” results that said it was potentially damaging. I think Uranium One leads to her true motivation – how she told herself it was OK to do it – even GOOD to do it – and therefore the money was justified.

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      • lumoc1 says:

        Yesterday on another thread BREAKING: Grand Jury Approves First Charges in Mueller Investigation…Posted on October 27, 2017I made the following comment:
        lumoc1 says: October 28, 2017 at 12:28 am

        If UraniumOne is as bad as it appears to be, it would probably bring jail time for any participant in the fraud for the simple reason that if the SP indicts any of the President Trump people, their lawyers will certainly defend their clients by bringing out the conflict of interest of all prosecution bosses. If indictments are brought against Democrats it would be a delicious dilemma for their defense council to decide to use the UraniumOne fraud as part of the defense..

        With other words there is no winning strategy for the SP. Which may explain why President Trump has always rejected the idea of firing the SP. Not only that is not necessary to fire the SP but it is an excellent way of ensuring the bringing into sustained focus the treasonous affair called UraniumOne.

        Finally, Mueller’s decision to indict or not his friend has come about only because Mueller did nor recuse himself, which he would have done was he an honest person. That is deserved karma!

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        • MaineCoon says:

          It is a scenarios that makes sense. I like the Catch 22 (karma) for Mueller. He is going to do whatever it takes to save his own neck — if that’s possible. If PT flipped him the day of their meeting, he will walk. Worth it if he brings the rest down. If this is really how it all comes down, PT is a person no living person can match. His ability to weave this web is like being in a maze. Even Rosen.. would be part of it somehow, and AG recusal could be. So many different paths in this maze.

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      • lumoc1 says:

        My reply below was actually to MaineCoon October 28, 2017 at 6:36 pm

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  5. The closeness between CNN and Fusion tells a lot about the Mueller indictment. From what I can ascertain, when indictments are issued the target(s) of the indictments are notified. This would explain the leak to CNN (and only CNN). Fusion was notified that they’re under indictment. Fusion employees are buddy-buddy with CNN. Voila, CNN knows there’s an indictment coming Monday. They leave out the part about who it’s against so as to “gin up” another round of speculation against the Trump administration.

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  6. Bert Darrell says:

    Fusion GPS: a company that sells False Unreal Stories Information or News – Grand Per Sentence
    We specialize in turning your story (any story) into reasonably credible slander and libel.
    We suit your needs. You lie, we try. You pay, we bail.
    Fair disclosure: no money back if our product blows up in your face or anywhere else.

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  7. Sandra-VA says:

    This is a VERY interesting thread on /The_Donald: WARNING BAD LANGUAGE …

    From their research and interactions they are pointing at Rick Wilson for majority of dossier content based on harassment sent by 4channers. You have to read to see what they have put together. Again BAD LANGUAGE (which is why I won’t copy any of it here).

    Remove the preceding dots to go to link. Did that in hopes it won’t display the entire reddit thread as those links tend to do.

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  8. C. Lowell says:

    Love Sheryl Atkinsson who is a voice of intelligence and reason,
    In a moronic and corrupt DC swamp…

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  9. Minnie says:

    First, it was reported Cankles paid 6m for the pack of lies/dossier.

    Then, I read/heard it was 9m.

    Just now, Judge Jeanine, in her opening statement, said the sum was $12,000,000.00.


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  10. MR52 says:

    Any chance that there was kick backs in the Iran deal? I bet if Trump cancels that baby, someone is going to want their money back.

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  11. William Ford says:

    The CNN leak about Mueller indictment was timed to knock Uranium One talk off the Sunday political shows. Now they can just talk about Trump-Russia collusion nonsense again. Maybe there is no indictment. Or may be Manafort for something that has nothing to do with Russia.

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  12. jeans2nd says:

    “the close ties between the network and the opposition research firm at the center of the dossier controversy”

    GP – “IT WAS A SETUP=> At Least 3 of 5 Officials Who Met Don Trump Jr. at Trump Tower Were Tied to Fusion GPSz”

    One wonders how hedge fund liar Bill Browder fits into all of this.
    Why (/how) did Senators and Fake News ignore Browder’s testimony about Fusion GPS when Browder testified to Congress? Odds are at least some of the Senators had read the “Russian Dossier.” The “dossier” was the reason they were all there, ostensibly. Or did they all know, and that is the reason they all left the day Browder was originally scheduled to testify?
    makes no sense, unless they figured the damage browder could cause to russia and don jr. was worth the risk of someone (like me) noticing

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  13. A few months ago there was an article about the staffing of Mueller’s Russia investigation team. I found the link on CTH and I read the story. I remember thinking that it looked like a devious ploy from the MAGA side. The staffing of Mueller’s team looked tailored for investigating Hillary. I was thinking that maybe Trump and Sessions allowed Mueller to start investigating Trump campaign with such loose parameters because they knew the investigation could be turned into a Hillary investigation at some point. It’s looking like that moment is fast approaching.

    By allowing Mueller to start an investigation into Trump, they knew they’d be exonerated from the Russia collusion accusations by an outsider to the Trump administration. The collusion accusations were so obviously false that proof for non-existence of said collusion would mount up and become known to people at large. And they knew they couldn’t start an investigation into Hillary in the current Leftist frenzy environment without shooting themselves in the foot. But if Mueller’s investigation led him to the direction of Hillary, then Trump and Sessions could not be accused of a Hillary witch-hunt and they’d still get her under investigation. Sly foxes, these MAGA men!

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    • Robert says:

      There would be a national shortage of popcorn if this comes to pass. Watching the liberal media twist itself into pretzels over this kind of development would be must-see-tv fodder for weeks!

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    • mimbler says:

      How do you think the staffing was tailored for investigating Hillary? It is a bunch of partisan hack Obama/Clinton donors. They wouldn’t investigate Clinton at gunpoint.

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      • Their areas of expertise. They have specialists in areas of law and accounting in which you would need people if you wanted to investigate the Clinton Foundation. I wish I could find that article so I could point to the people with skills more suitable to a Clinton Foundation investigation than an investigation into Trump campaign. Unfortunately I didn’t bookmark the link and I can’t find it now.


        • mimbler says:

          Yes, I agree with their skills they would be capable of investigating the clinton foundation, but those same skills are necessary to persecute Trump and his people. I still maintain, though, with their politics, they would not investigate a democrat even at gunpoint.


  14. Texmom says:

    There are other monies involved all over the place. Example, the ebola money Obama got (then it suddenly disappeared from the news). Clinton Foundation was all over that money.
    I also see McCain’s hand in everything. WLeaks from 2008 has a bunch of Podesta emails about McCain and all his lobbyists running his campaign, like Rick Davis from Davis and Manafort. McCain knew all the Russian players and they even threw his 70th birthday party. Google McCain 70th birthday and see.

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  15. The deplorable clayusmcret says:

    Reporting from the banapple is always sketchy and seldom worth repeating.


  16. Robert W. says:

    cnn needs their licenses revoked, kicked off the air, and indicted for conspiracy, plus…


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