President Trump Releases 2,800 Pages From JFK Files…

The White House released the following statement today as it releases 2,800+ pages of information in the JFK assassination files –AVAILABLE HERE

WHITE HOUSE – Today, President Donald J. Trump took action to ensure release of the remaining President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records. Accordingly, the National Archives and Records Administration will make approximately 2,800 records available in full for public access today.

The remaining records will be released with agency-proposed redactions on a rolling basis in the coming weeks. The President has demanded unprecedented transparency from the agencies and directed them to minimize redactions without delay. The National Archives will therefore release more records, with redactions only in the rarest of circumstances, by the deadline of April 26, 2018. Files Available Here

And yes Lee Harvey Oswald was trained by the CIA: “Oswald subject was trained, under cover of the office of Naval Intelligence, for Soviet assignments.”

(JFK Files LINK)

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676 Responses to President Trump Releases 2,800 Pages From JFK Files…

  1. dalethorn says:

    I put together a JFK electronic database in 1993 and packaged it with commercial programs I wrote and published, which allowed the user to browse the index and text in order to find things instantly, as well as gain an accurate overview of the players, witnesses, and other parties in the assassination. It’s a much better view of the subject, to avoid getting stuck in disinformation “theories” because there are so many facts.

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    • dalethorn says:

      Thank you. We all stand on the shoulders of some brave people. Even people like Geraldo, who eventually became part of the problem, took a brave step in 1975 showing the Zapruder film on national TV, showing the public that Kennedy was shot from the front.

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      • Mojo56 says:

        Kennedy absolutely, without a shadow of doubt, was shot from behind. Watch the documentary: ‘JFK: Inside the Target Car’ for a very good analysis of exactly how the shot happened.


        • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

          Correct, 56. President was hit twice by the assassin who was located behind the open limo less than 90 yards away up on the 6th Floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository Building. Still, many will dispute the clear explanation of what occurred that terrible Friday in Dallas.


        • dalethorn says:

          No, you watch JFK II, which tells you about the 13 bullets.


        • Blacksmith8 says:

          JFK absolutely without a shadow of doubt, was shot twice. The first entry wound is the throat below the adam’s apple FROM THE FRONT. The second entry is the back of the head.
          And btw it is NOT conclusive whether the down angle from the sixth floor of the Texas book depository would support that shot.
          IOW: not only was Oswald not alone, but there is no magic bullet, and Oswald might not have actually hit JFK at all.

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    • LARS says:

      Why is your gravatar from the same database?


  2. r2 says:

    anybody got any idea what the “De Bruey memonrandum” referenced in the 3rd paragraph above is about? it must be something pretty interesting if hoover was worried abut it…

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    • dalethorn says:

      It was pretty clear to Garrison circa 1967 that Oswald was trained to go to the USSR, and much of that info was in the 26 volumes released by the Commission. But the media wants everyone to believe that we have to have the smoking gun in order to indict the conspirators. That is disinformation. The RICO act passed by Congress specifically details why we don’t need smoking guns to prosecute large organized criminal conspiracies.

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  3. lurker99 says:

    Interesting tidbits being uncovered in this batch……… (russia / LBJ, etc)

    Its all shiny stuff to appease the masses who wanted this data for years………

    The fact that the deep state still held back is the real news here………….


  4. seventhndr says:

    Try not to act surprised, but our CIA are literally terrorists.

    “We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington. We could sink a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida (real or simulated). We could foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees in the United States even to the extent of wounding in instances to be widely publicized. Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of a Cuban agent and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government,” stated the report.


    • MAGA-choose-it says:

      Of course. The CIA is ISIS, al-Qaeda, etc., and the CIA’s (and CFR’s, etc.) media members conspire to help sell us on terror hoaxes at home, involving Arab and Islamic names as well as other names.

      Terrorism uuuused to mean such acts as carried out specifically by a government. In recent times, it has purposely been mostly redefined to mean acts (and supposed acts) carried out by whatever religious or political affiliations, often entirely detached from a government entity, and often by a “lone nut.”

      Related: The term “conspiracy theorist,” if not invented by the CIA, was appropriated by the CIA after the JFK rubout and was disseminated far and wide by them, by way of affiliated govt and media members. And here we are 54 years on from the event, and how do the media intro the release of the docs? “Conspiracy theorists eagerly await the release of the documents… yada yada.”

      Yep, to them, by design, our interest in the facts behind a world-changing event automatically equals wacko theorizing. That right there is psychological terrorizing itself, to marginalize and altogether isolate thinkers by making them fear ridicule, ostracization, and character assassination.


  5. KBR says:

    For some reason, in all the theories regarding where the bullets originate, Jackie Kennedy’s reaction is not mentioned. In a panic, following the second and skull-exploding shot to her husband’s head, she climbs out toward the rear of the vehicle.

    Toward the rear.

    It seems to indicate that, from her perspective, the danger was coming FROM THE FRONT.

    Even in a panic, we humans flee FROM not TOWARDS danger.

    It indicates to me that at least one bullet (probably the one that hit first, and is obscured by the sign in the video) came from the front. And that Jackie recognized that that first bullet came from the front. She was right there.

    The next shot–that naturally resulted in her horror and panic–might not have come from that direction–but it is clear that, in her mind, the danger still was coming from the front of the vehicle as she immediately climbed out toward the rear.


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      She was instinctively reaching back to grab a skull fragment which went there.

      Hear the words of the assassin himself as recorded in a radio interview August 17, 1963. Listen as Lee the whiney Castrophile complains about America and spews his pseudo-intellectual doubletalk about communism vs. capitalism. (Part 1 of a 4 part interview.)

      Oswald: “In regards to your question about whether I myself am a communist, ahh, as I said I do not belong to any other organization.” “There will never be a capitalist regime again in Cuba.”


  6. Donna in Oregon says:

    I watched this series and it was interesting how the documentation was used and investigated. I can’t wait until they upload the new documents and research again. This will be the best History channel documentary on President Kennedy’s murder ever.

    Here is the first one:

    “JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald”


  7. litlbit2 says:

    Sorry gang with so many now rewriting history plus the first redactions and now we get to see the facts. Oops hold on we first must get new redactions by new people doing the editing?

    From the CIA or FBI that gave us the Meuller investigators and investigation?
    You can not make this Pinocchio stuff up.
    It angered me that the swamp would use President Trump to sell this corrupt government and the snail pace these clowns use in protecting themselves.

    JFK is not coming back, the truth is not going to be made available. But I am confident the one with the final answer will correct and misconceptions. Life is like that.

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    • Orygun says:

      You can bet the conspirators are not going to leave any written documents lying about that would point to them. It is silly to think that they would write down what they did and then let it be stored in the Archives.


      • jello333 says:

        You’re probably right. But my dream has always been that someone who was directly involved decided to preserve some evidence, and left it somewhere to be “discovered” later, after they had died. Maybe as a last act of conscience, or maybe as a more self-centered “We what I did?!” The most perfect such piece of evidence I can imagine is a short little 8mm piece of film (maybe taken from behind the stockade fence), from one of the shooter’s point-of-view. Maybe with sound, with a little whisper at the end before they walk away… “Done.”


  8. long shot trying to get these translated just because I am curious and it is a challenge.


  9. Annie says:

    waaay off topic..but I love that pix of DJT I wish he would go back to light brown hair..or would let it go gray


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