Generation Z Goes Wild – President Trump Arrives in Dallas…

President Trump arrives in Dallas, Texas, to get a briefing on ongoing hurricane recovery efforts and attend two republican party functions.  After an initial greeting by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, POTUS Trump goes to meet the crowd.

A very enthusiastic group of Gen-Zer’s greets President Trump with a sign: “We Played Hooky to High-Five Our President“. Of course POTUS Trump couldn’t resist:


The President arrived in Dallas, TX, (3:10pm) for a briefing on hurricane recovery efforts (3:30pm – Video Below). The President then participated in a roundtable with Republican National Committee (RNC) supporters (4:30pm). In the evening, the President will give remarks at a Dallas Trump victory reception (5:20pm). The President will then depart Dallas (6:25pm), TX for Washington D.C., en route to the White House (10pm).

Here’s the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Meeting:

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117 Responses to Generation Z Goes Wild – President Trump Arrives in Dallas…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. Steele81 says:

    Wanted to go but it was too pricey😂

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    Folks I constantly share great stories about Generation Z! I have two great articles that will bring a tremendous smile to your face because the future of this country hasn’t looked this good in decades.

    From the article linked above:

    Members of “Generation Z” are now beginning to graduate high school, and 2016 was the first time any of them were old enough to vote. At seventy million and counting, they’re also about to outnumber their predecessors.

    So, what’s so intriguing about this new brood? Well, according to a growing body of research, they may be, by certain measures, the most conservative generation since World War II—more than Millennials, Generation Xers and even the Baby-Boomers.

    These young people are products of conflict and recession. They can only remember a news cycle “marred by economic stress, rising student debt … and war overseas.” As a result, they’ve taken on what one team of Goldman-Sachs analysts called a “more pragmatic” and conservative outlook on the world.

    Of course, generalizations at this stage are very early and very subject to development. But according to polling in the wake of the 2016 election, Gen Z Americans didn’t vote like their Millennial predecessors. Eight out of ten of these kids identify themselves as “fiscally conservative,” and they prefer saving to spending—at rates not seen since the Silent Generation.

    Also I shared the following (from the tweet below) with our President who had an opportunity this evening to speak to 40K+ boys that are part of Generation Z. They loved and adored him and he feed off of their energy.

    ERIE, Pa. — Max Bloomstine has a positive view of the nation’s growing diversity, believes the American dream is attainable (but doesn’t believe he’s entitled to it) and is more into the “we” instead of the “me.”

    “Gen Z actually like and trust their parents, who have been transparent with them, much more than any generation before”

    Generation Z is a product of 9/11, global terrorism, school shootings, perpetual wars, the Great Recession, high unemployment and constant budget cuts. Because of all that, they are cautious, even fearful, of an uncertain world and economy. Security and safety are very important to them, as they have grown up in such an unstable society.

    Generation Z is also more religious than preceding generations — attending organized weekly church services at about twice the rate of millennials, Generation Xers and baby boomers.

    The Republican Party, if it plays its cards right, could make lasting inroads with this generation, even at an early age — something the GOP has struggled with for decades.

    Had he been able to vote last November, Bloomstine definitely would have picked Donald Trump for president.

    “I was not old enough to vote for him, but I was very engaged and informed all throughout the election,” Bloomstine said. “I liked most his independence from the political parties and his willingness to challenge them when he felt they were not serving the American people.”


    Brauer explains that, from 2012 to 2016, Democratic candidates lost 5 percent of the youth vote nationally (down from 60 percent to 55 percent). In Florida, Democrats’ margin of victory among the young dropped 16 percentage points. In both Ohio and Pennsylvania, the drop was 19 points. In Wisconsin, 20 points.

    “It is unlikely that such significant drops were simply due to the more liberal millennial generation changing their minds from one election to the next,” said Brauer.

    “It is much more likely the precipitous drops were due to the more conservative Generation Z being able, for the first time, to express their political inclinations, especially in the economically hard-hit swing states.”

    Therefore, Generation Z possibly had a major, yet completely overlooked, impact in this historic election. “Generation Z voters were likely attracted to Trump because of his strong stances on national security and economic recovery — the main concerns of that generation,” said Brauer.

    Folks 2018 and 2020 will be a blood bath because many more of those 70 million Generation Z men and women will be voting and they will ABSOLUTELY be voting to MAGA!

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    • fedback says:

      The roar from the crowd at the Jamboree is just unbelievable. Breathtaking

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Trump at the Jamboree: “By the way, what do you think the chances are that this massive crowd will be shown on TV tonite, 1% or 0?”

      LOL. That was a fantastic event.

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      • MfM says:

        That video only showed a little over half the crowd. The kids also didn’t have to go… but got stuck at their campsite, I think.


        • kiskiminetas says:

          There are videos of the whole speech on YouTube but don’t watch CNNs because we know they won’t show everybody. PDJT said there were 40,000 scouts there.


    • sunnydaze says:

      “…In Florida, Democrats’ margin of victory among the young dropped 16 percentage points. In both Ohio and Pennsylvania, the drop was 19 points. In Wisconsin, 20 points…”

      Especially happy to hear about Florida, as that’s where I live, but Dang! all those states are looking good.!

      Maybe we finally WILL get rid of RINO Ryan!

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    • hippielouie says:

      thx so much for this. i can rest in my old age knowing my g kids n their kids will be ok

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    • MK Wood says:

      Good stuff as always.

      Gen Z is breaking out of the brain washing that their preceding generation succumbed to. They will be the generation to take the USA to heights never before imagined.

      What we need to do with the time we have left is to ensure that the framework for them is in place.

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    • BebeTarget says:

      A while ago I read that GenZ men and women surprised folks by their answers to cultural questions. The men wanted to be the family breadwinners while their wives, yes, wives, NOT ‘partners . . .stayed home and cared for the children. Surprisingly, the women wanted the same thing.
      I guess all that liberal, feminist indoctrination clap-trap didn’t work. . . . .

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    • Padric says:

      I can personally vouch for the Gen Z observations. One of my sons is at the tail end of the Millennials and another one is a Gen Z. The Millennial has a hard time saving money, is more interested in SJW type issues (though he is increasingly of the opinion that they’re all a bunch of idiots) and was originally going to vote for Bernie if he won the nomination. After several discussions with him (read:Debates), he eventually came around and is now firmly on the Trump train.

      The Gen Z just got done working his first job, a weekend summer job, and after a short splurge celebrating his first paycheck, has saved every penny and only spent on his own expenses which he incurred only when he absolutely had to. He’s interested in and is exploring the idea of enlisting since he loves his time in his high school JROTC program. Funny thing is, he hates politics but firmly falls on the conservative with common sense area of the political spectrum. Even funnier was watching him interact with a friend of his who kept going on and on about politics and slamming the president. My son told him after a while that he truly wasn’t interested in the discussion and asked if they could just move on to a different topic. When his friend continued my son, rather annoyed, proceeded to utterly pick apart, dismantle and destroy his friends arguments point by point. The topic quickly got changed.

      He is very much like me. We both have that “cold anger” thing and woe be unto anyone who causes it to go hot. The kids learned at an early age that if Dad was hollering, they weren’t in a whole lot of trouble. If I suddenly brought my voice down to a just above a whisper though, they knew they were in deep doo-doo.

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    • Greyledge Gal says:

      I turned 18 in 1980 and cast my first Presidential vote for Ronald Reagan. People my age at that time wore classic LL Bean clothes, plaid skirts, Shetland sweaters, a lot of very classic clothing – kind of a throw-back to the 1950s. Many of us were called “Preppies” and there was a very popular book at the time called “The Preppy Handbook”.

      We grew up during the term of Jimmy Carter which made many of us quite conservative. I think Barack Obama had the same effect on Generation Z.

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  4. StanH says:

    Great guy, great president. Thank God!

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  5. sassymemphisbelle says:

    These kids are our future and its brighter because of them along with President Trump, i just love our President 😘❤️😍

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  6. 100% YOOPER says:

    Good to see all the hands in the air! Notice how close SS is, 🤔 nothing to do with Russian flags I’m sure.

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  7. fedback says:

    This is High Energy. A Love Fest. The President and His Supporters

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  8. rumpole2 says:


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  9. this is not hard to explain, OUR PRESIDENT IS A PEOPLE PERSON.

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  10. Minnie says:

    Absolutely beautiful ❤️

    Warms the soul to see Mr. President so lovingly greeted, he truly is the President OF the People.

    God bless you, sir 🙏
    God bless America 🇺🇸

    Thank you for posting, Sundance.

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  11. Erik Dee says:

    He really loves us.

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  12. PDQ says:

    I have a Millenial and a Gen Z…both support President Turmp…well, they are awesome…so there’s that.


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  13. Emily Summer says:

    Did we ever see Obama interacting this way with us common folk? Our President Trump loves this country and its people. Drives the secret service nuts, lol

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  14. mikebrezzze says:

    If Trump were to be rated like a heavyweight boxing champion, his record would be 100-0

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  15. Gotta be honest with ya. That was a nice shot in the arm. Thank you Dallas and those that played hooky….

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  16. i wanted to drive out to love field for the festivities but instead i opted to visit a local retail clothing establishment for the express purpose of making my wardrobe great again.

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  17. lisaginnz says:

    Great! Watching that video gives me the chills – real Americans know President Trump is = authentic, warm, real.

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  18. parteagirl says:

    Hey tweeters. I could use a little help over on my timeline. When I searched Trump Dallas today on twitter several vile tweets and actual death threats appeared. I block quoted them and tagged Secret Service. I’m not sure if SS will actually take a look, but if there are a bunch of likes and retweets it spooks the tweeter and sometimes they remove the tweet. Thanks for your help! @KelemenCari is my handle. Thanks again.

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  19. Pam says:

    All of the youngsters at the airport will never forget their opportunity for the high fives and handshakes with POTUS. It will live on in their memories forever.

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    • DoggyDaddy says:

      Amen! I know that feeling. I and some of my friends cut class in high school so we could go to Cheney Stadium in Tacoma to see JFK. We got up close to him and he shook our hands. We were thrilled. However, the local newspaper’s (Tacoma News Tribune) feature story was on JFK’s visit, complete with pictures. The one on the front page showed JFK reaching into the crowd to shake hands and — as Murphy’s Law would have it — there were my friends and I reaching to shake his hand…clearly we were not home sick! But even though we were caught, there was nothing the school could do that would change the thrill of meeting the President. Well, the school was nice about it and we were politely scolded, but as an ever living reminder, that picture was featured in our school yearbook!

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  20. If the tattoo/piercing parlors start going out of business, then we will know that this group has some brains, will not spend their money on stupid stuff to make themselves ugly and even repugnant, and perhaps will refuse to underwrite the health care for the idiots who have already done stupid stuff to their bodies.

    I recently read an article about people fairly high up in businesses who are “vaping marijuana” during the day, claiming they need it to reduce stress. One of them claimed that she was not “embarrassed” or anything:

    “When she’s having a crazy day, the 40-year-old heads down to the alley across from her Canal Street office and reaches inside her Rebecca Minkoff handbag to retrieve her vaporizer. She spends 20 minutes or so puffing and making phone calls — to her adviser, her lawyer, her CPA, her dad.

    “I’m not embarrassed,” she said. “I don’t think [smoking during the work day] should have a stigma. If I never told anyone, no one would know.”

    SO WHY DOES SHE HIDE IN AN ALLEY TO VAPE MARIJUANA??? More proof that we live in an era of the most howl-worthy unwitting self-satire!!! 🙂

    Surveys are showing marijuana usage down among Generation Z: things might indeed improve in this country, and the stupid socialists may finally be booted out of power.

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  21. Deb says:

    My Gen Z kids are on the Trump Train. My 15 year old loves Stephen Crowder. There’s a whole conservative media force out there that appeals to this generation, it’s beautiful.

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  22. Plain Jane says:

    I started laughing, smiling and crying intermittently during that video. God Bless President Trump.

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  23. EbonyRapror says:

    Holy smokes – what a crowd! Was there an attendance figure announced?

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  24. TwoLaine says:

    What a man, what a man, what a man,
    What a mighty good man
    He’s a mighty mighty good man
    What a man, what a man, what a man,
    What a mighty good man
    Say it again y’all
    What a man, what a man, what a man,
    What a mighty good man
    What a man, what a man, what a man,
    What a mighty good man
    I said what a mighty good man
    He’s a mighty mighty good man

    I would’ve posted the song, but it’s a little racy… These lyrics just keep coming to mind.

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  25. sunnydaze says:

    Even the SS guy is smiling. Don’t see that often.

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  26. Landslide says:

    So gracious of President Trump to keep mentioning and gesturing to Govenor Abbott. Hope they had a great afternoon and evening.

    Also, that was a smart mama to make the “playing hooky” poster!!! Better laminate that puppy and resist the temptation to take it for show & tell at school!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Landslide thank you so much for pointing out Governor Abbott! I have said it before and will say it again that he is my number one choice to take over Trumpism and carry the torch after our President’s incredible 8 years. What he has and continues to do in Texas is MAGA on steroids!

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    • MTeresa says:

      Also love how he mentioned the Coast Guard who is under the Department of Homeland Security and is often looked on like the ugly stepchild of the Navy. The work they do is invaluable and it’s nice to see POTUS recognize them. I also love how he knows about building material and his input on rebuilding Texas.

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      • BeePee says:

        Only thing is green board is heavy as a bitch. And with no illegal aliens to hang it, I guess it would be one of those jobs Americans are not willing to do. Which means they will be forced to pay a living wage to install it. And it wont be cheap Chinese import but quality US made board which will be even heavier (and smells like fresh eggs). And the millionaire new home owners won’t get their cheap house. Oh, the sorrows of greatness.


  27. Sayit2016 says:

    Every time I see President Trump with that blue tie I always think ” True Blue”.

    He is a good man. He is loyal to OUR country. He has our interests at heart. He actually LIKES hard working Americans and he works hard for the American people in return. I am so grateful to God he is leading this country.

    When I think of the way liberals and Dems have treated the vast majority of Americans with their nose in the air, their disdain for people that work and get their hands dirty, their smirks at people who get on their knees at night and thank God for the grace for the day or ask for his protection on whatever challenge they are facing…their gobbly-de-gook politico talk, their canned chity chat buzz words on ” diversity”, ” the collective” ( which really means US not YOU ) and how they actually think in their ARROGANCE that the American people do not the first clue on how to live their lives without their assistance.They apparently think we are far too stupid to understand that they have been robbing us blind for decades.

    It tends to severely tick me off. A Lot.

    We have been biding our time. Now is time of Reckoning. And Reckon we will.

    But on further reflection….. I think … Think what you will….mock what you will..but remember this—WE were the ones that kicked you to the curb and out of office. You’d be smart to remember that. ; )

    PS. Just watched the Opening Ceremony at Dodger Stadium. Brad did a great job with the National Anthem, great to see hands on heart and cap at the breast and everyone looking happy and free ! GO DODGER BLUE !!!!!!

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  28. Lion2017 says:

    The People’s President!!

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  29. liberty2828 says:

    I love our President and he loves us. He is maga-nificent. He is in Dallas the day before the JFK assignation papers are to be released.

    Every time he stands up when getting into a vehicle I have a PTSD moment. I was working in the Cafeteria in elementary school when it was announced President Kennedy was shot. When President Reagan was shot I was terrified. Thank God he survived but probably never the same.

    Please, please, please Secret Service protect our beloved President. I am sure they have SS snipers on all the roofs close by wherever he goes but with everything going on right now, I can only pray for his safety. I pray that Generation Z does not suffer what my generation suffered.

    Sorry an emotional moment.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      I watched the car rolling back as a security measure as he walked to the people….the real hand of protection that is needed and prayed for every day at my home is for GOD to Protect the President.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      I think we all have these moments Liberty. I’m glad his trip is over.

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    • Bebop777 says:

      JFK was a bit before my time but I sure saw enough footage of him arriving in Dallas at that same air field all those years ago—and now PTrump, 54 years later, arrives, grinning and interacting with people the way JFK did then. It kind of gave me a feeling like our President Trump rid the place of a sad and tainted memory—and the day before the release of those files!

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  30. zephyrbreeze says:

    Proud of Trump heading to Dallas on the eve of JFK revelations. Trump going to leave his mark in Bush territory. So awesome.

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  31. For the non American MAGA lovers like me out there, ‘playing hooky’ is truancy, or as we Aussies call it ‘wagging school’. 🙂

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  32. MaineCoon says:

    He was really moving fast and bouced into the car. It was different than other times. He physically felt good today. At times I’ve wondered if President Trump has back problems. Guess that is something pray about. He felt great today. He had a real burden lifted off his shoulders. Love ❤️ our President.

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  33. MfM says:

    Amazing to see how thick those car doors are. A good shot at 8:30 with Gov. Abbott’s door being closed.

    Interesting how Trump continuing to wave gave Abbott time to transfer into the limo.

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  34. massivedeplorable says:

    Did you see Trump’s face when he was boarding the stair platform? First he was scowling- to me it looked like the weight of his Presidential Office was on his shoulders. Then as he saw and heard the people cheering his face lit up like a Christmas tree. It was really wonderful to see how his spirits are lifted by We The People. IMO He needs to get out and about regularly. Maybe even once a week in various states. It’s good medicine!


  35. myshariamoor says:

    “the kids are all right!”

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  36. lftrn97 says:

    !00% endorse the positive comments about the Zs. I’m a driving instructor and the 16-18 year-old students sound like me when I was young. Focused on the future, working hard at school and jobs, understanding business, attending church. Real hope for the future.


  37. Missing Andrew says:

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  38. SharkFL says:

    Incredible video footage brought several tears to my eyes watching the genuine love and respect for our President. Only the Grinch or a Democrat would remain tear free, of course because their hearts are three sizes too small. No roast beast for them.

    MAGA 2020


  39. CaptainNonno says:

    I hope they don’t get brainwashed during college. Too much to ask that they push back on libs?


  40. slegvold says:

    Unfortunately POTUS was pushing for DACA amnesty in part of his speech which certainly won’t help the future of Gen Zs.


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